Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas on July 27, 1919 · 12
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Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas · 12

Austin, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 27, 1919
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f II E STATESMAN SUNDAY, JULY 27, 1919. ; Preparations for Enforcement Gas Law Are Complete Arrested in Dallas -For Passing Forged Checks in Austin PAGE TWELVE J v-i vv v i i Fibre Rugs at Reduced Prices By buying in large quantities at the right time we have been able to secure a large stock of Kir It li nam The Bozart Rug is a linen fibre, comes in beautiful colors, and for the living room, dining room, sun parlor or porch there is absoluLly no equal at anything approaching the price. 9x12 Rugs, that were 22.00, now. . $15.00 8' 3"xl0' 6", were $21.00, now. ..... m.00 6x9, were $12.75, now $9.00 These Rugs were cheap at the prices made a year ago. The new prices made these figures unusual bargains. G. A. DAHLIC 15th and Lavaca. S. J. von KOENNER1TZ CERTIFIED PVBLIC ACCOUNTANT INCOME TAX REPORTS PREPARED For Uknks, Partnerships and Corporations. 608 Scarbroufrli Bldg. Phone 340. ; . j 4f4i -MM ' f 0 ' 'it . ,-' r- lit A:? f.w .fin ft - fin : MR. AXD MRS. K. SODERQIIST. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 25th day of July, 1019. (Seal) LOUISE ANDREWS, Xotary Public, Elgin, Texas, Bastrop County, Texas. SCOTT OABHilSI CASH GROCER 205-207 CONGEESS AVE. Extracted Honey, per lb. Peanut Butter, per lb Teanut Butter. 5 lbs. Fresh Country Butter Fresh Eggs Compound Lard, per lb Breakfast Bacon, per 1-lb. box Macaroni, 3 pkgs. Creole Dinner, 3 cans Tomatoes, 3 No. 1 cans , ret Milk, tails, per can Flour, 48-lb. sack Coffee, per lb ,....' Matches Laundry Soap, 6 bars Toilet Paper, large roll. Toilet Paper, small roll Maple, Golden Brown, BAGGAGE IJ ii RTIi Phones 1623 WHOOPING COUGH Elgin, Texas. AFFIDAVIT OF FAKENTS Our home is in Elgin, Texas. We desire all who arc interested in health to know how whooping cough can he stopped by going to a chiropractor. Our little hoy, two and a half years old, and girl, ten years old, had had cases of whooping cough, medical doe-tor said, and nothing could he done, for it had to run its . course, so we took our children to the chiropractors at Austin, and they were relieved after first adjustment, and in six adjust ments (treatments) were entirely well and improved in health. Four of our family moved to Austin to he under the care of Drs. Kinney. All of us obtained relief, my sister of chronic appendicitis and dizziness, and ourself of rheumatism and stomach trouble. We can not praise too highly the science of chiropractic for getting you well. CASH PRICES TELEPHONE 864 20 .- SI .00 55 4Q 32 (5 'ZTiC 25 25( 15c $2.50 to 3.25 IJ5c to 50d 25 g(4 4 and White Karo. WE DELIVER I AUSTIN The food and drug department, R. H. Hoffman Jr., commissioner, has completed the necessary arrangements' for the enforcement of the so-called "gasoline law." which became effective ' June 18. ! A force of sc ;n or eight inspectors directly attached to the department and about twenty or thirty local in-ppeetors over the State connected with the food ana drug department will be instructed to collect tain pies and test ;ill measuring devices used In the handling of pasoline. The chemical examination of the samples will be done at the laboratories of the food and driiK department at Austin. i The law on the subject is very ex-j pliclt and stringent. The gasoline sold in Texas from now on must not only come up to the minimum standard but section 3 of the la wrequires alj dealers, trarage-s, etc., to display in large letters the name of the manufacturer and the place of manufacturing the gasoline sold by them. Under section 8 all pumping; deviccr used by dealers and garages must b correct and deliver the stated amount, of gasoline at "three speeds," fast slow and medium, and it shall be th duty of the inspector to seal and forbid the use of any inaccurate pumping or measuring devices until such time as the defect is corrected. The break -ins of the official soal shall be prima facie evidence of a violation of the law. The penalty provided by this lnw is severe. A fine of $:'5 to $200, with a jail penaity from on emonth to one year, is prescribed. ! Major Brady Will I Return Home Soon Mrs. Maude Short Brady, 1601 I'earl Street, has recenty received advices from her husband, Major David J. Brady, now with the army of occupation, that he will probably return home some time in August. Major Brady attained considerable proficiency as an instructor in the use t of the rifle and bayonet, and his ser,- ices have been so employed dining' ' much of his stay in France and Get I tmany. More recently he has been as.t-oa signed as instructor in relation to thfi inter-allied contests at Lemans ' and Paris, in which the American were so successful. He is an od Austin bo, the son of Mr. and Mrs. James Brady, now of El Paso but for many years residents of Austin. After attending an officer's training camp, Major Brady received his commission as first lieutenalnt at Camp Sherman, Ohio, was speedily promoted to a cil pliancy and, after service in France and Germany, was made a major. IlS has many Austin friends who will be glad to learn of his success and' greet him upon his return to his old home and to his family, who, during, the war, have been living with his brother, John W. Brady. CONFEDERATE VETERANS HCLD MEETING TODAY .Tnhn P,. Hood Camp. Confederate Veterans, will meet this afternoon a. 3:30 in the IJ. D. C. room in the Capitol. The following program will be given: Music, Sirs. H. C. Wright. Paper, "Watchman, What of the Nhrht?" Sirs. M. M. Birge. Music. "Messape of Good Cheer -From Confederate Woman's Home," Sirs. Sidney J. Thomas. Each member of camp a three-mm ute speaker on League of Nations or other National topic. "Dixie." CARD OF THANKS. Sir. and Sirs. H. H. Heath desire to thank their many kind neighbors who have given every assistance during the recent illness of their little son,- Hubert H., Jr. They also wish to express their gratitude for the beautiful floral offerings tendered by their many kind frknds. ' MARRIAGE LICENSES. Marriage licenses just issued by County Clerk Fred Slalone, were to the following couples: J. F. Thurman and Sliss Katie Arnold. : J. D. Ppinpaugh and Sliss Pauline Elizabeth Smith. DISORDERS IN ALSACE. Ey Assncited Press. BERLIN, July Disorderly con ditions in Strassbourg, the capital of Alsace, are reported in advices received here. Sanguinary conflicts between the French mililla.ry and civilians are alleged to have occurred. FINEST EXTRACTED HONEY For Sale in any amount from one-half pint to tons; in Wholesale and Retail, from my own apiaries. CARL JOHNSON Phonr. 3336 CABANISS TRANSFER Transfer and Storage. Heavy Hauling a Specialty. PHONE 370. Published in a true sensible way, representing up-to-data journalism, not the old sensationalism. THE STATESMAN delivered to your home 50 cents per month. Circulation Department, Phono 1-5-0. lias w TRANSFER ,COMPAY YU1 a: of fruit or vegetables to church today for the Orphans' Home, the Settlement Home and Altenheiin, the Old Ladies' Home s. k. norn.rci km. Vnlert.iker and J.inbalmer. Fine CarriaKcs ;or Hire. Hospital Ambulance. The rates for advrrt I'ln In this column are as follows: One line one time, 15 cents; three times. 40 cents; one week. 75 cents: one month. $2.25. Advertisements of less than two lines are counttu as two lints. Cabaniss House Arrivals. E. Crockett. Fort vvortlr, Ar- Henry Brister, Gokithwalte; T. A. Lil- lie. El Paso; V. VV. Wilson, Dallas; Sirs. Woove;- San Angelo; Mrs. J. Fred Haas and daughter, Dallas; L. Peterson, LaGrange. Rugs, carpets and walls eleanfid by vacuum cleaner. Phone 3771. F. W. Bollman. Tanlac at East Austin Drug Store. Tom Nolen, of the breezy West, Ozona, is spending today in Austin business. East Austin Drug Store, agent for all Vitae Ore medicines. Rinp; 375 when in need of storage battery service. Evereadv Service Station, 110 West Fifth Street. John U Martin. W. sr. Harris, a leading attorney of Dallas, is in Austin today on " legal business. LOST Small platinum Shrine pin on Avenue or on East Tenth St., or between T. H. Williams and 317 E. Tenth. Finder return to 317 East T'enlh or phone 2766 reward. Bring your hatery to John L. Slar-tin "EVEREADY Service station" for expert recharging and repairing. Freoj testing. quick service, reasonable prices. Full supplies at East Store. Austin Drug Srrs. S. B. and Miss Sfadie Davis are in Austin today registered at the Driskill Hotel. Kinney & Kinney, Doctors of Chiropractic. Palmer School graduates. Colorite for hats, all colors, at East Austin DruT Store. Wireless supplies at Hancock's. J. E. Joe and wife are prominent visitors at the Driskill Hotel today, from San Antonio. ' Let Hancock do your plumbing. We treat your P.nen white. Rankin Laundry. Phone 1S39. Try us. Swat Store. F. W. stering, repairing the fly at Ea, ' Austin Drug Bollman. phone 3771, uphol-awnings, curtains, furniture . Mattresses renovated For plumbing and electric repairs phone Hancock's. I took a dose of The Statesman's ads a Sunday pr two ago and I was greatly benefited and I'll take another dose today. N. J. Alexander, Prop., last Eustin Drug Store. Get Slada lamps at Hancock's. Dr. T. B. florni., Osiopatn. ElrliTtr. riauuate. Lmlefield Building. C. A. Archie and wife are visiting Austin todlay. ; Electric fans, $5.S5 at Hancock's. Phone Hancock for electric work. Soaps, all kinds, face, creams and powders and hair preparations, at East Austin Drug Store. v. o. vrnF:r. nioxrc 5;s. Autorsobllft ambulance. Motor horse-drawn funeral. una R. L. Burney of San Antonio, well known in Austin, is receiving a cordial welcome today by his friends.. John L Slartin's, breezes come from, of electric fan3. wherj the cool Complete Btock Mr. Austin Man, don't p'ass tho Chamber of Commerce again without leaving a can of something for the orphans' home. How about potted ham? Try Hancock's for electric fixtures. Ti- fBOOKS DELAYED. Seven independent school districts in Dallas County have delayed indefinitely shipment of free textbooks by failure of trustees to make bond in accordance with the law. About 2500 pupils are Involved. Books for more than 3000 in Hunt County, for 1100 in Ellis County and 100 in IXill County ! are also beinsr delayed by trustees fail ing to comply with the textbooK law. About 100 children in Ellis County independent districts also may be without books for the same reason. YV. thur Smith, Lampasas; Reuben Oes-! next Governor of Texas. This is to terreieh. Cast ell; Uex Cpursey. I. N advise my friends, especially, and the .Navy; J. o. Rope r Marwe t al; Mi s j Vf)( penerally that j wU1- be a can. J b. Burson Hutto; -sses J fglnU d,date- for that nomination. At tho Rouney and 6 race Jones, Burne , r,ls,,f t.; William Hackett and Helen Hackett who, It is alleged, posed as man and wife, are under arrest in Dallas through efforts of the Austin police, to answer indictment of the Travis Count ygrand jury for pnss:.ig forged checks. They were cinployel in Austin at A. C. Baldwin & Sons as pressman and press feeder, respect itely. i On July 12 Ihev disappeared from ' Austin and after they left it was r.o-i tieed that four blank checks were miss-; ins from the check book of the print-I ing establishment. These checks were cashed at the Electric Hotel and at ) the store of Cohn Hrothers and were j made out for a total amount of about I $74. Some personal p.-ipers of Rush iximwin were also stolen.. A representatUj'of the sheriffs department left hot night to bring them to Austin. Pat Nef f Announces For Governor's Race Pat M. Xeff, prominent lawyer of Waco and speaker of the Twenty-eighth Legislature, has announced his candidacy for Governor of Texas at the election for that office to be held next year. Iiis announcement is printed below: "To the People of Texas; "One year from today the Democrats of this State will gather at their re- will be presented to the people, and a personal campaign will be made throughout the State. I seek this high office as a place of service, hoping to be able to lend a helping hand in makinpr Texas the best place in the world In which to live. "PAT SI. XEFF." Pat Sh Ncff is a. native Texan, his parents coming to Jexas from Virginia in 1S52. They settled twenty-five miles from Waco, where his mother, now 89 years of agl still resides. Mr. Neff is an A. B. and A. SI. graduate of Baylor University, and holds an LL. B. degree from the University of Texas. He taught school several years, and has practiced law at Waco for the past twenty years, six years of which time he served SIcLennan County as prosecuting attorney. He was speaker of the Twenty-eighth Texas House of Representatives, and has the distinction of being the youngest speaker who ever presided over that body. He was for some years president of the Conference for Education in Texas, and has been for fifteen years president of the board of trustees of Baylor University. During the past year he served as grand chancellor of the Knights of Pythias of Texas. Sir. Ne' was one of the speakers wrho accom panied the Fourth Liberty Loan train through South and West uexas. rte is State chairman of the League to En- force Peace, and has lately made number of speeches throughout the State in behalf of the League of Na- i tions. Mr. Neff married Sliss Myrtie , STa.iner of Houston County, Texas, and j has two children. j C. E. UNION PICNIC. The picnic of the Christian Endeavor Union of Austin will be held at Barton Springs on Slonday evenin, beginning at 6 o'clock. A number of lively games and entertainment features will be part of the evening's pro-grain. Officers for the ensuing year will also be elected. P. O. VS. ROSE HILL. The postoffice clerks te.'Tt will play! the Rose Hill team at the Tenth Ward diamond this afternoon at 3:30 o'clock.: The lineup for the postoffice will be: ; Stamford, cf.; Miller, ss.; Hanke, lb.;, A. Rosentritt, c: O. Rosentritt, p.;; Dill, rf.; Watt, 2T).; McCullouch, Sb.; Williams, rf. Relieved His Rheumatic Pains. j J. N. Adams of Dublin. Ga., has been so crippled up with rheumatism that he could not go about and attend to his farm work. Let him tell it "I spent from thirty to forty dollars for a remedy guaranteed to cure rheumatism. It did no more good than so i much water. Since using Chamber lain's Liniment I can move about without severe pains." When you have rheumatic pains give this liniment a trial.' It will do yoii good. (Adv.) GENUINE M'ALESTEE Place Your Orders Now for Next Winter's Supply. M'ALESTEE COAL CO. Phone 246. Liberty Bonds Wanted We will pay you the highest cash market price for your Liberty Bonds. See J. A. -Bobo, General Manager, or Hugh V. HefUn, Secretary-Treasurer, of George W. Walling, Jr., & Co. (The Boho-Ileflin Co., Owners.) Bonds and Insurance. 613-14-15 Scorbrough Building. SAMUEL G. BAGGETT Attorncy-at-Law 603 Littleficld Kuildiug Phone 1111 . Austin, Texas An m U PHOR3E 1S1 s a To himself and to his family to hoy clothes of unquestioned merit. They look better, they wear better, and in the end are far cheaper and more economical than buying some-low priced suit tbat is of unknown character. JVhen you buy HICKEY- FREEMAN SOCIETY BRMD Clothes you know that you are getting something that is worth the money you have spent. It's clothing insurance to buy these two makes of clothes. The reputations of two of America's foremost manufacturers are behind them, and you are assured of QUALITY, FIT and TAILORING that can not be questioned. We are now showing men's clothes for all the occasions of vacation days. We feature the desired sort the kind that measures up to the highest standard of excellence and style. Knox and Stetson Hats ANNOUNCEMENT- The Grocery business formerly conducted by Messrs. Moore & Morrison at Nineteenth and Lavaca streets has been purchased by me, the transfer dating from the 9th of July. The policy formerly pursued of charging for delivery service, etc., has been discontinued. I shall endeavor to give the trade service, good goods and good prices and otherwise conduct the business efficiently. Tor the information of those who do-not know me, I will state that for the past twelve years I have been in Austin, being identified with the wholesale grocery interests practically all that time. I WILL APFRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS LOMIS SLAUGHTER Thones 777. Corner Nineteenth and Lavaca. WANTED COUNTRY K1XED IROH For Next 30 Days Will Hundred Pounds for Scrap Iron. BmSl JUNK COIiPAHY Phone 1648. Cor. E. 6th and East Ave. Near City Public Scales. W MP II -WV Vfl Jill 11 KV IT'J .a The facts about our bookstore are these:' It's the big bookstore on the Avenue for one thin;?. It always has very special bargains in Law books and all the standard authors. It makes a specialty of Law and School books. It is always in the field for new and old libraries. It cither has or can get for you any book that is in 1 prbit or out of print. These are CAEVmiEL'S TO Dl'Y GOODS AT IIAEXKL'S, Dl Campbell's Tomato Soup, can 10c 2 pkgs. Macaroni 15c Dairy Maid Hominy, per can... 10c Chili Powder, per bottle 10c Large box Matches 5c Jello, per pkg .lUc Pompeian Olive Oil, can 32c Oysters, per can.... liic 2 pkgs. Post Toasties 25c 6 rolls Toilet Paper 25c i 3 I I IT1 T A HREHEL'SCASH DEPARTMENT STORE i-nn-iTl l.vr ST. llll. 3! I I II I I I I I I t I tl'il-IM 111 E DO FAMILY AUSTIN LAUNDRY Phones SillllllllM!l!iKI"WIit'.ltll Duty an s Holeproof Hosiery Phones 777 Pay From 35 to 45 Cents Per m facts that are convincing. DOOK STORE TEXAS HflONE T 1VOT AS MICH AS ELSEWHERE 6 bars Labor Saver Soap 25c 2 pkgs. Grape Nuts c ,Heb9 Milk, per can..... be Peanut Butter, per lb. . . ,....25c Two large pkgs. Soda 15c Mason Jar Tops, per doz 30c 2 I os. Lima Beans ai 3 doz. best Jar Rubbers 25c Fancy Gunpowder Tea, pound.. 60c Grated Pineapple, per can. ...15c Ice Cream Powder, per pkg.,..1Uc U Tt. TFT. j::r:i"l '!:!' I I I I I IVI 'ft 'ft III !-':'I.T.IIi.- iivi S & DRY CLEANING CO. f 536, and 73 f IT I 1 mt tm.

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