The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 25, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 25, 1948
Page 2
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TWO BLYTHTYTLUI (ARK.)' COURIER NBWg FRIDAY, JUNK 28, 1)48 Flood Casualty List Reaches 9 ; OkMioMM Mobilize* . lUlwf FOKM; Two ; P*noM Stitl Missing 5 OKLAHOMA CITY, Junt Ji. — (OT)—Oklahoma mobilized its re- U*< tonm today u .ipr««dLng floods ttaioMd nln* lires ind left two per- tam miidcc And Mveral thousands bomtlm. S»fetj Commissioner Paul Reed left for Okmulge* to direct National Guardsmen In search, and rcllel wort. Pl»«h flood* rose yesterday «t Ofcmulgcc and at Hydro in the Weatern part of the state. \ The ninth drowning victim In the Hydra art* wac found last, night. Mn. Ethel Scarlett, 24, Amarlllo, Te«., wai identified by her husband In an n Reno funeral home. She wu a passenger in & car driven by Don i,. Walters, Amarillo. Walters told highway patrolmen the two were trapped In tlie cnr near Hydro Tuesday and sought refugea on top of a bridge ratline Both were swept, away bill Walters saved hlnwelf by clutching a telephone pole. He said h« lost track o( Mrs. Scarlett during ihe night. . Earlier the body o( Ellis B. Kirks, 4«, Henryetta, was found in tlie Hydro area by patrolmen. They said he apparently drowned when lit left the shelter of a tree and tiled to iwim to safety. , An estimated 2,000 were homeless at Okmulgee but no deaths have been reported. Flood waters divide the city in half and the southern 'area ta partially covered with high 'water. I Meanwhile, the patrol reported 'two persons were still missing In the Hydro area. They were listed as D. C. Bates, an Oklahoma City truck driver ,»nd Cary Frlesen, the one- year old son of Mrs. Harvey Frlesen, iCorn, Okla. Mrs. rrlesen has al- 'ready been listed as a flood victim but her body has not been positively identified. Cou!d-Be Draftees Sign Up Broken Dam loads Small Texas Town White President Truman held oS signing ot a bill (hit would make them fair gam* for draft boards, young men tht country over flocked to National Guard recruiting stationi to sign up for three years of stay-at-home service, thui taking advantage ot the "escape hatch" provisioni of the new draft bill. Typical of such activity ii this recruiting office scene in Philadelphia. Marriage Licenses The following couples obtained marriage licenses yesterday In the office of Mlsa Elliabeth Blythe, county cleric: Emery Earl Hood and Mis* Ruby Pearl Sherman of Carbondale, 111. Robert W.. Archdale and Miss Weileen S. Keisnaw of Peoria, III. EAGLE PAS6, Tex., June 25, UP)—A roaring wall of water today engulfed approximately half of Ills city and 1U Mexican neighbor :) edra.s Nt'graA, jugt across the Hlo Grande. There were no known fatalities. The Engle Pass Fire Department muled through the town during he early hours with .sirens blowing .o wnrn the townspeople that the 'lood wa.s descending upon them. The torrcnl of water ramc from broken dam on Devil's River, which feeds Into the Rio Grande above Del Rio, Tes., about M miles upstream fiom Eagle PE.SF. The rl*e in the Rio Grande was reported, unofficially, to be approximately 42 feet. Many house* in the lowlsiids were swept away, reports to the Eagle Pus* immigration office said, but It was believed that the occupants escaped as word of the disaster wa« flashed down rrom Del Rio. Water sloshed over the .1014111 half of Bugle Pass, a cil-y of about 7.5CO. It stood three feet deep in Commercial Street, the town's main thoroughfare, at dawn. Reuther's Malaria Not Expected to Retard His Recovery from Wound* DETROIT, June 26. <UP)—Walter P. Reuther's personal physician said loday that the United Auto Workers president has malaria but that the disease would not impair his recovery from wounds received I in an attempt on hi. 1 ! life. Dr. Raymond A. Soliolov said the union leader may have contracted the disease "a-s long as I.S years aso during his wide travels." Labor Dispute In Trieste Is Strike Cause two hand grenade* at Communist I headquarters early today. ' The strike started at noon. It, was calculated to affect some 60,000 workers. attorney said she noled a lack of i prejudice [rom her fellow workers i j against a woman holding such a I jxisltion. ' I "They treat me like any man. [ Nor do they give m« a lighter load . to carry," she said. TRIESTE, June 25. —(UP)— A general strike was called here today after an outbreak of violence be-1 tween the pro-Italian Chamber of! Labor and the pro-Yugoslav Trade I Union. I The Chamber of Labor called a strike In protest against the sacking } yesterday of Its offices In the San ! Marco shipyards and Injury to two of its members by Communist action squads. The" communist union struck In protest against the throwing of CHARGE of LIFE? Ar* you going through th« functional 'middle age' p«rlod peculiar to womta (38 to 52 yr».)7 l>o** thU m*kt YOU Auffer from hot flash*?!, feel so nervous, high-strung, llred? Then &o try Lydtft E, Plnfcham't Vegetable Compound to relieve inch symptoms. PinJthfttrTi Compound a[&o ha* what 'Doctor* e*ll * itomichlc tonic * fleet E LYDIA E. PINKHAM'S •« i>k hi. Cream NIX DEODORANT Memphis Negro Files Suit Against Policemen MEMPHIS, Tenn., June 25. — (UP)—Ell Elaine, 30 year old Negro : who lost an eye in surgery after a •beating filed suit yesterday for : »20,000 against two former policemen who face trial Monday charged .with assault to murder. ', The officers, L. E. Bryan. 35. and C. W. Brewer, were dismissed from the police force by Commissioner Joe Boyle. , The suit charges that Blaine was ^attacked by the officers at police .headquarters Tvrieire he had gone to complain over a HO theft from his I 3iom« during a police search. Divorce Coses Heard In Court in Osceola Telephone Firm Elects NEW YORK, June 25. (UP) — Gen. William K. Harrison, one-time . telephone repair man, was elected 1 president of the half-billion dollar International Telephone <5i Tclc- 'graph Corp. yesterday. He succeeded Col. sosthcnes Bchn ro-founder of the company, who continues as chairman and chief executive officer. Rail Annuities Raised Chancellor Francis H. Cherry of WA ,, HINr .T- OK , ,„„, ,. ,,,„, Jonesboro conducted a one-day _ WASHINGTON. June M. <uP> — session of Chancery Court In O6- I President Iruman hM signed Into ,„ ' law an amendment to the Railroad RHtrrmnnt Act which raises ceola. Tuesday and divorces were granted to the plaintiffs In the following cases: Noel Berkley vs. Edna Mat Berk; ley; Mattie Walkins vs. Kelly Wal- klns; Llllle Florence Brutcher vs. Robert Houston Brutcher; Minmo Brooks vs. W. A. Brooks; Telo S. i Schmidt vs. Martin J. Schmidt; I Ruth Green -vs. Henry Qrcen, \VM- Loclir vs. Jewell T>;wls Lochr; ff. C. Sullins vs. Bobby Pay Sul- ns; Virginia Millington vs. James Edward Millington; Lydla Mae layes vs. Lyndell Hayes, and George SnilUi vs. Pearl Jenkliis Smith. The next session of Chancery :ourl will be lie] din Osceola Aus 17. U.S. Demands Return Ot Children to Greece WASHINGTON, June 25. (DPI — The United States yesterday called on seven Soviet satellite Nations to lake prompt steps to send back o Greece any Greek children who lave been "separated from their families by force or the threat of force." The newest branch of the Armed Forces is the "Women in the Air Force," with Lt.-Col. Geraldine P. May of Albany, N. Y., the fust director of the WAFS. Formerly, women attached to the Air Force were In the WAC. Act which by 20 per cent the annuities of retired railroad workers. The money will come from the surplus of the-railroad retirement reserve. Three Hurt When Train, Circus Truck Collide WARSAW. Ind., June 26. (UP>— A Pennsylvania Railroad passenger train collided with a circus truck last night, injuring three persons and killing & circus hear. The locomotive overturned and the first three cars, including a passenger coach, v/cte derailed. None of the train's 83 passengers, however, was injured. / The train, the Rcdbird bouivl from Detroit to Chicago, struck the truck ai a grade crossing. The hear belonged to Daily Bros. Circus. OVER 300 PAIRS TO SELECT FROM NOW «.\ Question of Closing Negro Hospital Unsettled NASHVILLE. Ten".. June 25. (UP)—The question whether the Hubbard Hospital Division of Meharry Medicnl College for Negroes will fcluu.duwn completely July 1 is still unsettled today. The Mchftrry Executive Committee yesterday studied for nearly [our hours, without making a final decision, a proposal which Nashville city officials said should give, the hospital an income of between $215,000 and J225.0CO a year. The hospital, however, has announced it needs a fiat guarantee of »2J5,- 000 trom local sources In order to slay open. The cily proposal would guarantee Hi;bbnrd nt least J100.COO from city funds for the coming Left-Winders Threaten Maritime Strike if Hiring Hall Ruled Out NEW YORK, June 25. (UP) — U;H-winK members of the CIO National Maritime Union Council declared today they would order an Immediate national strike of 60.<XK> seamen despite a government injunction if any attempt is made oy ship owners to change union hiring hall practices. The announcement followed R ruling yesterday by tlie Chicago Regional National Labor Relations Bourd that the union is violating the Tart-Hartley labor law by Insisting on the hiring hall in contract negotiations. TROPICALS! TROPICALS! TROPICALS! They're as Cool as a Pool! From Jm Washable Cords Gabardines Rayon Tropicals Wool Tropicals 95 Womao U.S. Attorney p Low Career In a formal statement, this gov- - l' ea1 ' r ° r CH1 ' e 0( indigent Negro p«- ernmcnt said It noted with "grove ' ^ents at the rate of »8.50 a day. ~ : ' officials estimated the actual concern" Hie findings of the United Nations spccin! committee on tlie •Balkans regarding removal, or a large number of children from tlie guerrilla-infested areas o£ Greece to the Soviet satellite*. Some estimates have placed the number of children abducted at • City payments would top $200,000. Osceola Gets Pointers On Water Safety Classes (UP)—The only woman assistant U. S. district attorney In Texas likes her work and insists there is a definite place in law lor women- ' Miss Lou Nora Spiller of *he Houston district attorney's office was here [or a term, of federal | court. The attractive, brown-haired Park* Pool under the supervision of the Chickasawba District chapter. The chapter at Osceola in making plans for a similar .swimming program to open in Osceola soon. Mrs. Hugh WhlisUt, water safety chairman, (or the Chtckasawba District chapter, s *Id that the Junior life-saving, beginner and intermediate swimming classes which began here June U would probably be completed Saturday, but U is no* yet determined how many will receive certificates. Better Cleaning-Hie Hudson Finish Yours in Only 8 Hours HUDSON CLEANER Blytheville, Ark. TAILOR CLOTHIER Steele, Me. Mrs. Madeline Campbell, execu- 10,000. • live secretary for the Osceola Dts- Th« countries named by the UN trict Chapter of the American Red committee and the United States Cross, and Carlton Uingston, qualms harboring the children are Al- IHed water safety Instructor from banla. Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Roman- Osccola, were In Blytheville yes- K "ungtiry, Czechoslovakia and terriay observing tht swimming Poland. classes tn progress at the Walker UMITED TIME OM.V ! REHOM latch Maker' •-'1 VALUE FOR neial can special ASc ,;,, ««/u« 1.23 r.mou. Urtroi, N.,l - , M,,,^* plume appl, c «wr! And ,p,. c i»l ,\, f AH-Pl,,, | lp>lkk I" 8«n,n 5 . C ol 0 r, for matching lip, JnH nngrrtipi Wfci in > hlare of glorious slript, ... Hurt? in jar youra! Kirby Drug Stores Horace Thompson, candidate ior governor As Thousands Cheer ! ...,._ _, _ n _ u mmmm^ummfm ^ WMUMOfc '«•••••' ^ One section of the enthusiastic crowds in south half of Morrilton Stadium at Friday's Thompson opening. HORACE THOMPSON The Thompson 7-Poinf Program for Arkansas! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Pay-as-you *« roatfi without borrowing more monej! Increased local revenue for schooLsl Remove »Ule tax nn agricultural gasoline! Create commission in nn berr and llq- onr permits! Increase n 1 d - »f« pensions! O p p n s r the f 'e\r\\ rights" programl Industrial and agricultural development! The formal opening of the HORACf ^THOMPSON gubernatorial campaign at Morrilton, Friday night, attracted thou- tands of interested voters from •r«ry section of the State. They camt. . . they saw . . . they heard and were convinced that HERf Is the ONE man who can do the big job ahead for Arkansas . . . safety, dependably. Candidate FOR GOVERNOR Now, all Arkansas is convinced that HORACE THOMPSON with his forthright, workable plan of progress for Arkansas, is the man Arkansas needs in the critical months ahead. You are invited to join the swelling ranks of voters who want the level-headed, commonsense THOMPSON type of leadership tor our state. (Thin Ad Paid For By Jim Snoddy, Van B»ren, Ark.)

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