The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on May 4, 1933 · Page 2
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 2

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 4, 1933
Page 2
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pAGfetWO THE MALVERNLEADER A* ALL-COtJHTtjrEEKLf ftfeDTftf A?** WhWi YWetf T»»i I* Otft ttfWA, MAY 4 w. p. WORTMAN, p a bii,t.*r Entered fa the Port Office at Saltern, fcffltt of Sttfaeriptiofi: Payable M Adtftfce* Oae copy 0116 year - • - 12.00 One cot>y th*** month* • .69 0*8 (SOW stt months - - 1.09 Single copy - - - - - - - .06 The flat* OB the printed tag ttowi the ttm* to wtiea the ttitc •erlpttoft It pafd. NAUOKAL ASSOCIATION OFFICIAL COtrffffr PAtte&:**Att the official proceeding* the Board of Soperrlsorg are printed la toll la thii pap**. Adteftiiiiig Hate* 0IBPLAY, 26 cent* a column Inch; 6 cents an Inch additional composition. Extra (of guaranteed position. tot LOCALS, Classified LOCALS, among reading matter *.**-. Obltnary Poetry • - * Resolutions * • • - • Card of Thanks- • - * Be a tine lOe Be Be 60C line line Hoe LEADER subscriber* are asked to notify the subscription department promptly of an/ changes In thelf Addresses. Under the new postal laws, newspapers and periodicals mUft par postage doe for notice* of any changes In address furnished by th« post office. In addition, there I* also the problem of delay In delivery or failure to get the paper. The best plan to to send the change of address In advance. Ing these off on the present basis of valuation of the dollar will be ft matter of some several years. Mis- final Coftgresamfta Lee of souri eo*m*«««a Hat old gt-n. repnWtcan who te said only totes wfth the mftroffty patty eo- eatfoaany. Oae of ttwsfr own members, sajd Mr. Lee, told me they wontd B» glad to trad* Mm oft for a gtogertmvp tmt as far as I'm concerned I wouldn't trade him for the whole darned ca- Of t6H. ffr*. Begfft f*Hrtt«f *<** <*rtt c*r. Get ft cttf ft «H1 a*l to fflro of t«** World** Far* wQi Ojljty* EDITORIAL William Randolph Hearst fears that Congress is turning over to the President its constitutional powers and responsibilities of consideration of every legislation affecting the country. We refer Mr. Hearst to the Congressional Record to show that at least not all of the members of Congress are BO doing. April has almost failed us in tbe matter of traditional spring showers. It has been one of the driest Aprils oh record, from the standpoint of rainfall. The assault upon Judge Charles C. Bradley by the mob at Le Mars last Thursday is most certainly no credit to the citizens of this state. We readily admit that tbe economic difficulties through which we are all now passing at times seem to furnish sufficient justification for revolution, but we do not agree that tbat is tbe method by which our troubles will be ended. The courts of tbe land were Created not to protect the rich justice to all'mankind-alike. Tbey have fulfilled tbat purpose essentially, regardless of certain few and isolated instances wherein justice seemingly was not granted. There is room, perhaps, for some criticism ot our courts, or more especially our legal system. But most certainly they are not the cause either for tbe present economic condition or its continuance, We as citizens, however, must have a definite and whole bearted respect for our courts if they the original purpose. The entrance of tbe mob spirit in the court room, as happened at Le Mars, is the surest sign that the mob spirit shall prevail in the land, This might be expected perhaps in some backward southern community where racial prejudice and ignorance supercede en llghtenment and free thinking, but hardly would we expect it in Iowa. Since March 4 we bave been informed tbat a controlled inflation was being made, First there was the issue of something like three billion dollars of new currency, none of which seems to have gotten into circulation. How comes the new inflation bill, voted by the senate last Friday, If we must have Inflation let's have it and see what it will do. A most valuable asset to this state is tbe large number ot birds found within our confines. Besides furnishing brilliant dashes of color on the landscape, they add a cheerful note to the land with their brilliant and often admirably sweet songs. This latter characteristic, which occasionally severe critics deplore especially quite early In the morning, furnishes a type of music with an effect which no symphony orchestra can produce. In addition our feathered friends are Invaluable in their raids upon Insect destroyers and weed seeds and in aiding the natural reproductive processes of many types of plants and trees. Withal the birds provide us with a singularly successful and h a r m o n I ous community life, having only a few outlaws in their species and being exceptionally cheerful and Industrious at all times. JN WASHINGTON By Otb* P. Wearin Once again the House of Rep- esentatlves has decided upon a ollcy for the future operation ot Muscle Shoals. After six hours de- ate a big majority voted to permit government operation. Tbe thing wbtch really hurts about tbe depression la to see these fine new cars which, alert manufacturers are building now, and be unable to purchase one immediately. Need for inflation is evident by a perusal of the municipal indebtedness of some of the towns of MiUs county. Emerson shows a little over $40,000. Gleuwood has slightly more th$n 149,000. Mftlvern " baj about M6.000. Besides tbeae, and the debts of the other ow- nlcipalUles and school districts ot tbe county, the county itself owes a little more than 11,000,000. 444 to these amounts our proportionate sliare of the national debt aud it la readily apparent that pay* DRS, KlINE & KLINE , Q, If. KUn» Pr. J, The passage of the bill was a blow to the power interests as be operation of tbe existing plant owned by the government at Muscle Shoals will mean cheaper jower to tbe consumer. Furthermore it will constitute a yardstick for use all over tbe country In determining a proper cbarge to be made for electric energy. There seems to be no question but what tbe government should safe-guard the consumer from injustices in tbe way of charges for a commodity that is as universally indispensable as electricity, The Roosevelt administration indicated during the campaign that some action would be taken in tbe matter of regulating the development a»4 practices of public utility and power trusts tbat have become so dominant, Muscle Shoals is a step in that direction Pay In ao Yesr* Fortunately we were also able to insert in tbe bill provisions for tbe amortization in 60 years, not only of any future construction costs but also tbe cost of tbe Wilson Dam constructed as a pan of Muscle Shoals and as a great war measure, Tbat should sound good to taxpayers who have been paying for public projects prior to this time without a hope for financial recovery on the part o: the Treasury. The new Presiden believes in making public enter prises self-UquidaUne as far possible. This week we saw tbe rise o some of the first evidences of pronounced party strife in tbe House occasioned by a recent statemen on the part of the Mills leadership in tbe present minority party condemning the democratic proposal for controlled inflation Bub- scribed to by many progressive republicans at both ends of tbe Capitol. Congressman Ra.nklu attacked the Mills statement in » speech before the House aad Spell of N. Y., the republican floor leader, defended. Men Are Men "When Mr. Caveman retired for the night, he perhaps offered up a prayer but he surely laid himself down to sleep with a Big Stick at his side. This Was his Home Protection and it Worked fairly well while he was at home." -f-t-1- At certain times of late this department has had occasion to refer, with genuine admiration, (o the indications that our husbands of today are as warm in their love and aa staunch in their marital discipline as any man could wish, Especially waa an incident mentioned in which husband, in the ardor of his affection which more than a quarter of a century of connubial bliss had not cooled, rendered an embrace unto hi* wife so stoutly that physical injury resulted. The above paragraph, neatly typed, waa handed to me by that person. -f-t-1- His paragraph reminds me ot the experience of my cousin, J. Sterling Handel, although the results were perhaps not exactly similar. Cousin Sterling married quite young and the match, after the usual mournful predictions by near relatives, was considered highly successful. A person of sensitive emotional structure, Cousin Sterling found little outlet for his finer nature In his dally work aa proof reader in a small publishing bouse, especially BO aa the bouse speclallied in books containing ,-„ - -, 7»^|pyw> haps-he waa exceptionally idealistic in his honie life and the sweet happiness of his home became so much ot a tradition that mere mention of it never failed to bring tears ot appreciation from tbe older members at tbe family reunions. ment, With the result that he was soon reading only proofs o! rall^ way statistics. This higher type of reading soon made him forget his old Illusions and in the course of a few weeks he was able to throw away tbe revolver. -f-t-1- AnthropologiBt Newest racial discovery Is that of young George Talbott, eminent anthropologist. "He's got cowboy blood in him," he told his iNtrents about a play* mate. They were a bit incredn* Ions. "5*e*h, rare, he was born out in Wyoming where the cowboys live." -f-t-1- Architecture Malvern has no Taj Mahal, no Parthenon, no cathedral. But few places can boast of a garage with fttftfge* gBM Wtftdowt. Rfiow «*•**• jrlbBL tffc W 3Swu£a twfc WB titiO&tn. -jfa.a we * AI-~£ iftt-^ 8110 TwK -f-t-t- Ah, *h*t i Were * Agarn May t»y eaine around aftd i was rememt*rea fn tnft- able fashion. Last year a etisfin- ing young woman left me & basket filled With the traditional flowers and candy. Tnls yeaf two May btikels Were left fof me. One wa* a neatly folded newspaper containing both a potato and some onions. The other Was similarly manufactured from a newspaper and contained only a bird, dead some several days. Those barons and tenants of the crown lands who took the law In their own bands and compelled King John of England to sign on tbe dotted line, and gate as the Magna Charta were outlaws In the yea*-1216, June 16, at ttunny^ mede. But viewed In after ages as the basis of English liberties, relieving tbe common man, or in modem terms, "the forgotten man," from the oppressions and exactions ot a tyranitiat sovereign. The dumping of a cargo of King George's tea in the Boston harbor was done by a band of outlaws, disguised as Indiana, and against the government. But the American idea prevailed: "No taxation without representation." Old John Brown was an outlaw. "But his soul goes marching on." And the shackles were broken off four million staves. Those frenzied farmers at Le- Mars and Denison are outlaws and are to be condemned, great as ItWt wHf ft« h«d ie%m, at tiff* it*** •to.-g.-d&j. ptrt- «mt? ftrfnf attrW *** «ftd ftftstftrcttofr. fiftt fates i*d»<*1 ttittSfit to «te tie World'* Pair Note* Pasadena (CaHf.j Itrniot College Band, official tonrnsrnent band for the famous Rose Bowl, and the padffe Coast Band- Chofnt-Orchettra, official music representative* of the California schools, will give a week of «oft* certs at the Fair and take ft prominent part in California Day. the first shipment of exhibits from Belgian) arrived at the Fair recently. Included were 120 pigeons .three dogs, and a milk cart equipped with six brass bans, These Wilt all be part of the flel- gian Village which will oeettp? 86,000 square feet at the fair. nnfler th* ftTrtJrdrftt oi tfce Mid f o« ate fOTttrer notified that •ft ftaattned toiets of tttftt Connty, fo*a, who Aft ta tatof of ratifying the Amendment Vo the Conttfttrtfoft of the UnK*d State*, it prepftKrd by t&e Con- O* 1 COUNTS? TlOXS TO BB HELD fOR ¥HB PURPOSE OP NOMINATING CANDIDATES PO» TUB STATE CONVENTION, TO BE MELD PtmStJAN* TO A PROCLAMATION OP TBB OOV* KRNOR OP TMB STATE OF IOWA, FOR THE PtmPOSB OF VOTING FOR OR AGAINST TUB RAT1F1CA. TtON OF AN AMENDMENT TO THIS CONBTTrUTtOir OF THE UNITED STATES. TO ALL QUALIFIED ELEC- TOU8 OP MILLS COUNTY, IOWA:— You and each of you are berby gtert of th* United Stttet, which Amendment refusals the 18th Amendment Id tbe said Coflgtittt- tiofi of the UnHed Btfttes, Will meet at 11:00 o'cloclt tfi the for* soon eh Monday, May S, iiii, at Court ttotise in the ettjr of Glen* wood; and that all pefsoni OTH posing the ratlfleatlon of the said Amendment Will meet at 11:00 o'clock in the fotenoon on the said 8th day of May, A. to. 1938, at Armory in the city of Glenwood. That each group shall select one candidate, who is a qualified elector of Mills County, Iowa, (of the office of delegate at large to the State Contention, at prorlded in said senate Pile 477. You are- farther notified that no person shall be nominated for the office of delegate to the said State Contention, to be held cm July 10, 1983, until he has executed and delivered to the Chair* man of such County Convention a statement signed by him and attested by the Chairman and Secretary of the Convention, as provided in Section 8 of Senate Pile 47? Of the 46th General Assembly. Dated at Glenwood, Iowa, this 28th day of April, A. D. 1938. S. A. 80HADB, County Auditor Mill* County, Iowa. 1 U » P- »• »n4 f ro. H*w§ by OBU« Nothing, it would seem, could affect so happy a home. And for years nothing did. But gradually the continuous reading ot his proofs turned Cousin Sterling's mind and suspicion, like a malignant growth, crept into nig .mind and slowly obscured, his finer nature. He grew to believe that creator discipline was needed at lome and ruled the love nest with a constantly sterner decision. Tbe climax of his change came when he suspected his wife's fidelity and began to keep not tbe club of the caveman, but a small .22 revolver at the side of his bed. Some two weeks after be bad purchased bis revolver he awakened late one night after a particularly severe dream. Snatching up his gun he jumped from the bed, mistaking bis own image in the mirror for that of some intruder, fired three times, Things might well hare gone from bad to worse ha4 not nis wife been an exceptionally sensible little woman, Learning by a little investigation the cause of bla change, she bad bis employer transfer htm to another depart- IIIIIMIK Beacon City Announces I An lutemttng scene along tbe same line developed during tbe debate ou Mu«ole 8b.o»U whew A number of tlxe uxe«aUer» trl«d to get Congrssiuiuu fiaton ot Jarwy who w»» &»ftlu*t tb* to tell the Ht»UA* if fee wit tb» Wttpivy of tu» 40, turn th« re* Priming ItMntiifliiuaiPiurt IN getting out printed matter Jy totnl mew dun to* In » THAT the full facilities of a modern metropolitan Country Club will be available to Beacon Members during their stay at the World's Fair, that the _••!",_ >-_. •> *_^J*i -L.J *, t. -V^' . -i A£t "_, , t-4t mJp»-.i. *S l -ft.4siBl-f'-iA ! cS an outdoor swimmini^i^ all sorts of outdoor ^creaiion, THAT Beacon Members will live in modern two room summer cottages of frame construction, screened, ventilated and easily locked; that bed linehr towels and maid service will be furnished; that electric lighting and modern plumbing is provided; that meals will be served in a large,,comfortable dining hall not cafeteria style; and that a full evening meal will be served in one of the cafes on th© Exposition grounds for those who remain at the fair in the evening., THAT a "Short Term Membership" for<a three day three night stay at Beacon City is now available at a charge of fl9.90ror.iio for children under eight years THAT there Is absolutely no increase in price for these added features; the cost of the full weekly period membership being only $34,95 or $17,50 for children u^de^ejght :,/ TtaM wonderful Addition* til tta B****» PUft »re »wU (rowibte only through At e»g«r re*p«ft*B whwh B^sw City «*» n»t with from th« people of th« middto 1« WdW W» M WM* ftl ft

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