The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 20, 1958 · Page 14
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 14

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 20, 1958
Page 14
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2-AU5T1N (Minn.) HERALD, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1958 The Austin Herald Television guide includes programs tor Urt week ot TV stations KGLOt Ch. 8) Mason City; WCCO Ch 4) Minneapolis; KSTP (Ch. 5) St. Paul; KMM1 iCh. 6) Austin; WKBT (Ch. 81 Lacrosse; and (CROC (Ch. 10) Rochester. Some '.0 I Network Television 1 Saturday, Dec. 20 and Sunday, Dec. 21 <CV M*aM i-rogram h In Cola) 6/00 p.<m. 3-=-0'Henry PlayhouM 4— New 5— Hew*, Weather, Sport* •—Uncle Al B—Lowrenct Welk 6:15 p.m. 4 — farm Newsretl 6.30 p.m. S, 4— Perry Mason t— Dick Clark Shew S, TO— People Ar* Funny 7 -cm A t>t / »W V.Hf. 9, 10— Perm Como (O t-steblle, U.S.A. B — loretta toting 730 p.m. t, 4. a-Wonted 8.40 p.m. J— IJjart of City ». 10— Steve Canyon 8:30 p.m. 1, 4. B— Have Gan Will f, 10-Cimaron City 9.-OO pjn. I, 4. 8— Gwnmoka •—Now to Marry Millionaire 9:30 p.m. \— State Trooper 4— Doath VoW*. Dayi 5, *— MeKenite Haiders S— Peter Gann 10— Brains ft Brain 10.-00 p.m. 1, 4, 5, 6, «, 10— New. Weather Sports 70:/5 p.w. 3— Night Cap B— Boo Cummlngi 10:20 p.m. 10— Movie 10:30 p.m. 4— Theater 5 — Decoy *— Variety Theater 10:45 p.m. •— Ma»1 PlayhOBS* 11. DO o m. S— Boston Blacki* 17.30 O.K. 5— Leigh Plays SUNDAY, DEC. 21 7:30 «.m. 5— Christophers 8.-00 a.m 4 — Sacreo Heart 5— Bible Story £0 a.m. 4— As A Man Thinker*; S.-30 «.*». 1— Thru Porthole 5— Frontiers ot Faith 8:45 a.m. S— Christian Science 4— Thru Porthole 9:00 a.m. 3— Volt* of Joy 4— Basinets S— Quit • Catholic 9.30 a.m. 1— look Up and Uva 4— Hepalong CatlMy S— Big Plctm 70.-00 a.m. t— U.N. In Action 4— Kamar of Jangta S— Star ThMftr 10— Double Feature ;0.^0 ».m. 1 — Camera 3 4 — Hopalong Conldy t * j\n * «. a i *vi/ Awn*. 3— This It Uf* $— Bo*h a i*«le« 4— Aw. tel. Town Horl B— This Is Ut* ;jf.;j «.d». 4 — Y*onB Peop4« Concert 11:30 a.m. J— TBA •—John Hopkta fit* B— ChristopbMi 12.-00 p.m. J^^^ewe Aulry S— Uigh at Organ t— Bishop Pike 12:15 p.m. S— Star Showcase 12:30 p.m 5— stag* 7 10— Oral Roberts •—TBA B— Christian Sclent* 12:45 p.m. J, 4— Championship Bowling *— Ch.5stion Stance J.-OO p.m. S— Pro Football 5— Watch Mr. Wizard •—Our Saviour Lutheran Choir 10— Indvstry 1 '15 to m 10— Christian Science 1:30 p.m. (— This Is Lit* S. 10— NBA Basketball (Syracuse - N.Y.) 2:00 p.m. 3— Matinee 4— Command Performance •—Gospel in Art 2:15 p.m. •—TBA 2:30 p.m. '•—Oral Robert* 3.-00 p.m. •—Catholic Church choir 3:30 p.m. . 1— Star Shall Rise S— Command Pettormance •—Roller Derby •— Shirley Tempi* 10— This Is Life 3:45 p.m. 4— Film •—Thru Porthol 4.DO p.m. S, 4 — Morntan Chair S, 10— Omnlbvt •—Wagon Train 4:30 p.m. 3, 4. •— Amateur Haw S.-OO pjn. 1— Command Performanc* 4— Smoll World S— M»et Press •—Joe Matt Family H**r •—December Bride 10— Morie 5:75 p.m, t— Paul Winched 5:30 £.». 1, 4 { •— Kth CentMf •—Variety THM 6.OO p.m. I, 4, •— Lassie •— WtU BIN Hickak 6:30 p.m. S, 4jB--a«ch*W Mtar Sf lO ' NcrtlnNkt FtMMftl t— Maverick 7.-00 p.m. I 4 Ij_f4 SaHlvein S. 10— Shtrtay Tannthi Storybook 7:30 p.m. •••"LWwIMM 8.-OO p.m. 3. 4, 8— G. i. ThMter 3, 10— Oinah Shor* (C) •—Colt 43 8:30 p.m. 3. 4. S— Alfred Hitchcock (— Silent Night v 9.-00 pjn. 3, 4. S— Keep Talking 5— Loretta Yomig Show •—1st Lutheran Chewed choir. 10— Sn«nt Service 9:30 pjn. 3—26 Men 4— Whafs My Lin* 5— Whirlybirds 6 — Uncommon Valor •—Art Theater 10— Behind Closed Doon 70:00 i>.m. 3, 4, 5, t, », 10-News Weather, feorts 70:75 ^).»». 3 — Viewer's Digest 5— Maa Who Was There •—New* B— N.Y Confidential 10— Movie 70:25 p.m. •—Sport* 70:30 p.m. 4— All-Stai Bowling 5— Brains & Brawn •—Ida Lupino 70:45 p.m. •—Silent Service 77:00 p.m. S— Stag* 7 77:30 p.m 5— Theater 'Lamp Unto My Feet' Deserves Audience By CHARLES MERCER NEW YORK (AP) . — In the hours of Sunday morning, when the majority of Americans are said to be either in church or in bed, there comes one of the best daytime TV programs visible in the entire week, "Lamp Unto My Feet" (CBS-TV). Obviously not everyone is asleep or at church, for "Lamp Unto My Feet" (10 a.m EST) maintains a healthy audience. Furthermore, it recently completed 10 consecutive years on the air, making it one of the oldest programs visible. Finally, it deals with an area of human experience that television usually shuns: religion. Has No Sponsors One of the significant things about the nonsectarian program is that it is unsponsored—either commercially or by those who generally are considered "religious." "People who are religiously oriented usually are in church when we come on the air," says its young producer, Don Kellerman. "We have our greatest influence on the people with whom we most want to communicate — the unchurched." Although its intent is not evangelical, "Lamp Unto My Feet" is religious in the sense that it is concerned with moral problems. And in its decade the program has revealed the immemorial truth that moral problems are as vast as life itself. Other Big Problems Sometimes it concerns itself and its viewers with the garden variety problems—alcoholism, the role of the aged, the pangs of adolescence. Again it will plunge into the bigger jungle problems of ambition and prejudice and vanity. "Our whole point," says Keller- man, "is to reveal a problem but never try to offer a solution. The 15-minute play that dramatizes a problem would be a shoddy production if it tried to solve it. And the 15-minute discussion following the play would be morally shoddy if it tried to solve it." Every Art Form It's regrettable that many efforts at religious programming, although morally worthy, have been artistically shoddy. This certainly is not the case with "Lamp Unto My Feet," which has a renaissance fervor to express a moral subject in the highest terms of art. Thus the program has used almost every art form at its high* est polish—music, the 'drama, the dance, readings from literature — to tell the endless story of man's imperfection. TV Calendar of Sports SUNDAY, PEC. « 12:45 p.m. 3, 4—Championship Bowling 1:00 p.m. 3, 4, 8—Pro Football 1:30 p.m. 5, 10-NBA Basketball (Syracuse - N.Y.) 4:30 p.m. «~Bowling. FRIDAY, DEC. 29 9:00 p.m. S, IQ-Cavafcade of Sports SATURDAY, DEC. 27 12:80 p-m. 5, 10—Blue-Grey football game 1:00 p.m. 9, 4, fr~<iater Football Game 3:45 pjn. — Bast-West Football Game 5:00 pjn. 0 — All Star Golf 5:30 p.m. 4, 10—Champ Bowling «:30 (Ot. ft) —Neil Sedaka, Dee Clark, Lloyd Price and 'Johnny Cash with Dick Clark. , er Goose story on Shirley t«flj»to SWrybook with Shirley, Klfla Lan* cheater, Billy Gilbert an* other*, (Ch. 10) Patty McCwmaek In the "Mary Ellen ThomaJ Story" on Wagon Train. ". -' Am Blytk 7 (Ch. 10) — Ann BJyth, Burr Tillstrom's "Kuklapolltans" and Christian's Doberman plnschers «0 Perry Como. SUNDAY MORNINQ • (Ch. 3) -One hour of Christmas choral and orchestral music highlighted by a Resplghl cantata with soloists Maria Stader, Charles Anthony, Helen parmi, Reri Grist and choir led by Ralph Hunter. 10 (Ch. 3) — Marian Anderson interviewed on U.N. in action. Program includes Christmas songs. Frost Anderson 10:30 (Ch. 3) — A look at Winter through the poetry of Robert Frost on Camera Three. 11 (Ch.6) — "Are Labor Unions Becoming too Powerful for Their Own Religious and Moral Good," topic on Religious Town Hall. 11:30 (Ch. 6) — New method of artificial respiration discussed and demonstrated on Johns Hopkins File. SUNDAY AFTERNOON 1 (Ch. 3) —Playoff for Eastern division championship of National Football League between Cleveland Browns and New York Giants from Polo Grounds. 3:30 (Ch. 3) — Special dramatization of evasion by Three Wise Men of Herod's soldiers in their journey to Christ child. Seixas Mantle 4 (Ch. 3) — Half hour Christmas concert by Mormon Tabernacle Choir; (Ch. 10) — Gene Kelly tries to point out that dancing is a man's' game oo Omnibus. Ties up athletics and dancing with guests Mickey Mantle, Bob Cousy, Vic Seixas and Pick Button. 5:30 (Ch, 3) — Development of supersonic airships and the X-15 missile featured on 20th Century. SUNDAY EVENING 7 (Ch. 3) — Jose Ferrer and Lois Smith do scenes from Broadway hit "Edwin Booth" on Ed Sullivan Show. Other guests in- Ferrer Sieve** elude Rise Stevens, Wayne and Shuster, Pick Button and Bob Heavyweight Comic Weighs in at 260 NEW YORK U> — Broadway has one "heavy" who is a topflight comedian. He is Ross Parker, of the hit revue, "La Plume de Ma Tante." Parker tips the scales at just 960 pounds. He was the author of the World War II song "There'll Always be ao England." 8 (Ch. 3) - Repeat ol last year's Christmas Carol version on GB theater with Jimmy Stewart in western,setting; (Ch. 10) Burl Ives, Gale Storm and John Raltt with Dinah Shore. •:» (Ch. 3) - "And the DCS. ert Shafl Blossom" on HHcbock with William ttenamt. • •:*»' (Ch. I) — Assault on Tarawa seen on Uncommon Valor. MONDAY EVENING • (Ch. 6) — Vienna Boys Choir. Dennis Day and Frances Wyatt sing Christmas songs on Voice of Firestone. , 9 (Ch.ft) — Jimmy Rodgers and Augie Bios with Patti Page. 11 (Ch. 3) — Men's Choir of the Mason City Chamber of Commerce present musical Christmas program. TUESDAY EVENING ULY PONS 7 (Ch. 10) — Lily Pons, Charles Laughton and George Gobel on Eddie Fisher Show. 1 8:30 (Ch. 3) — Special Red Skelton Christmas Show based on O. Henry's "The Cop and the Anthem." With Mitchell Boys Choir. Moore Champion 9 (Cb. 3) — Marge and Cower Champion and Mahalia Jackson with Garry Moore. Pulitixer Prize Ploy Due on Broadway NEW YORK UK - The Pulitzer Prize novel of this year, "A Death in the Family" is to come to Broadway next season in dramatic form. Producer Fred Coe, currently represented by the hit "Two for the Seesaw," is nurtuming plans for the James Agee work. Tad Mosel, a writer for television, has been assigned the adaptation. Keat«« 8 (Ch. 10) — Janis Paige, Peter Lorre and the George Arnold Ice Revue join Milton Berk in special ChristmastSboW} (Ch. 9) —' Ageless Buster Keaton guest star on Donna Reed Christmas story* • (Ch, iV —One BOUT of music, words and pictures of • traditional Christmas on Circle Theater; (Ch. •) - Special Christmas address by Biabop Fulton J.Sheen. »:» <d>. •) — 1968 News Revue ea fimu, THURSDAY EVENING Bbkep Sheen Albert S (Ch. «> -, Eddfc; Albert and Jacques D'Ambolse of the New York City Ballet with Pat Boone. 8:30 (Ch.-*) —Ninety minute version of Tschaikovsky's "The Nutcracker" on Playhouse 90 narrated by June Lockhart with Diane Adams and Allegra Kent in starring roles. FRIDAY EVENING 7 (Ch. «) — Part one of "The Story of Robin Hood" on Walt Disney. Richard Todd stars as Robin Hood. Woodward Newman 9:30 (Ch. 3) — Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman and Bernard and Lorrain D'Essen interviewed on Person to Person. Kent Taylor Gets Credit Kent Taylor was the "Boston Blackie" so bandy with a gun in the big city a few years back. He appeared in 58 "Blackie" snows starting back in 1951 and thanks to his own efforts with the Screen Actors Guild on the TV residual problem at that time, he's still collection on some to* them. Ail actors collecting residual money can thank Taylor for his early efforts with the Guild. Taylor's Balckie show was filmed at a mad pace — TV wasnt so rich then — but he says the "Rough Riders" series is twice as difficult to do. He says, "As Blackie, I just walked or stood there. Now I'm oo and off a horse, and up and down on a horse all day long. The Door To • Moro BMiftiM You Lipitifk *itd Polish to Match. Merle Norman €<*mttlci

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