The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on May 22, 1976 · Page 8
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 8

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 22, 1976
Page 8
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THEVREALLIN REAL ESTATE- SALES REAL ESTATE SALES •Ftf{is falls (Mi.) kirn! Sat., May 22,1976 R Dial 736-7513 For Journal Classified Advertising Die DAILY JOURNAL will not be responsible for errors in Classified Ads liter the first insertion. For corrections, dial 734751] and ask for Classtfitd Advertising Department. FARMMACH. LIVESTOCK FEEDER PIGS wanted. A^y *iK. H»VF QU] of 3! ale tx<J*f i- Can pay h r flh«t prlcw. Clieck ow pr;c« be^r* you SMI. 33 fttvs o* d«pmiliU» s*rvic*. Gordon Nrw, Hector, M'mn. 61 3 Ml 2? 27. LIST YOUR livAtOCK f&r pfoctsiino. Kilting Mondays, Tuesday and Wetin«d*yv Call Bill Ma/tinson, Phone 7 34-70 Id, Lake Region industries. - -. LIVESTOCK AND hor&e triers for (are, *Vl types 'm stock. We tr«i* an* finance-. We. sell canto penfls. OouBle'AA Wesietn, 714-7776. WANTED TO buy: F&t&r V«fl? Neal CxxxSvLn, Os*iii, Minn. -Ph. MACHINERYOFdlkklmh.TractX p*fts. Tires, treited posts. Roman Roeri, 211 367 2911. WANT TO buy: )?' iwainer with crimper, also a Farmh/nd bale accumulator. Dennii Thwr.pson, Route 2, Uncierwood. 49$. 71 71. FARMALL INTERNATIONAL M iractor, wide front *tlh1«ie model Farn-Jiano load*f . J WILL PAY u.OQ lor old reouildaDle W^lroe pickup vpronS. Tysdal- Miller, Inc. WANT TO buy two row cultivator (or I. KM. 73*7, N after 6:00 p.m. or weekends. , FOR SALE Farmall ArVxlel A Irac- For. Arlen Kaarsilck, Pelican Rapids, Wl SI22 FOR SALE C Allis Chalmefp 60" mower deck. 73? PII7- M INTERNATIONAL w)d« front and. I H. Iniernat-onaL narro* from. Also 6 AC .tractor. . PETS, SUPPLIES AUTOMOBILES AUTOMOBILES WENDT'S TROPICAL Flih Cellir, 412 W«S1 Bancroft. 7364875, Monday iruowgn Saturday, 1-f. FOR SALE AKC IriUi Setter P--PV 1? weeks old, Irom excellent breeding. Sire Red, Sire Obanii, Dam Queen Jane Murphy. $7i.OO each. Call even'ngs or early rr^rn- Ing, 7W.73M, Wwbun, Minn. FOR SALE farm Collie pups, parenii excellent catrle dogs, ilSOO. Charles Clausen, Pelican RapttV U3-427?. FOR SALE Registered 10 nrwitho^d female Basset hound. To a good home- Call 73A-3J96 afier 6:00 p.m. REGISTERED BLACK Lab female puppies, impressive Mood lv>es, excellent hunters, even disposal ion. 73*6561. PUREBRED GERMAN Shepherd p<jpf»s fry sale. 1-713 643 414A after *. • FOR5ALE3maieGo1den Retriever pups. 7iS-tAI?. RUST PREVENTION tor your n«w or near new car with guaranteed' Rustop Corrosion Proollnv *l 'a Motor Co. FOR SALE-: 455 international culrivarw mounting for 400 or 450, Priced toseil. 2166154510. FOR SALE U ft. Lvnd alumfrK'm . boat; U ft. Mlnatontt wood boat; 13 speed Schwinn-b'ke; Western • saddle; MM model -E cof'n stieller with Oragv -227 mouiiied con) ' SERVICES ASH BY SEPTIC tank aod f«rm Ih^tid pi i cleatilng. G*ry BothOn, 5M4t«. . . • . - i p:cker;J2-ft.JohnD*ere'eleVator; r FOR EXPERT Vepah- on - — -_—-,-.,-._. feffler pi'gs, .40 lt». Netttrxfe Ee« 00d ciean" and irp. inch sas stove; U International bus;-42 passenger; 65 Corvafr " door; 63 CadHiae 0 ! door 1 FffR SALE IS f«t Wftjern field packer, preserve moisture. Also 4 ro* lront mount evitivator'tbm- piete, tfis M l.H.C. tfactof- Carroll Renllrom, Elbow. Lake,. 218-4*5- FOR SALE- Pioneer performanct- tnted beef bulls, all breeds, 7» *°~2105 Edwin _Eid«. Route 2,-Fecgus uftrj FARGO Vayer with 40 ft. 1 • is. reconditioned. Jim Britt, e 1, Box 20A, Fergus Falls, i. 7345852. WANTEtf TO buy taby " calves. Gtenn Rogfiess, phoric 739-9293. FEEQER STEERS a^d heifers for saJe- Ashur Cortfes or Mel Ccrdes, ' Her.nirg. Minn. 583 21H or S83 2«03. FOR SALE Sorrel snare. Call 7147739 afier 6:00 p.m. or weekends. FOR SALE ?-y«rokJ rfflisjerrt Ar.gus bull and 1 yearlings. William J. Anderson, Route 1, Fergus Falls. F0« SALE: * Holsteifl sprin^rxj ht'len, C.H.V., D.H.I. A., herd averages 509 bf. 1 mHe East, 3Vj miles North of HeTwfrvg. Virgil C H3uqtn, Phone 563-2527. FOR SALE: 736-4689. Riding horse. Phor.e FOR SALE: Purebred Chester White boars. 720-260 Ibs. Also one 450-1 b. boar. 4 miles Norm and 4 milK East of Wolverton, 219-585 1399, Ross Retider. FOR SALE: Holstein feeder steers. Norman Glawe, Detroit Lakes. Phone 847-4340. WANT TO rent pasiure, wUI fence. Bx.d Nelson, Dalton. 5I9-B743. NINE ANGUS cross heifers and steers about 500 Ibs. Ftoyd Mark, FOR SALE 4 row spring tooth front n-junl cultivator to fit 017 Allis Chalmers. Many others. Rear mount 4 row Deere, IH and Allis. New Oakon 4 row 'm stock. 3 point hitches for Oliver, Deere and IK. Schwartz wide fronts. Roers Equipment. 2 miles North of Millervilte. S 16 JOHN Deere heavy-duty plow, pull lype. Phone 7344078. FOR SALE IN Ford tractor with front end '.odder, snow scoop, also dirt scoop. Price \\ 295.00. C4n be seen at 331 Friberg, across from Senior HKti School. Phone7343005. FOR SALE Allis Chalmers round baler, $75 00 or best offer. Phone 824-4440. „ FOR SALE A.C. Rotb-baler with electric overdrive, excellent conation. Stanley R. Genl, Underwood, Minn. ,495-3126. enginesoLall rrlakes, see Verne al. Oner Tail Coop Oils, 203 W. Washington. _ FRIBERG UPHOLSTERY Shop. Materials on hand. 73t7954or 739. EDDIE'S INSULATING Service. The home foamer, also blown insulation. Phone 7344763. SERGE'S CUSTOM Upholstery, 22t .E. Vasa. Phone 736-2929. SEPTIC TANK pumping. Phone 495-22!!, Julian TolKrud, hd. Mnnesota. MISC. FARM REGISTERED TENNESSEE Walter geldins, 16 hands, experienced rider only. 734 3476. FOR SALE: Two Angus feeders. Ed Lur.dquist. Battle Lake, FOR SALE: fJegistered half blood Ch'nania bull, 1 years old. Also 1 yearling half blood Chfanisfia, 1 nallblood Maine. Anjou and I purebred Oiarolais. Phone 734-507 9 after 5:00 p.m. FOR SALE Registered polled Hereford bulls, serviceable age. Ke;i V/esiberg, Hoffman. (412) 9M- 2875. FOR SALE B Shoniwn and Snort- horn Gailaway cross cows to calve. Leaderbranfl Bros , Hew York Mills. AVnn. Pftone 3853456. WANTED: HORSE *cr Cjcperienced nder. Call after 4. 736-6144. FOR SALE 4 crossbred Hereford*. 3 heifers. I sieer, $3?Sfor i. Kerjifth Johar.sen, Route 1, Underwood. Minnesold. _ FOR' SALE 9 brood sews, close up. FEED-SEED CONTACT US for top prices on sunflowers, market grain and seed. Knapp Seed, Foxhome, Mirji. 7393364 or 443 5412. SOY PROTEIN for less! 'use full energy soybeans in your livestock rations For a 10 percent advantage in efficiency. One ton of full energy Soybeans has an energy vatue equal to the combined energy in one ton of commercial soybean meal plus a half ton of corn. Full Energy Soybeans — todays most economical and high performance protein. Availatxenow al Farmers Grain and Feed, Erhard, Minn. S053». SPRAYER FOR rent. Chemicals tor sale. Farmers Grain and Feed, Erhard. Minn. 54534. S42-520I. CERTIFIED EVANS Soybeans. Robert E. Th;et. Wendell, Minn. TRACTOR TIRE vulcanizing and repairing. Prompt service, call 66503. K and K Tire Service. SOFT WATER: 2,500 gallons per load, delivered anywhere. - Holidays and Sundays, S2.00 load extra. Call collect 734-4911 or 66915. Mrs. Obert Houg. THE WADENA "All Crop" Silo features colored rools, swing plywood doors. Equipment packages. Call 631-2527 for more information and prices. LET'S GO the best, both haylage and silage. See me litest in features, go Rochester Silo Inc. Call Johnson Repair Shop. 736-3949. FARM BUREAU members — Need tiresorbatteries? Check ocr prices <js«. Elbow Lake. 615.4445. your Firestone and Safemark dealer 'n Elbow Lake. JAMESWAY POWER charing equipment ar.d parri. Henning Surge. __^_ FOR SALE: Rough hardwood lumber. (2181 331-9551. FOR YOUR concrete work, polebarns, garages, etc., contact Bob Nordick, Foxhome, Minn. 7344144. HAVE ON hand repair parts for all types of hydro sprayer pumps. Also have roller cha'n, steel chain - and roller Welding ar.d lathe services. Jim Brill. Route I, Box 20A, Fergus Falls, Minn. 7345652. EARN MORE on your savings at Western Minnesota Savings & Loan Assn. SANDBLASTING/ ALL mital surfaces from tricycles to trucm. Far your retin lining call 7367824. BILL'S PAINTING, specializing in steeples and farm buildings. Airless spray. 736-4648. WRECKER SERVICE, 24-hcurs. cail 739-99410 or 734-4688. Jim's Interstate Star.ttord ERICKSON'S SEPTIC pumping service, Fnrgus Falls. Phone 7366290. If no answer call 736-7621. SHOPONWHEELS On the [ob servke. All types of mectiBfiic and welding services. A to Z custom repair. 736-7306 or 589- 81M - F 1 F FIT n it ure Stripping and Antiques, V* mile East on 210744 mile South, Underwood, Mtrtn. Phon* ihop 126-4901, K2i4834 or " RADIATORS — HEATERS. Cleaned - Repaired - Recored. Jack's Radiator, Jack Neigel, Highway 59 North. 7392527. ELECTRICAL WIR1MG and service. Bill's Electric. 7392731. CEMENT WORK, Shining, pole bu. lings. Phone 739-9230. CONCRETE, WOOD and Sted. We do it all. Estimates upon request. R.O. Field Construction. 736-X13. CARPENTRY WORK: All kinds, roofing, remodeling, additions, kitcfiens, finishing. 644 690 S Battle Lake or 164-5904. WORK WANTED CEMENT WORK, shingling, pole buddings, remodeling, carpentry ol all types. Plan early, call now, FOR SALE: Certified Swill Soybeans. Charles Evenson. Route 5, Fergus Fills, Phone 736 UU. FOR SALE: Rfaltered Evans soybeans and regiitered Snoo^rd m'l!ei. Robtrt Jerwie, 218-7366390. CARPENTRY WORK, shmgling. pole buildings, remodeling, painting. 843 6544 or 739-2758. WANT A house bull? For custom build no. can Jacklitch and Sons Inc., evtn'ngs 739 2177. DOZINGANDsu aping work. Have a 08 Cat. 17011 64T822S. EXPERIENCED EXTERIOR house painling. Conlracl or per hour. Call afler 6:00, 739.7101. . BESIDES PAINTING, well also contract [yst the scrap'ng, sanding and caulking. Thompson Painting, Pelican Rapids. 1434432. REMODELING, PAINTING, plumbing 758 2593, 75»-2977. CONCRETE WORK, shingling. reroot'ng. chimney repa r r. 739 DAIRY EQUIP. DELAVAL DAIRY and Clay Equipment. Sales and service. Johnson Repair. UNIVERSAL PIPELINE milkers, sales and service. Also used e<)uipmenl. DougUs Co. Coop, Brandon, or Pertiaii Co-op Oil, • Pfrtiam. WIN POWER P.T.O. farm stand toy generators. For free on me (arm analysis write or pnone Ukn Winpower Services, rnc., Ulen, Minn. Phone J1859* MI6. SURGE DAIRY equipment, saw and service. Contact us for all of your dairy needs. Henn=ng Surge. PATZ BARN cleaners and teed handling equipment. Funkhoyser Equipment, Dalton, Minn. Evenings SB I14J. THE QUICKEST way to s(!l anything with a kiw cost Want Ad. CONCRETE WORK and bloch i laying. Plyy.e 739MI7. _ CEMENT WORK: Slips, patios. drivewavs, basemenls. machine sheds U years experience. B67. m'. Rothsay. WILL DO babys:ning, 739t5H. MARWEG'S PAINTING and roofing. Spring is coming — We give tree estimates. Call 734 S»3. CARPENTERWORX. Remodeling. repair work and pa : ntirg 176 MS* Uriierwood _ LAWN MOWING wanted Call 73666» after 40 m. OPEN HOUSE OPEN HOUSE Open Mouse wedd'ng reception in honor of Mr. and Mrs. L.C. Gustafson (Mardell and Swede Gusrafsonk on May 29. lt?6 from 2 10 5 p.m. al the Gere Zahnow residence. 303 E. vasa SCKROEDER BACKHOE Service. Septic tank, drain fields, waterlines. Call Todd Schroeder, Dalton snim. Fergus 736-7151. WOLVERTON DRAY Line Freight Hauling. IRCC. Home 1211) 734 6456. Office 121)) 643-2541. Cifws 1612! 4149691. SMALL ENGINE repair, power and riding lawn mowers, rototillers, sharpening blades and balancing, sharpening and repair of chain saws. Garden tractors and snow blowers. 7C6 North Springen, Fergus Falls. Minn. S6537. will pick up and deliver. Phon*: 736. 7262 SEWER PROBLEMS? 24 hour servke for aJ] your sewer needs, drain cleaning, septic pumping, new systems. 734-5590. Ottertail Sewer and Water Servke. SEPTIC TANK pumping. Herb Best id. Greg Barry. 1264561 or IX Ml HAVE MUSTANG loader. Pole barn cleaning and dirt moving. 644 5224 Battle Lake. CALL NOW lor free estimates on painting houses, collage, barns, etc. Experienced. 7366U1. I BARRY'S EXCAVATING. Basements—Sewers—Gravel- Landscaping. Underwood 826-4474' or Maine 495-3209. CUSTOM BOBCAT and backhoi work, barn cleanV\g, excavating, landscaping, sewer systems, garden tilling. Reasonable! call 73^4735. DICK'S BACKKOE Service Excavating. Sewer, Drain and Field Tile Installation. Call 7366259. Dick Hanson. Route 4. Fergus Falls. • LAWN MOWER repair. Big Woods Yamaha, Highway 59 South. 73^ 3039. OUICK PRINTING? How many' limes have you needed a printing fob done in a hurry? See us. Secretarial Service, 3C9 west Lincoln. Dial 7364404. Mail ir-ouiries invited. PERMANENT PRESS dryers now at Wash-Inn Laundromat, 21! West Cedar, Fergus Falls. CUSTOM DOZING, 07 Cat. Call Lawrence Sherwood, collect 211 736 7973. KRUMWIEDE CONSTRUCTION: Slock work, fireplaces, concrete work. 49S-33W Richviire. CUSTOM WORK with Bobcat' loader and backhoe. Call 349-2136, Tintah, Mmn. PROFESSIONAL HORSE shoeing and trimming. Phone Dean Smith. 714 3909, Route I, Fergus Falls. WATKINS FURNITURE Stripp-'ng. Using Bix cold system, *£ mile East of YMCA Otter Tail Lake Road. 739 2126. 1940 CHEVY Special Deluxe 2 door Sedan, new brdkes and tires, ex cellenl rurnln? condition. 739-2476. FOR SALE: 1975 AMC Facer Detune, a'.r conditioned, power steering, power brakes, AM FM radio, radian, 10.000, full warranty. 734-3015 after 5:00. FREE BUS for M'nnesota Motor customers leaves for downtown Fergus Falls every 15 mlnvtes, 7:30 a.m. to9a.m.andonme hour through 5:00 p.m. FOR SALE Mustang Ghla 1(74. air conditioned, radials, loaded, S3100 ;a SU3 between 1:31 ami 4:30. YAMAHA MOTORCYCLES-Best way lo go- BiQ Woods Yamaha,736 3039. TWO BRAND new 1975 Dodge Dirt Swinger 2 door t\ardtops, slant six engine, automatic transmission, power steering, one with air. Going al ctose-out prices. Fergus Dodge. 1972 OLDS Cullass Supreme 2 door .hardtop, vinyl roof. 350, automatic, power steering, power brakes, air conditioned. AM FM radio, 40.000 m'les. Ashby 747-2280. •74 FORD Galaxle 5(0, 2 door hard top, vinyl roof, V^, automatic, power steering, power brakes, air conditioned, car like new. 17875. 139-2476. '75 PONTIAC Catalina 2 door hard- lop. V 8. automatic, power steering, power brakes and air conditioned. 739-2476~. VAN '75 Chevrolet with sliding door, convers'on wiih AM-FM stereo, sport wheels, carpet, cabinets, low miles. Worner's Auto Sato. I9S9 vw 3 door Station Wagon, top carrier, new eno.'ne, new brakes, 2 new radial t'res, 21 miles per gal Ion.SI,195.00. Call 1412-524-2104 after 5:00. 1967 FORD XL 2 door hardtop, 390 V-S. good body, first S395. Ashby 747-22K. 1969CKEVY Impala 2door hardtop, 327 V-S, automatic, below book. Ashby 747-2280- 1970 CHEVY v-e 350,4 door sedan, automatic, clean, good runner. . Ashby 747-2210. mi OLDS Delta 18 2 door hardtcp. Alnby 747 2280. FOB SALE: To sellle Estate, 1970 Cad I Isc Sedan Deville, llltc Phone 7364012 after 5 p.m. Write Paul Gust, 109 N. Courl, Fergus Falls. 1971 .VEGA Hatchback, S37i.OO, good cond.ticn. orvilte Flatin, Pelican Rapids. 643.53S1. FOR SALE 1973 Ford Galakie 500 4 dcor hardtop, air conditioned, power sleerng. power brakes, engine healer, super shape, very reasonable. 736-4271. FOR SALE 1945 Cadillac, runs good. 'Call after 5:00. 736-2570. 1971 FORD LTD Slafon Wagon, needs some eng'ne work, S&30.0Q. 739 3W9. FOR SALE 19?2 Gran Torino, automatic, power steering, air conditioned, good condition. Call (2181 843 5151. FOR SALE: 1975 Ford Elite with automatic transmission, power steering, radio, air, cruise control, only 13,000 miles. 1975 Chevrolet Caprice 2-door hardtop, very well equipped, only 10,000 miles. Would consider'Irade wiih older cars. Phone 485-4335. Elbow Lake. 1964 FORD, 1275.00. 844 S126. I177S 1973 Chrysler Newport Custom 4 door. Phone 734-4197. 1973 VEGA GT Hatchback, 26400 milei, automatic, power steering. Pnone 736 4897. 1971 PONTIAC LeMans2door hardtop, 56,000 miles, '. owner. Phone 734-6N7. FOR SALE 1975 Camaro Type LT, Keysione wheels. Sharp. 739-3141. FOR SALE 1961 Triumph Convertible, partly restored. Phone 7342933. PRE.MEMORIAL DAY SAVINGS •«9 Ford Galaxle. 4SS: '71 Chevrolet Impala, H8. '72 Dodge Polara,«n. '71 Plymouth Fury III 2 door hardtop, 188. '73 0:ds M 4 door, 23U. Worner's Auto Sales . 1942 CHEVY, good running condition. S175 00. Phone 736-4821. TWO GOODYEAR poly Meet G-Ts. G60>15 and two F40xlSs with raised white Iflleri. 10,008 miles. 739-2181 afler 6:00 p.m. LIKITOCOOK? Beautiful new kltcMn In this 2 ifflry, 4 titdroom with formal dining, rec room and firenUM. Mo<n R tatty, 73MH9, or after hours 67141 or 64354. ^ ^——^^^ PLENTY Of PLAY SPACE For youngsters, rxtr McKMey School. 3 Mdroom rambler, big l!orao« attic. Moen Really, 73669«;or after novrs47141 or »4354. WHY LOOK through all Kit old homes In town when you covld own a newwausau home, we provktt t compMe selection from l&OOO and up. Come down and look at our model home or give us • call. Christiansens Inc.,'Elbow Like, Minn. 2HO5-4467. X-ECUTIV6 RATED 3 bedroom, splitHvel with formal din'.ng. den with birch fireplace wall and a 4m guest bedroom. Moen Really, 734-6969, or after hours 4-7141 or t 4354. UPDATED OLDER } bedroom ki Underwood. Surfxed street, all auetunents paid. Miller Jlealli', .417 N. Friberg 7M 3S31 or fli BIS } 8EDROQW novst clo» lo elementary schools and town, double garage. 1M.MO. Call 73i 033. _ FOR QUICK reKXn In lltllnt) or idling your home, call Howard GrwugK, a-»M< or LOU Han Realty, Fergut Falli. ECONOMICAL HOUSING .in a good neighborhood. Your decoralinB know^ow will transfer this 1 bedroom.* Level kit with garden space. Garage. (I2.SCO.OO. Miller Realty, <!' N. Fribtrg. 73a-]531 or TMESIS. WE HAVE more buyert than homes, we need linings for 234 bedroom homes. For prompt* curtesw and experienced service give us a call today. Moen Really, 73a-»Ht or after hours 7367141 of LAKESHORE PROPERTY TRUCKS E4-M LARGE ECONOMY SIZE! Giant-sized toothpaste gives you much more for your money. Same principle applies here. This place is big ... and big in value. It has Ige. din. rm. and Uv. rrn., 1 bdnns., 2 full baths, 2 car garage. A skip and a jump from schools and only *M,500 K.H.A. HOW ABOUT THAT! Who would have thought you'd find a place to Tit right into your dreams? 3+ bdrm. rambler, with formal din. rm., basement rec. rm., quiet landscaped lot And all for only $35,000 F.H.A. BRING YOUR HAMMER and paintbrush, .too. This 3 Mm needs some light repairs. Sound and it's an easy house to work on. . . and at $13,500 you'll save a bundle fixing it yourself. Enstart-Larson- m Mann, Inc. Ml' 127S.MU1 PHONE 738-7591 After office hours call: ' FOR SALE 1971-4 wh«l drive >'«" F. JotaSOU TK-3K» NEW I97« Dodoe pfcXups on hand, v^i-ton, Viton, Club Cab* and 4- wheel drive models. Immediate delivery. F era us Dod«e. Wi GMC lioht and medium d\rty trucks on hand lor Immediate delivery at Super GMC TfucX Sales. Hi$liwar 59 South, Fergv* Falls. _ ; _ t973 CHEVY Luv. Best oHer over 12.000. 75a-2977. FOR SALE: 1975 Chevro:« «i ton, 4 wneel drive. Silverado with Ayr- way custom liberojass topoer, b!ue and «iite, sharp, si .695. Phone 2lt MS-4636. Alter S p.m. 615-4724. 1974 CHEV. U ton, t cylinder, 4 speed. 197! Ford V, ton. 1970 Chev. '1 ion. 1949 Chev. rt ton. 1971 DatS'jn 4 speed. \MI El Camino, 1966 Chev. 1 Ion. 14-ft. box and hoist, 2 speed ax. K & T Auto Sales, >42-Sll7 Erhard. SCENICSETTINC Overlooking Hoot Lake, cathedral celling, 2 woodburning firepiaces, l>/2 baths, 2-car garage. Moen Really, 7!t-mt, or after hours « 7UI or 44354. WHAT'S NEWr This 3 bedroom bungalow witti 1- car garage, striking oak cabinets and woodwork. Trade yours In on this one. Moen Realty, 7U4M9. or after hours « 7141 or »4J54. CHILDREN WANTED For rhls IVi acre farmstead wim upoatediturdv 4 bedroom home, ? car garage and old barn, on Fergus School bus route. Moen Realty, 734- 6W ; or after hours 6-7U1 or«-4354 > •A.H! MORRILL Co. Real Estate, Fergus Falls. Ptwne7]a-SiW. Albin "Babe" Morrill. XXMVC Ford pickup. V] ton, good con dit'an. Phone 7364078. BillBehrens. Roger Olson . 733-9038 FOR SALE e good used 8H-» truck tires. S20.00 each. Pnone Ottertai] AUTO-REPAIRS WM-VMNE AUTO Hflalr, «ur economy and quality muffler ctnltr. Exhaust and lailprp« bmif 1 !^. Lifetime guarantee. Dial •736-M12, 331 WeM GuStavuS. AUTO PARTS SUPERTUNITY I Brantf new 3 bedroom bungalow nestled in nice setlled area, fairly clow in, hurry to pick your carpet, don't worry about selling yours, trade it in. Moen Realty,734-H« or after hours. 4.7H1 or 4-OM. .- COMPLETE SOMEONE else's dream, N.E. countryside location, beautifully landscaped, fewer level of 38x^0' split foyer. Corner fireplace, 7 bedrooms, oYinwasner, carpeted and drap*d. By appointment. Miller Really, 417 N. Friberg, 7M3S31. 7344515 EXCELLENT STARTER hornet bedrooms, large yard, gara ge, new roof, new carpet and flooring. Priced at (11.900. Call Jensen Really, ra)mi or 734-76U or 7345505. , ATTENTION FAMILY man. 4 bedroom home, newly remodeled, excellent location, combination windows,-garage. Priced at tti.WO. Call Jensen Realty 739 1341 or 739-3TO or 7WJS05. A lot of home for not a lot of money. Bright and cheerful living room and forma] dining room, 3 comfortable bedrooms with fantastic walk-in closets. You owe it to your family to see nils one. Call J udy Boushley at 6-22M, Minnesaia West Really. Evenings 9.703}. 1 BEDROOM home in Crhard, SS.iOO, 3 bedroom unfinished home East of Erhard, I3.OC Henry Perdue Estate. Call Ray Thompson, (43.5141. CHARMING AND sensible 3 bedroom for the serious minded buyer. One bedroom down and ? •p. IVi bashs. Priced in mid »s. See or call Joe Jorgenson Realty, 734 6903. Evenings 73o-i?13 or 73«. 33». Member MLS. TASTEFULLY O'ECORATEO V/i story Northside. New kitchen, large living rooni and dining room. it's affordably priced. See or call Joe Jorgenson Realty, 716*903. Evenings 731 2S13 or 736-3223. Member MLS. _ JUST LISTED: Coiy two bedroom home. Let us show you this one. • Justsi2,90u. Joe Jorgenson Really, 736 6903. Evenings, 736-2AI3 or 73o- 3222. Member MLS FOR SALE 1972 Yamaha IX twin and I - 1973 Rupp Roadster. Phone 7367777. 1975 CAMPER for Sale, 9'A ft. deluxe, Terrenda, fully self- contained. 73&-7905. JUST MINUTES to the Swan Lake summer an'n on tnis 72'. IM, choice location. Moen Realty, 7344949 or Milt Paulson, 8445*92. WE HAVE lots lor sale on Ten Mile. East Battle, Clilherall, Bais, Soltier, pickerel and Crane. Mow Realty, 736 MM or Milt Paulson, utitn LOTS ON West SNeni Lake, -ex. cellenl lerms. Phone Oave Peterson. Meyer Realty, 8445904 LAKE LOTS on Tons«lh Lake. Meyer Really. Phone Dave Peterson, 844-5904. VACANT 1W frontage collate and other Improvements located on Silver. «4 mile Norm of Bailie Lake. 84II3SS. . LARGE LOT on Stuart Lake with newer 5S-ft. mobile home, breeze porch, 2 car garage, new septic system, (or only J15.SOO.OO. Oale Erks Really, Box 344, Battle Lake, . Minn. 54S1S. Phone 218 144-1114. SILENT LAKE Retreat —Smaller? bedroom home, ouesl quarters on large landscaped lot, 1J8.000. Lakeland Properties. 863-2706. Pelican Rapids. WANT TO buy lake toi wimta 25 miles radius of Fergus. Wes Rll- tenhouse, Breckenriogg. 4435394. SWAN LAKE, iust listed- attractiva summer home, partly furnished, ail modern, spacious, beautiful site with 111 fe«t of lake frontage, only 124,500. Universal Realty Co., P.O. Box 2245, Fargo. •North Dakota. Dial 70123217454 collect. CABIN ON Tonseth Lake with nice ' large lot. Terms available. Meyer Really, phone Dave Peterson, 641. 5904. COTTAGE FOR la«. Immediate possession. West shore of Oner Tail Lake, 100ft. lot. Insulated for year round living, completely furnished. Call Cal Larson al C. R. Larson Co, 734-4895 or 736;SS4>. NEW LAKE home 15 miles from city.50plusacres,30tillaMe. Some woods, 1.4 mile lakeshore. Good pole barn. Joe Jorgenson Realty, 734-4903. Evenings, 736-2113 or 7343222. Member MLS. FOR SALE: Sacreslinkfenced with 275' lakeshore 10 mites North of city having large commercial 3 stall steel building, 40 x 40 (»' ceiling) wim office and a 2 bedroomlakehome.Seeorcall Joe Jorgenson Realty, 7344903. Evenings, 7342813 or 73t32J2. Member MLS. 1973 MERCURY Marquis Brougham. loaded. Best reasonable olfer. 7364590. FOR SALE: 19U CMvy Nova II. Call after 5:00,7367754. 1S50 CHEVROLET Deluxe Sport Coupe, 54,000 actual miles. Phone m-2344. 1944 CHEVY Impala. 739-2301. '14 MATADOR J door, low miles, 2i8 6 cylinder, rad'o, automatic, power steering, Wynn's protection. Werner's Auto Sales. •73 OLOS CUTLASS Sporty "S" Coupe, radials. vinyl roof, tint glass, air conditioned, automatic, wet-took vinyl trim. Wynn's 12 month or 12,000 mile protection. Worner's Auto Sales. PONTIAC BONNEVILLE '73,4 doer hardtop, vinyl roof, 400 v-s, l : nt glass, radials. power steering, reardefogger. Wynn's 12 month, 12,000 mile protection. Worner's Auto Sales. CATALINA Check out this '70 4door. radial tires, air conditioned, power steer ing,vinyl roof. Worner's Auto Sales. , STATION WAGONS 73 Olds Vista Cruiser; 73 Pontiac •Catalina: 74 Olds Custom Cruiser; •73 Ford Torino; '71 Ambassador; TO Chevrolet. Womer's Auto Sales. ECONOMY CAR VALUES •7501 dsOmega; 75Maverick; '75 Chevrolet Nova; '73 Pontiac Ventura Sprint.: '74 Hornet Hatch . back; 13 Nova; 12 Malibu; 74 Bu'Kk Apollo. Wynn's 12 month 12.000 mile protection. Worner's Auto Sales. 'M CUTLASS Bucket seats, lloor shilt. 2 door hardtop. Worntr's Auto Sales. 1971 VOLKSWAGEN. SI50.00. 734 2614 dfter 5:30 •70 CHRYSLER New Yorker 4 door hardtop, power steering, power brakes, air cond'lioning. 739-2476. UNIROYALTIRE1 In stock now, rad'als, for im mediate delivery. Mounting, Balancing. Worner's Auto Sales. 72 COUGAR, v-8, automatic, power steering, excellent condition. S2300. 7392476 . 1974 FO R D Pinto, autom atk. 3 door, excellent condition. 739-9351. ECONOMY CAR VALUIS •75 Maverick 4 door, 29U; 75 Chevrolet Nova. 308». 75 Olds Omega. 34*. '7« But* Apollo. 27M. '73 Pontiac Ventura Sprint, 2388. 73 Gremlin. 1718. 74 Toyota, 1788. 72 Chevy Malitxi, ItN Worner's Auto Sales Pre Memorial Day savings. TREE HOTLINE Service. Wehave a d r rect w:r» with over 300 auto- truck and tractor salvage yards in 7 stales. And offer low mlltage drop In motors to 1973. All makes and sues. Car and truck trans- • missions. Car and trvck rear ends. Body parts. Dakota's leading sera p iron yard. Phillips Fur and Wool Co.. Wahpeton, N.P. PERFORMANCE — ECONOMY . headers, manifolds, camshalls, carburelors, automatic transmission kils, shifters, wheels, tires, gauges. All major brands. Arvrn't Shop, 826-6133. FOR SALE 283 Chevrolet engine with complete overhaul. (275.00. ~ '•"•""'•- ROOMTOSPARE I ; | Four bedrooms, lire* baths, I MOBILE HOMES largeUviiig room, tamlry room I _ J and all the extras that give relaxed ami wmforlaUe Ihiig. TAKEAWALK- Go fishiig, or jump In the Lake. Do plenty of all three to tits TRY OUR trailer cowi wiih 2 natnre-lover's paradiie. Insulated 3 bedroem year arorad borne, fronts on Staker Lake. Well north tbe 21 miavte drive from Ftrps ftlb.' Well be REO RIVER MoKie Homes now happy to take yon tat t» set it has a sales lot in Fergus Falls --• located on West Lincoln Ave., Highway 210 iust across the road from Worner's Auto Sales. We have several new model! on hand. 14 wides end double widts. Also, we have several used models that would be ideal for ihe lake. 7345438, 9-8 weekdays, 10 S Saturday. Where Rollohome is King. FARM LANDS J LEE JENSEN REALTY, INC. 118 So. Vine Fergus Falls, Mini. radms of Fergus Falb" Pk: 218-7»-B8l Builders of FtK Quality KINGSBERRY HOMES FOR SALE: 424 acre farm, 3*5 KTK otxn. Set ol buildincjv 5V, miles Norm. 114 Eaifol Oklee. Call between 1:00 a.m.-9:M a.m. mornings. J1I447-4B4. 9! ACRE farm overlooking Soutti Lkla Milking parlor and 36'xlOO' insulated pole building Terms • available. Meyer Realty, Phone Dave Petenon. 644-5904. BUSINESS OPPOR. MOBILE HOME anchoring by Northern Minnesota Winlie Co.. Stanley and Tom Kagen, diMrib-Jtors. Phone 734-2414. or 7399555 Fergos Fall;. LOCAL CAFE and Bar business for sale. Snowing excellent net profit. Financing available to qualified buyer'. Miller Realty 417 N. Frtberg. 7363531 or 7364515. 1.2 BAR with good rural trade arxJ living quarters. Priced at STOJXH, Call Jensen Realty, 739-3381 or 7367634 or 739-3124. END PAINT WORRIL M.SIDIHG tUMM i Stiil SIDING - EAVES MOMIMOIIMI •BUMSJIWC HMD hi side waits tat atlks | • -Frc«Eili»atti- 736-7253 826-6731 Kwniu »«i mil . FERGUS FALLS MARKROSTAD nr^nths IrM rent. 5<9&554 Da^Ton- REAL ESTATE- WANTED MOBILE HOME Anchcring and Stirling insured and state licensed. John's Mobile Home Service. 73?.734J or 5W-8115. C*H as today. Ymr MLS broker PARK REGION REALTY BSWestUKob Phone day or lite FOR SALE: Ocr 2 bedroom, U'x7D' MarshfieW mobile home. Pur-1 Chased : .n late 1P73. Washer, dryer, humidifier, water softner, 'queen size bed, bar, and storage slied. Over U,000.00 in extras. You have . to i«.v Telephone H6-613T,W»ilY Weiss, Underwood. M : nn. BARNHARO SCHOOL area, 1 «cre lot with 2 bedroom mobile.-Moen Really, 736-6964 or MUt Paulson, tuxn WE HAVE several good used mobile homes For sale. Contact Don, Doug or Roger, Jensen Realty, 739 33»1. FOR SALE: 14x60 2 Hedroom mobile home, unfurnished with skirting and 1x12 entryway. Phone 126-6774. AUCTIONS AUCTION AT 219 E. DouQJK, Fergus Fails, Wednesday May H, 5:30 p m. 5 piece white and txue dinette set, used S months; davenport; new brown arm chair; 30 in. Coronado range; 2 new matlreues. box springs and bed frames; roH-a-waySmQle bed, like new; 17 in. colored port* We T.V.; n in. WesiEngnovse T.V.; electrk lireptace, almost new; 2 Jungers oU heaters; 1 kitchtn, T parlour assorted tables; *U transistor 12 voit rooi radio. CoJlKtaWes: gas ramps; gas iron; iron bed; horse Harness btfis; 2 lanterns; nsoned dishes; boities; telephone insulators; 20-gak crock; 4 gal. FOR SALE 3 bedroom and den, new carpeting. Completely iil)jlaied basement also. Basement paneled and carpeted, large lot and shade trees. Phone 734-3513 afler 7 p.m. COUNTRY ATMOSPHERE Northwest of City, spolltsr 3 bedroom split-level, 2-car attached garage: Moen Realty, 7344N9, or after hours 4-7141 or 4-4354. DYNAMITE DUPLEX. . . Roomy maJnfloor' apartment with super kitchen. Paneled and carpeted living room. Excellent closets. Compact 2 bedroom upstairs apartmenl for added income. Miller Realty, 417 N. Friberg. 714- 3S3I or 7344515. DAISY FUDER Estate Sale. For sale on bids: Duplex at 415 N. Union, Fergus Fa«s. Livr>g room, d-nfng room, kitchen, bedroom and barh down; living room, kitchen, bedroom and 'bath up. Single garage. Combination storms and screens. Sa!> date: June 2, 1974. Time: 1:30 p.m. Place: 415 Norm Union, Fergus Falls, far more information, bid forms and lo inspect, call 734-4769. Righl is reserved to reiect any or all bids. AN OLDER home wim young Ideas. Room for your favorite books. A screened patio' lor summer comferl. A place (or that office at home. 3 bedrooms, bath 1 v,. Built- in dishwasher. Across the street from Jefferson and down me hill lo Hign School. Miller Realty, 417 N. Friberg. 7343531 or 736 4515. BUYING OR selling, sec Etistad- Larson-Mann. Inc. Realtors. Phone 736-75H. WE MIGHT have sold your home today, had we known it was for sale. We need listings. Miller Realty. 417 N. Friberg. 734-1531 or 734-7515. LISTINGS WANTED! Commercial, farm, hovses, AH. Morrlll Co. Real Enate, Sain and AppraU'ra. Ptiom 734-54U, an South Union, Fergus Falls. ^ ('CONSIDER IT SOLD" When you list your property wim Moen Realty. Quick, courteous service since 1957. Mom Realty, 313 W. Lincoln. Fergus Falls, Mn. 73MW, or after hours 734-7141 or 734-43S4. LIST WITH us it you are planning to SHI your properly this summer. Call Joe Jorgenson or Jvlian Morslad. Joe Jorgenson Realty. 734atS3. MLS Realtor. WANTTO BUY HOUSE TO be moved. Phone 734 3477. LIVE BAIT Op« 5« a J. SiUrfiaj Hi Swty CHAMPLIN SELF-SERVICE Across from Gibsons Jct.Hwy.59S.and2io HilSSHflP • ElliM tramiuiNS • lut-lmkrakK PheuwKMlU HUIHEI RErUIt WEHAVE LAKE LOTS T5'xZ«' ............. ,525) LAKE COTTAGE 8 year old, sand beach, C1C sq. It. cabin, 352 sq. It., 10 tl. screened porch, deep LAKE HOME 2,Ht si). fL, lo'rmal diniig, fireplace, bobby room, wortuhop, garage. View length «f Otter Tail. Mast YOUR NEEDS? BoxlE.Brwktnridgc, newer 55 fl. mobile home, br«*» porcn, 2 car «arage, new M?Tk system, tor only 115,500.00. Dale ErkS Rejrtty, Box 344, B4tTH« L*kt, Minn. 5*515 Ftwrr* 1H**4-I1H iracior; drapes; bedspreads, (som e new); S piece chrome dinette set; Bonanza 7 horM riding lawn mower, 32 in. on; hand lawn mower; rtjer; tricycle twHt for two.: numerous other' items. Silierut, owner. Krtute GOT A 4 bedroom ItmilY In a 3 . Hanson, clerk. Dean Sillerud, SHOPPERSGUIDE TYPEWRITERS. LundWn's bedroom ttouie? Choice N.E. location makes it clow to all schools. The wife w'rfl love the appliance equipptd kitchen with family sind dining arM. Only I! years old, Ito baths, largt lot. S*« it tcdayl Mivwsola West Realty 6 2736. evenings Ron Becker 45530, IMMEDIATE OPENING FEKIS FUiS IHIXrJtl LIIUM S.OK SontMnc to work Friday and Saturday nights during tht summer. Apply to: Dvaiw Jttistn, Manager Municipal Liquor Store Fergus Falls, Minn.

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