Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 15, 1955 · Page 2
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 2

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 15, 1955
Page 2
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TWO EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD4 TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 1955 Dial PA-2-4800 for a WANT AD Taker G-Meta Nab Kidnap-Slayer Of Woman In Kansas City FRANCISCO (to — Arthur Brown, arrested here for crimes reaching from {lie corn belC'to the Pacific, was held under $100;000 bail today after the FBI saidl he . confessed the kidnap- murder of wealthy Mrs. Wilma All* of Kansas City Aug. 4. Technically, Brown is held on a ' charge of transporting a stolen automobile across state lines. He v.-as: arrested yesterday while sleeping in an automobile stolen in .jOmaha. He had two loaded weapons in the seat beside him. The FBI had been hunting him sinde Aug. 31 for the shooting of SheSiff Willard H. Marshall at Sheridan, Wyo. The sheriff was questioning Brown about a burglary there.- Tfie FBI said that Brown while being questioned about that shooting jiyesterday, suddenly burst out: "Where I'm really wanted is in Kansas City," and then described theSkidnaping and slaying of Mrs. Alhfn, 34, wife of William R. Allen •JrJ a wealthy ^ Kansas City auto- mo&ile dealer. Mrs. Allen was kidnaped while shopping in south Kansas City. Her nudb body ; with the hands tied behind the back was found three days lateV in a, cow : pasture south of Kafisas City. •Pfercy Wyly II. • FBI special agent in charge in Kansas City, said Brown told agents he had not raped Mrs. Allen'; that robbery was His f : motive. The coroner's report sairjj tests were inconclusive as to impossibility of rape. An FBI agent reported Brown admitted (1) forcing his-.way into Mrg'^ Allen's convertible .'at the point of a revolver; "(2) forcing hereto'drive out of town; (3) shooting^ her twice' through the head; (4) ? stripping her' of. her jewelry and 1 taking her purse and . (5) losing the body out in the field. "•Browji, 30, a native of San Francisco,' "has been a mental case since 'he-was 14." said his mother Mrf. Mary Brown.. ' '. . • ijhe Belgian horse attains .-a tvefght of as'much as 2,500 pounds. Victim Of Crash Paid Freight For Bomb In Luggage DENVER tfi—Mrs. Daisie E. King, 54-year-old grandmother, paid the freight for her death and those of 43 other persons aboard a United Air Lines plane that exploded and crashed Nov. l near Longmont, Colo. Records disclosed that her suitcase, weighed down by a dynamite time bomb rigged by her son, was 37 pounds overweight when checked by UAL at Denver's Stapleton Airfield. She paid $27 for the additional weight. Israel-Jordan Berder To Open In December JERUSALEM, Israel ffl-The frontier between Israel and Jordan \v\\l be opened three times this Christmas season to permit Christians ,to cross into Bethlehem. -..' : ""'''''''"• Arrangements for the annual pilgrimages to; the scene of Christ's birth were made today between the Jordan Foreign Ministry and Israel's Office for Minorities. New Regime (Continued from Page 1) surging enemies in the big labor confederation, which claimed six million members during the Peron regime," probably will .smother them.'''.-;-= '.-;. ;"• ^..:.:.:'._.-..-.. :.'.;;• ••.'•'••But if CGT can bend .the gov^ ernment;.to;its.will/jt could.'be & grave .blow .to Aramburu's .prestige..^ "v.-x--;"-.' : •. '-.-'..':- :•,>Other- complaints by CGT included charges that the government ; had : arrested labor leaders, assisted anti-Perohistas : in seizing control of some unions, and was encouraging .anti - Peronistas :to form/a new national labor;organization^ ':':'''.••'• : ' ""' •'••'..'." .. • Rudolf Bing, general manager of the Metropolitan. Opera Company, congratulates Locina Amana of : San Francisco last'night for'her performance in the season's opening performance of "The Tales" : of- Hoffman." She sang the part of one of Hoffman's three -loves.: ' (AP Photofax) Poles-Yugoslavia Sign Pack For Increasing Their Trade fj..••-/•:/• : ;, 11 COMMERCIAL r g y BANK'S - - / 1956 CHRISTMAS SAVINGItLUB IS NOW OPEN FOR MEMBERSHIP i JOIN \t_ AND RECEIVE PAYMENT ON ! NOVEMBER 6, 1956 ! , - " FOR EARLY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING THE I "OMMERICAL SHAVINGS . . W - %F Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation AT THE CITY HALL SQUARE Met Singer Congratulated Tobin, Retired President V • _ Of Teamster Union, Dies INDIANAPOLIS Itf-Daniel J.; Tobin, Irish immigrant boy \vhoj became he'ad of the biggest American labor union, died last night of ligh blood pressure and heart disease. ' ' - • • The president of the AFL Teamsters Union from 1907 until 1952 was 83 but didn't know the exact date of his birth in County Clare, 1 Ireland. Tobin was a confidant of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and leaded the labor division of. the Democratic National Committee in each of FDR'; election campaigns. : . He fought communism, urged iis followers to consider the strike only as a weapon of last resort; and advocated merger of the AFL and CIO. He was a man of strong opinions in his 45 years as head of the teamsters, but his conception of craft unionism finally was swal- owed up -by the unlimited jurisdiction policy of Dave,Beck of jeattle, who succeeded him. VIENNA,''Austria MV-Poland an-| nounced today a trade agreement with Yugoslavia which appeared part of a new Russian play to in- luce Marshal Tito back into the Soviet economic sphere. Radio Warsaw 'said Poland and Yugoslavia had signed a protocol n Warsaw .that, during 1956, will increase trade between the two countries 100 per cent over 1955. Under the agreement, Poland is offering Marshal 2 : per cent yearly interest .to . buy nstallations for food --factories', mines and railway car plants.-.. iWestern diplomatic' observers in Vienna saw in'the agreement a similarity with Czechoslovakia's arms deal with Egypt and Russia's offer to provide India with industrial plants. . (In : Belgrade,: Associated .Press Correspondent Boris Boskovic reported the deal was not likely to impress the Yugoslavs .much,, nor re-establish the close economic ties which existed between Marshal Tito arid the East before 1948)." .. •>..: .--•=•'' ' ; ' ; 'A ••'.' .Radio Warsaw said the good: exchange in 1956 would total 28 million -'dollars. Poland will deliver coal, coke, rolled iron, sugar and machinery while Yugoslavia will export lead, zinc, pyrites, limber, cellulose, cast steel, tobacco and consumer goods. "Furthermore," said Radio Warsawj "a protocol was signed on scientific-technical cooperation on air traffic and on the liquicla- ion of mutual. debts since 1945. Tourist traffic was also - discussed." Details were not re vealed. During recent months, Rus'Sia las twice enlarged its agreements with Yugoslavia until a trade exchange totaling 70 million dollars each way is expected, in the next three, years. Russia has offered Yugoslavia 84 million dollars in cash loans and credits. Hope Seeks Visas In Plan To Make Movies In Soviet HOLLYWOOD W) - Bob Hope wants to go to Moscow and try to laugh the Iron Curtain away. He made a formal application for visas .yesterday to visit Russia to film a .television show \yiiEh Russian stars. • -' ••••• ^ ' "I understand there are some very good comics in .Moscow,"Hope said. "There have been cultural exchanges "of, farmers and journalists between the two countries. Why not a» exchange of comics?" . Stanley Issues Assembly Call RICHMOND, Va. m-Gov. Thomas B. Stanley has set in motion a program intended to prevent compulsory integration of the races in Virginia's public schools. As the first step, he called a special session of the State Legislature for Nov. 30 to act on legislation providing for a constitutional referendum. If the General Assembly adopts a proposed bill, the electorate will be asked to vote on whether a constitutional convention should be held to amend the state constitution so that public money may be used in financing the private schooling of Virginia children. Top location- top 2000 spotless rooms Sensible rates include radio Many rooms with television HOTEL NEW YORK ON TIMES SQUARE AT RADIO CITY M Irais. Cei. Mp. • l»l (8ii(, IK., K|t. Have you been dreaming of a new Kroehler living room suite, or a new fashion-trend bedroom or dining room suite or a Chrorncraft dinette suite? Your dreams can come true now! sare havinfa And their prices are much less than you dared dream possible. Shop Millensdn's to make your furniture dollar count.-35 model rooms, the most impressive display of quality furniture in Cumberland.- Open Every Mbnday Until 9 P. M. ' ' •It's Easy To Park At' MUlenson's— You are invited to park your car on either of the two free parking lots across the street from our store. They are maintained .especially- for the accommodation of our customers. Policy Void (Continued from Page 1) liminary .hearing before a U.S. commissioner and was ordered confined to Denver County jail in lieu of a $100,000 bond. There was'.no mother to- protect him, and Graham was heard to mumble he planned to take hi own life "as soon as they stop watching me." Public sentiment grew against the youth, charged with causing the deaths of 44 persons in the air above a Longmont, Colo., sugar beet field. It is believed to be the largest mass murder in U.S. history. , : Grains Open Finn CHICAGO -UP) — Most grains opened firm in. routine dealings on the Board of Trade today. Wheat scored the largest upturn. Soybeans lagged. The human heart is a muscular bag of four chambers. ' ., Voyage To Antarctic Starts NORFOLK. Va. MV-Two cargo ships bound for the antarctic headed southward along the Atlantic coast today on the first leg of an expedition whose leader, -Rear Aclm. Richard E. Byrd, called "an important milestone in history." The ships Wyandot and Arnes, the latter the flagship of Rear Adm. George Dufek, were wished godspeed by Byrd and other naval and government dignitaries yes- terday as they left here to begin this nation's permanent occupation of bases at the bottom of the world. Dufek is commander of the task force. The five other ships in the expedition sailed last week. Byrd. America's foremost polar explorer, came to Norfolk to see the vessels off. He will'join the convoy later in New Zealand. Low 7 BUSES DAILY NEW YORK $7.70 Including 7 Expresses. For Example: Lv. 7:30 A. M. Ar. 4:55 P. M. Other Convenient Schedules to: Pittsburgh 3.05' Washington ... 3.30 Philadelphia .. 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Many other inside features for . the finest, clearest picture in television! In Mahogany and Limed Oak* Grained finish, 'iligMf higher -Giant 24" Picture! New Slant in Design! only 139» 5 rttait) S*lvcl base optional at txtra cart. Slanted Tip-Top-Front-Tuning panel for easier-than-ever tuning! . • Slanted Screen and Filter Glass for reflection-free pictures! • All the most advanced features for clearer, sharper pictures >— plus exclusive Silver Safeguard Circuit for most dependable performance in television! The CORSICA. (950T24) The giant, big-as-life picture you've always wanted . . - now at an outstanding value price. New inside and out for easier tuning, better viewing, more handsome appearance. The finest television set money can buy. At your Westinghouse Television Dealer's now in Mahogany and Limed Oak* Grained finish. .. •ww* *%*«• ..,«••., Ask your dealer to show you other Wsstinghouse tdevislon set values priced from only $139.95! AND LOOK ^ AT THE BEST RADIO BUYS IN TOWN! Star performer) Big-set features for finest reception! Eye-opening Value 1 On., 26'" Dependable Qock- Radio wakes you gently to music! (Modal 523T4) (Model 540T4) YOU CAN II SCJRI"*!* ouse PARAMOUNT RADIO SALES & SERVICE 101 Virginia Avenue CumbtrUnrf, Maryland OAKLAND HARDWARE * FURNITURE CO. \ Oakland, Maryland GEORGE'S RADIO SERVICE Romney, W. Va. KEYMAR SALES Keywr, W.. Va. A

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