Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on September 18, 1933 · Page 8
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 8

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, September 18, 1933
Page 8
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"itrr Birrat nr AJOS DAILY TBIBWl-Tnilt. AMU, IOWA, MOMDAY, tSFTtMlEl 1§, 1MJ, fAABi LOST: LADMB POCKUTBOOK. buck felt trimmed la white felt, i •with initial "M." K»«P change , and return pocketbook and other contents. Phone 1617-W. LOST: 13 HEAD HAMPSHIRE and Yorkshire iho*U, weight about SO Ibs. Reward. O'Nell Dairy Co. Phone U, Amet, Iowa. LOST: CHILD'S GLASSES, rirai. S*« Misi cooper at Rooeetelt ftchool LOST: PAIR OBM3LASSBS. 626-J. 5—AtdtiOB &•!«• MARKET DAY 8ALB, WBDNBS- day, Sept 20. We have a consignment of 12 good dairy cows, Holstein* and Jerseys, all heavy milkers and all either fresh or heavy springere—from an accredited herd. Usual amount of other livestock. C. D. Knight Sale Co. Leon E. Joy, Auctioneer. •T-Olfork Wuted, WA^TEr*GENERAL" HOUSE work ol all kinds. Good clean work guaranteed. Both uptown and fourth ward. Call 2034 THREE LADIES OVER 20 TO travel demonstrating Madam White cosmetics. Experience unnecessary. Phone 1210. HOUSEWORK WANTED BY EX- perienced lady. Phone 411-J. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS The Low Down! By Blotter 5AUESM&M FROM CHICAGO? HUM..... SURELY ThtV WOUtDWfT ID KILL POOOLE- tt—Work Wanted. Male STUDENT DESIRES WORK FOR hoard and room. Tribune. Write 2686 *»—Private Instruction BALLROOM AND TAP LESSONS. W. L. Patten, Dance instructor.— Phone 2104. S—AitoBoMtat, Track* tor 8*1 WILL GIVE LESSONS ON COR- net, trombone and baritone. Call 1622-J. Chevrolet Coach ' . • - i Chevrolet Coupe ACORN SQUASH AND PUMP- W« Hav* th« Best «tock of USED CARS we have had this year and at the best prices. 1932 Chtv. 6-wh'l sedan with trunk 1932 1932 1931 Chevrolet Coupe 1931 Ford Town Sedan 1930 Ford Coup* 1929 Ford. Coupe 1929-Plymouth Sedan Allen Motor Co. Chevrolet Dealers Phone 395 5th A. Douglaa «•—Fwl WHO I* THIS, MR COMC TO THIMK OP rr.MOwv, tr WAS MR. BOTTLE. WHO WANTED PORKCMOFft FDR CXNfJER ONE. HCftt 1M VOUtt . MOW, MR. HUFF ? NO-6UT I'M LDOWN' FOR *EM 6ACKANY DAY WH«T*> THEIR WHY, THEY ARE TRAVEL IMG SALESMEN, FROM CHICAGO. CANT MAKE CUSTOMERS MOM'N POP SAVE BY BURNING IOWA'S Best coal. Luther coal. Phone 1712-Ji •1—Garim hocfa* ott. BABY! rr-3 CPEAT- it) BE HOME',', THESE: ISN'T OOUCH ENOUGH TO GET ME OUT INTO THE COLD.VYOPLD AGAIN TDftftl WE NEED USED CARS SEE US at one* for trades on NEW PLYMOUTH* DODGES AND OLDSMOBILES Open Evenings W. H. Nutty Garage Plymouth - Dodge • Ofdsmobilt Uted Car* 1331 Ford Deluxe Coupe $265 1930 Essex Sedan $245 1930 Ford Coupe $225 1928 Essex Coach $70 Mathuon Motor Co. 1931 Pontiac Coach All new Urei. Car can't be told from irt w, —*«,. 1931 Chevrolet DcLuxe Sedan € -wire wheels. Cleanest car we have ever had. Max Duitch Auto Ex. Phone 1000 323 Fifth kins. Large, ripe, 25c dozen. Melons. At farm or delivered. H. T. Farrar. TOMATOES THAT WILL SATIS- fy yon, 40c bu. Not only at farm. Al«o free, delivery. Acorn squashes, 36c doz. Jensen's Garden*. Phone 1770. TOMATOES THAT ART NOT ON- ly nice but excellent 40c bushel at farm or delivered. H: T. Farrar. POTATOES, TOMATOES, BEANS, carrots, beets, squash. 62F4. P. 0. Stone. YftflLE »WW_t TOLD YOU TO \WE TT nXED, LAST SP1?**; 1 . NOW \DU CM4 GCT A. UP THIS MESS II * • Pop Pulls a Sneak! By Cowan f -MO.MY STAft* 1 , UOOK AT THE MOTHS 1 .1 A.U. TMESC CLOTHES \NlLL Hft/C TO «£ TOKEN OUT AND GVV£N A GOOD SHAKING ALLEY OOP e tan >r MCA samcc. mojito. u. c. W. OFF 62—Frait WEALTHIES, WOLF RIVERS, Jonathans. Cider to order. J. E. Brown. 63F3. *4 mile south Ontario. 6*—HoflMhold Good* 15 Good U*ed REFRIGERATORS All sizes 5 good used single and double cots, also double deck beds $1.50 to $6.50 Walsh Furn. & Hdwe. T—A«to Repair* WE FIX THEM on They Can't Be Fixed Morrison's Garage 323 Uncclnway Phone 910 "Well, It's This Way— I know it's run 25,000 miles be- run cause I kept track on my speedometer, and I know thats' right because I had it repaired at — Cliff Roberson's Garage 13—Beauty Berric« J i! TTA ! 70—Radio Equipment C. E. GORE'S SERVICE. ALL radio work guaranteed. 210 lltb_ 2011. MAYBE fM NOT THE 616 HEflO MQUNO The King's Gratitude! By Hamlin flOOK OOTFOR 84—OoiuekeepUig Boom* TWO' FURNISHED HOUSEKEEP ing rooms. Phone 743-J. M—Apartment*, FUR SALE: ELECTRIC CORN popper, cost $800. Lot of good used lumber. Good Coleman pressure stove, 2 good gas ranges, new building, 10x20, alfio jiice tomatoes, 50c bu. What have you for sale or trade? Call 2338. FOR SALE: DOUBLE SIMMONS bed, excellent condition. Mattress and springs included, ?7.CO. Phone 1540-W. CALL 486-J Apartments and houses, close to college, clean neat, convenient, priced right Chat Miller, 132 Haywood Ave. APARTMENT, first floor. Private entran ce. Furni shed or unfurn ished. Newly decorated. Heat electricity, water furnished. Welch. Phone 1910. 124 THREE PIECE WICKER FURNI- ture set Suitable for living room or sun porch. Phone 2414. Vfe H, P. INTERNATIONAL GAS engine. Call 1929. SUNSET APARTMENTS: NICELY furnished 2 and 3 room apts. Newly decorated. Light ana water furnished. 1 blocL Phone 1457-W. from campus FURNISHED APARTMENTS AND furnished dwelling. Phone 196. Little Brothers. 7C—Wanted, Miscellaneous WE WILL PURCHASE ANY GOOD FOR RE-ORDERS AND FREE FA. [ used water softener. Write Ted cials -with Madam White Cos- j Cutler, 613 Keo Way, Des Moines, metics phone Edna Pruitt, 1210. iiowa. Call 123 Sumner avenue. PERMANENT END CURLS, 25c each. Oil permanqnts, $5.00. Al- left's Beauty Shoppe. Phone 427. I is—BnsineM torrice Offered UPHOLSTERING Fibre Cord and Awnings • -fief inishing Repairing Cabinet Work Antiques Little Furniture Shop Phone 114 231 & Main Furnace Cleaning We clean and repair all makes of furnaces. New low prices on new furnaces. A. G. Speers Furnace and Tin Shop Phone 662 r 400 Main USED TYPEWRITER IN GOOD condition, reasonably priced. Phone 1665-J. TO—Poultry for Sale POULTRY—DRESSED CHICKENS Springs 16c per Ib. Hens .;. 13c " " Cane Seats No cnar Se for dressing and deliv- CLEAN APARTMENTS, FURN- ished or<nnfurnished.'Also house 4th ward. Phone 2147-J. : DESIRABLE FURNISHED APT. Laundry privilege. Outside entrance. 310 Lincoln way. WELL FURNISHED 3 ROOM Apt. Heat, lights, water. Washing privileges. 904-Clark. ONE FURNISHED ROOM WITH kitchenette. Garage. ave. Phone 761. 607 Carroll UNFURNISHED OR FURNISHED duplex, 4-room, college district. Phone 2367. . 1 TWO AND 1 THREE RM. FURN. Apt near Westgate on bus line. 2817 West St. ery. Woodland Farms. Phone 435. WHITE ROCK FRIES, MILK FED. 2% to 4 Ibs., 17c Ib. Dressed and delivered. Phone 371-J. 88—Kooms Without Board FOR RENT: PLEASANT, WELL furnished south room to gentleman. Private home. No other roomers. Phone 23S3-W. Have Your Furnace Cleaned NOW! Guaranteed work with our super service vacuum cleaner Palmer Plumbing Co. 108 Hayward Ave. Phont 10g Plumbing — Heating and Well Work PHONE 226 E. A. Foy NEW FURNACES Gen. furnace repair work. Furnaces vacuum cleaned. Eve trough work F.A.Gould Phone 527-J 3t2 Main St. YOUR CAR WASHED, THEN Daco polishsd, $1.00. Call 1617-W. AMES GARBAGE! CO. LEW COLE. Phone 2061. 27—Work Wanted. Female WANTED: HOUR WORK. PHONE H13-J, BED ROOM, GARAGE AND breakfasts for 2 men or employed couple, $4.00 week for one, ?6.00 for two. 920 Burnett. 1243-W. FURNISHED APT., FIRST FLOOR. 3 rooms, private 4>ath. 2826 West. SMALL KITCHENETTE APT. Also bachelor suite. Call 1809. COZY, TWO ROOM, FURNISHED apartment. 939-W. IDEAL ONE ROOM mente. Call 1S29. A PART- S-ROOM APARTMENT. PRIVATE bath. 1208 Third St. CHICAGO, (ttPJ—Livestock: HOGS: 60,000, including 30,000 gov't pigs, 25,000 directs. Holdovers 2,000. fully steady. @$5, top $5. @$4.85. 140 Market active and ISO to 230 Ibs., $4.85 240 to 290 Ibs., $4.25 to 170 Ibs., $4.50@ $4.85. Packing sows |3.10@$3.75, Light lights 43.S5. Light lights 140 to 160 Ibs., good and choice $4.25 @$4.85; light weight, 160 to 200 Ibs., good and choice, $4.50@$5.00; medium weight, 200 to 250 Ib., good and choice, $4.60@$5.00 heavy weight, 250 to 350 Ibs., good and choice, $3.90@?4.75; packing sows, 275 to -550 jbs., medium and good, $3.00@$3.85; slaughter pigs, 100 to 130 Ibs., good and choice, ?3.25@ f4.25. .CATTLE; 16,000, calves 2,000. Better fed steers and yearlings predominating in run. Paper demands :or such kinds narrow. Steers fully steady. .All grades of fed heifers 10 to 15c higher. ' Cows strong to 15c higher. Bulls steady. Best fed and vealers steers $6.75. Weighty steers $6.60, bulk at top. Slaughter cattle and vealers: Steers, 550 to 900 Ibs., good and ;hoice, $S.50@$6.75; 900 to 1100 bs., good and choice, $5.50@$6.S5; 1100 to 1300 Ibs., good and choice, "5.75@$7.00; 1300 to 1500 Ibs., good and choice, $5.75@$7.00; 550 to .300 lbs. ( common and medium, »3.00@$5.75; heifers, 550 to 750 b»., good and choice, ?5.25@ S6.40; common and medium, $2.75 @$5.25; cows, good, $3.75@$4.75; ommon and medium, $2.35@$3.75 ow cutter and cutter, $1.50@$2.35; »ulls (yearlings excluded) good beef), 53.25@$4.00, cutter, com mon and medium, $2.25@?3.35; ealers, good and choice, $7.00 @ S.75; medium, $5.50@$7.00; cull nd common, $4.00@$5.50: stocker nd feeder cattle: Steers, 500 to 050 Ibs., good and choice, $4.25@ 5.00; common and medium. $2.50 sheep and lambs: Lambs, 90 Ibs down, good and choice, $6.75<£ ?7.65; common and medium, $4.t) @$7.00; ewes, 90 to 150 Ibs., good and choice, $1.50@$2.S6; al weights, common and medium, .7E @$2.00; feeding Iambi, 50 to 75 Ibs good and choice, $6,00 @ $6.50. CHICAGO, (HE)—Grain range: Open High Low Close WHEAT— May Sept. Dec. • CORN— May Sept. Dec. 101 93 OATS— May Sept. Dec. RYE— May Sept. Dec. 62% 51 55% 46 38% 42% 101% 93% 97% 63 51 56^4 38% 42% BARLEY— 7S& 72% 78% 99 91% 94% 60% 50 54% 45 % 38% 41% S2% 72% 76 May Sept Dec. 64% 64% 62% 59 59% 57% 99% 92 95% 61 1 /* 50 55 45% 38% 42 83% 72% 76% 64% 54% 59% TWO ROOM FURNISHED APART- ment. Phone 1594. SHEEP: 25.000. Market slow, sking steady. No action on lower ids. Native lambs held above 7.50. others lower at $7. Action leadr on liberal supply. Slaugher Today's Markets Price* bla by local dealer* 1 •No. 2'corn Ear corn 35 % c Oats ..- 29c Hogs $4.00 Cream, sweet :Crearo7sour Eggs, No. 1 16c Eggs, No. 2 lOc Heavy hens, 4% Ibs., and up 9c Heavy hens under 4% Ibs. and leghorns 6c Heavy breed springs, 4 Ibs, and over 10c Heavy breed springs, under 4 Ibs .7c Leghorn springs 6c Leghorn cox .... ... 3c All roosters 4c All number twos, two cents less. FOUR ROOM APARTMENT PH RENT: VERY DESIRABLE 662 . »r A n.iM** i. rti. FOR sleeping rooms. Centrally located. Women preferred. Phone 833-J. COMFORTABLE BED ROOM, GA- rage and breakfast for two men or employed couple. $3.50 week for one, $6 for two. 117 E. 12th street. FOR RENT: GOOD APARTMENT Dr. Proctor. FOR RENT: APARTMENT. 716 Fifth. TWO DESIRABLE ROOMS. GA- rage. 80S Duff. Phone 511-J. PLEASANT SOUTHEAST ROOM, also garage. 609-W. OXE FURNISHED ROOM, PHONE 662. $6— Wanted, Hooms or Board BUSINESS GIRL WANTS 2-ROQM apartment near campustown. Reasonable. 52F15.- - SUITE OF ROOMS FOR GIRLS. Near campus. THone 2391. FURNISHED ROOMS. Seventh. Room* TWO" LidHf 1 rooms. Call phone 60fl-J, HOUSEKEEPING f SOS Grand or ve-nms. 0.1G-J, Fifth street. Phone DO—Business places for Sale FOR SALE: SUBURBAN GROC- ery and meat stock and fixtures. Good location. Money maker. Write box 417. FOR SALE: BARBER SHOP near college. Cheap. Call 48C-J. 94—UOUMC for Real FURNISHED (3R PARTLY KtWN- Ished modern house. Phone 705. FOR RENT: HOUSE ON call Klrkpntrick at 2031-J at onc«. J 94—Houses for Rent TWO MODERN BUNGALOWS and .one seven room house. Phone John E. Judge. 1223-W. FIVE ROOM, MODERN, FURN1SH- ed bungalow. Hot water heat, fireplace, garage, $40. 916 Ridgewood. 1440-W. FOR RENT: HOUSE, FURNISHED or unfurnished Call 4S6-J. MODERN F1VK ROOM HOUSE, cheap, insulre 227 So. Kellogg. EIGHT ROOM MODERN HOUSE at 908 Douglas. Phono 42. FIVE-ROOM HOUSE, SEVENTH St. C. H. Anthony. NEW BUNGALOW, NEAR HIGH- way commission. Phone 730-W. -^-Lou for Bale ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A snap? S building lots on the corner of Rfdg'swood and Brwok . jsrm t«hM nil. All Hear ex- Call 13,1. New York Stocks Close Today NEW YORK (CJR)—Following are Monday's closing bids on the New York Stock exchange: American Can 92% American Locomotive 32^ American T. and T 128^ American Tob. B 90 ] /4 Anaconda fPRODUCE CHICAGO, (UD— Produce: EGGS: Market steady; receipts 6,361 cases; extra firsts 18 H; current receipts 16'/4; dirties, 13H@ 15. BUTTER: Steady; receipts, l^,099 tubs; specials 23@23%; extras 22%; extra, firsts firsts 17%®1SH: seconds 16^ @ 17; standards POULTRY: Market steady to %c higher; receipts 54 trucks; fowls 10@lli£; springers 9; leghorns S; ducks 8@11; geese 8; turkeys 8@ 9; roosteis 6@7. CHEESE: Twins 11?4@12; longhorns POTATOES: Oa track 391, arrivals 252; shipments 933; market slightly weaker. 28 years old, whom neither he nor his mother have seen for many years. They have no knowledge as to where she might be. LEGAL NOTICES BERLIN, (TIE)—The German government has enacted a law virtually establishing a grain dictatorship. The law authorizes the minister of agriculture to regulate prices, production and sales of farm products, establish an organization Including all agricultural producers and merge any number of enterprises producing and selling agricultural products. , Another law empowers the min- ster to establish combines of mills grinding German grain. KOTICB TO CONTRACTORS 1. Seated bids will be received by the City Council of Ames, Iowa, at the office of the" City Clerk, until 5 o'clock p. m., on the''21st day of September, 1DS3, and opened at a meeting of the City Council at 3 o'clock p. m., on the above date, for the construction of a Storm Sewer and outlet ditch on Thirteenth Street from Wilson Avenue east to the corporation line in the City of Ames, and from the Corporation line east along East Thirteenth Street to Skunk River, to be built-in accordance with plans and specifications now on flle in the office of the City Clerk and City Manager. The sewer includes the following quantities which are made up from surveys which are presumably correct, but which are not guaranteed to be. 378 feet of 15-inch sewer 877 feet of 27-inch sewer S70 feet of 30-inch sewer 2,195 feet of 33-inch sewer 1,035 feet of 10-inch leads to intakes 11 manholes 16 intkaes 2,200 Ihieal feet of open ditch 1 concrete bulkhead 2. Alternate, bids will be considered on both reinforced concrete and vitrified clay pipe for pipe 15 inches or larger in sizes'. All proposals shall be made out on blanks furnished by the City and which can be procured at the office of the City Clerk or City Manager. Al- LEOAL NOTICES that it deems to be for the best interests of the City. , F. H. SCHLEITER, A. B. MAXWELL Mayor. City Clerk. (Published in the Ames Tribune- Times September 11 and 18, 19J3.) • $— • NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS . 1. Sealed proposals will be received by the City Council of the City of Ames, Iowa, at the office of the City Clerk, until five o'clock p. m., oa thft 21st day of September, 19SJ, and opened at a meeting of the City Coun- cU at eight o'clock p. to., on the Earn*' date, for the following described construction and equipment for an. addition to the Municipal Sewage Treatment Plant . Item 1. A concrete sludge stor- age tank and a concrete sludge digester tank. Alternate bids are requested on three types of sludge digester tanks designated in the plans and specifications as Tyoe A, Type B. and Type C. Item 2. Mechanical stirring equipment for Type A sludge digester tank and alternate bid on stirring equipment for a Type B digester tank. item 3. A floating steel cover and accessories for Type C sludge digester tank. item 4. Automatic ' gas fired boiler together with accessories for heating the sludge digester tank. • ^ Item 5. A motor driven plunger- type pump for pumping sludge. Item 6. Sludge conveying equipment for the removal of sludge from the drying beds. All work and equipment shall teratioiis in the bidding blanks entitle c °nform to the plans and specifications the Council, at its option, to eliminate }Y nic ?. are now on flle in the office of AMES WOMAN AND SON REUNITED HERE (Continued from Page One) then destroy them because he had no way of sending them to her. He was in Kansas City when the Van Hooks were there three years ago. A week ago Sunday, he headed across Iowa, hitch hiking. A tra- •eling man picked him up at Missouri Valley, and said he would iring him near to Grand Junction vhere Melvin planned to visit his jrandrnotlier and an uncle. But laving business that took him Off he direct highway, he permitted Melvin to remain with him until hey came back thru Ames Monay morning. Into Mother's Kitchen Here, Melvin left the motorist, ettlng out of the car in front of Van Hook rooming house. He aw the sign "Rooms for Rent" nd went to the back door to ask or a cup of coffee. In the conversation while Mrs. an Hook was preparing some food or him. she asked him where he the proposal in question from consideration. 4. Bidders shall submit a unit price for each item on the proposal form. 5. Payment for said work shall be made by. warrants drawn on the consolidated budget fund of the City of Ames. Payments will be made on or before the tenth day of the month based on eighty-five per cent (S5%) of the Engineer's estimate of the work performed the preceding month. Final payment will be made within thirty (30) days of the date of final acceptance of the completed work by the City Council. 6. The bidders' attention is called to the requirements of the specifications that certain parts of the work shall be performed by hand labor. 7. Each proposal shall be accompanied by a certified check enclosed in a separate envelope and drawn on some known responsible bank in Iowa, and made payable to the order of the City Treasurer of the City of Ames. lows, in the sum of ten per cent (10%) of thfr amount of the hid based on the Engineer's estimate of quantities. The check must not contain any condition either in thp body of the check or as an endorsement thereon. Each envelope must be addressed to the City Clerk , ., „.rind have the name and address of the lrec 'ed to the fact that the Contractor bidder written thereon. " ' ' " the City Clerk and City Manager. 3. Bidders shall submit a separate *' price for each item oa which they desire to bid. The City reserves the right to award a Contract to any bidder on any individual "ftem. 4. All proposals shall be made out on blanks furnished by the City And which can be procured at the office of, the City Clerk or City Manager. AJ- terations in the bidding- blanks entitle the Council, at its option, to eliminate the proposal ?in question from consideration. 5. Each proposal shall be accompanied by a certified checks-enclosed in a. separate envelope and, drawn on Sum* known responsible bank in Iowa, and made payable to the order of the City Treasurer of the City of Ames, Iowa, in the sum of ten per cent (10%) of the amount of the bid. The check must not contain any condition either in. the -4, ...V., -V**Jll_* III . lil^ body of toe check or as an endorsement thereon. Each envelope must be addressed to the City Cleric and have the name and address of the bidder written thereon. 8. It is the intent of the C!ty~to perform the work included in*this project under the provisions of Title II of the National Industrial Recovery Act. The attention of the bidder is especially directed to the fact that the Contractor or Contractors shrill comply with the provisions of the above mentioned Act ind with nil subsequent rules and rejru- ntions formulated by the Federal ^merpency Administration of Public Works for work to be done under this Act fix e. The rules of this administration minimum wace for both skilled Atchison T & SF 67% 'as going. He told her he was on Bethlehem Steel 38% his way t6 Grand Junction to see C & NW Com 11% Chrysler ....50% Corn Products SSVi Du Pont 81% General Electric 23H General Motors 34V, International Harvester 42 Montgomery Ward 25% New York Central 47% Pennsylvania R. R 3fi % Sears-Roebuck 45V4 Standard Oil of N. J 43% Studebaker « U. S. Rubber 18% U. S, Steel 52% stinKhouRC Electrlo ,.'. 44% Standard oil of Ind 33V 4 Clllos Sfrvtr-f 2% READ THE WANTS jhis grandmother and uncle. Mrs. ' Van Hook said she knew some people there and asked the names of her guest's relatives. "Grandma Feakes," he replied. "What Is your name?" she asked. "Melvin Feakes," was the answer. Son to Stay Her* The shock and Joy of the dis- coverj was so intense that Mrs. Van Hook almost, forgot about the breakfast. She spilled the coffee and could scarcely contain herself at all. Whtn she visited the Tribune- Times office Saturday, she still was excited about, thft event, and her face wns aglow with Iho Joy of the reunion. Her husband also is happy, and Mflvin is to remain hero, I Melvlu lias a sister, Grace, about 4 ; anil unskilled labor and also fix the viaxirnum number of hours per week for which labor can be employed. ' 9. No contract for this work will be awarded until this project and these proceedings have been approved by the Federal Kmersency Administration of Public Works. 10. Certified checks accompanying the proposal will be promptly returned to all but flie lowest bidder. Checks which arc not returned will be retained until the Contract is awarded and the bidder has entered into contract in the form proscribed by the City Council and Riven an Acceptable bond with a corporate surety In the amount of the contract award conditioned upon the faithful performance of snlrt contract. In case the successful bidder fails to enter Into contract or to furnish bond Within ten days after the Contract is his certified check shall be forfeited to the City of Ame» as agreed ".--••. ' will checks b« retained by the City for more than thirty (3(11 day* after tli« date of receiving bids without the consent of thn bidder or unless a contract has been awarded to him. 11. 1'nyments for work and <wjul[>- rneiit will be mode In wnrrantK rtr«wn >n the consolidated budsrM fund of tho City of Amen a* Mt out In the, speclfl- 1 ?. The rlirht i-« Cour<r!> to reject any walvt "•sfrvfil by ll T "'! bli1;< rttv. vU or to accept uny propoa&l 6. It is the intent of the City to perform the work included in this project under the provisions of Title II of th« National Industrial .Recovery Act The attention of the bidder is especially directed to the fact that the Contractor O! Contractors shall comply with the piovisions of the above mentioned act and with all subsequent rules and resu- lations formulated by the Federal Kmerjrency Administration of Public Works for work to be done under this Act. The rules of this administration fix a minimum wase for both skilled and unskilled labor and also fix the maximum hours per week for which labor can be employed. 7. No contract for this work will be awarded until this project and these proceedings have been approved by the Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works. JS. Certified checks accompanying: the proposal wiH be promptly returned to all but one bidder on each item. Checks which are not returned -vili b« retained until the Contract is awarded and the bidder has entered Into contract in the form prescribed by the City Council and ftiven an acceptable bond with a corporate surety in the amount of the contract award conditioned upon the faithful performance of s*.ld contract. In case the successful bidder fails to enter Into contract or to furnish boijd within ten days wfter tiift contract is awarded his certified ch*ck shall be forfeited to the City of Ames as agreed liquidated damaces. Tn no case will checks he retained by the City for more thnn thirty days after thi% date of receiving bids without th« Consent of the bidder unle** a contract hM bc«n awarded to him. 9 Payments for work and equipment ivlll bo made in w.irront* dra«.n on the consolldiited budir^t fund of of out In the *i;welfi- cntlon* undor each item. 10. Tl-.e rUht is renrrvcd by tli« Council to reject «ny or nil bid* »n<1 t« waive d'fwtfl or lo «fi-*pt any that it deem* to b«' for the h«»t mt«r- «»t» of the Citv. >. H. RCHMSITBR. V ». MAX \VCI.U Mayor. f'lty Clerk hi the A "'f* 'Ir't.Mn** Times lir 11 U1J

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