Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 23, 1928 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 23, 1928
Page 3
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"I THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER. MONDAY E\T:NTN4 JAXLURY 23, 1928. PAGE THREE Fnneral of Mrs. Iff. Xonfort The funeral service for' .Mrs. Melinda Monfort. mother of Earl Monfort. was held this afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Sleeper SeniMic RooiA, with .the Rev. Harvey G. .Mathis offli:Iating, Burfal was made in the lola I cemetery. —Milt Simpson, H6r.9e.shoer,; has mored to 215 South i Jefferson:' j Milt Simpson has moved his horseshoeing equipment from South street to 215 South Jefferson avenue. —Dr. Montgomery. Chiropractor, lola Laundry Bldg. Phone ,138. Mr. anil Mrs. Charlie Slack, of Wichita, came Saturday afternoon and visited until yesterda.V afternoon with Mr. Slack's parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. .M. Sla<k, of 708 East Madip;6n avenue. They spent the night: with her parents. Mr. and ..Mrs. Ira Townsend. west of the river. returnlnK home this morn- Inp. •—lit you want to Tiuy or bwlld, city or suburban property. The lola Building & I.<oan Association will malce you a loan, low interest rate, no commission. See C. K. Pees .Secretary, at did Register building southwest corner of square. —pie supper and propram at i ' '• ; — Diamond School hojise Thursday \ .Mips Cherry V. .N'ixon. «C .MIiu- evenlng. .Ian. '^<i. Kvfrylioily in-i queniue. .\. M.. who has been the <r 'viie<». Farmers Cnion. ; Kuest of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ma— ihon. of .10"> South State street, re- Mr. and Mrs. Irvintr Long and Mrs. Dave Longt drove to Bronsou yesterday alternoon to attend the runeral of Mrs. Iwilliam McKean. • Mrs. McKean was the step -mother I • *o£ P. T. McKean of this city. . .1 — *^ ^Small safe for sale, inside iheasurementB, 12x18 inches. Phone 354. Mrs. Earl Ritchey and children, Ann,. Wiit and X.aura Jane, and "Mrs. Will Snavely, of Ponca City, Okla., who motored to lola Satnr- ' day and'.visited over the week-end with Mrs. RltcHey's mother, Mrs. Lydla D.avis. and her sister. Mrs. Laura Buttram, returned home today. —TOT Real Estate Loans see the Sernrity Bld(;. & Loan AssociaUoh, lola, Ks. Office in First Natl. Bank. —p ( Mrs. Ralph Drake, who recently underwent an operation at the Johnson hospital in Chanute, is reported as improving Fatisfactorllv. —"Van's Bread." good as ever. Miss Beryl • Itobinson ,a leacber in the Independence high school, \isiled over the we.-k-end with her sister. Miss Fleda Robin .aon. North Washin ;:ton avenue. Dr. Beiit at Tpm|il«. Dr. Cora Johnstone Best, .tlit> noted explorer, traveler and lecturer, who is to lecture at the Baptist temple this evening under the auspices of the Current Topics cilub, arrived at noon and the lecture will be given aircording to Tan- nouncement. Dr.j Best has moving a.s well as still pictures which will be shown to illustrate the lecture, and the entertainmeuL promises to be of very unusual interest. The Current Topics club dinneV will be held at tlie Baptist temple dining room'at the usual hour, 6:15. The ladles have been invited to this dinner ;and an unusually large attendance 1.4 antictpated. Tlie lecture will begin at 7:30 in the auditorium of the temple. A nominal adtalssioh fee of 25 cents Willi be charged to cover expenses. Mrs. J. E. Anderson will leave on the early morning train for .Moulton, Iowa, called there by the crilicai Illness of |ier si.'^tcr, .Mrs Sam Hackley. Mrs. Mildred Washington of Cha- ,1 nufe. came this afternoon for a vis-; it with her sister. .Mrs. VIrgle Brown. The Rev. C. V. Priddle. of Wichita, was here today in charge of the quarterly meeting held at Salem ichun-h this afternonn and nighi. CANTON'S DEATH-LITTEKED BATTLE STREETS Cincinnati has unanim<iusly; vot- cil Ut issue $2i">.W" Imnd.s' for the enlargement and iinprovemt'iit; of its airi>()rt. William T. Cosgrave In Washington; I). C. (rontlnned from Page One) then tomorrow wiM remove fjyirig suit and eii<lcavor 4o go south-" Raniihers feald tliat after gathering bntsh for j a fire. Hoyt apparently sat' down x<) rest atidj tell asleep^ never to ajvaken.. i j .\ note on. the first page of the | log book. said. "leher to niy ^wifei wili be found on page 2l'." • LAHARPEAND ITS CITIZENS Royal >'et?hfaors of America Hold Installation of Officers.—Has- - kethnll Teams Win C.'anies ' With Mildred ENTERPRISE I Lorena Biitterfield i (Mrs. Opal Mitchell) LAHARPE. Kan. ."Ian,, 23.—The Rcya"! Neighbors "f America held instullatinn Tuesrtay January 17. The following officers were installed. PMith .Johnson, orlcle; Th., r- V n «.,.7i ,..>j.,„ 1 ;.„,<•„.., ;-Maude Barker, vice-oricle: Chloe The IJ.EI. L . .entertained itsaam-'^., , , r- ilies and friends with a party a. ;,S :;',^,.r"'a f,^;- »?"'„^„„°'T' the home of Mr. an.l Mrs. E. 1- I'L'"''''"^' Barnhart. Januaryili. About fifty ' ,,„„,.,«,„,, Rem>.berR. Ted Duhl. Paul f^ahl.l ^'"'"^'''^ P'"''^' Harvey Oberp and Carl Obej?; of Savonburg. Kefre^linieiits of • pie. .Mrs. J. B. Knei>p is suffering with tori-silitis and unable to be at ... . , • • , . 1 |tbe store, sandwiches., celery and | <;„;,pr:nt"ndent J.U. Cuibertson coffee were serve;!;'The evening i .^^.^ enjoving a visit was spent in playirig samos, rausu j^^;,,, )„.„t,,t.r ,Yom Wyoming. and a grabbag wivii h w«re enjoyed by 'all. ^ . ' : Washington. Jan. 2::. (AP)~Wm. T. Cosgrave. president of the executive council of the Irish Free State, arrived here from Chicago thii morning for a four-day' visit. ' Mr. and Mrs. Julius Kreuper and ! turned home this afternoon.! Mrs. Otto Kreugir. of Independence, ^Mahon and Miss Xlxon returned | this morning for a four-day; visit. Kansas, were Sundav guests in the home on the noon train from Kan- "Ih^ official party was met at uu- home of Mr. and'.Mrs. William i sas City where tliey: visited the ion station liy repre.seniatives ' DingmaiL 12:! .-^oulh Chestnut , former's sister, i .Miss .\lta Beat- the street. ' —O. L. Cox, yi. n. Specialist. Eye. Ear. .N'ose and Throat. Ted Boardman spent Sunday i with hbmefolks in Yates Center. Mark Kilby wa-s in Yates Center Siihdaj visiting friends. —fajr|»et and niirs jure never jm- mnne TOX. from moths. ..<»pray FL'V- br. Cora Johnstone Best, who is to speak at the. Current Topics meeting at the Baptist Temple this evening, spoke last week at the 'Womans' Cit.v Club in City. Kansas City pai)eis gave her conspicuous mention, not only in re^ porting her li'cture but by way of ' interviews and sketches of her personality which they declare is most engaging. The people of Tola are fortunate to be able to hear this noteji wamon and to .•fee, the wond >*rfur ,pi<l|ires she shows.'Tonight. 7::tO. B.iptist Temple, 2 .'ic. rice Syres. We know-Bakery Products are good. But ; Have You Tried Onrs? VAN HOOZERS, ?.I:ss Alice Smith, of Yates Center, a student at the lola junior college, went to Humboldt today Deatli \\;is lln' <liief victor in IIK - Chines.- ^•..mMllllli.-•^• haiiiis of l!ie .\atioi !ali .<ls. While the lighting lirciuj;l>i ili then t>:i<k itiio the hands of the defender.-^. \%lier. ii . . • ^ In this rn >I photo of the evVnl to reach ihe I nir.-.l Si;.lev hi.'ii survivor^^• >!ro!liiig ilidinereiitly by. , of state dejiartment. the Uriiish embassy and. the Irish Free Stale legation. < The visitors' .program today in- • I eluded an audien^re with President: jCoblidge, dinner with the Canadian • minister. Vincent Massey, and a j luncheon with Assistant Attorney, Ceneral Win. .1. Donovan. , RUIN A STRANGE TORNADO I.EI T ;•.•:,;•! T.,.vii-' (•.iiitoll Ivi'M 111'.;• lii-- ..;;;!.•.! ,.f r!i,- ;i;t:.. kers and :. .111.' i.i **!.;i.;liil;ii'.t>, v\<-i.- kill>-ii. .!:ri?i ii ivii.i.- thiylell. with Kansas Clothiers and | Apparel Club Meeting luiiTfir. ..c.i I., , Wi: hita. K:in.. Jan. 2.".. .(AP)—! to be the guest of Miss-Harriett'T.iiking shop and spring styles | Reynolds over tomorrow. Uiesi^nec to appeal to .heati brum-i — ii'ielsol Kansas, the aiinual joint! —Dr J. T. Held, Surgery a«d lomveniion of tli.? Kansas Retail; .'C-ray. Phone 337. . ji'Iothiers and the .Men's .Apparel j — ;club opened its sessions at the llo- •'•Mrs. :\rarian TMcFall. of Coffev-jtei Broadview here today. l..on vllle. Kansas, who has been visi't '" ' ""• ^'-"o.-."..... • F. I. D. LEAVELL. 5f. D. • • Special lattentlon given Dis- • • eases of Colon and Rectum. • • Electro-Physiotherapy • • Office lola State Bank Bltlg. • • Phones—147 and 705 • A letter to the editor . of the Register from anoth <T editor in, a Kansas town about the-size of lola. starts off' like this: "It seems to 'me from your reports that you have a live chamber of commerce. Ours is almost dead. Please tell rme," etc.. etc. Which shows that ing her aunt, Mrs. J. S. Reed, and grandfather. James .\. .Marsh, south of the city, retnrrnixkhonie on the noiin train today. , —.'lO chicks, and a brooder. .Slt.7.'i i at the Sturdy (hick Haiehery, 22') W^-sl street. — i. Mr. WInsfed, of the Winsted Airplane Repair depot, of Wichita. stf»ppe(l yesterday at the Uarber airport. He was flying ji Winsfe<l Hiiecial idahe. —We pay 6'"' on Full Paid and Installment Sto<-k. The he^t investment, the , best method to save, Semrlty llldir. i: Loan As!«ocfatlua, Ida, Knnsas. The nianageni) lit of St. Johns hospital east of loyi.. which has been in charge of Sitter Gregory for some time past, has 'been changed. Sister Daniian taking charge this niorniiie. Sister Dara- Kuhl-of Wichita, president of th- association presldei| at the opening meeting. Appro.\iii)ately rifi* guests are expected to 'attend the convention. New Reserve Airdome Is Asked by Schall I MUS. I». V. PKVBOBY .Mi.-s .\I:ir.v l-,'li/:uii'i:!' I.atl;i wa> !>..:;! ii: M;iii:;. iin;;i!y. Teiin.. . .M.tiili I'T. .>• 1 .« :tr.--. t iii.i:tii-= Srii .I 'l <l :>v-. . Willi her Iiircsii-i she Went to southern 11- linoiv ill l>'r.' «;\..; niarrieil t.'i '.U-. i!. i'. .^i.:i..r. .\ov. lo. IS:'.^. .~hi; >va-< ( iiiit.i'iieil aiul joined tli |e C:i: !<ti..ii i lii.'i'li i:i Ab l.eaii com ly. lilmoS in \^r\ or ti.'i and wajs • '\tr alter a hiili (-ve;- i-i ;;iii| i.> I 'll- <'!M -i<tia!i elinrt-)]. In .Vi'iil jlli'.t;. >li(. \va~ :iiarrie.d to 11. f". li'i-:ii;iMiy and inoveil to Ii>la. Kaii<a^ in I lie. latier I'art i^f IM'i win-;.- .'^;i.* rontiiilleil to r'?- until h' r <!' :tli. January 2Ji. 1 '.iZ'< <\u- li-av'-.ii. itioiirii lier lo.Kti, !'.-;• '>ii>liaiiil. "tlire. Srolliers. thr ^e • ;-v am! >i-vi if •jiaiiil da".ight< .r.vii of >-.1.iioiii anil oiii- liroth<|r. Miss Madeline Ruth Limes is {home from Kansas City where she iMrs. Ijiger and Josephine were;^l,as been iii training at Bethany guests ot Mr an«i;.Mrs. S. 0.:Pal-! hospital. mer atiluncheon oRe day last \veek. Charles Stewart and W. L. Mc- Jcdm; Smith"delitered four niules i who have been patientfi^at at Colony .Monday, - . ' >=t. John's hospital the last two William Hieniaii. Eu>:ei%-and i weeks. exj)e<-t to be .able to return .Mar.v visiteil at the 11. tt. Itayes home ilse of this week. home Sunday. j .Mr and Mrs. Charlie Harvy{vis- .Man lias always yearned to fly. ited at the A.. C. Ilay.-s M^ome "jiver ; J^-onardi da Vinci worked out a- the week-end. '. i plan for a Hying machine inithe- Sunday _ vi.sitors. at the BuMer-; I.lrh (-eutnry.-bii; iiotiiing canie of field Ironic were: .Mr.-' apil .Mrs:; it. Roy Hayes. Edward Sicka. IMude- liine Kidd an;l '.Mrs. Halgar and son. • Leo Smith purchased :i team of horses of Harry Conklin. Mr. and-Mrs. Fr«-e Preston took dinner With the Jiiiimie .foiifs uim- iily in lol.i Sunday. - ; j .Mr. and .Mrs. tllen Cloud 'and I Howard spent Thursday eveviiig at lithe Jiihii Cloud home. Hcnjy Sicka and .lack Keown are vi'sidng frienjis aiul relatives j in Mi^lso.uri tlii-; \toek .Mrs Tiie«d parent; lola. .Mr. ; Kidd and family speni | iv night • \yilli .Mr-^. Kidd'-;; Is;. ?.Ir. anil, .Mi-s. Sle.ele: in | and Mrs. I^^Lawreiu -e Cress I vi .sitedi at Flonry sK -kFi's i-'uiiday. ThejC. E. met wilh .Mrs. R'uth i PrestiVH. We<inesilKy. January.'is. j I wilh jthirteen m<'mbers present, ny was ^*pent in pieciV^ )loeks and tyhig eoinfori-;. were ..Mrs. It. K. Hayes. I'.lanche flave .s. .lo.sephine Mr. Free Pre.-ton wa-s a BAKING POWDER l,.-i:-;i!i- wli-ii dea ;!lii IV.-. ii!>'v.o ::r'-at (.Taiiil- The niiii' I Visitors Miss l^igei dinnei gm-st. .Mrs. May Sieka was i j an ternoon visitor. The uex: i I meeting will be witi; Mrs. Henry | Sick:i; February 1. .Mrs. Bnttert'ieltl and Leslie tool> i dinner at -the Aito Lin .i; liiniie Tu.sday. . . I The Hieinaii family h;l; been! Iinvi'if; the flu but all are ;1 K -:.-j iter. . , I Same for over 55 yearn 25~25* USE LESS TH.\N OF Wr.HKR PRICED BRANDS ' Why Pay War Prices? THE GOVERNMENT USED MILLIONS OF POUNDS h! Washington. Jan. 2:!. (.\I'»-rAi request that the .Minneapolis airport be designed as a reserve air-| drome for use of air corps reserve' .... ni.- ^!l^'\:''^:::;:a'l^r::::/Z^^'^^^^^^^^ -.r,.;. .oming and strikin. The scene abov shows deslriietioii wrought by ll.. ii.rnail Cini-innali. wliere ii-i. -Aas l?;!Iei| ill a few War Daviiiop. by Senator Schall of I ,,|.„.,... j,, odio and Kentinkv. was one ot the sl^an^es^ ii.ri.;i'i..i -. m. B~iio„.; the senator asked j •'"'•<-' Lamages were nearly II..-.. that one-half of the six planes to . -.- - — ------- -, - - - _ be sent to Kansas n be fans, j QP ^VALES I ai:ie. Th" liir.- r.'i! s'-rvii-.s -.vere held a- T'li- \i:.:!;^ anil lie-*er > hapel Ml :;ii .,• ii-i'i-- S ;.t 'rday alt-rnoon. K'-v. .1 !.-•.- Ki-!.-!or«l i.fficiat- Il'iii.i' w IS laaile ill t'le lola , n .i ;.-rv. .\ Ki ii ild. other people apjireclate our tha- - ian comes from jhe I'oiua City • ber of commerce whether we or not. do —Dr. A. B. Twadell. Osteopath. ; New Globe Bldg. Phone 191. hospital and her'^'pliiee there.will be taken over by ?is!er nregory whom slie siix-eeds here. The new manager l;riiigs wilh her Sister Carmid. an e.\ iierii-n ed slimlcal The Rev. Fr. Powers, of Sf Johns church went to Kansas City _i>,aliy chicks ^latth e'.-ery Tues- j this morning on biininess. j,jyy ;,j sturdy Chick Hatchery. ferred to Minneapolis. „ — i HOST TO REVELERS iMcDermott To Take j Oath Thic WPPW Plan P "l»ulJ >r -Wnle Qnartet at Cluinnte uam inis yyeeK, nan ,,„n„„ry i,eiighted itojaiiy _ , ' . ,..,,1 and stormed London. Topeka. Kans, Jan. 2 .1. (AP)~; Judge (k-orge T. :XtcDermott. ol To- . j ..^^ s„„nner. while in l.on.lon. peka. plans to be sworn into office , ,, , • , . time this week bv Judge "''V ^^lirs were entertained by .lohn C. Pollock, tho other judge of 'he Prince of Wales at St. James the Kansas Federal District Court. Palace. Cuests included the Duke _ ' — and IJiichess of York, I'rincess Ma- MlSSOUn Democrats :Tp jiy and many notables. After hear-i I Convene at St. Joseph Ing the nuartet three times, the ' ;J'i-ince sponsored a benefit charity Flyinu^ iipsiiie do«;n for Mtes. .'.S se< mills, a fK.-rm.ii iiaineil Ki>li-r ri->enEay esij a reiord at ilie /.iirrch. Sw flying tieiil. I Th.- if.iik an.l ti .-M perfor- ' ' 'iiiaiieis 111 the Alvin r. Kraen- li> inin- -.liiii. ii:ir!ieMlarly unparalleled aviaior a. l-.iev.-iiieiirs of t!ie i:>"" Olympic ibaslied Cani.-ra. I 'ail^. will long be re- tzi-!iar;d in'i.ib-rd \u tli-^ world ..f athlet- ii -s. —Dr. Liicy E. I'olson. Ciilroprac- \ Inr Northrup Bldg. Phone 3'i6. jMrs. J. S. Turner, who was ill and away from her millinery store -tebi days, is gradually recovering ; her strength and able to l>e at her store all day. .Mrs. Chas. V. Scott went to Cherryvale this moon to attend a ! Presbyterian .Missionary committee meeting. i Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Ewing drove' afternoon at the home of .Mrs. AVill Ensminger. northeast of Lallarpe. to reorganize for tho year. The Eastern unit of the Women's Farm Bureau met Saturday at the Farm Bureau office and ele*'ted officers for the year. New officers are; .Mrs. J. C. Smith, i p-esideni: .Mrs. Tom Ewing. ivice- presldent; .Miss Lena Sc:mmer. secretary-treasurer. i urday night for appendi»itis. is reported as doing nicely. —Dr G. E. Pendarvls. Dentist. Off. over fJlobe. Pho. 3S<: Res.lU*.";. '. Mr. and Mrs. R. .Helman were •visitors in Pleasantoii, Kansas yesterday. '• • WH. F. CREW • • Physician and Surgeon * • Eye Ear. Nose and Throat • - • Classes Fitted • * ; • 2W. S. Washington, lola • • Office phone 829; Re.s. 1159 ,• 'f* • • * *.« • • « * » • A^* Mr. Charles .Vblesoii returned at loon today from attendance upon ; ' he annual con\-entloii of the Na- lonal .Association of Dyers and Cleaners w|iii h wais held last week in Wasliincton. and reports -" a \vonderfjil i-speri-nce. Seven, . teen huudn-d .vere ii. attendance • • upon the i-oineiiiioii. eominj; from < all parts of tli. Cnited Stai^--. and - the meetings wtre of •-•real iiili r- ..est. The oiitsranding lealiire tii' here for a short the convention was ihe addresss In-'s and friends. ' . by Secretary Herbert Hoover whi>h Mr. .-Vblesoii thinks was the ablest he ever heard at any trade ' meeting. 'Mr. Hoover impressed |." hiro as a great man. In the intervals of the convention sessions • Mr. Ableson visited Mt.' Vernon and took in as many as po.ssible of the wonderful sights of Washington, including a brief time in each House of Congress. , The President visited the convention nnd ap- peared^in'lhe picture that was taken of it. St. Louis. Jan. 2,'?. f.AP)—Tlie Re- I j.ertormance with the Revelers as publican .state committee voted to-'([,e feature attr.iction. Tlic Ain- dav to hold the iiarty'.s state coii-. . , ,„,.„„, ,„„,•„„ - o. I i>f„„i, ok erican singcxs stormed i .,ondon,— that a clos- this r. and Mrs. A. .M . twing orove-_, . , . j wn. summer for a tour over England, up from Cherryvale yesterday to j opaniSll ACtreSS, WnO .Scotland. Ireland. Belgium, the i hear the Glee clnb concert and to- 'V^,-,^^A TT C Tc n «o #l Scandanavian countries and \isit relatives. day to nomtne party.s state con-, vention at St. Joseph. March 2b.. . , ... The Democratic convention will he I j^i^nager has' held there February 25.. contract for their time Toured U. S., Is Deadi,^,';•;'„";'='""^• (;er „^ „ , , , -nr^™ I .Madrid. Jan. 23. (AP» — Maria The Falrlawn unit of the Wpm- f.,,,,^^^^^ Spanish actress, who ens I-arm Bureau is meeting this ,j^^,.^.,, ^.„j„.,j j-,.„,.^ y^..^^. died here today. That the game of golf continues to flourish like a green bay tree 1.1} evidenced by the report of the United States Coif .Association, which shows Iftfi new cinbs adiled to its membership roll last year. The Arnij^-.N'avy football game, considered the most colorfiir gridiron contest of the season, will be AHiert Oliver underwent! an op-! missed at the .Vew York Polo oration at .St. Johns hospital Sat- Grounds, where the serviee rlassic He Thus winter the Revelers, famo|i.-. , male qiiarlet, are making their' first tour of the bigger cities in i the I'nit'-d States and Canada. They i I will be heard on the i'hanute An-| ists '('ourse, January .'11, in their i only Kan'sas date. Almost every j I. alio Ian knows about the popu- 'ai Revelers. "The houses win \ they appear - in person are iioi , large^ enoiich inithe cities. \ Ticket reservations are now being made over telephone !t41W.; Prices are $2.20. $1.0."i and ll.liJ.^ ' siiidenls *l.lii and .S.'ic: students; matinee at 2::PJ. .=>"ic and 2.'5c. The i only other appearance of the Rev- ; elers In this section is in Kansas • has been played pretty regularly City and the house has been sold since ini:!. ,,i,t for two months. Mr. and Mrs. V. S. Bennett and Mrs. Bennett's mother, of Longton. Kansasi spent Sunday afternoon at the country home of .'Vir. and .Mrs. George Porter. I L. E.» Thomas of City Is I visit with j - •' ! Robert Tlout. of the lola Uiun-'; dry, who has been in Joliei. Illinois; JOT the past eight weeks taking a course In sales promotion and of- i fice aihninistration iU the .Anieri-' can Institute, of Laundering, is) home for a month. He will return \ to Jolictfn' four weeks to finish his course. C ^^lJ ^^hest ar* mor* ma0.j treated eztemally with— V IC ^ RUBi UmdY-m,t9\ PILES MOAJOHNSON 1324 MAIN Sr-KANSAS CITY. MO. 7:30 'TONIGHT IN lOLA TE^PEZONIE: Clinic bpenk FREE LECTURE AND ' DEMONSTRATION Terpczone Clinic—Over Otten's Bakery Onc'-Half Block North of Northeast Corner Square. THEATRE ONEAVEEK ST.\KTIN(; MONDAY JANUARY 23rd DUBINSp BROTHERS STOCK COMPABIY ORJtGlS- AL NO. 1 SHOW Three Big; Vaudeville, THE SHOW YOU ALL KNOW BIEHL FAMH.Y Orche.stra Leading WiMuaii -o- Specialties Bbtween Acts Sinjjiiifr and Comedians Toby Shclton The IJo.v Who .Makes You Uiuifh Dnima of Openinir P!;«y-i.\ Three-.\tt Comedy Married Life. "What Ann Brought Home real o!d fusUiont tions and a i:i«idlV iia t \ home ((.!:iei'.y tilled with laughs, love ii'-'er if t. n.-e moments."" po- •o- Friday's Play—Feature of the "SFA ENTH HEAVEN" YOrV -E ilE.JRl) OF THE PICTURE—NOW SI;ETHEPL.\Y —o Doore open fiiLn; 5 feels of comedies at 7; Curtain 8. Adm ssioh 20c and 50c Guaranteed Attraction 'Every Night /' Thb Kansas Life Irisurance Co. TOPEKA If a life irt.surance cnnirac-t i.s not ' properly, fitted to .suit your .i)re.<i.>nt iieed.>-^ then you have made a -serious NJii.staKe. The'; Life Tn.stirance Company is progressive and rhodern .i It educates its salesmen to select for you the special polic.v whicK you should have. It is not ad- vi.sable that each anti every man purchasef the same character of protection;since the requirements of one may entirely different kind of protection.' Hence, it is \Q your advantage to .select your life insurance carefully., ' '-. Ae Di Gordon DiKtrict Ajjent: loii. Kan.siis ' The Kansas Life Insurance Go. : TOPEKA E-L-I-T-E Tonijiht. Tomorrow and Wednesdav Janet Gaynor and Charles Farrell in WILLI AM FOX PREJcwTj- The ron^nce of a littl4 street waif of Paris who. with her lover, JSeaped from the depths of degradation to .seventh he^veh of happiness that has pleased thous; the Lnds of people fd? a road show? and now as a motion pictui[e is pleasing niillions. No moment free from epLsode that swings the heai-t 'twixt tears and cheers. • Comedy, "The Low Necker"—Aesop's Fables and Topic^ of the .Day. Matinee 10cr23c; Night 10c-35c ^^^^^^

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