Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida on June 27, 1974 · Page 27
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Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida · Page 27

Panama City, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 27, 1974
Page 27
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Divorce Law: Corrupt At Heart NEWS-HERALD, Panama City, Fla., Thursday, June 27,1974 Pago 9C "The divorced are the fraternity of those who have gone through an emotional ravaging that,.short of starvation, imprisonment, disease and death Itself, is probably equal to most that the world has to offer." - Joseph Epstein, "Divorced In America" "Divorce is to the practice of law as proctology is to medicine." - Michael Wheeler, "No-Fault Divorce" There is no such thing as art what they feared was an un- amicable divorce., It p s Just timely end to drawn-out that sotae husbands and;' divorce iuUs and accom- wives are more adept atemd*,;> panying skyVthe-rUmit feel. divorce remains an adversary situation: one person gets custody of the children, the other visitation rights; one spouse gets the house, the other looks for an apartment; one spouse, usually the wife, gets alimony; and/or child support, the husband just pays and pays. Because* one spouse gets self." > "However impeccably it is carried out with regard to legal niceties, divorce is corrupt a*t heart. That is not exactly, a club secret, or if it is then a very large club is in on it, for it is something known to everyone who has ever been divorced, to every lawyer who has ever tried a divorce case, and to every tiorially and economically eviscerating their spouses than others. ' •< • Despite the advent of "nd- faultV divorce in 1970, the lawyer who fails to. warn his, from no-fault - the "dbMt itliant that} ha ••, nr .* ikb mmi . <tn..>.eAir" JltiAM/m . , -> Well, no-fault divorce is here to stay; but so are the high legal fees. . There has-been, neverthe-. less, one unexpected fallout 1 ; and the other gives, divorce ; j udge that has ever presided .proceeding* are usually , ove ? a divorce trlal.XJorrup- filled with perjury, eVaslori ' tion Is built Into the very sys client that 1 he or she: may. suffer massive retaliation at, the hands of the "wrdnged spouse" - either' doesn't understand the law or human nature or both. Dn orders from the client, the lawyer and the court may do their damndest to punish and"; avenge past marital transgressions to the fullest extent the law permits. "No-fault" divorce was the first attempt to separate the process of divorce from the concept of blame. Before "no- fault" a spouse had to be f roved guilty of, say, adul- e ry;' e x t r e m e c r u e 1 ,ty, habitual drunkenness, insanity or the like. Of course. .. u ..«v.™.. «•»»»»• the other spouse was judged neys. But what your lawyer as "Innocent." Even if the won't tell you is that many of yourself divorce. It is more possible for a carefully reasoning couple, say in their early 20 s, with ho Children, little property and a dispassionate disgust with... their marriage; to sit down, fill out a number of legal forms and then, for a modest fee. present them to a judge and get their own divorce all without a lawyer. That's the way about one in every 20 divorces in California is being handled. Your, lawyer may tell you thai many judges are horrified by the appearance of two citizens standing in front of the bench demanding legal satisfaction without attor- and massive attempts at fault-finding. AS Joseph Epstein puts it in his recent book,*, "Divorced in America?' "The- process of divorce offeVs greater opportunity for mental cruelty than marriage it- lawyers to the divorce pro ceedings didn't say so in open court, they knew this concept was absurd. Today, all but seven states (Illinois, Massachusetts, those same judges are equally appalled by the ineptness or many divorce lawyers who appear in court acting as counsel. Almost to a man, divorce Mississippi, Montana, Ohio, lawyers "despise, "do-it-your- Pennsylvania and South self divorce. They say that — - - - - • - l l _r . • *L_ -An J_ Dakota) have some kind of "no-fault" divorce statutes. Those laws permit the "dissolution of the marriage" because of "irreconcilable differences which have caused the irremediable breakdown of the marriage." Most divorce lawyers (who prefer to call themselves matrimonial attorneys much / in the fashion of garbage collectors who like to be called sanitary engineers) fought the concept of "no-fault" divorce. They predicted chaos in the courts. In reality even in the 43 states which do not require "grounds" for a divorce, there is still ample territory available for dis- f iute and error: technical result - bigamy), taxes (here comes the I. R. S.), child support (back in court, this time with lawyers), community debts (credit agencies), custody and visitation (back to court again), insurance (who pays?) and community property (who gets?). Despite no-fault divorce, the fact is that legally, tern of American divorce law," according to Epstein. The effect of divorce on 'children, clearly the most significant question of all. remains one about which all too little is known. In only one state, Wisconsin, is it mandatory for a guardian ad litem, a lawyer for the children, to be appointed in contested divorces. The only obligation of the guardian ad litem is to protect the best interest of the child, not the warring parents. Don't expect your divorce lawyer to urge you and your spouse to reconcile — because if you do, there goes his I high fee. Although your divorce lawyer, won't suggest it, a couple considering divorce should spend a day or two in divorce 1 court, listening to other couples go through the procedure. Then, perhaps, they might consider going to a legitimate marriage counselor. Ideally, there should be fewer divorce lawyers and more judicial arbitrators whose job it would be to determine whether a divorcing couple has made an equitable, sensible compact to end their marriage — without lawyers. Although this arbitrator would' have some judicial powers, he or she would be paid by both parties to the divorce.. If the couple cannot agree, then the arbitrator should send each of the parties to separate attorneys and, assign a lawyer for any children involved. l But if history is any indication, divorce lawyers will, all too unfortunately, be with us for-a long time to come. fromArmoufc And 10* to get you started. C-CDS74 '10* tot off ARMOUR. } CHILI I on Armour Chili Dogs or Armour Mr. Dealer. You aro authorized lo act as our agent tor redemption ot this coupon We will pay you its lace value plus3< handling provided you and the consumer have complied with the terms ol Ihr. oiler. 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