Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 23, 1928 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 23, 1928
Page 2
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1^^ #AiGE s V THE iOLA DAILY REGISTER. MONDAYj BEAUTV. Beauty iB but a rain and donbttul : . good: ' ' A -8b (Qln^ glass, (bat fadeth sud- . / dcniy, , i ; A flower that dies when first it :'gtns to bud; ~ A brittle glass; that's broken . presently; A doubtful good. a. gloss, a glass, a flower. Lost, faded,,broken, dead within an hour. And as goods lost are scid or nc^cr found; ' : As faded gloss. i)o rubbing will . . f > . refresh; : As flowers dead lije witheredj on the ground, ~ As broken glass no cement can redress; , So beauty blemishiid once, forever " i lost. In spite of physic, painting, pain and cost. \ ' , ' ; . -r-Shakespeare. ' Moments MnsTCal 0?db Poblfc' Costume Reritnl The Moments Musical club extends a cordial invitation to > the jrabllc to attend. Us cdstume recital • which will be held Tuesday evo- , :i^g -at eight o'clock^ in the auditorium .of-the First Presbyterian cbnccb. The program will be in three periods and its chief aim will ' be; torentert^ln Its. audience. There wOl be no charge. - ^. PROGRAM Classical Period Serenade. '.Schubert Mrs. J. H. Cornish. My Abode. '_L^ Schubcrl I Mrs. Dene Billbe. _ Are I Maria Schubert-AVilhemj Gavdtte Gossec - . Mrs. Lloyd Netf llVowii. JIark !':Hark<the Lark! ..-Schubert Miss Clara Urown. Komantic TerltMl. Scherzo a Caprict-lo .. Mendol.ssohn Miss Lyndith Geery. Murmuring Zephyrs .Tt-nsen Mrs. A. 5. Eifield. nute.ohliKato liy I . Mrs. Victor L. Kirk. SlOjIem IVrJdd. 'Beading Sfli-cted Aliss Rachel Purcell. -At Starlight Time Spo.iks-- Miss Ruth Higglns; .Airs; .\. It. Kn- ~ field. Miss Viola I)algariii>. Violin cbl %ato, [Mrs. Mnrif} Hi'ndois 'Dii. Grand Aria : IKinareM • Mrs. Ray Koenig.'orBan T, Miss Joy Hershberger, jiiauo. 'Bed Bo8!s - l.Quirk Mrs. E. W. Haglund. :Scherzo ....Griffep " A Deserted Caprice Espagnole J Moskowski Lloyd Neft Brown. 'Bridal Chorus from "The Rose - Maiden" :. 1 Cowan Miss eiara Brown, Miss Rutli Hig­ glns, Mrs. El. W. Hagiuiul. Mrs. John Braz&e, Mrs. A. R. En. field, Mrs. Ralph Stover. Mrs. A. A. Schell, Mrs. Dene Billbe: Summer Chamlnadc •IVom the CanebrakeJ ^^..Gardner Mrs. Lloyd Neff Brown, violin. Mrs. Marie Henderson, violin. Mrs. Victor L. Xirk, flute. ' Miss Joy Hershberger. piano. Mrs. Ray Koenig, organ. , Accompanists: Miss Lynditl' ifeeery, Mrs. Ray Koenig. Mis.s Mar' 1 ;aret Roberts, Lloyd Neff Brown •ft <'^<i l^sborn.Samples Miss Opai M: Osborn. daugliter of ilr. and Mrs. Tom O-sborn. of lola, and Mr. Ruhl Mason ^amples, of Okmulgee, Okla.. were married • Stmday afternoon; January 22, at 3 o'clock in the Baptist parsonage ;ih lola. Thel Rev. J. H. Sowerby; D. D., pastor of the chur<:h. read the service. I They wcfe attended by Mr. Rudy iHammil, of Okmulgee. The bride Is a grailgatl' of the lola high school with the das.s of 1927 and has been empjoyed at the Ramsay-Fiilford Drj- Goods Store of Okmulgee tlic last fhur months lola .Music i'lub Program TomorroWl afternoon at o'clock the lola Mqsic cUih will hold its ling In tlie home of ,Vaugh, 705: East Jack- regular me Mrs. P. E. son avenue. The following proRram consist- on i'TTie Second Coming of Christ." Thb sermon was strictly scriptoral and convincing. At the close of thii services the .fourth quarterly conference convened. The Gas City church was well represented and the district supers Intendent expressed himself as being pleased with the reports from (he various departments of these two churches. Tlie two congregations extended a very complimentary Vole for Ih«> ifturn of the pastor, the Rev. J. Wilson, for another year. • • <• Coblontz Fnnillr Itennlun nil- ioi.o»ii.K iMws.a..., v.....^.n>-, A family reunion of interest to ins largely, k'aelpctions by women ' lolans was that which was held coniiKisers. *III he given: |yesterday in the home of D. U. Sundown Ilopeklrk i Coblcfntz. C17' South W'ashinston -Mr.* Clark Young | j avenue, when all of his chfklren TheiSoul of'You Bond raniliies were present ejicept Mrs. Walter .Cline 1 i two granddaughters and one great The Scarf Dande. ducit..Chaminade grandson who reside in New .Mex- The Flatterer, duet.L-.Chamlnade''co. Mrs. Simmons. Mrs. Mitchell Prince Charming -.1 ' I..chniann Mrs. John Parkhurst Des Amphores Chaminade Mrs. Uanforth Sing, Smile. Slumber, duet L . Gouivod Miss Bishop, Miss Benson Si j'etais Jardinier Chaminade Ouvre tex Yeu.x BIeuB_...Massanot Miss Lucille Crook Caprice ..--i ^ Barnes Miss Florence Hobart When' Twilight Weaves, duet from lola were; Mr. .Char- Icy Coblcntz, who ha.s not been here for three years: Mr. and Mrs. Artliur Coblentz and children, Harold. Ruth and Clifford; Mr. aiid Mrs. Walter Coblentz and children, Albert and Mary; and Mr.'and Mrs. R. H. Coblentj: and children. Thomas. Lenora and Eugene. .;. <. .> Surprise rnr(.r Honoring Birtli<l»y Miss Alta Riggs was given a party Wednesday evening in honor of her birthday with her • Branscombe 1 fister. .Miss Anna Riggs. as Miss Crook, Mrs. Hess less in the home of Mrs. A. E. Car- Strauss Waltr Rive-King Mrs. P. E. Waugh Mrs. L. H. W'ishard and Mrs. T. E. Nordgren All active son. East Lawn. . C.anit's. dancing and refreshments furnished the diversions of will be the hostesses, j tlie evening. members are urged | The guests included: Lucille to attend thi business meeting at'Flint. .Margaret Rogers, Naomi 2:15 o'clock. ^ Services at Chrlsflnn I'liurcli Yesterday was a good day at the Christian church with 308 in the Bible school. The main auditorium Was filled at the morning service to .hear tlic Rev. W. L. Harris, a former minister. Mr. Harris spoke on "The Kansas Crusade," and brought a most inspiring message. Sixty-eight young people met in the Endeavor rooms for their wor- sliip and study at'G::in o'clock. The evening service was well attended. The jiastor. the Uov. J. Lee Kolefonj. preached on. "Why Jews Rejected Christ." This will he a full week for folk; of the Christian rhurcli. On Tiies-: <lay evening they will meet jIn tlie (lining room of the Baptist tenude j Rogers, .Mary Blodgelt. Ruth JJlodg- fCW. Dorothy Baker, Christine Baker, UUth Lawrence, Sylvia Hoke, -Mr. and -Mrs. Carson, Jo^n Sinclair, Claude Hutton. Cecil Ilodd, Henry Flint. "Frog" iVIoigan, Elmer Canl. Floyd Morgan and Maurice Justice. • • •;• Curniiiil Ujill Liirgelj- Attended Seveply-five dancing i'ouples and ono-huntired spectators jwere at tlie carnival dance;: given Saturday night by tlie City Club; in Modem Woodmen hall over the lola Cream- cry. ' In the balloon dance. Miss .\r- thc'luKns Fish received first prize and .Miss Alma Lieurance second prize. Kennetji Sniiih'.s seven-piece or- clK '.sira played for tlic dancing. A moonlight dance will be the attraction at next Saturday nigiit'.s in the fellowship liamiuet of "The:,iance. The Florida .Moon. Norih- Kansa? Crusade": Wednesday niglUlern .Moort and Kansas .Moon will union prayer meeting: Tliursday. i ,p ,iie feature dances in which the evening, (i:.•?(»' o'clock, fathers and ' Ugliting eflecis will i)e especialiv sons bancpiet in the dining room attractive. '. of the churcii. The Ladies' Aid : ' .> .j. will have the following meetings: i.|„s(.j,.>|pre (hili .Meets 'Thursday afKrnoon. the XoiMhwest j ^I.e club met Fri.iav dm .sK >n with ^Irs^O/'. Ta.vlor,, ^..^.^no,,,, with .Mrs. Charies Tii.'- • •^"7V^''7 '\^°"""-n';^^'"'''I'"'- f^ll >'<"<I' \\'asbingion avcnUe. .s .onw,thMr .s. Ira Moses. .01.South i 'fians were for future Pretty Labels—Fpr Poi|bii EVENI^(| JANUARY 28,.1928. come; Benton; you're wanted for murder"^—he moved Intdltively to one side— "and a few other things, rm giving yon a chance tp surrender, although I'd like nothing better—" He was interrupted by an oath from Benton. A blacic shadow ducked suddenly and a pistol barked. A horse ecreamcd In agony and the others bolted in pani<|. You asked for it. Benton." Tony said deliberately and fired. He Opal Appleman was in the officeof her father, "William A. man, chief prohibition officer for the Toledo district,'the oth i) day. She started toadmire the pretty labels on the bottles,-l|ut her Jather" told her it was all poison, even if the labels did say it^vgs VeT|n|outh. Three-Star whishy and aromatic Benedictine. Q3f'iTuGirr ie7^^\'SlLVi FlCriONJ (•(I M'TKit .Nl.Vn Tlioi-c .u: ay slits 01 evi-; weri' Toiii i!< ii'tciiV; liuT" !..•> inis- takiuf; lhe:ii. 'I'l'iiy llairisDU had i .'iwept .•^e .-ii rh-in. nine y.:!!'^ !.. f-ue. glar-ire-icy iim al llle lifeless Inrill nl' ill a little salmiM thf way and niotioijeil for tpi with liie get'^>',l^-y. i;:noriug tlie .<<ilver. tli neat little ^stacks t> in'.o the ba:i while iii.iii jl;i |ii his six-gun trained oii Morr*•ii fallweli. aiidlsoii. The fii st few .patt«.*rin.g drops Wa.'ihington aveijue: Southeast di- Soulh Col- F-nrm Mne 'tlowell^'ision with .Mrs. Ki.ser. Soulh Colli™ -----'1^^^°^,^ born street. The Northeast division will meet at the church Friday aftcnioon to fry and sell doUgh- nutff. Orders .may he placed with .Mrs. Stioup or .Mr.s-. nefeliaugli. •:• •:• •:• First 3Iethod!st (hurrh Scrtlres Sunday was a day of splendid interest and attendance at First Methodist church. The attendance at Sunday .school was 2;i above that of last Sunday and more than 100 over the attendance a year A very splendid offering was he liail not fu! u'liileii tll'Ml. . . .\llil now lie I Diiiil luar l!« liien'.s voice c (i !)ie I '.iinny Jiironul glas.-;. liii;li-i>i'> ii ..i'. tiin^.tiiiiim. as. he glare,! at M:.! vison in tin- <iuiir: h ^tra.gllteiie.l up wwh a -All right: nr .iv,. y..u one niore I J<>'' v-as done. : ciianee to open it. Ill eoaiir, leii. ' ought to piug.-.vou a Then-" ami \\>- i!e!i).erai«'ly ?)ioke ! Benton said savageLv to iM of rain. Iieralrl.'; of; the coming downpour, fell agatlist the jfiicc of ,],,,!the watcher oritsidj? and a minute ' later the man: 'iiesfde lln! no( safe The meetings and the hostess served light refre.slinients. Mr.'^. ('. E. .N'ewnian. Mrs. Forr-st Coltreli. Mr.s. AVood. .Mrs. L. II. Itonsavel and .Miss Cherry V. .Nixon Were .uiiests.i I Tlie following ini 'Uihers were present: .Mr.'<. -A.L. Neele. Mrs.-; 1 Walter Maudlin, Mrs. Charles To -J '^f and wave I itie revolver in his I 'f 'ir beiiig so damn st|'u|l)born. K jhand in a siynii'ieant ge.-^tiire. jCod—" but sudden exclamation ' toucWd his nervoi hev. .Mrs. C. A. Clift. Mrs. Chas. .Mav and .Mr;*. I'. A. .Mahon. •:• •:• •:• SnnfhPiivt Diiision .Meets The Soiitheapt Division of tlu; Ladies' Aid society, of the First Oiitsiiie Toi 'V II .ir.'-isiin vldwly j raised his own ::un an.l leveie,! it.iarm :!Jid gestured lint !!en.M,n pies.,,.. .1 a traget. j ^vanl thed.jor. Lc(,him b There was.; ... !..=i-. wiih. , he i.^^e bettef hurry.' harr .'d wiii.P.w !iitwe-ii flieni. .X -iici; Henton reluciantl.^ backe,{I ago.. A very spienuiu ouenuB I ,.hristi -in church m.t'Thur.sdav aft-i ne!it..n was. lairlv' w, II .shi .l.le .l e :.shiev that Ilarrii^on cop in keeping with the attendance * .^^^^^'''l^'^''^^^^^^^^^^^ : a :.i .!e .... by his H^ar and swung sudden y Owing to illness, the organist, Buckeye street. The ; 'i «n e.)niiiani(.n.^l.aiilv i .y • Morn-, The man outside %eathc< .Miss Enola. C.reen, was unable 'Oj ., , j.^, .Mr.s. f. O. Peterson, had ni?eting. \: son. of relief and glided-back imo the L. L. Kiser leil the devotion- j Tl.r-re w .is The liKill likeriiDiwi. true.! man he had F truck 'yn -cr tlkri head The vi.iini: man iliouL-ht iiniekly. shadows beside thj.'Iiorsd orchestra rendered efficient service ., ^^^^ in the morning service It present-,; •• • ^ ^^^^^ was spent with nee-jof a l.iiil ..!s -..i-i;; .Ic 'l-, . b ed the prelude, the offertory and , - ^.j. ^^^^ ,„aking plans for She window j.ane-still. tl:.-re aK.iiu.l! bent swiftly downward anfi the posllude in a very fine way. .1 l.v Ml" i still lay like a felled tree. me iiosiiuue ill n. ...... i ,.,Ti ->r Tlio next iiioelinc HOW ^P'-'^'^lJ .i '^UmyiH.ihurcm has, such a "ne group ch .;i„r.s,,ay afternoon. Refreshments so willing to fill 'n °f] were served to ei.ghl members and "While attending th( school,she Was a car -Register a iyear. Tiie is the son of .Mr. and,-Mrs. R. O. i njce tells of (t wbman whp iis she emergency such as yesterday. ' Lucille Canat.sey was at the piano i"^"^ guest at both the morning and eveniirR.' services. ' /I At the morning-hour the pastor, the Rev. C. I. Coldsmitii, ."ipoke :on "The Holy Spirit. His Work." He eniphai^zed the quietness and the gent'lencss of the work of the spirit and tllat decision. must be made according to tlje demands tif God in terhis of moral character' At the evening service, the pas- jlor .spoke on "piglit Feel or the iSky." or the limitation of vision. The next meeting ! the pcssiLill v. Au:l if li;>' should ; snred himself with- ancthcj ihit Itenton Mi .irisoii iniuiit be j clanee at his face. J Then, killed as a lesn'.t. <itlier l.y ih.-'Uis h:it down over: his c: loti !v.l lola liigli ier- for the bridegroom j i„ •jiiastralion. lie said: "Dr. -Mert •Samples, of (jikmulgee. jind is manager of the .1. C. Penndy Co. ^store of that city. 1 He is a iiradu.ile (if the Okmulgee high school and .il- ..tendeil Ibe Okmulg<>e junior college One year. Mr. and Mrs. Sample will he at home af 812 South Al ibania avc- . nue, Okmulgee, after February 1. . Mr.; Samples left for h s home today but 'Mrs. Samples ivill remain here with her parents ^ntil February L , was freed froin a prl.son ceil eight feet long said that her first ini- <• • • Birth .\nnounc.rnicnt her ni;:n or by iJeni.urs own con-[took a position close' to thcj isive fmper iinssure.. jand waite<i. If Morrison h"I;l on; in lii.< Til" door oC-the - bank ^.fhigged deterniiaaiioii not to open!open and two figuri^ ran .Mr. and Mrs.. Fred E. Menzie of^tho safe, he w»)ul .i have to lire. tlie darknesJ- "»" South Second street announce the birth of a daughter January IS, to whom they have given tlie I name, Mary Florence. .\t the I'rpsbjferlan Chnrcb In tlie morning worship the Women's Glee Club of the College of ' Emporia furnislied the" special music. There was a i quartet by .Misses Gibson.- Kinneberg. Hutchison and;Alvord.' 'The selection was "God Is Love." and a solo. How Lovely Are .Th.v Dwellings." not. Ire could 'W .->lt onlsitle for the! came Benton's ,voic*. pair to'gather their !(.iil a::'l sur-; away." prise them as they !<'fl. iHe heard licuton eoiiiiliiig and hjld his breath, hi.-i finger tishten All "Let!' S .on tlie trigcer of the slender capon in his hand: ".'•"our . . . ^e . . . six . . .' ilenton'.s es narrowed to mere .racks. Arrests 'Em •For her bravery (n arresting single-banded 'a gang of white Blarera la KenpsSa.; Wia., -Hiss Betilali AlcMeil, poltceivoman, wits promoted .to ;a iergiBaney awl gj^ven mora jtky. One of the men. de^Untd: leader, iwas - sentence the yearn. Wf see the stars and Cod audi glory in life and not be confined to a limited space." The E|)worth league ses;slons were of speeial Interest. Mrs. ijand; ley Willi tile juniors presented a very helpfiil lesson as did Miss Stafford with tlie intcrmcfiiatss. Mr. Wallace Anderson, jr., led-the lesson at the senior meeting, on •"N'ew Paths for Old Problems." lie discussed the industrial awakening in China, Japan and India, andfes- pcH'ially related this awakening to tlie Christ spirit. , •:• • • Trinity .Methodist Kplsropal Church Scrvlt-es There was a splendid attendance at the Sunday scliool anil all the church services at Trinity yesterday. At the inornijng hour of worship, the pa!>tor, the Rev. .1. :C. .Wilson. Used as hi.s text. John 17: 15: "I pray not fhiit thou shouldst take them out of the world, but that thou shouldst keep them frOm the evil." The prayer of Jesus for His disciples. Mr. Wilson pointed out that the Master did not teaph the' doctrine of segregation in order to live a holy life, but that the Christian lifC; is toj be developed in the midst of human society. Jesiis did not teach that there was not sin in human society, but that his disciples be kept rom the evil of the world.' Mr. Wilson . further emphasized thc .prliyer life as the only m ^UB of C8c4ping the ievil of the world, and thit a church at prayer was a harmonious, and a victorious church.; . ! The Epworlh League had an un- nsually fine attendance at 6:30 and had the pleasure of the presence and.Inspiration, of Or. Gaither,-the district superintendent Dr. Gal- Morrisim noddeil and gav.- up. A smile c-ontorto.l tlie se.-ir-twist- I fa<-i> of the man in front of Iiini. "ome to your senses, did you? .Now he ipiieli ahniit il. '.Ve'.'.j- .lone oliiip with yon." the theme. "The Four | .From his at the win.low. Essentials of a Steadfast Church." i^arrison coiild sei- the bank ^ In the evening wocdilp. members cashl"!-. his fare b'oodless. kneel' |0f the glee dub gave a program of, beside the safe and twirl the knot), sacred ihusic in placcwof the usual • The heavy door swung open and pression was i as freedom came to! sung by .Miss Colfrane. The ser- turii at the elld of eiglil feel as slie mon by thc| Rev. H. (!. Mathis. D. ! f( had done as .*Iie paced the cell for D., was.on tlie theme. "The Four j gleann-il vi. ioiisly. Sudden- worship. They sang" several numbers, such as "The Invocation," by Mana-Ziicca "The Evening Hymn." 'by Dudley Buck: "In Heavenly, Love Abiding." "Jerusalem." and "Cujus Aniniani." The quartet sang 1 a number and Gibson. Miss • Kiiiniberg and Miss Pearl Pickens, j the director.' sang solos. The .sa- j (•red concert was even more ac-! «-eptaI>le than the regular cou'^ertj given in the cliurch Saturday even- j ing. It was a -great day for tlie' young people iri the church. The . church will always be glad to weN ] come tlie young women of the gleet club. Till' members of the glee dub were entertained in the homes of' the lYeshytfrian people. The la-'j dies of the f eneral Working socie-| ty entertaiufifi theni for dinner in the social rooms of the church alj one on 'clock Sunday, and the girls of the Philomathian Guild and Al-j pha Circle furnished a luncheon at' six o'clock.' Itenton shoved him roughly out of Harrison's eyes narrowed ing ill the dark Hisfjaw tigjliitened. .\ moment now and— IJefore him hwmed twol shapes. "I've still got a goo|fl{ to kill that'damn • f|asliicr, ton growled. "Kijcrythiiig right; Pete?" • . s "Everything stop;^ right Benton,".Tony said >calmly and your friend reach up.\ voice gasped:^ "Sorikhin's wrong. TomV and tlie tn-j> liim figures paused In th/^ir adv "What the hell:" Benton out. ".Mn't that : you. What—" I , ".\o, this Isn't Pete," Ha.'rrlsdn said coolly. "This is a rqcj committee here to giteyou TIIOS. H. BOW.IXS, President. G. E. BOWLllS, CaMet threw himseJf tp the gr|>und. prone, and fired again and heard Benton groan. ".Vow, then." said Harrison, ad- ures.sing himself to Benton's companion, "if .vou want the same dose—" Light spran.s suddenly from the side winUte..' of the bank, and in the faint illumination he saw Bentons companion standing with arms uplifted in a downpour of r::;n. "Now: I'd call that real sensbile* Tony drawled. He raised his voice and called. "Morrison!" There was an answering icry from the bank and Morris.ia came running. "Just relieve that gent of his hardware." Tmy ordijred. "There's something hero 1 want >.o look at." He approached the fallen jBen- lon wjr'Iy, feeling fi.'st for the man's hand 5. Then lie felt a sudden iiA-i'd and. spoke once more to the siirpriscd Vank cashier. "You'd better lock at him, Morrison: I've changed ray nrni'." Two hour.^ later he 'lat in the marshal's office, surrounded by an excited group of Guthrie citizens. In a corner of the room two men in Pianacles gazed about them with sullen eyes, and in the next room soniethin'? lay on the ilou covered with a, blanket. "He saved the hank UM .r- than $12,000," i Morrison was saying "It was thei neatest thing you over saw. Took care of three of them single-handed. Harrison," he smiled, "any time you need a loan at the bank I'll see that jou get it.". "Thanks," said Tony. "And you gentlemen ought to know" he said, sweeping the toom with his gaze, "just what kind of a watchdog you've sat tilting on your motity in the bank. By golly. I thought for a; while he never would open that safe." "Harrison won't be needin' any loans for some time," observed tiio mar.shal. '"nier./s a reward of $2r>00 for Benton's capturei dead or alive. Personally. I prefer him the way—ijead." "I'm not iaking any reward,'' Benton's slayer announced. "I'ui turning it over to the city of Guthrie for a police fund. As a business,man," be added, smiling. "I'm looking for all the protection the . law can giveus. . P-cnton kill- 6enton \ ed my father and I don't want anvthing for squaring the account." v ' Tlie marshal took a chew of tobacco and grinned. "I'm not goin' to stand in vour wav. Harrison.'' He let .go with scientific atrcuracy at ;he cuspiticir. "What I wan to know is how you got suspicious of this gent Forbes. Was I blind or roniething?" "I don't know liow^ he got his scar." Tony replied, "but thit anil his iUick hair and his goatee and cute little mustache threw- me off the^ track for a while. I bad the notion all along that I knew.him. It was his L-eyes Mar.ahal. He : couldn't disguise them It came to mc ail of a sudden while I was playing poker." . "Sudden is right" Fred Perkins put in. "He got up and left four kings." Ilarrison's eyes clouded for a brief moment. He got up and stretched, saying. "Well Mar.shal, take good care of'these boys." and jerked a thumb toward the men In Apple- manacles. "I'm f going to get s(^\ sleep." heaniiotuioed. • "And yon are. entitled to it," Fred Perkins told him. "ill walk along with youl" , : They walked together fpr some time without 'speech.^ ''Benton," Tony Harrison said presently, "was • in Chicago for a while. That much: of his story was true. One of his friends told me that he didn't come back to the territory till the opening. I forgot, to ask him ho^- Benton got the scar, but It doesn't make any difference; It's all over now,' . . Did I tell yoiii that I got iix contracts today for timber? We'ife going to be busier than all getoiit this fall, biit meantime I'm planning on a little. vacation.'-' He went to bed that night with the :conviction that the time had come for him to ride iip to the Bar K and sen Joe Craigl The next morning there was a letter for him at the postqffice and he smiled at the coincidence, for Pawnee Bill had writtenr; "If you haven't been up to the Bar K yet you ought to be ashamed of yourself. I've felt real me:in about keeping your whof ('abouts a secret from Joe Craig otid I'm not going to keep it rp. I'm intc ;id :ng ^ to look him u;< myself 10 seeMf he regards me as a friend or enemy. My wife and mothej' were so" glad to see me after hearing I'd lieen killed in the rush that they"ve kept me tied to their apron strings on the farm. I've already made arrangements for my own show ^;ain next year and this time \'tt make money. The tinle will copie when Buffalo Bill, as big a name,as he'.s got in the show' business,- will be glad to have me-^s an equal partner. I can see .'"a tour o? Europe and a lot of money, an3 then maybe you'll be sorry you stuck to the hardware business in Guthrie." "rpny Harrisoi^ smiled. "Ma>*e." ho said and directed his aleps to-, ward the livery Stable. "Cherokee." he said to the ibig blackj stallion that lifted his -head in greeting, "we're going to 'ramble." > And Cherokee;stamped -his foot aiid nodded in approval. (To Be I'oncloded) m IheThmStepstqa Cclden ' Peacock ihe wooderftil Golden Ptmeoejt Prepare^oos IirmB vou > ikin- of superlative tmootbaen ^fi^e£. The^ba:^ •» skia drfecta, ear prevokt wrinkles and Me ngns. and arooe the tkin to new life and viulity. Already millton women aU over America are keepif _ tlieir skins radiantly, gloriously youtliful with j these amasing new treatments. ^ ' Golden Peacock Bleacli Creme—An new discovery of science winch clears and "" " 'ght. Banishes tan, blotches. whitens your sldn almost oveiraigbt. Banishes freckles, blackheads, sallow^kin, tan, 1' " pimples and all discdoratiass. <1.00) p man man cur- fway. riaon. sly .to- Toni; away. 1 not round, a sigh but he reas- briet ijulling res, ho horses swung toward right."' d get strain- bulky mind Ben- Hll here, "You jhigh. ajnce. rapped Pete? jeptlon wel- lOLA, KA>SAS EHtabllslied a Quarter of a Century Capital Stock .$. .36,000 Surplus'..: ioo,'v6o. Deposits .: l,00^,o:*» INTEREST PAID ON TI.>IE DEPOSITS SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES EOB BENT Blliousllays Tolajr raanr rroiile aroid biUonsiiest br Uiii *en- gble Jratment of tha di£e>tire sntfem. Flr»»! Est Mmirtcr foods. aUomiSt dktatiro sjiteni ai bnptoTB. Second: SUmnlale betiee - «5S?b5Sg-slSef<5^ a mek. Tber annic «'^'5e»*-'^^ taaalttar am. Pas Motets, CHftMBEfilAllfS UxlBir:SlellFered tho ieventts 'TfiTnna JLf*****—' srmywmti, Allen County State Hank loo 00 .60 L. E. HORniLE, President F. 0. BENSdN, Ca^bler A. W. BECK, Tlce-Presldent E. D. LAND, Asni Cat 1^ UABKY SIIITELY, Asst. Cashier IOLA STATE BAN^ -WE PAY INTEREST ON TIME DEPOSITS Capital Stock $50^000 Surplus .$45^000; Colden Peacock Tonic; Tissue Cre«i_ ^ Just recently it was discovered that wtiaktes, crow's-feet, eabby tissues'aind ace signs were due to a starved conditifm of the skin. Bu< now this wonderful new creme has a stimn* lating effect on the skin—arousing the slag> gish, starved cells to new life. <1.00> • Colden Peacock Tonic Fae« Fowdet~-ThiJ newpowderisactuaUyaskin tonic—itis compounded of certainimportedingredientswhicL " have almost magical results in correcting en> Urged pores.pimpIes .bIemi9be3, rou(^ess anc preventing blackheads. And it stays on! <.75; Start mini iheae splendid treatments io- nitht. VsetheaiforSdays. Then,ifyou'i^ not delightedyotiT money ^il/be re fundetm PALACE DRI'C; ( O'MPANY G'. W. Lawrence, Prop. , M Millions rely on HTtL'S to end colds in a day and.wanl off? W Gnppe nrdKhi. Ko qmckcri remedy for you.- ' Be Sure Its^VUtj^ frice^ GetRedBcB wul >i>«|t^>* " where savings are greatest * * SOUTH SibE SQUARE IOLA, KANSAS "4-for-1" Men's Hose A Super-Value ' Our o^'n make, known from coast to coast for quality of ma • terial, high standard of workmanship, durability of service an I low price. A Value that repre* jents Real Savings, . i j • Made! of extra good qnalit; mercerized lisle, including heel, toe and top^ Fashioned to fit the foot perfectly and give a maximum of wearing comfort. No '4oos8 threads. 4Prs.$1.00 , A wordfrom thepiibKsher . . . about advertising The products you see consistently advertised in this paper are worthy of your confidence. It takes two things to make a consistent advertiser. One is a strong conviction that he has a product that will hold its place in public favor despite competition. The other is actual proof of that—the increasing pojjularity of his product. If his product will not stand the test of comparison he would simply be throwmg his'advertising investment away. If the buying public rejects his product after it has ben offered in advertising he has thrown his advertising investment away; - • Thafs why the manufadfeiirer whb advertises his merchandise consistently is very sure of his quality —andiwhyyou Jnaybesui^of it,too. | Read the advertising:here in The Regrister-~^it wil ^ide you;lo the buying of worthj^merchanaise. 1

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