The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 20, 1958 · Page 9
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 9

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 20, 1958
Page 9
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ANNIt ASNCt CANYON' ^^.uuk^^^^^ 1 FRUrRWlMil CIVILIAN neLPVWWTHB j*.,/CANH5N,WU HAV6 \ (NCIWWT TOOK H.ACI WU. WAN EXPLANATION Ml PWNTtP A U*HT AIR- ABBS"* WOTH6R. LldHf AIKMPT, 1 IMO TH6 *£Aft SEAT n.AN6-50 ME WOULP RA5H INA PCP1IUTIPAWA.' ALWAYS WANT6010 WALK ON WERE R6SCUEP FROM CHAFT IN MY NAME-U5IN<3 THE WINS Of A UOHT /CBEPCNHALS HE »18UI AIKRAPT BY A MAM MARY WORTH . CALL ROOM SERVICE.'... 1 GOT JUiT TIME FORA CLU6 SANDWICH AND A NAP BEFORE THE 5HOW! HEVJ ••• WHAT'S THEDEAL7. WHY WD DID YOU LOCK THAT DOM?! ALMOST 3: J0|... AND DORRIE'S PLANE LEAVE* AT 1:IO!--1FTHATBUM DOESNT 6ET HERE PRETTY SOON, I'LL" PRISCIILA'S POf-By At Vermeer SI-4OOPING AT TWE PRESENTS! SHAME!! WHAT A \rVE A <SQOD SNEAKYJV. NOTION TRICK! £^TO CALL _ CHRISTMAS T< OUR BOARDING HOUSE-Wilh Major HoopU ^ _ MO_RrtlN<3 IT WAS A SUV WITH ESAD.THIMK OF IT—X MOTHER CAM DONi HOOPLE UMBRELLA HAT CRADLIN6 HER. BABY IN 00TH ARMS/ INDEED, MY IMVEMTIOM PROMISES TO FRE6 MAH'5 HAMDS FOR6VJBR OFABALKV. CAPRICIOUS LONS UMBRELLA HAMDL& ACROSS TH& 5T(?E6T?IHEAF THEVR& LOOK- IMS FOR IMMATES.' IDAS HAS A PATENTED CARNIVAL-By Dick Turner OUT OUR WAY-By J. R. Williams COMB OUT HERE Y HA/ LISTEWTO WHO'S VAWPIW 1 .' IT ) LOOK AT MAC/ THIS L WAS MK WHO WAS ELECTED TO LOUT HA* TRIMMEP OFF >. BE HIS CUSTDP1AM AM' I SOT ALL TH' POOH POS'S WHISkER*.') FEP UP WITH HAVIW TO WIPE YOU OU6HT TO WALLOP —-XOFF HIS BEARP EVERV TIME HIM/ __^TsOMEBOpy GAVE HIM MILK, GRAW, OR SOAAETH IN'SLOPPY.' HE AIM'T HURT AMY, AN' I'LL 6IT A LITTLE REST TILL THEY OROW OUT ASAIN.' HIKOC6 ARE MAPE-NOT BORM TIZZY-By Kate O$ann "We'd have gotten it a lot cheaper if you hadn't rtlttd hand, to knock mine aovyni" TH1SI WOMEN-By d'AUwlo Those are dummies, just so Harold can feel triumphant in sending something back!" AUSTIN Wlnn.) HPMtD Saturday, D«e. SO, f958 | SHORT RIBS 'Ordinarily I'd never call Richard, but he quit calling mei" IT PAYS TO RIAD THE CLASSIFIED APS •S.^ " ^ r ± v " H r BALL SITE CHANGED DES MOINES (A - The ioau- schel Lovelew will be held at Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Des Momes instead of in the Statehouse, Maj Gen. Fred Tandy, adjutant general of tows, <*id Thurf- THI TOODUS OPCOUWCtH cAM--rMA6uf YOU* HOMPANO fr|VIN« rr ISN'T aoooi*mt HIMPOIT- VOU THAT TBX YfiAUV SAW fT IN flOUWTHER ~A A WINDOW AN' A MAUGOLD T >TiK W8MT RIGHT AND BOUGHT IT ;fH«f*Miuv is •NTiaeLY connect ARCHII PIP, you RSPORT rr TOTHB PO.ICK? ARCHIE/ PO YOU MEAN VOU MIT ANOTHHR CAR?*! ARCHIE f supposeo ID AN ACCIDENT IMMEDIACTIUY/ PO yOU HSARMBf JUDD SAXON-By K«n laid and Jtrry Brondfl.ld THENJ'U THE«UBSSIN». TO BESIN WITH -COULP STBVE WRKSHT MEN IN rm M*.SAXOM,IPSTBVB YVRISHT WANTS TO HP UP A PHOTO IT'S HI9 iUSINBSS... WRISHT HAS PI5APPEARCP ANP A COSTiy PROJECT /V\AY COMB TO A HALT UNLESS WE FINP HIM WURflOSmONI OBVIOUSLY &na YOU PERMISSION TO PRY. SO I MKSHTASWEU. SAY... X YOU'KE EVAPIN& MY QUESTION, MISS LUCAS. WHY VIP HE RIP IT* ANY ANSWER XV6IVE YOU WOULD ONLY BE 6UESS WORK.~ MORTY MEEKLI HEI6,80T YOU CAN'T SEE HIM BUT THIS IS IMPORTANT I CAN'T HELP IT— AND I MEAN ANYBOPy.' «THE BOSS IN HIS OFFICE? WEDOESNtWANTTO SEE ANYBODYTOQAV HAVjIOUITEA JOT TP SAY.. SEEMS WEVE SOTALOT OF 'EMI —YOU LOOIs UKKVOUD/I-l-MNOT SEEN A { REAL SURE THAT \\OMAN THERE/ HAVE VOU EVER SEEN HER BEFORE? POC? HE'S SOMEWHERE AROUND... LOOKING OVER THE PASSENGERS, I GUESS DOC.WHAT5 TH'MATTER? MUNNEHIUKU BUT HOLVCOW, POC, IT JUST CANT BE! rns IMFOSSIBLE/ Z KNOW WHAT A GLOW IT GIVB5 MB TO FE£t THAT IWORTANT TO AOAW, CAPTAIN YOUR TKIP KcALLY PAID OFF, 6UPI HOPE MK* HARMON CAN STRAlfiHTEW OUf HER BROTHER 1 * ATLiAftTHBWOWT ABU»eCLUK)iWITH HER MOTHER AROUNP". DIP YOU NOTICE HOW WORWBDHBSEEM AJOUT SOMETHING, RU YBAH..8ur IT HA* NOTHIN* TO DO WITH US, HE'S SOT ASIA PROBLEM OP HIS OWNS DO YOU REALIZE HOW MUCH THIS MEANS TO THEM. MRS. HARMON' BUGS BUNNY GREETIN'S, PETUNIA i^f WHAT'S YER TROUBLE?^ s' FRECKLES LUCKY YOU TO HAye | ALLOWANCE A I>D uiKe YOURS, I WAS A Nice CHRISTMAS SIFT, ALL RI&HT/ ALL HES GIVING ME. —BUT ITS PRFTTY OBVIOUS IHEYRE CLOSfLY CONNECTED WITH THE RAISED JACOBY'S BRIDGE By OSWALD JACOBT Written (or NBA Service Here li another interesting h«nd from Milton Unger of New Yorfc. Apparently he was not going to tie criticized for missing a grand slam and hi* redouble of the seven diamond contract was sheer audacity. « West opened the king of clubs and Milton decided that the double was based on great length In clubs and t» NORTH 4KQ VQ108754 • AJ965 4>None BAST 4875432 V983 41083 4KQ10754 *8 SOUTH (D) WEST 4k J109 VKJ2 3 • KQ74 East and West vulnerable Bratli Wtrt Nortb) EM« 1* Pas.' IV Paw 3 4> Pass * V Pass 44> Pass 6> Pas*. 74> Double Pass Paw Redbt Pan Pass Fan that be would have to look to... the heart suit if he wanted to bring home the hand' Of course, If bis trumps had been all high he could have gon* the cross ruff route, but be missed, the ten and eight, .. Milton also noticed that entries to dummy might be a problem and man lectured one by discarding the queen of spades on hla club ace. He cashed the ace of hearts; led a spade to the king; ruffed a heart! trumpet hi* ace of spades in dummy; led another' heart and ruffed it high. Since the king of hearts dropped on this trick he was able to draw trumps and make the slam. The discard of the queen of spades at trick one was most unusual. It was also necessary. Any other play and the way the cards lay he would not have made the hand. Made to Size 48 PRINTED PATTERN SIZES 4708 36-48 By ANNE ADAH* Its smooth and simple llflM *> marvelous things to flatter your tit- urei Mlckline is «oftly cursed; akin fall* graoeruUy u you walk or sit. Note paneled effect, button trim. To* morrow's pattern: cm«.y«d skirt. Printed Pattern 4700: Women's abu» 36. 38. 40, 43. «, «8. 48. 81m Jfl t*fc«« 4tt yards 39-inch. Printed direction* on each pattern port. Easier, accurate. Send Thirty - live oe*t» la tuu pattern—add 10 cents for pattern for Ut>cla«s giaiUng. to Aone Adaow. cue of Au*Uo I Pattern Oept.. M3 We»t 17th 8t York it. K.T. Print plainly « *** ^

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