Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 23, 1928 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Monday, January 23, 1928
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Tke REGISTKR^S CireuJa- Hon records open to public inspection at any t,ime. VOLUME XXXI. No. 77.: Suc<>ei«or'to The loU Dally Regliter, TtM I<>Ia Pally Record and Iota;Dally Index. lOLA, KAN., MONDAY EVENING,.JANUARY 23, 1028. PLANSiDRIVE FOR MEMBERS Increase of 200 Is Goal of leaders in Big Campaign DINNER~^TONIGHT Plans Will Be Made To . Open Caiivass On Tuesday SHEER MADNESS,! SAYS . BORAH ON PREDICTION OF ANOTHER tilG WAR Washington, Jan. 23. (AP)—^The proposals before congress fo^ a greater navy and recent predictions of another war over commerce constitute "sheer madness," in the' opinion of Senator Borah, Republican, Idaho; and duplicate the "in.sane policy" that marked Anglo-German relations prior to the World war. 1 Aitacking as "mischicrous to tbe^ last ilegi-ee' the recent recommendation of Admiral Charles P. Hughes, chief of naval operations, .for vlrtuklly a billion dollar inavT arid the btatdment Saturday of Rear Admirni Charles P. Plunkett. com- tiiundunt of tho Rrookyn navy yard I hill a ,war with great Britain over coiiiorce I H inevilable. the chairman of the seniiu- foreign relations (om- inittei' in ii siuli-inent last night said: ; • I ; • • All tlilH Is a part' of a vell- CIRCULATION is the <mlv. Commodity a Netospap^ Has to Sell Its Advertisers. The Weekly Register, Established 1S67. The lola Daily Register, EstablUheil 1S97. SIX PAGES! REFORMSARE OFFERED FOR CONFERENCE! DRYMEAtt Argentina, Mexico and Borah Sends Qu Peru Take Lead in' Amendments estions To Kansas; (Candidate For Nomihati^n^ HOSTILE TO U. S. OTHERS TO GKT IT Great Brintaln. "I don't remember what I did say," the Times quotes tho admiral (irgnnized jilan 10 prepare the iiub-[ as saying. "You go get the record; yon wilt see what I said and you will get something worth while My remarks were taken down 8t.«- nographically. "I anr not in the habit of predicting war. Preparedness, in my , mind and'ln the mind of hll riiherl'" 'h navy and army men. leads lo peace whiih woulil and not to war.". 'ii<'<iih.ini Plans lor :t drivi* to i'lcroase tile iiit>mlii-r.sli!p I »f the Allen <»uuty Farm Uureau at least 200 ifffmbers are ti) hi' ftiude tonight At a; Fariii Biin'Oii dlniutr .at the Kelley )iiil<'l. The diijiitr will be KI r- vt^d at 7 o'clock, i ' |lic Miind for a naval race. A Umlt- For tlift lirs ^t timi' slmr- orgaiii- number of cruisers; to help; po- ziitiim of the Womi-n's Farm Bur- ii ,.p our commerce cari be Justified. o:,u both the men and women will , j^ut this program together with the -jiK -et tosctlier to make ))l;uis. ami I vviid and excited statements aJwut it i.s antiiipatril tha< al)o«t 7.1 lead- v^ar is sheer madness.f ers in the Farm l{i}reau work will "Tliose who must pay the taxes be .present. ,-ana do the fighting and dying in ftiarl «-8 Jiihiisdii- or .Savonburg, case people succeeded In preHl (l<-!it of llie Farm Hi .r<'ati. will : ... — preside. ' • ^^.^j^tA'^ AVIATOR'S^DIARY U. S. ACTIONS IN li y. state home ilt'inoiistration a^eiit. will Mpiak at the tneciln.: tonlRhf. j The drive will bf? started Ibnior-j ' r-w jird • will ^-Djitiiiuc throtmlr; Wednesday. A farm-to-farm, caii-l vjyts is planned by Faiiii HUreaitj leaders: ! UurinK in:!7 there were 2 7 r> Pnf riAc :T P1 I nf PmBh Anil members of the Farn. Burtan and i^ninCS ICll 01 UfaSIl AHQ approximately 2Dit m.-mbers of thi-, Womon's Farm Bureau . " bringing' on war,' he said, "ought DO^ to delay'In taking part In this program. They are entitled to l)e ^ , S'""^ ''f':Convention Is That All, All Will Be QueiiH On Plunkett Drates It. New York. Jan. 23. (AP)—The New York Times today quotes Bear Admiral Charles P. Plunkett, coin- mandant of the Broklyn navy yard Actions Are Ruled By Washington ll.ivana. .(ail. 2:!. (.AIM - l)!s atis- Matter; Reply Tomorrow a.<t denying he predicted war withlf"'--"" •" various Lal.iiAme. ' countriiN with tin* u,i. i.i.niii uc, WasliiiiKldii. .lai). nur-.-itioiiiiuir)- on ilu i |UL "'<tioii waM i '.ililri-fe .Sfi! Senator rinil-. of luins thti l'.iii-xViii<rir:ia iiii..iii i .y>.rii- ized today in ^^v^•^|liIl^; riioriii pio- posal-s. 'ilirfi- ili-i. Kaiii'iis pr. p.u- '•iiudidali- for the Ucpublici ed the proposals lor pn-sentation | ideniial iioniiiiatioir »v to the.coniMiitlif III! Pau-Amorican IloiMh. IJepul.liian, .»dabo. union ar.alr.- 01 the I'au-Aineriraii "The Idaho .sciialt .r .sinhinitt (AIM A prfdiibition oday to s, a.s a m Pres- Sonator jfoiir s|)pcifir (lue.itioji.s: • .Mexico. i 'lMii and Ar«inliiia an- Wh»>thei Senator Curtis favors noumed th.-y would take the lead dry plank in Ihe' Hopubllilan plat- Mi .itter vviih amcriitiuenis foi in bin <iiiii: tlie ui^udidares and would nmovc im- KI-OUIO I the jiairy 10 a viRoroiis enforce- COLONEL LINDBERGH i IS VERY NERVOUS, IS OPINION OF FISHER Cristobal,; Canal Zone, Jan. 23. (AP)—Tlie eagerne.s.s;of Latin-America to do honor to Colohel Charles A. Lindbergh ha.s br6i)ght him to a point where he i.s verj- nervou.s. Colonel Arthur Fishei-i commandant of France Field, believes. i The Lone Eagle "may crack uii-^ iler the strain." • Colonel Fi<!hi!i said.' The statement regarding Lindbergh's nervous condition was iiiade after he had returned with every outward'evidence of good Iiealtli from a week of recreation in llie 'tropical mountains of Panama.. He went there after completing .some 4,Q00 miles of , his >;oodwiil trip and -a c'oiitlniiou.<; round of social functions in seven Central American eiipilals. Lindbergli .'spent the first day after his returrt from ilie . mountains on the bay in a launch jiiid taking a horseback ride to the phi fortresV of San - Lorenzo. Illnentr} N Out. ' • (.'ristobal. Canal Zone, Jan. .2.'? i.M') —The itinerary of Col. CBas A. Lindbergh t^r the continuation of his good will flight to South -Vmerictt ami tile .Vntilles was !»n-. nounced . today. ' Th<.> itinerary which calls for n two-day stop-oVer Although tlie Spirit of St. Louis j in each place is: was ready to. carry liiiii ,on to Leave Colon. Panama, p-riday .for South America, it was announced Bogota, ColonilHa. about fiUO miles; Uiat Lindbergli would take several leave Bogota J;in. 2!«, for Cara{:as days more of rest before, .setting j Venezuela. 6."iO "juiles; leave Cara- nieni o! (Ill- i 'i«llti'elitli tit'.nieiid- lili -!ll a'lil the Voisicai! art] Wl 'at his airilildi.» jrt 'oiild be to- war.i <>iifori <'nii 'i!t if were eli'cl- »<! president. TELLS OF FIGHT 1 NICARAGUA WILL AGAINST STORM I BRING ARGUMENT >iis that liie I'aii- .•\iU'Tii -a 'ii iiiii .m is now i-sialilislird in \Va.«bini ;ioii. - w•a^' too dire<-lly j under the iinluriiri- of .llie I'uiti-d ! .Slaicf. I iiotiario I'u.'yrrerlon. 1 hairnian of the .Argfiitiii"' di-leg .iiioii and lei ii ;"iiiini; what i? ail I'ili ainl)as.<ador to Washing'on. >ald bevn-.i'-c: and lit- bad' a .•• Innie tor swtepiiiK "•- form.s bul' <V(.ul.l not r-veal liseiii bifore I .i> iai: ih 111 hi n- ine comuiilli 'i-. Hi' .s.iiil. liowi'ii-r. sliat out for Cartagena and Barran- (|uillir. Coloinliiu Friday. From Colombia. Lindbergh in; lends to liy to Caracas. Venezuela. : Tlien be will );o to St. Thomas. Santo rJomiuKiiV Haiti, Porto Rico and Cuba. cas Jan 31 lor St. Thomas ;'.=)7.=> miles; leave St.^Thomas, Feb. 2;for Porto Kieo. 7.0 -niHes; leave p^rto Rico Feb: 4 for Santo Domingo,.2.=;0 miles; leave Santo Domingo Feb 6 for Haiti, 160 miles and leave Haiti Feb. S for' Havana. 700 miles. FOUSTHOPE &i FOR THIEVES Penalties Too Light in Many Cases, Isj Opinion BOY GETST E N EiAl^^ Confessed Thief Afeo Fined $20 in Court Here Saturday Light sentences on theft cha gi?, lola ibn't Whether lie.favois-llie s rjopeai of •1 the Later Events in Fight For Life Senate Declares Open Season; Rebels Are Slain Big Program Planned > By County Farm Bureau -Leaders of the Allen County ; ^rm Bureau have pi-epared a i»ro- I " p-am of absorbing interest to every ! •' farmer member of thi» orftaiiiza- tion for the meetings whirh are to be lield in the county during j; the next feiv wc*k.s. Prominently feature<l with the six reel motion picture entitled, • "The Romance of Sleepy Vallej-"; Showings of this picture will be made in tnanj- of: i^ie rural eoni- niunity centers of the county next S onth. . \Vatch forUater aniu)unce- t -nt of dates. . i FIRETHREATENS BLOCK IN lOLA D^mag^ Is Light in Fire ' At Johnson Cafe Eauly Today —! •. • : Firn which miglil liaye di'-lrfiy«d iiyt wii ail inlir<' bloc-li.on Ka xlffct was bcoucM' i|nd |i"" contiid »;lM >rtly'after .'> o'clock this morn- witii a loss (if only $650. fin:, whji-li Martcd in the Ttlichen iif the Nprth .Sid<! Cafe, 12 West Jackson, (vjrerated by Ti. K. Johnson, was li.i'icd by the firo •': parim-Mil ii"rj)rc it liecaine lbrcat.i'nlin; Fin^ivii <• lan-d tb.-'t within ten. mimij'i-!< «-.n 1 would Jiave fanned tlie blaze into one «-llich niltlll hlvi' )i. I .1 iiii.,o. mil' to. control. Ogden. l.'tah, Jan. 23. (AP)— The body of Fred Hoyt, AVich- j ita. Kansas aviator, who froze j to death in Kouthern Idaho after a parachute leap from hU ice-incrusted plane January H. left here tod^y for Santa Monica. Calif. Oeorge Hoyt, brother of the jivlator. and ; Lloyd Stearnian. of the Stearman aircraft company,, 'Wichita, accompanied the body. . Managua, Nicaragua, Jan. 23. (AP)—-Marine r'elnforcements numbering 1,000 men. today were enroute to the. state of Nueva Segovia to take the /leld against Augustlno Sandlno, -Rebel leader, now operating in that region. Salt Lake Qty, Jan. 23. (AP)— A .searching party UXiay was seeking to salvage the airplane from w-hich Fred Hoyt, •Wl?ntU, K MJ^ a^iator, Jumped to safety In a parachute only to die later from «x- po.sure while he Hpugbt belter In the snowlioun<i mountain country of southern Idaho. A diary, also .containing a letter to I I I H brido of a month; told bow; Hoyt was forced down in a canyon. January 14, anU of his unsuc- ceHsfui effort to avoid being frozen to death. HI H body wras found Bat- urdny last, by a ranger, six mlleii from the spot where the ahip t ,|a,i(.H.jii I crasilied. and between fwo piles of brush he had gathered for a fire he wax unable to start. (iiH )rgo Hoyt, a brother of Oak Park, C^allf.. vho asHlste* In bringing the lK>dy ZO mlle.i to a railroad, said the diary was -written on a tlight log book, partM of which had; been scattered along Hoyl's trail, niiparenily to mark the way back. to tho plane. The entry, written at 6:30 p. m.. January 14, told of encountering fog shortly after leaving Salt Lake City. He climbed to an Jnhnton's l)rot;)iir. livair above ^ ,. the cafe, found i-ls aparimnni mi- allltude of 15,200 feet to avoid tie " t\: with .-mok .1 alioHi r, oVlo.k this foK. but ice formed on the ship. morning. He awakfiied luinihers of hl .t family an'jl then turned In alarm. _I)nniaKe to tin ImiliVnir vv:'sesli- iiiat<d at i''ito. Tl\<' >Mi d n- ,.ivn'(| . 1-.- 11. H. Siiaiin -M <i( Hiawatha. l-'rn--.. is vii |t >7ir>i .|| was , i-'.-ured for Tlie lorts to the: c'^nteiHs w:,^ (•<i;n;ii'li a! The conleiii • w.r.-. VLI1 II. I1 at ^:!..".()n 1 were iuMjreri for $2.'iiiO •A The fire w(s m tiiiknown nr :piii. ' seemed to open Instantly. Setere - Fire Chief Cr.a >oii said. ' .Mo.=t of • Jerk and when I realized wba.t It t)ie damage was innn water. Wire.o began taking on Ice and i?peed lAdlcator stopped,"; Hoyt wrote. "Ti-Ied turn southeast but*, couldn't hold course. Ship sinking. Finally lost control and went into three splits at 8,000 feet. Trl«d to let ship adjufit Itself, but soon In fourth spin and decided to get out. Tried get on wing but nosed down, throwing me oTer center section. Pulled ring and chute B. E. .Johnson. OWU T T of the cafe, lo^-t a builiiins at Broii.s.iii several months ago. followinp jin explosion nhd fire. He pwrchased the local only a few months ago. Ford Toiiring Car Is H ^tolen from Neal Derby Polico last night were infonnod of the theft of a 1!>:C Ford touring car. beiongiiis: to Ne.n'l Derby of - lola. • As \-\?t no trace of the car ha .s been found. W. S. Rannabarger Is . Sentenced in Court '. —— W. S. Rannabarger. arrested a (bort time rigo on a liquor charge, w,-u» fitted and'sentenced Saturday III district court, 'following his conviction earlier in the week. He Was fined 1100 apd sentenced-to 90 days In jail for sale of liquor,-and wan given 60 days and fined $100 lor possession. Millinery Delegates Are Elected in Coufity , Wrs. iVed Schiiiidt and .Mrs. Carl Overman wsre felected Saturday -by millinery leaders' or the Wom- et^'s ,F^rm Bureau units a-< dele- fntes to the mijlinery conference to he held at Ottawa February 24 and 25. ; . _Ejvery morning —) PICKWICK COFFEE! Make it apart of your dally lite! ,A»k your grocer.— Adv. was air about i was perhaps 500 feet above ground. Struck facing wind. Threw me head first Into snow. Have no idea of direction. Snowing constantly. Landed Just 3 p. m. Didn't hear nor -see ship." The next enlry, at 8:30 a. m., January 15. told of keeping a fire throughout the night and of awakening ^from a fitful slumber to find the snowfall continuing. At 3:10 p. m. on that day, he made the final entry. It said: "Sun came out for short time. I tried to estimate south from ffun and decided this down ridge. Will stay here and keep warm,tonight, (Continued on Page 3 No. 1.) >Ianagua, N'icaragua. Jan. 23. (AP)—Three .Mcaraguans were killed today in a fierce fight near Granada with an American Bailor and a Marine who bad attempield to come to the reeeue of a; fourth Nlcaraguan being hacki^ to death with machetes. L. T. Newton, United Sutes nary, killed the three Nlcaragiuna after his companion.:Harold 1. Crowell, flr»t sergeant United SUtes Marino corps, had been attacked aod severely cut on the banda with machetes by his as«allant«. J he liad no dcire lo .see the seat of tho iiiiioii ii-aiisi'iTred iroin WashinKtotf. .-Vli he ^ would .state aliout Ii.s plan.-. Iiowcvi-r. waS' that they were coii.siructive ami ba.-ed oil many years activity and study as a-menilier of the goveminc board of the union. -Not for Public. Perns delegation (lfcl :iied al^1 to .make puMIc their .su^'Kcslloiis in advance of presentation. The .Mexican proposal would affects the present organization of the nnioii in four vital aspects; First—Substitution of a governing board elected hy the various governments for the present board Wl'i-lliei- lie f;ivors/till tlf ci:;lilceiilli iiiiieujliiieiiij rc'.r-.l iif 111,. Volste ;L-| Tlie 'iiieslinns wert'^ asl.-i d in an tipeii l <'lti|-. ."^r-iiati)!' i!oi; h made public tli<- li-t !c!- witl ^uiit c iinment-.*^ but lie has said lie yii ul,] address v 'milar l'omlllUllicati (vn^' to ail <an- didates tor the ifcpftliiicai Presi- (!fi!;iiil iii>miiiation. Senator Curtis saiJl lie had not yet liad lime to reply to llie <nies- tionnaire but be bojicil to i !io so to- liiorrou The Kaiisan Ivis .bf'en a I 'r <if tile prohibition moveijient for years. WEATHER and ROADS Weather outlook" for tho Aletlco City. Jan. 23. (AP) DiRpatcbes from (luadalnjara staiie that 14 Rebels were killed and several -wounded when a Rebel 'band atucked tho town of San Juan de Los Lagos in the state or Jalisco which -was bravely | defended by the mayor at the head of a group of local guards. The municipal anthoritles had been notlftod that the Rebel.-* iri- tend«d to. capture the town and were prepared to repulse •the assailants. After several .hours . flghtlnff, the Rebel.i were lUspersed. Washington, Jan. 23. (AP)—Senate leaders of both parties have declared open season again on the administration's Nicaraguan policy. WHh the return ot President Cool- Idge from Havana w-here he addressed the Pan-American conference, a truce under which the senate refrained from any action that might embarrasH tho executive has ended. \ Aside from senatorial comment that may come early in the week, the first definite step is expected to be taken Wednesday when the foreign relations committee will examine t,he crop of resolutions before It touching on the Nicaraguan situation., Just hc^w the senate will get into the question remain.s in doitbt because Its membership i.s divided Into 8eve;ral groups with confiict- Ingr views as to whai should be done about Latin-America relations. Republican independents are nr^clng a full Investigation of the Nicaraguan episode . with a view to 'returning American Marines to their home stations, while administration senators are anxious to leave* the situation as it stands now. The latter course, however, (Contlnaed on Pa«re S. >'o. S) ates <(e- .vicatin;; SOUTH REPLIES TO THREA/tS OF DRASTIC MOVE by justices of the peace in brought the assertion today ftoin Kenneth Foust. county attorjiey. that the maximum sentence- strong enougii for thieve.s. .'' Fousl's assertion followed ii snt- cncmg of Clarence Chapmen .vears old. on a theft Chiirge Satur- , day in Justice Lanier's court. ; i Chapman, who lives seven allies southeast of the Unlontown .'^eitt- ered a plea of guilty Saturflz ^.tolaJ I charge of stealing tires, and autoj; I accessories in Iqla. Fie waS sentence<l to ten days in jail and fined' S20. ;'. Chapman fprmeriy was a student at junior high school. .\ few weeks ago a man. confess- Wkjfi rtr 1 V TIT'TII? i '"S to the theft of an overcoat was Kill WAY HKiKr.'fined S.-. by Justice Whitaker. i UM.'IM ffrt* ima^E&a ^i Local police declared today that. heavier penalties must be assessed-: POULTRY-GDRN; SHOWBNDSIN Political Reprisals Do Not High Prices Are Paid Forhfa'"';' law violators if the nnmber •.-.T rro . o -J. _ : • TTf-A- *i, . Of petty thefts m lola are to be cut. iipport- week: er Alis-: jern and | sonable | week I at pre-t rd tli.e| Worry Them, Senator Swanson Says W.-i.shington. Jan. 2.-5. (APl~ Xotice given in liie senate today liy Virginia Senators tliat the South was "tired of threats of universal negro sulTrage" was I'oliovved liiy a plea liy Senator Bruce, democrat. .Maryland, that the South .sanctfou ail -escape from the tyranny of tile eighteenth amendment." The -Maryland Senator broujriif Senator Glass, Democrat. Vi.rsinia> lo liis feel to retort tliat "no one can. constrain or restrain Virginia from enforcing the eighteenth amendment Iiy these threats." Corn Entries At; Auction i to the minimum. , Foust expresed The opinion : that thieves should be given the limit." With exhibitors and ju.|ge. ex- ^^''"Z^'^^'Z^m^ pressing, themselves well pleased poiist asserted. i with tlie first edition of the South- ' |7ibly . , b;ii!y ilut m of Mn- huani M:"' mostly fi-ir. r-.tia-pt come too d .ply under the shadow clfiiaiioii mav O:MII ? t..war<i Washington, Jan. 2.1. (AP)— of the .=l:it.' d |iux:nii-iii witli \vh;< li '^''l, • • T »• i Threats of political reprisals they condhc! thr r business. ' H.\">iS.\^:- I n«.ett ed 1<»-; the .south, heard so often S coiid .\ r.i.e spiciricailv slat- "•'•'"• i""' ' •'•""'».'• P'>->Iby- -n<»" i,, senate debate oh tile Smith and ing tiiat I cliairmaii-^hip is to be bfsiow'il .1:1 -.iW c .iiiiiir;.'- in alphabetical oidt-r. At {.:•-•!•.: ilic chairman i .s I'lccif I Ir' Mil' Inaiil and the pnii'tici. ii:i- Ihc n l.> iiiMiii- mously ciioosi- the I'litfl SMI'- si 'creiary of stjit,. in cMiipiini, u' to the lioiiie g )v. riinn'iit. Kiilatiiin of PoHt. Thinl—Uolatlon of the of ( iiisti^ad of the present iiermaiienl dlrcclor-nener- al. as' <-alled for by the prfsciii constitution. Tlii- lUrcciur Kcn.ral would lie 01 ihc various ooinmittces whirli I'viry iniiiitry woulit eftablhli ID il>al wii.i l';in- .\mericaii afiaii-s. Fourth—Forbiildiiig of the director-general lo hold ail} o:|icr political posts .-mil n(» iiiafler in the or rnin extreme • ensl portion; | soini^ colder Tnesda . • - nortlieu'-t v-urllon loiUuht. mn KII.A: rnse]|Ied and Tiie"*dn>. pnxsibTj s|iow or riin; soniei«lni| eobU -V Tiu-jdny. 'I'enipci.•iinic Ilii,-li---st v< stcrday I!' at " 11. III.; lowt^st I.!.--! iiicht at t; a. ni.: ticyn'iiMilor 10 excess yesterdaV s";. j'rcss January Isi. 71'dcrrys; t! last year liigjiesl IP; l<n\| i'riiipitation for' O'c 2I| '•iiflin'y at 7 :i. ni. toda--. o; 1 this ve;;r 'to drill- de siiii' .tailiiai'V Isl i.»:.S;! im-li. Ij'd.-iiive IniMiidily j.;:t I"; noon vsii -rhiv. .-,11 per cotif:' 7 a I ni 10- iay ! M ; inr cent; li-ironn-iter n diiced to sea level.':'.f) nil ii Koiid ( ondllfims Saliiia. <loiidy. toads , election i/ases. brought I measured reply and sharp warning j to eastern Reiiublican senators to- lonlght I fr,„„ Seir.ltor Swanson. of Virginia. nea lif\a prepared address requiriiiK U- two hours for (ielivery. the interests of what government, un-[ Do.ig.i fit v. clear. Mads less these were of a purely ediica- Manhattan! clear, RO. iional character. . p„ria. cioudv. roads ;Jood: Many delegates view this last c'itv. cloudv. roads sodil: To- propo-sal as a rebuke to the Iniied p^ka. <-ioudy, roads aood:! I'itts- Is dale C5t 10. hours flal for icieiiey lies. j SOU hern l)«mocral said lie co "• ' i not t (K) strongly exiiress • his s nee „ , . ,„ . ,, good: Hope That MssSimithlsNow in ParisVanishes With Latest News -Northampton, Mass., Jan. 23. f.vPi—The hope that flared mo- mehtarlly when : reports placing Miss Frances St. John Smith, missing Smith .College freshman, in Parts, reached here late last night and flickered out today as news came that the girl in question bad nroven to ibe a New York City voung woman who had no connection with the case. Investigators who for more than a week have conducted a widespread search for *he daughter of the wealthy Bt John Smith. New York broker, were admittedly at loss for new clues. "The $iO,000 reward ottered by the districted parents seemed only to have resulted in aa increase ot "cranit" letters. Countless reports fr#n» all over the eastern part of the conntty have failed to produce a single authentic'fact and as far as can 4>e determined Miss Smith has never been seen since she left her room a week ago last Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Smith, who have been in constant touch with tho situation here, have issued through the newspap «r8 a second appeal for fbe girl to return. Early last week' Mrs. Smitb made a pathetic request that Frances communicate with some member of the family, if sUn allTe. . : State police nnmberins 40 men yesterday completed' <w6 Ays of futile search in tlje countryside Burronndinr Uils city. States since Dr. Leo S. Rove, pres- jbiirg. partly cloudv, »roads[ ent director-g;enerai,- is a I'nited (-.ifrc-vviile. "cloudy, roids sood: Ot- States delegate to the congress. cloudv. roads «otid; Ilutcii- The 'Mexican government also i„j;nn. foggv, roads gOod:Vichita. wants the other appointments in cloudy, roails good. • tho organization to be distribiiteil • . more evenly among ihw ranou.s re- ITjjncQc Tl 'tv W<lman Is - publics.and to a.ssure this all ap- \1^Y f.v\ • pointinenls would come directly Ou Trial I <ir Olaymg from the governing board. Objections to in the . Kansas City. .Mo.. .IJin. ^.-i draft treaty on commercial avia-|,Mrs. .Myrtle Witliey.i,2^. facid trial I lion dealing with flying over forti-jfor her lif«" today. iha'Ked w th the; fie<». territory will likely he rai.sed , niurder of lier buslwnd. ^ iiy the i'nited Stales delegation J Withey.-24. last Ociober. The treaty comes up for consider- ; Mr.s! Witln y was ^rresled ation in the communications com- neighborhood gossip-rfollow mtttee tomorrow. j assertion of li.r sniili son. after tlie death' of lii(i fathe|-. that he was '-jioiuR to'liave I new iVithey could sales- Brandenburg prges Personal Work Now The Latin-American delegates al -so say they cannot .see their way clear to sign a commercial treaty [daddy." which, they declare, would give the! The state . alleced?Mrs. United States exclusive control of Ipoi.soned her husbiind. so shf Inter-American aviation. !be free to marry a motor car The speech of Charles iCvansjman. JaniPs K. Paf e. "pros "cutor. Hughes, chairman of the United ; assumed personal charge cf the States delegation on American case and announced -V^e deatji pen- lioiicy in Latin-America, especial-| ally will be askeil. .. ly Nicaragua and Haiti, is widely approved by delegates. At a banquet Saturday night Mr. Hughes said the United States intervened In Nicaragua only l>ecauHe of friendliness toward Latin-America and that no aggressive plans were intended. He cited Cuba apd Santo Domingo to Fhow that the United States would withdraw- soon. He asserted that America would w-itlMlraw from Haiti if this were possible. Dr. Enrique Olaya. Colombian delegate, said it cleared; the conference atmosphere of coiislderable ^oubt as to the underlying aims of the United States at Havana., the impress-Ion prevails everywhere Tiie personal toiicji' in education w-as advocated by Dr. W. A. Uran- denburg. president-of Pit iburg State Teachers <olI(^"e in an address S.itiirday aftej'noon lefore the Allen County "Te-ii^hers association. :' Encouraeemcnt of the pu >il by teachers is the hig'faCtor in ^duca- tioii, he declared. I A musical program was given as a part of Safurd^rfy. afteriioon'."? program. Plans wcr^ made for a . dinner . meeting of the association that genuine benefit will result to March 2!. Following-:^ the: dinner, the conference from i.t. teachers will attend fhe Billy Siin- .Mexico enodrsed the Hughes re- day meeting. > |.marks enthusiastically a.<^ did Bra- • could re- seiiAiient at efforts made to intinii- dati southern representatives in congress with ilireats to enforce thet)iflecnlii amendment and ti> reduce soulbern representation'at tin c-apijol because of Ihi : chiseinent of tlie negro. "The time has passed in the liis- tory of this coiint.ry.^ lie said "when the south is suliject to Iios- tile and repressive supervision or );ood; ''^ intimidated liy partisan vi- good; I "'P''''''"""- ''"''c time lias been iiu- I; Km-1 "l'**''""'''.^' reached when this re- l \rkan -l public is a union of 4,S states equal in rights equal in .privileges.! and each state equal la every- respect Ir every other. "Those who now repeat the bitter animadversions of the sixties and seventies should realize that certain victorious states no longei bold eleven of their sister .states under militar>- domination and control. eleven states as members of the Union are in rin sense whatever inferior or subordinate, and propose lo assert, and, maiiitai ntheir rights as detiiied in' the federal constitution, m. J. I "Tile south is no mendicant asking favors, and the activities of the .small horde of harpies which once proved . upon her vitals cause her only feelings pf disgust and contempt; liut llie.v serve to remind her of tlie horrors of iis former times anil confirm her in. the resolve that never again shall she be crushed witli .the conditions wliich brought confusion and disaster tf one of the happiest and loveliest portions of the nation. ".Ml of the clanipr against the .south about the non-enforcement of the fifteenth amendment." Senator Swanson continued, "is engendered either by ignorance or iii- spired by the ulterior purpose to intimidate anil threaten the south (Continued on Fnire 6. No. 3) east Kansas C^rn and Poultry | Frank DeMayO GoeS On i. show, the affair came an end; Trial in KanSaS CltV late Saturday aiicrnoon. with ey- •_ ery indic.ition .pointing toward 1 Kansas City..Mo., Jan. 2^. (APJ. bigger and better shows to follow j De.Mayo and Robert Cama- (Al'i. when d the hortly in futj^e yc .Trs. ^ , As a final to the shoW, held in Memorial, hall and sponsored by the. Alien Country- Farm Bureau, the Allen County Poultry, association and^ the Tola- Chamber of Commerce, the 66 bushels of torn entered by ::.3 Allen County farmers, were sold at auction and a total of $17.S.93 was realized, all of which will be divided.' among the ten highest entries. This corn was grailed on germiiiation test a.s well as qiianity and,, due t6 the recent cold weather, much of It fell considei-ijbiy Ibeluw ntandard for seed cor^t. However, many of the samples heen proper^- dried iiefore the cold snap and w;erp no( affected. The highest ranking samples were grown b\^ Delmai- Brower. of the Carlyle rieighborliood, 'whose two liiishels tested 9S-per:cent on germination, second place' going to I John AVilson, Geneva, with a 9t» disfriiii-1 ppj. ecnt test andjEyler Bros, were ti ird with a testtOl 94 per cent. .None of the first ton w-inriers fell below 90 per cent on germIna-> tion which is. considering weather conditions prevailing - before the corn had become dry, a. r^markabla showing. The average yield per acre for the entire 33 samples submitted,.eleven of iwhlch were from and balance'from upland farms, was slightly over ao^ bushels and as the average yield' for this count.v during the past ten years is but 18.2 Anshfils' per- acre, it is plafh that ,w1th a little more care in selection; of seQd, proper use of legumes ^before land is put into corn, and caring for the crop both in preparation of; the seed bed cultivation,; there is no reason why tho jier acToyield should not be lirought back-to'at least .the 32 bushel average, of 30 years ago. Hero are the purchasers of first ten samples and prices paid: ; First two buKhels w-ent to E. Van Hyning for $27.00 and S17..i0. ; Second two busliels Ijid in liy r lian went to trial in federalcourt loday for the third tirn? o?- charges <if '<( nspiracy to violafi the ,prohI- I,iii :in laws. T.wo. trials resu'ted in hm g jurie.. The case J is being tried before Judge Charles j "T B. Fans of St. Louis. i The Kovernnient alleges DeMayo • : headed a liijuor ring, almost nation-wide in scope, and thatj Carnahan was his right-haud .man. Federal agents cliarged D^Mtfyo , lu-otlled by more than a million. dolIai-K from his .-.ileged operations.- CHANliTELOSK 1 DEBATE IN lOLA Affirmatives Take First Southeast Kansas Y league Tilt The lola affirmative team thl^'. morning handed the Chanute uega4 ttve.s their first defeat in- the iiew ' ' Southeast Kansiis league when they won )jy a 2 to 1 decision In : the local auditorium in the first league debate of the scas5on ..Tho., question is tlie state subject, Re^ .soived: Thai federal l^slatlOB should be enacted emiwdylng the Iirincipie.s of the Mc.Nar.v-Haugen bill as passed liy the Sixty-Ni^tfi Congress." ; ' r' • The lola team showed unusual • power in all departments to win from the visitors. The Chanute team has been favored thi .si year to' i>e one ot the strongest teams In the state'as it has three of lasjt year's .state championship team , back on the team of four' this sea;-:on. This makes the lola af-1 firmative victory, all the more out-l . standing. j The individual rankings finds . Stanley Tier of Chan,ute gaining two first,s and one fourth ranOUlng: . Jean' Coghill received the m$st Paul Klfin for ?i.5.00 'and $7.00. . con.sisteni ranking of all belbg Thirty two buithels to Alta Dun- Placed second by all the judges lap at $.5.00 perlbushei. ; i which would put her either, first, Fourth tw-o bushels bought by S: I "r to ir. Ira .McCarty, the M. Knox for total of $13.00. ' 1 second .speaker for lola received Fifth bushel ito Paul Klein for ?.oo, . ;• • Fifth hnshel to S. .M. Sifers for ?.=;.oo. Sixth two bushels to Alta Dunlap for total of $6.00. Seventh; two.,bushels bid in by I'arry (Jriffiih for total of $7.30. Eighth two l>usheis to F.. .M. I'aiil for se .itn. Ninth iwo bushels went to H. L. (Continued on ;P8ire. B, \o. I) ill. Argentina approved tiie speech in general and Urugnay skid it was a true explanation of the United States intentions. : Fernando denies, head of the Haitian delegation, and Dr. Carlos Ctiadra Pazos. chalrmjan of the Nicaraguan delegation, expressed full accord with the United States Views as stated by the head of her delegation. ! Kansas Bakers X)pen| Meeting at Salina < ' '!" Salina. Kan., Jab.- 23. (AP)— Kansas bakers will rfieet here to- moiTow for an all-day sessioti. The bakers meet at liitei^als at various cities. Salina millers .will be their guests at a luncheon tomorrow noon. Grand Jury Investigation of Mrs KnappLoomsas Certain Alban.v. N. Y.. Jan. 23 (AP)—A larceny, forgery; false audits and grand jury investigaUon involving ''leKai removal of .state records. It IT T.- u i says that-of disbursements under Mrs. Florence h. S. Knapp. dean of ^^^^^^ $1,199,902.87, home economK.s at Syracuse Lnt- -jhere w;as 4118.7«T.76 in illegal dis- ver .sity and formerly New York's - bursenients and $79,135.26 in secretary of state, was regarded ; wasteful, ones, m'aking a total of today as certain. ; $197,833.02 questioned. Recommendations that criminal; Criminal action^agalnst four oth- proceedlngs. be instituted are con- ; er persons conne<3ed with the cen- tainejt in the report of Randall J. , sus- is also recommended ;by Mr. l»r>o"f Ir larKn as .tmerial com-I Le Boeuf. -• • mereabobtli Unknown. New York, Jan. 23. (AP)—The two thirds and one fourth. Jpe- Balch of| Ciianute received one;,, one third, and one fourth. The final decision of the triangle will not be known until this ere- ning after the Chanute-Pbrt Scott debate at Chanute. The other lola team invaded Fort ScoU where it ilebated thi.s afternoon and sliogld. bring home a victory. The mem^ bers of the lola negative team-are Maxine Wolf and Lucille "Wagner, Jean Coghill was first speaker for lola this morningvwrth .Ira Mc- j Carty .second. Superfntendent bl i sclioois. .A. M. Thoroman presided during the debate. \ Boeuf, jr., who as special com niissioner appointed by Governor Smith. Investigated . Mrs. Knapp's adinlnistration of the state census , whei-eabouts of Mrs. Florence E. S. in 1925. Mrs. Knapp. Republican..'Knapp, former ^retary bfsNew the only women elected to a state executive office in New York, was then secretary of state. The report accuses her ot grand York state,, whoit faces criminal prosecution on charge of>maIad-,j ministration of the state ;censDS. A-as a mystery to^y. Search For Dewey Is Turned To Strip Pita Pittsburg. Kans.. Jan. 2.3. (AP)-', Search for Wiliam H, Dewey.. 47, chief .stationary engineer of the: Kansas City Southern railroad, who disappeared Friday .night, turned to water filled, strip pits • today. : ' Volunteer searchers, mialnly felr low workmen, members; . of liis church and lodges, prepared .:to. drag the strip pits this aftemora: in a systematic search, = on the. theory that Dewey might Stave 1 en his own-life for soma line] ed reason. Mrs. Dewey was. prostn^ed grief and anxiety, and r-w^as i£ the,case of a pbyBfcian today;

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