The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland on August 8, 1844 · 1
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The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland · 1

Baltimore, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 8, 1844
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PUBLISHED DAILY 8. K. oruer tie-y suirl Baltimore ftMt tiy A. S. ABKLX. 5 CO. Tirms or tiii Daily Bps. To anbsc.ribnrs, SIX A.M) A aiJAFTER CENTS FEU WEEK., payuble I j the OAUlllKa, to wlioui alone they lire rcguonai-kie for taea:rtoitiil due at the expiration nf the waek. When wilt by mail the terms are. 5-1 for twelve unmiiis, $i foi six months, $1 for three mouuw. Wckki.y Si-n, S'l.-a per auii'ini, ft I for fix ir.onllm Dry IxMilii. Ate. I Itcceived, 2 bales low prion! J-i.OT CLOTHS, wi i 'U will be sold at a small u.H-anor. CAMPER fc BIU7FF. No. Ui Baltimore sired, 3 ihwrs below Liuhl t't. "il-iNCM LAWNS. 'k,.,.j i.,., u,.,v York one cue bine, lilack :ui.i purpic French .AWNS. As tliey aie known to be ,carce in the market, ladies will save ti:eiiiH.'lves wui 'h shopping by callit-s at lilt! cheap store the) nnti in) Mild at about lull' tin; P"ce they brought tur.y M M..- season. JOHN VV- ROY6TON, No 41 Baltimore utreet, ;. -ii-tf 2d store, weft o! Guy. 'KKAT ilsoiGAlNS IN 1M(Y (i.)O,'. sjl" MMMliXS X BUG., lai'iur of (JAY ANl Hit.' 11 ST8., wishing to dispose of ih" stock ot (Si1'' aiiMMSK GOOUri, olfei to purchasers at very low prices, the I.illnwins goods, v:?.: Lawns; Be "ngni; '..ily.c.rinrs; Organdie 'dunlins; tiini(uam-; I i in t'-? S.riwls; Sumner Cloths; G.tmbrooiis; ball', biown uml colored Drilling.,. Hoi us diiloruiiiiud to n..-:!f ''irT' hi set 's may relv oa getting Hnrg'.ni.s. g 'll'.AT A l'i ilAin'H i.V!- t ERAS- LOTH iKIKT4; Mm-Hii SKIRT 3, -.ait. a! ;ol : umigr:. ! .'tt ytsriiH ''U.ICH at (i; els.; 1 1 CiJIN'I'ZKS, at ami !. els. !! ,' SUMMER WEAR, at K. 10 ami l'2i omits P'T in '; ets. n puis era; -hm. cotton', e'i C-S. ?l lio.'ti. U-nrhN HoSEuiid HALF HOUEm 10 .mil It!, els. A ;''er'-arrm.nt of SUMMER GOODS el -i. .,, ,i v-.-v j.w price, at Ike "Giikap Cohker," by y ' :,-.!!V W. COUKI', ! i :i' H. E.mT ll-inover anil Umia ml ! ' "l N i 7rV nNr'.! 1.1 .V tiVi.l - W..- 1 HAH !j ' JfVs'Vv . !-VvV''' -J. I'HHiill iit .'.)., ; ',.! IIALTIMOUK S'i'rtKKT, have jUKt received ;i iiiaiiilete a'.'ruiient of Lini-n ;-Im'. tir.j; tahli-tii.e.r.T and ilaa.a.H N".ilni; , (i, 1, IS 1" and K? i.- 'srirr i.iien .losetin;.'; pillowcase L:iien-;-l ,() )i iinaiter (.'oltop. rtlniPtiii'.'-: 5. li, 7, f and III lait'eriaWe Jliiip-r, frm.i 37J els. up; 7 and fii:!rler oaiaaak Tilbb-eioib.-'; I'uaiasK Napkins at -2 i. I mid -:' 1 i.t dozen; won lima and coiton Tablecloth; ii;'.-:ia Di'ipci: huekabnek do , at l-'J el-;; -W dozen fi. a i.anili.ic liaiulkiirchi' Ki; some as low as ISj els; i ti-je anrtitt'.'iit of b eajin d MiiIiii and W.-trclay's i !i l.ieenf A!, jut received, "ntliuets; plaid .ia.i alion Tweed-; Milk and worsted Servos; all ol viv! ii we will sell iU I he. very lowest pncen by the tii e or yard. We. icvim all who wi.-li to purcliusii v.i . iii, and Oiiv niil! have eiieap liari"aiiiH. j. risii;:R x oo. No. M Ualliaiore strei I, ;.; 3d dooi belOA' 'i'ripolett's alley. v''lii,LI VJ di'F! i.'KS.lJNtJ (iki'l'-uAltlllsTrtON O it 'iMITU, No. 77 BAI.TIMOKK ST., 6 doorH iidow inih .--l. We are no'v HelliiiK off LAWNS, lJAKH(!Ktf, BALZAttiNBc, PKINTrf; plain and Inn-itv l.oe'ii !)iiilini:; Drown Linens; lianihroon.-i; Clmlip n'u-i Cassinie.eF; hleailied and brown MnsUii;,;TicU- ets; Jouiesiic PlPidm Uus-ia and Tablis Ii;iperH; t.rowa and wliito I. men Talile Clolhs; cambric jaco-rfWLS-.bci.l!, '. ice and plud Mnshns; rni.iitiiie fJim iys; bhu ! sii'jieil and plaid Wilk.-i; Veintian aud in-r;.in Carpelia-;: all at the very lowest pneet. ,1i-o for !iile, a line bay IIOKHK. ,..-tf (iiRKKTiSON &. SMITH. A ' ilW i-'i IK HA!;iAIN.S, ai (J. Kut'-KNa I'UCiv'H. ll ;. C9 I'ilLl.'S I'OiYi' MAKKKT, v,Uo oilers n tjif public 10 p-11 off th.i remains of In.s slock of HUMMER Xa.4 at tost i'Iiices, which wero twinnht for cn.-ii, at New York aii .-tnms. yi( ;. ilOSKA'STOCKj O'f' MM Hit r'iSt: 1 MtiUBrt TT)Lr,KN"TiK i L. I.lWJri. .itMt received at Storu No. iO,irf Store vf (!..w,on BALTIMOKK V., a Iresn sup nly 1 My 111 l.Ul.l ..iiTIUIM'r, n-n-U ilR! 1.1,1 VKft. ii!eiliKr wiMi CLOTHS. I'KS- 7'f.Vi.s', i H'SS. IVinonucs; .irip d and plain Jac c.uiu. tfilk L'nibri;lliis, rillAVVLS, liloverf, Suseii-ii"rs, x;',. to lie sold cheap. ,v!S-;i HENRY TIICKRU. f 1 KEAT CHANCE TO (JET HAHU AINS IN HKY X i.:(.M.lS Selling otfeiiininer Stock at unlii ard im Iva- prices, :.i m ike mom tot t!m Fall yiipply, i' reach and I: llz.Tiae LAWNS, from 1-i cents up; wo r ",ed liAL.AKINES, -Ja cents, such as sold for M cvnis; lisht 'ttlicoes, M and 10 cents; light M iiielin iv mines, 1 and -JS cut; LI IV EN UU1LLS, brown ?,!NENS; an l a hirio assoriineiit of (Ja.'itleuien's :ind iloys' Summer wear; souk; of tlifisr beautiful Mr satin atnpo dwimi Muslins, fordrestes, at 31 c; piain Swiss, tor Sc'irfs, 37!; Cotton Hosiery cheaper fi.i'i i-i see.u l-ofore; tJra Skiits Corded skirts, 4 JdllV W. HuYSTON, No. 11 liallimore street, jy-iU-lf 'Jd Stiirii we.-t 1' Cav. El.LlNU ' IFF SHLLI :'Hi OFF WlTHOL'l HE 0 1JARU TO COST. We will commence niiN-Ki'.i orr our suck o( WPUIN AND SUMMER v.eOvi,'S on Monday, Uie I7ih inst., without reaard to rrosr, as the fcea-on is advanced and the iioods must y sold. We naaie in pan, worsted liAL.AUINES, fiAKFCJ'JS, LAWNS, CIIINTZKH, CALICOES, CAbSIMBRES, V iiSTIN(.S, bUMMEit CLOTHS, f;RAI il'U'J'E, sc, with a g- neral assor'ini nl ol iri 'ii'siunl boys' wear, cumprisini; a well selected aud !,' uttal .veortuie.nt of soasori itile (JOOHS. Our casiomera arid the public will rin well to iive ih an i.'.iii'y eall, 11s we are determined to close out 0111 ;M'M.V1 BTO'JK at a reduction of about ONK- v i"in a iVoui uie market price. lioL'LTON &. SI.'M.MFRS, No Ft D.u.riMoitk Sikkst, e).) tf 3d diKir above Market Space. 1 f .'ii ;ai' iii'V "t: )onS7 JL HE SUBSCRIBERS have on Inind a liandsomi; ."tnient f Cheap Iiry Uoods, such oa CLOTHS, CAS.;lMEKE'i ami' VESTlMJS; Cashioereit; Summer Moths; Alpaca Lustres; llainbazines; while and iirovv.n Linea Oii'.linas; Udinbrtion-; Cuttonailot Irish i-. .lie,-:; Table Diaper; l.a'i: and Striped Cambrics' .-ilk 'in.l Kid CLOVES; !!,!! and Linen Pocket II oid-U.-rrhiefe, 81c ail of which will be sold cheap, at V.. & W. HOPPER'S, No. 17 Baltimore street, between j V I ;f Frederick -mil "I irket Siince. I JUST ItE'.'EI V'El), .UlY J. C. FKKNCH It St.N, No. ;i3 SOUTH BT., nam si'i'i-ry ok in ic oknimnk M ' 1 i I s u N ' S H V 0 F. AN FILLS, (r."-i from L'Hid.m, per i-hip H. Hudson, N. V'., of .' Inch w : advise .'incuts and Uie public "eneially. 1 action. Whereas, there aie many spurious edi Inns : these mei'icinen now in existence, the pub-V? ire cannoned 'o buy nf none but Hi -e Hint huve 1 eertili-'aie or ;i:'ei;i-y, ne I Unit imne at" jieiiuine v, ithout Ihe. wi.n Jl)?ion' c'ni i" ul iWe.rVfu.-s, en irive I on the F.tit'.ish (joverninent Mainp, 10 white ('"t "tj on a n d Erniwd JVO. C. FRENCH ti SON. C' S. Frereli, K- W. linltineTe .-t ; J. J. Stewart, near l!i I Air man. et; Clnis- S Col :is, corner of I it'lit and Pr ut streets; Mm Could, lialtiniora st , between I'i . 'i ai d Cove. i'J jyi'I ly J I SinToiTA!, SPKOtACLns. 'I'lie advamaaeH ol i. i'aine's I'ltr.n iicai. (Ji.assks over the old foim of Spectacles, are loilows. A irrenler ilen-ity ol .'ii-i 'rad, p-rii-ct laiifac.'s, nud pir.ibolic form. 'Fiiese ju.ihiie,s, united, firm the moi-t peifecl lenses, tr.iUH-mittine rays without unequal refraction, or the him i-ori.:ecpieiit oil the lelli'etinn frnni Me minute cavities ni'id in the most linistn il surfaces of other b uses, and it w this peifecl tracsmi sion of li'.dil, joined to lh. ir peculiar fr.n i, t hut enables the wearer ol the t'htm'K'Ai. Si'K;t ACi.iis to pioseciite the most trvins 4 thorn o( the eye wnhout Hiimc distressinj; results win. h billow the use of ad oilier jihiHsoH, For sale by CANT1ELI) &. HltoTllER, Ac nta, j y S II'J cor Pall, rind Oharlew stn. H!OI) Ni'iWH FOR THE PEOPLE. l U.M.ra B-irciiiiiK; (.'entlenien's and Youths Brond loih Dress and Frock L'OATS of nil shades ami f ilors, rut and tni'.de in the Ivst manner, for 1(1, i I ', ! anil -.Hi. AUl, a creat variety of Punmloons and Veian, ironi ti'-'i c:ii(s up; a lnmo stock bf boy's r' Jnckein 0,1 hand, mid daily receivnm CLOTHS, iJASSIMBUBS, VHSI'INI.S, Sic, which will he nude up to order in th'i lu st possible lniinner cheap Vir ca-di, kX JOSEPH TUCKER'S N'!v Clothinrj Ih pot, Ni. 21 Baltinnre 'it., m-'h tf ;i limns below Fred' rick rt, 4 1 L n'iuF(i;?rtriMrM7"Nrr'T K. rl'.ibfl V Ml HIE s r.-AII tno.c in want of CLO I'HINO, a.- invueii t a:vo ,,, ril j , win, while Uril lr if Keuiid Jai kets and Panlahsiiis for fl eacn. On bn'ic,a Viriny (,f i-uiiiiner Coats, PantaliMilis and Vests. A sen. ml ai 'iniimeiit of llojs' Sumiiii r ( 'lolh aid I .men Ibmnd J.ick'Ls; H11111110 r Cloth, lirillini!. X'i mini, il. iiveit....,, aii. I I ml I'aiHaliHUis. Always '"'I. e drn ipi.ihiy 01 bl iek Saiin. lb inh'tZHH' mid Car,, -v V sis. In store, Clmbs, Cuss res. v,..ung vjul i'rilhlies, mmit. un 10 order ,11 notice 1 ' H A-IIUUY JM'.UETT. rill.L ('H'l'Mi:ii(;ii nil. .'. Mu.ii 1 hm cor- us, (;,os, .77 .i-f, r.tA .'V.' .0K,Y..t.S ftV T'fi Kill-AST, ')' IWi COl-dH, WSUMITliN, II A :K S ..- -IN"'- '''''' ASK OF THE HK EAST AM) M.VM.N, IS eJ.VC'E'S '0MPOVSl) kyncl, qj. ').'.' ''OriVfl. I'iic. SO cents. For sile by SGTII S. II ANCE, corner of Ctmtle ..Old Pratt PH.; Pe'r mid (Jraliam, corner of Itimimorc und Hnlaw sts.; 1'eiliiiw. enmer onjreen mid Fmnk In els.; Oliver Woods, 21 Laiicasler St., Fell h Pooit; iS.e.iisbiirv. Ttianio-' si j,o;i i,,, ,i y II I II to.n , J11. A vn i aim 10 J. No. I rt. AV ST., (Him Buil.iim's ) IIKM T'.I MI'N'H CLo'PIHNi! mado to on ei, in the Ig teet fashion, and wa ranted in all cases 10 nive entire urifiefwtion. ilfi-fftt' ' K( 'MATIC ci Hi K VEsTiK 'i Vil V aT, "a caT JK lebrncii rein dy n ihe r movnl aud cure 1 ( a Hinds of Secn t IIihcim ., Winkness, Pain in ihi Loins, Air-eiinn of Ihe Kidney; and every symptom f the a'j ive dl-ensfl niiy Is' 1 ermnnenl y rnml h nhc iiof the ARovi PIC (iNSFRVE--l OF CO J'AIVA, in 19 to W houm. Price M) c nn Nont jhiiij an withnoi Win -iguainie of Eowm tVlRniriB 4. I ii. For mil'-by J ilLELI turner of (Jny and irbirat jftn eots. iyli tm J.L J-JL 32A VOL. XV. NO. 7- BALTIMORE, TH UK SI) AY b'or Sals and ll3it. !il - 1.H. The AI'l'AI!rt Sana I l l'i iu.r-JC of a IIAGUKRUKi ITVPB KSTA1U.! -1IMP.. P, in one of the best hn alrmn in the, will be fold to any perron who may wi-n 10 eii;;;i;i. 111 tae iiumim.- if iiihiii diate applii .niiin he made. I n a h is i in not aciittnintert with the Ion iness iii.-tiin.tuii. be mviMi. Knonire a. tliei;e-e ol 'the "nn. : win , will 1; :if STEAM ""KXtJINB Villi S A i. K .i Ik.IhK (..'iiVI.YC'A.'. The snbseriiieis beinu about 10 ei'eet a fitieen loose power l!ni-imi ai their ticn.uoie lory, will d:.... ot iJ.eir PtUTl !IiKl'. P') l-d. ivhieh limy I"' hi en ill dai'y. It wits made by Messrs. WaU lunaii 14 H'atl, ill tb- must iuiln'ian-Hal manner, and if mreesa y may be diiven up m ti or 7 lior.-'e'iiu risk. Ucv,iai;iu a ba? lilt it early application is maite. u. fiNVLAiii, .in .v ro.. jy.'U II" No (' I .';! T sin .1. ("imitjiNIt HCNI'S, aniounta'!; to li"i aii T ntite, ur.'inestjonabiy eiireil, f.,r siiie .0 U; pi ' CM. by lti:.S.I I. CU1 tll:. jl.l n . n. ecni.'r R titiinnre and V.vll. st-. fw) MtUPKtH'V 1'i'K ('ALi:.-A new lank (JJJ I'.OHi :, iuo : l ei, s. v. , ill aihe, en Ciirolme sliiM, I f! b ; t if c,!. j ,'.i; tlaee tare -t'ey i-ues 111 ( From -iri et, in a .., .7ld icii; tbie.- wn -t'ny ; lei. 'Its nil I Men Ma. t, lUalllll); I 111 on aft to S.HIIiII si . i .JSVJ; HiiiT tlmv stay iHiek-" on Fjyelf si reel, lot lii.i let t il o-p, ,i'l."il '; with a number nf wiser lloU.-en J in 1:11 d situations. Also, a v ll imnao i ti pl .t e o:,e ..!' u.: iK'. t si: nils .a If ihimere eou.ity o-a STOK K: i;:d a nuinie'r 01 ' Fa It MS for sale !ow. Lots for ; laa-o. Cohecnim 01 Fins and Ae',iuui,i all. 'lid-' d , 10, Apply at the corner of Hiuh and Low streets. .1 . A. I a k.ii r. 1 , iil-lin Prom rtv A it 1 11 1 mid I Collector, I? NdTU'E.- 'I he t o Piiilm.rsl in ol WEBB ' CllOMWEI.L whs liS;iOLV!.I) on the Im, I July, by atUiU.d cui-eut, j Tney have disposed of lie ir stork of m ,d, 1,1 , Messrs. Fli.Ml'NH .1. & (ii.Oli:;!; !'. V El'.B, w im ar' aiiti'.or;,ed tii itveive ;i!l ib b--ilue ih, and w-bl 1 aiu nd to the setllciii iit of chili's ai' . in.. 1 f tale 1: .a. , ALBilK'.!' L. WEHli, .UISi I II CK(). Vl-.uL. ! I'll l'AKTNEUSIIII'.-'l'bi sun enters b.ivie'j ptir- j cloHed the slock of nuo.ts of Ihe 1 ite firm of Webb t Crouiwcll, have ao. 1 .led tnr ! ;.ii: ;..i e ,. enn ! du.-tiiig Iho tJRoCF.RV BUSINESS, i,v Vv'lKU,!; SALE and RETAIL, at Wo. 3 Nnil l'll IplWARi) BTUKST, under the fnai of E. .1, & t,". F. WEBB. Their prea-iit sloe's en.apii-es a v.! II select, d as siirtineni of arii-les in tie Cmcori If pii:,.i nt, whn.ii they will dispns . of at ihe lowest niaik lpri ees, and m which they n -1 n c t fu 1 1 y invi'e the alien. tKin of their friends and yuici. users ivnonoty- Eii'iUNH .1. V,:F!IB. al '-Jawltf CEOKCE F WHtlt. (TREAT BAIMSAINS LAN ttc", I1A1I AT A'o. .-1 J HAVmiOtLE srilKhT.Tlw. subA-noor has constantly on hand 11 larite asotiiaeru ol comls, oi.ii sist'iir of (blocks; .lev.'eit; iiuhl and silver Pencils; Kei;' Rings; Pius; Chains, tc. Also, (Moves; Hosiery; Sii-pendt rs; Tap.'.-', sp,il Citlon; Lacet--:; cot ton Coids; Pins; NeecUcv; Hooks and Eye. ; Blushes, assorted kinds; Biitamtia Tea and Coli'ee Pots; eieani do.; Sie.'iir liiiwls; slopdo ; laid Liijnps; niini Luiiih. ; Japanned war, ; Lanii rns; fun v Sean-; Co io;!iie Water; Bear's (id; Jl ic.issar Oil; Aninjue (.'il; Beet's Marrow; Pom ituin; E.vlrtieis; Hmr live; Sha vim; c'reani; Raor Straps. & and will be sold : s low, etui, r at wh diale or retail, es can b" rniecht in Uiis or any other nuitkel, by LEI AS Ii ALE, j-27 tf No. SI Ball:n:rire street WHAT CAN EE McTkE TKV i.M, i-. in.- 1 .-i" 1111:8 ol a mother, lii.ui 1,0 behold leu infant wnthini!. in the agrmietf of rbniie, or w asting avvaj under terrible securi;e ni infancy, cholera infaii turn, or Siimi'ter Corapi lint.' And yet a r idic l cure can be elfected with spe.. d and certainty, by miliums terinir to the little sutlerer that inestiiuab'e ptejwira lion lAYSE'S CAHitWAnVK XA1.SAM. No house should be wiihout this indispensable Family Medicine, which i -dapl! d 1.1 all couiiliiints of the Stoni '.eh, Bowiss. Liver, or ri 'ivi-un Mt''in. In the r.outh and Wct it neenpt. s a proi:iineit piaee in nearly every domivtic reedKine chest. Prepared only by ill. D.Jayne, t). i-U S. Thhil A., Piiiiaii-dphia. For sale by G. L. nt'lU'EST, the prnpneinr'.-' sole Hi. at, convr of Pratt stieet and Duan's whan, lower end of Centre murkel sp'iee. i'li '"' JUST RECEIVED, jet oii:a.s.p,ii.-; Hair 1,...-NeciihiCiis; Buttons snd Ili ads of all tie, .'pd other jet coeds. Also, black and fancy Fans; biik Guard-:; cold EvrpiiuK; Breastpins; Kiii';s, and other Jewelry, at rduciHl prices; a hite as-.irt:uent of Combs, Hru-hes, Cutlery, and fjucy pood ine rally. Also, a fresii supply of I and s (lay wood arm brass Clocks, all of w U:ck will he sold at the lowest market prices, by JACOB TliUST, No. -J'fi Baltimore street, jySii tf a '.iv doors anove Liberty. Tjl V T I N G E ' S " V AttlKT YA NlTTiJitN I nJuE Hi STt.lRB keep--, Hs usual, a very lr.rife colb ctioi ol new mid second hard FI'RNITl KE, such as tin reins; ivdebnnds; Sofas; Wardtobe; Secretaries, look-cases; Tables; Dies-iriK Bureaus; Chairs, ol every description; LovuiKeii; Divans; Minuis, and ah kinds of Looking Glasses; Feather Hod-; nialioiiariy aud other low and hii;h post Bc lsieials; redcttalu am' Sofa Tables; mantel Clocks; Pic r 'I'ablis, Willi laar bh: slabs; also,('nticTables; aeti'al Lamps and Chau de'ierw; (la..-: ware and China; a iissorimeiu ot ricii Plated wares; ivory handle ivnives and Fork; Cutlery in neneriJ; also, a variety of Silver ware. WATCHES, gold am! silver patent levers. OIL PAINTING:1; u;iert cerumc ih.u.'.o'ii! Hrcavipiua Fiiiicr Kric, he. &c. &c. rj. EYTIKGE, m'iiJ tf Charles street near Pcltiniore, I'.ii I: i'hi.N I INC. N THE PATENT FLY PRESS, tapahic of cniNTiso II.OCO caKds I'hk hou r 'l'hei.'AllliS prim i d on thrs inaehice have a moie, ilear, perfect luirj uniform anpetirance than Lbose printed in ihr ordinary way, and can he furnished at mi- oevr p,v,. Meichaats, ."ilechanu s, Manufacturers and others, wi.-hinu to sivo the preatei.! publicity ta (heir nvp.' estalili-iiuients, by thai ruo-l Co venicnt and ef leelual nieihod, the cin'u! ili'iii of cash.: nad hand BH.r.s,aie respeclfnhv to call til. MUliCllY'S GENERAL PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, I lfi MARKET STREi-.T, Where thev can hav-: evi ry d scripti.'in of f't.iiN and Ok'ia'mcntai. IHX K ioid JOB PRINTING done in the T.-eafc.t and at vn j r.txli-rute jr, n A poo ik-sortiHe:it of Printini; and Wr.iu.c Pa-pers, lilank Cards, S-c, k pi c msta tly on hieiu. 1 JOHN .MUP.PHY, Printer, llo,.kscller net staiinniir, j'l entf Mf, M-o,i t Blieei I C'ECOND HAND C(lTiON"f7uTtri(!.i.r.-."m ! v.i sub-crib- r tvill sell low n ipcinuty .11 see 11, e hand COTTON MACHINERY, uewt ol' whi-!i r- ui i (Kll, workiie; oriio-v. Ii (iu si-t.i in pelt 1 f ti T'Toste's, loan l'.Kl 10 sjandles iii:(i, 1 pair of Mutes, of spmdh; .inch, 'i Paterson Bolt Sp.'eders. And a coii-ub ruble quantity of other M-icrenery which is al present iiitlie fncloiyat work, am! can bt exnniined pattaaif .i'ly. Also, machinery which oil. lie used to adviinisite in nink 111; (tendtew icli Carnei Chain or Coarse Yam. All of which will be sold u steal baij.un. Apply at Im Putapsco Cotion Factor) neat Ellieott's .Villa, jy Ai .'lawtf EDWARD GKA V. CIO v i-il : Mi' i'lo'N- t : A N ' II H 1.11 11 ci ,". --1 11 1 T, 1 (II! AVEa celoh at-d I'tivs cnn of nii'ilin Ins recently published some v ihr.bie case- iltus'ra-tivc of Ihe fact, that patients may recov -r alter ih liirniii'ion of lur;;e ah-ci sses 111 Ihe lungs. We seb.'.'t omy one eas : A Mr. il , aj'H -ii years, had (preceded by the cuslomary svinploin) .111 etieiisivc atisC R in tie' an tenor, su.s'lior and la.eral p.'sle ior of the luiiij.-'. Al this lime the puient wn tuppo-f d to labor unite- m bcreu! :r caverns to a srem exient. The whole mile rior, superiir and lateral pn-.t' aior of ihe I11111; imtiad edexireuiel dull pcrfecilydisiiiiet cavern' u b eath-iiiK He bad m vere p un in Ihe side, eniii h, w Kb ptiruleni expi ctorution and fcv.r, in shorl Uie inosi uiifavsriible fynr.itoins. iMIIiative Kiaiinenl wa-adop.ed. the pulse foiin hi'Ciiiue nMiual all becm lever cewieit, the i'iiHikms nf Hi" sound on percussion was itMH'ially diniiiiisheil. and in the course e' a ir-. mcinihs Ihe p.itieiu was r-i 10 il to reiferi heitlih. '1 he excellence of y. lo-it'Ci I'ulvionU Syrup con sists 111 hs power of reducon; .11 puiim.niiry itisee.e 11 Ire suiipiilied fnr'ii ef I'.b-ce-K, ami then 1-0 deposit oj ol ihe purulent iluul, tint 11 can !m', with tn' il (y , en uiated liirot'ch Hie bran bail tubi s. liy I'.ie ua- ie Bus lneiiicine he uiaili'i 1-' e -tly and r mley . 1 pecinraii d, lenn v 1115 nil dm. i"f of those laisl nc i dentil from Hi1llocati1.11 with vvhh h ab-re.s on thi luniisare yonietians ato nib'd. 'Pbus il uniy be biolt ed u ion as air July est 'li'ishi'd 'leil ' ' hki most oihiT riiM as' s ibx s ni-t always proyi.-s 10 u f ,t d P'ruii'intioii. Thi' iiidtirttou hud dov. n is but at ee'Vnowled'.raieiit frorii Ihe inchest iic'ihcil nu iioruy. that lh' ytiiu- on vchi:h i!,e I'ahiioni S',;iii pro-fe-svs lu eileei cuies are n.iiiu I 'ul's'anti.d, ain entirely consi-iem witti tio .nr-( (ibstevc'iii'.s maih 111 un dicrtlsr iencc ami many Phy-iciaus ui Ni w V. rh Vi'i ler-ey nil I'cnnsylv ma who hue o,, n n,, womlerlul ili'-'Cts of -chervk's Pulni unc Sviiu, have thein.-Uve" used it in ilo-ir p-aci e Willi lin nest Ii ippy re uils To Ihn.tH cb d we w eu'il ,-.iy i you can over, nine ' our pr: jo ecc, and ct'Ve Uos in ,li cine a 'leli'lo' ii'i'. d t ill -luct rw oruii:, t. th. diieciions iou cue lc .-t I. For salt. ..I Mi s N. GAY STREET, llnltiiiior". reuily opposite F.iyctle street, the only ulacew iier Ihe f e.nuilie call be Inn' in ties citv ( 'nil and 1 et 1 pamphlet era r-i containinit a di'eri itMi, ,,n tlx do H ,ent rllHS.f f CHnstliliplloJ, (lie syiiiimim (lie, PRICl'-Ori; WiUar per Milt ir m hif kn 01 VoUiri- i I " i 'i'1;' " ' Hjt I bin Fpi m fir . enulyw . i:iit " AN'i'EM CVDV ha pc-vcii uneil inri r to ev-ry article biib'fi" "I'Ml, foi cb anm: tlm voice. MiiuhIi tv nf the (Jofcp.'l, Lnvfrs,Si Rem, and oiheii-wbo use lliei' V 'ice a ifreal d'al, should Use ( Ireidy Price -ii, eonti P"r packi'.i!.!, 01 HV" tin ft! For m hv n. T" - tlftNl!!'., eoniel ol 1'oul mil 'buirhi sis , BnlHmre. ' I IjrWMlvi viiKNUiNK PANACEA on v $ I S pet C botllc. For side by sEI"l S. HANOI', cuianrt Cli.ui. nud Pin'.! sis. 1 -k x THE SUN. Hi.K.Ni;:;ii.i-.-! r.'!'he loilniv .nti.'lc, eo )icil 110m tie 1 aui- i ! ! 1 Kcislii', was "written I y a im I'! le.r.nn," -ais thit jiaju r. "of lii'i " ' .'IS . 1 11 : v , ivli.i an i'pp. i t unity ol been-al with the la. ts rela.e.l in Ins u 1 1 1 1 i.', .n'.; i.if 'aa::rini 'a' 1 V. I, , '.i in 1 ,i! iiio'i Vol I. m,i !': notice ,; t'; 1 v win h 1 u in;; v, 1. '. this r.'.iiir- I ' ' t ' 1 1 1 1 I h.lsM t . .111,1 wlut I'. is lie I l.ivnijf la'i ly -ecu 111 the .New it.ulellii.i .i,. :. si i cial lie itioii'. s edi 'm.ii.,1 pet -oii.ic, is the ; -c v. 1 iter I : ai- ar u'lc , ;li I - t.u ,c l lnis t 1 I 1 the true lii-t.M y ol reel-, and tin l evil from the tr.m- I'! i 'h- w . Ul tvl'.i !. will be much. .imci t i -i . t k.i:. w i .to a I) ;'. ilv e il.u'c I pi 'litre id iliina-. v!.: !. :u ci ii!, J cm c ' in the isiu'v l wilt :..'.e! lca-ier. 'I'iic autlioiity to; the tact', hen iii -I i-i it In t he v. l it. r ) l !in! to i-e a,,i!., ,Ui,l ,. ihe li.ejjot! r I'' -, l,,i v, as Mi unci I;. i- e m tea, 0 ii iatorui.iiioii r-, l- ii u a il e - -eiineil 1 1. tine v an in.tiv ninai w iw-r tiueu.ii.i sv.i- I.eivi- Cur, who v.n hoiuinj Irei in, I, , j i i . -. a l e .1 v - b a il -luted. lies family ! tti'ie hiep.U ;, -p. . table, an. i an elder tu.itluT ! I'i'lleil ti .-'.r.i.ei ,, M-e,ctiil to till' ",.ieloor ol j (ViC.i'i'.i i:( I'.,,-!,-, to which piaee mi!,; lee. i- vc:: .1- an cr.-:ii m the eii,,iueci ic oar. Pie: I, win iv be renin 'noil about two veeis. i in w aii.l A: i .' d in si vi , al .-crape- ,.iiiv ei nipi-llcil hiiii to ,l -ci U a place ol re- j ton im the Island ol , ' . w (,:,., I.: iiiiiii---io:i. ..: e-v ,.t Kit". . ii he re.. .I !. l .'SCiil luae ii. lain, i era -'l ci 1 .jihiuii. I he '. o-.luteii mi ll.crelciiiills lie;, .1 :ul a si eici 1 .lillieellon w nil al ! ir.iti- vl , in mred lo iml In -. .1. the I : e Hie We '. ic, i.e. a: -p. n! wii in thi- h ,,':i 1-! :-c.l a c,,.,.n 10 ',: r.l.i-1 ol Mi -1 fafll.,, whieii he II. V i'.ll e eaipl cat l.e liviiiiciiiK- iMtcd tli'Mi'ii, and iice.o. t 10.:' llli'll '.V le liltlilll, whie einer, ie s tic- of k le- ear...- . ' the v.,:. ,.! 1 s-ton, ;, not las pr an He lam!, .i'. 1 .pianoc. I with matey ol (lie p.a pal rn:' the 1v.1i l-U' a la o-t'air i ii,-ie, let; t cat iii a and heii a- pel, ' ai or a h 11. 1 , nop: ieeiple.l 1 : -i y 1: ,;-.i o . il 111 oilli ul , .re Iii i, iiintl. .-i.-otiy n. lore liii il M.J . - an ii.ti ieiie u it h ' la- wealthy 1 1 i". us of K inc. ec Ion led fo- I im,, and lie sol.l !: 1 1 "it ,':', iv ,vi! eaii.c t , the I luted Mates .New (1:1. 11 and went thciiee to leiiii iill , l.''i'.U"!.v, wliete, ,1 in the sciion, he pure oa -oil some jo opi 1 1 y, ai il linally liH-aleil himself on tin ei 'cloatui isi,,i; l in (he (Ihi 1 river, near "I iii tta Thi- tunc took placeab lit the year I "i.'e or li'i. !i-ii he reached New ( Iile.tus In tttii.if.l llic iieiie ol UK unci li'i cl i'he hciintilii! iimi accompli -bail lady who ao-e;impa:!io,l ,:;el liy.-d with iii in was not hi. wife. SI., v.a- valine;, a ii! had in. i ny laseiiial ins; ae ceinpii-.Ii.uei;! -., v. hieli :n...ii her nunc w.utby ol lilenii l'L.t--.." ie- u.i.s t,' l.i-r. Colonel H.irr tir-' w l!lciiiieilia-sct . al ly 111 the year ISM."., aioi in-te.iil 1 f Hii'i-sciliieiiio; him. there an he n- il :hi Ilia: t'.-I. I'.uir received lioni liim -i.eli a -e 1 in'-oi Mairo. its wicillh and dis-pusition f t re oltii ion, as seiloecil him into the project of iavaiiiii-.' it ; ami the .picstion as to who:;i -!i "ilJ be the ei'-1! man was one icscrv-11! by Levis ('air (I'.lciuu 1 !ie.s-( I) until Inline i veiils ' lii",:ii! .Icvclojie (hem , elves, as Cair always il clareil to his liieoi- that lie intend' it Colonel Mur ,H the chief ,,( tv; m il it ai v n hii'li w .is to ailv.iii -e him (0 the supreme roiuiitaml in iMesic i. The iiiuvenii'iits of ('nl. Kurr ami lUcinu r liis-ett 111 til" United Slates, (U'lintr the years l'i.'.i anil C, are already know n, and ol course iiccil no! be detailed 111 thi-statement. Af c.r (11 .-ir pi ijce'cil inva-inii of MtAico liail failed, am! FdeDLierha-sett hail broken up at this island, In returned t" New ( hlcans, wiicrc lie li ft ll?e wlei had her n Ins companion, he. cieli.itkc 1 ,.r the l-laml of New I'lovi-ilcni'c, one ol the Bahamas in the W is! In iics, ami settle..! jl Nassau, its capital, anil recommenced tin; practice ot law. In a short time, he "h aincj a In utive pr,ie'.ioe,a ivl niariici! a lad v of one. of t!ic most i f.-peetnl'!c families in that I place, aim w a- soon nttcr iiislnibcd b a visit from Ins I,ir! l-!;nal companion, who 3ve hiiii mt;-'li '.rouble before he could pet her to retire in re .1 v : v his li -lee did, ami stton after retunu.i t ) t In: I ni'cil Stat' -, anl ii nc-iv ln-lievcii to be. a i i -icilt of tin- Southern (.-. When sc. tied iii Nassiti. Ii name ol Lewi- ('ana and some by in;: : !'Ul his re;lle-s resumcil In.-, true n acpiiinl a haiid l'i 11' slid hit) iituin;: di-j'.isiii ir. kept, him eoiieaiuiy invulvrd 111 eil-lieulties, aiui he, t i t. .1 : m. nt ot his wile wa- e.-iicl 111 tin .-.ire.'K; ct, by lab in 'ill s wii Ii the jo 1 1 ntvien' . lie v.,s ilcete:! I., tiie a-semlilv ul the lie. h .11:1.1-, and was ehota n o- .-pcalu r ahoiit 1S2'.( Tin- was hi-, la-( elevation t nioti e; by his tic:i.ti;i.. iit hi- wife end his cntiimal l.-Ivtu elierii s and .cilu-l on- as ihi money yvhicli he eo'.il,! c 1111 :n 11.! ever .-topped hi- pioicss.- ilttriiie; tin' yenr- 1h;j ami ' in' became so ein-b.H'arsee. thai lie was obliged to It ivc Ihi' i 1 anil, am! on 'e more r. turn il to Kii,",s!on, ,l,t niai. a, Ii oi.t which pi tee in lVf! he ore c more came t the United ."-'ales, are! i,nu!e;l ai i'hila- 1 ileliliia uiiiici' Ii line n;;mc, l.eyyis ('aiT,where it, is Iw.'licvci tint he fir 'lu- Ir-t (mho visitiil , Cel. Fen' .ml 'on alt-r was (a!:, n -j. k .mil lilt-din 'iii v in tin-city ,,f I'liilatic-lplna. At Ii :t -t , t hi . i , tie i" Iii I ol In- yi'i'c and hi- tiicinis at Na--.v,i. Tli-is er..!,:-! tltc lilt- ci this bold and ivtlcs., -pirii, vvlii -h . fr 111 l i- iiitraint .11 pubii : liii-Mlilil !:H (' Itb. w i - .-c cent -:'i in ef adventure-. Tin: years he lived at Nas-.m Were ("1 1 led up vein, of a personal character, ' fiom t lie t mi ' Ie- Ic'l the I nit' il Sia'es 111 IHI7 r.eti! lv ! i, In 1:. vi 1 rc -iilt ii in any ether place than '.'ie! vi New I'mi nlclii'c. (Iir in! : niant y as tin vice eon-ul ol I he U . S who lives 011 one of 1 he S.Eikey, F, iliania 1-I.iiids, v. Im re.i ! I tv. W'th U'ennei ha-'(.lt. ami wis atti'ie, l:i- pirtntr I. : jicir tivenly years, vi here he i a-,-1 1! tin ! r io-It ic name ut I ,e w is Coil r, and oiu n lohl him this history ol Ins life ami r niiictioii with Cel. Ilurr, so that t l.e v. 1 1 ' 1 r - f t In ai ti-le. who was at. K iiistoi' , .laiaai a, an l at. S-alili y I-1. unl la-t -iiminei , one yvi a li . ha s no iloiilil. ol t li, truth cf I lie lure-io'iej, -ua n itive. The fail- anil 'ircur 1 lance-0'. 1 isciini ti 'il wiih Col. Duir, were fully ilia ltd o that tin it was U, i-,,,,m to douh that Mr. Hiennerh i: -titt y, as real ami leovi-(larr. He i-; not tnos in Kianei, to it hi r did he 1 vi r live 11. M -uitrc.-.l. iKTi-e'.K-TiV'. ti T:. ', 1 1 1 t a:-. A wo'li recently pubii-hed. contaiiis (lie follnwin dis tiitiee lietwcca ci'ie- c. Sie'l, yy-ill I... fo'ili 1 iiselnl to many pt 1 sons. The li- ta ci'e ft 1 111 I'lu'.oli I-pin, 1 to New V01U vii tbi 1! e 1 ! 1 i'.ii), J'"i miles N. iv Vorli to lUltiioore, v la Railroad Knnle-, INi NeivVoil, f. VVa-l ui" Inn, 'J'O IN w Y. rh to lio-ton, via Stimuli;'! 01 and I'roviileiiei li.iili.iiiil. 'J'Jd New Y..,k 1 . '" 'In , m N ami Wo.-ec !cr t.'ei1 ac, .77. N ',,,,!, o Siirniiifi'-lrl, Mi's via.Nevv 1 1 ., v i n ;,n, I If ,r- i f. tii K ulr Kit). M i. N't w V -'I to Alhaev. by I sicaiiili .at, I 17 Nc ell ' ' All'iny, c.i i s ,0 I . 1 11...!. . I-. -.a-..,. ; '. t A.ilii.u i it. i ei. via U'.iili ad', '.!('.' I'., .-ton ti I'mllai I, 1 1.1 K -It i n llailrml, I1 e U' ll anil to llnieiir, '.y -ta);!, IV"1 I'oitlio.i to 'il bi", via u ;;n--';. -iiel 1. rr !;! win-U. ''if '-! .-i Ji ' , "' Boston l . 1!, by M- nob -ai' , 2 I Ho-o,,,, 1,, , tr al, via ( 'ot' -on! ni E ir in-jton, 't., hy II ul lea.!, Sliitc : n I Ste.tml.nat, 317 Allwiiiy fn Hniitrca1. via l.alu-i ioi .ml. in, '!'"iB. M.iutVi al to ( u liee. hy S eain'iiiC , 1) Albany to Itul t il.,, by Railtoad rente, .t-'e I! Il'ilo to Kicp. ton, C.i.n tt, via b'Hi-l'imi, ' K uif: ami to Montreal, via Ut I , i .. r m'e 1 1 v. r, 1 1 . Peillal,. to l,tr 1 1. by U'eamtt a', .T7-! I'iiUMo to Chi v a ill' Lille-. 101 Pitta via li.trm' S! J..m ph'.-, 61. Alba-'V to Tin, by XMjte, 6 mill :'-. Alli r.yto H:1iliiti.n Kpj;, M A 'iiny to Saratoga, 37. Albuy to Mature!, (J;-If the (ii.-tisoatic pmrciPK of ,' H-esKii( day is enr a- ha inert ul bis eiivali-'iry derived 'liim the hii.'d wolkiiijr f l asun of U time, he -ltoii hi remt nJv r that Uure. i-i a m'trcU Cigmty 111 liilvir, a nut'le virtue o an hum at li'e, mid, I lie. f iii in this n collcctiou, ho will drsuva to bo pitiel f r Ii.. vo k " I'd Hkov; fin ihal owtiim the n$ i," i U"vr" i r ? 1 . -- il 'lv-."l 3t-eVl v MORNING, AU(JUST s, mi. PRICK ONE CENT. Sivi-s N i i .hnai, Kt i'ivai.. S inJ.av, the h of .lime, yv.ts tin: iljy w lien the Ion;; picpaicd le- tiv i'ii s of Ha-!c coiiuiicneeil t hi y an lntcin!-e,l to celebrate not only the annua! ritle sh . t 1 1 1 ir loi .i'l S n i; .erliiinl, hut al-n the an:,. eiii y ol at'!e ol St. .la s. hiuuht c'.wc to tin' tovy 11, one ot the most uupni tanl ol the Kuiir. ysarol liee.lotu in (helaih cent 111 y , w apa! by the free I ' -Mi an J ! i ce cantons a" a i le t ! lie auto 1 a 'v ami leadalisni of lint a",e. I'iic In hi of b ittlc, alii o"i yviiliiii -iij'.il ol (lie colli' el 1 1 ite bir if, eovind yvith miiiiic war and festive baiuitis, may ali i;.! :i iiclu hint to i!u chi, t ot that .111-u-t h..",,c of the e eiic 1 nil- -pint win h si ill c-1 t 111 the mountains ol Sn it ri Ian ! , and a moiie; these who have eiip.ycii miinicipii tili and H-ki'd Co ir all to pu-eive tlicin l. r tlnce cen-tiiiii-.. l'i:e t iik.ncn ol ,-i;l Sc. i, ei!.in I ' i e, il -1 'cms, other iiiiuscen nt t ban the 1 Vint S.ilr-an.! (i a Un N, consul ienni. Some idea of the this ' ;t..ii.-e utt.i.-In a! to the !., cpui" up oi nt, ami tin' niacn, licence ol (lie fice hai::hcis ,,f !t.i-!e, may be loiniul I' tin -1111- j pie la, , (hat iu. pr,,,.- lobe sh 1! I er .1 e cstiilli-L.l it no !, -- a -inn than 7S.(tetl Siti - francs, C'pial ;o ta,,,,. than hit 11! st, : hue-, ami a temporal ' l.avii bus bet a I. mil toi the n e. ptioii ot the C'lc-t-. al tin- i-MMiKc ot .ill,, u'. i.l'IKI..', caeiine. Ine'ciii aeic- of cioinil, w Idle the troop-nl 11.1.-Ic an' t ne.iiipcil in the a.i.ieeiit p'am. i'iic imi'i en!:. nice to tin: 1 cpuhl icaii lie impio-vi-c, i- by a hanil-iiinc (iotliie aieb, (nly ! ct lii;;h, l! inked bv t vol overs, and il era', .1 y i!li anus, ;- e. ; am! (his is so yeli .-..l.n.d. Ilut il may will lie i:ii-!.ikcn Ioi stoiii'. Flic aieli oives t niraiiee lo a sipaaic ol about ten .'.eics, mi tin nelitnl w hieli ,: loin; line ol e,,; ,;e nelie: en litis Ioi' N',s 1 1 ft , and heiie.uli (Ins no de ar t n'.e 7- e.iinpailmciils are Ioi Intel to; linn;, yv it li -pice lor etiaipaup. pun red. servants, ,v.e In the tear thi- arcade, at a ,1i-!.iiicc nt'tlltl I ie, -, i-a siniilar, but 111 ae siiupli nm , winch eo: .'a m t he t.u cts, mat Ivcrs, iv ' . , and a cu mm- apparatus sliilliite- taieels. au,l ,a pa-s ii'S 111 -afcly acio.-- ihe tire. On tie- opposite side id the peat s.piatc 1. .1 Mmil.n ana, I, , which funis li.c limit of (he i;u;( -a! 0011, a ill nn,o 100111 l.iii! mi.' I a ti'.IOH caioa-eis, wph lai 111 et eoiiM-ii'clli''.' Ill ill o'lr Lnlch tcuipuaiy r. mil- have ".out rally ,ttVu,li-l, .!- the lai :.: : aiealci- behind the 1 Itleltlcu '.-, soil tssceol',1 behind i lie -colon. This is an cine mous I i eli-en. p ; ti y -cook -'nop, p.iniiy, l.u.h 1 , ;c . ' , it'it il yy illi lioilcrs, nuns sinus, an;! all ol lu r ai'i'iiaiiccs ; a buttery liateh, in l.iel Ioi the whole lli'.t 'o 1,1 cant. .its. lielore which even the Ici-linc di.i.iiif ''.he pt in, cly p'i iisiii, -, ,, Kt-niKMeth" 11111 t liidc its head. At e.ich end of 1 lit- arcade rises a pavilion, of octagon shape, 'H feet in ili-aunUr, which serve for cafe-. Then- ixti imr, that ni middle ape. towers, is in pel It ft kccpine. am! proportion, lint Ihe graml ellei't nl tin- ;! . part nt I'o.uneii of tin- tiltecnih century is ihe castle in t lit: cent re, which is called Ta line ntn 11 e, (lie-'lc nl banners,) and contains pti.tcs tastefully arranp-d. It is iiiut ly--i Icitlmili, is siirmnuiili'il by a litjnre nf nn ancient Siyi-s wa v iiij; the banner of indepetnh nee. Its general t'orm is Si mu t tiinje In tw 111 a .lonjon lower and a chapel, and is cecet!iiiiv ;t n tl. Its cited is aii;iiu ntctl by the vaviii"'ol iniiinncialile hinncis from its sitlc and sum mil . Ittvond this iiiajjic. city are seen the low while tents nt the encampment r.imtcd rnuiid a central pavilion. Tiie troops are here to be coa-t Hilly under arms during the wet !, of the fe-tiy itics. On Sunday last tin: whole population nf Basle was in movement at an early hour, aiiillhiin-sautls ol stranecis had already t ikcn up their 'punters in the town. The towii-i iiuiicil, e-im,s, trno.s, and populio'e moved In the licld ol the battle of .St. .lames (a plain not tar from Ihe ithinc.) The scent: was beautiful hands pliv-iiijt, rtuns firiiir-, camion roariiijr, wiih repeated sa 1 vns, c.iitlless pioccssi.ins under dilii rent 1I.1 ;s and in-ie;iii.i, ts-e. kc; armour and ct.sluiuc were alone wanting to make the ilUisioii peril'-'. Spec-lies yy cie. mailt' hy the Mayor ami olinrs, ami in fact, Ihe battle for freedom yas perfectly illu-ti itctl by (lie free disc. ::itun(s of those yvlni Iniieht ami cain.picrcil Unci.: ecnluiics ao. Ilajipily it yvas not necc-sary to repeat U'o'imls ami deatli shrieks, and lie- joyous multitude ami "-rave seigniors had no widows and oiph.ins to meet as they returned in triumph (o their city. In the afternoon, the city, yv i h its triumphal arch and ensile, was beset hv the multitude; processions, ajr.tin i-sued Irani the fine ' i!d pale ot tin: town ol Tahli nhur and there amid: I waving of haiineis. play iuj.- ,u 'music, and lire in;; it camion, I he men ot I Lisle and their irne-ts - it i! nvn 1.1 their hall ni ilyto least. .ij.'ilMi, toethcr with tiiiiiisauils ol let - -1 ill idi IS. Till' Cool,s ll.lll Well plied (heir la..!:, and the tables yvcre well covered with t iii..!:iiie; viand-. Some modern UegVr -chani ha : in 1 1 im imO J 1 Hid lb-, nl lift f, and in artyvicc as aiiicli n i( her meats, ami counted up the w ine, ainnnir which is Halm d 2. ll'tl Ii ittles nl the wine nl St. dallies, glow 11 near ihe tield ol ''attic, a 11 1 now called "Sehwi i cr-blnt" tiie (hloiiil of (he Swiss) In galleries aboielhc tcaMiiig patriots sat crowds nl I iir JSiviss, as indeed luindreds piessid along' the whole limit ol ll.e (Iniiiig-h.iil. Long speeches and deep lu all lis were .p.ijlii d, anil liom Uie high l.ihlc 'itne many a -oiiii.liiig seiilciii e ol ( it ini-iasui in high 1 hitch to the gallant liilt iiu ii below --1 1 Hh Iclie (iit Schw.'it. Iltit-h I I .- t!ie sladt Eae 1 - ., eh lobe die I'icilicits Hidden- K,.,rc unl Martjrtn, f-". , .v., yvith id.i-li ol symbols and cheer-i'ii light roiectho Iw .1 1 1 Ine-iiicn ol nn mil tain and lake In -.'i o I heir ih'.nlly weapons." "die. yy.ickcrn .Sim', .en ilcs N hweiz. eilaiiilf-," eli.l 1 illen '.V alll-lc-pice uvi it iiuai '' Thi- day (lI"ii(lay)the sei imis ope rations 11! tin' Killi'ini n'.- I nion ol all S,vi(i rl.ynd hc::an with s,los n! cannon anil iiinsie. Al seven in I he 11101 niiig tin- neiilismcn arc lo h" let to thi -!:' dill,'; arcade- yvith pr. al par.ule, by their I'o-'s, tie ne 11 I li.i'le, and there, "tnnn m un till ill .vy eve," Ihi 11 lilies will ring lor Ihe rest o! the tvct k, and the st'ady hand and ttue eve n i'l he I'- wai'lt (1 at the ( lid. I.rltr) m tin . Vomt.r;' ( Inaitidr. Sw yfiaiyy im, Tile. Ly iiikv k. -An anc'ilote is .1 Judee I'd. 11, of I'hiladclphia, V. hi 'h is altogether "too gooil tn lie ln-t .' I h re it 1-: ( loiiipl.iint w.f made In the lu'l;e, in hell ill of the eiev? ol a ic.sel who hail mad a voy.iL'C to soiii" poll iii Uiis,- a, thai they had bet 11 fiiriii!it il with had provisions. While the. coiui-el lor tin -t allien was nigning tin-case, one of t Iii' til stcppi d lorw an! and draw ing Irani Ins p .cltcl a pit re. of bread the coloi id brown soap, pie.-t Hied it to his honor as a spi rum 11 ol tie 11 laic. To pi i -oi,- ac"ii-t, uncd I" line whea-li 11 loave-. il appi-arei! di.-gu-ling imlet d, anil :ln by -taiulers, one ami all, ciict! -hainc, to liii men's slnmai'lis with such uir.v holc-nme ali-ni' iil. The Judge applied the br-.ul to his 11 so, .nd lillllillg llo'lilllg III il (jllen-ive lo Ills nllaeto. IV lor vi -, Wa- tcinpll d ft ta-'e it ; he liibbltd 11 little piece, it tasted wi ll, end lit I . It a lar.i lob. The coiinsi 1 preceded at nun li len : I h , t,..uh the dinner hour yvas la-' appinachu ;; illlil ,1- lie KClll'!. d ill! pi I i I'l , t he ,!lt ie,,- lu h e, I 11 mad lh' hl.icli bis -mi until "o ton- n icaei' d. At tin" moment tie sailor !cp 1 i up, anil with a I , "ii-li 'iiaiiee in which w.i" ih pie!. 1 real di--1 1 , .1 i. I . ' -1. In- t 1 it 1 hac eat. 11 my be-t wit-in - "' e-- t;1;d t,e liwvii, ''ll.avi' hi 1 11 n 111 ottiiu: licit the ,Iin!gc ha- Ihi 11 . "iiilnvui:; tlir (Pueiiec as well as tin Imi'. ' "Never ica. id," 1 i I it tl his honor, us 1! aw ilteiicl Irom a ihe.'ii'i, "I am heller ah! to '!., -t y mir i-ur "' So - iv oig, In. ro-i , and ordci g ! lie lib. 1 to !h: ili-ii.i seil, went home lo his dinner. A', (I'l. Hi 1.1 I-.' ui- war (t appears then: is a re.a'i out in Mi-sis-ippi famed Can y, who g 1' -tt nig I'pon a fit , .linl who lias la'ely fifed the editor nf the I'o.iconiia Intt ! I igcni'cr intvt fits. Hear how he talks ol Carey's 1 icti lion "We h.-.te cnietolhi' c-iicl u.-ioii that, rail ol his life, In can get. nunc music, a.od g it longer i d stroliger, nrt more of it , md i ;i. mne t w isls in ii, and play Ituvtr, and fn up higlu 1 , ami g've niori (ictaves, and crotchets, ketches, and skv rook. its, change the keys, and ing!e them with bcttir grace, imitate mote purtr dgca and y mug chi kt 11s, and come the high notes shriller, anil the low notci s fter, and take J his ha' mo.e gracefully while he i.i doing it, ami lo .k at the pe pie while it in pi ing mi, on Inn fif , fudter 'hii any other tiieti living (Sj mote H be, itul im it in." s u w. I "I'l ten ;VI 111 ," 'hc I 'llovving auccilnte 1 related by Sir liieh.ird Phdlii ,, may beaiiiu- -1111; in new -p.ipei pil.ilcrs o llicill iiiere 1 s a mot .1 1 in it : "Wliilc 1 was a! Nottingham I 1,1! m with a plain, el. Icily lean, an aneient reader f the l.ti'e-lir Herald -a paper yv Iii li I puhlislud lor some y cars in the on day s ,u my vout h. Its 1 ep.utat 1011 secured uie many a In .11 ly -hake by tin- hand, as I p,i--cd tlimugh the Huddle c, 'Unties. 1 ahai-.ihiiicit it 1.1 17:1. . lor the Monthly M tea tine, and ee hanged Li iet - 'er 1 a 1 .on-iloa. Fins ancient leader, lie. 1: ing that I w 1-tn N ot i m h tin, came la l:ir tvitli ;l t': paper in !ns hand, (o call me ,1 11 account tor t he we ,1 is unc hours which an aitieie in it had cost him and hi- Irieials. 1 lotkul at it, and -aw 1: hcad.d Hutch Mail, ami it prole -ad to l.e a column ol original I bitch, w J.ieh t li i - Ii. oe-( 111.111 had h en laboime to translate, lor lie said he had not uicl wiliiany oth, 1 such ..pceimcii nl Ihi eh. Th,. si;;!it ot 'it brought tin: billowing eiieuio-t.iliei - to mi' leeolh-elioii : On t he cv en ine h lore one id our pub! ica: iens, nn men and hovswcic tio'.ieking i:i ll.e pi mi ing oiiiec, and tiny uy ei tin 111 d I yy o or (luce columns l (he panel. The eliicl p.nut was to e, icadv ia soiu way ,a otht 1 , Ioi the N , .It ingh.iiii e. ml I e 1 1 v eoaehi s, w hi - li at bull in the 111..1 aiii" n -pined I 01 .it'll papcis. Alter cvciy escrttou, we weie stem maily a coluuui, but I here st a'd HI the gillies a tcuuitim; chilllll nl pi. Now, utile! cu d 1, . J. r, ri 1- a iaiuldc ol ,.1,1 letter-, g.lthel ed liom the ll ael, --. : , ol a prill. ing othec, but -ct 011 t iids, in any li'.aniii" , to he 1I1-1 1 iliiifcd at 1 1 1-111 1- 111 (heir pioeer places. Some 1, litis are tep-v tiirvcv, oluti ten t r (ivelve co.i-onaii's togctln 1, aiui t In-u so ni.uiy vow els, w it li .1 w I11111-1 -al pivtap i-ition o! stops. I sud it nly hctlioiight me thai this might be called the I bitch, and alter writing a head "luteh .Mail," I,,i '.t.iteuii nt that "pist as nur p i per w as going lo pic-s theilulch mail had an iv-t al, but as we hail not time t.ini.ikt- a (ran- lation, we had inseitetl its intelligence in the oiig.nal." 1 then nveieaiue the sciuplcs nl my nvcr-si.ii,aiid the pi was mat!e up In the extent wi'Httil, and nil it went as Hutch intn I lei byhirc and Not! inglcim-hi' c. In a few I o ils, other niattt 1111 plain I'lnglisli supplied ils place lot . 111 local publication. ( ) coui-e all the Lingui-: - , -ehooliiia-ti is, high bred v illage pol-1 iciaus, and coi it spomit nls nf (he L.ulics' Hairy, set their wits to work to tian-latc my Hutch; ami 1 once had a c illt i tioii of L it; is, coin ai'.uiig -pern emails nn lac suiiect, nl" ilo-iiiainling a literal translation of which lip pcarcd to he so intricate. Mow the Hutch could it ad it w as iiicoin,, iclit n .ib!i ! My Notliiighani 'jHttliutJir was tctc nl the number, and it ap-I c.u s I ha! at tn ins, lor lout and t hu ty years, he hail Instinvc.l on it his in ioiis attention. I told him tic story, and he left me, vowing that as I h id ikccivcd liim once, he never would lic-liev c 11 ncwspaiier again." StiM-TlIlM, Mi w We tind the folIowiH:; novel ailverliseinrnl in the New York papcis, which is, ccilainly, "something new under the sun:" .MffriiHimii .7'' nry Whereas, nianv per sons, n h.ith sees, an- su situated as to iiml it yeiy dillieult, ami ill many instances impossible, to find a .-tillable partner for life's trouhlcsiiiiic scene; that many matches arc in.ule, and the covenant ciilcrcd into, without due oiiiisidctation, by person- ,.f opposite di-posit i,n, ami the eonseipience is that so many tlivoiees occur in our own cwunti y, (as well a- other-) In itsdi-graec, as also many nther disputes, w Inch -hall mil now be me iiliom d. Therefore, a pcrs 111 nl good char.tcter and standing 111 society, well know n in tin- city, has, alter maiine deliberation, thought it advisable tn open an oilier, when reputable ladies ami gentlemen may have the opportunity of being suited with p.irliieis in lawlul wedlock, calculated to make each other happy, anil lullil the t.l ;e, ; which marriage was in-t it ntcl. I'l. vv Mondays and Wednesdays will be appropriated lor ladies, and Tuesdays ami Tlnu days Inr gt nl leincii, from S to III A. M. and -1 In .' 1 . M., when tin yean make application ami register their names, with a correct desci ipl ion of llieir ciieiimslanecs and siluation, and also that nl the olip- :t i t ipiircd. Strict secrecy shall he ( ib-t'i veil, unl no name tt vcaleil without the w littcii 0 11-1 ni ol the applicant. No person need apply unless -inecie, as any imp 'sit mil shall be punished lo (he t vtt-iil nl any law that will icach the ease. I have been induced to the above limn -ovcral considerations, and am Inlly satisfied that it is l.igliiy neecssaiy ; but, for the present, fur certain reit-nns, withhold in - name. Apply and einpiiic I n nt , at INI S'i(h Av eiiiie, in ! door to li!: h streel. N, H. Any propel written cniiiiinuiieat ions, post paid, shall re -eivc atteiition. Tin: I'liiii'i-.-sitiNs 01 t Wi s e - A Idler w ri-t it in t lie Journal ol Commerce, wilting from (iileiia, says that all the western towns and villages are oy t islocKed w ith lawyers, doctors, and what aie called merchants, bui who are 111 laet only tiaili rs. Me says that at St. Louis, I here arc only Inity law yers who have any business, and that over nne hundred lime 110 visible means id i niplov nn nt. The same, he -ays, only I,, a greater 1 dent, is Ihe laet with physician'. The waiter then 111 . 1,cs Soine remarks mi Hit- pr.'i'enes. of our people to make their sons lawyer-, physicians 01 nuni-teis, and lie Ihinlis as we do. thai giting children giant trades, is mil only tar hdlcr lor the iiiteiests of oeiety, but is liiliinte'y belter, nine rises nut nl ten, lor Ihe individual IiuiihcII. I'loli s-inm, I b e-, except alter the a lepulatinn, ate small, very small, in ennipaii "in lo the ex-pi ices, iii'i't.ti I1 y, "f ii proh ssioual nun. And a. young la w yer, or doctor, for the live ycals at ter he eniiimenees lor himself, unless under extraordinary and peculnr cireiini't.inces, ranunt cam even as much e a journey man, in alumd any 111: rhan'cal pursuit, and as tn the respectability nl the position, there is 110 choice, Inr ihe li'iiehas gone, hy, when, in a social position, the peisiin yvlni pain-, a livelihood by the lannr ol his hands in .111 holiest trade, is not on a par with the occupant of an ofh' c of law or medicine. 'I'm: I city u.t. fJntl -. Almost evtry one hai heard that, the gnls at Lowell have maintained, with 'igual ability, a monthly periodi",il, cnli-tb il "'I he Lovvi 11 I Mb ring.'' A selection of the contributions t 1 this Magazine kai b-cn republished 111 Loud .11, in hntitt-ome honk form; and tin- London I '.x.iinincr, nl the tiih u!t., thus -peak f nl it : " The telretioii from the L.ovi 11 ( Ifll rimr is a eiiiioiis s. ne- ,d papers by f.ictoiy pnl . of America, warmly 11 I. 1 n il to soiuidiii'c since hv Mr. I lichens, and here prefaced with a delightful ioi', 1 I' m Miss M trtin ,11. They forma Ii lie book well ealelilaltd to d , good. ' Mr. Knight very pmpeilj anticipates, in ,111 indulgent criti-ci- inoii i's contents, that lloir inert a e ,! eiii'u-l.ilioti may 'IJluse a veiy imp tiu'.h that a s'i i I and (!il ipi ti' per form nice id daily dot ies, in v o:li prolonged a : nni h as i.i our own fictu-1 ie-, I- un iiupcdiiiK n' to the t M-rcise nf th ise faculties, ,. nd the gralili si i' ii nl these tasli-s, 'which, n ha! ' vi 1 t In- w 1 1 1 I may have thoitcht, c in no 1. 'ir r h- held I In 1 unit, d by station,' '' I''ati-: ni' Tin, I.' i.iTB't. We leani that a number ol young ...en, varying in age from eighteen In Unity, are imw -Imping: as whalemen, fnun this and 1 0 In r puts in the vicinity, -upposi d tn have been 1 reined in the late onliape iijsm ii laws in I'hila Iclp'iii.i, who are desirous ol ( neaping the pcnal'y ol Un ir cri'iie. Such has been the ru-li of shipment, that cvciy ship in Ntw Itcdlonl, cl aring within two "or three, wet In, has its complement of hands already se cured The same may hrsauluf Warren, P.r.o-lol, Ne A'pnr:, 5v Ih-nriiknet Trantcryt. To Softkn Putty, and Hkmok Gt.wiT;t. t'LT Bui .vKiNd As il is oftcB of iiiipoitane.e to gliiiiera 'lid o'hers to remove glos from frame. without br aking it, they w ill hi? gkd to know, that a very rung solution of cau-t-o mtaah, or CJiunic. so ia, appliu I round the panes fir a few hours, by laying uiuin them no old raa dipped in the lolutiou, widl huve ".he desired elf. e,L rtioii).a .'jj 1 1 4,!1!Htr, ny, w M rljonn. li 1- 1 t Z 1 au J uu 1 0J 1 do J do in Oil ed ill Ii-li,, , rtion. ail , bp m artvanr.? AS , t.Kimc.o! 1 order,,,, m aiy oni ur ccau. ior u,e best uweriiui for each snbaenucnt iie,r!.in. Til-,sH Stkamkii Ty. The Phila-lelphi i United States (.'.izctte has received from " ' p-'-siaigun, on ooara the sUauier T.iv a: the tini.: of her striking, on the Colora-d .s It'. t f, the foHowiiig account thereof : "Almost iiiuiifiiately preceding the strikhur ' I ti.e T.u, mi (he Ci.loi.ulos Ueef, thi: pa-sen-c 1 were -cated at the dinner table, at which al-o were the oniecrs of the steamship, and a toa-.t was at that very moment propped, in holier ul the Captain's pleasant trip m the Havana, wi,.-,, sh.- striiek at about five o'clock in the il!"i 110,,.,. s,,,.!, ,Vils ti,e Mh ,ckt tl,.lt Ul(, ,( of C" dinner table was broken from i!jl,ts, and 'be di-iics and top ul the table, tkc, thrown to Inr o'-ber cxtie.mty 01 the cabin. This was an the, state, at hv,- oYLieU 111 the alternonn. It -cin- t,ut -on,,- (,. p,.vi,m.1V),!,l. m.ln atti.e "' head had civeii !, t ,ie pt!rSol, ia cargenl t in: tic k, that he could see the reef, aii'l Hu! ll.e v c-,-1, if M.W H ,bat com w. ei..! strme 'Ld her stnlu: ami u. dd, I'll steer the roiiise given to me,' ' U1, rt.ait o the dinner party, d the scli-willedm ss of the oflicrm charge, was the strikinj; n the reef Next came a mutiny of a fsutum f the men, relii-iiig to do duty uiil vs de ter fid. and that tot. vt ui, the cabin stores. A portion, however, did aid sulitaapi.-mly I,, thvuwing nveihoard CtfU Masks 1, 1 ipiieksilver, the bulk ot the provision, all the ..parr pieces of n achiiicry, end everv-thing else calculated to lighten her. Throujjh the .nd o a British inaii-i.l-war srhoojitr, aud a N 'in li .-Ic.imsliip, hi was linally got o;T, and n now i;i Havana, leaking badly, and is much injuicd." The pas-eiigcrs hay e addressed a Idler rtpre-Miiting these tacts more in detail, to the proper autiioiitits in Ureal llutaiii, which has been al-iculy f.ii warded. l'vi.t 1 I'bis is) Mo;aiivn. Another instance ol cipital punishment was altinded veiMi the follow ing .singular ciicumstanees A Moor of the y illage nl Nh.u l had shot with a pistol in the lu.ukd at Tangier a f, How-villager, whom he suspected of h, mg ton intimate with his wife. I hr In., (her ot the miiuleied man set out iniine-iliatety 1. 11 Mil.nas, where the Sultan was thin ii'-i.liug, and claimed the U(,. f the murderer. The Sultan Lend Ihe ca-e; acknyvledgeil tint pistice of the demand; and siimiu ming th" piaiii-tii) into his irc-"eiice, deliyeri d the following em ions decision; "W e giant ymi our permissinii t ;vu. the lifu ol the umrdtrer of your In other with the iam iiistiunieiit of death with which he was assassinated, and on the same spot, at Ihe unit hour of the day. tint," added the Sultan, "why sctkest thou also to he a ni.uislayer? Accept the price of blond, vv iiieh is lawful unto true believers, and we will guarantee you its payment from our Sheii 'cfi.ui hand-, ami two hundred iniUakrl shall be the sum. '' To this the plaintiff replied, "Can that sum purchase mc a It 1 ot lu 1 :" "(i.i thy way," -aid the fsnlt.iH, "we have heard and undcr-toi-d ; .1 letter w ill he irivrnvou hy the Witt, 111 which our mandate shall he written." Kuini-hcd with Ihe sentcnc.t or death, the man returned to Tang it r, and presented it to the (iovtiiior. On the s.une day f the week, and at the same hour, the murderer was brought out of pi is, ui, and scud ,n u. v,.,-y spot where he had taken his h llow villager's life, white crowds ol people attended to witness his death. The pist, ,1 was now given to the brother ul the inurdertd man; when, having loaded it, he went up to the, walked slowly in a circle round hiiii, and said, "In the presence of Cod anl man, I call upon you to answer uie truly: diil-t thou slay niy brother?'' 'I'o this the criminal replied, "I did." O ne ol the multitude now stepping forward atitli i.s-ed the hro! her of the murdered man: "Accept the ptiee f blood," said he, "and I promise you one hundred ducats in addition, which those heie assembled will gladly give." "Worthless words," said the villager; and aitain he walked round his victim. Again he a-lied him the same ipiistion, and again the same reply yvas given. A sceocd offer was now made, of two hun dred and again lh,' villager, walking; round t he 11 annual, n-pea'cd his ipiestion, adding, "Say w hat thou belicvcst; 1 am about t lake thy life." " That (oid is ; nl, and Mahomed is the prophet ol II .1"' responded the criminal. Hardly were these words out of his mouth, when the pr-lol was dischargi ,1. It hf.d Ih-cu placed at the small of his back, being the same spot where he had shot the 111.1 u for whom he was now about to die; but the wretched criminal, though mortally wounded, did not expire for some hours. ,vi: lliti's H'estern llarbitrg. LiiNi. Hut .'ssks. - Punch is a philosopher beyond a tlniihl, and, in his teaching", he is as bent -vi, lent and placid a- Hentham. In his uian-ner of utterance, he is at times as sententious as the author of I.acou. Hear him on a theme most unpromising: It is a fact that ladies at present weai verr long dresses. Kvery laet ill female lashions 1 meant e-.pressly to attract notice: accord inglv, we leel called upon to notice this. Flv il has 1 ver i s counterpoise of good It U sad lo behold (he train bedraggled with mud. hut consoling to re licet that it sweep the crossing. 'I'he dust that saturated the flowing n,h might else have hediimtud the boot of Willing-ton. The drapery which shrouds the exquisite i-step coin'i a Is, al-i 1, the discslotcd stocking. matters the bunion, uiiesjiicd? fcieganc may be veiled by supt 1 lluity ol vesture; but it i in the power of her proprietrms to elevate the lloiitice; nor need the ankle ol symmetry absolutely be air'alled in vain. Mi edit ssness, going down slam behind Beauty, may tread un her -liirt; but the laceration of lh" gariui nt is guod lor trade. Tune i.i nne thing: I'.xtent aiiiv.her. The dress i, L. iv cluit ss ui.iy ri ach from here to Je-tiehu; hut Tihal lady, willingly, would wear a fown longer than a week1 An A ii'i v. wi 1'iiiu r Kkkii oh. Cork. f . W. Jewell, , in a letter to the Boston Cultivator, say s, he has this 5 car received some "slips" (-ciiuis we suppose,) nf a kind n f apple that ha neilhi r "core nor ci(V The liuil, he says, is only piopagattd near Ticotideloga, New Yolk. The oiigin of the variety is given in tha billowing worus 1 in- top jutiug tree wa bent 01 1 r and covered with eat th, which took loot, the tue was cut asunder, which stopped ail ( niiit ioii w ith the natural roots ot the tree, aiel by sprouts which sprung from the top portion nf the body a regular top was formed, which produces this line Iruit, said t be a brali-'iful r. d, good si.r, very pleasant tabic applo t he u-eil in the fall " Thk PitMuNti Nn-hMCK. VVe arc aanrcd tint tin- cclebidted Madame Lainolte, whoacteJ fo d pl'.r.iblc a part in the a Hair ef the diamond, ntekl ice cf (Jac. 11 Wat- Anleieetle, and tu si ne tl to be biai'Jt'J 011 both shoulder, ft -jr.. ed tnroimh the -tr.cts uf Puns, ai d to he' confined f r hie in the Silpetriere, truu wlueh place sh- made lu r is'ap , lately died in one of th" hotels of the ran being St Ornnain, :n tie 1 i g-!itn 111 year id her age. During up. wares e t, nly ycats the Countess de Laiuuttc-couttive.) I tscan- unnoticed, and was olijY re-cogi.ii-rd aft'.r h.-rdeith --Gmrrifr Franco! . (Jj-There .s a gual deal ol truth in the following icm.iiks from the t'atskill Ite Cord : "Shiny us, siy that paper, the man among ua who i eoutimia ly eon (nainiug for the want of trade, and it the same tiuio is wiHidering bow U'c iiicl-.ens' and smjii pla es have so great a run of custom, we Will s'anw you one who i lei pt curious tn spare ten or ftlteiB dollars a year for aalv r i.:oi..r '' Jjjt- I'h ro is iiuiiiiiig j lire r ihn horM."tf nothing (tweeter than c.liaritynt thiepj warmer thin love nutbing rithor thin wisdom nolU-ng brig1 ter th n virluo and no I1111J mora s't uitast than faith. Thcso iM.ind inm e mind, fiirui the purtl, tha sw.etest, tia warnHMt. tha H'he-t, the bright!, a'l tlw Wdt stuaJbat. iap;iiM. 1 saaiira 1 niiierto , X s. ' , ' It Kii.-sit c l". ,"isr("C'3tM-c'''r? T 'tf :J'-',yV,'W-'.''W "ft t tr 'Iff h- --ctv-" . .: :.- i..-3i,-S--- -..

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