Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 23, 1928 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 23, 1928
Page 6
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PA4E SIX IN MAJOR PLAY Many Trades: Help Race - To Imprpv^ In, Interest THE TOLA-: DAILY REGISTER. MONDAY^EVENIhfG, IJANTJARY 23, 1928. MANY HAVE CHANCE Possibly sixCiubs To Be Reckoned With This Season This Js the last!of a fierioH of stories on 192g prospectR of inajor kfagun i«>anw; Kansas; City Bowler Rolls Pei^ect Score! Kansas City. Jan. 23. (AP)--Al- belt E. Aty, one of Kansas City's leading bowjers, establlflic-d lii« bit! for ^everlastiOK bowling fame lust nlKlit by roUiug a perfect score of 300 in competition. Arjr. bowling without the advantage of a handicap, recenil,v beat 'Jimmy Snilth world's chaiiiplon bowler, exhibition luatL-h here. BODY PUN1CHING IS A LOST ART SAYS BEFERE*} HALEY .\ew York, Jan. 23. kAP)-A win ter season that saw games most prominen some of.' the sta:r8 boughi KANSAS CITY IN VICTORY IN FRAY WITH lOLA FIVE Big Town Boys Wih 35-20 Clash —lolans Are Off Gante The local junior coIlcKe team met Itit secpnd rlefeal on its nv<i | gold or tradetl. apparently lia.s set day road trip, lak Saturday nichtj th<! stage vfor atiothf r fiiee-for-al! j.when it fell before City,' Buratnble for .Sailonal League pen Kansas junior college hy a .-".r. to 2t> j uant honors next summer; ' jscorn.: The team at no time on the - Thfi sensational player Irtliifls.of jietitire trip showed ii.s ii.^ual brand left four dubs I of basketball plnying. Tlie lola teamltri^ti hard <,nouRli th.s'otf-season have' and possibly six. to ' be reckoned with In any discussion of cbamp- .loaehip potentialities. , ' Heading the • list are the Pittsburgh l|'irate,s, Jlcl'ending title-holU- era. Donie UuAh, peeking his second pennant in; as many years at ^ rijo helm of the Corsair crew A probably will.find chief opposition coming from the St. Louis, Chicago at\d .New York clubs. Cincinnati on the strength of a fine )927 tin ish and Boston, with Horniby, also are considered in tlie running by observers. Brooklyn and I'hlla- lo give its opimiients a stiff gam( hut just couldn't show the iicces- sary drive being tired from the game the night before. The pames IS FIRST IN BIG TOURNAMENT Cleveland Pro Wins I El Paso Open On Last Hole In SMITH IS SECOND New Yorker dne Stroke Behind the Winner in Final Totals BOB r/TZSlMMO<MS the hist I Palsy ll;il.-y. who was ;i K.-eal lin!.- I.aul.ini u-.inlit ii( Iii.; .'i^LiiiiK ,!;iys, .says Kid LavSgne wa^ were rougher than usual, niaking ..'""'y.iiunfli.r he .v.r lodnhi agaliLsl. l-'itzsiiuninii.'<, discovtrt r of ihc .solur plixus. he p^tsln a class by it hard lor the lolans to do their ^himself l..o i.oniski. who sliiKg.d''I'oMimy Loughran to the door iwice in one round rede.ntly. Hi ley calls started cff -.c .^'-•"'li.ser hi'lhe ring today, i' passes up. IJ.-iiiiiscy on the ground hea's a "honker. El Paso. Tex,, Jan. 23. (AP)—A sensational recovery on the last hole in the second annual Kl Paso open golf touruaninnt brought yicr- tory by a single stroke to l«irry .Vabholtz, unattacheil profe.ssiona' from Cleveland. Xabholtz, whoso drives have aided to keep him in the money in keen competition for four yearb finished the 72 holes over the El Paso country club in 293 strokes one over par. Starting Saturday Willi consistent golf, he turned In j a pair of V3's for the first 3G holes and came back yeirterday with /a 72 and a 73, to beat out .Macpoh- I aid Smith, of .New York, who ifeed- ed; 294. Janior High Sqi}ad to Entei^in Humbpldt ! ^ — • ; The* junior high squad ml.xfls In only one intei^-school basketajall battle this wecfe. Humboldt junior high comes hei% Wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clofclc The gameimay be a dortblef header. Coach Van damp though Iwsiiig to Fredonla last week believcs-that his men should'ie out of the.bad streak this week and add another victory to their llist: Probably ilxuii renters will ft^ -Uble to be In y^eil- nesday's lineup'^it different tl.nies. Afternoon priictices- will hi on the bill for the; junior hl^h .«i<-n in preparatii.n for thrse j^ajii'S. Both squads will probably ; see plenty of work in preparation- for 1 tl|e games. . r i r •:. VALLEY WILL HAVE LITTLE HEATINPLAY leaders To Rest After Stiff Struggles Of Season OKLAHOMA LEADING •But ~ Missouri Crew Hot On Trail Of Sooniers Is best. The lola team startcil cir ^jt^ though it was going to play il.s usual type of game taking, the lead- early in the game to liuild it up to. a fi to 1 lead, only to have Kansas City work forward and fittally get into the lead. The lola team was weakenetl /by the fact that only delphlu, on the basis of their rec-lone suh.slitute was had for the ords last year and tUelr pre!=ent! majority of the game. Barber \va.^ "paper power." seem slaled foi U'nable to play at all Saturday du" althjugh to having hui-t his knee aKaiiij. in "paper pow second division berths, ^both are streuTfthened. A month ago the New "i'ork j Giants were • conceded as good a •chanc<> to win the flag as anv of their rivals but the Hornsby ='tradc has upset ihese calculations. The deal which sertr McGraw's field ,leader to Bo.ston iu exchango for Hogon find Welsh, strengthened the THREE ARE TIED FOR CAGE LEAD IN CONFERENCE pracfice Saturday. • The cdurl wiis hip and the Ibia men tired easily. Ahso tlie men' were not in a good spirit for a long haril game and just couldn't do their 'best. Burger couliiln't hit and I.unac was uu:.ble to sforv more tan one charity toss. This, Baker, Bethany ind Team From McPhjrson Undefeated Kiin>^as (oiii'erence t-« i Bak. r left most of hie scoring ui Olanls behind the "batTnTTn"'tiie Kemp who di.l a good job mailing IJ,.ihany . outfield but iKft a gapin-: hole at I" <?' ^^i' Poi""*- , . .M.Phcrsou ^ with Andy Cohen, ar The lola gu;.rd« were playing J (Mtavv:, untried minor leagut-r. as. the only'^oo'' sanu- with only 12 of ihe .t.i;St; Benedi<is CHAMP OF NAVY tttop-gup ,in »:lght. [points made 'by Kans.-us City belnajst. Mary'y Stahl „ „ • ... , scored by. forwards. The Pirates completc.l <m!> on. '^^^^ j,^,.^^,, ivh'», Kansas Wi'slcvati en-, Kn,..i,ls . trade of _mporta. ce btii that one j^^. j,^^^,^ ^^.^ iith i sterling brought "Sparky ^ Af m^ cracK , ^ ^„ . s^ i ' pecond baseman of the '^iCHg3| ^ « 1 cubs, to Pitt.sburgh to solve Busn^; I „„i„itn,o .some of th., lufield worries ^^^e loss of K^kl • j.^^^.,^ p,^^. ,,,,, Cuyler leaves witli^the sanu ^ „ .^^ -etvtfield that won the pennant as j^,.^ „ year- Pete Scott who came wii^ , , Adams m the Cuyler deal, now can nuanwhile xsill I.e. Topeka. Jan. 1^! teams. Hf'tliany. .ItaU«-i' .Sftnidlngv N' i. ivt. .2.".0 . .<iOO .0011 <.\Pi -Three! and .Ml-! . t4ke Klki's place "on the wood" ii he falls to land a regulaj- assignment. Barely nosed out In the tiglit for the flag last summer, the St I/mls Cardinals, led by tbelr new manager. Bill .McKechnlo, have high hopes of lieating the field to the wire in 1!»28. Cardinal fans feel-that Bob O'Farrell, untroubled by managerial worries, will return ' to foi-m behind the bat and that the infield, with Thevenbw back, again ' -will compare favorably with any In the circuit. The: pitcbir.? staf.' needs -to do no better liian it did last year, wh»n It - outshone ail i-lvals. — — The Cubs, sensations for a lime . last year,-appear to; hav-? added strength in one spot onlv to tak.; it I from another. With the addition " of Cuyler, Jo« McCarthy a f ly-cliaa- . era should compile laauy base hits but the loss of Adams jia-s weakened "a none .too strong infield. McCarthy Is banking op Freddv Ma- Guirei Toledo star, to fill ihe bole : Jack Hendricks stands pat ou Ills Cincinnati lineupi which'closed the season In 1927. • with a fine •brand of baseball. Ifi/he club peta off on the right foot, Hendric4:s - feels that he will be ib tlu- thick of . the fight all year. The fans up Boston' way are hoping foranother "tuira(<le team." un, der the Braves >new njanager, Jaci; Slaltery. With Horn.s'by to -suppij the spark in the offensive and steady the lufield at the samn time !i the Braves figure to jie the "dark ! horse" of the pennapt stniggle Strength needs to be'added. Iu>w- ever, in tJie outfield apd in the rc- cMvlne departments. •. Brooklyn has gatheretl togetUev some minor lijague stars and Bavi [- Bancroft, former Braves manager to back up the, superlative work of Wllbert Robinson's ijiouud staff but the Robins probably will have n tough row to hoe to; finish higher than sixth. . I Burt Shotton. who starts the first • year of ai two-year contract iim preparing for one of the| stiffest games c.f the sciuson when the invaders from Parsons' Uinior college come here Friday evening for the I'luTsi'in: had pi'Tfect sc-.ndings as till' Kaif'^ilki cnnfcri'iice. b.".skell)aH s'^-isoii .'^watii; into the. iliird week toila\. I Baker and Bctliany "beaded tli'' peri-fiilnsc coliiiiin Willi three vii-- tories ami no defe.Tls to tlieir credit while .McPhersiui followed Willi SALARYiSLI OR QUIT, TRIS SPEAKER HEARS Sending the ball well down the fairway on the 18lh hole on the final roiind. Xabholtz apparently had eluded the bad luck attending the part of the final round, bill it rolled behind a tree and then into a trap near the green. He elected an explosion shot. The ball rimmed the cup and rolled HOLDS FIRST IN CENTRALCIRCOIT Pittsburg' ^nd Wichita Squads Tied for Second 4 f'entrul ('oui'i'rence Standtncs h. Pet. Washliurn I .7.^0 PittshnrS .1 1 inoo Wichita U. 1 1 ..•-.oO C-olIege of Emporia 0 1 ,1 |0|) Hays : 0 1 :>ifiO Southwestrri; . >l 0 .JMlO Emporia . IJ 0 .jjoij Topeka. Jan. '^2;:. (AP)- -Washburn led the field in the for on I the first championship of the new i IWidve feet. .V perfect putt gave and prize of Washington Chief Veteran Must Pjlaiy For Less Ta:n|ia. F.'a.,- ilan. 2.'?, I'UiTu tirilfith. "prtsident Washiii^'ljoii .\iiier.ican leaglue club, Says ,<AP) — or the [er must .lalary first conference game for the lo-i,wo \i<lnri.>s and no defeats. cal court this .season. The lc)la men are hoping to retrlvc their lost fprtuues when tiny play Friday night, unfi to down Parsons though such a think would be a hard jdl) would mean that every man would have to do his Number2 (Contlnned ifrom Page One) manager of the Philadelphia Na Clonals, apparently Is : fore-boomed, o the second division and per would not .satisfy Chairmail Borah of the foreign relations committee, or some of the Democratic leaders. Senator Borali believes the senate Should pursue an investigation that Avould "work out " something con-structive and something helpful" toward a belter understanding between the American republics.- • „ ' Altltougfli the Idaho senator said in a statement last night that tlie facts of- the Nicaraguan siti'iatioti are pretty well known, other mciii- ber.s of *tlie committee suih as Sw-an.son of Virginia, and Pittniaii of Nevada. Democrats, believe the committee first should be advisc-ti officially of the agreements made between Ihe admlnistratlou and .N'icaraguau leaders. They would liave the.'-information come from Secrelflrx Kellogg who probably will be the first witness called ,lf Ihe committee decides lo coiidiict an inquiry. Declaring that Ills comniiltoe had not yet formulated a program touching the subj"cl, Cliairiiian Borah said; "The is llie war-making power and is necessarily interested in all matters that relate to lise of the army and leh navy. Thi> commiUee does not desire to , invesiiguitj' nieroly . lo ^'pibarrass. Whilf Baker rr-mains idle this 'iveek. «'illi<r Belh.iiiy or >:;:'li(r- Hon hail a chance to swinp into j first place. .McPherson woiiJii ail- vance to a tie for llie le.-'d bj •• inning its game tomorrow j iii,ilil .".gainst Ottawa rniversity and another victory Friday night over Sterling would strengthen tli'.- Bull-log's early Icail for the championship.: Bethany, with only one same sihedule<I for thi- week and that Wednesday niglif asainst Ottawa Yon hiiphl lliink K. V. .Watkins, shown liere, was merely a walking advertiseinent for •an expprt tattoo artist. But Waikins, who hails from Plains, Texas, is Jin alhlelt- of note In ilic I'nited Slates navy, where 111' holds till- niiddli'weiuht wrest I inn ehampioiisliip. Number 4 (Cnntinueil from Page One) Hoiiscr for .?.1.0n.- Ten;h fvo ?jushels to Allen Co. but it does not desire ^eltlier to shirk it-s duty in the promises. at l-indsbors. had a chance to at!'Inp. fo. for $2.30. least remain 'u a tie lor tlie lead.; Balance of tho samples sold from $2..^0 per 'bushel to 7.5c. the latter price being (onsiderably over the iiiarkei price* and mucli ot tin- i-.irii testing too o.w in ger- iiiination i i 1 <• used for ."-(.ed. • The mana'-icintnl of Ihe Corhj iiiid Po.ilM-.- Show I'l-el iinder great! obligalion lo, lii.- boys ot Profes-j sor lies'•• -li-s in voi-aiii.'ial agriculture I'o.- Ih:- work llcy di;|. without iiiv compensation except: 111 sutltffacliorj thpy had in promoting an' enterprise, in wfiich they ;>••".• inii-rested. They not only «lid iiicsl of the ni.iniia! labor connect- eil Willi ilie show, and there was a m)od deal (if it in putting a biiiidri'd or more hen coops in plai-e, arr.-'nKinK tables and all that, but they fed and watched the high-iiriced fowls by day and night lo see that no harm vame to them and that thieves did not break tliroiiah and steal. Aiid they were busy till midnight Saturday clearing away the straw which had lieen spread Jo protect the floor and getting Ihi- room ready for fhe social function wldch is to take i)la<e there tonight. It was a very necessary .lob ot work anil it was well and cheerfully done. Bbdy of Goethals Is On Way to West Point New; York. Jan. 2:5. (APi — The body of .Major Ceneral George W. fJoethals. builder of the Panama Canal, wjll be sent today lo West Point, where, funeral services will he held tomorrow in the eadet cliaiiel. and burial will be in .the historic I^ost renietcry, overlooking Ihe, llnilsoii. 'rill- services at Point will he read by the Rev. II. Percy Silver, formerly chaplain at > West I'oint anil a friend of the (;oeiIials family. Wintry Conditions , Predicted in State iiaps the cellar position. Numer^ ; ir„„o„o Wkpnt Prnn Ic dus recruits will make the trlri^^"rr lb. the Phils training quarters bui It remains xn be .seen whethei^ they can enable the club to climb out of the berth.s. • . Alaska Democrats Are Behind Al Smith Boom Se^^ard. Alaska, Jan. 23. (AP)— Launching the niuch discussed drive of Al Smith for the: Democratic presidential nomination, the „.„ „ „„..„^^ Ala6ka Democratic convention has j in the wesler^ counties conUuued Not Aided by Weather Topeto. Jai. 2.'5. (.\P)—^The past week hiough "but slight benefit to the Kan,sas winter wheat crop, the state board of agriculture and other agricultural agencies reported today. flight prec pitation was reported in siioiicil areas in the eas'teru part of the .stale, with weather warm enough to stimulate some top growth of wheat. Surface soil Toiir-ka, Jan. 2:'.. (.\Pi—A return of more wintry conditions in Kansas was lor.-cast this n>orning by S. I). Flora, «ielet>rologist.Svho iire-<i lower teiiiperaitires and un- st--lllei| weather. Willi a (-liance for snow or rain in ihe east portion. The iiii'icuiy loniglil is expected to range from \T% In tin* northwestern sect Ion to 25 In the southern and eastern counties. Coodland reported a low mark lasi night- of 22. Former Associated Press Agent Dead insti'ucted its six delegates to the national convention to rot^ for this Ne'w "i'ork executive. After the endorsement of Smith's candidacy here last night, six delegates and islx'altcrriates were elected and Instructed. Paulen's Office Asked . To Extradite Robber "very dry." the report ."aid.' Kansas Meter Readers Not To Be Inquisitive Ttopefca. Jan!' 2.'5. (API—Meter readers of at least one public utility company of Kansas are being instructed 'by their employers not to enter U customer's ilwellin^j during the customer's ab.«ence or without his consent. , .Votlce to this effect wa.'^ given the-public service commission today by A. il. Patten, president of the Kansa« Power company of Topeka, whicih operates light Juxi power companies in a' number of clt!e» of Kiuisfl». - Kansas Viiy,, .Mo.. Jan. 23. (AP). Samuel Willis Rider, 68. president of the .Me.xicau International Trust Company and district agent of the Associated Press' in Kansas City froni,l.SS3 to ISSii. died at his home in .Mexico City Saturday. Word of thq death was received here by his brother. Alfred I). Rider, vice- president of the Fidelity National Bank A: Trust Co. lie had been 111 for three weeks. said todaly Mint Ti-is Speak vidiintarily redtic(5 his oxtii witlifu ilio next week or give liis center field-bcMll Senators. • . "It's up to Speaker," fiiii. "111! must -.make move. It he wahts to WashingKm this i season have to cut his .salary. V\\ dots he automatically will teasf'il on Fnbruat-y 1. the lion of the time litnil loi- le| contracts." • » Crifliili mentioned the; West, a iKird liittjng reirulit from Ihe Souiliern .\ssovlalioii. a.j .•^^ible center fielder, for th' tors. ".Mtlmugh AVesiTwas hajndlcap- ped during the past season ly sick ness." C.riffith srtid. "I ttink would t.ake a goofl ball pli beat him out oft fib job'th If Speaker goes Oflt.'J firiffith plans to; spend .the next few weeks playingtgolfand making' Iireparations for arrival here Fp-b. i 19 of his sixteen pilchei|s. The ie- j niaindcr of the team i* e.xpectcd I March 1. him a three $1,000. "Smith, who won the Los .\ngoles and Palos V^rdes .opens in the recent series pf California tournaments, was playing under the handicap of a 74iand a 7.'> In Saturday's opening rounds, after he made a record 66 in practice. He recovered in the final flight witli a 72 and a 73. He received $700. Four veterans finished in a lie for third place with 29.';. They were: .\\ Esplnosa. Chicago; Willie flunter, Los Angeles; Billle Burke, New York and Bill .Melhorn, Pittsburgh. They divided the $900 offered as third, fourth, fifth up : and sixth prizes, iih tl»!' Tommy -Armour, National open title holder, who won last year's Rl Paso open with 2,SS. was unable said C.rif- jf, ix\rn in but one par round and t ie first. finislied with 301. r|lay for^ Completion of llie EI Paso meet he will : found most of the' players turning ' less he ,„ San Aiiionio to practice tor the ' be re- seventh annual Texas open. Febru-! expira-ary 2 to h. ^dcring i inclutle Cru X927 Texas ame of • 500. Isansas Ciiy, Jan. 23. (AP)—The si-iamble for valley basketball honor.- this week centered in the lower pan of till- column with the Okla- hoiiia Sooiii-rs and Missouri Tigers resiiiig after more firmly en- tniuliiiii; ilitmsi-Ives in first and second places. Oklalioiiia's -11 lo 21 victory over' the Oklalioma Aggies Saturday, en- i abl'Ml the.Sooiiers to complete the j first hall" of tlie season with eight. ! stiaight win.s. Missouri's triumph over Washington gave the Tigers six wins against a single loss to clinch sefoiiil position for the time being. I ; The Oklalioina .\ggies, also! inactive fliis week, faces the prospect of sharing iliinl place' -with Washington, provided the Bears beat K.iusa.s" at Si. l.ouis. Friday Should Kansas win. the Jaytiaw-. ker.-? would exchange places With the Bears, now infourth place with four ,wins and three losses. Kansas champions of the valley for six years, has been able, to win (nly three or .-:ix starts. The leaders in individual scoiing used lust week'.s games to bciost totals, with Holt, towelling ! Central conference as the seyen rival.'^: swung into the third w4ek of the season's Schedule today.-. Pl.ayinjj in' all^except one of jhc ' conf-i-eiice games scheduled in jhe I <^'^'''*'"'n''' center, raising his mark first two weeks, the I,-habods have i'° 1"-' maintain: first -plice won three contests, and lost on-.! Wf'K'it of the Oklahoma Aggies and that to the Pitt.sburg Teachers, jhi.s total 10 -96, while Drkke whb are lied with Wichita Univer- "f Oklahoma liolds third place vjlth sttv for second j)lace. Both Pitts- Vnnker of .Missouri ended the Wichita have won and ! «•''<* SI to nose out -Meyers of iiurg and Drake for fourth by a single point King and Collins of the Oklahjoma JAggios, ranked next wiih 77 and:75 respectively and Churchill of the Soone'rs "followed with 70. Tlie other three games Q.n this week's slate: Tuesday, Drake at fow:a State: Saturday. Iowa State at .Vebia.'ska and Drake at Kansas Aggies. lost one gamr-. ^- ' Tlie conference leaders lost their game with PittsUurg, 48 to l.S. an>I Plltsliurg in tur4 dropped its contest with.Wichita a few days laler by the close score of 31 to 27> Washburns oilier victories were over Hays Teachers and. College of Kmpofia. .• , .' Soathwesterii will opep it.= con- ferenc-e season aiiainst the College of Emroria at ^'infi-Id loni.eht | nBm^plK .New Location, 109 while Ihi- Emporia Teachers will; E -^^g-^^^ E/Madkon. First enter llie race in a game with j %nj4ffl>!.>,^ Door Eaxt of Hays Teachers at; Hays. : Browns Drug .SJore. Phone 17(J .1. A. I^anders Was defeateil Jiy ' nnuai Texas open, {•ehru-i .1. A. I^anders Was deleatei! py > cvrAaZ^^TrSTSri _ h. Entries for this meet i I'atsv Reagan hi a fhr e-rii:!e : y'^T) /D/y ^-^^^ZS/rsLf l?f^ ruickshank. winner of the sculling race at Bffston. for (Sr/^'3^-7^Ct/m^iU/ll^^ IS,open. Prizes total. ?6.- Juno 29. 1.S77. in S2 minutes ."i:,":'; v -^-"^ <y ' .'•econds. - " '• =.^5 a pos- Scna- it lyer to s year Now Shc^n for the First Time NumherS (Conlinued froiii i ^npe One) Wichita Pianist Asks $50,000 in Damages Wichita. Kan.. .l:in. 23. (API — Claiming damages of $50,000, Mrs. Agnes Belle Wilcox, 2S. Wichita pianist who lost her right arm as the result of an automobile accident at a railroad crossing here last .•\rmistire day, filed suit for this amount against Ihe Ro<k Island railroad in district court today. and embarrass her'." judgmei t and will upon, other mutters. Tlie south has exercised her conslin tiona) rig.'il 10 eliminate a class of Ignorant, shiftless and torrupt voters who for many ye.ars-wcre iu < barge of- lii-r loi-al, miinJciiral and state aftairs. with the resiiit of un: peak able impoverishment and di.<:(irace. ••Exercising Iheir ^clear am coii- slinitional right, ;the .soitheri'i -lare.<; have enacted^ suffrage laws wliich are necessary to d)tain clean, economical «ind capable gov einnients. The sou^h Is re! olvei and determined tha^ no 'p'rt of Ihat section shall ever becume Haiti or Santnf Domingo an I thi dark, festering sore.-t'of locon aruc lion shall never reappear Vt> at- llict her." \ ^itlj^mratcliless super six yerfolim a nee •.V HARDWARES lOLA-KANJA/i Missouri Pacific Has Plan to Save Agents Topeka. Jan. 23. (.-VP)—Applica-| tioii to replace with carefasers Its • agents at .McLains and Milk^rton, Kalis., wa.^ made today to the public .servile commis.siop by the Mis- Lsouri I'acific railroad company. Dorsett Produce Co. ISO2 KaKt Street, lola Phone 703 Catih for Ponltry and Eggs Call Us Anj Time. We will come after ponltrr. Nash Garage 214 North Jefferson ' OPEN ALL NIGHT ; NIGHT MECHANIC—SERVICE ANY QAR PLENTY OF STORAGE PHONE 720 NASH MdTOR SALES k If ^1: V I NEW HUDSON PRICES lia -UtchCluusis Coupe *1295 - S«<lan SliS Coach SUM t27-bKh ChaasU Snodard Sedan $i45« Victoria Sin* Cuttom Landau Sedan SltSO Clutom 7-f-aasenser Sedan tl9M All prices f. o. b. Detroit, pbu war txdsu tax Hudson crown.s- a lonjr succcs.«ii«)n' of iriumph.-. in the njw Super- Sixes which dealers arc now !ih()\yinij. ' The resources which achieved and led the mechanical possibilities CijF ^ of the day, have been brilliantly rtnploycd to create and lead a new mode of beauty, comfort an^l lu.xurious appointment. For Hudson now. introduces Toiiiorrow's X'ogue. As dramatic as the first introduction of the Super- Six principle, the hieh-coniprcssion motor toward which all builders aim. j ; As boldly]original as the Coach, which turned the trend to closed car dominance. As revolutionary as the companion invention to the Super - Six principle, ^the high - compression riiotor toward which: all builders aim. i "With higheij,! narrower radiator, with vertical shutters, saddle lamps, full c/qwn fenders and law sweeping lines, here is Hudson beauty in gloriously new guise. And in all models, everj- value of bc^dy and chassis heretofore known', is surpassed! You will; agree without hesitation the moment you see them. A new and glorious thrill is in store for you when you take your firet ride. Three lines of Hudson bodies' arc presented—the Standard, the Custom I)esigncd ahd the Custombuilt—and two chassis—the 118-inch and the 127-inch. TlieiV EW SuperS/x Pud White Motor Co. 219 Sobth Washington, lola, Kansas Phone 180

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