Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 15, 1955 · Page 8
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 8

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 15, 1955
Page 8
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EIGHT EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND. MD* TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 1955 Dial PA-2-4600 fw » WANT AP Ha worth's Counsel By Mail Editor's Note: Lonely o!d« maid, newcomer to office, is wretchedly jealous of woman supervisor. : DiE&R MARY HAWORTH: About three months ago I accepted a position as secretary to the General "Counsel of a government office. .At that time, I was informed that the secretary to the Assistant General Counsel was chief secretary in the office, and that I would be under her supervision. ,'I thought I-could be happy in that situation; but that was before I met Maude (as I shall call her). Maude is everything that I would like to be, and am not. Although she is a few years older than 1, she is a very handsome woman—with background, family, refinement education, culture, and a husband who is the scion of a distinguished Southern family. I am a lonely old maid. In addition, Maude is the per feet secretary. I simply cannot and never will be able to match her in precision, neatness or output. .Now this is my problem: I am extremely jealous because I knou that I am so mediocre in everj respect: that is, in personal ap END YOUR RUPTURE TROUBLES TODAY .We waiit m»» who «r» tir.d of ordinary fru«u« . . . mtn "ha lift and s<(4m . . . who ««<»'* «•«»*• *im. in • hoiptUf...... mt« who K«v« nurnd h.rn'U 10. 20, 30 y««r» or mor». NO STRAPS •NO BUCKLES NO BELTS • NO INJECTIONS . Thouiandi ol p.opl. ««ch y«r «r« tmoyinj »h. lifttim* bentfih -orld'i mos» eompl.t. wryic. 5or »h. eorf.etion of r»- inrfstigate A'oi* -A'o Obligation See George Blum ONE DAY ONLY THURSDAY, Nov. 17 10 A. M. to 8 P. M. Ft. Cumberland Hotel Cumberland SYKES HERNIA CONTROL SERVICE, PITTSBURGH, PA. PEARL WICK ploiik coloring h mff and itoio fxittant. Cl«n» •aiily wttfc loop ««d water. Wo«'f d«nt or b»lg«. Peorl-SMI homp«fi ••» lh« mart b»ewti*»l >. '>:/<'& $10.95 , 'V -/\ /V'V v' A /v /'^ \ ' t v \ ^\ v ^ » , \ ,/x /X • V A'/v -V Charge It! PArkview 2-0370 pearance, family, background and ability. I am a Christian and I have prayed .about this matter; but even my Christianity is inferior to ; that of my adversary. For various reasons it would be very difficult; if not impossible, for me to get another job at present, commensur- pay with the job I have. I would appreciate any advice you can give me which will help me to overcome my intense jealousy of Maude. Thank you.— E. B. DEAR E.B.: There is more to the problem than meets the eye. It occurs to me that you are wretchedly and envious of Maude because she intends you to be — because she; ;randly plays her cards that way. And that her implicit aim is to crush your, self-confidence (if anv) the start, .and thus put down any hopes you might have, of competing with, or equalling, or bypassing her, in the office secretarial set-up. : . Perhaps the job was open, when you came along, .largely because women can't. work with her—or won't, • very long, if • they have phychological backbone and resurgent self-esteem. Maybe the more competent and attractive hey are, the faster they quit the job she supervises. It seems odd that she, as secretary to the Assistant General Counsel, should be directing your work —when in fact you are secretary to the General Counsel, who is a cut above the Assistant General Counsel; surely. It is understandable that she Child Study Conference To Continue A week-long Child Study Conference being conducted in the public! school svstem this week has Dr.jland contractors met here yes er- « ",. t- ,1 . ,11-1.] r.i.,-1-- ti\ loir flip tfrniinnworK for a ininilv- Building Trades Air Setup For Health, Welfare Plan Representatives of AFL Building Trades unions and Western Mary-. Gerthon Morgan of the Child Study Institute of the University of Maryland as consultant. Dr. Morgan lectured all teachers participating in the-program at a session last night at West School. The five-day program began when Dr. Morgan met with the entire supervisory staff at the Board of Education building from 10 a. m. v u n t i 1 noon yesterday. Then from 2 until 3:30 p. m. the first year "high school group conducted a program at Bruce High School n Westernpoil with W. Ardell laines as leader. Today's activities include a high school principals' conference in he Board of Education building 'rorri 9:30 a. m. until noon and a program for the second year elementary group at Central Elementary School • in Lonaconing with Urs. Alice McCormick as leader 'rom 4 until 5:30 p. m. Then, from 7 until 8:30 a. m. Wednesday, the third year high might be asked by the office brass to guide you through a training period, so that the. General Counsel wouldn't have to bother, trying to teach you the work routine. But it doesn't make organization sense (as I know the business world) for her to supervise your job indefinitely, in an adjoining field. Possibly she is an expert string- puller, in an office atmosphere of political intrigue; and ; maybe she flaunts her .family- ties . and pre sumed grass roots -influence, all over the place—so. that.veveiL her bosses cater to', her" theories of self-importance. But whatever the inside-story, she isn't a model example of cultivated gentlewoman, I'll wager. Actually she isn't a type that the ingenuous aspirant to authentic greatness should,c6py. Truly gifted quality folk don't use their endowments like a bludgeon, to crush the creative impetus in co-workers. Thus Maude's overweening display of superior attributes suggests latent fear of being bested by possible team mates. If she qualified comfortably for a top job, she would spontaneously lend a hand in helping others, down the line and develop the happy self confidence that fosters growth of efficiency. My advice is to take off the blinders '(or the rose colored glass- .es) that you are wearing in respect to Maude. Find the real reasons why you fear and dislike her. It is interesting that, by a slip of the pen, you label her your "adversary." This indicates that the jealous tension is mutual. You arc reacting subjectively to specific hostility in her—and feeling more ^beaten as time goes on. , If you are being frustrated to the |verge of depression, you had better change jobs without delay. A situation that undermines mental I health is worse than worthless in terms of pay. — M.H. ; I Mary Haworth counsels only through her column, not by mail or personal interview. Write to her in care of The Evening Times. school group will have a break- ast meeting at Mt. Savage High School with Alfred H. Benna as eader. The first year high school group will meet at Allegany High School from 3:20 until 4:50 p. m. Wednesday with Arthur W. Taylor as leader. -*' Wednesday from 6:30 until 8 p. m' the second year elementary group will meet at Beall Elementary School .with-"Miss Bernice Winner afe leader. From 8 until 9:30-p. in. the third year elemen- :ary group-will meet at Beall Elementary -with Ray Skidmore as leader. The second to lay the groundwork for a jointly- operated health and welfare fund which becomes effective in May. The fund, the first of its kind uv u to be formed for the construction Side! industry in this area, will be 'known as the Construction Industry Insurance Fund of Western Maryland. The plan will be financed by contractor'- payments of '.42 cents per hour per employe, beginning May 1, 3956, in accordance with a two- year contract negotiated this year by the Building and Construction Trades Council and genera' contractors of this area. Trustees will be Charles E. Bramble, president of Local 453, Teamsters Union,, and George E. Clark, business agent of Local 568, Iron Workers Union, for the Building Trades Council. C. M. Sanner, secretary of the George F Hazelwood Company, and Carl 0. Belt, of the Vandergift Construction Company' are industry trustees and W. M. George, of the George Construction Company, was named alternate trustee for the con-, tractors. year high school group will meet at Fort Hill High School from 3:20 until 4:50 p. m. Thursday with James E. Higgins as leader. Thursday night the second year elementary group with Grace England as leader will meet in the Board of Education building from 6:30 until 8 o'clock. The third year elementary group has sche-jj duled'a meeting from 8 until 9:30|j p. m. Thursday th ere. Glennie Shelton leads that group. Friday the conference comes to an end with the .elementary school leaders group meeting at the Board of Education Building from] 9 until 11:30 a. m. and the entire supervisory staff at the same place j from 1:30 until 2:30 p. m. The trustees met yesterday -for a briefing nesting in the AFL Labor Temple, -which will serve as a temporary headquarters for the fund, pending selection of a permanent office, where the next meeting will be held the first week of January. , Sanner was elected chairman of the fund and Bramble, secretary- treasurer. The trustees authorized the Raymond Hage Company, an employe insurance service, of Huntington, W. Va., to provide insurance advisory service during the formation and administration of the fund. The firm will make a study and present a report on the method to be used in providing group insurance coverage for all workers in the construction industry here. The firm will also prepare a formal trust agreement, defining the authority of the trustees. To be included in the insurance coverage are all workers hired directly hired fay the contractors. Similar health and welfare funds are provided by the construction industry in parts of 'West : \ T irgihia and Pennsylvania. " The welfare plan was provided in the first two-year contract ever negotiated in the construction industry-here. The past became ef- fective May 1, 1955, and is effective until April 30, 1957. The contract provides either party may open the pact for wage discussions if the cost of living raise* more than three per cent. . - • • • Ut40,5p,60T - Man, You're Craft Advertisement I F W I Penetrating relief from pom H L W • ^ arthritis and rheumatism DEEP HEAT m* NEW MENTHOIATUM MB ^gefsrighffowheteifltttrts! DEEP HEAT. It|s *. new and different penetrating relief for arthritic pain and misery. And it's greaseieaa and staintese. Just massage D«ep Heat Mecthoiatum Rub on the sore spot ae needed. In 30 seconds feel its Deep Heat brk^ relief. 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