The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 25, 1933 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 25, 1933
Page 8
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THE BAKEKSF1ELD CALiFUHNlAN, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 25,1933 EDUCATIONAL »C/\KTOQNS g CURIOUS WORLD By FERGUSON FEMALE /AALE voo, rr is A FEJ/WALE. THB MALES' ABB UNABLE TO PUNCTURE THE SKIM AND THEREFORE ARE NOT BiOODSOCKERS BUT VECETARtANS. ^J MILE BELOW THE OCEAN'S' THE WATEF*. P«ESSORE IS A TON TO THE SQOAR£ INtH. THE. FI«H LNINS AT THIS DEPTH ARE STRANGE CREATURES, THEIR, BODIES so POI^OOS AND WATER-LOOSED THAT THE PPBSSOWE MAS' NO EFFECT UPON THEM. SIDE GLANCES By GEORGE CLARK "My mother says your mother never thinks of anything but playing bridge, and just sends you to school to get you out of the way." THE TINYMITES By HAL COCHRAN OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS MO, L CoouOM' \ 00 tt.uNe.wen HAt>iO THAT nv<e. POMPS GO Al-A^AO PUMP ' . HE. COCLOM BUT LOoK»Nl' IKTTO THE. PAST OUR BOARDING HOUSE By AHERN HtfcE, CLYDE —TAKE: THIS FIVE SPOT AN 1 BE STAKE-HOLDER FOR A BET I'M PUTTING UP, BUSTER »S STILL GIDDY ENdUSH TO WANT TO -RASSLE MB J ITfe MID&tT MONEY To B>£ •RA69LIN' FOR,IF HE WANTS TO COVER IT —^BUT THEN .IT' BE EASILY EAHNED—I'LL ONLY BE A MINUTE CRATIN6 THi ttlT>&- 'IP VOU CAN KEEP ON' FEET UNTIL SATUROrXV, WHEN.' "BET TO # |O FLATTEN N\E IN A; MINUTED? SAY/^-AFTER, 1 FLOP VOU, YOU'LL BE SITTING FOR A MONTH LIKE A CHINESE 1DOL.J—TH' WAV VOL) TALVC,YOL/D THINK, t WAS A PAPER CUT-OUT "DOLL ^ I-2S' THE GUMPS Fifty-Fifty By SIDNEY SMITH (READ THE STORY. THEN COLOR THE PICTURE) (Picture* by King) I NTO the hunter's little houso went Scouty, quiet as a mouse. "I'll see if anyone Is here," he whispered. "Walt outside, " 'Twon't take mo long to look around and BOO If things are tmfo and sound. If I come dashlns out of hero, \vc all will run and. hide." Tho hunter'B doe trailed 'long behind. Of course bravo Scouty didn't inlnil. Woe Dunoy said, "Pleuso hurry up''cause It IB cold out here. "I hope that we can follow you. I have a hunch what we can do. We'll build a little fire and that will fill the place with cheer." * * * It wasn't long till those outside heard barking and then AVlndy cried, "Perhaps Friend Scouty needs Borne help. Come on, I'm going In." "We'll follow you," the other said. And just then Scouty stuck his heud out of the door and cried, "Okuyl" Thin made the whole bunch grin. They rushed Into tho little place just like they all were In a race. "Mow wonderful," said Coppy. "Mlbtor Hunter'a very neat. "Ills home H a« rlpnn a« It can be and cleanness always ploa.scs nu-. C!ao! I,ook out at tho kitchen. It Is full of things to oat." • • • "That's fine," said Scouty. "1'vo u hunch. We're KOlnn to make a ilanily lunch. Tho hunter likely knows his dog will take us to this place. "He'll come, himself, pro very IODK, BO what wo do will not bo wrong. If ho sees lunch all set 'twill bring u big smile to his face." "That's great! We'll all do what WP can," cried Windy. Then he got a pan and added, "loot's inako scrambled | eggs. That's easy and it's fun!" Another Tiny loudly said, "Hey, I whero's a knlffi? I'll cut tin; bread. • Let's all work fast! It won't be long! until the nuial la done." ! THE FPTTf&T- VIHILE MAMA.&ESTROSS DESPERATE OVER HER MOTEL BILL, G MER, BROOCH SEARCH OF A »MOr»- , ONTO A. LARGE POCKET BOOK — A.S SHE STOOPS TO PICK IT UP A PAIR OF STROKK-r . TWE DOOR VrfAY ANO TRIES. YO CaRAB >T FROM MER(MK BATTLE LET OrO POCKET BOOK V6RV VJEU- \N&'LI. SMARE IT- YiA,»Y MERE AND I'LL 6O IN THE BANK AND GET IY CHANGED - . V<MAT THAT MEANS RI6MT BELM46S TOME- AWAY OLD KNOW YOU'LL DOLLAR BILL / .^^ FOFtSECORfTY . AMOND BROOCH -_ AND TOMORROWS CARTOON- BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Boots Isn't Worried! By MARTIN HECViK>0 OWE — NO FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Waterspout! By BLOSSER IME WIMP BEGUN ID BLOW V1ITH A VICIOUS FORCE.... THE SKY DARKENS OVER WITH RIOTING CLOUDS, AMP TME @EA BECOMES A TURBULENT MASS YOU'LL SEE ...I'VE . STOPPED THESE SPOUTS BEFORE, AM' 1 kIM 00 IT AGAIN J SURE VE HAVE.'/ (SET ME OKIE OF THOSE HkSH POWERED RIFLES OP QUICK! we AIWT 60T MUCH RIFLE ? VWHAT OM EAR7W CAM , DO WITH THAT? KlO (SU6SS WORK 7UIS TIME. SHE'S cSONMA BE A TERROR... BV THE BONES OF THE TEN TINKERS A WATERSPOUT Z cSUESS WE'RE GOING TO HAVE A STORM, BILLY BOWLEQS-I'M (SET LOOki ITS HEADED BEMOIKK? LIKE A LIVING OUR BOW... HAVESI'T A CHANCE •'•' PACE, SEEMINSLY IM TME PATH OF THE THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) Little Cassic! B3' Cowan )T WAS A DAPK AND 5NOWV NIGHT WHEN GCRTIE A STRANGE COUSIN. INVADED THE! ?*NEWFANGLCS 1 AND «3ETTLED DOWN FOP A SW-WITH HEP CAME; HER HUS BAND, AU. AND THEIP FOUR-YeAR- OLD MOPCFUL,O AND THEIR BAGGAGE- ALL MY L\FE I've. HEARD ABOUT YOU-MA S*W VOU ONCE.,VVHEN YOU WERE JUST A BAB/~ SHE WAS COAZY ABOUT COUSIN MADCI YOUR MA-YOU PEMEMBEP NICE. UTTUE- HANGOUT YA GOT HEPE-NOT S'BAO THERE'LL I PUT GRIPS .BABY ? SMC DOES THE CUTEST TRICKS! VtJU'LL BE CBAZY ABOUT HER

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