Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 24, 1928 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 24, 1928
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'i - TO •- KA.NS The REGISTER'S CiratJa- tioyi records opeji to public tnspecHoh at any time. VOLUME XXXI. No. 78. Succ.?.-'sor to The lola Dally Remitter. The lola li«ll.v Hpcord and loU Daily Index. lOLA. KAN., TUESDAY EVENING. JANUARY 24. * REPORTS ON WATER PLAK TO BE GIVEN Mayor Hobart Learns of McDonnell's Plan For Wednesday. C. OF. C7~T0 HEAR PANAMA GANAL'WORK INSIDE STORY GIVEN BY NEW YORK WORLD Report ta Commission as Well as Big: Mass Meeting On^ A It'tltT receivoil'by .Mayor Ho- barl confirms the anuouncement Jiitherio made that Mr. II. E. Mc- Doiiiirll. the Kansas City engineer, who has been studying our water - vork.s sys^iem -witli ;i view to tlie. . improvejnent o£ the city'water, will • l)>> in lola tomorrow to make his report. He will report first, in the J'oreu«on. to the mayor anil (om- iniBiioner .'ii At the noonday lunch- f<in of the CJliaiiiber <vV Comnierto: ba will, ui^e the speaking time in a brief. discussion of his conclusion.';. Aud then to a ma*s meeting of citizens which will b'e held at n'ing'he wiirpresliu'ihe \w Dr. Cora Johnstone Best icr in detail. jg Speaker of titlzens SLoiild AU«'n«l. I ?iro„;„a- U is this evening ineeling wiiich . . *^VeninK. ouplit to he attended by every lax ' i ~" New' York, Jan. 24. (AP)—The Evening World today prints what it describes as the "inside story" of the shearing of red tape that made possible the building of the Panama canal. • , Major General George W: Goe-^' lhals, 'who died Saturday. t(>ld the story .In confidence some time ago attrlbnting'the real credit tot the buildliig of the canal to Theodore liocvievelt and to John S. Stevenii who preceded General Goethal:i aF chief of construction in Panama.; "Stevens did hailt- the work bo- fore I ever gbt there." Gen. Ooe- thals Fald. "Hut after I arrived my moves were chf^cked at ever step by a commiif^sion .that was) supposed t'o supervise things. Kinally 1 explained the situation to the President an<l he ordered me to AVash ingtou to talk thing.s over. . He agreed that the only way to get the canal built was to pui In complete charge.. He dirwted m«; to draw up an order shearing the commission of some of iin |M>Wer, but both .Mr. Taft. then j^ecre- tary of war, and Attorney General Bonapart. said the order nevji would be upheld by any court. •• • We've got to get this caiM' built,' the president almost shouted. 'If I sign this order are you sure you can do the job?' "The upshot was that the order was signed and t went back to work. There was little trouble from the commission after that."i TINYPLANE TAKES OFF FOR FLIGHT Two-Cylinder ! Flivver Fly From l)etroit to Miami, Fla. to CIRCULATION is the only Commodity a Ncivspaper, Has to Sell Its Advertisers'. 1928. The Weeklv Iteiri.stpK Establishi-d 1.<S7. The Iota Daily Register. Establlsh(>»l lijjt'. SIX PAGES PLANE VEKV SMALLi HEARING EVERHARtiS NOT PRESENT FOR HEARING !Important Witness Does Not Show Up'For Senators ^ DECAYED MAHARAJAH IS HAVJNG DIFFICULT TIME WITH HIS MARRIAGE PLANS Will Consume Gallon of Report Says He [Expects n!i«nlinp P.voi-v^ , To Arrive There , Today Casoline Every"" 50 Miles. I'i-:r <iii. .I ,:a. L' I . I Br >.okH. piloting; tin- h:tts! jrroiluft a ••flivver" pi. in: off from til" K(i.-.l ;i:i|i(irt ; Hair.Y KonI WisliiiiK'ou..Ian. :M T. Kv.rhiirt. I^.uelilo. Ci J ^,j^.:Oid son-in-law. of .Mbei^ • who is e\pectiMl to be • -l-' 1 !no<l impoftaiil.' witiH 'ss CURRENT TOPICS DINNER AHRACTS 112 FOR NEOSHO FALLS BANK CASHIER WH.LBEFRONK (Al'i-M lo., banker! 15. Fall Ml" of the ?s in the failed to- Bombay, India. Jan. 24. (AP)—The Botnbay ChrGriicle; says-today that although the future plan.s of the former ila- harajah of Indore are still secret there are ihcrea.sing indications that his marriage to Mis .«i Nancy Ann Miller, of Seattle. Wash., will not take place soon. The secret movements of the.> ; ' former ruler's envoys, however. . -M'''-"' "a^Iiid interviewed tb. 1 i,. » 1 • . J chief ministfr ami thf> nuni.stcr ! leave no do-.At of his strenuMs ^^^^ secretary to efforts lo reniove numerous obsta- Colombo. Ceylon, wiht a cles and make the American girl 1 for the former Mah:!rajah. • his 1)ride. j Apart from tiie public ' fueling Abdul Kashid. his private sec- 1 and the objectirin of relatives of retary. went to Indore to interview i the Hindu anotfier ol)stncle- has de- the firj-t and second wives of the | veloped to an <arly marriaffe. former .Marajah and cliicf cabiiJet The. former Mah:;r:ijalis brother officials. died .lanuary XA am! his lister is The two present wives wecr ask- therefore in '•niourin);. A J' the ed to assent to their hus-band tak- I whole, fa:nily ;;re d'-:<ressed' it is o'clock lOastern .s.amlanl time to-I nip w s-iiate, oil inquiry (lay on ii projccie.l noii-.-iop flight <hiy to respond when hi.s name wa to Miami FIi' qillcd at the lirst ses.-ion of the ' •• ,', , InvcstiKalinK cummittie. In lolai darkn. .^s w.l-i; a .slea.iy • ;„^.i,.^, „. „, :,bseme fall of rain and .~:iow. ilu- tiny ; .M„.,tj,„;,. ,|u- w^io Was atiefiiling am One hundreil aud .twelve people; sai iMiwn to the' C'urren: Topics club dinner tables iu the Bapli.'^t dining room last evening, had a good time ns'iting with each other while the very satisfactory meal was being disi>osed of. thoroughly p.iyo.r. TiioSf jparticularly :JW 1 IO think they-arti aftainSl the' jno- posed improvehient.H should be liiere to hear all the facts di.>H.loii- <'d and to ask any questions they may wish to ask. ' .V: this evening meetiuK Mr.- .Md^oniiell wiil show about aO foloreii stereopticoii slides ^ lillustraling water P ^Mfi. ajion j •\°^"Vj^^^^^^^^^^ plants m other cities in order to - . ..... i make-clearer the plans he has in ! C^i^a -lohnslone Best which im• mind for lola. He will also show ! tnediately followed the dinner in , Koine historic slides which will be 1 which she described some of her • ; of general interest. Mr. McDon- i pxperiences in climbing' mountains - ncH is a very interesting talker. { JQ Japan, and then were joined by He will e-vpiain his plans for lola , about a hundred other rieonli- in* in detail and he will specially in- vile qiiestiojis. Farmers State Elects Him As Vice-President Of Institution. The friends of .Mr. .Melvin Fronk plane was hroiigiit trmn the han- }.'ar. \\"i;li no len in ny IJr'ioks took his plac'- In ille ^liane sho )k hands wili' Henry V,)v,\ aati Wii- laitn U .Mayo, iliief eiiKiue.r of the Fori! .Motor cumpaiiy. aiKi was off. i\f c-ircled tlie field once, gained -.illitude of about r.uo feet anil swiini: a.vay rroin :I.e . eM on the .•.ioutlnvari; ••I wi.'^h ><•!! i;iik" Were .Mr. Ford'.T oii;y WIMI:'- to lirooks IIiooKs'- :::ii.ta'y « I. t li;,. -liiii over Ciiiinrii.-' v:.!e. .\. (,'.. Creiiivjile. c. .\ii'_-u-:a. Cii ; Ilfllt .e ses.-ion.' the aetiil of the'lie:;rinK was|j Ihi-- alt'-: U' on.'^ Coiiiii.ittec iiji'inbers 1: ei' will apifear at th of Senator [lirosectitor ther com;il opening oned until 'lievc Kv-1 t time for \ rty val oil re- • Harry F ! will be interesl,ed in knowing that at a recent meeting of the direct- 1 .lack- iniUe. !•!, . iMjioaa ami ors of the Farniiers State Bank at -Miami. Neosho Falls he was elected execu- T'''' ''".^ plane. «|iieli lias been tlvc vice-president and^ cashier of|"iit of the l-'ord iait.jiy only one that institution and will be at once: month, bore tn>- nuiifa.i.s in placed in full charge. For several! ^^'l"'e letters i»ii a blue fuselage years the bank has been managed:"!"! in biack <>n t!i- ua.: r slue o." the .silver by Mr. Ronald Finney-but he has developed other interests to which |-hip is <if a he wishes to devote his time, and! struciion wi!!] the change Just noted has therefore been made. Mr/ Fr6nk has had a life time of training in the banking business This is a matter of the greatest j-ublic imjior'ance and it is sin" ••.'•rely hoped the meetin»c at .Memorial hall tomorrow evening will t-o largely attended. Of course there will be no charge for ad. mission. The meeting of the -Chainber of f^mmerce will be ai the Portland liritel tomorrow. the auditorium of the church and | por twenty years or more he has listened and looked for an hour aud a haU—listened to the rapid fire taik 'of DV. Bt>st and hjoktjd at some remarkable picture* whUh were a part of the lecture. In opening her address Dr. Best frankly confessed that she was a propagandist, that she!was Ulking been with the First .National Bank of lola, starting with it when it was the .Noithrup National, passing through all the grades from book- i keeper to cashier and theu lo t'fyi office of president which he has held for the past three years. During all this time he has held paiiaie.i \viiii.'>. The em;-iai;M!i \. r r jn- :i" \y\t\a- p.r .j 1 this: I- siije Ijf t);;' Ili-e- qilv'Stioiiiii^ from under what eircunislaiu ecived ."ii'i'i"ill l.ibe af,'.er til" TeaiHM licin- n s.-i-ve hail iiveiit lease^l li^ Silielatr. . (Mllv three wellnesses lo t'licir names'; K. C. Cr r 'Lrv i<i ilie Sisiiidard U of Iniiaria; .\.-f. Down taiy of til,- .NeW Yoilc 'I paiiv and .lohil .Mooiie.v i.nil i-oinpanv. .\ew York Sinclair, a central (ig oil^.se.iinial. wlKj is on now] for eriniia.iil contenijiit in connection with the shadow Jiir>- iiiiiianielli'd' to try (•!•.,i.iiial ,1 oii.spinaey <h: whom and Damages Aggregatiiig ' bonds! More Than $1,600 to Plaintiff lespimded iihain. scc -h^'I^P" p-'oyd Baker, an employe of bankers.. jirQ in the rial here I '.xcaseil by the laTor in the liay^ I Diiimiltee from the 'ii'Wi lage. Pilot Not Knclo-f>d. The pilotV Sea: : in the sinsie- passenger monoplane is wn cn- clo .s «d. BrookH wa.« attired m a hea%T flying si ii and helmel a* he in unijavorable weather. The rniied States weather bn- T, Kverhart. sdn-Ui-law Everhart Is-On. His Way to Appe|ar Pueblo. Colo., Jan. 24. WEATHER and ROADS ; ymi K\>S.\S: Fnlr tonlchJ nnd IVMlnesdaj! vllirhfly roldrr tonlcht rfxireinp east iMiiiinh; not so rold ; Y^ednesilay siftprnonn. For lola: Fair tonight and Wednesdaj: sHrhtly colder tonlcht: • nut >(( cold: IVednesdny. after, iioon.- '' Temperature • Highest yesterdas at I p. 111.: lowe-it last nigh? --ITi ill 7 a 11!.: normal for loiliiy ex<e-;s yesteida.v 7:: exii'ss f-iiie^ .lanuary Isi. SI ilem-ees: this d.nte' last vear -liigli<'sl 27: lowest 17. . Preripitatioii for the 24 hours '•ndini; at 7 a. 'm. 'today. XC: total for this rear lo date. 0.20: de- flciem V siiii I- .la.ilu'arv Isl 0.S.5 inch. " '• Relative himiidity at 12 noon yesiterday. per -en!: 7 a. 'n. today ,S". per cert; barometer re-* . diK-ed to sea level. 29.72 inches, .'-^an rises- 7:.'>'! .t. ni.: sets \>:'ij p. m. Ifiiad t iindlflnn». Hiiiihii. oil. dear', roads good. Siiliiia, t liiuriy. roads goo,l. ' .Manhattan, ile.'ir. road^ Rood, ("offeyville. lichi snow, roads " Kniporiji. panly <!(iii(iy. roads pood. i' .\rkan>a-' li:y. iMrtiy i iouiiy, i.'ad^ goijil Topeka; liouiiy. "..aiis ;;o'o'l. Wii hita, eioudy. roads gcMjd. rittsburg. sTinwine. roads slick. Ottawa, eloniiy. ^ roail.s covered light snow. . Dodge riiy. ilear. roads good. rean anpoun ed that Brooks would meet iviih mo.-*tiy c^iuily wearher on his "lii-'Iit. w r'l s.on,' r.iin ai;c! _ , _ the j unfav<;rali e wiath.r in tlie I'.iro- for better health, tor oo&MnraUpn I complete confldencc.- not only ofijiiuas aud Ueorgiu. . of flower and bird lir« and fomilt|j;j ^ill^3:2Jcaw >Ufctv.UM>!,-Jmf-of al^ a wing .-|,!,a.i oi les.s thn: r»*"-oi'"]~"(^ -iw tJr «*o puYposo oTjitij patrons and of j the entire coni 2'i feet, and a ga.-jllne lapadty ..f l!i.- pi'iiie 1! Fall, former .bccretary torio;-. left bis Itome lierf last Fri(l.-.y bight aa.l^expected t selling America lo AmeriranB. of convincing all Americans that they live in the best counti ;r In the world and that they ought to do all they can to kwp the country clean and right In every way. In following; up these ideas the speaker narrated her cxpericijces in mountain climbing, showing two reels of moving pictures extremely attractive, depicting the "world alMvn the world." the' snowy and precipitous peaks of the Rockies and the splendid rushing waters that flow from them, and showing in a great number of still pictures many beautiful vlew.s of hirds and flowers and lakes and mountains. The moving pictures were allowed to si>eak for theinslevcs, but while the s-till view* were shown the sTieaker supplemented them with mqst intere.stinff narratives of personal experiences out in the open, in the wild places, and w-Jth comments upon the technic of mountain climbing and the compensa- tiotw one who engaged In It derived from the hard work and the dajjgers encountered. ' ' On the whole the program wa« one of the besi the Current Topics dub has ever given, and will long be pleasantly remembered. mbnity. In tlho long years of his appr«x!ni:iiely is eilicn. residence here Mr Fronk naturafty! i~ beiievd! !» i-- i:.- L-:I-i.- hns become acquainted with a great | "!'!>• of !!•:;.:•.a: IL' ;!i I pi many of the patrtins of the Neosho I Jonrii...\ hilf i: u ! - ,!. Falls bank, so that It will bo by no! of the hav -;;;,A.,! a line eoiisi in; ' lap riile S- Kif:i.- ol I II !y a I r If i.iii more ihii' ;w i e. . • v - .>i:e hiindnil mile-. i.-ai';:ii>: at top .sjitei!. w :.:.:!: i- ii;ip. ii.\;i.ii.|f Iflo miles an iKnir. Tl:e plane is ; powei'ed by a tiny t»'o cylinder motor. Its pr<»duition Sil .irks the initial viiiiiire of Kurd into the nianufa'-iure of airplane motors. Ttvo other lyp • p:;iii- s ar-' built by'tlie K<v! criipa.!.. a single engineii I'liiropianc ami a L'i.iiit The lola high school debate team j airliner of the ki-^.l in wbi !: .\'!r< pulled a surprise on all debate fans j Kvani;e!ine I.'iiil!i( r.-l: r "ri'ly moans as a stranger that he enteri' upon his new duties. lola Is sorrj" to lose him, but is glad to know that ho is to remain a new neighbor, and wishes him the success It feels sure he will have in his new connection. High School Debate Squad Wins Triangle Elk City couple Held For Ki^napini: Child laileiiendeiiee, Kan'.. (AIM -.Mr. amr'-Mrs. Kyi ertield of Klk t'lfy. Kan.i ing a third wife, but witlioul success. con.-idereii" iiii!fke!y that approval of the marriasf* will come; soon. — :zzzz ,i-:^^- ^ : ASSAULT HEARING BRINGS DAMAGES FOR JOHN TOLLE COUNTY JAILER'S JOB ISCIVENTO TOM CHRISn NOW AVIATIONIS HOT SPOT IN GONFERENCE United States Delegates Would Protect U. S. Holdings ! MOTION PICTURE UP Latin Americans Do Not Like Characters As Presented Veteran Tola Officer to Assume New Duties Febi^uary 1 ' A suit; which had its be.siniiiiig i Tom Christy.-; a member of the lola police force for sfoventeen I eoiiipany. lolfn D. Tolle of northeast of, years and chief of police "«• ^•''•'•<'-aolii. is .=aid to have tapned Toll rnst coin-i„,.j^ „ of B 'air, then, with the aid of 11. Wtdcliel had him locked in the oouKty jail for ten b£en ap- effecti \t- voars of that time, lias pointed county jailer, February 1. , L. "Doc" DasTRett. present conn- on information that Tolle was in-.; t.v jailer, has resigned eflectivc at that time. It is understood that n' of the'''fought Tolle a ver'- 'l"f„"j,„ \. |dict for $1.6::6.:{:i damages from a j he will go to Colorado. He' "jury in districtr court. j been jailer sincA January'11. 1927. rge. was until Tolle was given damages to that amount in a suit against Baker and WeUhel. The jury was out nearly 2! hours, takin.:; the case at 11 o'clock yesterday morning and returning the verdict at 10 :25 o'clo. k this morning. (AP)-.M I Tolle accused Baker of assault- of .\lbert \ Uvi. him in the ^Velchel home a of the in- year a-^o. He then charged that Wclchel aided Baker in having arrive in i him locked in the Allen couiT?* Havana. .Jan. 2!. l.M'i 'The fion piitare as it i>.::i!i.- I.,:;::n-America today was IM:. :• s-ni- tiny of tliC I'ai!--Vin{r:c::a t op.Tre'is. Apparently voiiiug tiie ivOilr.E;^ of other ile!e?au-.-. from .Salvador pre~ei;ii intioa (lealiiiij v.iiii scre'.n to i|it» eiin:!!:;ti lectual Iooper.ii; T li>)n asks that aiie c cisod in inakiir.; fiiiii -•Vnierican con-i:iii:.':•. n they will no! otfen'!. .Hetror (':i:-Tri. o:" prcseii'ii!g tile T' •->);'.: numbers to .Nijpi.jri safeguanl their ouii feelin:.;s but ;:iso proiiiieiiiiu u:' .li. ;ui> more truiy typify tiii- 1, iiaiis. Intensi w'.i.- also loi us',i ;.;.'i.iy on thi- iii'-t-l:iii<,,: t.'';- r.)ii!:ii;i:i;T^ lions conim:!:. I)y:a:i aa);i,i.::( e-- nielK th:' I'ui;!-.! ;-:•.•(> tV U-. .sation v.-ouid ii.ive ani';!i!:!u :::s to introduce to tiie <ir,;;; ti'.iiy ;er gan'in:? lonsii;'-!! i^:I ,i.v;a;-i,>:i. Helcber TcU> I'!;;::. Henry !'. FiLf h^;-. :I!:;1.,.>K L:i;,r to Italy ar.iS a :4.>.i-:-, saiil .'hs anK•Illi.^u•n;s'• v.-..-,ii \ iir.j,c.-[ tae right of till- l":;:'!-! <;,it-.~ to lie- tf-i'inln.- uhaT UnC.jrr, i .-'n \'A \.}..;:':iA (1 ifi;u:.oil a v-\ii<J- silver e 0!i ilitol- ':;e lesjiiui ;-i Ii • e -.(. r- f.-r I-rin- s ) tiiat ^. uva.'K-r. iii ij.i tiift ; 10 iiiii r.s..s .i.'i.l hr-.w:; alioiic J.;a;ii X '.i.. r- \Vas-hiiiKioii t: i- iiiorniii ; to, testi-j jail. Tolle had asked about $10,- employed by tho city. • ly J'! the.senate's new 'A imjuiry • Wti damage.'!. . " j " L i Christy was 'ii member "of the j P'a'»_s shoii!,! f;y d-.,;- :iif- i',.i; .wa lola police, force ni mil .May 191 'C. j <^'''n-'- '•'<• <!";!";.<":i"i-- <'-'•:••. n;.v~ Sinc^ that time, he has bqen em- .'niil <>::;.;• '"Mrii-L zu:;s. ployed al the Dntted Iron! Work.s , ^f*" 'i'd. 'i": ::;'.;k t,:.- s". ,--r;I and by the Fry Brothers Construe-i •""^"•''^''•"'••^ 111 ur:;.:!..- aa^ct'd tion company, i j the g(i;r-r,".! ren-•-•).- tii- trciiy. Sheriff H. n. Smock declared to- ' • day that he feels highly elated over the employment of such an efficient officeif for the position. Christy -Tvas fenown as an efficient and impartial officer while it was aiinouiuvd here tr^iiay by L j District Judge Frank R. Forrest T. Itiile. repres.intini? .Mr Tile annonnre:ii<:iit tollov jaiM il l.iiiiire (if • Kverhi :e,,.- li-lore sen.iie ri:i.- nioniitie Kverhart : praised the jury for staying out ell ibe re- i until it reached a verdict. He em- rt to ap- •oaimittee phasized the the county whenever a jury fails to reach a verdict. Wheat Growers Meet In Wichita Todky Ctii)i'-'.s j >r(;in .-.jl ti.r lishnientr wiihi:i t:>e ['an- nnion of a i oinii.'s.-; 1.; :, atioii of iirt r-.\it:.:!i .1:: met sfnnt iiu-'.r. e--ah- Am'Tictm < 01; ia- .j;-pi:bs Ja(;ii)0 Varrla. rru!;iiaya:i (If-lc^ale on the I'an-Aiin' tie.-.:: opprsed chairs s cal char.uter ..f Tip- C!;l>:iii I,.-, vert ti> ffini tin .\merie.-ni union (AP) Isembi.iig t!!i;s.- in tin: iioSi-polKi- iie union.';:o-::i!-- wi.'iild (-011:ii III--! I'nil- p"i> -< iiii-:hi:;i; re- Light Snows Reported From Towns in Kansas Wichita, Kan.i Jan. 24. (AP)—! sf-mbi.iig V.u.>-. <.f :;;•• i. I Reprcsentativo-v^heat grower-s from '-'^•'•i'"'-'-"'over south cenliial gather-! The irpp-i.-al : ir. in- ed In Wichita t6day to tfjke in-r K--^'::bli-hiiig a-^ ,1 I'au-Am late yesterday oJi a warran in Chenikee eonnty. Kaii.. by up.setting all dope and taking its Jonrneyr-d to: y]<\u Local Car Is Stolen And Then Is Stripped A i;i26 Ford tourini; car, stolen Sunday night from Neal Derby, was locateii by county officers yesterday. The car. whichi w-as found a mile and a half north of the country club, had been ^.tripped of tires, tubes, rinis. radiator, battery and-timer. Stolen Mbtometer Is Held by Sheriff Now .\ piofometer. obtain -d by i-oun- ty officers in the arrtjsl of an alleged tire thief, is bt|ing held at the sheriff's office. .The • owner , j^ia-y haw it by identifying It. Farm Bureau Opens Membership Drive. Allen Cqunly Farm Bureau mcm- hers today opened a two-day membership, campaign, following the making of plans at A dinner last right at the Kelley hotjl. The din- i;er was attended bjLpf. Farm Bureau members. Family of Five,Bums To Death in Wyoming McFadden. Wyo.. Jan'. 24. (API- Mr. and-Mrs. John King and their three children were burned to death early today; when- fire destroyed their home here. McFadden Is an oil tamp northwest of Rock River. AVyoming. • King fought his way out of the flames with his four-year-old daughter, but perished when he returned in an, attempt to^ rescue the other members of the family. ("tv ar i 1— triangle by winning five judges out I turn. Th" 6 ::iier i.-i 11 ; ^iv of a possible six in ihe first round a T^fberty eiicii:. while the air- of Southeast Kansas debates this i liner is powered by ihri-e Wright season. The lola team won the de-. •whirlwinds. cislon unanimously at Fort Scott yesterday afternoon. The lola negative showe<l superior debating to easily win over the Fort Scott affirmative on the McNary-Haugen bill. Since the lola affirmative had won here yesterday morning this gave the lola team the decision for the tvf^ngle. as well as winning judges. Chanute won over the Fort Scott team at Chanute last night. issued cliarg- ias il-.ein with .kid'ia'piiJg tliree- yei.i-old .Maxiilt ' Piersi|>n. their nil ee. are f 1 • e ; tmla.v | 01 'lO'i. given a^ f "oliiin I'r. liiiiiiiary he:}rirg jwaj I'eliniaiy The Haverli.l'N Ijav they will lighi 'rhe ch prounds that thi^ adoptioi child by its granilpareiit.«| 11 rev Atchison Newspaper Man Is Congress Candidate Topeka, Jan. 24. { AP >—The Topeka State Journal today says It has been authorized: to announce I the candidacy of Wilbur C.' Hawli- fAtchi.son newspaper man] for the Republican nomination lor congress In the first district to succeed b. R. Anthony, jr.. of Leavenworth, who has announced his retirement. No More Bounties are To Be Paid in County After February 1 tho county will discontinue payment of bounties on crow-heads, cro^v eggs, jack rabbit scalps and gopher scalps, it was announced today by W. D. Clark, county clerk. The county commis- slonerp decided that payment of bounties was not decreasing the crow, gopher arid jack rabbit population, and that the money was being expended uselessly. Officials declined to theFred R.van'. of (!alj-na. fli\-ver plane or tod.iv's fH-ht "ithout the cou.-ient which is looked upon ai a final fmher. Johfi Pler-icm test. It ha.>« been said wnofficiailv ^'I'k with tuberculos that Ford proposed t<i g >" in for orado. .. | airplane manufacture on a mass ——; r-Tu,. . , production ba.«is. IScw York Starts Work struclion in a.; wheat growers,'M':"-"school under th^ direction'of the; nation of lau ^e- of Kansas State Agricultural eoHege. cinflii f> ai:t; , Specialists from the college will' stress five things- as being most im-^ portant to succeissful wheat-growing: Disease control; insect con- Jan. 24 Topeka, Jan. 24. (AP)—Light H. Hav- snow flurries were reported this arrested morning from Dodge City, Wichita, Kansas City. Pittsburg. Parsons, lola. and Coffeyville.- and a 8tift5 |trol. seed selection, seed bed pre- northeast wind had .sent tempera-; paration and marketing. Lectures lures to the lowest readings in sev- will lie given pn these subjects to- eral days. 'day and tomorrow. . ' Skies were clearing and pros- ^ 1 : ' pects for further moisture were friiflA flil PVnHii <>finn " very slight, the weather bureau ^"^"^ naounce.i:said, p.redicting fair and slightly lakeS Anotner dtUmp on t.hei colder weather In the east portion • , ' of the i tonight, with rising temperatures! Tulsa, Okla., * Jan. 21. (^P)— tomorrow. Crude oil produq^ion in the Fnlted Goodland reported a low mark;States ijnderweni another slight last night of 12: Concordia, 16; j slump during tl^ past'weeK. the Dodge City. 20;Wichita. 22; To-jOil and Gas Jmimal says |oday. bond of >us. K.-;ii -i s"i liir Mr. and was (if Max- while he s in Col. Bank Robbers Gain Delay in Hearing For Hooyer Delegates .\"ew York. .I.nn. 2!». (.\Pt—.\ lamp.iign to bring about the election of delegates; idedged; to the nomination . of l ^iM -beri Ifoover a.-! Republican^ candidate for ;president was under "way in .Vew York stale Final Valuatio'n'on Orient Is Fixed Now. Former Gamett -Man Dies at Coffeyville. Cofre>-)ille. Kans.. Jan. 21. (APi -*0. .1. Van Voorhifi, 64.; former jeweler, died at ihie home here ihet ; bight He formerly fired In Gar' aett, Kansas. Washington. Jan. 24. (AP)—-\ final valuation on the Kansas City. Mexico and Orient railroad was fixed hy the Interstate Commerce Oimmission today at $6.146,5(K) as of June 30. 1919. Tho company's capitalization on the same date was $77,420,000 and its book investment was $22,190 ,330. Lojidon Typist Is Nearly Drowned hi Futile Attempt to Swim Strait Tangier. .Morocco. Jan. 24. (AP) Mls« Mercedes Gleltz. London t>-p- Ist, was jlmost drowned in a futile attempt to swim the Strait of Gibraltar today.. She entered the -water at 13:0S a. m. After swimming for five hoursi -ithe was caught In a whirlpool and, nearly drowned. She abandoned the swinu On reachliig land, ^Ils« Gleltz, who seemed greatly ^stiressed at the failtire, said she -would abandon all further attempts to finrim the 27 mile stretch of water. She showed so elgna oC eihiw'gtloo. "It was terrible." the swimmer said ; of her experience. "I had just completed the fifth hour and was getting set although the continued darkness made me rather sleepy. Suddenly I was seized by a whirlpool and irresistibly dragged down. As my head went under. I felt the side of tb© boat "It was the end and a bitter end too. but better than being defeated by bad weather or adverse current*. "I don't think of making a further attempt, but I wish lack to all who trr.- Topeka, Jan, 21. (APi —Preliminary h-aring of Ivan Yoniig and I,emon Viar. of Council Grove, and Reese Harman. of Topeka. on, charge4 of entering a bank wiih in-;i » tention to rob in connection wjtb . • I.^^'wreiice. former the robbery of the Seciiritv Siat^ "'•""^ ">••'">• Itepubiicun |chairmaji Bank of Auburn. Kans.. last Tu<-s- l'"l'i'sher of "printer s ink. da.v. todav was in.stpnned ,„,,n 1'='*' P'"^''-''- ''V^V'"?? -.u next Tuesday in the court o'f Tope- .moveiiient in .\e v "Vork hty, with k.i. The three., who were captured l^I^''^'"", Steinbrink a lajvyer, in after the bank cashier was held up i «''••"•«'• !"""''M!V ""l'} and robed pf nearly i?1.0f.O are m ''•i'l>'-';-''entative W ^liam H. H>»- «>f the Shawnee .ounty-ja I in defanlt I'-jnghamton .\. f.. jind pubhsher of ?5.000 bond each. ot the Uinghamt.ii Sun. m charge of the campaign i i upper .New \ork state. ' ;,- ' i peka. 23, and Kansas City 24. Farm Relief Bloc Is The daily aversige decrease.' was given as 1.540 .barrels, the -dally average production was 2 ,3?4,619 i-kir rk _'XT™. C*—*«..„„.'I"*"'"''' for the week ending Janu- Off On New btrateg> .^ry 21 as compared with 2 ,386.1.59 I barrels for the ^ preceding, ^-eek. "throm.';i ai!! f the •rn;i- :r: -li- jlhcir ni'j- .solution diunis." The ninking r;;i. uitinri the de- poFiUiry for all tr n::- -. proiocols and convenrion.? !ii:h •.Tiie -d to by member iiat .ioii-. .-u: i p. vaianfric establishnir-ni ,of riie =fa'. of the union al Washi:>.Kt"n. • ; The light oil decrease was given as 5.660 harrels, : Congressman Anthony Not To Be Candidate Colonel Lindbergh In First Submarine Trip Leavenworth. Kan.. Jan. 24.U.\Pi i —Congrcs.sman D. R. Anthony, jr. i of the first Kansas district, will not! Cristobal, Cajidl Zone. be a candidate for renomination I Chart?.? A, Lindbergh. Oyveleb|-ilies for tlje air, lia.* made t'r the welter. TJiJith- Commander the naval-base for congress, he announced (odav , taken mi In a statement in the Leavenworth j f'^.m ride in Times. 'Mr. Anthony gaVe nT^"''''^ ""'1 health as his reason. He now is in i company Tucson. Ariz., 'recovering from a i/^^'ai'd Wortman fj year's illness. .^Mr. Anthony, a member of the house appropriation <onimittee 1 said his congressional work had become a "real jburden" and, that he could not win bis battle for health b'y going b .nck to "this con- gressicmal trea<imlll," General Pershing Will Be Kansas City's Guest Kansas City, January 24. (AP)— General John J. Pershing will be the guest here tomorrow of the Chamber of Commerce and the reserve officers .association, and Thursday will ^to to Laclede. Mo.. his boyhood home to Tlsit with some twenty old friends. with Lindbergh o Heflin Plans! Talk This Is Leap Year—one more day to enjoy PICKWICK COFFEE! ABk your grocer^Adr. at Coco Solo. Hi flyer, m.ide a trip in a submarine, y'Stef day. Water for 4rt min- •ne subn erped in 0 fe«>t f f water, the vessel eame iTte.s. The subma Limon Bay in 1 After submerging! to th" surface a ifl ( rui.sifd about \t the de^k. Washington. Ja i 24. (.A.J')-r-;'rn work on him so ne m#re today." said Senator He iln today when asked about the hallengej sent to him by Mayor Gu iter of Montgomery to run agaiiis! delegate to the Df^ocraiit^ national convention. The senator self he did to be la. dele^te. no definite state^oent at |the mo-. inen$. Jan. 24. More in Challenge b the mafc-or as a not -want but -woiud make Art Goebel and Plane Visit Wichita Tdday W.-»shlngton. Jan. 24. fAP>—AVith the .Mc.N'ary-Haugen pinl''' divided over the .equalization fee. a new strateg.v <>merged in the farm bloc today, deisigned toward .use of the export debenture plan Of the national grange ^s a vehicle for compromise. I Wichita. Kan. Jan. 24. (.^P)-This latest peace plan, yet, to be ' The Woolaroc and its famous ;pilot worked out in detail, provide.* that; Art Goebel. winner of th" .Dole the dt-l)enture clau.'re would be so! flight to Honolulu last, stimnn r worded as to bt' satisfactory to the, visited ;ihe's hoiiif% aii"- admittistralion. iaud then w-ould he '. port at Wichita today. Giiebe! Bonn, Germany Doesn't Approve of Ru.ssian Bonn. 'lerinatiy. .i;ih, .i') — The populace of i^onn a- as the rest of (iermaiiy 1 : iag f--il up with the f-rra'ic artv. :i "urt,- of Alexander .Suhknff.. }•.<•,:,z Uus- sian emigre who r^-i^enily mrir- ried Prinre.-.s Victoria, bis;--r of ^h6 ex-Kaiser. The yoar.s F{u--:aii. •xi'.o--'- r-s- capades are :o'ii.ive !vd the princt->s to iiii:!:'-,- -h e!:-?r the hydro-pathii; iu.-riti:"'- al Arhweiler' for tiie co!il ivare;- cure, makes fr-tquear vi^:i-.-~- ti r >jn'u where lie iia.- !.-i-a i; .iil'-An'.T.s; concerts with -;!;e p:!:.-,-. s. tie'ir difficul'des apparently pti'i i.--,! up. Coolidge Sees No Fear Of War in Xavv Talk Washiii£;ton, President I'l J;ui. sponsored lij.- some Republican member of tlie agriculture committee. took off at noon; for Bartlesville ! Wh.v ihe newspa;icrs n Okla.. where he Jvill visit Frank Phillips, one of tjie principal back- 1 '— |ers of his Hawaiian flight. Requisition Is Asked i announcjed^ he mtentls to T-1 All J iT'j " worlds endurance l^Or AUegea IVldnaper flight here withliC the ^^ext week.- Tppeka. Jan. 24. (AP)-Governor Prominent NeWSpapCK Paulcn's ofBce today issued requi-; T\jt„„ r»:^« i~ XT^J, V ,„^l, silion on Governor Johnston of: MaU DlCS |n NeW lOrk Oklahoma, for extradition to Kan-1 .sas of Luke McWhirter. Emnielt j New Yprk. Jan. 24. (AP)-rTal- r .'i rea'^on 'his or any iki: ^-:-i!•:0-i-Iy •n nav.T: of- 1)'-! A n McWhirter and Otto Wright, want-;COtl Williams, prominent ncwspa-! congress-. Ai in 1-abette county on a charge of per man and former head o£ the' other coantry shouiil stateiner;l> by .\iner:-,: ficers prei!ir:ii!i;,' ".va;- L'liiled .'^laies a:i'i h' r competitorfi. It was st.-.s; li at th'--v hi:.-; li< today, where atte.^li,,:l -,i,;is:»-a to a recea; spe(.<-!s of i'.car .'I,I;T!' Plunketl. thy) the co!i;;;:y kno '.v Ijy liii.-;. tirii': tlii- aiari: charges often ari- ir..-:'i-- \,!;•,•':' propri^lioiis are iK-iiiir ;-.i/.s' t rhe •iai ; ~p rn! lid ip- in kidnaping a minor child. The three;Pulitzer schools nf journalism' at BogOla. Colombfa Pl'anS • " .Columbia Cnlversify. died tdday. ry' ' rr- r T - ii r are believed to be in custody of the sheriir at Hobart. Okla. He was 79 years TDld. Wichita Fire Loss Is Estimated^ At More Thati Quarter of Million Wichita. Kans.. Jan. 21. (API- Fire which''started in an elevator shaft shortly before midnight last night wrecked the four-story building occupied by the Motor Equipment company. 212 West Douglas, and destroyed the company's entire slO<:k of mTchandise, valued at $150,000. Siirronnding buildings were damaged by smoke, w-ater and falling walls. The total loss tsj e^stlmated today at upwards of $2.50,000. For a time the fire threatened to spread to other buildings In the downtown 'business district TI M tovf-aioxj atrnctQre was traniSformcd into> roaring furnace, flames shooting high into the air as the blaze, goj under way. A heavy cloud of smoke bearing the pungent odor of, burning rubber tires hovered over the city'Until early this morning. Firemen .con- Big Time for Lindberj^h . Hosaia. V'.::o:!i!,:a. fi. f.M') firr-at, preiearati.'in-i are 1) -in:; .m-fio here to receive Co]. C'li;-:-.s; A. •Limlbe.'-gh W I H-II ]•.; f'.i s f:oin Pananui on K: ;'!,•;••-. A Ki >«-:iil \'\;]\ f'i.^-hr. i,- being arranged ff>r S ;:T ;:rri.iy ii. ;.-ii;oi of the flyor and .hiKh-.-jr:^.;-. ^p;in.sii bulls -w -j!] b-:- u.-eil ia t';.- ;-;itc-a rle. A reception committee j .^i.^ b e:i named by the governriiv^f, .-'••inr in- concert with the -Anieri'-ar. k-'-'at!on. gation. - tinned to pour water on the sjnol- Poco-ravp Has Riici- ^ing interior of the building: un- !^"*Srave tias KU.SV Time m. Washington !*J1 da.vlight. ; Veteran firemen de<-laro.d ; the fire wa^ the wrjirst one , se«i in Wichita for several years, ^very fire company in the city was'call­ ed to the scene. A number of ;f ire- men nairrowly e^aped 'death or serious injury jvbed the roof craaliei t Washington. Jan. 21. (AP)— The fast pace at which Presidrr.t Cop- grave of the Irish Fre,- State Is seeing America has offered no. letup in the series of aictivities arranged for his second day is cation's capltaL - . ..... i: j

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