The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on August 24, 1894 · Page 1
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 1

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 24, 1894
Page 1
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CARltOLL, IOWA, FRIDAY, AUGUST 24 WHOLE NO. 900. with equal rigor aim their gifts upon th white Oaatana won three singles and one KNOWLEDGE , Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live bet- V ter than others and enjoy life more, with leas expenditure, by more promptly •daptlnr the world'a best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced In the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its preseBtinn In the form moat acceptable and pleasant to the taate, the refreahing and truly beneficial properties of A perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the syatem, dispelling colds, headaches and fever* and permanently curing conatipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met with the approval of the medical profession, because it nets on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and tt is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for aale by all drug- jbts in 60c mufti bottle*, but It is man- nfactured by the California Fig Syrup Do. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, and,being well informed, you will not accept any substitute if offered. CASCADE. MAUD STItL UNQEBS JK IHK WIST. «TO BPABKUE WHIM THH BUN GOBI DOWN AND BOB THB WOBLD OF BEST." EmroBi SBNMOTH,: Juat aa my eup- per diahea were waabed and my baby boy •nagly tucked in fait little bed, Chan cam* home and banded me the Tuesday'a 8nn»m. Aa I read Mike's letter I emiled, then laughed and in midst of my mirth a feeling of aadneea crept o'er me aa I realized Hike believed "Maud" to be bewitching maid ?) The falling curtain is tbe signal fo> another encore which ia not betoded, and peeping behind the scenes, I see Mike aeated on Dean'e stove pipe, and Charley on Gable's dirby, aa they deftly make divy of evening proceeds. Could the ladies have then seen Mike smile instead of framing it within a wreath of roeea they would have woven for It a veil of evergreen. The Donlap Ladieu 8. 0. band (imported for the occasion) now Bounded "Home Sweet Home" and the crowd reluctantly vacate their seats to seek coaches where they will dream of ailk tighta and coral. One word aa to the other boys and Til draw tbie already too long tale to.a cloee. The Baron Nookela was the jolliest of the jolly and divided his time about equally between eating, aleeping, and teaching aroatenra how to play whist. If, as I hear, be inlende •tarting a whist school, Buooees surely awaits him. Todd-ever-the-aame Sam, well, he baa struck hi* calling. During hia trip to double, thus breaking even In tbe evening IbeThalian club entertained the visitors at the home ot Miea Bertha Bangs,where an enjoyable evening was spent. Delightful refresh men ta were served.Tbe toasts at the close of the banquet proved one of the enjoyable features of the evening. Thomas Outline acted aa toaatmaster and filled thnt position as cleverly aa be played tennis. The following toasts were responded to. ,Weloome—J, Everett Smith. Response—Lot. Wssser. Our Quests—Rev. Hendriokaon. Our Hosts—Bev, Turner. The Mace Tennis Ooonpiea in Athletic 8porte-^0. E. Reynolds. The Lady Tennis Player—Dr. Talboy. Considerable amusement was enjoyed with the "Art Gallery" at which Mrs. J. E. Smith won first honors. thia place, the coach being crowded, Sam relieved a tired mother by taking and oaring for her babe. Tbe babe'a soft cooing was aa music to Bam'a ears, and true it ie, that at tbe end of the journey, tbe babe refused to return to mother arms, and when compelled to would not be comforted. (I give thia only aa a pointer to tbe Carroll young ladies. Appetite, did yon eayT Well, if yon could see Russell eat yon wonld wonder why he ieso thin. A friend invited him to dine at the Oatholioon, and tbe waiter, •ilb«r "Baron^Nookela" or "Lord Bus- Mil," and thnrmy lova tor mischief bad brought these two worthies under bis heavy gnus. Now, Mike, you abonld bave known tbat bad Maud been one of your parly Ibe polishing process would bave been much more thorough than waa tb. oily rub I gave you. Bear in mind, then, Iba gnaw work is often tin*, faulty, aa in this case. Possibly some of THE Saw TUBL readers have a ouriosily to know the result of tba profensora' much talked of entertainment. ~~ aay that with eteL_, „. „„ Kftma Father Time bad severed day from night and night from day until the hour had come. Surely you wonld bave fall proud of tb. notoriety Carroll was raosiviug oould you have beheld Ib. beauty and as a starter, placed before bim three ord era of beef aleak, three of mutton chops, two of bacon, one of oorn beef and cabbage, and then politely banded him tbe bill of fare and took bia order. With Charley and John, the trip has been 'tone continual round of pleasure." Tbe ladies decree is that they are "utterly utter. 1 ' The decree of other Oarroll- itee,bowever, ie that while 0. and J. were shaking the treaa Ben and John (the aly rascals) scampered off with tbe moat lueiona fruits. Father Nichols who is 70 odd years old baa been rejnvinatsd and declares he is bnt 45. Such is the effect of Iba water here, or at Hot.Spriogs. Tbe member, of tbe Dnnlap band, those sweet buds of future promise, bava and Prof, them. THE PAIB is OFF. At a meeting of the directors and stockholders of tbe Carroll County Fair and Driving Park association held Monday afternoon it was decided to postpone the fair and races for this year. The drouth baa greatly affected tbe agricultural products of tbe county and it WBB concluded that it wonld be useless to try to make an exhibit this year. Qoite a number were in favor of having the races, but it waa claimed tbat they of them- •elves|wonld not prove a financial anooese, ao it waa decided to postpone them too. One thing that operated against tbe chances of securing a large attendance waa tbe fact that Baraum & Bailey's ahow will be here a few days before tbs fair and will effect the attendance. Several other counties in the state have postponed their faira and we think tbe society did wisely in concluding to declare tbe meeting off for thia year. Times are hard and tbe attendance wonld have been small at bast, and then pretty a one us we have Been. _„„ „.„. was trought with misfortune to the Stare Meyers was touched up for seven hits Brier and Hart both made costly maffa iu the field, Hoffman at second went to pieces and Egermsyer, down on third, got atampeeded and threw wild and let in a whole hat full of scores. II looked like a free-for-all with Denison at the bat. When Meyers finally fanned out the third man and the scores had time to fool up the result, the game stood "love nine," ns the tennis players would pot it. In tbe next inning, however, tbe Stars were exceedingly fortunate. Hoff- map bit a pop-np fly to short center and tbe Denison fellows were ao unused to seeing balls out in tbe field that they oonld not find it until Hoffman had pressed tbe rubber for tbe first and only score that they made during the game. Had not the ball been lost in the grass Carroll wonld have been ehut out, which would have beea horrible. The following is the score by inning*: 123456789 Deolson 00010810 0-10 Carroll 00000010 0-1 Base bits by Denison 9, by Carroll 8: struck out by Waldron 14, by Meyers 1; errors b» Denl- •on 6, bi Carroll 11; three base bits, Keller and them order prevails throughout the empire. CARROLL Classified Business Directory. DR, DOWNING CARROLL, IOWA Saturday, August 25 Burke's Hotel One day only every month. MILLINERY. MBS. M. SHADtK, fashionable Millinery MI88 ELLA TODD, Millinery and Kanoy Good, Waldron; time, 1 hour, 66 minutes. under tha Dean have able management of nicely conducted many who wonld bave enjoyed attending oonldjj bava illy afforded the expense. We hope it will be a long Carroll county ia visited drouth aa it baa been this season and that there will never be snob demands (or postponing tbe fair, which in the paat baa proven so snooeeafnl and bad become to be looked upon BB one of tbe prosperous institutions of our county. We all enjoy fair week, but under tha unfortunate conditions we are all willing to forget these urea thia year along with many otbere wa will be called upon to sacrifice. NoBMAlJ. Saturday the teachers completed their examinations and the work of the normal for another year ia a thing of the paat, for the teachers of thia county. We bear numerous expreeaiona of approval of the masterly way in which the exercises and work of the session were conducted. The teachers feel aa it they have been greatly benefited by tbe instructions they have received and will enter upon their work in a few weeks better prepared for it than ever before. The enrollment waa tbe largest ever reached in the history of the county which epeaka well for the in- tereata that ia being taken in the cause of education. The Buperintendent and all FINANCIAL. FIRST NATIONAL BANK, Cor. Main and Finn Streets. NORTHWESTERN BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION, Fifth Street. FEED MILLS. I. J. A J. B. MAIXOCK, Fifth Street. HARNESS, ETC. L •,£,A ND ! I S !ON ' **™*» **« Howe Clothing, Trunks, Valises and Sowing Machines, *' WINES AND LIQUORS. VICTOR H. 8TKPPUHN, "Tbe Diamond " Fourth Street. PLUMBERS AND STEAM FITTERS. SHEFFIELD A PATTERSON. Wind Mills, Tankg and Pump*. JOB PRINTING. DAILY SBNTINBL, Adams 8tr*~et Best t quipped Priotlng once in Western Iowa. Here coma, the butoher and I am re- HE VANISHED. just about noon Obas. Beal, « . » ° <MCad< ' S ' D " An «- 17 ' MADD. LAWN TmiOfiB. Monday evening Iba tennis club of wera m> t J DIM* ao< j harmony. gantlamsAJbimtbat while things tb. Tbalian club. Tuesday , „ about 9 o'clock tba games lights oausa tba water to sparkle opened with a series of singles. Th. a ami of diamond.. Huge search I first game was played by Day and Smith light, throw brigbl raya into tba bain, and was ao aaay oonta.1 (or lha visitor and lb.oor.1 and moss o( tba mermaid'. Toby and Draka nail oontastad honors borne present a grand and glorious «igbl. and Draka provad far too otavar for Mr Tba axpacted moment ba. com* and ail- Toby and evened up th. record. R 9V . ano.|oinb.lik.andoppreaBivawigns an- Turner mad. vary abort work of Prof, praua, a. all .rMbabold. Mike's lovely Lisk in to. third coolest, dispatching orm aneasedi U n.w.ilk light. aiid-Obai. him without «v.u taking time to pro to r«.pleud. 0 l M billsd. noquoa ft be.^^,,,,. TftlDoy ' aw , With no word snoksn Mike', h^mif,,. l«,.u.^ were »he laalon tbe program for Friday oarpenfc Mayor Parsons on the charge of assault ing his wife. When he oama before bi. honor he claimed that their iittl. difference, bad bean amicably adjusted an that they ware again living together In honor iofornux may have been follows:, the proceed wilb With tbe precision of tba pwduluto lha laat act as billed baa bean dona am tha curtain fulls. Her* again Fatbsr Tims cornea to the boys' nwous, as with ou* deft muvo ht» cuts tba magio oor<! which hut bound th. entranced •009, who, raaUeiog »b»y w.ra *gAiu on a»rtb, aend up a mighty aooor* which Iba profoaaor. o«nuot ignore. Mike'a fad. i. 1)1 up wilb « »mi|. M bsnutiful M Ibat of tba full moon, while Charlie'. lithe form, Biiriobed with glowy traiaM, andofowoed with tha rara.1 p««rU frooa liatura'. etore houe« witbiu Iba tiasp, OatpaMi, was i«d«ad baautUul (o loo* upon. A moment's sileuoe, and than a. wllu Qua aooorU |b« «jr w«. Qlleil wltb Mowers •Nil liatUrivg »o tue (eel of th. oiium- pious. Bo prolong, j uud oupiuu. waa vtU •b0w«ir tbat uaucbl o( Mike w«. vtai. f Wa bin wluulug «uil. auolrole') M Nl w.r»i vilb it wraatb of rows. fixed up at bom. tbe charge stood against bim and he wonld not ba leased without tbe appearance of bis wife. Ha was anxious to go and bring heraa a "living witness" to testify to Ibe truth of bis statement. The mayor told him to sal down and (ha marshal would attend to thai. During tba absence of tha marshal, Mr. Parsons took advantage of Ib. occasion and notified him of hi. knowledge that ha bad another wife in \abraaka, and that ba bad five or six obildrao, Baal al first of tbe instructors are deserving ot praise the expense, for tbe able manner in which they bave time before conducted the eeeBion j oat closed, for it by another waa one of good, honest, work well intended to improve those who are to carry on the wor^of educating the youth of our county for the ensuing rear. Finn. x KNOWS HOCSB OF THE CITY WAIER WORKS TAKES FJBH AMD 18 OOHPLITEIiY DESTROYED. Monday morning about 4:30 the alarm ofjfire was sounded. Tbe southern sky in tbe vicinity of the wa*er worka elation was aglow with flames. Tbe flre started iu tbe coal abed on tbe weat side of the engine house, which is of brick. Tbe flames entered tbrongb a window and door which ia covered by tha abed and aoou spread all over tbe engine bouse. TUe flre company responded aa promptly as possible, bnt as it was nearly a mile to the flre, they arrived too late to do muob good. The engine bonsa ia entirely rained and the engine and boiler badly but it is thought they can be Professional Cards. 1-«.^^^«»Si JAS. L. MABTIS. G . E. MARTIN. MARTIN & MARTIN, V&?W DR. DOWNING Tbls and Reliable B^Prompt attention given to collections. Notary In office. once In UoLagan Block . SPECIALIST We " f * T(Wykno '" 1 'tbroobo BEACH & HOYT LAWYERS. 'a state and federal eooru. Offlee OB Main street, over Nlswonger's dry goodsstoiS GEO. W. KORTE, LAWYER. ti.* T( ?; y ^ kno '" 1 'tbroogboa northwett for the many wonderful oureaofailtorinsof CHRONICWNEBVDU8 DISEASES blob be has effected tbat bad baffled th« iMU of ether physicians and specialist*. He Cures When Others Fail. ,'»?it!»!* 8 n f E ? e i aDl1 *•*•• Oranq oaUract, Cross Eye* straightene pain or danger, DiseharglnVEaraf etc., Diseases of Note and throa Bronchitis, Asthma QBOHQI W. BOWM ATTORN EY A i LAW. omoa. BUILLIffff . Hysteria. InsJS: Young and Middle Aged M«a — games. II waa a bard oontart. Talboy and asoond but provad a formidable aotagoui.?, to tha door on wm. trivial •"»•• inrui ——/ i •w|i|wu <o ins aoor on som. trivial ex- Onlhri. one. and M»iog hi. opportunity to es- S/llllli TobOT i Drake <j Turner g 6 0 Why did »U tbe ladle. Ibrow »b»ir token. of Irluwpb to Mik., tutd lb» B«utl*at»u Tnluoy Uuturle ArTMHNOON OAUH. Tba Tbaliftu club won Iba afternoon gam*, aud iu a maaiura rwtouud Ib. mad. at Oaalana, Tba visitor, wera treated to Iba aaqp% raoord iu tb. uoou Ibal (bey g«v» our player, iu uioruiug. Tba aoor. stood one ouble for OustuttH aud three foi Owroll B follow*; ' i g 'aiivt it M«N»«II | 7 UuA'Ilstvr&Kotte, o i) autnrlo*Drake,'"...!.'.'.,'.'.".'"!.'.'.'.'" » y a it (I 4 fl 7 a o li. .0 oapa took advantage of it aoj be "never oame back." Mrs. Beal denied tbe whole statement tb.1 they bad adjusted Ibsir grievances and insitted on tba caw being aattlad by arbitration. Wb.u ah. wa. iuformad of I the fact tbat *b« wa. wifa No. 9 paokad b.r worldly effect aud left Iba da? for Ib. boms of her parent. DM I Avooa. If Baal only slays away we wil u.y.r miaa hi. loas. F. M. DAVFNPORT, A TTOBNK AT LAW. LeBalbuslneutii acud in botb state and fedeSu SJSrU. owrSlarK'a <l*v goods »tore,Carroll d*w . •vaulting from Excuses, Errors In Tooth •£* producing some of th« following effects «• S25i?. u§ SS Mi En »"'ons. Pimples, Blolan«b l i t f v b D ' Mlnit ™w». of. Wllf Power, Oodfnslon bf~Idea*7Aversion k> 2?"iK'g;>"»l Exhanatton. Pain Inthe Bass* S«i'» *""!* tbe m °«* radiant hopes, rendS? ?2 l . B FJ»"T la »» nnl >»PJpy «nd business a faai ping tboasands to an untimely grave who baafalled, consult lite Dootof. who bave given ns> u ration. Oonialtntiou tlal. Delajrs sro dangerous. _, """TTtiPvas. Those contemplating marriage who are awaro of physical defects • weakness which would roncler tnarrls*. a eC appointment would do well torcalTonus. PREC examination of the Urine, oliemle*! repaired. Fortunately (or the city the loss is fully covered by insurance. Tbe origin o( tha fir. is thought to ba from spontaneous combustion. OAIIUOU/B NKW OFBBA HOUSE. Boons News. L. O. Goodwin received . Liter (rom be German society at Carroll this morn- ng informing him that his offer for Ih. management of the new opera house in bal oily bad fawn accepted. The new louae is owned by tbe society and has nat bsen built at an expanse of 811,000. I baa a aaatiog capacity of oboul 800. 'ba houaa will be managed by Mr. loodwiu in oonoeolioo wilb tb. opera oosa here. The Ames bonss will also continue to be managed by Mr. Goodwin. "How to Cure All Bltln Diseases, amply apply Swvne's olutiwiBt. Nomtvrnal BELIABLR IN8CRANGB In the best oouipanlos at the lowest rates, Upays to have the bes». Better have no Instt? ance than to be Insured In an unreliable •sNN4«f h ° **" com P an <w«n»>« AI^K. ° •«?•»«»«»» or failure, rsrttw treated br mall or express; but where PoiMMs personal oonsuliation preferred; Oases and oorresponaeuoestr'-' 1 ^ N. W. MAGOMBER OFFICE IN THK BANK OF CARROLL. ress wUhpostsare US West Ma PARTIES v Interested in Grain, Provisions and Stocks WATCH 241 B. 0. Co., Chicago The ART AMATEUR. ~~- - Boat «»., JVxt the T worTu'-'/K r « l ,rr <K " 0 " Taff.?!o*to Por 10c or 26c Montague Marks, 28 Untou|gquare, H. f MUM U«ii«« * Uuthrta Mri, 1'oliy* Taluoy Tba rwull of Ilk. mulob was TIN TO ONK. Panuwu oam. to our oily Tueaday •rtued to piny baw ball and wbau tb.) got through witb n. (her. wa. not enough lofl of tha Blur, to make a .bowlo;, even at Paople's oonnty oonvenUon. Waldron aud Orill, of Qliddro,fi>rai«d Ib. battery, aud when we .lata Ibut Ib. Carroll club got but ibr«« «lrik«« aud ooa run in nioa iuulug., it (ell. |b. Ula. Tb. battery was loo blrouf (or our olub and d«l««t was iuveit.ble. Wilb 111. woplioo of ' *~- '-"•«--•' •«-!•• •"*••** *v*w«w«rw w»sw» •* VfW fFV I w»l» •«•!»»»»»«§»• TV «|M I|W V^VPIlllUO Oft !»r a. winning gamaa WM oouosroad, for Ib. .iilb inuiug wban, the Paniaou boys Oauoll won Ibrw doubla. and on. eiugl., I piled up eight ioora., tb.; gam* « M w all eruptions on the tSoo, liauds^nUie, 'eto' iff.V8L l i l aj |l J5As£'.8: lil|t « n(l iiwi ""'- «• At a mealing b«ld today bv tb. .look. holders aud director, of Iba Carroll Oauuly Fair aud Driving Park aaiooia- liou it wa. daoidad Ibal, owiug to tbo uufavorttbte oondiliou of tbe agricultural products of this oounty.lbal it would not be wiae to altampt to bold a (air lui. SMWOU. For this raasuu add olheri it waa thought bwl lo declare the off for thia, H. A. JCNOJ), SaoreUry Ottrroll, Iowa, Aug. iiO, WAKTUU. An uotlvo agent iu uuou county iu thu Juitod titiitei, to aoliuit aubBurlptlouu for lio Twicu.a-Week Kopuulio. A liberal oiuutlesiou will bo paid to uiisUorn. Ad- roan, Buporlnloodout oJroulutlou, Tliu iopubllo, tit. Loula, Mo. RESTOREO, U4 AffVUll* >'T\)tU» it u u , W>kt>ruiui»k. 1.UM vt U»»|II fuwill ' •Id CBBlS' FUrBJShlu (tils. sine In Carroll py j. w. j|aMou. BOOUI. PKAZKU PROVISIONS aa« STOCK* HIALTO, OHIOAao. Tliu OUt Kuliubio .ONE PRICE CLOTHIERS, NOCKJSL8 & UWAM, Huutb Side Square, C'orroll. Iowa,

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