Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on May 4, 1965 · Page 6
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 6

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 4, 1965
Page 6
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6 iuJsJay, May 4,1965 Redlands Daily Pacts Modern Mothers To Have Their Day On Mother's Day, Sunday, mothers throughout the land mil be honored with religious ceremonies, happy family reunions, long distance calls, flowers and sifts. Surrounded with perennial idealism, these modern observances have their foimdation in ancient customs. The Greeks and Romans paid homage to Cybelc, or Rhea, the Great Mother of the Gods, with the festival of Hilaria on the Ides of March, at which time they brought gifts to her temple. Later transformed into a festival glorifymg "Mother Church," the holiday finally emerged in England and Scotland as Moth- ermg Sunday, a special day in mid-L*nt set aside for children to visit their mothers and bring them some little present. In 1914, President Wilson p r o- claimed the second Sunday in May as Mother's Day, a day for public expression of love and reverence for the mothers of our country. As the holiday approaches, let's take a closer look at the! Uie last published figures of the 1960 Census of the U.S. Population, of the total 179,326,000 Uv- ing Americans, 33.7 per cent, or 53.813.000, were mothers or grandmothers. Of this group, 24.164.000, or 22 per cent, were mothers of children under 18 years of age, while tlie motliers tlieniselves ranged in ages from .2 per cent under 15 to .1 per cent over 45. The largest group, or 34.7 per cent, were between the ages of 20-24, which was also the average age for mothers bearuig their first cliild. The Women's Bureau of the U.S. Department of Labor reported that of the 24,164,000 motliers with children under 18 years of age, 8,000,000, or nearly one-third, were working mothers, the highest number ever recorded! Their average age was figured at 38 years, slightly below the 40 year average for all working mothers. And, they also found tliat mothers who attended college were more Ukely to be among the working mothers than those with less education. For every 10 working moth- there were tliree clerical current crop of U.S. mothers, ers. there were A far cry from jcsteryear's workers, two factory workers, shawl-and-cap-wearing, sit-by-: fwo service workers, one pro- the-f i r e prototype. today's f'-'^*'™''^'- o""^ sales and one mother is more apt to be wear-:'"3nager or farm workei'. ing a Chanel suit and turning I From these figures we can tile wheel of the family car|conclude that this Mother's Day, rather than the spinning wheel.i children will be honormg and According to a survey compiled j gifting an ever-growing group of by Parent's Magazine based onj younger, livelier, better-edu- Icated mothers, a large number Advice to Mothers a mother, not a of whom are holding full or ! part-time jobs in a wide variety Be a mother, not a big-sis-! ^ , tcr to your teen-age daughters. suggests couturier Don Loper. modem mothers, and for young- at-heait mothers of all ages. "Your girls don t need you as;^^^^.^ ^^^.^ welcome Motha pal as much as they want you to be the feminine head of the houseliold to wiiom they can come for advice and encouragement." Facts Classified Ads Can Sell Anything Call 793-3221 er's Day remembrance than a gift that flatters their femininity and good taste. And, every mother alive wants and is flat- tere<i by a gift of CHANEL NO. 5. Now the whole family can remember Mother with a gift she'll remember — an original CHANEL. Shortened skirts mean leggy season ahead. Those with less than perfect legs can resort to camouflage. Keep seams straight (left); select right size heel in shoes and stand properly (bottom center); avoid too short skirt that draws attention to badly shaped calves and ankles (top center), and wear dark stockings (right) to make plump legs appear thinner. Ready or not, skirts are on the rise again. Tliis must be discouraging news to young women who realize their legs are as offbeat as a Bob Dylan record. Facing^ tlie facts of fashions and physique, the only solution is to make the most of a situation. Or better yet. correct or disguise knobby knees, bowlegs, thin or thick ankles. Good grooming is the first step in covering up imperfect legs. Many neglect their legs and feet and the result often is flaky, scaly skin. Keep legs free from hair and smooth on a softening lotion after bathing. Apply this with a massaging motion from toes up to the knees with the palms of both hands. You will fmd this soothes aching muscles and also stimulates circulation. Shorter skirts and the approach of summer call for special knee cai-e. Rough, discolored knees look awkward. If neces- read Beauty Notes each Tuesday ocal paper the sary, use a pumice until skin is soft and smooth. Apply a coating of baby cream or moisturizing lotion after each bath and exercise by walking up and down stairs or doing deep knee bends. You will find this aids the over-all appearance of your legs as as your kness. Here are some tricks you can do with stockings to camouflagn less than perfect legs and ankles: To make large ankles look smaller — wear dull-finish seam_ed stockings and keep the seams straight. Wear dark shades and also avoid bright or light-colored shoes and especially those with ankle straps. These always call attention to your feet and legs as do jeweled or intricately designed shoes. Put the bright touches at the top of your costume. To make plump legs appear thinner — wear longer skirts, even to the middle or at least well!slightly above the top of the calf. Follow suggestions for large ankles. To make thin legs look plump- NOTES Bare And Beautiful Summer Ahead Bare and beautiful is the way Charles of the Ritz sees you on the beach this summer, with a healthy glowing tan showing through the cut-outs of your bathing siut, and lips and fingertips tinted with transparent shades of lustres. Charles fo the Ritz smooths the way for this summer-bare beauty with "Sun-Bronze" tanning lotion slipped on from tip to toe. Delicately, it gives protective shelter from the harsh effects of sun and windbum as it gradually turns you to a sun- kissed golden girl. Embroidered into the folds of this lotion is golden glow on their bodies the first days out on the beach. This season "Sun-Bronze" has a new sundress — all yellow and speckled with bronze, orange and brown ui a plastic tube. More beach bareness comes in the form of Upsticks and Fresh Paint nail enamel in frosted pales, called "M o o n Babies Lend Their Colors To Mothers PORTL..\ND. Ore. — Siylos are changing in the maternity wan!! No longer do visitors have to ask ne\v mothers it their babies are boys or girls. The Bess Kaiser Hospital answers that question before it is asked by providing colored muumuus for its patients. Instead of the traditional white, mothers of boy babies wear hUic muumuu gowns, and pink ones More Per Squeeze Lemons will yield miirc juice er— select light shades for stock ings and sku-ts that are moderate in width at the hemline, .^^n extremely full or bouffant skirt may make your legs look like the proverbial pipe cleaners. Extremely nai-row skirts also accentuate thin legs. "Table Top" Art New Status Symbo MiUions of people are milling through art museums annually. Over half-a-million visited New York's Museum of Modern Art in just the last six months of 1964. Multi-thousands more are buying art of their own. Sears- Roebuck's art sales just hit the two-million-dollar mark. Even Woolworth's is selling original art (at around S37.95). Another 10 million amateurs, poised at make-shift easels, are turning out their own inimitable canvasses. Art clearly has become America's Number One status symbol. Topping this trend toward more and more art in everyday life is a ragey new form called "Table-Top" art. It's not as zany as "pop." It's not as illusory as "op." It's art in a much more fashionable, if saner sense. And it fits right into decorating like a special wonderful accessory. Just like its more imposing predecessors. "Table-Top" art is all original oils or water colors devoted to a variety of subjects: flowers, fruits, landscapes, still-lifes, sea scenes, animals, or abstractions. Its singular advantage over the mu suem-scale art is that "Table- Top" is small and inexpensive You can afford to indulge in a dozen canvasses (they cost from SIO.OO to S45.00, framed), and scatter them all over your house, or clump them in a sort of "art nouveau" end table arrangement. Another popular use Lustre," "Pink Lustre," "Coral Lustre," and "Beige Lustre." Subtle shadings are these, and so transparently sheer that they may be slicked under or over other colors to lighten their lone and lend sliimmering'go to the mothers of girls, sparkle. These tender, kiminous the lu.xurious Revenescence li-!lustres are fun to wear alone quid moisturizing treatment ion lips and fingertips for a cool. that helps eliminate that dry.!frosty effect wi;h warm-weather if squeezed at room tcmpora- leatliery look after a long sea-|fashiLins. and for tlic youngest, ture. Egg whites, loo, will .\jcld son in the sun. Wear it as an;Ireahesl look on or off the a greater volume wlicn whipped invisible parasol on the beach. ^beach. at room temperature, and as a body lotion after a. shower. It leaves the skin so sleek and soft that you'll also want to wear it on your face: as a lightweight base for makeup to cling to during the sunny season. Choose either the clear "Sun-Bronze" or tlie one with tlie Deep Tone tint added. The latter is perfect for those who require that extra dash of be a welcome one. Bland tables are riots of color now: colored linens, colorful art, colored glassware, plunk at each place. There seems no end to the variety this simple new little idea can produce. Not the least is a refined uncluttered arrangement, for an awkward end table, of merely a lovely glass vase, a single flower, and a piece of art. Another is the ability to casually unbalance a monotonous mantle by pairing candlesticks at one end; staggering small art the rest of the length. There's no question about it. "Table-Top" art is one of thej hottest new home fashions since! Tiffany lamps. | Wide Color Range Fabric colors this spring range from creamy, off-white beiges through citrus, corals and light pinks. Lipsticks keyed to fashion shades are soft and clear giving some color to the lips. Travel Abroad This Year! CLEM LAU CLEM LAU 298 E. CITRUS LAURA CREATURA Phone 793-2555 REDLANDS Give Hands As Much Care As Face A woman's hands reveal personality as much as facial expression, eyes, hair style and clothes. Because hands are always on display, Pacquin experts recommend that hands should be given as much care as most women give the face. .A survey also indicates that the way a woman cares for her hands is typical of how she feels about herself generally. It was observed that women who use face cream regularly also use body lotion and hand creams faithfully for skin grooming. In: contrast, women who apply ^ ofifacial cream infrequently apply; "Table-Top" art is to use thej hand care products "only when they remember." or when handsi "chap and hurt" from seasonal neglect. More than 70 per cent of American women have dry skin on their hands, according to the experts. The sebaceous glands that supply oil are very scarce on palms and back of hands and consequently, there is little lubrication. Creams or lotion absolutely necessary to provide oil and guard skin against drv- your hfe with art _ without i "'^-''^ and agmg. feeling imposed upon by big' Did you know that it really that dominate the i"^"'' winter lhat is the enemy room and the color scheme and!"f smooth, soft skin.' ll's the dehydraling effect of indoor hcat- fresliest '"''^ nioislurc. ies ''^^ exposure to wind or cold, or tmi much sun in warmer rlimales. Many do, , , , lercrnls .ilso h;ivr (Irvine; effects anonvmous ecw-gau.s, 1 i I I I c ^ , ., . . . .•- , , , - , , on li;inus dial iiiiist 1)0 counter- paintings .mpy very fashmnahh- and reflect very personal. Modern .skin care products con judgment .. , , , , l;.in nioi.'^lunzn-s. 'I'hcv actiiallv The Idea ongmak-d with; „,„ist„,v hack " into de- Fostoria (.lass f<.mp.-iny. In ,kui so lhat it becomes Ihcir effort lo encourage poo- |,i|.„„ .„„| ,,„|-, .,„.,|„ ji^, pic 10 live bcauti/ully every day. ,.„„ f,„. |-o.;i|,p|ic;ilions is be- i-inisr uiDJ .siure ov;iporatcs and little paintings as place cards at a luncheon, and then gift guests with them when they leave. And the dilemma of setting a fashionable table is solved by substituting colorful "Table-Top" art for the old cliche centerpiece. You can put "Table-Top" art on your mantle, your piano top, cocktail table. You can change it from room to room. Its greatest advantage is letting you fill: Ihe pocket book. Probably one of Ihe new .solutions In the agonies of accessorizing, and far siqicr- ior to fusly asscnil)lips of, rather than just on special occasions. Ihey .soughl (lul a t;.il- lery (The Sunday Painter. .Amagansell, Long Island) lhat developed lidic original aii siill able for table tops. The results were used lo dress up breakfast, luncheon, dinner and buffet tables — in elegant conspiracy wilh fine crystal. For Ihe imaginative homemaker, the idea has proved to must lie restored frequently for I"! 11 ,-itural lialnnec. If you have never tried mcdi- citi'd ci 'e.uns and lolions, you've lu-cn iiilssing tlie benefits of modern scioiu'o fur skin. These often ini-lude jngredicnis like hexa- cliloroplirnc lhat combats bacteria, and allantoin which helps flake away the dry skin and is an effective healing agent. ... guaranteed PERFECT center diamond, or replacement assured. Lifetime trade-in privilege toward a larger Keepsake. We invite you to ins pect and use our shop service developed through years of experience. BOYD $175.00 line •aimed to if»*<&t>2. 7i»»cfa>des FaM Tk* 118 Tha quality required with t) e econom/ desired E. State Phone 793-4806 gifts from WINN'S • •e ••• from our fabulous Gift department - (if You haven't shopped It yet. You've missed a treat) • TRAVEL BAGS (Handsome Tapestries, light and dark) • COSMETIC BAGS (in gay prints or pastels) • TISSUE HOLDERS (Frilly ones for bedroom or bath) • CURLER BONNETS (Lovely and feminine) • SHOWER CAPS (Pretty and fanciful) • SCENT BOTTLES AND TRAYS (perfect for her dressing table) • BRUSH AND COMB SETS (Beautiful styling) • HAIR DRYERS (a must to most women) from our wonderful Cosmetic department world's most desirable fragrances • MAX FACTOR • CHANEL • CORDAY • CLAIROL • TUSSY • YARDLEY • LANVIN • DOROTHY GRAY • REVLON • SHULTON • FABERGE from our fine Stationery department- LETTER AND NOTE PAPER (dainty and artistic) MOTHER'S DAY CARDS if she's a swimmer- SWIM CAPS (feminine and fanciful) SUN-TAN preparations from the Candy department RUSSELL STOVER and WHITMAN CANDY (attractively boxed) WINN'S DRUG STORE Corner Colton and Orange PY 3-2804 Daily S - 9 Sunday 9 • 5 FREE PARKING AND GIFT WRAPPING S&H GREEN STAMPS Free Prescription Delivery in Redlands. ALSO Mentone if Phoned Before 4 P. M.

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