Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 2, 1933 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 2, 1933
Page 2
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WW- PAGE Jwb' ITBE FliGHTING SPIEIT T;i like to Conibat a fee ajpoiar besir fllon In its lairj With dripijlng jawB And slashlpgr claws. While Wow^s fell fait and furious r don 't jcnqw why I take dfillght Itt such a fierce and lethail Hsht Exnept pcjrhaps Thnt nery^iis chaps, - Like mbbjlte, all are curious. I'd like to wtch a^llcr whale A .«iCVPn -fi|iihom-flhnrlc«!l. Ano, althdjigh ttashea Anri torn and sia&hed., Ki-mnln! uihmoved and .stoical. I am nbt Kurc I am keen To wltnossj .such a dreadful scene. Unless maSbp Thiit sheep like me Am nlwajd unherolcai. I like to Watch two pugUisls Exchanglni; cuffs, with heav-y li.sts, .And trajling blows 'To eye and nose With obvious avidity. I don't kniw why I get a thrill Prom evei4 human flailing mill. But any qrawl Is iloved bi' all Us; victifnsiof timidity. • I [ —J. J. Montague. - j : Phil^thea Class Gives : : " Kbovrer "The Philathea class of thd United Brethren church gave a miscellaneous .shower konday .evening in the liom^ of Mrs! E. G. O'Neal, Honoring Mrs;; Virgil White of Chanute, who, before her mni-riage several days ago was Miss Riith p -Neal. j Tile evening was spent informally and irefreshipents were served. 'Pho members attending- were: Misses Opal Taggart. LaVori Fisher, Arlehc Pisheh Dorothy Roberts, and Thelma Roberts. • • Anna Vanier Chapter „f W. C. T. Tlie Annal Varner chapter of the W.iC. T. U. met on Wcdnesi^ay afternoon in tile home of Mts. Lula Conover. Tli^ meeting was;held at. ihia time onj account of thfr World Day of Prayf r program to [be held on the rcguh.r meeting datie. The meeting was opened by all; singing "Ma^ch of A leginrvce.' Mr$. Ratsh^ led ^h'e devotlonals and Mrs. Con- ovori offered, prayer. The Messen^'or I quiz wal conducted by Mrs. Alice Humes. Tlie distribution of <mcj layette. 12 arllcle.s of clothing, undiii'comloi'i to ulc needy I was ro- iwrted. Mr.s. Emma Thortnan a.s j>ro(iram Icad^T. presented the following program: Song, "Un|on Signal ' Subscriber'; reading^ "Tlie Union SlRUiU' by Mrs. Addle Doollttle: Social Effects of Prohibition by Mrs. Lucy :?andley; Young Cni- .sadiT by Mrs Pulton; Tlio Extra rDolfiir by Miaj Conover; It's Up to Me to be a M -mbev by Mro. Emma Thorm.'in: $l(;n.s of the T^^me.s by Mrs Lucy Haiidlcy, The .sltiglng of ••Th s Ls My Father's Woi*ld" and rpi)e:itlni? the m. C. T. U. benedlc- tloiij ended thoj program. ' Mrs. Jerry 'Taylor and Mi's. W. E. VftriPatten seijved refreshments to a large attcndftnce of members and ; guests. : ' The next meeting win be held ' Friday afternbon, April 7,; in the liortie of MrsJ Lucy Handley, 501 North Washington. <f • Student Day Meeting of Music Clnb.j Through an j error, the report of the Student Day meetuig of-the Tola Music club, ak submitted to The Register by tile club reporter, was omitted from 'Wednesday's; edition of The Registet The report follows: The studept Inembers of the Tola Music club displayed varied talents in their annual| program In the Baptist Temple jTuesday afternoon. Unusual npn^ers were a tuba solo played by .^ohn|Paul Jr. and acclari­ net trio by katherlne Mendell. Virginia Taylor^ alid Maxine Laughlln. That there i ^i unusual piano talent among the young club members was shown in the p|l|iylng of June Heathman, Verlie Smith, Rosa Dell Swanson, Lucile Davis, Barbara' Brooke, ' Georee Danforth, Veva Thoihas, and Lucille Swanscn. ^ ' Two quartets sang harmoniously. The boys'. qiijirtet, composed of Wayne Eflini Hpnry Hubbard, Frank Benson, and Royal Cox. directed and accompanied by Mrs. E. 0. Wilsoh, sang "Sons of Men" by Cadman, and ' responded to enthusiastic encore with "Love's Ol^ Sweet Song." " The girls' qiiattet, accompanied by Miss FlorencejHobart, sang, two numbers. "Mighty Lak' a Rose".and AnxjUiary to St>onsor BenefU Bridge , A i benefit bridge will be Iponsored by the ladies* auxllllajy of [the V. P. W., in Memjorial ball at 8 p. m. Mai<ch 8, Mrs. M. O. Langley, president of the group, announ<|ed today. The, proceeds will go Into fhe relief fun(|. f ; • • • [ Henderson Circle Meets in Memorial HaU j Henderson Circle 147, tadles of the iO. A. R., met jresterdliy afternoon in Memorial hall mth Mrs. Lacy Morrcll, president, ih charge. The I Chaplin, Mrs. Anne B*ird, read the scripture lesson from tuke and this I was followed by trie Lord 's prajjer In unison. Relleij to the amount of. $8.50 waS report d as giv- , en since the last meeting. Members , of the oi-der had a birthda ' surprise i for 6ne of th^ oldest mem lers, Mrs. Susan Bennett, who has been a shut in fcirl several montt^.. A b isket was decdrAted In red, white, ind'blue andjeachi member placed a gift in it together with instructions 'or opening. | Thirteen members vere present.! • • <• loia: r.rnM Teachers ClubMedto . The liola Grade Teachers club met" at McKinley school Wedn*day aft- emboii The president, Miss Dar- Jene Cbta, was in charge oJ the program. A Bible school di-an atlzation, directed by Mrs. W. E. Vi n Patten wasj presented. The play was en- titleia. ."David, A Shepherd Boy, Whb Killed a Giant." A talk oh "Character Education" was giveh by Mr. A. E. Garrison. Mrs. _. E. Poster, a patron of McKbiley schbol, spoke on the topic of "Parents aifd Teachers.'l A number of the mtothers in the iMcKlnley district attehded this meeting. ] WINS FOR WIVES Indiana wivte gnd hijsbands whose mates have been.Iu|red from their sides will still be able ta go to court afid collect a cash fee for the-same»lhaolB-4o Attbm(jy Bess Robbins, above. A state lejislator, she successfully blocked a bill which woi^ld have abolish^ such suits, anid stopped use of correspondents' names in divorce cases. card Shower for Miss HiUbrant Miss Dortrthy Hiljbraxit, ^ho has just returned from St. Johh[s hospital and is Convalescing at her home. Was sui-prlsed yesterday with a card shower in honpr of hei* I birthday. She received a total of-'IO birthday greetings and also many beautiful giftsTMany friends dropped in during the evening to wish her-happiness and a speedy recoveryi ing Trljbitte Paid to] Adss FMpagmn 1 1jc Elfloradol'Hmes o^j 37 »rfled the, f^ubwlog: A tributetha^.been pMld to tfa^ talmt of jDorott^ea Flanfjgab, local ^01 ng pianist, Prof,: feeniy li} Lo! idenbach, head of tl le-^part- me it of piano ati Southwestem. Coi- leg! at Winfield-JMiss fUb^Hpui has bee n invited to ve a gniesi soloist oh thi Piano : Cultnre Glaa program tljnt win be given Friday i afternoon in Winfield.i I^iss Flan|agan is ai biapo pupil of Mits Frances Am-' Ijrt se. This is.aii unusual honor for s<j> young a player, for j uMially; only adiKinced collegej studcnu play on theise pfograms. Miss Flanagan, who is 4 daughter of Mr. and *Irs. W. P. Fjltbagan, has gained an enviable renutatlon tis a] pianist. She has appeared oh numerous programi hprie and at Wlhfield an|(l has also bccai presentcKl In solo reo tals." rMiss Flanagan is the griinddaugh ter of Mrs. L. U Klser. oi this city, ahq has many friends ln| lola hav- vlslted here many tit|ics lietroltr—The I mayor's .unemploy- meht committee considers 'blind plgi," at least those thijt pose as; resiaurants, legitimate solicitation of charitable! tlous. Collection boxes piafced Ui-500;of them. aces for cpntribu- ^re to be ^lUbkr KniaMitlno, ftotwl It soothes' j-Qiii Jrtisjisttcir thered-aoiT-yellowtube, SOc. ttASfueiiiifi4 Brftftvcii pain, fcitatgaw ii»MUna I -SPECIES FdRFWimp $TIII*AY1- YARD WIDE PRJINTS Good patterns Plenty tor everybndy. 4c Yd. ioi We're FAST GOIX)R CRETQNES Yard wide. Good paltfms. 7c Yd. A'S HIISY STORE" •Having Our Own INAitlOURAL All Day Friday and Saturday! OIL CLOTH 46 in. wide. First gra^i' Dark patterns. 8c Yd. SEE OUR BIG COAT and SUIT CIAI. in west window, ^or two days we place on: sale a limited" number of AH Wool • Suits and Coats. Special "I Passed by vdur. Window.'^ Members of the quarpet are: Mabel Packler, Marjoirie Clisner, Veva Thomas and Margaret A^illlams. ' The clasing njumbers *ere by the] Student Club oi-phestra, composed oif" student membei^s of the lola Muslb club, dU-ected by Miss M. JLucelli Harris. Tlie orchestra showbd care| Xul training and delighted tiie audlr ence;With their playing. The hostcsse.^.. Mesdames' P. E. Waugh. C. A. JBiooke, Ira Kerwood, and John Layl^, assisted bV Mes- jc^mesiRex Bowuus J. H. Armpl, J. H. Sowerby. and A. R. Chambeife, served retcfishmehts after the program. , New^ active -m E -rabers are_Mrs. C. M. Ralston, and Mrs. E. C Wilson. he •j\/r.ANY i women X* 1 who have suffered from beriodic paiiis in side [or back from catarrhal draim — from ner-. vousiicss, orj "heat flashes" should take Dr. Pierce's !^avorite Prescription. [This is ir of A\9 A'. Oincinnati ,ys: "I was suJ^riaB a ,.w , ^ho backache. In fact I was about aj sick as I could be jFlnally I leamcJd of Dr. Picrct's Favorite Proscription and wtiat it would d{>.for:a siclc wbrrfan—now 1 know for myself. jThLs one mediciac put jncw life into my bodi- and benefited pic wonderfully in- every wai." ' I Sold by all druggUls evctywhore. Weltei to Or. F)m.'< CUalc, IBallalo, U. v., tvt frM Bsc^aol «dTkf. what .Miss Eirie SeM St. TtUsa, Oklx, lot nilti' headache. $5.95 These come in different colors and can be had in nearly, dvery size. THE STYLE LEADER- BETTY HOSE COATS This spr: $9.75 a^d $14.95 Every coat silk throughout. ng special— ined and guaranteed Knit Dresseb $1.95 to $6.75 DRiSSSES Here ^re the prices: Silk Dres^^ at . ...^1.95 Silk Dresses at $k69 Silk Dresses at .... $5.95 Silk Dresses at ... ..$^.75 NOTHING OVER! , We-offer you the latest and best right off tl;ie Avenue for the above prices. HATS I For Friday and Saturday-^^ Over 200 new b|nes! Ghoice i FRIDAY mu Werky&thr%)^^ Presidl^ntr We loin ^n a nation's greetings; a nation's are kbandon^d and a deep seiise^f Ameriij leric^ whdie^hearied eooperatidn to him w pre^d^njcy. W^shingtonl sefeiits one—tve hrstj)ric ^verit^ rtpt with colorful parades a of the greatest Sales of new spring mercha| linb^ievably low. Yes sir, we're With you, misih OUR FIRST BIG SAI partisanship m r^s^iness to m we ha'V^e $Wrust€& with the elect two 4^fio cetefbiate this d gay festivities, but with one dise in pur history with prices r. President. H E OF OOATS $5.95 »' $1 (1 .95 Epch Coat is a clever reprbduction ol' much higher priced motlels. Supremely smart for their tiiiloring. In the new nianish maiiner, or .softly feminine, with graceful tapes and" romantic sleevesj Navy.s, (Jrays, Sands and.Blacks. \ Other New Spring Coals up: to S29.75. : Sale Oakbrook'.s Sheer :o$iery mm PR. ^ For Friday Bind-f Saturday only $135 Chlflon Hosiery at pl.OQ pair. A full line of new spring colors in all sizes. You'll want to buy them;by!the half dozen at this low price. if New Spriiig HANDBAGS $1.00 Bags that \yUl give your spring: costume just the right accent.Cleverly designed bags with novelty metalj oniaments. NavT. Gray. Sand- and Black. 4 $1.00 Also showing Lyop and, Luxor styles— \; $1.88 and $2.88 A Special Dismay and Showing of Go^sard Corsets a^ Girdies! 10 Per Cen j Discount on Entire Lin e during this Two Day Demonstration j IShoes to Match Your New Spring Outfit— j See the n here ^at Colors: Grey, Beige and Black. WASH DRESSES Marilyn fast co|||| dressesV^.Op value—^tiecial for two days— ^' I ' 89eeach Daffodil Wash Dresses, fast color, good siyles.. SPECIAL 49c EACH ALL THE CRAZE BLOUSES JEvefryone must have onc^Silks, Organdies and jprints—new^ Cat Whisker style. 98c, $1.19, $1.39, $1.95 SKIRTS Kverybody wants one—all spring colors!. $1.00 $1.95 $2.39 Made in the newest styles. 1 Coats' O. N. T. 50c^ $1.00 Fancy AU our Sewing Thread New Sweaters 1 300-yd. spool Cotton Batts Panel Curtain.<i AU WOOL Special 6c Spool 39c ^. 79c ea. $L69 9-« PepperiU Sheetihjr 29c yd. ISILK HOSE, fiill fashioned, tiew price .... .: 59c Pair PIECE GOObs 40-inch Silk Flat Crepes___._ 40-in<5h Rayon Silli Grepes___ Silk Plaids and Striaes. soecial JRussianore Grepes 1- iWasl^able Rayon Prints——. {Washable Kayon Prints Cotton W4shabl6 Prints, BILK POJilGEE, 12im. jextra spe^lial, y^^rd -u. . _79c yd. __59c yd. $1.00 yd. $1.00 yd. __49c yd. ._39c yd. ._29c yd. 19e UNDERWEAR i Now showing a group of tlndert^ings in lovely material,, for 25cGarmertt ipanties, Bloomers, Step-in.s. i SLIPS 59c tol$l.95 I I any style, you like—tkink of isiiy- • 3illt Slip for 59c. ' Fii^e Quality Capeskin I qLOVES $1.6r Fashionable pulli-on gloves with fancy trims in the now tc^ics of gray and sand, also black. I^fge CHEN Size 24x48-inch ILLERUGS 98c Heavy Chenille Rugs in pastel'sliades of rose,. bluc, green, apd otchld, with floral designed borders. Thejj're Washable! Again We Pridsen( the Most Outstanding Ari*ay of AND Every new tr^jndipf spring is in this group!; (jjlever spring jacket frocks, cojorfui prints, and plohty of lieavys^and,grays. Imagine—fashjon at a price! At a price th4t'f» sO: eksy to pay. You can^ selects your en- JU tire spring wardsjobe in this sale! . .^le New .3^Mnch Cotton Prints Never before have We been ai>lc to o^erjsaeb a tremenilous value in 3e-inj:b pi^tsj. "tlM! fibric:iiLj(»ljin-- nsiial qjBiBtl'^the ^C^ifnS' aje.-the same hixhi -Vslaar work as^ the 19c qoaliiy.. Yott4f iSiarvel at snch values! On sale' Friday and Saturday only. Other Cptton Prints 10c, 14c; and 17c yard [Marvelous Val[ues in New CJiirtains! I I 4^ to $1.00 f Ruffled Curtains in PrisciHa. Baby ; Ruffle -and Flounce de.sign. Plain colors and napnotorie shadings. I^Quaker lace panels in sparti ai|d ifilet weave.s. -Nei^lspring designs. i; 3 ' Salfe Chalk Mnish Rayon ; and 3ilk LIN^ililE ii.fto Dainty lace Irimnied Gowns, Pajamas, Slips! p^ndettes arid Chemise. Cut ' full and well made. They're all unusual values, to be .6ffered Prlday arid Saturday 0in|y,-aj1^ I \ f t

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