Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 2, 1933 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 2, 1933
Page 3
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^0 • ii -' Mrs. A. G, Sseesle has.- rbtumed home from a tei-day visit wiih her •1st«;r. Mra^ J. A Brinlsley. af Brlnk- |opd Lp<^e nei r Osage. Oklahoma. —Stop those < ripping faucetk with Drip Proof Wafers. lola Pluinhing Co: Phone 117d : Carl Prentice, who has been* visiting his parents, Mr. ajnd JMrs.j J. H, Pjrentlc^ the past fewdi^^ returned toc^ay to Independen(!e'',whererhe is employed. ' fu ' ! . : — 'i^' -. . J • ; : AUTOMOBU, S PABifTINitjl [ : Fender and Body Work, A^iles : : and Wheels Straightened : : without hea Ing, KdW Wccrk, : : Acetylene W siding, -^"vt^; . : .CO. HcCARTy & SON : •301 So^ith St.—Phoe!216 : Mrs. Elsie Kes ter, who lives i^ufch- west of itown, v ent to Moran fTues- day for a few days' visit with her I .•^on. Clarence K^ster and his family, j Garden S^ds and Ever-i I blooming Rose Bashes; ; Wje Test lAU Our Seeds | 6^250 Roses, lor 4 35c Roses, I or : 3. 50c Roses for— $1.00 i WISHARD SEED CO. I lorn Kansas Mr.! and; Mip. Hany tieaty and Miss iVera Pisher; Wedne^y ete- nihg, Entertained Miss Jeanne mz- Kiissi^ of Knox, Ihd^ Miss Oar^iet Case, ;Mr. arid Mrs. D. A. liOng, and John iBaiTihart. —35 and 50% off on Special Orders for Wall Paper at Antrim's, 219 N. Jefferson. Mr.i and Mrs. Jacjt Duvall and their ichildren of Fort Scott visited Sunday with Mrs. Duvail's mother i Mrs. JN,, A. I Blwn, Mr. and Mrs. L. E .i Wight and Mr. and Mrs. Jf. H. HQwell. Mrs. Wight arid Mi^. Howejl are sisters'of BJrs. Duvall. >. L. L. Barnes left early! thla^ mrn- iiig,for \pchita .oi» bU8li|(e8a.j ' —Try ^LOVEKa new pat" for TAXI SERVICB. 15*. Vbttx^. Miss Belle ifelen KMus .Went to Piqua today for a few daysi visit with Miss Margaret Heiman. New shipment of BEDROOM PCRNtTttREj ^ Notice dior disi^y (in Sotitu, \ Easy Tenrisi t^tee tfmye^ W. H. WOOD, FINE FVBNmTRE 202 S. Jeff3—ThorieliSo —Very attractive, new patterns. Gold Seal Congoleum'Rug?, tjtotls' Furniture. Mrs. E. J. Miller returned M mday afternoon to her home in Bansas City after a week-end visit wl^ her TOE ISDAY ii/bi. JtAm JBUssoif Colony was a miM. Waf^M^Ay of H^.' arid Mrs. son, Horace L. Miller and his fimlly. Oor Balcony U an Idea) Rei^dezTons for Lun(jhc«n, Parties Afternoon Tefts or ; Dinner Parties Special aiTangements may be made without extra charge. Regu!a.r Meals, 25c and 33c Week's POLLY ANN CAFE J^honc 790 —Mildred Curtis, M. D. and residence over Cook's I Store. Phone 1234. Office Drug Your Car Deserves GENUINE PAKTS We specialize in Auto Electric. CarburaUori, Batteri«^, and Oil Pilte-rs. A. H. DAVIS ELEC. SEBVldE 202 N. Wash.—Phone 137^ L. E. WigVji of Fr\-er"s grocer>: j Mrs. E. E. Sampels returned Tues:. v,-ont ^to KatLsas City today on i day to her home in Hutchinson ness. Mr. ahd Mrs. Earl Van Hyning j 5 and Mr., .and Mrs. Albert Brannum j yw ^ill sfiend Sunday in B^ansas City. ' C:omDlete Winter Super Service for Your Car Anti-Freeze, Battery Fluid, iirake Service, Radiator Service, Crankcasc Service, Bod>Work. Oil, Washing, OaJ, TIrci Service; Ignition. < SHELLY MO-rORiCO. 214 N. Jeff.—Phone 80 —Honesty has always beenj ami iilways :wiU be the /iolicy.. . Sleeper Mortuary. ' Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Kepr'and llieir diiughter, Helen.>moved to 704 North street Monday irom their former residonce near LaHarpe. ; Why Suffer From Cancer? The Yates Center Sanitarium Lewis Method CANCER Treatment Free Consultation .^11 coiTespondenco confidential Yalca Center, Kansas after a week-end visit with her mother, Mr.s. Madgle E. Pancoast. Croquignble Permanents j —?1.50 Complete— ShamiX)o and Finger Wave, dry —3Sc— MIDDLETON'S BEAUTY SUlpP N/'Sidf Square—Phone 63:" \V. R. McQiiuils, proprietor oi tlie Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Barne-s n-I uracd: ye.slorday £J-om an over-iil;,'h'.' visit with Mr. MJid Mrs. Eldon EUioii Ko?.y iCovo. iriade a' business tdp to liu Anhii. Mi: Barnes was in ' Ewrrka vpsterday.. j PittsbtirfT on busine.-is. ' T.l FELT BASE Rl GS ON DISPLAY -Attractive Patterns I -Genuine Gold Seats i ' as low as S5.75 tV. IL WOOD FINE FtRNITitJRE 202 S. Jeff. Phone 190 TYPEWRITERS For Sale, Rent, Trade All Kinds Cleaned and Repaired Ililmg Supplies Riblions Mimeograph Stencils and Ink • Adding Machine Paper Carbon Paper Typewriter Pupir WILLI.VMS TYPEWRITER ( O. i l!.-; West lUadison loU, Kun.s. WNDOW SHADES —Good quaUty, standard cl'.oice of color.";. 39o each. Funiitun^ Co. size, Sleeper N V- 'SPECIAJU I ' ; : Our.tZA^OTzai^teediCnxiulg- : : note PermBnent Waves fo;' $1 JO :-complete during' Marc^ o nly. ; ; Alstf 1 pennarikts upl to $7.50. : : SDampo6'i&dfUtger wave dry 35c ; : For kpptintnlerits call 19A5. Op'- : : eMitii^^ Mrs, LCraridaUi Eleanor : : Thomaaonr i • : WOLTS BEAUI^ $HOFPE UONT SI ^KfimET GftO^ntX BOdlttUlBKET fiuttejisaut( "ceuntry ehiimfed) JfjjeTqUidrt .J.4; 5c New 'Potattea. No. 2 can iCc l^flaaeh.' No.: 2 can' .. .10c ^0ie'Baritie; NQ. 2 can lOc amth SeslutyrBean Siicco- -'tluli. Rd. 2 «att :.iOc V FttBEpEUyEBT IM S. WMh.^^ • I Phone 173 .RUGS! —&il2"ft. Seamless Axminster Rugs, $1S.2Q. Sleeper: Furniture Co. —A. R. Chambers,: M. D. Office Mlttelbach Bid*. Php. 303. Res. 377, Mrs. Bert Fitzgerald, jind -'Miss Louise McDowell left Sunday evening for Brownwood, Texas after attiendng the turierM of their father, H. JAaaWrtll.: L'Thetf mother Mrs.= T. H, MiSDeweUJ-xrtio has been living at Uiei booie of!Mi^esCra !g ;e and Luelrildtt. MclDkntelt-and' John McDowell tlit past"sli months during' tfiejlllness and'death of Mr. l^jtjCOSofSQ,' sccoriipanled them to PRAmiE CHAPEL ^^b^ jJS.—AustlA- Jeff^ries thrasl^d lusikaflrtiorti Tuesday. ' Mr. aialrJeyJtobblwiift^^ a teani orhoraeik ibe first of th'e'^cefe:' fnun H : Di Sriiclck,iIola. Suridiajir visitofs at J. A.JMattocks's were:ii4r. ajfldl Mrs. li^i^^aman arid son Rex; MrTand Mrs. BoWjle.Baker of Mcdun^.^asi, arid Mr. arid Mrs. ftusaear Mattocks,-JSlorari. MisJjiM -iey'Robb and children and'^JIra Delia Johnson spent Thursday |with Mrs. Robb's mother, Mrs. Joe Harclerode; Mrs. I J.; I A. Mattocks and Clara called on and helpeld her quilt. Mrsnairinie -Mm ^r visited Thursday aftetrtfxjn with!-her-sister, Mrs. Maggie! FflM.'Moran.- "J; !P. Harclerode was taken quite sick JFVidaiy iWhile disking for oats. He is feelltig. some; better the lait report. ii'-, C. F. Maxwell and family took diiiner Sunday 'witU theii^. daughter, .ttotks'and fahiiUy. Mr. ^ fftmily of; XiaHarpe ^_ callers. I j r .|lubk[1 Maxwell was an lola vlsitbr Siturlay! ^ ' i' tdnt tfi Mid; MJ?. Robert Harris. Fjriday, F ibnjiary 24, a baby girl. Mr. Jo^ H^lerbde and son PaiU wereUthft-fiipt tolsow oats In thi.«; rieighbqrtiooa. "They sowed February; :i4.^' i • I B. K.'Ba^on ; was helping his brotheii Geo^e riibve Monda3^ Mrl and Mrs. Neal Ford ana Mr. Delifier • Hart vifiltied Srinday with — Mr. and iars. B .I H. Bacon. . C. O.LaRue Friday I Mik-Qlara Mattocks entertained a grouji) of jburig ^olks at her home Tuesday night with a card party. Delicious ref |-eslunents consisthjg of ^ngel ^ood cake; banana ice cream and ftxioa wtre ^rved^ You p^bably have somethliig you want'to iscll jand " " • - th6 pe^e k'-— Rpflljitiit- the best way to let about it Is thrbugM Brownw6(S <J. Pj-e^ldent-elect and Mrs. Franklin | residence where they rejted up prior b. Roosevelt ixfeed in this lriformai;to Icsivinfr for Wa.shlnj^xirf fa-shion at their Hyde Park!. N. Y.. ...... - Cur WaiiliijiK and Greasing Combination Job, $1.25 I t Icancrs Naphtha, 30c a gal. WILCOX OIL & GAS CO. II. C. Bishop, M^. N. Sido Square Phone G85 Mis. S. E. Perkins of Moran was a dimier guest Wednesday boon of : I her'.daughter, iMrs.; W. C. i 'W ^ight, :}and attended a farm bureau m'eet: ing in the afternoon. —See the New Spring? Hatk Pricis right. Edwards MllUnei-y. j Mr.s. H. F. Winkelmaii and her soa AmolcT rtturued Monday n ght from Emporia wliere they Visited Mrs. Winkelnian's mother M^s. 4- B. Tay- ior ov.-r M.e week-end. OdERY Mr.s.; J. C. Schiiell, wife of a for- Mi-.s. George R. Hiser went to. Fort | : Scoit Tiie.sday to be with her nioth- i : mer automobile dealer in lola. died i Mr.s. W. C. Zimmer. who u? 'seri- I • i:U 7 .i. m. today at her home in | '^I 's 'v iU at the Mercy hospital. ; I; Yate.? Center after an Illness ol" i . — , Mrs. H. E. Cowgill, who has been the of her daughter. Mrs. O. L. .several inont!i.s according to word — v.„^B"-v... v^. ^. received here. The iuneral will be Cox and Dr. Cox. returned Tiie.sday i'^ P^CI featurdaj;. morning at. Yaip.s to her home in Burlington. ' Center. . —Respect for all final rites. Waugli Funeral Home. .\ny Suit, Dress or Overcoat Cleaned and Pre,s.SPd I : NEW PLATE LUNCH For -^ISc. j Good. \vlioIe.some, well cooked food at the lowe.<;t possible price Sen'ed any lime of day STAR C.4FE • Nortli Side Square FRYER BROS. Gli j Premiiuii Bacon, lb. 18^ : ShiJi-t Cut Steak.s,. IIM i Canva.s GloveK. per i^airl : Sorghum. 10-lb. pail ' ' : I Briny your piib i j : Moiiardi lil:icktyerrie.s( ' .sviupi. No. 2 can. 2\ PHONE 40^ Attention Teaeliers. —The Regiiiter JoET Department will : now be open during .'noouj ; • Loiirs and Saturday afternoor^. i •. kperial During March! "' Mr. and Mrs. Albert C.' Brahnumj : Shampoo and Finger Wave, dry i ^-AiiU attend-a'Metropolitan Ji^e in-'; operators— ?f I '.>^iirance meeting Saturday at Pitts- • Mi^^s rtcn burg. .ABLESON CLEANERS Phone lOS One Day Service If De.sired •• ••••r^ •• lbs. 35c :. .10c ...5c ..33c tiiyheavy : f.5i|....25c : Shampoo and Pingerj .210 S. VVe Make Buying Cream a Business i Geraldino ShcwcH" Miss Grayce Ensminger Catherine Ann Beauty Shop 17':; W. Mad.-rPhone 494 EVERYTHING for the CHICKS Quality Merchandise at Cheap Prices ; Accurate Testing. Weighing. '. with Prompt Service ; BURT'S CASH FEED & PROD. M8 E. Jackson Phone 1400 .• , ~„ „ . , 1. J ' •• Super-Mash Starter, cwt. ..$1.75 : Mr .and Mrs. J. P. Hemberg had; : Four Bells Starter, cwt. ...$11.90 : I as their guest yesterday Mr. Hein- i : 1 berg's \ brother, John Heihberg. of j :i Humboldt. Miss Grayce Prentice had as her-: gticsts gupday afternoon and eve-, : njn.? Mr. and Mrs. • Gerald Brooks, | ; Miss Helen Pierce, and Paul Brooks of St. Paul. I : We brought the Cleaning Prices down In lola. Why not give us a trial? Suits, Coats, and Plain 30 Cents CUT RATE CLEANERS 775 Phone—Opposite Postofficc Free Pickupl and Delivery Babv Chick Starter, cwt. ..$1.25 Rolled Oats, cwt $1.75 Steel Cut Oats. cwt. .•.....$1.75 Oat-Groats, cwt i .$1.75 Nopco XXX Cod Liver Oil in bi^ (bring-your cans) gal. ..$1.15 .All kinds of Poiiltrj' Remedies : Bring us your Crctim, Poultry, and Eggs R. C. Mf'KINNEY FEED STORE Opp. P. O—Phone 383 I : INAUGURATION SPECIALS ' Hanie-ss Oir i tiSc and 7.'Jc per set: Ruby Flour. 48-lb. sack,' 63c Cash Paid for ! Cream, Poultry, and Efegs GRANGE PRODUCE Raymond Baker, MgK : 208 N. Wash. Phonfe 1137 —Dr. H. L, Lacy. Dentistt .Office Wave 3Sc Phone 282 •Mr. and Mre. Harlan turricd Tuesday from ' e they have been rgc's parents, Dr. ind I Mrs. De Maijs. Mr. George, an that lola junior high was severely III of pntj cral weeks this winter ^nd !has been over Brown;st,-Etfug Store.!' X -ray I convalescing fhe past jtwo; months, school work equipped^ Pfmne 149. ; W-1S; able to take up hi^ i yesterday morning. " : j Howard Cobb of Kansas City was ' ! RUTH DEAN BEAUTV S HOPPE : : an over-night guest last night of i ; . I : :; his parenus, Mr. and Mrs'. L. O.! Groouignole Oil Pei-m^nentsj»L5a : : Cobb. j '-^ " I, • — °* Garden Seeds Bulk' arid Package CotaWete Stock ^n^h Shlj^ent , Burt's Cash Feed and Produce 18 E. Jack.son— Phone 1400 STEELE'S SEED HOUSE Sells Barteldes Pine Tested Garden Seed.; They will grow. Conrter Radio Service i for Fine Work. L. E. g-TEELE SUPPLY CO. N. Side Square Ph«ne 809 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stateler arrived Monday from Paola for a visit with Mrs. Stateler's parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Wagaierr and her brother. H. L Wagner and liis family. lOLA CASH & CARRY OIL CO. Incubator Kerosene 8c Rejnilar Gasoline I2c A Good Gasoline .. lie —Gnaranteed Oil— 15c- per qt., 2 for 25ci gil. 4«p WE DEHYER^PHONE 458 _ George rc- Coffeyvilln jvlsiting Mrs; dnstlructor in schWol, ^vho iumonla sev- THEY'RE DELICIOUS! Fairmont's Milk, Cream, Cottage Cheese, and Dairy Products are pure, nutritious arid tasty. Made in lola by Fairmont Creamery Co. Phone 9 1 AUTO TOPS AUTO GLASS ; FURNITURE AND AUTOMOBILE UPHOLSTERING RU^ER MATS HEIGELE'S {larness and Auto Top Shop ;201 South Street ,Ph«ne 5f> The following lolans attended a tiinner and progi-am Monday eve- /-.iljg at the Swedish Lutheran " church" at Savonburg: , Mesdames \faude Pigg. C. A. Swiggett. J. P. Setterstrom. Messrs. and Mesdames Rdward .Anderson. J. B. Kirk, the Rev.; and Mrs. W. P. Wharton anc! Mes-Srs. S. E. Olson, Andrew Westine.: and-; Bill Peterson. REGISTRATION NOTICE. —To the Electors of the City of lola. Kansas: You are hereby notified that the books for the registra- tioh of voters will be kept ojjen between the hours of eight o'clock A. M. and ten o'clock P. M., each day, Sunday and Februarj' 2:Jnd ex- (iepetd, from the twentieth day of February to the third day of March, 1933. and that said registration books • ^')il: be ; closed on the. last named day at ten o'clock P. Ml If' yott have never registered in the-City of lola, and have lived in the ward thirty davs or more and in tihe State six months or more and have attained the age of twenty-one years, you must register before vou lire eligible to vote. If yoU failed to vote at the last General: election in Nqvera'ber, 1932. .iind have not registered Since, you ihust re-register. I If you have moved from the house 6r street number where you'lived when y6U last registered, vou must i;e-register. If you have <aianged your name. \ou must re-register. If you are of foreign birth, you ylrtust present your naturalization »^iapers in order to register, J Any person desirinfe to register • must appear in person at my office ih the City Hall. I, T. E. SHANAHAN, I City Clerk. Mr. ;and Mrs. ! P . E. Godown returned! yesterday frotn a two-month visit with Mrs. Godown's sister..Mrs. Dick Ganson and 1 her family, m Mcpherson.- They also visited relatives In Hutchinson. - J. M. Hair reported today | that he had received a cablegram from lils son. M. E. Hair, a sailor ab<(>ard the ; Aoto Parts for AJl Cars U. S. S. Pensacola. that although: ; Motor reconditioningv Cylinders some Uves had been lost wjhen the : relground. pistons and rriigs re• -ship pa.ssed through som^ heavy! • ^Hted, crankshafts thied, valve :! weather recently, he was ^fe. M. j • seats installedPai^^^ :, E. Hair has been in service the past ] ^^„?ane motor"^" i ''^ • I 25 years, leaving lola in the fall of : ''l^orh ll ^t Auto farts <?«. 1908,' He attended schools - • - ^— ^~ .tlntll 1870 magazine advertising as a.sorirce of revenue! wai not known. ified AdR. DRY GOODS (CbMPANY SOUTJH SIDE SQUARE Inhugtiral of:M0W{ Spring A New Deal For Greater lvalues Everj-oiit! is looking forward to the linaugural in Washlng- -lOH. v,i,lh the greatest of interest, and hope lor the future. EJvcryone is anxious to ' cooperate with'the new ideas •ind plJin.s to be .set forth at this time. • . '• ;> .% + Fashion Inaugural Another Important inaugural takes place at SENEKER'S, in the ihtroducing of new Spring fashionis and new values New Goods, Elsery where Every j department of this • store-ihaugvu-ates brand new items • representing A NEW DEAL in values.; SPECIAL SALE SP]^I|?^G COATS •THE PAMOUS "BILLY DAW" Coats fashioned of Polos, Crepes and KbveUy Cloiha. SP^CLil^'IHIS WEEK 810.00 Other Spring Coata at : S5.0II to 825.00 , SPUING DRESSES !$a95 to $12 .75 = NEWSDITS $^95 to $12.75 SWEATERS, SKIRTS, :: ; BLdXJS^s ;$!.(«) to $1 .95 JVIILLINERY $1 ,9^ and $2 ,95 couiitrj'.' in Allen j : 20 |3 South St. . Phone 315 : FRANK SE7.: i : _A I Sharp Plow Pulls Easily. : We isharpen al^ kinds of plows : :. and [discs, put op new points and : : shares". Our charges are low and : : this jwork well ^one. : Frank Lawyer's Repair Shop • I jBlacksmith mg. Welding, IMachlne and Woodwork : Pliohe 119 12 N: Walnut : .7. R. Sicks returned home today frorji St. John's hospital where he and jrjvent an operation a Week ago. Mjiiford C. liangley stands for Economy and Ldwer Utility Rates. !PERMANE|NT WAVES Gfoquignole .... $1.98 and $3.00 Combination .'...$4.50 : Shaimpoo. Finger Wave, and Eye- broiv and Lash Dye. all for 75c (piNDERELLA BEAUTY SHOP I !HIrs.;Velmal TIdd, Prop. .: Gver Brown's Drug Store : I ! Phone 438 : i T"'Y 1- \ Ypsterda^y's carried the pic-! turd Off Kenneth t). Hamer. principal: of the Ellsworth, of the directors o; cal bohtest in NoHhem Kansas. Mr. Haiiei-is the son-in-law of Mr. and B(Irf[. R. E. McDonald- of this city, having married tlheir daughter.'tlit- foniip)- Mi.s.s Merljil Moponald. ANY COAT. DRESS. OR SITIT - • • i • Cleaned' and Pressed jiigh school, as one ! the Star's oratori- j -3,5<- AUerations and Repairing , Huts Clf-.tned and Blocked Stop ill and see I our line of I SPRING SUITS . SPOTLESS CLEANERS C. R. Moraii, Prop. Ill West Madison Phone 797 . : With plenty of put you in tune ie and satisfaction that will ''^ spring and better tim^l Come in dnd see the selection new colors,\p0t0rm\and I matenals Other Sprii^g long-wearing wdfsted 1 r Suits superbly tailored in jfine ^ ^ materiids, $i»;S0 to Mb Men's Sbaid^ WORK SHIRTS -noted for theirj ful Bargabt Siki||al« for Friday<c SaturlAniy .'^ei-vice; at ness and BOYS* RAIN qOATS in black leatherette Only 6 of these coats, in siz^ls from 8 to 16 vears. Shop early as they won't last long at this pnce. Boys' Cottjon Fleece Li4ed SWEAT]i:R JACKETS —^jiist the thing for now 8 to 16. i sizes Qiisers $1.00 BOYS'W9OL LONG; M(:kt of the^ehare extra tri . frojni; stilts . \ .. and exeeptipi^al i values at — ; i lit Style - InsQyaiity - UtyaUi^ And Celebrates a 40th Anniyeraai^y With FAMQVII Orou|is Of Spring I i7S .75 Coat pictured of Krinkle Crepe Worsted $19.75 Btg Ship] of NEW H just rece $i .9a nent 4TS Ved. up other Coj $10.75 lis at up Ever .since tlv; gay nineties Print- zess has lead Ihfe'mode and doe.s .it again thi.s spring iwjth a group of "Annivei-sarj' ^Si^ecials." PrintzesS models "arei the loveliest coat!< your eyes! ha%^e .seen. They .simply shout 1933 ivitk ne%v jEat>- rics. and original fletiails. Your size, will fit you with the; perfection for wliich PrintZes^ Js famou."?. Now'-s the time to ibiiy your spring coat at a saving' toi you that only a Printzess Special-could bring. SEE THE NKW 111 Feather Suiting a1)d|Crinkle Crepe , Worsted.' 3uits at " $7.95 to sigis fbntxtzeea A Coinplet^ SiiWii4: of NEW SPfeiNG FROCKS $3.9? td $10.75 Wait tor t^e Hew Shoes—| Mclionald's Shoe Department will ie complete in a few davsr ^wktch for an-

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