The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on May 4, 1933 · Page 7
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 7

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 4, 1933
Page 7
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MALVfeftfr, tOWA, MAY 4> PAGE SEVEN ^^^^^ • ~~^-~"~" | »^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ HASTINGS w-etft tewrfvrt wotd frwft &#»ftnwnt ityfnf ft*t - - •• - - a*** tot the » -ift&i-JL UkJ^ijM^ 4frfe£ik 4ffr* U*Q *»UfW WHO fcllO Mast*?, *6%M Hot %* «n* I fii tfcitf ct8« and that Mrs. . h*att *ff&f4 fcs f*f»ftted to loft there for the rettattider oi 1* ttm t ftfroirt a yeaf. r. Gre«n*a!t sayi that he **- j the* tff retire and toffee o*e may hate the Joh. fh-e coffr^ „ year witl fottttd Wft out ah reft twenty years aft Post Ma«- ift Hastings and during all time Mrs. Greenwalt hat his deputy. They went in nn- i tHthocratle administration |d they have stayed long enough go out under A ffettocrfttte ad- Inistration, which he considers lite * dlstlfictlon. they hate Indled the office well and satig- totiiy and furthermore are st etcelteht people and mighty citlzets. ^M News of Ptiblle Sthools ffce tenter claw plat. "Where's Hy «o**yt h is to %ft gWet ffcw*. t *»« Friday, MAy n *wd 14. Tfe* JtrMor-teftfor tan^tfet wttl t* lf*t« Frftoy *teu»»g, May ft. tfte chicken pie stipper held thnftday etettifjg in the M. E. , spoiwored by the Jtmiors, to %e very raecemf &1. Ttte net fffoeeeds were 410. Visitor* in Mgn scttool test week were Ml«s Matgaerite EdJe, Toft Oaltell, and Alice Peters of Creston. The Afio 1 x «l 1 .oyd Starr, carrier on the |r route, Hastings to Carson, Jritlftg a new (Jhetrdlet coach week, purchased of-Murphy others. Floyd has a. good route [the road Is all surfaced and rer too bad to go, Jeo. Huntttaan A&d family of visited Sunday in the le of Mrs. Wm. Clark, Jrs. W, D. Llnthlcum and son, L visited a few days last week I the Leslie Dawson home. rt Hodges of Los Angeles, lif. visited friends in town last k. faster Loren Nebbltt, son of and Mrs. Geo. Nebbltt, Is sut- Ing from (tui&cy, He had to le his throat lanced Thursday. toe Haden and family and Miss |ra Christie autoed to Omaha urday, fr. and Mrs. Roy Vlnor of t)dolph visited Wednesday eve* with relatives in town. •». Pale Reed, Mrs. Mabet i, and Mrs. Everett Purcell Council Bluffs visitor* Fri- C, Ricter of Council Bluffs ed in the D. P. Fellows home »y. •'• '..••• -'•"• •• • ... '':• \r, and Mrs. Ralph Hanscom x, Robert, autoed to Shen- Sunday evening. Jr. and Mrs. W. E. Fabnestock Malvern visitors Thursday. |r. and Mrs. Roy Viner of ilolph came Saturday and vls- pver Sunday with relatives Pieftfc the seventh and eighth grade classes of 1829 and 1930 and C. E. Wllmeth enjoyed a picnic at Chantauqua park In Red Oak last Wednesday. After the picnic the classes attended a show. week with his parents, (and Mrs, Frank Mitchell, larold Bixlar of Omaha spent (week end in the W, 8. Young le. Ir. and Mrs, P. P, Fellows |e Council Bluffs' visitors Batay, lies Regina Lookablll of Oma(spent the weak end with her ants, Mr, and Mrs, Fred Look >• „ liss Carrie Luther spent the |»k end in her home at Villlsca. B. Wilmetto visited over aday with bis parents in Nev- rille, Kittenball Game* The Hastings kittenball team defeated Emerson with a score of 6 to 2 last Wednesday at Emerson. Friday Malrern came here and was defeated by a 20 to ? score. This makes six straight victor* lei for the Hastings team. Ret. and Mrs. L. E. Ripley of Emerson were tisltors in school Monday morning. Mrs. Mann, representative of the W.C.T.U., gate us an interest* ing talk Monday morning on "Good CHUenshlp." Her talk •tressed the evils of narcotics and •he gave as many examples of the high courage and usefulness to society of many people who had resisted the temptation of narcotic drinks and cigarets. We en- Joyed her talk very much. Mrs. Mann also gave a talk on the "18th Amendment, and the Repealing of It," Sunday morning at church. This talk proved to be very interesting and was enjoyed by all. Miss Alice Peters of Orient visited here last week with Miss Isabelle Varley. Miss Varley's parents drove down from Stuart Friday evening and the young ladies accompanied them home for an over Sunday visit. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Priest drove to Shenandoah Sunday and en- Joyed a birthday dinner In honor \JBrT ScCnt JKZrQ «r« ftfetfc wet* George Scntm- KM family *ad ftrt. 0. 6. K«1«y autoed to 8f«*» wo«d ««»*«•*. «% Mr. aitd Sfi. A. H. CrrfrfoTd limd Mrs. Roy Crawford and daughter, Nedra, antoed to Sh*n>Mr. a*d Mrt. Herman Scntrrr and daughter, Roth Oettft. attended the dancing redul of Miss Wflma Boggess at Red Oak Friday etftnlnf. Tfretf Wn. Edward, took p*rt fn the recital. OAKS Oak* School Hotel Oaks had an attendance of sixty-fite last Sunday Including several visitors. Five new members were added to out regular membership list. Ret. L. P. Thomas of Wesley Chapel was with us and gate a very helpful talk. EAST LIBERTY Mrs. Karl Carr and three children from near Tabor spent a couple of days recently with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Seaton. Mr. a&d Mrs. John Hanson and daughter, Edna, from near Council Bluffs were visitors Sunday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. C, M, Nelson. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Wllhelm. Florence, Buddy, and Porothy, were guests Sunday in the W. H. Maddocks home. Mrs. E. C. Beaton who has been confined to her home for several weeks with Inflammatory rheumatism, is beginning to get about the house a little this week without the aid of crutches. M. H. Latchaw took sick last week and on Thursday Pr. Marr took him to the Clinic In Council Bluffs for examination. His trouble was diagnosed as Arthritis and has been quite painful for htm much of the time. At this writing he is resting easier and his many friends hope that he will soon be greatly Improved. The first of last week Miss Josie Kerney was confined to her bed several days with the flu. Mrs. Kerney later came down with the same trouble. Both are somewhat improved now. Clyde Barger met with an accident Sunday afternoon which will make it pretty difficult for him to manage his work at this of John Haley's eighty-second | time of the year. The starter to STRAHAN S«it eft c*tiottftt Ag. At * fte«t»i &t tie Strahan bwatiS Motdaf evening the to efcntlnise the *ofk fcsafd of votatlofrai AifWSltnre fn their •chooti afid then took of the matte* of electing a iifSrintendent. They fet«*ed Sea Co*on, superintendent of ft consolidated school near Reihbeek tot the position. iff. Coion !« a man et tome thirty n*e years of age ftftd comes with strong fecofflfnendations. He will be superintendent and wilt also handle the rotational agriculture of the gmith-Httghes work. He has high educational qualifications and has had three or fotir years experience as superintendent. He IB married and has one son. At a meeting Tuesday evening they elected Miss SHrelyn Sheldon of Perctval for Hoine Economics teacher. There are two high school teachers yet to elect and this mat* ter will be taken up at another meeting this week. birthday. Miss Aleta Bayes of Strahan visited a few days, last week with •* "--' ^ tmrgtwi HtiHaif t*«* S 'T .**a*i*jk*»«A5s Tla>A<4* larry-Pftttiwiwn- were" Shan* andoah visitor* Saturday. Mr. and Mrs, Frank Adams of Malvern visited friends In town Friday. Mrs, Lee Kepple and daughter, Betty Gene, visited in the R. F. Crawford home Wednesday, Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Redman and Mrs. Clarence Shelby of Omaha visited Sunday in the Herman Schurr borne, Mr, and Mrs. Glen Palrymple and daughter, Jane Marie, of Malvern visited Sunday in the W. F. Crawford borne. Mrs. Jack Trybom, Mrs. Herman Schurr, and Mrs. Walter Hunt autoed to Omaha Friday. 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I last Wednesday and were entertained by Mrs. Lovell and Mrs. Harry Conrad for the afternoon. There was a nice attendance and after a short business meeting the remainder of the afternoon was taken up with completing plans, organizing committees, and soliciting for the Junior-senior banquet which will be served by the Union. At the close of the meeting the hostesses served refreshments of meat sandwiches, golden-glow salad, angel-food cake, and coffee; The next regular meeting will be held May 10 at the home of Mrs. Horace Eacrett who will be assisted by her daughter, Mrs, Clarence Lemonds. §if Dry Mt*tfft« at Strthan r-fiday there win h« a hfg rally of an the temperance forces and all opposed to the repeal of the 18th Amendment, held in the church in Strahan, tomorrow (Friday) evening. There *m be two fine speakers — W. C. Henn and Mrs. Jones of Macedonia — from outside, he- sides local speakers, good music, etc. A delegate will be selected to attend the convention in Glenwood and Mrs. W. S. Bradley, township chairman, will preside. Everyone Interested In retaining the prohibition amendment in the constitution try to be present and bring your friends. 'Y.M.C.A.'a Etidot*e BcAcoti City Tout 1 the large t. M. C. A.'s tu sev- 1 era! middle western cities have otlrtaHy selected Beacon Ctty ** their "project" for 19S3. Realli- fi»g the enormous educational value a» well ad opportunity for a superb vacation offered by the World's Faff, and seeing in Bes- con City the Ideal way to visit the Fair with a maitmnm comfort and minimum expense, they are organizing their own group trips. They are making every effort to have ail of their own members attend. Betides, tbey are selling Beacon City to many other people within their territory In an effort to make a community project of their World's Fair mam mm. New* of the Strahan Consolidated School tour. The enthusiastic acceptance of these organizations is one of the finest recommendations City has had to date. Beacon his car refused to work so be applied the crank but received a broken bone in his right -wrist. Jury" and -be is getting* along as well as can be expected. Mr, and Mrs, G. w, Rimel were pleasantly surprised when they returned from church services Sunday to find their son, Pr, Warden Rlmel, and family of Bedford there. They had taken full possession and had dinner almost ready to be served. The occasion was especially in honor of War* den and Wardine, the twin children, of Pr. and Mrs, Rlmel, who were three years old May 2. The two cakes, each bearing three candles, added much to the attractiveness of the dining room table, C. J. Shapcott and family and Pale Hunt and family were visitors in the vicinity of Bartlett Sunday afternoon, The people of this vicinity sincerely sympathize with Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Henderson in their recent misfortune. Their house was struck by lightning Saturday afternoon and burned to the ground. They were away from home at the time but the hired man who was there summoned them and others as soon as he recovered sufficiently from the shock which he received front the bolt of lightning. Most of the household goods were saved which was indeed very much appreciated by Mr, and Mrs. Hen* derspn. The East Liberty Cenjetejy association will meet Saturday aft. ernooo in the bank in .Malvern. The meeting was not held last Saturday because of the rain. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Angus were Red Oak visitors Monday. Pick Hunt and Eddie Coelman of Qlenwood spent the past week in the home of Mildred and Nellie Moore. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Klmsey of Shenandoah spent Sunday with Mrs. Kimsey's parents, Mr. and last week from -the home of her daughter, Mrs, Clarence Lemonds, where uhe has been living the past winter, to her own home in Strahan. She is caring for her garden and flowers at home here. Mr, and Mrs. Dale Laughlln and children, Mr, and Mrs, Frank Johnson, were Sunday dinner guests of Mr, and Mrs. Herbert Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Knop accompanied their father, Carl Sel- pold. and Mr, and Mrs. Martin Selpold, to Excelsior Springs, Mo. last Sunday to visit Mrs, Carl Sel- pold who is recuperating at the hospital there, Zeno Bass and Mr. and Mrs. Adam Gipe were Shenandoab visitors last Monday. Mr. and Mrs. E. G, Wederqvlst and baby were Sunday afternoon visitors in the home of Mr, -and Mrs. Harry McColllster, Mr. and Mrs, Raymond Laugh- lln and children were Sunday dinner guests in the home of Mr, Ag Cla*» Take» Trip to Omaha Grain Exchange The Agriculture Economics class went to Omaha Friday and visited the grain exchange and learned the method of grading and marketing central United States agricultural products. The afternoon was spent chiefly in going through the Crowell terminal elevator. The management was very kind in furnishing a guide who explained the many storage practices. Part of the time was spent in the testing laboratories of the Grain Exchange where accurate samples from each carload of grain are taken and scientifically tested and graded. For instance, the chemical laboratory determines the gluten content of wheat to 1-100 per cent. This with other information is on the samples that go to the trading floor and is necessary Information for the miller or trader. Grading was thus found to be mathematically and chemically exact. The class were privileged to be on the trading floor while the transactions were in operation. They are very much Indebted to F. P. Manchester, secretary of the Exchange, and Mr. Crowell of the Crowetl elevator for courtesies extended them and the time spent in carefully explaining the details of operation of the exchange and elevator storage. Trips of this type help those that will be future farmers of America to better understand the marketing practies and shows the necessity for middlemen. The class stopped at Qlenwood at the Cooperative creamery and Recent Events in the Rural Schools Miss Jessie M. Parker, standard school Inspector -with the department of public instruction of Iowa, visited Mills county Wednesday, April 19. She commented upon the fact that the school buildings were kept fn good condition. In each school she heard the beginners read. Mabel Laws reports for Excelsior school that two birthdays had been celebrated, those of Otha Mass, and Florence Adams. Each occasion the school had ft treat from the celebrant. Friday. April 14, was visitors' day at Osborne Valley school when all the mothers were present as well as other guests. Regu lar work was carried on until recess time after which a short program was given and refreshments served in honor of the birthdays of two pupils: Leonard Hunt and Dale Alexander. The school pupils enjoyed of an Goodfellow Easter egg duo bat this creamery was a splendid asset to this community. Coming Important Dates Thursday, May- 4: Junior-senior banquet. Sunday, May 14; Baccalaureate. Thursday, May 18: Commencement. Friday, May 19: Annual school picnic. and Mrs. Laugblln. Sunday S<?beel Cl»§s«* . Affair* Tlw Y»»s* warred people's class of the gsst Liberty oburch, scnool en Joyed, a party last Frit day evening M tna Uo»e of Mr, a&d Mrs, Howard Mlqkelapn near UftBtinge. Tnere were ten f»willes pjr.«Ae«t waking » total at more than, thirty people, ren- 4 very enjoyable eve, was spent, ReUoious refresh »enti were served coji*isiU» at two kind* ol Robert 'Williams is uuruing a very badly bruised and sprained foot and ankle, the result of get- tine his foot caught in a. harrow and being dragged some distance before he could extricate it. He was taken to pr, Kerr by Howard Kayton nut the swelling was so bad not much could be done at the time, He will have to remain off the foot for some time to come. Mrs., Chas. Kayton entertained ber Sunday school class of eight boys last wees; at a welner roast at her bone. The boys report one of the' best tines in the world with an abundance of eats. The class includes Paul Moore, John Cunningham, Robert Barnard, Leon Lenumds, Wayne Nims, Meredith Point!;, Robert WWlame Mrs, Q, M' Young is In flaer* son visiting In the Raudolpn Sal wens ftttd Will Mullen awes, Mr, and Mrs. Okas. Kayton en ' ' • 9& & tejnlly dinojr last cake, and ****** w^v The with ifetir MM. 0. 5t, Sunday, their meats bel»« Mr. and Mrs. A. U Parley ftR d ohll- fiL B. Oartsy» MU9 Mr. MUww Irene Ole»y«s* »il of Mr. Jim, MHt-poUttt vw» olive WE Entertaiot R. I. C, Mrs. Mayo Baaa was hostess to tbe R. I. club at her home Wednesday. Nineteen members en* awered to roll call. There were several guegts. The program for the afternoon was lead by » iw •j«u« to feur M my M» »i** m The baseball boys lost their game to Anderson last Wednesday with a score of 10-2, Jeaneanno De Gaae was a visitor over the week end at the borne of her aunt, Mrs, Emma Moore. HILLSDALB Mr. and Mrs, Lester Anthony entertained at Sunday dinner Mr. and Mrs. Parie Mickelwalt and three daughters and Mr, and Mrs, George Scott of Glenwood. Walter Phelps attended the vaccination school for hogs In Malvern Friday and Saturday, George Mlntle is recovering from a siege of meales. Mrs. Jeanette Mann, National Temperance speaker, was an over night guest of Mrs. A. H, Culver, Mrs. Laura Shepard has been suffering from an attack of rheumatism the past week, Mr, and Mrs, Walter Hilton and Laura visited Mrs. George Hilton at her borne in Randolph where she is seriously ill. Mr, Hilton stayed over to assist in her care. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ruce and family spent Sunday In the J, W. Egloff home in Sidney, Walter &nd Paul Hilton were in Omaha Tuesday. John Harbour visited bis par* ents in Glenwood Sunday, hunt on April 14. Georgia Ruth Marsh's birthday was celebrated on March 29 with a treat of candy and popcorn. Birthday celebrations are popu lar. On April 14 Pacific City celebrated three birthdays: Dorothy Timmerman's, Ellen Etherlng- ton's, and Delmo Karr's, with an Easter treat. In Mt. Vernon school in Center township Marilyn Jane Shock's mother surprised the school with a birthday treat on Marilyn Jane's birthday. Certificates for books read and reported on have been given as follows: Four Corners; Pauline Swinney, Roy Seeger, Avon Bonner, Summers, Two new names on the dental honor roll are Florence Adams of Excelsior school and Marilyn Jane Shook of Mt. Vernon school. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Rosettfetd of Matt-era were guests Sunday In the Ward Ftckel home. Dwight Parker, son of Mr. anrt Mrs. Lynn Parker, who 1« quarantined for scarlet fever, has been quite slch the pa«t week hut. at this time ment. Matlne Leu some wilt be released frosn quarantine this week and bt» graduated from Henderson high school with her rlaaamates next Wednesday. Mrs. Ray Flerson, Mrs. Clandn Wilson, and Pearl Norton attended the Women's Achievement day program at Malvern Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Parker were Omaha visitors Monday. Mis* Irene Plumb, nurtw at the Jennie Edmund!>on hospital at Council Bluff*, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. El«worth Plumb, Sunday. Leta Slater returned to lhr> Rev. L. D. Thomas home and to school Monday after a week's sickness at her home near Emerson. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Flckel and Mrs. June Flckel visited Joe Wearin at the Edmundson hospital In Council Bluffs Friday. They found Mr. Wearin stendlly gain- Ing. Mr. and Mrs. Herb Benton and his mother, Mrs. Francis Benton, and Mr. and Mrs. Law'renco Salyers and sons all of Malvern Visited In the J. B. Flckel home Sunday. (Meadowlark) Natural History S<-rlos- Common Blrtls Rural Pupils Have Perfect Attendance Perfect attendance records for the fifth six weeks; Wearin: Betty and Josephine Haden, Margaret Robbins, Charles and William Phelps, and George and Gerald Moore. Foxworthy: and Florence Frances, Swouoda, Daniel, Gordon Perhaps one of the most common birds seen when driving through the country Is the Meadowlark. This bird often winters in lowo and during the pant winter many were seen throughout the state. Reports coming to the Fish and Game Department tell of the Metulowlnrks fending on the gravel highways where the snow-plows had passed by after a heavy snow. The Mcadowlark most common to Iowa Is the Western Meadowlark, however, the Eastern Meadowlark is seen in some parts of the state. They resemble each other but their calls are different. The field marks of the Western Meadowlark are: male, yellow below with a deep black crescent on the breast, running up onto the sides of the neck; sides tawny white, striped; above, striped and spotted with black, chestnut, and dull white; outer tail feathers largely white; cheeks grayish wh|teaj smaller and the yellow is paler, the black on the breast is restricted or broken into spots and streaks as in the young. The Flicker Is often confused with tho Meadowlark in the field. The difference can best be noted by the red on the nape of the neck and by the yellow on the wings and tail of the Flicker, The food of the Meadowlark consists of approximately seventy- five per cent animal matter, including beetles, grasshoppers, spiders, ants, crickets, caterpil- Hevern, Dorothy Baldozler, Viola and Edward Herrlck, Garold Breeding, Edna Mae Lovvrey, and Dorothy, Sidney, Hazel, Allen, and Helen Haaaelquiet. Plainview; Rose Mary and no- gene Hopp and Wanda Pein. Barbee: Leon Chambers, Alfred Stacy, Fae Harbojd, Glen, Florence, T rene MeCreedy, Seexer, Mtu EU» M.14, ler gavo an interenUng p<*per — Story of the American Indian, 4 display of Indian relics wai »U no enjoyed, Mr*, Uaw and her refre«hB*»nU ol Ice lv« kladi of and Genevieve, Edward, Leonard, Louis, and Edwin Jens. Mt. Vernou (Ingraham): Phyllis and Norma Williams, Martin and Albert Jenkel, Shirley Bur* goin, and Lola Collier, Bethlehem: Sarah June. Franklin, Luetta, Earl, Vera, and Pean Lincoln. Letaj: Myron and Vergil Rohrberg, Katberine and Paul Nsnsel, Joseph and Raymond Konz, Lawrence and Walter Leick, Gordon Sclioening, and Ellen, Ervin, and QttQ Kay, Pacifte City; Pona, Lee Baker, Marie Grayer, Wendell Pein, Janice VJnton, Sibyl Adams, and Jane and Betty Barbour. West Liberty No, gt Jean Ann Diamond, Barbara Jane Sawyer, and Mary Lefever, Elm Grove; }, W. and Mercedes Wert?, Marjorie and Helen Tucker, Glen Johnson, Ralph Johe, and Keltb Haynle. lars, etc. Many weed seeds are eaten by these birds and they ire considered one of the most valuable birds to have around the farm. The Meadowlark is consid' ered one of the best grasshopper destroyers of birddom. They nest on the ground, the nest being well concealed by the grasses. Very often a runway through an arch of grass leads to the nest. The eggs are from four to six and are white spotted all over with shades of brown and purplish. The incu* bation period is from fifteen to seventeen days. Applications of a solution of % pound of ammonium sulfate to a 1 gallon of water sprinkled or sprayed on each 100 square feet of lawn in the spring and fall will retard dandelions and other weeds and promote the growth of grass. This is the recommendation of R. H. Porter of Iowa State college. The Republican National Committee now owes the sum of $8J3,QOQ so it ought to be in fa* vor of inflating tUe national currency. On Jan. 1, 1918, there were §1 million horses on farms in the United states, by Jan. i, 1932, the number had decreased to 12 million. The value rose, on the average, f4 from Feb. 1, 1938, to Feb. 1, 1933. These figures are complied by the United States Department of Agriculture. JP ¥OU SAJOKE TOO WATCH VOU» STOMACH For quick relief from Indigestion and upset stomach due to excessive smoking try Dr. Emll's Adln Tablets. Don't stop awaking, Just use Drug Co. Adta Tablets, Collins adv. Special Combination Rate

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