Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on September 19, 1933 · Page 7
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 7

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 19, 1933
Page 7
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BtTTCT W AWT DAILY Ttiifnm ram AHM IOWA. TOUDAT, IBPTBMBBI i», MEET IN CHICAGO Taxpayer.*' Revolt I* Discussed CHICAGO (W?)—More effective foverurnenUl operation wai studied as the twenty-fifth anniversary convention of tae Inttrna- tlonsl City Managers' association op«*n*d bere Monday. City manacerB from all parti) ot the country, including W. r. Day, of Staunton, Va., the first city to adopt tbl« form of «ov- firnment, cam* for tht convention. They represented some 450 cities—about one in every five of more than 10,000 population which are manager-governed Manage* e ot cities of more than 50,000 population will meet Tuesday to discus* coordination of police agencies In a metropolitan area. H. D. Palmore of Covlngton, Ky., Cincinnati suburb, will preside. Among delegates present were a few county managers, pioneers in the newest system of manager government. In hie opening address, c. A. Dykstra of Cincinnati, president of the organisation, viewed cities today as "in the jaws of a nutcracker." "The real estate taxpayer ie fn revolt," Dykstra said. "The city's main source of revenue, the property tax, Js being curtailed- New taxes being introduced are mainly for state and federal treasuries. The result Is that cities are in dire need, "Meanwhile more service is demanded by citicenc. It is the local government that has to bear the brunt of Increasing complexities of modern life, aad these are increasing rapidly." Dykstra said the NRA Is adding to costs of local government because of higher prices for supplies and later thru higher wages. Dykstra demanded a .federal inquiry "to, tell us Just what tasks different governments ought to undertake, and where they should get the money to pay the costs. As things stand now, we have confusion and conflict. Some •H-inclusiw reorganization is vital to meet* the crisis we face today." Preacher Is Charged With Bigamy OFFICIAL »VffLICATK>N B»»WB, Dar«, Auiuat tiaM.... 7% A "f- *•»•— . arold. AM- «*•*,.... £$J&3FSfe cittifcft^aHK. Chart***). Mn. B«w.. i Charl««*orth^D». g. J.. ¥T». tradicatioB _.., Citjr Dru| ItOff, 4f»a» •» Citr Drug• Store, drug* "ff*r CUffa*4 Hanllto*.... ..... City Drug Store, svppli** eo. Tht Rev. Walter ), Bateman, who tiogi, preaches, and plays • trombont in a Chicago mission, is shown, right, ia court at Chicago as hi faced blgimy charges after Mrs. Esther Batvman of 'Toledo, 0,, shown I«ft abort with her $-year-old ion, told authorities Battman married her 11 years ago and dwerted her is 1930. Mrs. Louis* Bftttman. right, aaid *he wed the preacher last • Mt 4.M I.I* I.M T*.4f TM4 J.80 MO 103.40 .« 11.11 Proper Food Is First Rule for Buoyant Health •y MARY G. McCORMICK Supervi*or of HMlth Ttaching, N«w York Stitt Department of Education The first rule for buoyant good health is, eat properly. This is true both tor adults wid children, but the selection of foods for children demands special care always. School tjmt? and winter time both make special demands upon the strength of children. These .demands njuBt b« met by proper nutrition. A child should have at least three good meals a day, each containing one or more warm diahea. If he eats his noon meal at home, this, should be prepared with car* to provide him with the materials he needs. The school child should begin the day with a substantial breakfast, including a c«real (preferably a dark cereal), milk or cocoa made with milk, and fruit, such as oranges, prunes, ripe bananas, ap- ptes. etc. Lunch should consist of cooked vegetables, perhaps a warm dish such as soup or a stew or some other meat dish, milk and bread. At dinner the child may receive some lean meat, at least two cooked vegetables and a salad of raw, leafy vegetables, fruit, bread and a glass of milk. An egg a day is ideal in any diet. Milk, fruits and leafy vegetables are known as the- protective foods, because they are rich in the elements necessary for bodiiy 'health. These are the foundation foods upon which all adequate diets must be buiU- Growing children especially need bone-building minerals, particularly calcium and phosphorus. These substances must be "supplied at an adequate rate or else the bones and teeth will grow improperly. The teeth, particularly, will be affected. Fresh milk is the best food for supplying these necessary minerals. A quart a day gives the proper amount of calcium and phosphorus for growing children, as well as other food elements which they particularly need. This is the third of a series of on tltr. health of school chil- prepared for this paper. Miss will tell about protein carbohydrate foods ih her next article. While women are almost com pletely absent from the sense o physical propinquity from the main drama of "Captured!" a Warae Bros, picture opening at the Capi tol Tuesday, they are vividly powerfully present as an influenc and as a. dominating motive. In fact, their effect upon the story is in inverse ratio with their physica distance from the East Prussian prison camp where the draina takes place. Specifically, only two women are ever mentioned by the actors or seen by the audience, One is tht beautiful English girl, Monica hundreds of miles away in Lon don, and the other Js the little milk maid sweetheart of one of the German prison guards, whose tragic death at the hands of a half-craiec Russian precipitates the climax of the story. | BOABD PKOOEEDIHGS S*pt, Jth 1932 The Board of 8upervj»or> o f Etory County, Iowa, met at the Court Houte, Nevada, Sept. Sth 1933. pur mant to adjournment and the rule» of tiiid board. The following members were present: Hanson, Storing and Twedt. Absent •tone, At 10:00 a.m. the Board proceeded with the awarding of the Contract for hauling construction Gravel, pursuant to adjournment of August 22nd 1933 Moved by Hanson and seconded by Storing that the contracts be awarded as follows: Nelson and Mclohn, Nevada Iowa. Divisions 1, 4 k S except Proj. C-3-A of Division 4, at a total contract price of $8,924.80. Ray Cook, Nevada, Iowa, Divisions 2, 3 and 6 at a total contract price of f 9,744.80. L, Halterman, Collins, Iowa, Project Cr3-A of Division 4 at a total contract price of $680.00. Prior to the opening of the b-ds it was understood by the bidders and the Board of Supervisors that in case the Federal Government did not approve the project «nd grant the 30 percent Federal Aid, that the bid per unit of additional haul could be reduced by J.OOS. Award was made and the contracts were signed on the above basis. The vote on the adaption of the above resolution was as follows; Ayes Twedt, Hanson, Storing. Nay* none. Whereupon the Chairman declared the motion carried and the resolution adopted. Supervisor Hanson introduced and read the resolution next hereinafter set out and moved its adoption, seconded by Supervisor Storing, and, after due consideration thereof by the Board, OFFICIAL PUBLICATION "* "»*'^^"*'* - * W .«itnili«aW>i"t*ru"LiBLn«_»uni Pua^ip R m •^^ B n B g tl Ctpttmber, 1033, for tht purpoie of conitdcring the objectjoni, H any to the prepoied action of thj» Board to us lie laid Funding Bondi, and to adopt the necesiary proceeding! for tht il- luance of »ajd bondi. Section 4. All reiolutioni or parti of reiolutioni in conflict herewith be and the same are hereby repealed. cuT ^l', e .T * Bd u Pprt>vtA, September 5th 1933. S. S. Htnton, Bc * rd of Su P« r »>«ori rd on tne commission, W hi C h see to the execution of the recent world wheat agreement As the conference met it., „.,„ npal problem w as f 0 reach Tn nsroement with Russia on her « port quota. Without such an ment Russian dumping of on the world market might Krr the success of the plan. Nations represented at Monday's nipptiriK wore the United States Cnnarla. Australia. Argentina. Russia, Hungary and Jugoslavia of flu exporting nations, and Great nntflin Franco. i: a iy. Germany. .Spam, Switzerland anrl Scnnrtinav- in of ;ho importing natlona. Hungary roprpsfntfd Bulgaria, arid Jugful; vi», vfprcRcntod Ron- mania. the Chairman put the question upon the adoption of said Resolution and, the roll being called, the following named Supervisors voted: Ayei Hanson, Storing and Twedt. Nays none. Whereupon the Chairman declared (aid resolution duly adopted as rbrlows: RESOLUTION WHEREAS, There were on September l, 1933, and now are outstanding, warrants of Story County, Iowa, in the aggregate amount of $9,000, which warrants were issued to cover expense* incurred for the support of poor persons es defined by Chapter 267 of the Code of Iowa; and WHEREAS, There are not now and were not on September 1, 1933, funds on hand with which to pay said warrants, and it is necessary to fund said warrants by the issuance of a like amount of Funding Bonds of said County; and WHEREAS, Before proceedings are instituted for the issuance of such Funding Bonds, it is necessary that notice of such proposed action be given to the taxpayers of said county; NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, by the Board of Supervisors of Story County, Iowa, as follows: Section I. That it is hereby determined that it is necessary for said county to issue its Funding Bonds to tht amount of $9.000, for the purpose of funding a like amount of warrants issued for expenses incurred for the support of poor persons as defined by Chapter 267 of the Code of Iowa, all of which warrants were on September 1, 1933, and now are outstanding. Section 2. That the Auditor of said county be and is hereby ordered and directed to publish notice of the proposed action of this Board to institute proceedings for the issuance of $9,000, Funding Bonds of said County for the purpose of funding a like amount of warrants of said County. Such notices shall be published at least once in a newspaper of general circulation within said county at least ten days before the meeting at which such proposed action will be taken, and shall be in substantially the following form: PUBLIC NOTICE PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given of the proposed action of the Board of Supervisors of Story County, lown, to institute proceeding! for the issuance °' $9,000, Funding Bonds of said county, for the purpose of funding a llk ; amov M of warrants of »aid county. Notice is further given that such Proposed action will be taken on the pBth day of September 193.1, at 1:30 ^• m -, at the Board of Supervisors • nH "i. C - ourt House, Nevada, Iowa, "no that an appeal from such action »*rt..iV*r? n to tht Director of the ."*" b . v "ling • petition at any time of said county ond setting objections to such proposed Byron Dickey County Auditor .The Official Bond end Appointment of Earle H. Shaw. Member of the Soldiers Kelief Commission for the term commencing September 1st 1*33 and ending June Ijt 1936, wsa approved. The following suspensions of taxes were regularly ordered made: Sarah H. Brouhard, lot 6 and S 10' of lot 7 Block 19. Blairs Add. to Colo, for the years 1931 ft 1*3». Mary Cattail. W & of S. L. 4 of L. 13 W ».s S W £ Sec' tion 4-83.24, for the year J932. The balance of the day w*» (pent checking and allowing claims and *c- co ««ts as shown by the County Auditor's Claim Register. Adjourned to September «th 1»33. S. S. H*n«on Chairman Byron Dickey County Auditor BOARD PROCEEDING* Sipt. 6th 1933 The Board of Supervisor* of itory County, in the 8t*te of Iowa, met in regular (esiion, pursuant to the rules said Board and to adjournment. Th« meeting was called to order by the Chairman, and, the roll being called there were present, S. S. Hanson, Oley Storing and Oscar E. Twedt. Absent none. Moved by Storing and seconded by Twedt that the following resolution be adopted: Resolved by the Board of Super, fisors of Story County, low*, that the alary pf the County Superintendent >f Schools be het-eby fixed at $1800.00 or the year beginning geptembtr l»t 933 to September 1st 1934. The vote on the adoption of the bov« resolution was as follow*: Aye«: Twedt, Hanson, Storing. Nays one. Whereupon the Chairman de- lared the motion carried and the re. olution adopted. The folio win | allowance for the poor as made as recommended by the )verseer of the Poor: Mrs. R. W. Peck, Jl.OO per week from uly 1st to November 1st J933. RESOLUTION WHERBAS, On June 5th U33, a «tition w>s filed by H. C. Mersman t al, *«kiag that the following road be acated: Commencing at the N* cor. er of Section 20-83-21. and running hence West % miles along the North line of Section 20-83.21 and terminat- in * at the NE .Corner of the NW U tf of Sect ien 10-83-21. WHEREAS, the Commissioner has b«en appointed and the said Commit, sioner has recommended that the laid rpad be vacated, and _ WHEREAS, due notice has been given to alt interested parties as by law provided, and a hearing h*> bee* had, ana fto Uaims for damages having 1.70 71.00 10.10 101.50 417.31 4H.20 133.25 10.40 11.74 101.00 111.00 39.40 11.90 - i.oo 2,00 55.25 1.00 3.15 21. OS I.JO 2.90 J.80 jail Is court bom* Chrittias»«h H4w*.. ••»pH*« eotiftty koata. _ Charles wort a. Or. *. j., T. »• «ra4icatioa.. Campbell, Kobt., *a*ni»*r of ' ••(. KtL Commr...... Carl***) J; J., a«»*Ma c«»»tv Board of Kducttioa, Ca*«. Tnaroo., A«(. tis»« CorMo, Lac. Av|. ti*aa. Crouch, Harry, force acct Augu*t. , Crouch, Harry, >th att trad- !»•..„„ Crouch. Harry, *th ait trading .„ Crouch, Marry force acct Claybarg, Id., aaaiat. work— Cook'* luptr ftrvjct, tiro h tube* Cole a> *o», aW«L }.. culvert czteMio* _.. Cole It Son, Bc» J.. dynaaaite •i supplies Cambridge Leader. pu». notice Proj. U-l-BL ™. Collins Ctaactt*, puli. •otlee Na.l-B Central Bts Bike, Co., *l*e. *arv. Cambridge shop.... C. K. 1*1. k P,e. Xy., freight- welding gas tanks DawkUt. Cither. *t*ao(rap* Sheriff. _ _ ....... Dyer, M.D.. B. O.. rtpalr S 'aises for poor, Harry ainey..... » „__,_ Dobson b SOB, freight fc drayage et. bouse k jail Deela Milling Co., feed co, Dana, H""W."rju*tic*'v*'P*"ari Adam* tt al Dana. H W., Justice v* Ow«» Oxlcy , Dana, H, W.. Juitiet v* Jack Fitcmaurice. .-. Dana. M. W.. jmtjec V* Joa Ward -. J .IO Dana. H. W.. justice T* Clarence B. Anderson.... 1.00 Dana, H. W.. Justice v* Han* Fronsdahl 2.SO Dana. H. W , Juitice vi Oco Lylc _ I.SO Dana, H. W., Justice vi Jo< Mackey „ , _. I.SO Dana, H. W Justice r* Al Gregory fc C. Kho4*t et al l.JO Daniels, M,, Aug. timt. ... 19,00 Dolph, Orin A., transportation of injured worker l.iO Evangelical Deaconess Homo, hospital for poor Wm Wig. nail, amt, claimed, $26.25 not allow'd Elmauist, M.D., H. S.. V hospital, raed. aid poor Mrs. Charles Btnfer., 3.00 Eriland, J. C,, ca»fc expense Aug. 1»33 Ifl.js Fowler. Hattie D., stamp* for f*e* at «xp. Co. Rec '.§8 Fry, Ros*, Aug. time.-..,. 73.20 Fry, Jim, Aug. tim* SB.JO Freeman, J. R-, grubbing k cutting weeds , 3.00 I Fitxgerald. W. A., Aug. time.. 46.69 L Fronsdahl. A. B., hauling cul- [ verts , 7. S3 Firestone Service Station, adjustment OB eating - 5.09 Glob* Mach. k Supply Co., county farm .-.., 3.00 Galbreath, Virgil, hauling cattle county farm.. .„ „.,...„ 4,flO Oarlock, Mrs. H J., rent for poor Mary Evan* 5-98 Gear, W. J., road work...! 12.80 Gear, Lloyd, road work.,,., 1.80 Grindem, I. J,, AM, time . 76,03 Gertsen, J. M., Aug. time 22.80 House of Good Shepherd, board k eare poor Jones. $1000, 2 Lawaoa girls, J20.00 ,. , „. 30.00 Hadley, t. U., H. E., postage county officers Aug. 1»J3_. 5»-90 Hadley, f. M., H. E., envelopes Co. Aud .. .. 1JI SJ Hadley. P. M., R. E., »«. vclopes Ce. Treat. *J.76 Hadley, P. M.. H. B., po»tage county officers Sept. 1933., 41.00 Hansen, Irene, extra help Ce. Auditor 53.00 Han.en. g. S., srss, k comm.. 16,10 Harris, Neva, »teneg. Ce. Atty _.-„ SO.OO Hunter, Dr. James, dental work inmate* co, home 11.50 Hancock Groc., irocs popr.... 3.00 Hopkins, W. H-, aecom. pa- I tieats to Mt. Pleasant, I Hyncs k Davis. . 8.00, Hopkins, W. H-. *pec. Dep. Sheriff _ Holm Hdwe., fuel co, home.... Houge, Joseph, refund error in t»ies , Hunter, Dr. James, dental work Ora Mason co. jail.... Houston, M. D., Bush, med. aid prisoners co. jail.. Hougen, Jeffrey C., expeas* Co. Atty. v* Mtlroic K«l- OFFICIAL FU»LICATIOH jo*. Asay, «a|ra *«c.... J*«* h «»B. J. t., r*Bt for paii- 01|»« ftatilj „«,„..„. J«BBia«t. K*BB*th, A«f. tiaao j*»«., V»t3r A** tfisiaw!! < :.7i; Jacohaa*. t«Bfo*4. A«. tiaM JohaioB, T. W., Aua;. tia.*.... KcyttOB* atBVCloa* Co., «B- 1.1 » J4.»f *. J«. 1t. court ! 1 ' u5 t acko « Lotot Co.. «»»»• •»!»*• ••WV IW v ----i:"" AMCI !•<__..._„. Koch Braa.. hook*. Uatua 8> v *upa>Uo* c*, •Mcar* K f keMaUi Bad, r*c4 Kltchaa, , J. £«••>*. Wadttr. A»|< *(»•-?-• *•<• Bfo*., iua»liaa Ct> . Banf**. o>c«.___,._.,,._....... latffccr C*., pwriaiMM fcttu Ln«wig, *-. "ars:. _ -., — X., poetafa C*. Traai „„ _.„ . L«kwa, M. D., A. H.. cxp«ns* ttlephoBc callt toot for Mri. Otia ftavd*, amount claiaaad, Laats, Ljfia, AM> ticaa LarvoB, Thoatat, AM-, tine.... Umde Aif Prod. C*., f u»*4i<* for Ko, )f ; £.„.._„ LyoB Product* Co., war»Ug fla (•..„„ t» supplies co. hosae.., MiUpest. baard proceed. It claim Hit k track B«Hice.... Mathiion Motor Co., poiBt eourt •!•••«,_„.„„..„„.„,„„„. Mary Or««l«y Hasp., BMpStal ear* Dart*** Jo»«i _. Moon Dairy, at Ilk for t»««r Knome, »J-J». Bowm, IJ.3J..... .„.'. „.,. Uuoicipal Court, court costs vs iolyst, OalUwir. LBB§. laBd „... ._ Municipal Court, court coils vs Dave Blackburn. Municipal Court, court tests vs.Jimsaie Till»aiL^ Municipal Court, court costs v* Ray Mtmioa.........._....-... Municipal Court, court c**t» vi La Vfr»« Johnson., Municipal Court, court coat* vs John Mia. ,„. Martin, Kred, AMI. time. ._. Miller, A. C., Aug. tipa... Mathiion Mtr, Co., repairs Maxwell Brick ft Tile, tile rW outltt ,., , ....... McCoraviefc Deering Itorc, mach. rcpain eo. farm McFarland, Dr. 0. E,, mid- aid poor Mary Faster MeVay, C. ** «f «ui- tide (Friak M«wa»a»X McVay, C. B., mtaipet Rot. Kel. Com minion ......... 1 n - ui ii - ._. ... Ml H.M 11.11 3-M 1-21 344.51 !«.•• as •M ir,4» «.ot J-74 HO 7i.31 10-JJ 7-JS 87.67 17.50 72.00 5.69 9-00 21. IS •-40 S.OO 7.10 5.60 t.eo 1.40 •.J* 34.04 6.60 5.00 2.50 12.30 OFFICIAL PHratUCATIOM . . Mclntoak. kalpa. r*a4 work.. oM, «ay. til* fav ialat Me vn4a~ Printing' 'Co.7*M*iiiika Co. Atty., f».t. ft AnaUtor K*w, C. B., ka ding ataor* c*. far* to ttock ya* 4*. ........... Htvada - Site. Co.. *«ppU«i covnty farm ...... _ .................. Warada Blot, Co.. i«»pli«» ft r.p»lr» «*. joil ft iWrira ^041*..., ---------- „„., ----- ^ ....... Hi va4«. City af, wator tonrt ft J,M t«l y ft B«va4a Bv*n4n« k«4att a*t. $lf. . 4S, al. . ., v, fll.l*. o*nrd >r««a«4. ft ciuai Kit, M«.*» at »n»iplit* «•- jail, If.f » .......... _ ....... — Iftwton. OUaj K., cool, 111. I* •o. farat ft r«a«ir* M*.7J c*. fara»_ — ...... Jt.ll 4.M 4-71 J.M **.«• 111.11 41.IJ Jt'.«( lt.M hauU^jrTvoLrr..'.. --.. T,tl4.l| Havaa'a, City of, watar aotv. Hat-, ihoB.. _.:.:..- «**wtOB, QI«B, sup>f4ias.— 31.11 Katlosul Traaifar Co., fr*i|ht from Dn MoU**. l.M Oak Park Pro**, tuppll** for Oak Park Prns, ••veloo** •k**if, f ••p»ll«* Co. **«.. It.l* ....._. U.TI O'W.II. C M..r»«4v*rk. li.M O«l«y, •••«„ roo.4 work .. !.•» Oi*Bt, Tom, r*p*.i' '««d 4raio 18.!• O'Mara, C. C., Aua. time— 11.40 Paclle CarfeoB ft ltr»i)*« Co., earkea pap«r Co. Treat 3.70 Parktr. O. W., Oark l»d. Creek Twp. Bd. of R«»iew 4. Piarcy, J. W., txpouie Co. Board of Bd«-..-_ J-To Pwrkkistr. M. R.. tax ferret •alary AM. 1»J1 Peterson. Rcltsi D., aitra help Clerk ot Court*.., S0.89 Parrott ft «om Co.. Matt. a»t« blaoks for Mgistration 101.IS PatariOB, Lttta, labor county kerne „.„. :. _ 36.00 Powell, Marry, road work 20.00 ?oit, Caori*, Aug. time._ 99.78 Peck. B J., repairs social service Cnav t.SO Putnam, Bd., Aug. time.. 73.76 Ringgenbertt C. H.. ezpeni* co. Board of Edue _... 1.10 Ricketti, Or, ft. A., T. B. erad^__ , Tfl.fO •igiltrart, rtaistrars fees 2nd tuar. IMS 4J.OO •*d Arrow Ho. f, grocs. poor KBOHI*, $11.00 8s Mall, tt.SO..., ! 4.SO Rtd Ball, iroct. poor Icott, |3,«0, Haven. $0.88 , 1.18 Red Arrow, ftocs. poor Olert Bowtri— 3.1) Ri*|kt!ms, clothlag for inmates co. horn* 24.14 Reid, Ole, labor to- home 10.00 Rcedholm, Hdwe., luppliei ct, house'* jail 2.SO Rapion Mtr. Co., repairs truck co. farm 7.SS Rieketts, Dr. R. A., T. B. erad...., 81.00 Rite Way Grec., (roci poor „, « *-. road wort,. „ •r. Bipfaa* Aatavcy. tsawta* *• npoir* Kola***, B4-, AM- U«M. •d_B«cord, pub, «*Uc* _ I»C ..—,.„-. ft.edkola.i iK-aT. i ItapaoB Motor Co., fcpairi ioci«J oar vict u .......... Sunny Crtat Bnajitorium, cart of poor, Conaolvtr, M*-**, Voaj teoy. MI.»«.J.JL« . J •tory City M«rald. ooord pro- et«4. ft claim Mat. ______ „„... •tory City NtraU. •«>. »Mrd proceed, ft «l*i*i litt ft pub. co. budget oft ..... ... •tttle, Dr! M. L.. •tate Uojvarritr of Iowa— P»ychopathic Motpital. trans- portatioa for Lowel) Wald from Iowa City to Clariado •tory City Old Pao. Mom<, hospital for poor Vtra Banks • with, M. D.. F. t.. med. aid poor Bay ft Oliv* Harrcl- lutter, ""IT P.,"~i"riV»~*po'oV Or«c*l«y Social Service League, appro. Aua. 1*11 _ St. Thomas Marey Hospital. hospital car* Mrs Aaaabel Meyvri _.. „ Shaffer, H. B., accom. patient to Mt. PUasaut (Davli).... Sogard, lreu«, reporting muBi. court _ „ _..,. Standard Brand* Inc., provisions co. home. Solyst, B. J., groci. poor Mrs Lucas Teigland •aulbb ft SOB, B. K.. drugs poor Mr*. Frank Belcher.... •hephtrd Pub. Co., L. R., envelope* Co. Recorder Bkaw, Earl* H., member Sol. •Relief Commission Storing,- OUy, sess. ft comm Swift ft Co., lupplic* eo. home BUifcrwalt, Rebt., e«t/, help Co. Kntr. June ft July Suiicrwalt, Sam, Co. Bngr's. i«l*ry.._ _ _ S**k*r, Jakt. At»g. ti«**.__.,__. lamMOB, John, road work. Sfvdt, Henry, Aug. timt Severied, M. H., Au«. time.... 5t*ensland. Clydf, Aug. time Hater Newi, netie* af Mt. P-3-C _ Hater News, pub. notice Itandard Bearing Co , repair parts equipment Itandard Oil Co., kerosene.... Twcdt, Oscar K., tel. expense Co, Supervisor, July Twedt, Oscar B., tal. expense Co. Suptrviier, Aug Twedt, Oscar B., session ft , Aufuit If33 _ i, B P., court r*. Tribune Pub. 'Co., board proceed, ft claim list, binding reports for Co Supt. ai pub. budget ait Tesdafi, Harvey, labor co. home...._.._ „ ; Tipton • Bon. W. L., drugs ft supplies jail h court hous* Tipton ft Son, W, L., drugs comm., Tinkham T.I4 llf.O* 11.14 1t.ll tt.1l 37.SI 11.1* 3,01 171.00 31.2) 4.00 18.00 t.92 14.30 3.60 7.00 12.30 40.01 3i.OO 183.32 4.80 2.00 3.00 1.00 4,00 «.00 9.00 S.48 3.25 1.90 1*9.15 11.50 98.52 36.00 7.98 Twitj Bvor*H, Au« *i*M ___ Tn-Co«nty Newt, »ub. no_ ti«« fty. *-••».., ________ Trjk«*o Pub. Co., fuk. no. -_- ........... _____ _ Vnlu4 Motor ft*rvkt. rtpoir* fo* Ho, •. .. » U. a Battwy ft Btot. Col, a uppJJo* *ti*ip ..... -^......^^..^ Votjt, ClartMt. Aug. MUM...... ^»tt*r» 0,n4o«, ttftg. iktritf Walker, W. A., reporting ft tranicript, Holliogiworth a»*r4w _________ _„_." „, W t U J? r "« C *- *""•• *^» P« Orangtr ..... ------------ ....... Webb, B4na P.. txtra htlp Co. Trea«, __________ Ward. Dora, labor c*. kome.. Wodey. Mrt. Wat., nur*« for pa«c Harold KaJUr»an. v ... Wtbk, Bdna P., extra htlp Co. Trea*. Sept. 191} ___ ..... Wcittrn Union, teligrt** for •kcrlff ft Cltrk D. C^. ____ „ Wklta Way Grocery, provj. lioni co. home....... , _ A.._ Webb, Karl. Aug. time _______ Witnon. ». B., Aug. tia«e.__. Webb, Wilbur, Aug. time _____ WilkiMOD, Cka» v Aug. time- Wilkin.on, K. it., grubbing.. Wantpltr, R. B.. Aug. Umt — Wheeling Corrugating Co., corrugated culvert* ........ ___ Younktr Hdwe., kdwc. ft tup- plie* co. farm ......... _________ „ Yousktr Hdwe., kdwt. ft tup- ptitt co. J ail ---- ...... , __________ Younker Hdwe.; auppliti ____ to.** ll.H 11.00 J.70 »4.0» 11.40 t.7t J1.79 3.9S 50.00 2S.OO 7.00 4.00 4.3J 74.7» 7I.79 ll.Of »••* S.OO 37.40 1.054.31 U.OO -•I .91 BLUE BEACON You'U Want It WE I£LL Wallhide »nd fun Proof ?«lnt for 8«rriet H. L. Munn Lumber Company FtMM f FOLGER has Faith in AMES and the Tribune-Times Increases advertising schedule 40% over their Spring Showing in anticipation of continued Business Recovery and Ames' appreciation of Quality Products like FolgerY Coffee. 63.75 36,00 1.00 2.00 8.50 been filed apd no objections being Bled, and . WHEREAS, IT IS the opinion of this Board that »aid road be vacated, therefore Bfi IT RESOLVED, by the Board of Supervisors of Story County, that the report of the Commissioner be accepted and approved and that the road be vacated as follows: Commencing at the NE Corner of Section 30-83-21, and running thence West *4 miles along the North line of Section 20,83-21 and terminating at the NE Corner of the NW # NWJf of Section 20-83-21. * The County Auditor is hereby authorized to make a record pf this vacation on the road records of the county. The vote on this motion w»i (l follows: Ayes: Twadt, Hanspn and Storing. Nayi none, whereupon the Chairman declared th« motion carried aad the resolution duly adopted. The balance of the day was spent checking and allowing claims and accounts as shown by the County Auditor s Claim Register. Adjourned to September llth 1933. S. S. Hanson Chairman Byron Dickey County Auditor As LIST OF CLAIMS FOR PUBLICATION passed upon by the Board forth aetion TV Or THK BOARD OF F STORY COUN READ THE WANTS "yfon Dirkf. .... County Auditor Ptrvliori ihtll maVi on *,„??•# dV'of Section .V Supervisors of Story County, at their September session 1933. Armstrong, M.D., W. B., med. aid poor Eckard h, Banks.. j Ames, City of*"board"fc"ca're" prisoners Anderson Print Shop, supplies Clerk D C...... Armstrong, Juliette,' " extra help County Recorder Appel, Adam, August time.... Adams, Kenneth, Aug. time.. Anderson, J eal , Aug. time Arrasmith, Lester, Aug. time. Alderman, Maurice, Aug. time Air Reduction Sales Co., supplies No, 83..._ Ames, City of, «Jec service Ontario Shop Allis Chalmers Mfg Co., repair* equipment Adams, Co., J. D., grader repairs , Bader, D. W,, baling straw county farm Brinkman, Dr N. H,, T. B. eradication g°">, Dr A. L,."fi"B,"«ra'd. Berka's Nivada Drug, m*ter- iaift cost Installing police radio..,, ."..., Brooker, Drug, drufi poor Ballard, .7Sc h Airhart. Baker, R 0,, suppiits county home * Bjlnkman, Dr. N H'., 'f!"B. eradication.. , |(| 4* Born, Di. A L., t.' B. arad. Ut'ln Bnlanrt Hill Co., grocs poor C C Whitney A, O « n<i|snd Hill Co., grocs. poor Mri. Prrcnall. IS.Oo 68.00 4.80 12.75 1.60 26.00 30.00 98.64 «7.00 67.00 1.69 1.00 53.87 136.40 J9S.80 111-70 35.00 1.30 J1.7I 3-00 House of Good SJiepnerd, board ft care poor Jon*s.... 30,00 I Horras, W. W,, coal co, home 70.4T Hougen, Jeffrey, C., mileage Co. Atty ;.._ 10.40 Houston, M. D., Bush. med. _aid poor John Oyler 3.00 Hummer, S. C., groc. popr Hannah Solbract....;....'..:.. 12.55 Huddletton, H. L.. spec. Dep. Sheriff. __ II.00 Hattery, J, R,, board prisoners Aug. 1933, „ 189.00 Hattery, J. R., erim. inve«tg. Aug. 1933 _....„.:.. Hattery, J, R., serving notices to depart.,.. Hattery, J. R., trans. Mt. Pleasant prisoners, Mclvin Hyne* ft Lee Davis.- Hattery, J. R., Sheriff J. Ct. Pearl Adams et al Hattery, J. R., Sheriff J. Ct Owen O»Ity.~- .......,..,...._. Hattery, J. R., Sheriff J, Ct. vs Jack Fitrmauriee Huttery, J. R., Sheriff J. Ct. VS Joe Ward Hattery, J, »., Sheriff J. Ct. vs Clarence B. Anderson.... Hattery, J. R.. Sheriff T, Ct. vs Hans Fronsdahl . . . Hattcry, J. R., Sheriff j. Ct. vi Geo. Lj-le ... Hattery, J. R,, Sheriff J. Ct. vs Joe Mackey Hattery J. R., Sheriff J. Ct. v» Al Gregory ft Chas. Rhodes et af........ Hanson, S. S., tele, expense Co. Supervisor.., _ ,... Houston M. D., Bush, med. aid inmates co. home Hickle, G. C., house rent poor Rainey family. J15.00, Eckard family, 111.00, amt. claimed, $26.00 Hollenbcck, Cl«o, road wort. Hanson, L. J,, repairing tile... Hartley, Joe, 3rd est. grading Hartley, Joe, force account Hartley, Joe, 4th ft final est. iradmi 103.87 3.10 37.JS 3.20 3.00 2.50 4.00 I 5.59 I 3.50 3.SO 3.50 3.50 2.05 10.00 15.00 3.00 3.00 ! 321.JOi| 303.Ji !' Holcomb, M. M., road"work.. Harris, Harlin, Aug. time Holland, Orvie, road work. Karri*, C. W., gravel checker Hale, Arthur, Aug. time Manikins, Martin, Aug. time Helvjg, C. C., Aug. time Haight, Tractor Co., supplies equip Hutchinioa, H. R,, team work., Ja. Blect. Lt. ts Power Co.. elec. service court house k jail la. Elec. Lt. ft Power Co.. elec. service co, home la. Cont'l. Tel. Co., tet. service co. home July.., la. Cont'l. Tel. Co., t*!. Wrv- co. home Aug..___. la. Cont'l. Tel. Co., tei.Terv- ice court house Ai jail Iowa Children! Home Soc., car* of poor Wakcham children July ft Aug Independent Dairy, milk for poor Clarence Airhart Iowa Packing Co., supplies county home...™ Ihla, Cyrus, Aug. time Iowa Auto Market, supplies equip la. St. Hwy. Comm.. repair work No. I.... la. Mach ft Supply C*., sup- pli*t equip.X.,... I*. Cont'l. Tel. Co,, t*l. service Co. Engr'i. off, ft co. • hap : I*. Elec. Lt. ft "over Co., *!««, **ryic« Nevada ihetv la. Elec. Lt. ft Power Co., •lee, irrvU* McCalliburg 30,90 120.60 2.00 7S.2S! 9«,3» 73.1« j 78.23 4S.OO S.OO 4S.TS 106.98 4.70 3.70 75.40 71.00 1.40 21.03 67.10 93,89 6.78 Jones, Klrrnor M., rcurt reporter bal due for ye jr..,....,' 10.31 j.46 ,67 111.71 Mr. Ames Merchant: Don't let business slip by your door. Take a tip from Folger's and advertise in the AMES DAILY TRIBUNE-TIMES STORY COUNTY'S DAILY

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