Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 23, 1928 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 23, 1928
Page 5
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THE TOLA DAILY BJEGISTEB. MONDAY EVENl^q, JANUARY 23. 1928. PAGE FIVE MdNDAYj Mtti. a IBy The At$ociat«ii Prtut '/ : Progiama In Central Standard tltna> . > ^ All ttnM la P. H. uiil«sa| otherwUe in. dlcated. Wave lenittbs on lafl of call letters, kilocjrjolea on rl^t. 272.6—WPO Atiantlcj City—1100 7:00—Auto Show 7:30—Studio Program '•• f:15-^Novclty Program tj ' 285.S—WBAL Baltimore— lo'so C:?.0—Roxy and. His Cans JS :U0— Riverside Hour i- iS;DO—Joint Recital S08.2—WEEI Bo«toi>-«90 C:30—Irish .Miiutrels i 7;.10—A. & P. Gypsies; " £:10—General Motora I^arty • 4ei4— WNAC Beaton—«50 E:30—Elks' Hotel Orchestra 7:30—Shepard Six 8:0«—Musical Album i 9:fl0—CaptiVatora • • I 302.8—WGR BufTalo—990 7:00—Jenny' Wren Hour 8:30—General Motors Party _9 :ao ^TaDke Time 545.1—WMAK Sufralo—550 1 6:30—Musical Proferami ' 8:00—Musical Album " - 9:00—Captivatora 1 535.4-^WTIC Harttcfd—560' - 7:00—Xew Departure EUnd 7:S(lr-.i. & P. Gypsies I 8:30^ene):al Motora Party \ 4223—WOR NeWark—710 E:i;—Old King Cole I 6:00—Commodore Ensemble ' ti:5r.—Sessions Chimes i 7:;:;—Krueeer's Lieder^ . ' : S:UO—Musical Album i 9:00-^apl i vatora 10:05—Orchestra 491.6— V E AF New York—610 6:00—Waldorf-.Vstoria Orchestra • \ 6:00—Fifteen -Minute Features 7:00—Great Composers 7:30—A* & P. Gypsies- S:30—General Meters i Party 9:30—Moon Magic j iO:00—Lopez Orchestra! 454.3—WJ2 New York—680 S:00—Hotel Mangtr Orchestra (•.:00—Kelin's Serenaders tir.lO—Iloxy and His Hani: 7:00—Montgcrtnery Ward I'rosrani S:00—Rlvvrsidc Hour 0:00—Strinq Quartet P:30—Shope and Grosvenor ..10:00—Slumber Music , 405.2—WFI-WLIT Philadelphia—740 6:.10—Orchestra • 7: no. —Great COmposera 7:30—A. i P. Gyiisies 8:30—General Motors} Party j 348.6—WOO Philadelphia—860 6::;0—Dinner Music ^ i 7:r.O—O.-gan Recital ; K:33—.Musical Prosram S: 00—Male Quartet 315.6—KDKA PlttsUurflh—950 : 5:l.'i— r .tttle Symphony Orchestra 6:30—Roxy.and His Oans 8:00—Same as WJZ ir 8:00—Progratn from 1TJZ 483.6—WJAR Proyijenct—620 • 6:33—Musical Prograin 7:.',0—A. &. P. Gypsies 8:30—Get:eral Motors [«-arty 277.6—WHAM RocbMter^lOtO 6:r.0—Uoxy :and His JGang 7:30—American Composer'a Concert 8:30—Same as \%'JZ I 379.5—WGY Schenectady—790 6r30—Dinner Music I 6:3')—Musical Program 7:30—A. & P. Gypsies 8:30—General Motors! Party 333.1—WBZ Sprln'qfield—900 6*.00—Statler Orchestra ; 0:30—Roxy and Hi.s Oans 8:00—.Montgomery Ward Program 5:35—Andrews* Trouliadours 305.9—WHAZ Tf-oy—980 7:00—Mu.sical Program (2ti hrs.) i 9.^30—Dance Jlusic j : 468.5—WRC >Vash|noton—640 5:00—Waldorf-Astoria' Orchestra .6:30—Roxy and His j Gang 7:30—A. & P. Gypsies 1:30—Gereral Motors; Party 516.9— WTAQ Worcester—580 6:00—Studied Program i li;O0—Cnstellos S:30—General Motor? Party SOUTHeRN 296.9—WWNC . A»hevirc-:.c;0 5:43—Dinner Music . 6:45—Agricultural rcr|o<i 475.9—WSB Atlanta—6:o 6:30—Roxy and Ilis 'C!:in^ S;00—Montgomery \V".<r.i ITi -sram lic30—General Motor^ T .-irtv. - 243.8—WOOD Chattanooga—1230 ' 8:00—Hawaiian Trio. ' 8:30—Studio Prograiii j 384.4—KTHS Hot: SprinflS—750 S:<iO—Plai.tatlon .Mtjl^diis 3:00—Spanish Serenade 9:45—Dance Frclif ; 340.7— W JA X Jaijksonville—884 7:30—Old Time Fiddlers S: 00—Recital -frogcaim S:30—General Motors Party 322.4—WHAS t.auisvllle-T930 7:30—Studio Vioncert 8:00—MontRomrry Ward Program 8:30—Genera) Woior^ Program 516.9—VVMC M^ifiphis-580 8-.30—Gcner,-il Movors Party. 9:30—Concert 10;00—I^pcz I'rchcsiri . 336.9—WSM Nithville—890 6:30—Roxy a{A ll> . 8;30—GciK-r;!! .M. j. I'.iriy •JKrol 10 . 296.9—WSMB. Ne»/ Orleans—lOtO 8:J0—Orili.Mr.,: . ^VVSMR Special Dance .\lus:c liis.) NORTH WISE I.Mrs. .M <-Kiiiiii ;y ) .1,111. IS IL llJIS" I HCH .'•O IdllK sinri' I li:iv" writitin any n«^s t liiiriiiy know h<m-'«> Ktart alxuit U a>;riiii. hul \\\V. niaKr aiv eftort. \V(« (rrtiiiiily hKV*D liefli havlTiR .'.onii' very Klonmy itiay.-i <it late. H<-;if it (.loar.'i up very soon. , Th<>.s<? of rlii.s ,r<»m«lunity who were -•-•ick are able to be up au»I jroiiiff again. ' » . i ; Kiifv ^f<.•KiIlncy Ticlpod Lloy<l Woathpnnan heaij haifir lorii Fri- (iav and Saiurtiiay of week. , the ladies H. 0. \\l all- i:ay meeiinc TticsnJay. January ;!. ;iinl .>it'WMi raps ftjr riJ;?s. The nieii were a!.so inviie<t liut only a Xew GRENNAN'S i MARKET Corner last Monroe and I !m Sts. lOLA^ RAXS. We Want Your Poultry. Eggs and Hides AND OlE PHONE -VL .WEB IS $76 i Ida's Produce House Since lOll C. 0. CQGUIIJ4 Mjuiager' 626—KYW Chlcaoo—670 «:20—^^Roxy and H( B Gang, 8:00—MoniRomery Ward Prograja 9;00—Russian Q-jartet ' 9:35—Congress Carn.val 365.6—WEBH-WJJD Chicago—820 7:00—Great Composers 7:80—Orchestra: Trio - 8:00—Mooseheart Hour 344.6—WLS Chicago—870 6 :00—Supperben Program 7:00—7Tony's Scrap Book - 8:0»—Harford Production 9:00—Musical Production 477.5—WMAQ-WQJ Chicago—«7D 6 :00—Organ Recital 7:30—Musical -Calendar 8:00—Same as.WOR (2 hrs.) 10:00—Bismarck JSerem.dprs (3 hrs.) 42B.34wLW Cincinnati-700 6:00—Theis Orchestra 7:15—Minstrels 8:30—Studio Feature 9:30—Vocal S<^os 361.2—WSAI Cincinnati-930 7:00-Studio Program 7:30—A. & P.; Gypsies 8:30—General Motors Party -10:00—Lopez Orchestra > 399.8—WTAM Cleveland-750 5:30—Studio Program 7:00—WTAM Masqueraders 7:30—A. & P. Gypsies 8:30—General Motors Party 545.1—WFAA Dallas—550 7 00—Viirled Program (IH hrs.) 8:30—General Motora Party 374.8—woe Davenport—800 • 6:30—Old Time Program- 8:30—General Motors Party 9:30—Lecture on China 535.4—WHO Des Moines—560 6:30—Roxy and His Gang 7:30—.\. & P. Gyi>sl .5 , 8:30—General iMotora Tarty 440(9—WCX-WJR Detngit— 680 6:.^0—Roxy and His Gang S:00—Variety Hoi-r 9:00—Monday Night Musical* 352.7—WWJ Detrolt-<850 . 7:00—Sitjdio Program 7:30—A. 4 P. Gypsies 8:30—C-neral Motors" Party 9:30—Moon Magic 499.7—.WBAP Fort Worth—600 6:00—Seven Aces 8:00—.Sunflower Girl 8:30—D.-ince Orchestra ,11:15—Theater Entertainers " 370.2—WOAF Kansas City—810 6:00—Sch «5ol of the Air 7:30—A, & P. Gypsies 8:30—General .Motors Party -9:30—Concert Orchestra 293.9—WTMJ Milwaukee—1020 7:30—MilTvauk<-» A. C Orchestra 8:00—Jouriial Trio 8:30—General Motors Party 405.2-WCCO Minneapolls-St. Paul—740 6:00—Roy Scouts! 7:30-Vagabonds ! 8-.S0—General Motors Party 9:30—American Legion 508.2—WOW Omaha—590 j 6:30—Roxy and His Gang • 8:30—General Motors Party 9:30—Moon Magic 499.7—WOAI San Antonio-W 7:00-^Gunter Hotel Orthestra 545.1 —KSO St. Loui»—550 7:00—Great Composers 7:30—A. fi P. Gypsies 8:30—<Jcn€ral Motors Party , 9:30—M«u>n .Magic 348.6—KVOO TuUa—860 6:30—Roxy and His Gang .? S:00—Riverside Program 8:30—General Motors Party WESTERN 352.9—KOA Denver— 92a_ 7:50—Dinner Concert 8:00—Appreciation Program 9:15—Steinway Club ;tl:00—C«uld.|r. Colo., Artists 468.5—KFI Uos' Ano«le«—640 10:CO—Sliell Program 12:00—Spotllglit Hour ^ 416.4—KHJ Los Angelet-720 11:00—'Opercta • 12:00—iBcveriy Bearcats 326.9—KNX Los Angeles—«90 9:30—One Act Play ' 11:00—Feature Program 12:00—Dance Orchestras 384.4—KGO Oaktand—780 ^ 10:00—Shell Program 11:0C(—The Pilgrims 12:00—Spolllel'l Hour \ 508.2—KUX Oakland—590 I 10:00—Hawaiians 11:00—Lake Merrill Ducks 491.5—KGW Portlandr-61t 10:00i-SheIl Program Il:XiO'-Mazwell Hour 454.3—KFRC San" Francltco-600 9:00—Hj.wallans 10:00—Blue Monday Jamboree 422.3—KPO San Francisco—710—NRC Program 11:00—International .Music 12:00—Variety I'rogram (2 hrs.) 348.6—KJR Seattle—860 9:30—Varied Program II :30—CarlMonians 12:30a—Goofy Bird Frolic ._a70.2rrKHQ Spokane—810 10:00—SlicIS-'Svniphonlsta 11:00—Maxwell Hour ujipreciaH'il 111" lliviratloii. elioiiKli to RO ami belli oat-tne ROdd dlri- tier. 'I 'hof*- iire.seni were; .Mr. Uiillard. .Mr. navl.s...Mr. Will Crievi-. It. vas voted for tbtj n'-xt nieetinK to be at the home of i\r< .M< Kinney who hoiws ai: can be pre.-j- ent.- . Jack Uyaii is botne from LeRfjy j where 1HI has been working on a. railiroad. Amonp, those in lola Saturday afternoon were: -Mr. and .Mrs. Sterling and family. "Mr. and Mrs. Loran Minklcy, .Mr and .Mr.", fllenn Linder. Jlusj.ell and Mr.s. .\rcKinney. Velina Uyon spent. Sunday with tht» Dari.s girls. The Sunday school has closed until .warm weather at the Piea.-!ant Valley rhurch. Don't any of you ^ouiiK ft) Iks forget to come back when it starl.s again^ Mi-K.-.MtKiniiey was In LaHarpc ..Monday on bilsiness. Mai-y Wilnioth is working for Mr Ballard. -Mr.s. Jess Gregg is down near In- dcpfendenee. j Kansas, imriug for sick relatives. TUESDAY. JAN. 24 '[Bv Asaociatcd Press] Programs In Central Standard tlniie. All time is P." M. unless otherwise indicated. Wave lengths on left of call letters, kilocycles on right. 272.6—WPG Atlantic City-1100 7:30—Auto Sliow S:Oii—Dual Trio 9:('0—.\uction Bridge 9:30—Dance Orchestras 285.5—WBAL Baltimore—1050 7:0"—Stromberg Carlson: Hour . 8:00—l-:nsv:iiblo ~ ; 9:00-Dance Music 508.2—VVEEt Boston—590 5:90—Dinner Concert 7 :'"i— Sciberllng Singers S:iiu— Kveri -udy Hour 9:00—Auction Cridge 461.3—WNAC Boston—650 5:30—nok's Sinfonlans 7:30—Op'ry House Tonight S:3u—Ground Grippera 10:10—Tent Orchestra 302.8—WGR Buffalo—990 6:00—Voters Services 7 :00— .Selberling Singers S:00—Eveready Hour 9:uO—.^uqtion Bridge 545.1—WMAK Suflalo—550 7:10—Hawaiian Xlghthawks 5:30— Old Fashioned Dance 10:05—Popular Program 535.4—WTIC Hartford-^560 6:00—\"ot»rs Services L 6:30—Trinity College Dialogue 1^ 7:00—Seiberling Singers 9:00—Auction Bridge 422.3—WOR Newark—710 .';:15—Am<'rican' Speech Pioneers b:uu—Siieiton Ensemble CENTRAL. 6:30—Uyvr'i Orchestra. •7:iKV_Sossior I CITY; OF ffASSIETT Report of receipts and disbursements for year 1927. FIND > • Balance 1-1-27 Receipts CencraJ $1,460.36 %2M'y.U J^treet. and .\iley ..I ... :;:'.T.ns 1.0(5:!.10 I'ark 1 j..-.. «i,s.«S 186.10 Special Paving —J . ,IU.80« 465.21 Paving Bond and Interest 769.79» SH.gS ' Disburse- \ ments ^'^a!•::;n.• JI.S2S.0S ?.'.'t27..'-,'J ions Chimes S 00—New York L'niversity :';i»ip—l.lsterliie Hour 10:«i—Dance Music 491.5—WEAF New York—610 5:00—Waldorf Astoria Orchestra ixts —Voters' Service 6:30—.N'ational Musicallties 7:00—Seil>or;i.^g Singers ' 7:30—The 7-1 Is 8:00—I-Xeready Hour 9:30—I'alaia D'Or Orchestra 10:00—Hofbra u Orchestra 454.3—WJZ New York—660 5:00—Hotel Manger Orchestra 6:.70—Melody Musketeers 7:00—Stromberg Carlson S:Oi»—Continental? S:30—Torrid Tots 9:31)—.Mae .Singhi Brccn 10:00— sri !nit)er Music 406.2—WFI-WLIT Philadelphia—740 :~;'>P—Seiberling Singers iS:ufl—Kvcready Hour. 'I):'JO—.\'.icll0!i Bridso 9:3'J—Dance Music 348.6—WOO Philadelphia—860 6:30—Dinner Music \ 315.6—KIJKA Pittsfiurgh—950 5:00—Little' Syir.phony 7:uO—Stroinberg Carlson Hour i;00—Continentals 9:00—Concert from WJZ 483.6—WJAR Providence—620 7:00—Selberling Singer's S;00—Eveready Hour 9:00—Auction Bridge -277.6—WHAM Rochester—108O 6:30—Mixed - Quartet 7:00—strotflberg Carlson Orchestra 9;30—Ukelcle Lady j 379.5—WGY Schenectady—790 6:30—Quartet - 7:00—Selberling Singers 8:00—Eveready Hour 9:u0—Auction Bridge 333.1—WBZ Springfield—900 6:05—Novelty Pl.tnlst - 7:00—Siromberg.Carlson Orchestra 8:00—Torrid Tots 9:05—Bostonlans 356.9—CKCL Toronto—840 C:00—Populnr Mui-ic 7:00—.«yiiiiilinny Orchestra g;Ou-,-L!i;ht Oiicra Hour . 468.5—WRC Washington-^O r.:00—W.TliIorf Astoria Orchestra 7;ii«— S I Iborling Singcra J!;"')—Kvrrf.-idy Hour •J .00—.Micti'Ui f^rldge 516.9—WTAG Worce»l«r—580 «;f )0 _Votrrs Service 7MI11 -.S. 11.. rlinc Singers 1.00—WTAG Little Symphony SOUTHERN 296.9—WWNC Athevllle—1010 7:'*<i—-P;i>:k.ird Program *:fi (i_f|ld Time Music " 9;uO—Bridge Lesson 47S.9—WSB Atlanta—630 ~1:00—Polbcrllng Singcra - * 8:110—Kvercaily Hour Sruo-Auction- Bridge 243.8—wodo Chattanooga—1230 7:30—Classical Program 8:00—Studio Program • 384.4—KTHS Hot Spring*—780 8:30—Bridge Lesson 9:00—Ballad Favorites 9:30—Jack Ctawforda Band 340.7—WJAX Jacksonville—880 7:00—Orchestra 7:30—Bridge Lesson 10:00—Orchestra 322.4—WHAS Louisville—930 7:00—Selberling Singers 7:30—Studio Concert 8:00—Eveready Hour 9:00—Auction- Bridge 516.9—WMC Memphie—580 7:00—Selberling Slngera 8:00—Eveready Hour 9:00—Auction Bridge | 236.9—WSM Nashville—«<0 7:00—Sciberllng Slngera 8:0')—Eveready Hour 9:00—Auction Bridsa ! 516—KYW Chicago—570 • 7:00—Stromberff Carlson Orchestra-. 8 :00— Continentals 9 :30—Armand Girls 10:05—Al and Peta 365.6—WEBH-WJJD Chicago—820 7:00—Selberline -Singers 8:00—Tivoli Tiieater 8:3(1—Children of Mooseheart ' 344.6—WLS Chicago—870 6:00—Supperbell ^Program 7:I04-Orchestra: Oriental Songs . 7:30—Personalities in Music 447.5—WMAQ-WQJ Chicago—670 6 :30—r >lnner Concert S :00— Ilutb Ray 8:30—Brokers Convention Banquet 9:00—Bismarck Serenaders (} bra.) C8.3—WLW Cincinnati-700 6:00—Bandbox Boys 7:15—Crosley Ensemble S :i )0—Cossacks 10:00—Dance Music 361.2—WSAI-^incinnatl—830 7:00—SeiberllnB Slngera 8:00—Eveready Hour 9:00— Auction Bridge 9:30—Soxtec 399.8—WTAM Cleveland—750 7:00—Selberling sincere 8 :(.'0—Eveready Hour 9:00—Auction Bridge 9:30—Dance Music 545.1—WFAA Dallas—550 7:00-Selberling Singers 7:30—Sealy Air Weavers 10:00—Bridge Lesson 374.8—WOC Davenport—800 6:00—Voters Bervlce . 7:00—Selberling Singers 8:00—Eveready Hour 9:00—Auction Bridge 535.4—WHO Oes Moines—560 6:00—Voters Sendee 7:00—Keiberling Slngera 9:00—.\uctlon Bridge 9:30—Armand Girla 440.9—WCX-WJR Detroit—680 5:30—Dinner Musia . 7:00—Stromberp Carlson Orchestra 9:00—Red Apple Club (2 bra.) 352-7—WWJ Detroit—850 6:30—String Pickers 7:00—Selberling Singers 8:00—E%-cready Hour 9:00-^Auction Bridge 499.7—WBAP Fort Worth—600 6:00—Clippers 8:00—Varied Program 422.3—WOS Jefferson City—710 7:00—Studio Program 7:30—Address 8:15—Vocational Radio School 370.2—WOAF Kansas City—810 7:00—Setberlln? sfngers 7:30—String Quintet : 8:00—Eveready Hour 9:00—Auction .Brtdge 293.»-WTMjl Milwaukee—1029 7:20—Wisconsin Theater Review S:3«—Silver Sonp Birda 10:30—Eagles Frtlie 405.2-WCCO Minrieapoll«-St. Paul—740 B:00— Voters Scr Ice ^:r '0— Evrreadv Hour 9:110- Auction Bridge •J:30—Northwest Artists -508.2—VyOW Omaha—590 6:00-Voters Service - 7 :00— Keiberiing Singers S :00— Popular & 0 !d Time Music 9:00—Auction Bridge, _ 499.7—WOAI San Antonio—600 9:00—Gcbhardt Mexican Players ' 545.1—KSD St. Louis—550 7:00—^Selberling Pinters S:i)U—Eveready Hour 9:00—Auction Eridge 9:30—Dance Music • 34S.»^KVOO; Tulsa—860 7:00—Selberling Singers 7:30—Brunswick Entertainers 9:30—Armand Ladies' Orcliesira . 344.8—WCBO ZIon—870 8:00—Mandolin. Guitar Club. Mixed Quartet, Vocal Trio WESTERN 352.9—KOA Denver—920 7:30—Dinner Concert R.IO—Kiirm Question Boi 9:00—Bridge Lesson 9:30—Dance Program 468.S-^KFI LOS Anoele«-«40 ]0:no—Eveready Hour 10:30—Auction Bridge 11:00—Retold Tales 416.4—KHJ Los Angetei-720 10:00—Maxwell Orchcsua 12:00—Trouba4ours 336.9—KNX LOS Angeletr-<M H :00—Fcatijre Programs 12:00—Danes Uuaio \ — 384.4—KGO Oi|klsnd— rao 10:00—Eveready Hour 10:30—Auction Bridge 11:00—RetoM Tales S08.2—KLX Oakland—590 10:00—Golden Sheaf Program 11:00—Dance Mtisie 491.5—KGW Portland—«10 10:00—Eveready Hour 10:30—Auction Bridge il:00—Retold Tales 454.3—KFRC ^n FranciiCO—«00 11:00—Studio Program l:p0a—Dance Music 322.3—KPO San Francltco—710 10:30—Auction Bridge 11:00—Quartet 12:00—Dance Music (Z brs.) 348.6—KJR 8eattle-8M 10:00—Two Pant Twins 12:00—Dance Hosle <2 hrs.) 370.2—KHQ Spokane—810 10':00—Eveready Orclj'estra 13:00—Dance Music (3 hrs.) Lowering ofi €kll Money Is Big Fac Price H or m ke ,\cw York. Jan: 2,'? prices gave an iinpr stration of stretigtl^ market. Lowering money renewal : ratjsr fo 3Vi per cent, the Idwestop 'uing charge since, last Noveitiber vorablc character of trade reviews _ Jielptd >to create bullish sentimbni. apd in.>5plred a resumption of ppoF lar^e scale. (.\P)—Stock sslve demon- in today's ,iof ibc- call and the fa- ihe week-end i activity on a Wheat Prices Chicago, Jan. f.AP)-^Scarcity of offerings of the March delivery of wheat here H'^ to a sharp but transient upturn in wheat prices today, during'the late transactions. Profit taking sales on the bulge forced a setbacK however at the last. Corn values recovered al timefi with wh^at. and as a result of predicted, starms.. Kansas Ctty Frodace. f City. J^in. 23. (AP)—I^utter: Creamery. 52c; in large Quantities. 4Sc: packing. 28c. Butterfat: 44(f; . preniiuni ei(ra quality, 3c. . Eggs: Kir:i^[s. 40c: seconds, 34c;, candied curient receipts. 3Tc. Poultry: HeafV li^n.s^ 2rtc; light) WANTED — Washings and plain sewing. Ill: South Kentucky. Moving, Trnckinc. Storage.- 35 C-A.LL DEAN TRANSFER —Pfione S85. will move you by hour or'con- trac't. with; experienced men; WHE-Vi YOU^MOVE—Or store yoar goods call Corr'a Transfer. Olftce 140. re.<;idence 140. I EMPLOYMENT Help .Wanted—Jfale EXJ'ERIE.\eED GARDE.N'ER and trult grower; share basis: ^tate fully your flualitications. Address Bo.x 237, lala. \VA.\TED A^ O.VCE—Porter, white tJr colored. At Kelley Hotel, .-tpply in person. • '_ Help—3tale and Female j 3i hcn.s. 16c: spring:^ :22«i27c: roos-i ji^ry, Jaiifc (the cat .:^t the lady) teis. Ufil:,c: ditcks. lf,'S2tJc: geese j,as just won h*i 24th nrsi prize. He; turkeys. 23^c. Th^ j,„„^ ^.j„je ivr^iai. thai car- 1...... V ,^1. „ i rieU uff the honors, at tJit recent hansiiv lltf Hay , CiliClnnatl -show hi I* here b.v an. 1.. (API -Hav | ^^jj^.^ Cooke, aii ki-thuritj on Kan.'-as City. .Ij irregular. !-tPa (Iy ceipLs 211 car."--.] ly to 2.<>0 ;up: re-' Extra leafy alfalial So. 1. 24.00/r, 27.00: prairie, j.Vo. 1, 9.r,0fill.oO; Timothy. .\o. I. I2.fM'g 13.00: ;tlfal- fa, .N'o. 1. 2O.0OW22. iO. rmirie. .\o. I. 9.n( (HlMiO; .No. 2. 7.",0f;9.0O: .\n.'2, B i><)<5 7..")<>. Alfalfa. .No. .1. extra leafy 2-1.00 ff> 27.00- .No., 2 extra leafy 20.00!?; l :itties. Jlore than ."lO.OOO iioises an.d ponies are employed underground in Hriri.sii mines. ANNOUNCEMENTS Straj-ed. Lost, Found ^0 2:{..-)0: No. 1, 2b.00(&22.r,0: No. 2.iFRIENUSHlP CIRCLE, gold, lost leafy 16..-.r'«20 No. 2. 13.50' 16..v'»: No. .1. a-.'SO'T; l.-J.Oii. Timothy. .No. 1. l-iOOfyiSdO; .No. lO-riiiti 12.00: -No. KiinsavCity (;r3iin. j Kansas City.,Mo.. .Ian. 2:;.!(AlM .j Wheat: Uc'-eipts 241 cars; market i unchange<l to >i.c lo\>|er: No. 2 dark 3 $1.47 «i 1.58: 9 ..=Ki@ 10.50. Tuesda.v. keepsake. Leave at Register. Reward. LOST- (Jri Iola-(.ol')ny road, pair nicn'.s Klove.s, small handbas. •^il- WE HAVE DPKNLNO in this: district:, for man or woman writing health and,accident insurance for one of the-, largest companies in America. ffUl or part time. Will give] per.spifal instruction and help yow get sthrtetl. Address Room 427. Board-Trade BIdg.. K. C. .Mo. W.A^NTED TO BUY—All, kinds of cattle [ant* hogs. J. C. Butcher. 1 MERCHANDISE \ Articles For Sale 51 GOOD 0-\K WOOD—For sale, $3.00 rank ideltvered. A. O. HiHbrant Phonei 878. GATES—We are giving a special price on farm and lawn gates for _ a short time only. Allen County Implement Co.. S. Jefferson. NATIVE LU.MBER—.Mostly oak, any dimensions. See Paul Atkins at. Owl Creek Stock Farm. 5 miles west Humboldt or call Bud White" Motor) Co., phone ISO. lola.- RESTAl'RANT FIXTURES com- J- | plete;:also Hudson sedan; or will trade for stock. Inquire 615 North Washihgton. ' WOOD^$2.50 rank at farm:. $3.00. v| rank delivered. Clyde Thompson. Office. Phone 467. " FINANCIAL Barter and Exichange SIA. FOR SALE OR TRADE—For cow. good second hand piano. Phone 975-24^. - i _ . WILL TR.\6 E—1 DeLaval, 1 Milotte, 1 Dono cream separator for stock. Allen County Cream Co. Honej't» Loan—Mortgage^ 40 1 FARM LO.^KS—Quick service and reasonable • rates. A. D. - Hawthorne. 151s West Madison. FARM ANli - CITY IX)AN3—The -Allen Coiinty Invr.stment Co., Ksl- ley Hotel Bldg.. lola. Kans. Business and Office Eqnlpment 64 TYPEWRITERS—For sale, rent .or trade. Williams Typewriter Co, 113 We>!t -Madison. Household Goods £9 FARM A-ND CITY LOAN&-Bas» ratei on .farms, 5"??, city 6'"-r; Long or short time.. R. M. Cunningham. MONEY—To. loan on farm and city property. Jackson Realty Co., over Brown's Drug Store. MONEY TO. L0.\-\—On farms or city property. Lowest rate. 0tewart & Funk. V GAS RANGES—New ahd used. Wc e.xchaiige. Easy payments.' Delivery service. Curtis Furniture _Co.. I^aljarpe^ ^.ins. • • HOUSE FURNISHI.NGS"^ I can furnish your house cheap in new. or used goods. See me before buying. Prices never before.offer­ ed. Bi-y^on Furniture Store, 219 N. Jefferson .\ve. MONEY TOXOA.N—On real estate, repayable in small monthly pay- merits. Tliese loans never come due - -better because cheaper and more convenient. Security Building k Loan Assn; 1st Natl. Bank Bldg. .NEW GAS R .V.NGES—Will take in your old one.' Henninger's Furniture Store;. US West Madispri. SECOND HAND FUR -NITURET— Stoves, dresser^;. chairs. Scissors and' knives sharpened. 210 South street." . • PR1V.\T1-: MtiNEY—To loan on farms or <-iiy property. W. R. ver <oinp;i<t. Finder keep money. | ijrister. oVer Howard's Candy return rest to Register office. AUCTIONS SIiop. LIVE STOCK Auctions PUBLIC -AUCTIO.v—Public auction every Saturday at 1:00 o'cloc"; at Bishop's Sales Pavilion. Horses, Cattle. Telilples 48 FOR SALE OR TRADE — :Cows. hor.ees and mules: 3 red? cows.! ROOMS AND BOARD Rooms Without Board « ROO.MS — Two sleeping. Inquire 12 N. Sycamore, between 1: and 6 o'clock: SI.EEPLNG ROO.MS — ComfortaOile •w:inter and summer, board optional. Mrs. Lee. .112 North Jefferson.: hard fLSG-Jf l.f?^.- -No -No. 2 hard $1.27!f/l..i0: .No. 3 $1.27 Til.SO: No. 2 .red ubminallv $1.44 filAS: .No. .•>' $J.'43«1.44'-j. Close: May $1.25^,; July «I.21H. lowe^U, '^Tl ^^S^'^ wluIeil '^BUC SALE-F, i ,i ..v, .,.„. .^^ ^ Ji^l^L ^Vf i iiou.ekeeping. modern. Inauirei ,Sl^Sl',c: No.;:5 77f,80c: .Vo. 2 yel-, =" ' ^" " - " Rooms For HoosekeeDin? i 09: 1 freshen Feb.'I. «ill give _6 gallons , ROOMS-For iight^ lamp, book «a> •. B: tins wick trola and record:^. low 82*1 .«l3c: tio. 3 79»..;f(8:!c: .No. 2 mixed 79'-j'!iS0c: .No. 3 77(fi 79c. Close: .May .'*4=4c: .luly 86"-ic. Oat.s: Receipls i;» rar.s. Unchanged. .No." 2 -white liominallv 56*} 58r: No. .•{ .>7c.- • .Mi(o niaixo *t.4fi*i!1.46. Kafir: $1.32?; 1.34. Rye: $1.02. Kansas 1 il.v l|iie-t«rlt. Kansa.s ('ity;jBn S. fippt. of. .\grii; uiieVeiJ. early trade to ship-; pers mostly steady with Saturday's i average; big packers going H1OW:| AutomobUe lirencies bidding around locI lower; stock! AuiomoiHie Agencies p;igs steady; top $S.:(0 on 210<^..2.Wi'A UsKD C;\K—Is as dffiendalile a.s Sale begins :.t 1 .,. 1.., k. at 225..\. i *'";:• ""'"•f- """f- ^"•'°^'"JI^ H 'i 206 "south Chestnut street. Third St Will niv hou^elioUl I ^ 4-year-old roan Durham, calf by ^ ^ Si^: Dav^tlpo::. Vroctrs 1^' f-'*^:!^ good one; 4 red cows, will TWO ROOMS-Furnished for light .. i freHhen in-. sound and gentle, wt. ; 624 North street. 4 i vet rug. 9x12. library t:.l>le. iloor I f'"''''"'" in-March: 1 span nijile.s. S housekeeping cheap rent. Call at vj - \ y^^^'^' old. '"";27l"': K ht-ad hi>rse.« and maVos: • 23. VAP.-n- articl... This fun.i.ure ^ al. Just : —— ,• ,lture)_H,.Ks: j A'!2il„. 212 S. J,.fr..f «on. lola. or business riaces For Rent 75 AUTOMOTIVE — juir.slNESS mriLDi.VG— For rent. •< SIIO.'NTS-',; I miU: north. '-^ mile; {>i,onc lir. or 411. east LHliaripf. I. K. Kpnid.lin.; lbs., earlv salj-s ISOfraSO lbs.. $S .2i Tt8.30; 140fil70 lbs.. $7.90'f» K.15; packing SOWS: $6.7ri'ij7.35; i-tock pigs. $71?? 7.75.' Cattle: l'tM»'>: calves. 2.000;. beef sleets slow, trerly bids weak;.'supply jmoderate; with bettor grades scarce: she Mock slow-, steady; bulls weak to 25c lijwer; vealers ' and calve.-i 'steady to .'lOc higher stockers and feedors fairly active strong to 25c higher; bulk stockers and feeders,' $10*112.50; fleshy feeders $13 .25. Sheep: 5.0^0; lambs and vear- liugs generafl,v lOft I5c higher;'odd lots sheep steady'; top lambs. $13.40 others mo.stlj' $13fi 13.25; • 9B-lb kind $12,60; «horn yearling weth­ ers, $10. , the dealer who sells it. Divlgi; Sales and Service. The best place to'buy good, dfpendahle iiseil cars. At present we have a complete? line of both op?n and <lo.<ed models, priccn to sell. Ellis Motor Co., 214 North Washington. -1.089.30 300.00 40.03 1UH,1S 544.7S 323 .44 OYerdrawn. »J,430.83 $4^23.63 ^,262.47 $3,091.99 INDEPENDENCE i (Catharine Shaughnessy.) Jan. 21.—.Mr. and Mrs. Foster Funk attended the poultry and corn show at lola Thursday. Mrs. Foster Funk spent Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Charles Funk. Mr. and .Mrs. Foster Funk attend'•d the Sunday tichool class party Friday night at I. O. .Morrisdn's. Mr.^. Kalm. Mr. Kalm, Mr. and Mr:;. .Nelmeyer and family, and Mr andiMrs. Green and .family took Sunday dinner with Mr. and Mr*' Carl Wlcklond- The I. N. S. club will hold an all day meeting with Jttr». ."Wilt Cony- bell Thursday, January 2«Earl Howard and Bern ice tielson spent-tlienreelr-«uhat-liomi and Mrs. Russell Itoyer In lola.. Mr. and -Mrs. E. R. Stewart and family spent Sunday with Mr. Stewart's parents. Mr. and Mrs. C W. Stewart, at Chanute. The I. .V. S: party uas held at E. R. Stewart's last Saturday'evening Nearly all members were'present and a very good time was reported' ' .Mr. and Mrs. Bert Wlhite and Jess spent t'Vlday night with Mr and -Mrs. Fred Pierce and Betty Jean. Elisc and Lo»i>c Woods and, Vesta Isaacs. sp<>nt Sunday with .Nelson's. .Miss Freda Pllkington. Miss ,Margaret Price, Miss Mickey Ptlklng- tpn. Mr. 'Geoi^e Cormaney and Mr Vernon Turner, of Parsons, were Siuki&x :eillet3 jit,; A. B, 9iangb-. Graybill .Announces For pput Toptka, Jan. 23. ( Graybill. of .Vewto nounced his /-andidj publican nominalioi API—Dr. J. W. :i. today an|cy for the Re- for lieutenant govefnor of Kansas Doctor C.paj>-biH •y\ > tor from the' 13th iPQsed of Harvey abd McPherson counties, during the sessions of fhe sta^te legislature. Since j 1911. lie has master workman 66 the A.1 O. U. ; W.. od Kans«is. Mother of Carl Diies in Atchison Today Atchison. Kan.. Jjfn. 23. (API- Mrs. Emfaia Srown, Carl BrowA.-associatjs editor of tb'e A^cfiiaon Globe, dietfj day. She had been ! Atchison since 1903.[ wMow of Join. Bnma. ptauii^ BUD WHITE MOTOR CO.—Hudson- Essex dealers. Everything In high class used cars. You will find what you want here, worth the money. We trade or give liberal terms. 219 S. Wash- instoti. Phone 1S'». 12 (SHOATS^i-Weigh 75 lbs.; each. It.-iy Chanifiers. 1 mile ca?t, 3'/i liorlli l,allariie. . Farms and Land For Rent 78 I 'oulfrjr and Supplies 49 .1 !.'. ArRK.S - 'J room house, city water, just .'^outh of Bassetr oni Humboldt road. Dr. John Wilson, Humboldl. I'hone Humboldt 199. Houses For Rent ANCONA COCKERELS- Pure bred; single comb; one O. I. C: male" •. r hog: also timothy hay. :baled. BU.NGALOW — .T room ni 77 Charles Bell. Phone 961-4.^ BABY CHlfcKS—Eleven leading breeds. $11 and up per hundred: .\I1. priced I 5': discount on orders placed 30 days in advance. Sunflower Hatchery. Bronson. Kans. Automobiles For Sale II Governor O. K. USED CARS—Urj5 Clievrolet touring: 1924 Chevrolet touring; 1927 Chevrolet truck, with cab; 1924 Chevrolet truck with cab and grain body: 1924 Ford touring. Many other barsains in cheaper} cans. Shelly .Motor Co.. IIS West Jackson. Phone 6'>. BABY CHICKS-1.50 S. C. R. U Reds for tomorrow. Custom jiatfb- ing 4c per egg. Come in and look over our line o( brooders. Sturdy Chick HatcAery, 220 West -street. good garage. .McClelland. Phone 975-22. C. J. odern; GOOD HOUSE—Of four rotjms lor / reiit. $1.00 per month. Chimney Sweep. ' . • REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Farms and Land For Sale 89. as state sena- dlstrlct. com- 1925 and 1927 been . grand Brown 70. mother of here early tO; a resident of She was the COCKEI^ELi^High bred BxitT Or- pington.s. G. D. Trenary, 3| miles on North Kentucky road. !' COCKEREf.S—Thoroughbred' Engli .sli White ^-eghoms. 260 -233 egg JOAKLA.VD — Dealers — PO.NTIACi strain. Direct from the fiimons 27 Pontiac De Luxe landau setlan.!Ferris WRite, Leghorn farm.' $3.00 like new; '26 Oakland coupe: '25; per bird. Phone 964Fn. 'A. G. Buicfc light si.x touring, fine cori-j Speegle, Hi mjle So. Kentucky, dition: '26 .Nash advanced roadster. Al shape; '26 Ford roadster; '27 Ford coupe; '25 Ford tudor. fine shape; '27 Chevrolet coach, like new; "25 Chevrolet touring; '24 Chevrolet coupe: '24 Dodge touring. Several other cheaper used cars. Hobart Motor Co.; S.MALL DAIRY FAR.\I—Two miles from lola on hard surfaced road. Phone 475. - ; 1926 CHEVIJOl-ET COUPE—Chrysler "60" coach: Chevrolet sedan; (jhrysler "58" coupe: Dodge touring; Ford .sedans, roadsters and- coupes; 1927 Ford tQuring. good as new. All arc in good shape. Wc trade. Ross Arbuckie's Garage. Chrysier dealers. Phone 56. Ante Aeeessoriefc TImu Furtt 13 RUCKSTBIJb AXLBHPor Ford ton CHICKS: eg«58. co<:kerels. Bi^ type best Engliidi-Amerlcan. traB-nest- cd year round. Males us^d 261 eggs and u^i. Leading in ^bras- ka contest. Reasonable prices. Investigate. Gamble Whit^. Leghorn Farm^ Coffeyvllle. Kaos. PULLETTS F^R SALE—White Wy- andottes aiifl Rhode Island Reds. E. R. Van ffureri. Phone 90i-12. ROOSTERS - - Rose Comb :Whitc Wyandottcs, Phone 952-11. Lewis Powell. s • 3 ISCUBATtoBS—In good Tcondi- tion. 1 Buckeye, 175-egg size; 1 Fairfleld, 2«*-«gg: 1: Que^ 600- egg. Also'ja few Choice : White THE BEST BARGAI.N' in Allen County: nearly 100 acres highly improved, adjoining lola. Great •s-.acrificc if sold before -March 1. O'herwise off the market. Liberal t.rms. Call at Once. The Allen County' Investment Co., Kelley |£o- tel Bldg., lola. Kans. 80 ACRES—On main county highway, good soil, 6 room house, gaod, barn, shade, unlimited wate^. close to school and church. $55 acre. 5% money, possession- J. Hamilton. ' I ' flouses For Sale { 5 ROOM MODERN HOUSl garage, on paved streetj 3 blcfeks from thd Square, for sale at a barsaiii: $500.00 cash, balajoce' like renL lola Land Coropi Wanted—Real Estate V WANT TO HEAR from owner ti Bring farm for sale in Kansas, sjalt- able for general farming and sJloclp raising. Send descript^H j Ispd lowest cash price. John "

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