Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 15, 1955 · Page 3
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 3

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 15, 1955
Page 3
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Dial PA-2-4600 for » WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD.; TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 1955 THREE Negro Officers Ask For Guard Segregation Ban BALTIMORE (^-Fifteen Negro officers prepared a court challenge today of the Maryland Na, tional Guard's segregation policy. Lawyers for the 15 said they will ask Federal District,Court here to rule out segregation in the guard on grounds that, it is "unconstitutional and without any reasonable justification." fe The attorneys said they will coh- Ptend that segregation in the guard "weakens its military efficiency and impairs its fighting effectiveness." "Facilities offered colored veterans in the National Guard are clearly inferior to those available to other members," prepared ' gal papers said. Working of rawhide for such things* chair bottoms is a growing craft. ; : • • ' Will Be On TV Assignment: America Herman Wouk ^* ''-.••:..-- . - - - • •• •• .. . • Eating Pizzas In Mussolini's Love Palace Proves Enjoyable (R*g. U. .*. fat. OHj : ly PHYLLIS IATTELLE ROME-(INS)-It is a funereal night, black and thick with rain. But I am splendidly secure, sipping wine and eating pizzas in the one-time love - palace of Benito Mussolini. • A macabre idea, perhaps. But the wine is dry and the pizza is tangy and Benito's days of ambition and amour are over. It's a restaurant now. this great villa which the squat, pig-eyed II Duce built for the woman he died with. Claretta Petacci. ' . Perhaps out of respect for the power that once charged this hilltop hideaway, the customers sup NOW^ouean this brand new buy quietly. It is not a gay spot. Here in the black marble dining room, with its glass walls looking out over the private swimming patio, the two of them once .dined alone. In the coo! light of the enormous 'Bohemian cut - glass chandeliers, their unpopular devotion reflected in the fabulous floor- to-ceiling mirrors that line the un- glassed walls, they too drank wine. It must have been lonely . . . 20 intimate tables for 80 intimate diners now take the place of Duce : nd his dame. In America, we sometimes per- tetuate the homes of departed icble or notorious citizens by label- ng . them, "25c admission." and allowing, tourists to roam through he past In Italy, obviously, it costs much more. The least costly meal one can order at Mussolini's expense figuratively speaking) in this romantic emporium is the /cost of dinner at the Waldorf. But no one objects; the food and legends are so satisfying to stomach and curiosity. Marajen Chihigo,: the sparkling WHY SETTLE FOR LESS WHEN FOR SO LITTLE YOU CAN ENJOY * : SINGERDep«hddbiiity • SINGER Service * SINGER Lessons •••*.'.-•' "*" . . . • • ' ' • •* ' .* . SINGER SEWING CENTER - .. ; «ATf«diM«rk,«fTb«Sii!««rMff.Co. .":'.•; 65 Baltimore—Cumberland, Md.—Phone PA 2-3060 77 N. MaJnSt. — Keyier, W. Va..— Phone 20971 Says His Play 'Still Intact' By CHARLES MERCER NEW YORK .av-Herman. Wouk, one of the best and most success ful of younger American writers, believes television offers a great opportunity to the learning writer. The author of "The Caine Mutiny" and the new best-seller "Marjorie Morningstar" had just finished reading the TV script of "The Caine Mutiny Court Martial" the -other day when cornered for an interview. That stage success by Wouk, based on his novel. Three new special .training lasses in Civil Defense are start- ng this week and will, continue six eeks, William G. Barger* county irector. announced. f Plans for the classes were com- leted at a recent Civil Defense :ai ; f meeting attended by heads of CD services. Barger said the ew CD -building at Constitution evening as the. third "Ford Star Jubilee" show of the season >9:3( p.m." EST). The hour and a hali original drama has most of the Broadway cast. Laughton Work Praised "The heart of the play is intact.' Chiriigo, points out Mussolini's reported that of all mistresses, Claretta was the only "other woman" that even the Duce's wife, 3onna Rachele, conceded to be his great love. "And though .most kalians would condemn illicit re- .ationships," she. : says, "Claretta earned a measure, of respect bef cause she died with Benito. She apparently loved him above every- ;hing." ' In return, for the few final years of their love affair, she and her immediate family, father, mother and sister, were given this modern- Wouk said of the TV script skillful whole- "Cbarles Laughton did a editing job. I approve it heartedly." '. Wouk. who wrote radio scripts for Fred Allen and Henry Morgan a decade and more ago, has not written for television. "Television is a marvelous opportunity for the learning writer," he said. "He's able to support him self while he learns his profession wife of INS's Rome Manager Mike because television eats up so much material. Its frame is small, bu technically it gives a writer the chance to develop competence without starving in a garret. "If a man's ultimate is to istic marble mansion nill over Rome. her benefactor died in high on a After Clarette and died in disgrace, be a serious literary artist, anc not just to make money, the dis ciplines imposed by television are as useful .as any I know to help him achieve his goal." The big financial returns; tha come to some TV writers will no necessarily deflect the serious writer from his eventual artistic goals, Wouk believes.--"How-a man takes to financial success depend; on'his. temperament." Has Even Temperament Wouk knows, because he ha the family leased the villa to established restaurateurs. The boudior of ill repute is now a banquet hall for private carnivals. Besides the elaborate dining room on the first floor of the two- story building, there is a downstairs "main salon" which resem-i bles a Hilton Hotel lobby more than classic Roman. architecture; Its ceiling is 50 feet high, supported by marble • columns. Its-front is plate glass, looking out over the city- of Rome and Mussolini's "forum.". In the center is an illuminated crystal fountain, behind which a small string ensemble plays cock-, tail music. . . •,' Outside this Mussolini -made grandeur is some Heaven-made splendor: fields full of .flowers, closed now for the winter, and a forest 'of cypress trees whistling and bowing in the wind. Amid all these, a.white marble been blessed both by success an an even temperament. As he moc estly puts it, "Success always ha seemed partial to me." After th popular reception of "The Cain Mutiny," there was, as^he'dryl explains, "a big area for my doin absolutely nothing." . But "Marjorie Morningstar" wa on his mind, driving him to work In the midst of writing "Ma jorie Morningstar" he broke off- in. mid-sentence, actually—to wril "The Caine Mutiny Court Mar tial." When the play was finishe he returned to Marjorie withou difficulty. Before turning Marjbri over to his publisher he cut b tween 125,000 and. 150,000 words— the. .length: of a long- novel. GIFT VALUES GALORE-ALL IN ONE FINE STORE lll senbawm's Sale! Manufacturer's closeout l of better type luggage— for the traveler who knows the best ... for'll be proud to give—at savings; staircase^ rises starkly; from th ground to the darkened -privacy the upper floor.. It was, this pr vate stairway j that Benito • use when he wanted to visit his lov alone. ' -.'••• Now it belongs to anybody wh wants to rent the site of a traged for a night of. partying. Ah, life is short. Fame is flee ing. A rivaderci, Duce: Ivil Defense §<arts Three New Courses In County Park will serve as mobilization control center; Some radio-equipment already has been installed and more will be available soon. First of :the three classes was started last night at the Frostburg Fire Hall by a team from the Maryland Military District. Volunteer firemen in the Frostburg area were especially invited to this course in explosive ordnance reconnaissance. Tonight this same team will start a class at the Canada Hose House on North Mechanic.Street for auxiliary police on . how to identify and report explosives. Then on Wednesday night the third class for city regular and auxiliary firemen will start on the '•t? problems of fighting fire involved with explosives and ammunitiop. This will emphasize the techniques ? for fighting such blazes. ; : Barger also announced that on Tuesday, November 29, at 7:30^. ( p. m. at the Naval Reserve"; Armory, a Baltimore County dv£. r::: aster squad will conduct a demon- 1 "] 1 : (Continued on Page 7) ';.'-' : A treat worth repeating! .Available in handsome, holiday, pre-wrapped gift carton •No additional wrapping needed. Kentucky Straight BOURBON j KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY - 86 PROOF • ECHO SPRING-DISTILLING CO M PAN Y, 10 U IS VI LLE, : KT. | O«t 4-SMMMi Comfort In your rww Bvtafc with ntlOIDAIKE CONDITIONING —now of a n«w low EXTRA •-. .' '•' /. •'•' ; -.' ' _' "- v Special 1 Splices assorted OVERNITE BUS featuring: Buick CENTUfT t 4-Ooof ftrwra * 6.99 • Long bound one-piece box construction; • Vinyl plastic covering in two-tone blue. • Guard rail, bumper binding .• Scuff-proof • Heavy brass lock • Beautifully lined interior with 7 pockets and padded bottom • with, .'.tie , ' 'tapes;/Colors: Blue. VALUES 18.00 : to 32.50. • •''.-.'.'.". •' •. -' / 18" Overnite .. 8-99 21" Weekend .,....../......-..... 8.99 24" Jr. Pullman . :. •;................ 10.99 Train C«M ...................... 10.99 26" MliiMn ...........:....;... 14.99 29" Ur§* NHmtn ................ 14.99 *• . . • - -.-'.'. i LUGGAGE — FOURTH FLOOR J O F COURSE, you can floor tie pedal of this stunning new '56 Buick and get the. full- power sweep of its advanced new Variable Pitch Dynaflow. ... That's how you switch the pitch of this airplane-principled, transmission for instant safety-surge acceleration to get out of a tight spot on the highway. - -. ' but now you get a brilliant new response at the start of pedal travel, too. Now you get a solid take-hold for instant takeoff fn the first inch of pedal action—where most of your normal handled. And you get this great new getaway with a big boost in gcu mileage, too. So there you are, Just nudging-the pedal, and getting action that makes you feel like you've floored it : There you are, handling all your normal driving situations with a confident toe-touch-with new surety and snap-and with the happy satisfaction that comes with a sizable step-up in the miles you get from a tankful of gas. And there you are, rolling along with beaming pride as boss man of the best Buick yet. . For here you have, beating any past Buick, the ^greatest power yet—the boldest styling yet— the sweetest ride yet—the smartest interior yet —and, by far, the best buy yet. ..-'.Drop in on us this week—tomorrow, if you can —and see for yourself that there's never before been anything like this Buick beauty for 1956. •iVeto Advanced Variable Pitch Dynaflow is the only • Dynaflow Buick builds today. It is standard on • Roadmaster, Super and Century—optional at modett extra cost on the Special. '••'•'. •"•-.' H MTm AVTCaOMIS AM MM MMCK WHI WH» 1M« Thompson Buick Corporation 429 N. MeclMftic Strert GHitberlmtf, M4. PlMfie JPA 2-1400 81 Cloud Motors 102 !••» M.iii rrMtfc«irf, Mrf. r

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