Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 2, 1933 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 2, 1933
Page 7
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THE NEWFiNGLfes (Mom'iJ Pop) THEJQM DAILY —^ - New i York, Mar. 2. (AP)—Stocks : recove|^d rather briskly Ui the last : half hour; oU trading ,ln the New York exdiange ! today, cancelling W6re than hall 6i losses r^tered Varller In the sesslpn of 1 to 3 points. The coslhg tonei was flijm. Sales approximated 1,0^000 shares. The i late recov(;ry was attributed chiefly I to short iBoverlng; accompanying widesprea'd but unconfirmed I rumors in the financial district that a national plan was being worked out for a limited guarantee of bank deposits, In foreign exchangesJ the dollar held its own against the European gold currencies, while ' the sterling^: group rallied. • A: drop of 3 points in Anucrican Telephone was reduced to a fraction. Union Pacific, after losing 2'i points, rebounded to show a fractional gain. Gener^ Foods also rose a fraction above the previous close. Johns-Manville and J. C. Penney, ' affected by adverse dividend news, • showed little recuperative power after losing about 2 jiointg^ but elsewhere recoveries were fairly general. U. S. Steel common erased an early • loss of more than a point. Eastman I Kodak virtually recovered a loss of ; • nearly 3. Loews, Consolidated Gas, ] and Southern Pacific lost about 1, ^ net. !Losses of more than 2 in Ameri- : can Can and Allied Chemical were ; reduced to fractions. Trans-America \ lost mpi'e than a point, then recov- i I cred fractionally. ; High CiUes Serv 2 K SO of Ind 17 •< TOURING Ilia 11.V . 97 53 5 37 34 n 34 9 4.5' 'I Amn Can AT&T ..... T ^mn Tob B '^>i,na,conda .. Atchison ... Auburn — Beth Steel . Case J I ... Chry.sler ... Con Gas ... Con Oil 5"^ IDrug Inc — DuPont Qen Elec — Gen Motors Int Harv .... Mont Ward . / Packard . — PenneylJ C Phillips P(ar Radio Socony Vac .. Std Brands . SO of iiJ .. Union Pac ... Texas: Gorp .. U S Steel ... We-stlngh E. 32':; 34 12 10 \ 1.5'i 20 .5"., 3 6\ 14», 23'. 67':, 11 24'. 20':: IJOW 2 17'.; 49\ 95 52 Vs 5'1 34-1 32 ic; 310i • 8-% 42"-, 31'4 32'; 11", 10'.. i4r; 8', 2 19',, 5 3'., 13!, 22^; 64'i 11, 23-,'» 19--i. LOCAL PRODDCE Kgg;;. firsts Egg.s, seconds • • .Eggs, tljiirds Eggs, ungraded Hens, lie. I • • • iriens. No. 2: N0 ..I Spriugs. I'.i, lb.s. up ... No. 2 SiJrings ..; Capons, over 9 lbs Capons, over 8 lbs. ... — Capons, bvcv 7 lbs Close 2's 17 y 52-,. 97 53'!: 5'< 36-, • 34 11U 33"?, 8-., 44--, , 51 .i 31'L. 33-4 II---, 10 S 14\ 9-, 2 19'., 5", • 3'', C'.. 14 23 67';: , n-s, 24-20';. . . . lie I ...7c j ...5c . ..Sc ...6c ...4c .. 6c .. 4c ..10c ...8c ...6c : Capons, under 7 Ib.s 6c /Slips 4c ' Butterfat. lb .....ISc Cocks 3c Geese, lb. ., 3c Guineas, each lOc .White, Ducks, lb 4c Colored Ducks, lb 3c Hides, per lb. Ic : Mixed Com, bu -15c . Yellow Corn, bu •- 15c Wheat, bu.. -280 Kafir Com; 13c BY SISTfiR ajA?Y M;.V .s «.tii<'«^ xvritiT iliv Lenten! season housewives will, be .serving fish regularly ohce or twice a week, but every woman would do well to do this tliroughr out tlie year becaixse fish is a delicious and uutriliou.s meat equivalent. Like meat, all varieties oC tisb, av,! rich in prpteia and contaiu' Viuiablo aniounis p£ vitamins A and }J, so essential to human growth and health. Sea fish coAi- taims iodine in variable 'amounts. Iodine is recognized as a regulator of thyroid activitiss and thus a preventative of goiter. Fish is an excellent food for children and one whicli can easily he .served at the family table. If adults must have a highly seasoned diKh thi.s can be supplied by the .sauce which should be pervod separately without ddtri- meut to the perfectly and simply cooked " . If you want your family to really like (ish be sure to select a goad quality, remove bones bwfore serving and great care ill cooking. In selcciiiig fresh flsh look for point.s: brifht eyes, bulging and- clear; gills bright red in color; skin bright and shiny; flesh firm and elastic. The flsh, sinks when put into water. , The dealer should always scale, uli-'.au and bone the fish' for yoir. The variety of fish chosen usually detenninei- the .method ..of cooking. With the exception of hirgo fish that are wanted served whole for some special reason, liroiling seems to he the ideal way of cooki.ii.g all fish. But for ya- ri.ety's .sako tliere an- other practical way.s of cooking particular kinds of fish. best qualities., of ,the flavor and the value of the .flsh itseU, prevents fish-cookiug odors from invading the I house and req,uircs less watching than broiiing. Preheat the oven, lay the fish OJi tin oiled baking sheet or heat-proof platter, brush with melted fat and balm 45 minutes for a fish weigU- Tomorrow 's Menu . BREAKFAST: Halves of grapefriiit, cereal, cream, baked French toast, maple sirup, mi^k, coffee. LUNCHEON: Noodles in cream sauce with bard cooked eggs, lettuce hearts with French dressing, cocoanut cookies, milk, tea. DINNER: Scotch beefsteak pudding. browned parsnips, shredded cabbagis with sour cream 'dressing, dried apple pudding, milk, coffee. n.-iklnc is a' commc-ndaMei lower in heat-producing foods. ing three to four pounds. Don't add water and be sure the oven is hot. from 400 to 425 degrees P. A fat or oily meated fish such as salmon, mackerel, wblteflsh and othei's requires no basting and will cook in its own fat. A very oily flsh should be baked ba a rack high enough to raise it from the fat that cooks out. In buying llsh estimate that one pound of solid fish, free froia bones, will serve three persons. Broiled, baked or steamed fish served with lemon juice should find a place in a child's diet at least twice a week during tlie .spring mo.ntfis when meals are .gradually becoming "lighter" and Kansas City Produce. Kansas City, Mar. Produce unchanged. 2. iAP»- Kansas City Hay. Kansas City, Mar. 2. H:iy; 16 cars, unchanged. (AP)r. Kansas City Grain. • Kansas City, Mar. 2. (AP)— Whepti 132 cars; 'i-'i lower. No. 2, dark; Hard. 47'..; No. 3. nom.. 42',:;51: No. 2. hard. 43',; No. 3. 42'-; No. 2, ^-ed. 43',-46; No. 3, 44. May 40",: July 41'i;.Sepl 42K. 1 Corn 25 cars; ', lower. No. 2. v.hiti«, 20'1 ;: No. 3; nom., i9,S-aO''i; No. '2, yellow. 20;S; No. 3, nom., Ifl'.,-20',. No. 2,. mixed, nom., 20•XV y. No. 3, iiom., 19'.-20: Close: Miiy 20S; Jiily 22';. pul.s- '7 cars; uiichungod. No. white, nom., 17-17',; No. 3, lO'L-lT. Mllo nulla', nom., 49-53. Kafir, 42. Rye, nom,, 32-33. Barley, nom., .21' .-24. K. (;. Livestock Close. Sheep; Market same ns early; lalo top fed lambs $5.25; lambs. goo<J and choice, 90 lbs. down.'S4.75-5.25, i-ood and choice, 90-98 lbs., $4.50>5.15. Hogs and cattle: Unchangefl. Estimated livestock receipts for tomorrow: Cattle 800; hogs 2.000; .siiecp 3,000. ; Kansas City Livestock. LONE ELM NEWS <Mi-s. Bessie Penland.) Lor.e E!m. Feb. 27.—A. L. Wilson accompanied John Heinlein to Emporia r-Tiday and they attended a and m'.ile sale. Mr. iind Mrs. George Schlick. and son moved to a- farm near Westphalia Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Clar.- encc Penland moved to the farm they vacated, Saturday. G. O. Reeve is on trie sick list this week. ' The G. T. Q. club met with Mrs. Dcssa Carrier Tuesday for an ali day meeting. The usual cafeteria lunch was served at the noon hour. The quilt was almost finished. The Olathe creamery truck which works out of filue Mound is establishing a cream route. He makes trips twice a week, Tues^av and Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hewelcttc received word Saturday that Mrs. Hcwelette's father, Mr. Cari>enter. had passed away andUhey drove up to his home near Kansais City, Suri- dny. The Hewelettes have had theu: sl'iare of grief and sorrow, they liave our sympathy. Born to Mr. and Mrs. 'Erman Thorpf, a nine i»imd boy. Sunday. i\l 3 30 a. m. Mrs, Thorpe is ut the home of her parents, west of JUsnc Elm. Mr. and Mrs. New. .Mr. und Mrs. Claude Perr>'. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Penland called on Mr, and Mrs. Clarence Penland Sunday altcrnoon. Mr. Penland came liome to help wi'.h the moving, but ruiurned to Arkansas Cityjor two more weeks work. Madeline and Elnora Herynk and Marjorle Nichols were calling on D. D. Ross Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Ida Smith called on Mrs Well.'-,; Sunday afternoon. . Betty Fm.nk Ellington spent Sunday with Veva Jean. Carrier. Mr. and Mrs. Will Beck were cjill- ing .^t the W. W. Charlton home Sunday afternoon. ' : ^ Mr. and Mrs. Marion Spanglei Kansas City, Mar. 2. (API— 1 daughter Sundayed at the (U. S. Dept. Agr.)—Hogs; 3.000 ; 210 direct; fairly active, uneven, steady 10 10 higher than Wednesday's' average; top $3.30 on 170-240 lbs.; goo<: and choice, 140-350 lbs., $2.85-3.30. packing sows. 275-550 Ibs.v $2.15-65: stock pigs, good and 'Choice, 70-136 lbs., $2.25-50. Cattle: 2,200; . calves: 500; fed steers and yearlings flnn to slightly higher; other classes scUrce'. steady, good yearling steers $5.35; sleero good and "choice. 550-1500 lbs., $4;006.75; common and medium^ 550 lbs. up. $3.00-4.75: heifers, good and choice, 650-900 Its., $3.60-555; cowr, good, $2.35-60; vealers, .t^licfed.'. medium to choice, $3.50-6.00; stocjcer and feeder. steers, good and choice $4.00-5,75. : Sheep: 8,000; lambs 10-15 lower, odd lots sheep steady; top fed lamb., to shipper^ $5J20; lambs, giood and choice (X)' 90 lbs. down, $4.75-5.20, good and choice. (X) . 9o|-98 lbs., ,$4.50-5.10; ewes, good and choice. 90-150 bs.. $150-2.60. ! ; -. (X>—Quotations based on ewes 'and wethers.-. The panic year of 1873 fwas felt the whole world over. Among the : reasons assigned was the recent epidemic (|f wars. parental Anderson home; Gilbert Booth spent Sunday with Lane Glasgow. - itcsella Spangler spent Sunday with Ina Lord. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Minckler of Solraa. took Sunday dinner witl-. their .son and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Artliiir IvIincKler. Mn;. Isabelle Yokum and her mother, Mrs. Starr, of Gamett, •were calling on Alferd De Poe Sunday afternoon. Mr.; and Mrs. Clyde Hutton and famil.t have rented a farm northeast^ cf tOTj -n and are moving this week. Aiidy Sarver .is ill with flu and bronchitis. Mr.^ and Mrs. A. L. Wilson and son Orel were callipg on i^lferd De Poe Sunday afternoon and founa him some better. Mr. and Mrs. Lloydl Nio<:hc!s of Colony, spent the day there. Xtrsl. W. E. Johnston of Colony. Sundilyed at the T. A. Church home Jack Anderson of Welda speuv Sunday here with relatives and friends. Delpert Sprague is ill with flu. and unabi? to be about his fann work. Aft^r spending several weisks in Lawrence at the home of her scfn Carl, Mrs, Jacob Klooz retuined home .Sunday. ' Mr. and Mrs. Doris Donaldson are moving to the Harry Rhodes farm. Marion Mower Ifias rented a farm west, of Lone Eln^. Frftnces Murphy, Colony, spent several days this! week with hJer grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ncwlon, while hei^ parents help caie for Grandmother Mmphy, who is critically ill at her home in Colony Elsie Murphy spent the week-end at ;tJewlon8. The Happy Day club entertained their families with a imrcy at the Orval Riggs home' Saturday eve-; ning. They enjoyed the evening playing games and vfeltlng.- Refreshments of cherry pie a, la mode were served.! Each meinber of the club brought a kitchen piece for Mrs. Opal Donaldson. All reported a nice time. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Newlon spent Sunday afternoon it the parentai Ctaley home. They spevA Sunday night wth Mr. and Mrs. Raj'mon^ Ncwlcn at Colony and took Elsie Murphy back to her school work. Church Notes. The Presbyterian circle met for an all day meeting Thursday with Mrs. Grace Sarver. The Ladies' Aid met with Mfs. Rcevo in the aftcmopn \n!lth ^0 members in attendance. The president announces that another quilt will be in the frames for the next meeting at Spanglers and she hopes for a better turn out. C. E. Draper, director of radio evangelism ciakes the following announcement: At the 78th session of the M. E. Kansas conference a dally program will be broadcast at 2:30 p. m. March 6th to Uth over WIBW, Topcka. Monday, Dr. R. A. Hunt; Tuesday, Dr. W. A. Keve; Wednesday, Bishop C. L. Mead; Thui-sday. Dti. W. C. Hanson; Friday, Dr. W. N. Mason; Saturday, Dr. W. B. Fleming. The prog/am over WREN, Lawrence, will be published later. School Notes. The literary program will be given at the hall Friday evening, March 3. The program ctmunittee is preparing a 40 minute oneract play and Mrs. Corel Lomad | Is coaching the eighth grade girjs hi a SO-minute dialogue. Special music by the men's quartet and the Jtmior chorus will be given. 'The traveling library books, must be returned by fhe last of thte.week. Maxine Ballard was absent from school Monday on account of illness. The high sbhool English classes ar^ taking up: their study of Qtera- tiire and life, this week.—Oleta Fmker, reporter. Creamed Limas and Asaparagns 2 cups cooked. dr{ed Llmas 2 cups canned asparagus tips 1',- cups-medium white sauce '- cup grated cheese Prepare white sauce In a double boUcr. When cooked, add Umas, asparagus Ups an^ cheese. Cook until thoroughly heated, about '15 mihutes, then perye ^ver toast points or iin ramekinjs or patty shells. Baye ypu s hopae for ' sale?' Want 10 for rent? Or buy anything* Use the Classified oolmaoal North Maple Groye Feb.-^7.—Mr., apd Bte. Frank Mather and two children Mary Jo^ and Frankie Marie spent last Sun^ day morning, at the Zilliok home. Mr. and Mrs. Wingler were also callers .there. Misses Marguerite and Louise Moniow spent last Sunday afternoon with Dorothy and Faye Louise Goodner, it being the lattw's birthday.. Mr. Jolinson and John Pullin of ElDbrado spent Fridayoilght at the Melirin home. 0tllte a nimiber are moving in this neighborhood. /The Gillilands are moving'neajr Northcott and; Fred Cook and family- are moving where Gillilands noW live. Clias. Roberts and boys are/moving on a farm north of County Line on State ^street road and M: F. Zilliox and family are moving onto the farm they have Just vacated. Mlelvins are moving to Carlyle and Everett Fulton and family will moye there. Leonard Wigg^ and wife will move onto the property now ocfljipied by Zilliox, and Eyefett Pluton's father is moving on the farm that Everett is vacatl^Jg. Mr. and Mrs. Faye Oopdner an^ children spent Sunday aftemobh ati the home of Mr. and Mrs. M. P. ZlUlox. Many from North Maple prove and' Cairlyle gathered at the jSeott McCoy Mme ^edne.sday eveolnig to bid them fareweU. They are riiovf Ing near Hiunboldt- [ Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gllliland spent Thursday evening at the ZUUox home. I Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Zilliox ahd Buiddy and Wanda Jeanhci. Mr. and M^. .Jim Wingler and Mr. Oreeii' spent Sunday- evening at the homo ofjMr. ahd Mrs. Pogue Fuhston. Kehneth and Carl Melvln spent Friday night at the ClllUand hom& Mr. Frank Hobart. Mrs. Susie Gmy, MrJ Herriian Geer and Miss Flbrenos Laster en^yed a chili supper at the home of Mr. and MraJ M., F. Zilliox and childreu Tuesday evening. .Mrs. Chas. Melvln and family and Mr. and Mrs. Dunbar and family vl^ted Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Dimbar near lola. Mrs. Ethel pT^ll and her twb boys iahd her brother Barney Massa who have been yisltlng with her parents Mr. and Mrs. John Gregg for the past few weeks, returned to their home in Michigan Sunday. One Killed in Crash. Kansas Cltyj Mar. 2. (AP)—Connie Wise, 28. of Kansas' City was killed and three companions were Injured slightly in an automohile accident seven miles east of North Kansas City last nie^t. The car ttuTied over three times. The other three persons In the car were Helen Deringer. 22; Miss Catherine Haughn, 18, and Henry Mabrey, 27, all of Kansas City. The survivors wyre held for a coroner's inquest. Mail Bobbury Reported. Dallas', Tex., lifer. 2. (AP)—The Dallas Thnes Hernld says, ill has been Informed that at least $'714)00 In cash was obtained by three men who held up a mall clerk and railway employe February 21 at the Texas & Pacific railroad station In Fort Worth and escaped with seven mall pouches. Omaha Charges Unreasonable: Washington, Mar. 2. <AF).— The deparUnent of agriculture today held that rates and charges now beihg assessed by the Union 8toc)t Vards of Omaha for its services are "unreasonable" and prescribed a new schedule to become effective in 45 days. • • • -I 1 Starting the first flight he has made In several months. Col. Charles A Lindbergh is shoVn ent<rjng a low-wing p|ionoplane at Newark, N. J., air-; port, ^^paratory io. a f ijht to Baltiniiore model airplanes lieing'ct Estructed for the Is technical advlsa-. ' CRESCENT VALLEY Feb. 28.—Afoving seenjsi to be the order of the day in thM part andJ the following changes lhave taken place in this district: M Ronslckfs ^e fiew south to inspect hcvy transport jcompany of which he everyon'e^present reported a good time^ The Penny's move Friday to Kansas City. MJ!-. and Mrs. Frank Giles visited hiive mov^ on the J^ey farS; ^- Swearingen. Will Kelleiy on the J. P.jVan Sklev- er farm, Harry Brown.oof the Kallberg farm. Homer Crook on the Culbertsori farm, V. L. Palmer on the C. S. Hitter farm, and a Mr. Potts fro^ near Erie has rented the.Leitzbach farm, re^ntly vacated by WUl Wadley. Mr. and'Mirs. Carl Wright of ^Humboldt wiu work for |Ir.! Guy Bale and live 11 the house m^^e \-acant by Will Ke leys. M. K. Ttpmhlll, west of loila, has rented the Leltzbach farm made vacant by Harry Brown. j , Miss Mabel Ban- helped Mrs. AJ C. Geffert with her housework Monday: Mr. and Mrs. Ted Perkhis visited a:t; the Ben Gardner home. lola, Sunday evening. i ,lMr. and Mrs. Haroklj Baker and Mrs. Henry Perkins, Hupiwldt, visited at-the E D. Tramiriell h«me near Savonburg Sundayi Mrs. Frank Doty is suffering witli a isevere cold at this writing. Mrs. W- J- Casper and son Kenneth were Sunday supper guest& at the H. A. Harwood honie. Mrs. Mildred Newton (^Ued to see little Pat^ McCoy who ,has \ been seriously sick and reported her somewhat better. Miss Rose Heiman jspent the weekend at Plqua visiting relatives'. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Giirdner and Laura of lola, and Mr. ind Mrs. J. M. CJboper, Star Valley, spent Sunday at the Charles Balr home, A siuprlse party was given ~Earl Penny Thursday-kevenlngi by a large crowd of young people popcorn, cal)» and coffee were ^ned and OXJT OUR WAY Pern Doty and sons spent Sa,tur- day 'nysming at the Frank Doty hom^. , . Clyde Owens is helping George O'Eijlon with his woiis this week. Mrs. J. P. Willhite entertahied the Luck Circle club Saturday evening. Three tables of cards were formed. Dainty refreshments were serVed and those present report a very en- :jwa^>le evening. A shower was given Mr. and Mrs Ralph Debler ait Harry Browii's Tuesiday evening! A large crowd was \ia. attendance and the happv couple were presented with a jjretty kitchen table and cfaahrs. Mi;, and Mrs. J. W. Endlcotl and Mrs. V. it, Palmer and Jack called at the John Helman home Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. WUlhlte called at the Ed Ronsick home Sunday afternoon. ' Miss Verdie Bale visited Doris and Julia Hftmm Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Farmer Co.f- feyvllle, and Mr. and Mrs. J. W. En- dicpti drove to Osawatomie Sunday where they visited a relative. Kansas, a acre, j morel of Cincinnati—The famed tale "Tar Baby" came to life here. Three times the husband of Thelma Fletcher, Negro, Inquired for his wife at a district pplice statlpn. Then he started hunttag. He found Thelma stuck tight and helpless on top of a tar barrel. Two policemen pried her loose. , There are friends who will stand by you to the last dollar. Your dollar, not theirs. By WilUams March 1, 1933. Mopai-ch: Cemtnt company, a corporation to City of Humboldt. municipal. corporation, 1 or less commencing at a point! on the west line of lot 3, in the N. |of 9-26-18 and 10 ctiains south of the NW. corner of said lot 3. $160.00. CUStOM HATCH—Ic hi Modem - Buckeyes, set eal MOu. Have pure. bred blood tested chicks. Leg. 4He, big breeds 5c, assorted 4c. Rus- gell Hatchery; Gas. Phone 955-3. • LEGAL ! NOTICE. I, Jim Chezem. convicted on lh2 31st day of January, 1928. of the crime of b|urglary, second degree, in Allen County, Kansas, will apply on the 3pth (iay of March. 1933. to the Governpr, |at his office in Topeka. Kansas, for a Con4itional Pardon. I Signed/^ i JIM CHEZEM. 12)-16-23-(3)-2-9-16. V SWAPPER'S COLUMN BUICK CAR—Standa.rd 4-passenger couipe in good condition, to exchange Jor milk ; cows' or gciod farin horses. 812 Sduth street, lola. BABY ^HICKS 100^ from flodss blood tested and certified by Judge Harris, poultry expert. ? Ask about our 907(> guarantee on Custom Hatching. \ : All heavy bre^ 5>{:c Asst Heavipsf... 5c Custom Hatching; l%c or $5 case WILLSON HARM HATCHERIES (Parmerw CantreU) 2 miles south on 73W or L. E. Steele; Supply Co. , 'Talk Chicks iwith WUlson" CREAM SEPARATORS^To trade for livestock or iinplements. Brownie's, Produce. Feed. Seeds. ANN OUNCEMENTS strayed. Lost, Foqnd SPOTTED MALE HOG—Strayed to my place. Robert Hairis. Moran, Kansas. ' AUTOMOTF^ Aatomobiles For Ssis Dojdge SALES .E ^cE Ply™™'* Dependable Used Cars and Trucks ELLIS MOTOR CO. Phone 3G1 Cash—Trade—Terms 1 1927 DODGE TRUCK-^Will take in light car or exchange for stock. 411 S. Washington, LaHarpe. PONTIAC-BUICK Siles and Service Guaranteed Used Cars SHELLY MOTOR CO. 214 N. Jefferson Phone 80 S Anto Accessories. Tires, Parts SPECIAL PRICE on all Batteries for two Weeks only. General car rpnflirinpl Ci^rep R. Hlser, 224 repalrlngl Gterge North Jefferson. TEXACO PRODUCTS Ckxxirich Tires. Cjash paid for used cars. Logan Reynolds, 307 West Street. Wholesaie—GAS, Per Gal., 5% (Not the Icheap 3rd Grade Gas) VINE OIL & GAS CO. 17 ANCiAL Opportunities PILLINO STATION—For lease In lola by the year. Address Box 90, care of Register. LADIES' Ready-to-Wear Shopjie for sale; business established; best location; low overhead. Write Box 491, Garnett, Kas. s LIVE STOCK 21 Horses, Cattle, Vehicles BAY FILLY—* years old, broke to work, gentle; also white male hog; bright com fodder. C. L. Sarver, -1 ',B 1 miles! north Country Club. FOR I SALE—Big team work mares dnd wagon harness. North McRay str(^et,.Gas. Roy Lane. • FOR S ALE]—4 dairy cows and 1 calf; Will sell at Holmes Sales Pavilion Saturday. March 4. G. M. Critchfield. ; SOWS—With young pigs. Harris, Moran, Kans. Robert 1 PAJR oflgood gentle work mules, weight 2600;.will take hi livestock. Boyer, LpHarpe. 2 MALE HOGS —Chester Whites, 170 and]250 lbs., $5.00 for either. Chiarles Riley, 3 miles west and S'isouth of lola. TEAM MARES-^ years old, weigh 2^9: team blacks 6 and 7! years old; weigh 30p0; team mare?, 5 and 6 years old, weigh 2500; five other mares and horses; 2 mule colts coiriing I year old, well I matched; 1 roan Shorthorn .bull, coming 2 years old; 1 Red Pole bull, 2 years old] 2, corn planters: '3 discs, one pcvt: 2 hay rakes; 3 disc cultivators; aiU kinds farming machlnfery; 5 sets work harness; 7 good leather balteiis; 3 wagons: Will sell on time. J .p. Biutc|ier. 6 MILK COWS -T -l Fordson tractor and pfovis. Bari FarreU- 514 mUes NW on HorvUlel'road. Phone 980F4. 22 !Poiii^y aod $iipi»Ues CUSTOM HATCHIK0-^.5O per case. Smith elec. Uieubatioh. Sets MOQ. and Thurs. i Started chicks, Bp up.; Pay old,; 414c up. Sim- floweri Blatchery, Gas City. FOR SAL6—Shigle comb red ba<>y chicks that live, from flock bred to lay. Order now. Mrs. T. P. McKean Phone 767R. 50 LEC^H 6 RK KSNS—AU laying. Phohe 860-14. CHICKS—Blood tested and accrcd- , ited. English S," C. W. Leghorns, 100 $4.95; 200-300 $4.75; 400-500 $4.50; 600-900 ft .2S. s: C. Reds, R. C. Reds, Buff Rocks, Barred Rocks, White Rocks, White Wyan- dottes. Buff Orpingtons, White Mmbfcas, 50c pei WO higher. White Lang.shans $5.93 iier 100. CUSTOM HATCHING a specialty, $3.50 i ^r case. Less than case lots. Ic per dgg. TA'SrLOR'9 HATCHERY M PRODUCE, 201 B. Jefferson, Tola. R. C. WHITE Wyandotte cockerels blood tested from certified flock; Fischel heavy laying strain; price reasbnablc. Phone 373W. MERCHANDISi; 24: Articles For Sale GOOD USED Cream Separators and DeLaval service.; George J. Marr. HARNESS OIL 75c—Harness repair• ihg .i Heigele's Harness and Auto Top Shop, 201 South street. PIANO—Whitney, good condition, . fine tone. $25.00. See Bill Buttram, over Cook's Drag Store, or phone 1234. PULVERIZED S«EEP MANURE— Per cwt.. $2.00; isweet clover seed, per bu.. $1.50. ;R. C. McKinney Peed Store, Opp. P. O. Phone 389. USED SEPARATORS—Anker-HolLn and DeLaval, I good condition, cheap. Wishardi Seed Co. 27: Feed, Fuel, Fertilizers ALFALFA HAY—Baled or Fred Baker, west of lola. loose. BALED PRAIRIE HAY—For sale. Call at Mccarty's Blacksmith Shop. 301 Soiith; street. 28: Household Goods BIG LOT used oil and gasoline cook istoves. Henninger's Fum. Store. WE BUY—Sell and exchange new land used furniture, stoves, rugs, etc. Curtis Furhiture. 25 USED OAS RANGES-^50 UD. Henhinger:s Furhiture Store. USED LIVING ROOM, dining room, and bedroom furniture. Save 50'S.. Easy terms. Free delivery. W. H. Wood Fine Furniture, 202 South _ Jefferson. Phon^ 190. 2S Machinieryi and Tools GANG PLOW—Good used horse- drawn gang plow, priced to sell. Alien County !Iniplement_Ca___ 30 Mnsicai. Badlo SEVERAL good used radios. Terms. "Henninger's Furniture Store. 31 Seeds, Plants, Flowers KANOTA SEED 6ATS-rl5c per bu. j R. L. Wtirks, Humboldt. Kas. SWEET CLOVER; SEED—For sale, ' recleaned, $1,60 per bu. Will Bed- cnbender, Geneva, Kas, SWEET CLOVBtfClean, $1.35 bu.; ' flax free from wheat and dodder. _JB5c_bu._Nldi£la^,_LgHarpe. ROOMS FOR RENT 33 Bobms ROOMS FOR MEN—In modem home, close in. C. L. Cowan. Real Estate For Rent Farms mai Uaad For Bent iEXTRA GOOD SOfacre farm, 1 mile of town; cash rent at will take In livestock. 411 S.| W^., LaHarpe. ?0-A. SUBimBAiJ—With modem house, bara, other outbuildings, good pasture. Henderson Realty Co. I 240 ACRES —VJ! mile north of Geneva. E.' 8. Stratton. RENT. SELL, TRADE—Improved : 80 acres, Ui miles east Humbokit ; cement plant.JC. W. Hollinger, : Yates Center. $7 iVor. Bent C<!)TTAGE---i rooms, modem, close J5: • 8^^' ^ cheap rent. Phone 1234. 1 ^F (M mmf -Stmees, good location. SeeiO. E. Peea.! |40 if arms ai^ tand For Sale Real E8ta«|e For Sale (FOR ; SALE Oli TRADE^Three acres on slab, j close in, electric lights, garage, bam, 4-room house. |43 To Exchaagi>-Be8l Estate 6-RqpM-modem cottage close hi 8«4caAh-forJarter modem house. Handewod Realty Co. WANT TO TRADE-Iola property ' tof^^awndise. Address A, rare

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