The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on May 4, 1933 · Page 8
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 8

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 4, 1933
Page 8
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smut fttl MALVtfcft l£*im MALI Imogene - S. E. Mills Small Twister at tmogetie Sattifday fitrildiiig* Damaged Iby S*tffi \Vifld Stofiti Saturday evening abotrt 5:30 ; severe wind and hall and torn fain visited this locality. At the Joe Maher home, an three miles north of Imogen*, corner of his barn and an out building; were blown to pieces About a quarter of a mile south east of there at the home of Tom P. Maher, Joe's brother, the hog house was picked np and carrlet to the garden, completely destroy ing It and two other small outbuildings. The shingles were torn off their porch and a part of the house also. In Imogene an electric light pole was blown down and the roof was blown from the Joe Ca- hjll double corn crib. ffmht were broken of the storm. In some places At the Lew Stater home abottt a rafle idtrtfreast of teagewe the doors were torn 6t Ms bara ami oirt&Bfldfiftgs and gates torn from their places. Many trees and in the path r heavy ralni were repotted btrt they were local. Very tittle rain fell In this locality with only a few showers Saturday. A good rain would be my welcome. Sunday morning a reddish dust covered the ground and waits here which many etatm was dost from Oklahoma, while others say from Nebraska and eastern Colorado, but It was something no one had ever seen here before. Two More Old Land Marks Are Removed Estel Bussard has purchased the building known as the Trenholm store building on the upper street corner from Mrs. M. E. Trenholm. and has torn It down and is getting the location ready 'or a new building. The house on the Stf. *ftd Stf*. Floy* Gee, Ki*. ard Ca*rafftg» ftfift falnfly, tfte tttffer l*tft«r, tilt. Wertman, visited «t. and Krs. Garry Oncbrfst at Avotft last Strnday. ffarry Comstoe*, eairfef on route two, was bae* on duty Motv- tfay mornfn* after ft week's vacation. Oeo. SchfeMer Sr. was the substitute. John R. Mfnnlck spent a few days recently visiting tils sons. Mam-ice and Howard, at Leavenworth, Kan. TOM Candell of Matvern Bad business here one day last week. Mrs. L.. E. Qntscnenrttter and sons, John and Donald, were business callers In Maltera last Wednesday evening. weird world In Water Drop Is Shown At Chicago's World's Fair ftitif&fif battling to the death, vegetations gftmiitg Tfri tf-ee* & the ttHnklin of eye. itisect-like creatutci di vidifig into living entities as if It ruagic— all in a single Iowa Ha* Pelt Storm Lotie* S«vefi Year Total Twenty. Eight Live*, Milliotu Dainaf« During the seven-year period from 1925 to 1931, inclusive. windstorms eight lives cost and Iowa twenty$9.557.330 In The house on tn«i Harmon bureau. United >roperty is being torn down and I of agriculture, hey are taking It to their farm west of town, so two more of the Id time buildings are removed. property damage. The figures which Include all type of windstorms, were complied from re>orts of the Chief of the weather mreau. United States department Vou can attend the World's Fair, with all expenses paid, for only $34.95! That price provides you residence at Beacon city in the southern environs of Chicago wtth lod g lnfr> meals, car parking, Chicago transportation and admission to the Pair. The Burprlsinglr low- cost is made possible by mutual co-oper. ation. Since living fluarters will be prepared only for those actually enrolled In advance, you are urged to act as eartr M possible. * Enroll now. Time you may be assured of reservation at the time most convenient tor you to attend the Fair. An enrollment fee of $6.00 wOl guarantee you reservation. Tbia Too nleaTe the $29.95, to be when you arrive at Beacon City, The baseball season was open d here Sunday on the ball dla inond at the Herbert Sullivan home. Thurtnan and Imogene played, Imogene being the winners. Miss Maurice Addy commenced her duties as assistant postmistress here Monday morning succeeding Miss Anna Maude Abbott. Con Ryan of Fremont county was one of the state men injured some in the riot at Denlson last week. He escaped very lucky with only a few bruises. He spent the with his family near • // it frtf. The Malvern Leader week end here. Mrs. Chas. Abbott and her father, F. M. Stalght, returned the forepart of last week. Frank Miller is back on duty after a severe siege of flu which kept him from work for several days. Mrs. Herbert Sullivan spent Saturday in Omaha and Council Bluffs. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Comstock pent Saturday and Sunday of last week with relatives In Omaha. Joe Doyle has a new Plymouth coach. Mrs. M. Printy returned the latter part of the week from a In the same period, Illinois lee in loss of life —812 — and suf fered $26,670,500 property dam age. Missouri was next with th loss of 211 lives, but exceeded the Illinois property loss, reporting $27,923,800 damage. Charles D. Reed, governmeni meterorologlst In Des Molnes pointed out that damage to prop' erty and the loss of lives Is controlled to a great extent by density of population In the stricken areas. Many Miss Cities Many tornadoes have spent their force on prairies where lit :le damage was done, he said. Elad these same storms struck cities, vast property damage and :he loss of life probably would have resulted. Minnesota, during the same seven-year period, lost twenty- five lives and $7,644,000 in property. Nebraska lost nineteen lives and $5,161,100 in property. Compared with the 8 year period from 1916 to 1923, Iowa's loss of lives was considerably smaller but property damage was greater. Forty-one lives were lost in that period, twenty-nine of which occurred in 1918. The same years took a toll of $2,450,000 in property, .Improved Property The increase in property dam- dfop of ffiii startling, inefredibU world win actually be btotigb to life lot the millroiis of vift itofs who will come to Chi capo's 1933 World's Fait— A Cfcntttfy of Profress, which Wil play boat to tbe world from Jnne t to November^ 1, To the average man, not a* qnalnted with the matvel* nnfolded by science during tbe past few years, web * fevelatiea teeffil impowibl* and welt beyond the f«ahn of Imajfi- aatiott. Bat to Dt. George Boentmer, ftdted lei*Btj»t, formerly of Germany, is* of New York, this modern tnifael* it all in a day's work, tn an ethibit la tbe biology section of tbt Ban of Selene* at the World's Fair fid will demonstrate to any doubter "there Is more in beavea and eafth than dreamt ef in everyday philosophy," to paraphrase Shakespeare. Micro-Projection tfced tiring a new method of mlero-pro- Jeetion, Dr. Roemmer for the first time will eihlbit moviAg pletnrei of for**, *«* th* «H+mt* trf wltw-wHl be i* tew M»*n to b« observed wfti tk« «y*». ti,* lew* powatfol ttletofteopes eaft tbet b* detected, as m«y of taett Mi6t eonafit of btrt a single Rf«-«eit ' tWtfc appafaHrt eenbiaiBf prln<5l. DIM of both the mitfMftspe and pbot^projeetot, liftgie dtops »f water win fee enlarged to tbe dimension* of a f out -fwrt «ere«« In tb* eihlbit at A Ceatary of Progress. MasnMled td thli eitent, tbe Flotesoa iniabit- ng tbe drop of water will fee plainly 'Wble. Pmou* In Odabat >«o» monrteti of this riflgi*. drep wotld Witt be Men ia mortal ombat. Oa« will wateb two kind* jf animahinlet eaOed Didinltnn sad Amoeba ParattMeiatt In struggles bat «t«ataatiy always end In ory for tke form*f. Bit th« Par*. — -— r -« ftMMft* Jam wffl rtwrf Tfcest ifirl «tt» i f6l*«. Uttt the kttielA sf to «rt«y tut te&m It it am I4t*«« trf W* f a*, tt k j£&li0k ^tlMbrfr £& — ff eaCB HSnB aiiaitte M «Wftft**f tertlce efiafgf at J&e Witl fcs »i*t fof e*e* fnilafQ AQ WMwa ffiTZJlt wl Wl* SWefed at ffee Leader etlc*. AWfftACVB Of* A MM* Cwrnty AtfUrMt today, a writ** itee«ed»d is «6fy jrt»bHlt.«d Ik tit* initial 6l Atltttis Mtttfiif. ttt*f, wtiftJi ditefibwl fetattif td «*t» ftf »8|«ta«oft witt t Jftterftifiglifig and i b«i*f wafcderiftg in titetf wu eoftM der*d at that tto* W b« t blgiily fretiosittd f*bH«*tioft. Al j»eMed t&* Prfttetdft bad not fcNfi ptvl tfttfi fa M«h ttiattc dfr tail at sp«tat*t* will b« abl« td in th« pi«tttt«s at A C«ntwy ol Ptognu. Of eourw, V, J t CKBHen's tal« oi tli* tf*J« *iiM»n«* of a ih»i>*d being la ti» «f tli« tretosaa has worM out t« Uiamoad L*as," that fi*. Bat hi. ttaf f of ettf, in hU rtory, "ft. mi la t>i wll dren there. John Sullivan sprained bin ankle last Friday. Mrs. E. J, Sweeney of Omaha visited relatives here the forepart of last week. Mrs. Johnny Delehant and son, Paul, went to Farragut Monday to attend the funeral of Thomas Macoy, Herbert Sullivan was called to Nora Springs Saturday by the serious illness of his brother. Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Gilmore of Coin spent Sunday here with the latter's parents, Mr, and Mrs Bern Maber. Vincent Laughlin spent Sunday afternoon with Donald Gutschen- rltter. Jas. Cassell and Johnny Delehant drove down from Omaha Sunday morning and spent the day with their wives and families and other relatives. Mr. Delehant is foreman of the Earl jj. May Seed and Nursery store in South Omaha. He reports very good business Jn that line. They returned to Omaha Sunday evening and Miss Anna Delehant, john- ny s sister, accompanied them to Omaha to look there Monday. after business Price? Why we save more than the cost of a year's subscription to The Lea4er ery week by taking advantage of the bar- iistea there, Just see how many there are this week! in cities. Iowa is in the heart of what is generally considered the tornado belt of the United States. Thia area embraces most of tbe com belt, extending south through Oklahoma and Texas, bordering the gulf. Severe windstorms or tornadoes are infrequent in coastal states, particularly so in the northwest, according to the weather bureau data Real Eatate Transfers Record of instruments filed In the offices of the Recorder and Clerk of District Court of MHla county, Iowa, from Feb. 10, 1933, at 8 a. m., to Feb. 17, J93S, at ° a. ID. Carl R. Phelpa to Qeo. A. Pbelna (W. D.) $11,800. Land in Sec. 16 and 21-71,43. C> ,™ D « u P re * to Mary Marshall (W. D.) $1 and V. C. UM5 acres in 7-78-42. ***««i Mary Marshall to C. J, Deupree (W. D.) $1 .no V. 0. I0?3e acres Sections 6 and 7-72.42. epperf> to F - B- Dashner 1 the everyday Ufa of that biologleal CATTLE Short, w .« , —W. fi. Iftetfck, ttal*ef« *•«* sate—fwe polled fotd bntis, o«« yearling and oflft '^ three year old. —Zeno Pnone 190^14, Milrern. FOR RENT In ft«nt—Two modern bouseff north Matvern. Call Landi* Hardware. »itf,i -- - •— — •— - ........... ,-,Mouse V» neat In Hastings &&, Maift St. inquire ei Mr*. «va Van- Aasdale of Will Young. . 41-I.*-. LOST AND POUND or Strayed««Black geld- „ Ing, wt. about 1700 Ibs. Dirap^Vi peated last Satarday night, No»"i| tify Earl Conrad. Phone l88»Fao> M MISCELLANEOUS Wnnted — Block to pasture.- Oscar Briley, Malvern. 42-2, x typical scene of life within a drop of water i Chicago-. Wortd 1 * Pair • awn will be nvMltd to million of-TlattowS ' --^?^*-- - < > - by » '- Piatt in Mercy Hospital A. E, Piatt drove to Silver City Monday and from there took hi father, George A. Piatt, to Conn ell Bluffs where he entered the Mercy hospital for treatment and an operation for goitre. He has not been operated on yet but will have to wait until be is in a little better condition. Bud, tbe nineteen year old son of Ed Scboen- Ing of Silver City was taken the same day to tbe Mercy where be bad an operation for appendicitis, and is now •reported to be convalescing,' Mrs. Jamei Berry Pied in Council Bluff* The body of Mrs, James Berry, mother of Punn, was Clyde E. Heaton et al to F E John W, Johnson to o. «. J. E. Anderson to Theo. A, An, derson et al (W. D.) J800. Pt, fcrt 294 to 899, Pacific JU.BO, "°»- WJW 6. Blk, 12, Qlea, Can * *$?• t0 P8q||lc JWWtHw. Oeo. s. Edmonds to Ben* Ed» monds (W. ».) «. Uml, fealf int. |n Lots 2 and, 8, Blk. 82, Gordon's Add,, GleawaTdT Christina Anderson to Ttieo,, A. Anderson et al (a Vf, 0.) fl and Love anfl Affecttos Lots 294 ta 299, Pwjflc '' * ~~~'-^-~T~T »» fmmfff.^- fv »*•»# ir""»^T**f "v fW"r brought here from Council Bluffs April 13 for burial in tbe Malvern cemetery, She died in Coun* ell Bluffs April il and funeral services were held tbere, Mr». Berry spent the greater part Of her life ia Mills county, Hasfe ings and MalYero, but bad lived in Council Bluffs for several years past. We were unable to get any further particulars, s Fair We can . *y, uu* •?«., araww w «P»T wwww^- edge, ^et'9 %Q,ck, , un o* th.6 kjjowledge - o|-ttij»p ihsv*""°' a%4 be rich H*$ rest pf ogr A Ce»t»ry »| Will yon be wanting Information about any portion of Chicago? Such information will be given you at Beacon City headquarters. "The Midway," amusement aectlon of tbe Pair, will probably be tbe largest and moat varied amusement park Jn the world. Such devices as "FlyJng Turns" and the. "Dodge-em" boats can hardly be duplicated elsewhere, and the giant BkyRlde is absolutely without parallel in tbe world, DEFINITION '^A teacher who has 'not attended A Century ; of Progress, facing a plans of boya and girls who hate, A real re8t»ara&t. spirit of tbe old southwest, visitors, w}U bf ,e»tertal»f4 . Spanish dancer* and the strum* mjng Of Me?lt»n f uJtajrt, is built at tbs enoagb at any time o| year; In* tbe World's Fair It wW ufi> doubtedly be much wore ?rowd'| ed. AJI trsfflo prpWems are ayold»J ill to bear arms for kiwi or'country, Wonder what Bruce and Wallace would think about this? We are in favor of Mr, McDonald's and Mr, Mussolini's four power peace pact so long as they """'* — Uncle Sam to underwrite It, If you want to write a new stein song there are a lot of words that rhyme with "beer." example, "cheer," •queer" and "tear," "smear. , data, but ??i« it uidate assets? — GreerivJlJe. g, "ewg, in before a "Job" should - Wanted to Trade—-Flue residence in Logan, Iowa (rented now), 600 acres gracing and dry farming land in Wyoming and $3,000 cash for improved western Iowa farm land. Address X, care' The Malvern Leader, 41-8. The Malvern Mill will accept Corn tn exchange for flour, meal, and chicken feeds^ Phone 226, Malvern, 84*10.' FOP Sale —Paint spraying out-fit tn first class condition. Priced! low for quick sale. — C. J. Halfi? Hastingi. t MACHINERY For Sale or Trade — , row combined John Deere Hat adjustable dropping while in tlon. — Bobt M. Btroud, vern. For Sale —Used For .tor, SEEDS AND Fl For Sale—Timothy bay.-'S per ton in barn, —Chas. Wi" Malvern, For Sale —Baled wild hayl farm 2H miles southeast Silv City. — Harold Baterty. 41 WORK WANTS Tom Shaw — Piano Tunl Leave orders with Collins Drju Malvern, or Priest's Drug store! Hastings, Wonted—-Lawns-to mow care for and other odd Jo PbP»e . 188^14, — Obas, M d & son and • Bundle wasbtei mending, ONE O'CLOCK Sbari,

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