Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on July 27, 1965 · Page 6
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 6

Ironwood, Michigan
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Tuesday, July 27, 1965
Page 6
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The World of Women Polly's Pointers six TUESDAY, JULY 27, 1965. BETROTHAL TOLD—Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth McClone. Land o' Lakes, Wis., announce the engagement of their daughter. Patricia Ann. to Robert J. Spar- apani. Marquette. son of Mrs. and the late Mr. Egeclio Spar- apani, 300 W. Galena St.. Bes- lion more easily, For customers looking for hiiili intensity lamps he tvives more concrete tip.s. The field is in ar. infant stac;e but Schwartz says a consumer .snouicJ look lor accessories th;iJ increase the versatility of these "A company such as ours shows ii is deadly earnest by expanding its offennus " Some lamps now have maeneiic bases s o they can be attached to autos. botii inside and outside, to aid repaii work. These lamps, also snoukl be compact and highly j.iortablc. In construction, look at where the unit folds. There should be no wires where they | might be pinched and broken. Some manufacturers h a v e stepped down the "drive" on partially on the rapid burnout j cf the bulbs which are not inexpensive. Since the bulbs a r e ; auto lamp ones, you can save 'j.'ioney by buying these in an I ;uito supply store Make along tne original to match volts ' .rather than the company brand. Also coming up to watch is the KNGAGED—The ot their daughter, Cheryl, to Allan Saarnio, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Saarnio, Minocqua. Wis.. is announced by Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Nelson, Kenosha. \Vis., and something formerlv of Montreal. The wed- eiimination of seiner. The announcement was T!lc transformer in this lighting ding has been set, for Aug. 21 made at a ritualistic betrothal ceremony at St. Albert's Catholic Church. Land o'Lakes, with the Rev. Joseph Kleinbeing. pastor, officiating. The bride- elect is completing her senior year at the University of Wisconsin. Madison, where she is affiliated with Chi Sigma Lambda Sorority. Her fiance is a graduate of Northern Michigan University. Marquette. and is currently employed by the State of Michigan Department of Social Welfare, as a social worker. Sharp Shopping With AILEEN unit. The lamps without a transformer also have specially designed bulbs. Marenisco Personals By POLLY CRAMER DEAR POLLY - Your child-j ren will have a wonderful time j with tambourines made w i t h j soft drink bottle caps. Remove the lining from the caps and.' punch a hole in the center. of, each. Take an embroidery hoop, cover with heavy paper. Loosely sew the bottle caps at intervals to (lie paper. Give the children a few pieces c! old bread ancl some cooky cutters so they can cut out food lor the birds. Hang the bread on string on the trees. 11 teaches them to love and care for birds. —MRS. O.E. DEAR POLLY—I am in desperate need of a Pointer. After one or two washings and dry-' ings it is impossible to work the uppers on my son's pants. I have to lubricate the zippers after every laundering by r u n - ning a bar of soap along both rows of teeth. Is there a n y thing I can do to prevent this engagement problem from arising? M a n y i h a n k s for any help I can net. -JULIA. Julia and others witli the same problem: A zipper repair company tells me that your trouble comes from putting the pants in your drier, as this seems to harm the teeth of the zipper. We assuming that you close ail Circle zippers before laundering a n y Ann Landers . .Answers Your Problems. Dear Ann Landers: When I slammed the door was, "If you married Jonathan seven years, lose mo to a younger woman ago he knew I was ten years (don't say I didn't warn you." older than he was. I have never: Do you feel he has the right lied about my age to anyone.: to ask me to do these things? When Jonathan proposed he Shall I swallow my pride to said, "The age difference doesn't i save my marriage?—PLUS TEN ANNUAL PICNIC—Members of the Iron County Homemakers and the Iron County Garden Club admire some of the beautiful driftwood creations displayed by Robert Norman, Gile, at the annual group picnic held at the Gile Flowage Park recently. matter to me. In fact I've always found older women extremely attractive." : Last year he began to nag me | to have my hair dyed. When I refused he said. "Well, maybe if. you'd lose a little weight it: would help." I asked, "Help 1 what?" He answered, "Help you' look less like my mother and more like my wife." I consid- Dear Plus: No marriage was ever saved by dyeing hair or having a face lifted. Your husband is masking the true reason of his discontent. Ask him to level with you. My guess is that lie's tired of doing business with the old, established firm. <Y fl O Dear Ann Landers: Many About 75 persons attended the outing which was highlighted by a ' Prpri tnis an insu i t ' ., n d told P c °P le write to air their gripes u j , »_,;_.. .... »•,__.? __ i,._ -._?.,_51 _, -,_^,. eiea mis an insim ami i u i u „,,,„,, „„„ i( lv ,,,i, QC , ii, nrl , t ae .} u. 0) well received presentation by Norman on the subject of driftwood. Norman encourages all area citizens to take a more avid interest in the collection of driftwood and, as he added, the creative possibilities are endless. Pictured above are, from the left, Mrs. Dave Galarno, Mrs. Emil Tiradani. Mrs. Bert Canalia, Mrs. Floyd Williams, Mrs. Jack Ziperski and Mrs. Alvin Haglund. Norman is standing in back. ('Daily Globe Photo) , , , AUC.V say it makes them feel bet- Last night he suggested that I have my face lifted. When , . , .. ,„ it plain that I'd ncvori liavc been close for years ' Mary such a thing he called me a big fool. The last thing he said before he walked out and g - v Church Events ; St. Haul Lutheran. Priscilla' Mr. and Mrs. Robert. M u ., . satti ancl family. Milwaukee. H? en , and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Kauff-' Temple wnere tnc - v Mr., Mrs. Smith Mark Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Percy Smith. 115 South Range Road, celebrated their 25th wedding anni- expensive, that will relieve t h e versary Saturday. July 17, with testing problem and is better at 6 man and son. Racine, spent several days with their parents house at the Odd Fellows greeted 100 uests. For the occasion Mrs. Smith 1 will meet at the church : p.m Wednesday to go to garment. There is a commer- Norrir Park for a picnic, cial stick available, under sev- Trini(v , llthpr . ln Thp o „ „ ' -i trade names and quite in- S J™^*S£^* be Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. will be potluck. Bethany, Covenant. M i d week held zip- than soap for lubricating pers.— POLLY DEAR POLLY — A n o t h e r Bible stud V wil1 be nelct Wed ' hint for the typists. Place a n nesday night at 7:30. Leslie Havener wore a mint S reen Jersey dress extra sheet of paper back of a Seventy - day Mr. and Mrs. Sr.. and other relatives on th° range. Matt Nisula and daughters. Sturdevant. Wis., are vacationing at Lake Gogebic and with his mother in law. Mrs. Earl Christy, and the E. Keast family. They also visited re- and a corsage of white carna-, single lions tied with silver ribbon. Mr.! Smith had a white carnal ion boutonniere. Mrs. Charles Thomas, sister of Mrs. Sm i t h, and Lawrence Smith, brother of Mr. Smith, the attendants at the wedding 25 years ago, had a Aclven list. held, In the last two years the; lalive V and fiends in 'ironwooci."white carnation corsage and a Mrs. Gladys Juneau spent a "better mousetrap" philosophy- has added new words to our; weekend in Aurora, Minn., with vacabulary and put new items Mr. and Mrs. Galinitz and at into the home. i Hoyt Lakes with Mr. and Mrs. High intensity lighting is one \ John Collins. white carnation bountonni ere respectively. A buffet lunch was served from a table centered with a beautiful arrangement of sheet that you may be Prayer meeting will be Wednesday night at 7:30. First Church of Christ, Scientist. A testimonial meeting will; ; be held Wednesday night at 8. ; The reading room will be open '- from 2 to 4 p.m. ! Church of the Nazarene. i Prayer meeting will be held at ! 7 Wednesday night. : Assembly of Cod. Prayer service will be held at 7:30 Wednes-! NtA. .... . ... typing on. The cylinder will last day night. of these products. The idea is Mr. and Mrs. Bernard B.xmo ^ie^s^vy'taDe^irfcr" long f r than if used with just a vei Jeavcs. biivei rapeis in ciy- single sheet. Credit for this o- 0 es to "— *-" '""• meetln S Wl11 not revolutionary but the ••spot- ; have returned from a 10 day stal candc i a bra were on eit h e r ting, of extremely bright light .trip to Wilhscan. N. D., where is already reqarding the far-see-i they visited his aunt. M r s ing designers with multimillion Josie Holmgren, and other re- dollar sales. I latives. However, the consumer st i 11 i Mrs. Adeline Shaw. Antisro .: faces problems in select! n g! sister of Mrs. Oscar Nickel- safe, relatively inexpensive liighj son, spent a day with t h e \ 1on j n tne center. The two tiered intensity lamps. A market i n g; Nickelsons, along with her son, anniversary cake was decorated specialist for an elect r i c a ij Richard Barrick, and a friend. Salvation Army. The midweek my vases of white and pink daisies: S-o'S'^h'wSe r iTs a!S detoiated with white bells and a at DEAR POLLY — My Pointer Trout Creek —Assembly of concerns as old shower curtain Go(l Prayer meeting and Bible, from which I made curtains study will be held Wednesday j for my bathroom window. I left night at 7:30. •; the original holes and used the Ontonagon—Assembly of God.' nooks for same. With the mater- Bible study and prayer service i lal left over I made covers for wi) i be he id Wednesday night at' loves to talk, and I must admit she's good at it. She's in her when everyone is listening to her. But. when Mary tells something she invariably gets hung up on some unimportant detail and it drives me crazy. Mary will say. "I was supposed to call" her Friday—no it was Thursday, no it was Friday because we were invited to my .mother's for dinner that night i myself disagreeing with y o u r ancl Morr i S gol s i ck . Wait—I'm Solutions to school problems. I, confused, that was two weeks | would therefore be interested in r ., go It was Tnursday because j knowing the extent of your ex-j nn , cleanjng ladv did , vt show up | School and You I ~~—•- ' " '" ' By SUSAN LIGHT i DEAR MRS. LIGHT: Several I times in the past I have found and—." By that lime I've lost interest. She does this all the time and it gets on my nerves. Is her? — i • equipment firm explained the!Leonard Kostecki, Chicago, ancl topped with a silver ?5 i!llits anci coats > using a store-,7^5. attitudes toward the new field'a niece, Mrs. B. Ashborn, An- Miss Sandy Smith d"au°Titer of bougnt cover as a Pattern. — j in a recent interview. , tigo. i the couple, and Mrs. "Robert : MRS ' M ' L ' R ' He credits inventiveness - - ~ " - . . . and tor spawning ing unit Ontonagon—Baptist. Pra y e r am sorry but I meeting and Bible study will be held at 7 p.m. Wednesday. meet, with their granddaughter and niece, Cathy Guiliano. ik, be-moustached and niece, Cathy Guiliano. ; to0 k care of tne g jf t tarjle and: time DUt multiplying that by the j By CECILY BROWNSTONE irtz said he was a; Spending their vacation with Miss Sandy Anderson had charge! m^e^iMmnn^h^^PiPfl^ 1 ^' A ' bland-flavored sandwich r in buying na- their parents. Mr. and M r s . of the guest book. ; n nnL V H T t h ,- y: that youngsters usually like, merchandise and'Harvey Gagnon, and family ancl Mr. Smith and the former A1-, n ,,""°! ,;;,,, 1 . omy wish time Egg salad sandwicneS) gner . a reputable store. | other relatives, were their sons 1C e Barnecott were married 1 ^^.™\ .,T™ "^' eactl Ol , you ' kins, sliced salami with salad er ShOUlri Consider I in law and rtancrht-prc: IV/lr anrl ! T,,I,, o irMn i,,, «-v.« !=>„,, -nr /~. a 'OUg detained lettCl repeating. , „, ,. >. Interrupted in the middle of his sales talk, be-moustached Martin Schwartz said he was a; great believer tional brand snopping in a "The consumer should consider in law and daughters, Mr. and that it takes a great deal o f money to produce, advertise and market a product. Cheap packaging and slipshod presentation can indicate a company attitude toward the product." He said that when he shops a new item he asks himself: "Is the manufacturer going to be in business tomorrow?" Admittedly he is a pro and can spot the answer to the ques- niece of the couple, your one letter would take little j Family Lunch By CECILY BROWNSTONE perience in school matters. Thank you—C. S. C. ANSWER: I am always glad to receive comments and opinions from readers, regardless there a way to cure of whether they agree or dis- NE EDLES AND PINS agree with me. So often the viewpoint depends on the shoes Dear Needles: Probably not, the viewer is in. In giving ad- since it's clear that Mary Is neti- vice, I try to take a practical, rotic about detail. But you can helpful approach, tackling t h e try. problem realistically rather thair The next time she starts the, idealistically. "No it was Thursday not F r l- As for the extent of my ex- day." routine interrupt with, perience in school matters. I'll "It doesn't matter to me which .have to go back more years day it was—please go on. you're 'than I like to count. My father spoiling the story." 'was a high school principal, anci ^ •"• ° ! several of my relatives were ele- Dear Ann Landers: What on imentary principals or teachers, earth is wrong with a mother j I grew up hearing them "talk who follows her four-year-old ishop." son around on the playground i After receiving my B. s. ancl with a comb anci brush and a !M. A. degrees. I taught junior clamp wash cloth? i high school English. During my This woman is very intelli- l daughter's early school years, gent when it comes to literature ! I substituted in all grades and and music but when it comes to 'subjects from kindergarten raising children she has a lot i through senior high. When she to learn. TINY JUMPER OUTFIT— As | entered high school. I returned Yestrday her son fell in the pretty as a picture — dainty j to full-time teaching. Following mud and she scolded him for get- pleated dress for little girls. It an assignment in a private girls' ting dirty. The woman made can double as a sundress, or | jumper with the blouse. No. 8248 With PATT-O-RAMA is in sizes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 years. WITH THE NEW PATT-O-RAMA academy, I took a position as such a fuss I felt sorry for the ja first-grade teacher in a public child. I finally couldn't keep quiet companion, suburban school, where I will any longer so I told her that all (being my fourth year this fall, kids get dirty and no kid ever ! From a parent's angle, I have died from it. She told me to [been a room mother twice, a; mind my own business. What do Size 2, dress, l ;! s yards of 35-1 member of the PTA Board and you say?—TRYING TO HELP Modern Portrait Studio e Ironwood "Studio of || Prize Winning Portroiture" Phone 932-3800 ice Barnecott were July 6, 1940 by the Rev. w. G. Mrs. Donald White, Kankakee, Pr0 ut at the Newport Methodist i s ° m . e . hint you have missed or 111., and Mr. and Mrs. C. J. church. They have two children, Jrt "" !in<r " n " —"""" "" """" Austin Milwaukee, and ' ' ' advisin families. theirj Robert of Bayfield, Wis., and Sandy, at home, and one grand- Mrs. Charles Austin. Milwau-j daughter, Wendy, kee, and a granddaughter. Kim,' Mrs. Smith's parents, Mr. andi are visiting an uncle, Thomas! Mrs. Joseph Barnecott, who were : ^,\ iy . %' "MoMiohnldc fnv turn WF*p»kc: i nlc-*-. ,,., of f m^rlon^o HnH ^ njHif^ UOliai II McNicholas, for two weeks. i also in attendance, had a white you personally on some —POLLY your favorite home- ideas . . . send them < 14 in care of Ironw o o d sauce Globe. You'll receive a uses your idea kins, sliced salami with salad greens and cherry tomatoes, seedless grapes, beverage. EGG SALAD SANDWICHES 6 hard-cooked eggs cup commercial tartar inch; blouse, Ts yard. To order, send 50c in coins to Sue Burnett, Ironwood Daily Globe, 407 S. Wacker Drive, Chicago, 111. 60607 Mr. and Mrs. Darrell A 11 e nj carnation corsage and a white in Polly's Pointers. 1 tablespoon pickle relish 1 teaspoon cider vinegar a common, garden-variety moth-. .er in anxiously following my Dear Trying: I say all kids I daughter's progress through ; B et dlrt -V a " d no kid ever died I school. Our next-door neighbor from u - But mind your own busi- | has been a member of the local, ness i school board for several years/ '' ^ * „ , . , ... .. ,. iso I've heard school problems Ann Landers will be glad to For ist-class mailing add lOc discussec i from the vary i n i; help you with your problems, ror each pattern. Print name, | standpoints of teachers, adminis- 1 Send them to her in care of this Z1P ' y N0 '|trators, board members, stu- newspaper enclosing a stamped, dents and parents. Which one self-addressed envelope. Copyright. 1965. field KiUerpruei, Inc. and size. and family, Milford, are vaca tioning with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Allen Sr., and other relatives. carnation bountonniere, respec-i tively. j Mr. and Mrs. Smith received many lovely cards and gifts and a purse of money. Club Activities The Gogebic Range Jay Cettes Michigan's Senators Split Their Votes WASHINGTON (AP> — Michigan's two senators split theirj will meet tonight at 8 at the St. votes as the Senate Monday! James Hotel. Mrs. Thomas Up- confirmed, 76-8, the nomination (ton will show movies of her trip of former Mississippi Gov. to England. James P. Coleman to the 5th The mem bers of Inclianhe a d U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals, chapter. Sweet Adelines, Inc.,! Sen. Philip A. Hart voted are asked to meel tonignt at 7 | against the confirmation. Sen. in front of the parish building of I Patrick V. McNamara voted for ' it. I s teaspoon salt '4 teaspoon white pepper 8 slices bread Mash eggs, while still warm, Entries in Queen Due July 31 The Colorama Harvest Festival Queen Committee of the Oma-South Carey Commu n i t y Club announces that girls wishing to compete for the Harvest! the bread; cut each sandwich in Festival Queen title Send 50c today for the Fall and are you? Winter '65 edition of our pat- DEAR MRS LIGHT: Wc havCi tern magazine Basic Fashion. nad several request s for t h c ; Auxiliary to Have . hliit Personal Items The Iron County Veterans of gar, sauce, salt and ! your recent column. Barbara and Nancy E r m, j We are most appreciative for j Foreign Wars Auxiliary will daughters of Mr. and Mrs. John; the accurate and perceptive re-ihave a potluck picnic Wednes- vlne . ;Erm Jr., Marquette, are spend-j sponse you gave to the j day at the Risku cottage at pepper. Make 4 ing two weeks with their grand- "alarmed mother." i Pine Lake. All members are VFW writing. I have included y o u r; Memorial Hall at 5:30 and are m u s 11 half diagonally. Sandwiches may! Mrs. Arvid R. Rhenlund 454 : address in the event that other: asked to call Mrs. Frances Ris- have their name sent to t h e i be made the night before serv-; E. Oak St., her son in law and read . ers may be interested in.'ku. phone 561-5350, concerning sandwiches of the mixture with i parents ' Mr ' and Mrs ' Jonn | ANSWER: And thank you for) asked to meet at the Erm, 625 Sutherland St. !lt ~ ' '' '' *"~ chairman of this event by July j ing—if they are wrapped tightly' daughter, Mr. ancl Mrs. Paul sencu ng for the report. j transportation. 31. Girls 15 to 18 and residents of Iron County are eligible to enter this contest. Entries can be sent to Mrs. Leo Saari. Route 1, Hurley. You'll Like Our Name Dropping Here Is a List of Famous Names You See and Hear at SENDEK'S a group to Lakeside Memorial' T , nicked Chapel to pay respects to Mrs. j K ™ ss ? U £^^1 1 Pedro Garcia, mother of a member of the group. State Youth Drowns PORT AUSTIN IAP) Gary Gawronski, 16, of Garden City, drowned Monday in Lake Huron near Port Austin. queen over all events that will take place at the Colorama activities during Sept. 25 and 26. Events other than the queen in plastic film or aluminum foil, Wiemeri, and grandson, Gregory, and are refrigerated. Makes 4 j and her daughter, Miss Sandra i servings. j Rhenlund, all of Milwa u k e e , i have returned from a vacation i i trip to Los An S eles > Callf.,j ; wnere tney visited Mr. and Mrs. i Strnacl. Mr. and Mrs. Pet er ; Miles Pezich and family, Mr.' Strnacl, Ewen, a son, July 26 at i and Mrs. Wagner Browne and for the i Divine Infant Hospital, W a k e-1 family and Arnie Laakso. En reign as \ field. r0 ute they visited Yellowsto n e National Park, the Badlands of When you are stuffing an South Dakota, Mt. Rushmore, : eggplant, halve the vegetable lengthwise, then cut out the pulp contest include beard growi n g,! In chunks leaving a shell that California. turkey shoot, horse shoe tourna-jis about '4-inch think. The pulp ment for men and women, log j can be cooked until soft and .,,„ sawing for both sexes, Harvest ! mixed with bread crumbs, milk, Ball. plus many other amuse-! eggs, plus seasonings and liquid Old Faithful Geyser, Big Boul-! der Dam and various places in : Soft bread crumbs plus milk i ments foi young and old alike in for the filling. The stuffed egg- and an egg help to make meat ltnis u '° da - v affal1 '- I plant halves will need about - f ii balls with an excellent texture. j h o u r baking in a modera t e i • LEE'S CARPETS • KARPEN • VALENTINE-SEAVER • KROEHLER • CHROMCRAFT • LLOYD • TELL CITY • WESTINGHOUSE • PROVINCE TOWN • SEALY • KING KOIL • J. L. CHASE • BRADLEY LAMPS • HOOVER Use about ] 2 cup of the crumbs and '.'i cup of milk to a pound of ground beef. Add salt and pepper to taste. And remember that to make soft bread crumbs the crusts should be removed from the bread before crumbing. USE DAILY GLUbE WANT-ADS | oven. • SUNBEAM Sendek Furniture Co. BetMtner, Michigan Ph. 667-3141 OPEN FRIDAY NIGHTS UNTIL 8 P.M. Other Evenings by Appointment CREDIT AVAILABLE IN MEMORIAM Mrs. Eino Maki. who passed away July 27, 1963: (juno is the face we lovni .xu Silent is the voice we loved to henr; Ten far away for .sight m- .speech, But not too far for Lliuuylil to reach. Sweet to remember her U'lio once was here, Anil who, llion^li tiljM'iil, is as dt'iii'. Sadly Missed by Husband, Children and Grandchildren T Y r r r r r Y Y Y Y Y Y Easing the burden of care in time of sorrow... Promptly, thoughtfully, we assume the responsibility for every detail with respeca to final arrangements. And our high standard of service goes hand in hand with judicious attention to sensible harmony. • > f U ~Y IW Y 217 S.Mansfield r Y Y T T Y Y r i Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y IRONWOOD • MICH. Ph. 932-5110 "Gee, don't you think you cut it a little close on top?" Giving the barber the business is HUle Steven Mark Tiziani, 6-month-old son of 1 Mr. and, Mrs. Bob Tiziani, Ironwood. PHOTO, OF COURSE, BY BABY'S FAVORITE PHOTOG .., KEN AHO AT KENNY'S STUDIO 137 E. Aurora f lion. 832.3620 Where Every Wednesday Is 1'Special for Mom and Baby Elgin Ccnloruual-Yi-ar Priced, No Federal Tax Mulching Sconces, 9.93 pr. ruoiif cordless electric clock. Your choice of walnut or ebony linislied sjiokc.s (Iramutically overlaying bold brass. Gleaming brass dial with harmonizing center enhances this decorator wall piece. No. E-63—ebony and bra=s~2. r i* diameter. 7* dial No. K-67 —waliml find brass —:>5" diameter. 7" dial New RANGE JEWELERS Just One Flite Up Over Old Location

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