Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on November 13, 1970 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 13, 1970
Page 6
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•Junior Editor Quit on- SLEEP OUR6ODIESHEED QUESTION: Why do we change positions during sleep? ANSWER: Sleep is essential to us. The body muscles need exercise because that is what we have them for—to use. And if we don't keep using them, they will withei away. But using the muscles, while being good for them also tires them. That is where rest comes in. During a 24-hour day, we need about 8 hours for sleep, during which the muscles relax and rest the best. Younger children require more sleep. The experts say that chang ing positions during sleep is necessary to get all the muscles equally rested, to take all the strains off them so they will relax equally. It appears that there is no perfect position in which the body should go to sleep Since the body produces less heat during sleep, it is im portant to be warmly enough covered. As to positions nature will take care of them, shifting us around withou our knowing anything about it. During a single night one may make 12 or more of these unconscious changes (Jean Gee of Greenville, S.C., wins a prize for this question. You can win $10 cash plus AP's handsome World Yearbook if your question, mailed on a postcarc to Junior Editors in care of this newspaper, is selectee for a prize). TIZZY By Kate Osann "Don't worry about my spanking him, Mrs. Meecham —I'm a nonviolent baby sitter!" SIDE GLANCES By Gill Fox a matter of roct, you DID hear wild, satirical laughter. W« came across an old 1956 household expense book!" Daily Times Herald Features . . . Comics Friday, November 13, 1970 Select Readings CUT OUR WAY By N!<J COCHRAM OUR BOARDING HOUM . . , with . . . MAJOR HOOPLt ACROSS 1 "Dor. " (Byron) 5"— the Obscure'' (Hardy) 9 Provide with money .11 Near the ear CzooJ.) .14 Papal crown 15 River in Venezuela 16 Concerning (2 words) .18 Heavy WoVP (coll.) :ln Raw metal 22 Herdsman ,25 Waited for ,2V Seed covering ,28 Explosive '31 Rousseau's hero 33 Novel by Scott |35 Diabolical 37 Lunar "seas* 38 Abstract being i39 Man's name 41 Employer (coll.) 42 Conducts a cause (law) 44 Diligent insect 4,"i "—— Eyre" 48 Network (anat.) SO Carried too far 53 Select croup 57 Hunting dogs 58 Lesser 59 Even numerate 60 " Karenina" (Tolstoy) DOWN 1 Kind of airplane 2 One •(comb, form) 3 Ohio college town 4 Ibsen heroine 5 Container 6 Swiss canton 7 Giver 8 School near London CMON,IV6 STILL GOT ENOUGM ROOM TO PUT VOUR. WIFE'? CERAMICS IN SNITK MINE' V6H,VVE'P LIKE T'USE IT TO BAKE SOME CRUMPETS FORC2UR AWFTANOON TEA ,EH, RESGIEOL OKAV i,., \ FOR WEEKS HBY, WH.NT 1 V'BEBN USING ARE YOU /> THAT FURNACE FIRE YOUK GO EAT YER " L-UNCHJ ,. WHY POM'T YOU BREAK HERA, KILN? THE CERAMIC LUNCH PUNCH, OR:THeCRACK.EP POTS- 10 Cleanse with liquid Almanac" (Franklin) 12 Frozen liquid 13 Main star of constellation 17 Social event 19 Corpulent 20 Ovid, for one 21 Blue pencils 23 504 (Roman) 24 Biblical country 26 Guide's note 28 Pulsate 29 Din 30 Importune 32 Chemical ending 34 Seize 3(i Follower (suffix) 40 Poetic: form 42 Grayish blue 43 Plant part 45 Occupation (coll.) 46 Hawaiian pepper 47 Bird's home 49 "Essays of • "(Lamb) 51 Lair 52 Possessive pronoun 54 Hostelry 55 Heavy weight 5fi Period of time ' \ I HAVE THE / POYS, F6EL1MC3. J ATTEFMPT6P TMAT Hl« J SALLIES •SONS / (SPOUJ MORE* WENT L —\ FEEBLE FLATTER THA.M ^\ EVERY" scarry RESTFUL ) PAY.' HE SOT A HOLE iM \\\s LfcTE NEWS TO S£E IF YOU URSTASEC? THE CARNIVAL By Dick Turner "Women certainly had in rough in those days. Even with modern washing machines, it's hard enough to get a husband to do the laundry!" BUGS BUNNY By HEIMDAHL & STOFFEL IFNOr, SUADDUPf ,- B4X&SVJ5 .GARAGE. MOW VA COMING WITH THAT TRANSMISSION, QUITE; WELL, GUVNOR I. EXPECT TO FINISH CAPTAIN EASY By CROOKS & LAWRENCE KACKVOUR PRfllW!,., MINNIE KLOTZ: HEKE...VOU 5AW HER EVER.V PAV,,,H(?rV/tB<?UT HABITS? HMMi WBtl-i 1 PO KBCOH-ECT HER MENTIONS' ^OMgOME eRIFTER"TMTRbUBie~Wn>L ALWAVsVEfrTN' THE LAW,,, WHEW 2HE PIPNT FEEL- tIKe COOK IN 1 ! SHORT RIBS By FRANK O'NEAL XCAN MAPPUVWAIT10 seroirr IN THE WORLD MC MAKE SOMEONE MISERABLE Oo THE FLINTSTpNES By HANNA-BARBERA HAVE YOU ^ CHECKED THE PRICE OF CLOTHINS I HAVE-AMP PAKPON ME... AN I PUT MY IN THIS "SI... WHAT DO YOU SUPPOSE WILL &0 UP NEXT PRISCILLA'S POP By AL VERMEER PRISCILLA HAD A FIGHT WITH THE MSNULTY BOY- SHE'S MUCH TOO YOUNG TO BE INTERESTED Si 1970 by NEA. Inc. T.M. Ren. U.S. Pol. OK. ALLEY OOP By V. T. HAMLIN HEY, WAIT.' I HAVEN'T FINISHED MY SPEECH VET. YOU HAMMERHEADS! COME BACK HERE!.' ...HOLD IT,YOU .GUYS.''WE , FORGOT SUMPIN/ 11-13 „„ „ ,,-r.,^ WBJ -' IF WE'RE/ HOW ABOUT /YEAH! HE \ 'SPECIALLY WHUZ2AT?)SONNA DRESS- U'ONES fiUZ/ MCOtPN'T \SINCE IT'S ^/OUT TWO BRONTOSA GOT THIS MIND IF WE FOR TH' '^SSSFfei^^^ 11-13 WINTHROP By DICK CAVALLI DREAMED 7HATBI0-N05E BRON60N WANTED TO FIGHT/VNE... © \H« W MM, Uk T.M. l« US. W. Off. •AND I CHALLENGED OFTIDDLEOYWINKS INSTEAD. I DONTkiNOVV HOW AWCH MORE CDF 7HI6 I CAN TAKE 1 . FRECKLES By HENRY FORMMALS I'LL CONSIDER. b f Nt*. l n[ . T.M. K. 9 . US. f. L 01, Mow TMAT Ive THE ATT/C,I'0 LIK& To see OME —.—^ MORE THE ATTIC I'LL RK DIMMEE CAMPUS CLATTER By LARRY LEWIS WHY ARE WE STOPPING I LIKE TO R6LV ON THAT OUP-FASHIONED, ANTI-EXHAUST THE POLLUTION CONTROL IP6A VOU WERE TO SHOW ME

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