The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on August 17, 1894 · Page 11
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 11

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 17, 1894
Page 11
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* tnfetf, and with theni a train of ftP 38 ' ^ ho WeM *° be my servants. They lea tte forth from the hall, making music •tt they went, and before too marched a .herald, calling out that tils was the god 'Tezcat, soul of tho world, creator of the •world, who hod come again to visit his ;t»eqple. They led me through alt the courts • and endless 'chambers of the palace, and wherever I went man, Woman and child bowed themselves to tho earth before ino and worshiped me, Thomas Wingfleld of Ditchinglimn, In tho county of Norfolk, till I thought that I must be mad. Then they placed me in a litter and carried ma down the hill Chapoltepco and along causeways and through streets till We came to the great square of tho temple. Before mo wont heralds and priests, after me followed pages and nobles, and ever as we passed the multitudes prostrated them- •selvcs till I began to understand how wearisome a thing It Is to bo a god. Next •they carried mo 'through the wall of ser- ponts and up the winding paths of the mighty toocalll till we reached the summit, whore the temples and idols stood, and hero a great drum beat, and tho priests sacrificed victim after victim in my honor, and I grow sick with the sight of wickedness and blood. Presently thby invited mo to descend from tho litter, laying rich carpets and flowers for my foot to tread on, and I was much afraid, for I thought that they woro about to sacrifice me to myself or sonio other divinity. But this was not , so. They led mo to tho edge of tho pyramid, or as near as I would go, for I shrank back lest they should soizo me suddenly and cast nio over tho edge. And there tho high priest called out my dignity to tho •thousands who woro assembled beneath, and every ono of them bont tho knee in . adoration of me, tho priests above and tho multitudes below. And so it wont on till I grew dizzy with tho worship, and tho • shouting, and tho music, and the sights of death, and very thankful was I when nt : last they carried mo back to Chapoltopec. Hero now honors awaited mo, for I was •conducted to a sploudid range of apartments next to those of the emperor him• self, and I was told that all Montezunm's household wero at my command and that he who refused to do my bidding should • die. So at last I spoko and said it was my 'bidding that I should bo suffered to rest • awhile till a feast was prepared for me in tho apartments of Guatenioc the prince, • tor there I hoped to meet Otoralo. My tutors and tho nobles who attended me answered that Montcznma, my servant, had trusted that I would feast with him that night. Still my command should bo done. Then they loft mo, saying that they would come again in an hour to load me to tho banquet. Now I throw oif tho em- blonis of iny godhead and cast myself down on cushions to rest and think, and a certain exultation took possession of mo, for was I not a god, and had I not power almost absolute? Still, being of a cautious mind, I wondered why I was a god aud how long my power would last. Before tho hour had gono by, pages and nobles entered, bearing now robes, which were put upon my body, and fresh flowers to crown my head, and I was led away to the apartments of Guatomoo, fair women going before mo who played upon lustru- tnoMs of music. Hero Guntomoc the prince waited to receive mo, which ho did as though I, hia captive and companion, was tho first of kings. And yet I thought that I saw mcr- • *lmont in his eye, mingled with sorrow. Bonding forward, I epoko to him in a whisper: "What does all this mean, prince?" I •Bid. ''Am I befooled, or am I indeed a «odf" .''Hush!" ho.answered,, bowlug low and speaking beneath his broath. "It means both good and ill for you, my friend Toulo Another time I will toll you." Then ho added aloud: "Does it pleaso you, O Tez- aat, god of gods, that wo should sit at moat with you, or will you eat alone?" 'The g»)ds like good company, prince," Now, during this talk I had discovered that among those (fathered In tho hall was the Princess Otomlo. So when wo passed to tho low tablo around which wo woro to sit on cushions I hung book, watching whoro she would place herself, and then at once seated myself beside her. This caused some litt&i confusion among tho company, for tho place of honor had boon prepared for mo at tho head of tlit table, tho seat of Guatomoo being to my right and that of his wife, tho royal Tecuiohpa to my loft. "Your seat Is yonder, O To/cat," she *»id, blushing beneath her olive skin as ebo spoke. "Surely a god may sit where ho chooses, royal Otoinio," I answered. "Besides " I added In a low voice, "what bettor place can ho find than by the side of tho most lovely goddess on tho earthf" Again she blushed and answered]" Alas I am no goddess, but only a mortal maid! Usten. If you desire that I should be your companion at our feasts, you must Issue U as a command. None will dare to dlso- toy you, not even MontMurao, my father." So I rose and said In very halting Aetoo to the nobles who waited on me, "H Is my will timt my pl&oo 0)1011 ftlwftyn IMJ s**^ by the sloe of the Princess Otomle." At these w6rds Otomle blushed even more, and a murmur won* round among the guooto, while Guatemoo flwt looked angry and then laughed. But the nobles, my attendant*, bowed, and their spoke*man answered; ''The words of Tezoat shall be obeyed. U»t the seat of Otomie, tho royal urinoess. the favored of Tosoat, be placed bythesldo OT the god." Afterward this was always done, when I ato with Moutoiuma h _ Moreover, the Prtaooss Otomto became known throughout the city as "tbo MisMod princess, thu favored of Te*oat,»for ao ™^,".~ L-,', L . .."_J i " /••••^•••••••••••^•'•^••••••••••^••ISJSlsJ ftmiil , /air dancing girls and tnltostrols; rtrttt- ^ yal ed with their accursed flutes, on which they blew In season and out of It, dancing as they blew. In vain did I command them to be silent, telling them that it was written of old that there is a time to play and dance and a time to cease from dancing, for in this alone they Would not obey me. Merer could I be at peace because of them then or thereafter, and not till now did I learn how great a treasure Is solitude. Sttttwewere allowed to walk together under the trees, and though the clamor of music pursued us •wherever we went, wo Wero soon deep In talk. Then It wns that I learned how dreadful was the fate which overshadowed mo. "Know, O Teule," said Otomle, for she would call mo by the old namewhut thete was none to hear, ''this is tho custom of our land—that every year a young captive should bo chosen to be tho earthly Image of tho god Tezcat, who created the world. Only two things are necessary to thli cap- tlvet-nomcly, that his blood should bo noble and that his person should be beautiful and Without flaw or blemish. The day that you come hither, Teule, chanced to be tho day of choosing a new captive to personate tho god, and you have been chosen because you are both noble and more beautiful than any man In Anahuao, and also because, being of the people of the Teules, the children of Quetzal, of whom so many rumors have reached us, and whoso coming my father, Montezuma, dreads more chnn anything in the world, It was thought by the prlusts that you may avert their anger from us and tho anger of the gods." Now Otomle paused as ono wlio bos something to say that she can scarcely Hod words to lit, but, I remembering only what had been said, swelled Inwardly with the sense of my own greatness and because this lovely princess had declared that 1 was tho most beautiful man la Anahuac) I, who, though I was well looking enough, had never before been called "beautiful" by man, woman or child. But In this case, as in many another, pride went before a fall. "It must be spoken, Teule," Otomle continued. "Alas, that It should be I who am fated to tell you. Fora year you will rule as god in this city of Te- noctltlan, and except for certain ceremonies that you must undergo and certain arts which you roust learn none will trouble you. Your slightest wish will be a law, and when you sniilo on any it shall be an omen of good to them, and they will bless you. Even my father, Montezuma, will treat you with reverence as an equal or moro. Every delight shall be yours except that of marriage, and this will bo withheld till tho twelfth month of the year. Then tho four moat beautiful maidens In tbo land will bo given to you as brides." "And who will choose them?" I asked. "Nay, I know not, Teule, who do not meddle in such mysteries," she answered hurriedly. "Sometimes tho god is judge, and sometimes the priests judge for Win. It is as it may chance. Listen now to tho end of my tale, and you will surely forgot tho rest. For one month you will live with your wives, and this month you will pass in feasting at all the noblest houses In tho city. On tho last day of tho month, however, you will bo placed in a royal barge, and, together with your wives, paddled across tho lake to a place that is aamed Molting of Metals. Thonoo you ivill be led to tho toocallL, named House of weapons, whoro your wives will bid farewell to you forever, and there, Toulo-^alas, that I must eay it!—you arc doomed to bo offered as a snoriflco to tho god whoso spirit you hold, tho great god Tozcat, for your heart will ba torn from your body, and your head, will bo struck from your shoulders and sot upon tho stake that is known as 'post of heads.' " j Now, when I heard this dreadful doom, I groaned aloud, and ray kiioea trembled so that I almost fell to tho ground. Then a groat fury seized mo, and forgetting my father's counsel I blasphemed tho gods of that country and the people who worshiped thorn, llrst in tho Aztec and Maya languages, then, when my knowledge of these tongues failed mo, In Spanish and good English. But Otomio, who heard some of my words aud guessed moro, W::H seized with fear and lifted her bands, sayingc "Cuwo not tho awful gods, I beseech you, lest some terrible thing befall you at fu 00 ' ul f , you ftro ov «hoard, it will bo thought that you have an evil spirit and not a good ono, and then you must die now and by torment At tho least tho that, Contrary to ail custom, h« snatched the roll from the hands of the counselor, and unrolling it he began to read the picture writing by the Mtoful light of the blazing sky and temple. Presently, as ho watched and he road, Monte- zuina groaned aloud, and casting down the writing he covered his face with hit hands. As It chanced, It fell near to where I stood, and I saw painted over it rude pictures of ships of the Spanish rig and of men In tho Spanish armor. Then I understood why Montezuma groaned. The Spaniards hod landed on his shores! GENERO!JSJ|AIN$ FALL. Cfop Situation Materially Im! proved In Nebraska. messenger, panting and soiled with Now some of his counselors approached him to console him, but he thrust them aside, saying: "Lot mo mourn—the doom that was foretold has fallen upon the children of Anahuao. Tho children of Quetzal muster on our shores and slay my people. Let me mourn, I say." At that moment another messenger came from tho palace, having grief written on his face. "Spook," said Montozuma. "O king, forgive the tongue that must tell such tidings. Your royal sister Pa- pantzin was seized with terror at yonder dreadful slgiit," and he pointed to tho heavens. "She lies dying in tho palace!" Now, when the emperor heard that his sister, whom he loved, was dying, ho said nothing, but covering his face with his royal mantle he passed slowly back to the palace. And all the while the crimson light gleamed and sparkled in tho east like some monstrous ar.d unnatural dawn, while the temple of Quetzal burned fiercely in tho city beneath. Now I turned to the Princess Otomio, who had stood by my side throughout, overcome with wonder and trembling. "Did I not say that this company was aooursed, princess of tho Otomie f" "You said it, Teulo," she answered, "and It Is accursed." Then wo wont into the palace, and oven In this hour of fear after me came the minstrels, as before. [CONTINUED.] EMPEROR WILLIAM'S FAREWELL. EXTENDS BEYOND HER BOBDEBS. Portions of Colorado, South Dakota, Bnn. 8iu and Iowa Are Aho Refreshed by ! Showers—Drouth Hun Given Great Ira| twths to Irrigation—Pickle**! BUI to :• tt»»e a Commission to Study Irrigation. OMAHA, Aug. 18.—AH Sunday generous rains fell throughout Nebraska and the crop situation is materially improved. The rains have extended Into Colorado, Bottth Dakota, Kansas and Iowa. On the Union Pacific rain fell west of North Platte and at Gothenburg, Orund Island, Schnyler and other towns in that Vicinity. Enin fell along the Burlington at Plattsmonth, Aurora, Ponca, G-reely Center, Burwell, Lottp City, Hastings, Kearney, Curtis, McCook, Benkleman and along the Sheridan line. This gives rain to a large section of the farming districts in Nebraska that have been much damaged by drouth. The best informed agriculturists of the state think the corn crop will yet be one-third of an average. Question of Irrigation IMictusml. The drouth has given great impetus to Irrigation throughout tho state. A big moss meeting was held at Long Pine, Nob., the center of the district burned up, Saturday night to discuss the question of irrigation and a proposition made by a representative of eastern capitalists to construct a canal through Brown, Rock and Hall counties, providing these three counties contribute |260,000 in bonds toward the enterprise besides a certain guaranty of water privileges. Before the close of the meeting a resolution that it was the sense of the meeting that the proposition be accepted was carried. Tho sentiment is unanimous in favor of the project. The assemblage was composed of the business men and farmers, property owners of Brown and Rock counties. . Win Send the ton*. .. ,- '• 4,«g. 18.-It is reported that the cruiser Irene, formerly commanded by PHnce Henry of Prussia, brother of Emperor William, will be sent to fete- force the German east Asian squadron. tVf»«k Victim 0nrled. DEWrrr, Neb., Aug. 18._The funeral of William M. Kreig, the fireman who was Wiled and almost cremated in the Rock Island wreck, was held here Sunday from the Dewitt Methodist Epia- oopal church. Mlllldoslre Uergdoll !>••„>. PBltACKLPHiA, Aug. )8._Louis Bergdoll, the well-known brewer, died at his residence of kidney affection. Bergdoll was worth about $50,000,000 at the time of hia death. Wm, LYNCH, AJBSTRACT. LOAN m '•' '•' LAND OFFIOfl '"* •<!' of <*«««»» of Carroll inewirtii be attended to Dailv PUBLISHER OP Report of Transfers." TELEGRAPHIC_NEWS IN BRIEF. The remains of Chief Justice Caswell Bennett of Kentucky were burled at Frankfort. The Postofflco safe at Brenham, Tex., was blown open and 53,000 in stamps and 1500 in money taken. Office, three doors south of post office, upstain WM. LYNCH. Carroll. low*. -AT- ADEUCIODS DRINK " *™ "*V » v * J«w« IV Alt IiJBU JuOttC Boos, who ore everywhere, will hear you," Let them hoar," I answered. "They are faUo gods, and that country is accursed which worships them. They are doomed, J say, and all their worshipers aro doomed. Nay, I caro not If I am hoard—a* well die now by torment as live a year In tho torment of nuuroaohlng death. But I ahull not die olouo. All the son of blood that your priest* h av o shod erles out for von«,- •""jo to *ho true God, and ho will avenge. '• Thu* I raved on, being mad with fear and Impotent anger, while tho Princess Otomlo stood terrified and amazed at my blasphemies, aud tho nutus piped and the dancers danced behind us. And as I raved i saw that tho mind of Otomlo wandered from my words, for she was staring toward the east like ono who M*W » vision. Gave • Dinner on Ul» Imperial Taobt HoHeiiiollerp to JSncllahuwn. COWES, Ang. 18.—Emperor William, vrho came on hia imperial yacht Hohen- SStoUJlottena tbe regatta, paid farewell visits Sunday morning to his personal friends on board tho yacht prior to his return to Germany. He took lunch at Oaborno House and there bade farewell to the qneen, his grandmother, and •ther members of the royal family. His toajesty in the orening gare a dinner on the Houenzollern. It was on a most splendid scale. Among thejnost prominent gnests were the Prince of Wales, the Duke of York, Prince Henry of Battenburg, the members of the Oermai embassy, tho Marquis of Ormonde, the Earl of Lonsdale, the Earl of Coleden Lord Brassy, Admiral Montague and the Hon. Cecil Drummond. " «"« •aw the ak 7 won alight there, for from tbo edge of the horlion to tho highont uarto of heaven «piwa a fan of polo and fo»7ful JW»* Powdw** over with *parlu of Ore, the handle of tho fun Witlng w, the cart? a« II wow, white IU wing* covered the President Foixoto Too Arbitrary. Rio DK JANEIUO, Aug. 18.—It is reported that Qaneral L. Saraiva, the defeated leader of tho rebels in Rio Grande floSnl,wbo escaped wownd«d and was •aid to be trying to reach Argentine, has been captured. Although tho report has not yet been confirmed, it has caused a profound sensation. Congress has resolved that it is impossible to submit longer to the arbitrary conduct of Presi- oent Peizoto. , German Dyers Kick. BBBUN, Aug. irt.-The dyed good-t manufacturers and exporters of Sasonv have petitioned the German ii»pen>J government to rapport by <lit,km«tie means their protest against thu Uuito Btotes demands that invoices of iui ported goods disclose tbo date of tbe dye ing and the name of the dyer. AmlNMMMlor B.>»r4 Go*. Vs»hUa|. .^"PO". *<» »8.-Mr. Bayard, th LARGE YIELD OF WHEAT REPORTED. O. V. Jones' Extlinate for Throe States la 120,000,000 Bnsucls. MINNEAPOLIS. Aug. la.—H. V. Jones, commercial editor of the Journal, after an extensive tour of investigation through the northwest, estimates that the spring wheat crop in Minnesota and the Dakotas is the second largest these states have produced. In opposition to short crop estimates, he places the wheat yield of tho three states at 18(5,000,000 bushels, giving 00.000,0110 each to Minnesota and North Dakota and 25,00(>000 to South Dakota, the latetr being a sufferer from the drouth while the other two states have apparently not felt it except as to corn. Mr. Jones' estimates for four years have been found by the season's receipts to be approximately correct, although they vary greatly from the government estimates, and those of Chicago experts. Reports of average yields of 80 to 40 bushels of wheat are coming in freely from Minnesota and North Dakota. The wheat crop of the three states last year was about J20,09y,000, as against 77,^000,000 *stiinflLtg(jl by the government, THEY ARE TO STUDY IRRIGATION. Proposition to Appoint . Commission to Examine Western Land* WASUINOTON, Aug. 18.-In the honeo Representative Pickler, of South Dakota, introduced a bill providing for the appointment by the president of five com- missionors to make a thorough examination of the mineral, timber, ogri- MANY FINE PREMIUMS GIVEN FREE TO DRINKERS OF 7 LION COFFEE WHILK OUK STOCK LASTS — WB WIM, SBM, — 8 ft. Ash Extended Tables $3311 8" " " •• 6.09 Hard wood Chamber Sets ia.6» 4 Spindle wood Chairs, per set.... 2.6« ~?*We must reduoe onr stock sod these prices surely ought to do it. KAHNE *, ZERWAS, MEAT MARKET H. C. STEVENS & SON. MAPLE GROVE i BREEDING FARM * Short horn <eattleand Poland China bogs ttST Young Stock for Sale. Cur roll la Fish, Game, Poultry, etc. ALL ORDERS 4RK PP.GiiPTL DELIVER!* Corner 6th and Adams streets. Carroll, la. |ID YOU EVER SEE THE SEA? ff-^T " *MW SMSUUttllj 1 cultural, grazing and desert lands west of the 98thmen(N(m, and ascertain and report what practical means can be employed by the government and what Sftlatlon is necessary for the irrigation or these lauds in the interest ot the people of tho United Stated. PERHAPS NOT, but you can see the best and most complete stock of furniture in Carroll county by calling on the new furniture dealers, Booa te Laughlin, opposite court house, Carroll, Iowa. They have CHAIRS ROCKERS CURTAINS WARDROBES PARLOR SUITS \ BEDROOM SUITS UPHOLSTERED GOODS UNDERTAKING GOODS CURTAIN FIXTURES, ETC., ETC., Bf. n Good OoodllltNh Aug. 13.~An official —• July has been waned ft says summer and winter wheate were « excellent condition. The millet and Southern The first thresh eastern sky. Now I ooasod my ouinluit and w -T^"PON, Aug. 18,—*M stood transfixed, and as I stood a cry of ™tt|? 8 ** t " 1 Ambissaac tenor wroso from all (he precincts of the 7**>bMnf orutoe in the palace, and people poured from every don* *tth Sir John Pennw u «^"S$gs=|ra^T«J*t ? 011 ? 1 * w ' wo ° w«i «w»«« -dr.t ladle* In the tend, that ho who fo? w« •uppoaad (o hold the Now Jw»imnt«NiaJilp when hoato. fowt went on, and ^"P^workod and his hands ~w*thed with, for anon from the clear sky U»e embassy. tbe lofty tarn »n« up the iuQoulU - „„„ , w „„ *£l,.2'.!»!» toto * but «*«• »»»«! <T Alasl" she whlnpered, "you do nol (know, nor duo I toil you now. But [win «y this, though you who SZ ^K •«•» where you wlU today an hour shaft •«sno when you must Ito where you would •wot, Lktou. When we have finished oat- tog, say that It Is your wish (o walk 10 the tiMitons of tho palaov, aud that I should '•eownuany you. Then I luaynudftuhanou . Aug. 18.-The news from " 11 *' U U P rob « bl « ""»««ed between U.e W"««sWW«.»<l th« Mosquito Indians. ?** nviU,'it k s«|<|, wjdue mainly to """ ^? w ., w l?» f **.** »*m«nt«tlon _^. those wonders on the. „ . - r . — „, id auo from tbo city f u *»JJi»*J r MS accepted the invitation of £S.W JL* 52 £2»S !!£![" «*»"« .«* «» WI*UM» i« TUI» bradott,. : ^k,i 0gl - 1 * 1 T?! lM> . E » l P ero ' o| when ine fuurt was ovwr, I M lw t* 10 ««"*«»• u with tho Prlnoww Otomli<. and wu wunt •mit ami wuiidurod unUor tho soloiun trowi wiat two arujiud In M winding nh^t of gwy wowi, whlolt, hanging from evwy bouuh *f Uiouulj Uiu fwtiBt luwl Uuun dwkod with Uto white bixiixls of aa army of»UKud nwn, f wi»yua iina rwUml wkUlv in U»o koun n1«bi ttlr. Jim, I»I»H| wo lulgbk not bo alone, fur tt«w u» ut u iftutiu)«> of DO imuoii fallowixi *ll wy uwjvd ot uUyu.aujH noWwij WIMl '" U ttiuy liwl any doubt u&i - — ———'—• *>MV U*DI utrtxiu* ';'ss of wheat and barley gave yields of !•" per cent above the average. rtrotth lajares the Crops. MANAGUA, Aag, IB,—Drouth prevails on the Pacific slope of Nicaragua to •uch an extent that the coffee crop ta suffering and the grain crop mined. A American and British marines «nd Nloaraguan troops ani. fall possession of the town. In Ooraeld Coouti. BUBWBU., Neb., Aug. l»._Arttclo. of Incorporation of the Burwell Irrigation company WCTB flled in the o«oeof the oouuty clerk here. The now corporation to composed of tH representative farmuw. stock is t>Q,000, and faoT'T^J 111 ,?,! 16 ^* 00118 . 00111 " 1 ? ^ every S£$fiBJE£fe{ BOOS & LAUGHLIN, FURNITURE DEALERS, Opposite Court House, Carroll, Iowa. ——-.—-——.——-_ Green Bay Lumber Company, IN F»MBta««| I«WM . . - -r*«* I*. Aug. l».-Dr. M. Underwood, • leading pbytfoltn, died snd- *-ly ol ho*,* tiMHi fla wttti du| , ww, mrgtonof the Twejftli Iow» i™ —„*„- Ui uKflujrt*" tbe Lumber and Coal, AND ALL KINDS OF BUILDING MATERIAL. New yards north of Carroll mills. Carroll. Iowa. Page Woven Wire Pence g MutruMnlal In exteruiiuat. 1 he Page Fence being made from coiled spring wire, readily adapts itself to all changes of temperature and still retains its tension. It is a sniooth fence that will turn •l. Biwo, o. T., Aug. report gent from IfVedonJa, Mr* Mundto, alias "Tern torious female horse UUef Kan., that " the no- wd bandit an who broke Jail here Don. l lug, and bis . v . ._ _. wo iitgod, wonder struck, u uiuwngw, iKHiUug mid wllud with t«»v i&flW U» t ^^rn^tM* mtiw IL nulnt.ui M * *_iV^*^r 0)wi» Aug. 18—TUe match arranged between tlw PriUuui. «utd Y(|Uwtt£ • woe pf ia wllm to windward £J5,£ heuao4inttj«toity ulce. bail bmm to all kinds of 85? oalon It la manufactured in C. M. MOHLER, Carroll, Iowa, I'rowluuut Kwusits Uiwuu LKAVENWOHTU, Aug. itt.— Frita Major, grand Miiwtw of tho grand ICMk-o of Mmwus of Kimww, .ll.'d at uU rw.i.T«uut) in Lwiwiwuuh. liu htu bwen uot». tteotwl witii>ull Uio grand bodiw of «0"»'y iu Kuuutu for tunny

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