Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 21, 1928 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 21, 1928
Page 6
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PAGE SIX FORT scon Xocal High School Los^ . 25 to 24 Fray After 1 Final RaUy FT. SGOTTMEN LARGE BOX SCORE little lolans Findit Di£S- cult To. Score llarly In Clash lOLA (24) FG. FT. P. TP. Donaldson, rf. (c) _l4 0 1, S liromlMld If. ... 0 0 0 0 McGulre. C. -Jl2 2 3 (5 nreckenridgo. rp. ...2 0 0 t HuW)ard. rg. 0 2!) Mnlone. rf 0 0 0 o Funk. If. (I ft 1 >i McClay If. 2 0 1 4 SevernB. jf .<0 2 1 THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. SATURDAY E\^NING. JANUARY 21. 1928. ILSOLYMWC TROUBLE HAS STARTEDNOW Total : .lio 4 9 21! FT. SCOTT (25) ¥^.. FT. P. TP.' 1 Oj 2" 111 :J; Three Controversies Team Selections Developing On FRENCH COURT TENNIS 0] INVADES U. S. SE Edmundson rf. 0 Brinkman. If. fi Bethel, c ..--I Jackson, rg. 1 Davis. Ig. (c) ..- 0 .=5trader, rf. 0 0 2 1 0 0 0 GRID GROUP GIVES IN 0 Rules Committee To Meet III 0 Total -,.:ii Score Hy quarters: 1 in Fort Scott <25) (5 9 lola (241 "... :.4 4 .-. •Referfe: Walker. I'liiversity Jliinoi.'.. j Eivea after staging a dramatic and i>ower/ul rally that netted eleven points during the last quarter while the visitors went scoro- le«8, the lola high school case team lost a 25 to 24 game to Kort iScott high .achoof last night in tbu 'local gym. With the score 25 to 13 at the opening of the final "quarter thingni did not look very, good tor IOIIL ' The lola team started a scorlug drive that netted eleven points ami was' slopped only by the fijaal' Whistle. If the lola team has gut- tin the ball In -its own territoiy daring the last few seconds' of jjlay the scare would Ukely have tipped the other way. "° . -The Fort Scott" team seemed rather wild iu passing. The part of the,Ramt' found the Scot- lers una'ble to get the ball into the basket. Otherwise the team was goings well, and had a distinct advantage in size over the small lola :teiin>. This gave the visitors a good chance to t.-xke the ball off. the backboard and shoot again, or 25 I 4 I 0 11 Earlier To Take Up Aiffairs BY .ALA> J. GOl'LU. Associated Press Sports Editor. .New York, Jan. 21. (AP)—Just when ^it seemed that peace and «irj liariiioiiy had bwu restored to I t )l.vniplc ranks soiuL-thing of a spir- , it (if iii.^urriM'l.ion hiis broken out. I 'Ihe ni'W Oiympic year, a^ler hUrtii>g off wiih a buriulHif-the- hjitrhei ciTi'mony b .v Kport.s gnv- ••rning org .-iiiization.<, already lias : developed ihrer MM »ara4« and dls- • tln< t - (onirover .-fiv .i oyi-r team so, leciion. • The di .SLiul -s ban-arisen oyer the diolce of tlif .s.pood sknting, liockey and lacros.<*e teams. Tills team se- Uclion .subjtff always lias been jMckod Willi dynumile, bt-causii of Ili»' coiiflicting Interests Involvt-d, b:it It appears to lie prompting more open debute tjiaii usual. : ' Jf iiecess;iry .Mnjor-tJeiieral Humboldt high school lost by a Douglas Mac.Arthur, iMfsideni of small margin ihe first BYr,H-4'.the .A.morican Olympic committee. league haskcball game of the ^ca-,^^-^:^:^-^Z ^^t 'lt g^ son, when the local ,team was de- has taken an active HUMBOLDT HIGH FALLS BEFORE YATESCENTER First BYGiTTFray Ends With Goodson Crew Winning 23-21 HOT RACE IS SEENIN192S BY^ARD American League Head Is Of Opinion Season Will Be Good CLUBS ARE BETTER OLATHEMUTE CREW TRIMS lOLA'S FIVE Junior College Falls in 29 to 24 Clash There a Youngsters Will Be Big Help To Several Teams This is the seventeenth of a series of arlleles on major league ciub^. Having won the Davis Cup ami the L". S. championship lit lawn-tennis. He French are seeking new racket conquests in the indoor game of court tennis. Pierre Kicliebuster (lower left), Frencli ace» is coming to feated last night by Yates Center liand In two or three subjecLs of ' Americji for world's <liampi()n.-liip matches with Jock S^utar (right), here 2.1 to 21 The game was j controveis.v. He has. in efic< t. re-; Hie titleboldi-r. February 20.j;2 and 25. at Phi;.idelphia. i Close from beginning to. edd and""'Mock, of "^^^t <^^1 ^th :yi-ar =y-won -bP IT fo™: | T/"'?^ ^'^i™ last night, playing better than It has played for sometime. The shooting u^s better, . 'jp.specially - during the last period when tie team seemed to have an almost uncanny accuracy. " The passing jpeemed a little wild, and lola had voinc trouhle working the 'ball through th4 defense of the visitors. tog^ - I pic hockey committee, for failing Humboldt hegan the game with ^f.v-outs for an Olympi. a slight advantage finishlii'.! the first quarter with Xour. (loints to Yatfs Center's three. lit the second period Y^ates Center i forked ahead, finli^hing the first half with a 12 to 10 Uad. In theithlld quarter Humboldt crawl- meanwhile showing a much>'> "ll""^"^ 7!'^ 1 ,'vitin" stronger d^ense than has be*n l^F^r^ l^l^e of a 15 to 14 tally. hockey team and, instead, selecting tlie Augsburg college team, of .Minneapolis, for the trip. Although he did not -acL alone in this matter, .Maj.-Cien. -.Mac.Arthur made the final decisioi'i against apjirovin^ i (By The Assoriiited I'resv) Xew York—Aee Hudkins. Nebra- the Augshurg team's selection, tak-'ska. won from I.ew Teiidlir. I'hil- ing Haddock to task at the .same i udelphia riot, .\nilv Divodi. .Vew meanwhile showing a much V"" """^ ^"n t"f )", ,-. -y " j,,f^„„^ ,t,„„ i.-i„ urder side of a ir. to 14 nllv • ^ork, dcleated Charlie Itoseii. .New .i^^^Lj!. J f^, „ K^jHuifaboldt st-irted he' fourth ner •''"'ro.^se. whore two groups York . KM . Kout..r I'arra. Chile, nL^ ' ° • o^hy for^^ to a 'I' ' "r»^ at loggerheads over the met hod knocked out Tommv .Mlntv. New '•..-r,.^ r.rf f.«. Jpoilit lead This 1^^^^^^ wns he < s^'l-H-'Ing the Ol .vmpic team, the York .Ti. .Viek Testo. Tron .V Y., • Z ''".,o ^±„1"':r ^Kf"..lY' J '.^s'ld?^^^ rhe\nr .e'!'^-'"-->'. >""^. ^:"-PP -l in will the knocke,. out Aituro Sheckles. 1.^^ -was fast most of the time, with the possiblj? exception of a few minutes towards the close of th until aJmost the end of the game, . ..... ,, , i . when the score was 18 to IS. suggestion that an al -star team be |g>u„, Walter An additional three minutes of>"'erco)ilegiate ' champions to determine which minutes toHvards the close of the I /^n aciditional i three minutes of •{'•'" ,o dPterniln. whiHi is first half i Ihe latter part of the! nlay netted each tram a field .troal, bo«?r Zrio i^ed to w^^^ fighting for all they were worth -Bith stt'bstitutes being sent in! when a man Tired or weakened lu j Humboldt's 1. a second three minute period, Yates Center made .'{ points tf. Box score: Ifnmbnldt (il) ^ViIliams f, . Sinclair, i. . Fronk 4-. Higgins: g .Martin p. Haskins. g. . Total Votes Center Duly f. --: Mitchell, f — Sllvey c - Tustlnsoii. g. - Weidc. -A. - -; need; s. !. - .0 Hoff. f. .J. Total „ - -ills playing. Fort Scott .started' the scoring with Brinkmau getting a field goal under the basket, durlng'the first -. minute ^if play. Immediately .afterwards^ Donaldson; Qcting lola . captain, scored a long shot to tie • the score. Fort, Scott built Its lead to a' four poinr margin. McClay was sent in for, Trohibpld during the last few minutes of the quarter and managed to score a. long iHiot during the last minute of play, with the quarter ending 6 to 4 lii favor of the Visitors. Inuring the second quarter the visitors w;ere missing-free shots | ivery frequently, with Bethel, cen-| iter.i making only one out of three during the flrstl part o£ tJie quarter. tMcClay bv| following a shot made a field g<|ial for JoJa which 'Was soon followed bv 'a shot by Donaldson from! tile corner, which tidded two more] points Jo Ihe locals score, giving lola the lead S to 7. Brinkman of Fort/Scott tied the .score on a free throw. , Jackson and firinkmun mado the field goals that started the Fort Scott scoring drive. The visitors kept on scoring • wlille holding lola Bcoreless until the .score at the hah" stood to S in f-ivon of Fort - Scott r The third quarter was all Fort Scott's with thalt team holding the margin which it had obtained ui 1 the .Jbalf and scoring a {ead of an [ additional five points. The quarter csnded 13 to 2."> in Fprt Scott's favor. - Clqach Smith who had sent in resfi^es for-several ol the starters of ihe game, or men whom he intended to have finish, now sent his best men in again, pnie McGuIre started the ball rolling for ,loIa with a field goal from right under the;ba.sket. Severns add^d one on a free toss with BreekeArldge fol- i!™"'' lowing with two long shots. Fort Trombol^, If. Scoit was getting worried and Thompson, i;. called time.- Edmundson; who had JJlmsett, c, J>een .taken out of tlie game early f:'"'^ff' in Hlie siH>ond quarter ; was gent "''.""'°^*'' back I In for Fort Scott: and" the i'K'nner, ig (;F FT TF TI* n 0 .•! <i ^ o 2 n 0 4 4 2 2 0' .1 1 0 ..0 in lt;t!>coek. ,ler- sev Citv..V. J.. kiKKked out .( .\;imo. Del roil ill.' Poston-Jaik IJ'll.-iiiey, poll. CoiiM.. won a ieehniial knockout over .lack Hiinihi'ck. ilelsliim (Ci. M Wiilker. .New llaveu. Conn., won on a foiil .from .leff Chiik, Florida (21. ChicaK»--Kddie She.i. Chiiag-), von from Imiacio F^rniindez. i'hiN ipplnes (lit). J:i<l; S)):irr. I.o.-i A;i- - 'golcM, delc;rted Mucky Lawless, The national football rules com-j Syrai-iise, .\. Y,. (li'i- Spug .M.vers. " iiiitjtee. yielding an<ilh«'r iroint to j I'ocatello, Idalio,; outpointed the opinion of college coaches, will : Frnnkie Si 'haeffer. Chicago (10). ejirller than usual this year , Otto Von I'orat. Norway, stopped ! to give niofo tirnc for tlu' di.'^senii- .S.-ininiy .Silverhern. Detroit, (2). Missouri Goes To Second With Washiiigtm Win Chicago, Jan. 21. (AJ?)—Th^re is a logi4al foundauon ; for the feeling, said President EJ S. Barnard of the American League today, that the championship race of 192S will be the most hotly contested tho league has experienced in many years. The potential strength of the Yankees, he said, has not weakened the morale ot the otfcer seven clubs* and there - has beta more trading of experienced ball players and strengthening of clubo this winter tiian ever before iu the liis- tory of the league. ke\-iewing th« 19'28 prospects, club by club. President Barnard said: "Beginning at tho bottom of the 1927 percentage table, we find that tho Boston. Red Sox will be better than last year, Iwth. because ot material adde<l and because of the increased experieTice of sevearl brilliant youngsters with whoni Manager Carrigan put in. so much con- "scientious work la,st summer. ,. "The St. Louis Browns will be |? almost an entirely new club iii 1928, as a reimlt of tho ihost drastic changes which ever before have been mado in anyiAmerican League club between two sea.sons. The Browns liavo sent several good players to other clubs but Manager Howley has secured someii ers and outfielders, the White Sox should be ablefto avoid the slnmp that has taken that club «tit of the race during the past twoj aeas- ons after, 'brilliant starts; both years. 3 "The petroit club hasi strenthen- ed • its defense witliout sacrificing speed or punch and, if .>fenager Moriarty caiT get K 3 S Tigers aiway to a better start, than has characterized the •early season work of that clnb in recent years. Detroit ought to cause thef'Yankees some sleepless nights next summer.: "President Griffith and .Manager Harirs have been carrying on' an I intensive' campaign for a new' pitching .staff for the two: LOCALS OFF GOOD years and their efforts have l>een ^ . crowned with such success ^hat' TT IJ T A *^ XI it T> * the Washington club will enter the 1 110ia _L.eaa 31 Xiail, ' UUl 1928 raco with as good, if not the i best, staff of hurlers In the American: league. ; .'"By. gettliig Vld'of a number of veterans, th^ return of Hauser. to form and the addition of several fast youngsters, the Athletics liave been speeded up without the loss of any defensive strength. Conkie .Mack has a good chanco to' get the pitching in 192S tliat lie expected, but failed to get last seasoii. and that is all he needs to keep!. the Athletics in the thick of ihinss I Falter In Second Session The Olathe Mutes downed the lol.'i .lunior. college basketball team tliere Kast night after a hard fought battle •2<} to 21. This was the first game of a two day road trip for the junior college team. lolu took the lead at the first hall" of till' game and' put up a, from the beginning tC'the csid'oC i'••''<l.f°"~'"-J'""''-'' leading 14 to 12 tho season. "The American League is fr)rit!H- ] ai the hi'.lf. lola held this lead until tlie last few minutes. As ate la having-tho moiit aggiv.ssjve 'n'' Hie game neared, thtt ownership of It.s eight dubs In its I"'" '"e" became^wild in their entire histor.v.; If Col. Ruppert ajid I shootin.i?. nii.--siiig sliots that they Miller Huggins can keep the Yiin-i •'Should have had~ and the .Mutes kees up to their standjird of tjic past two seasons, the American League is" destined to give Its pa- ! took the lead. This lead was increased to a fivf point.margin. The game \vaB roush and hard irons some great baseball, as the ! I»'n>''^''l ''>' 'eani:^. with the other clubs in the organization!-"^'"'^^ a veiy good passing are determined to build up'to tjie JKame that made up for other weak- Yankees. The'192S race will proye j n«'''=-''es. Komp, lola. forward, could, that considerable progress has i '"t the basket leayiiTg a large been made in this direction, afid *'Part of- the scoring to the other there will be no such gap between I members of the .«quad. Fronk, the Yankees and the field as-wjis I t^c other forw -ard. Burger, center, the case last season." I and Iba. guard, all played a good igame. [ Immediately after the game the i iola team left for Kansas City, .'where they were to spend the • I night and meet Kansas City,'Kan•> • •:• • I sas junior college t<inighti • i Tho probable starting lineup, tb- 1'. M. I>ove and wife Josopliirie,: nidlit w II be Jsaae and Kemp, for- to M. Crorrill. lots 7 and block i wards: |Burger, center: with the <• •> •:• •:• •:• •:• <• •:• <. <. •> IOLA DAFLY ABSTKACT Issued from Office of lola •> Abstract Company •:• <' •> •> •:• •;• •:• •:• •;. •> . 4; (dear's Add. Thos.'H. Bow/ estate of Mar o lola. ?1.00. I two guards to be picked from thi lus. executor of the 1 following: Clopine. Schlick or Bar[ J. Cbollette. de- i ber. Barber made the trip it. good men in these exchanges. Plav- ceased, to C. L. Hoj-t, lots !» and • place of Woolery who was unablV ers like.Blue Maijiush and .McXeeiy l**- blrtck l.,of-Rhoade.'? addition to ; to go. •" • " almost: any major i C'i'>' of lola. Jt.OOO.Od. Kansas City. Jan^ 21. .(AP)— .Missouri today had undisputed possession of second plhve in the valley-conference basketball column j would help as a result of a 3a io. 24 victory j league club. If the pitching staff I D. A. Raish .and wife. Bertha, to ; " over \\a!ihlnsionatm.lA>ai3last'P^^f^J_^t.^^^^^ »H ' A. J. McCar]eJ^ .\. >i of SW. % | GRENNAN'S night. • ^ Ol.vmpic officials may not liave con.-videred the value of his military experience in selecting .Maj.- Ceii. Mac.Artlnir U> succeed the late ••nill" I'rniit but lii.-j knowleilge of : campaign tactics appears Jlkely to couie iu handy. "X i FC FT PF TP . t 0 1 s' —:! 2 2 SI --1 2 •:; 4' .i: 1 1 1, .11 '0 2 01 0 -0 1 0 : ,.-0 0 1 0 - 9 • f. 1 (1 2:1 . tonight at .Vorman, tJie result will not change tlie rank of the four, leaders. iShoii.ld pjtlalioma to the Aggies, the Sboners will ret.nin fir.-t place b>^ a oue-game margin, while a wini for the Ag­ gies would leave rtiem several points behind the Tigers, standing on a mark of six victories and one (iefeat. Washington : remains in fourth position with IJiur wifis and three losses, to lead Kansas by a flinglo game. „ , In tho other conference contest i nation of anv changes niaile ill llie i Rochester. -N. V.: .Maxie Rosen-] tonight. .N'eliraska. xith one trl- grldlron code for 1 !CS. ybloom. -Vew York, defeated Dickluniph In five start*, meets the It is undersl<Hid that tli< com-. I'Aans. Younsistown. (>.. (KM. . Kans.-is Aggies at Lincoln. Tho mlltee will get togethi-r in Vew.I Tampa, Fla. -Farmer Joe Coop- latter squad has wort two games a much better club tlian last seas- 4-2«-iy. $6,2.50.00. I •,.^„ ^ J . marked improvement in f Benjamin A. Hixon and wife Isa •K-e: \\Tiilo the undefeal«l Oklahoma I the Red Sox and the. Browns is in 1 D.. to Cora M.; Daile.v, lots 7 ami . . ! Sooiiers play the Oklahoma Aggies Itself, a sufficient guarantee of an ' block S. Henderson and Powell York early in February, a i.i .nth 1 er. .Vew York, o'liipointed .lulian ahead of'lhe usual sfhedule. to. Mini Moiaii. -Spair. iH'i. Sid Ter- canvass the effe<-lK of tin radical'ris. lieavywei;:hi. KiUM-keil out l-M changijs made in llie:ru|es ia.»t Sullivan, .Vew Jer^'-y (li. year and consider the coaches' Omaha. .Vein. Tommv Crogan. recommondfltionsito go hack to the loniaha. knocked out Mike Balier- rules oil the muffed punt and I iiio. di. Johnny Jones. ()maha JUNIOR HIGHS DIVIDE GAMES . WITHFREDONIA out of six. Story Teller of Cross Cam^ Is Dead j lateral pass. I won by a technical ktujckout over The c hairnian of the committee. ' .Vorniau Hrown. Chicag^o C.U. : Kdward K. Hall, is committed Ui , Klizabeth. X. J.—tJeorge Wa , a program-of rio changes. He be- Kliza'belh. defeated Jimmy .lonus! 1 C'ross lieves the game has cr.v?tallized in i Youngstown, ().. (10). I Natchez Xatchez. MIKS .. .laif 21. (API- Tragic death y.wterdayj overtook Madame Hortepse Bougere. the improved race when it is recalled Add. to lola, $i.Oi». that the big lead the Yankees en-i January 20. 192.S. "joyed last .-veason -xvas secured and! (' B- Banta. husband of granted, held at the expeuso of these two'"' -V- -M- Banta. win. or grantor, clubs. The world champions won'. L'nd. '2 intere.>it in lot t. li.u k eighteen out of twenty-two games i lola, $1 .00. with the Red Sox and twenty-one j Frederick .1.: Patch and wife, out of twenty-two games with thei;Claia. to Fritz A.. Brinkman W. '•. MARKET! Corner Fast Monroe and Elm Stf. IOLA, KA.VS. We Want Your Poultry, Eggs and Hides ' I | \yu OIK PHOXE NUMBER IS 976 Join's Produce House Since 1911 C. O. CORUILL. Manager Browiifi in 1927. "Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit, Washlngtoii and Philadelphia all have added strength to their 1927 organizations. The Indians suffer- e<l last year becauwo I'hle, Levsen and.Smith failed to do- what was expected of thebi. i Botii I'hle and Lovsen will b« back iir form this year and in ailtUtion the Indians have more reserve pitching strength than a year ago. The psycholpg .v of the ne »v ownership will a\m liave a beneficial effect upon the work of =this club. of .VW. \i of Sec. 1. and of .V,!-:. V4 and SW.-1 of .VK. »4 I'f -Sic. 2j all in Twp.-26. Rg. I.S. ?14.i>n(). J. R. Adams «nd wife Stella .M,.', to ilerhert Johison. lot IS. block U. Tow-n of Petrolla. $l.i>o. . .AI. T. Shinn iviid wife. Knima I>;. to Edwin L. .Miller, lots 1. 2 and S. in the .VK. Vi. ^H-2C-I9. contg. 114 acres moro or l«s.^. $1 .00. James H. Htjll.vwood anil w ife. Agnes A., to XOra'J. -Spencer. All of blocks y and:4 of what was for- tnerly Brook &;Hosford's .Add., to Hunilwldt. togelher with the sti. •With the addition of Young Cii- and a|le.vs reverting to said pmp- of NW. "A. sell, tho return of Johnny Mostil erty; all in XW. to center field, the pros|)ects of ::-2 ()-lS. $1 .00. Moeberg starting the season as a I Frederick C. ^Wilson -and wife; Wird children's storv telle? 7f the Red r*"^''^"" '^a'^^er. and the presence j Phoebe M.. to Lillie C. . Perkius., | i^hiSecaS^tabllS^d^ ''^J promising young pitch- | SE. % of SE. 1^. 2s-2:,.20.. ?;,.on. camp irstabli (luring th-^ WlssIAsIppi San Francisco—Lefty Cooper,' fl^n-i. Minneapolis, won on a foir, from' This quaint old Fr.ench woman. Hoy Williams. Chicago Ci). 1 whose relativis once<owned vast estates in C^ncprdia ; Ptirish. died its jire.sent form, so far-as rules .ire. concerned, and that it should bo allowed to develop without fur- ^ ther legislation. But the coaches. ! with a stronger, representation 1 Weiehing only 12 ounces, a baby than ever before, will be on hand 1 born near Cardiff, WaleSi tho oth-, I^Svcid 1 jxaa VWiilo ^rcnnA ' «o debate this point, at any rate, er cUiy isM)elieve<I to be the small-I rirSlS IjOSe ^>niie .OeCOnU codification of the o.nilre book olil est baby in the world. rule.sjis to he undertaken this .vear. but this herculean task will not be j completed before 1929. ' ' :, Squad Wins There Yesterday from burns and: injuiv sustained while trying to rescued vr lued treasures of happier days from her burning cabin.. . : f in for Fort Scott: ancf the vlpitors defense tightenad to the limit, but lola couldn't Ije stopped. Thir.Fort S»'ott men laiie no at tempt to stall biit were* to'Ing tf> ^core again, not having made i>olnt during the final quarter. With less than two miqutes to RP lnonrtelv c Severns added a free toss to lola''-' Th" lola junior high school teams broke even in mantes won and lost yesterday with Fredonia junior high at Fi-edoiH(a yesterday afternoon. The lola firsts dropped their game during the ex- J There serms no way to keep box-^i «>rs from lating their way inio} heavier classes these d.i.v.-:;. ; -Mickey Walker, in a comparatively short time, ate his wav from g:m'e'"f ..'ro"»^"^""'-^ iiS\whr .«w^te"; s Flrnl Teamn I'Trom Walker les.i than two, .years IOLA (17) Sharp rf. ... FVJ FT P TP "'^''' bettor. With 0 2 4 '.'?'•'">" " sto ]ir -over in the mld- :i . -,0 0 (I rt 0 0 1 0 0 (I 0 Total . .7 .1 12 17 dl<iwcight division. Peto has blossomed forth at 172 pounds and an- ndunced himself a contender for light-heavyweight honors. • I,ew Tendler. a great lightweight five years ago. lias outgrown: even the welterweight clasS'. Most of the featherweight champions-In recent years have grown so rapidly that they were forceil FKEDOMA (21) i F(5 FT V TP relinquish the title without even Oolaj-, rf 1 Phllpot. rf. ...1 Blatkmore, rf. . 2 scorfe now making It 22 to 25. With -less than one minute before the final whistle Donaldson scored on . a short shot putting lola whhln .one point of tying the pcbre. Every ' man was fighting his hardest for the bialj which wan under the' Fort Scott'goal, when time was 'iailed. Brinkman of Fort Scott took Rcoring honors with fourteen points. Donaldson letul' for loh) with eight points. V - The pjime was well refereed by Walker of Illinois university who, IB scheduled to handle :jSome oth-i er-.Important games here In near future. . -Monicul, rg. HInkle, tg. Timmons. IK. Total 1 0 .0 2 1 def.'nding it. I llirJH SCllOOr. BASKETBALL . jj 'At Parsons: Kmporla 2.'., Par'.. sons 19. *(J Independence 2S. Cberryvale 13. ., Neodesba 19. Fredonia IC. _• Canev 22. Cofre.vvllle l.";. Topeka: Atchison 16: Topeka ri". ' Lawrence: Lawrence 27; Olnlhe" KILA (2.?)"""*' "^"""n; FT P TP ^""'^ -'• So O RIGINAL AND D I FFEkENX fAa/ Comparisons are Imfiossthte Franklv, .The Viaorjr has left correot practice so JBu behiod tiut compuisoos are impossible. Cbnservatiye drivers will neVer really discoTer:tha car's astpalshing resources. i HARDWARE & IMPLEMENTS IOLA-I ^J -A.r L these featoies added They will its CO; Donaldson, rf. . 2 2 6 Baker, If L.. 1 4 2 G R. Bills. If. 0 0 1 Miller, c. . 2 f. . 1 Brown, rg. . _2 0 1 4 A. Bills, rg. ;..0 0 0 0 Heinrlch. !g. .0 0 0 0 Junction City 19: Clay Center 17. i EI Dorado: Wellington 29; Eli fi.iDortido 22. Wichita: C.n body IS. Cathedral hiRli 27; Pi'i- ! St. Louis Cardinals Purchase AfiJ|or Club ' • St. Louis, Jan. 21. fAP)—Pur- cttase of,the Laurel. Miss, club of I :. thei Cotton' States baseball league hs the St. Louis Cardinals, was ' announced today. The acquisition gives Ihe SL Louis management six minor league clubs for the de- 1. .velopment of-players.; The other,clubs are at Rocbes-i,] ter..-N.; Y., liouston-, .Texas, Dan-: TQIr.' Topeka, Katisas, .and Total 11 1 2 .J FREIiaXIA (14) FC; F1 P TP Blankinship. rf. ... 0 0 :i 4 Berryntan. if. -.0 0. 0 0 Lambillate: If. ...1 1 ;t ., Brown, c. ' ..I 0 4 , •> Carter, c. ..0 0 0 1! Schoolcraft, rg. - 1 ;t 4 1'* 1 SniLs, rg. _ll 0 It 0! ^y.vgIe, Ig. . .... 0 0 0: Total - ^ 4 14 —-A 14 College Bnsiielball Scores .At Topeka: Ha .ske-ll 24; M'ash- hurn SG' At St. Mary's: St. Mar.v's 40; Sterling i:i. Xx. McPherson: McPherson ."57; Frleiyls 2r.. At Ottawa: Bilker .'59: Ottawa 26. -At Oiathe: I^ State school The Chicago White Sox htive Signed Left Goodell. a 17-year-old pitcher /rem Oklahoma, who la said to possess a marrelous curve Xew Lncntlon. 108 E. Madison. Firs?. Door East of Brinms Prnic Store. Phone I7fi CSIASUSHCD will delight ia its pidc-op and low gas aee^»— i^ort and streamline b^oty. But the magnificent, all-day speed of the car-^its faultless smoothness over clods and cobbles—are thrills that await the adTentorer! ^ \ \ Six powerful cylinders are six powerful reasonrfor ifais. A jeera /ib vital reason is the basic ViaoxyideAl For the first time>in motor car history, chassis Sind body are a unit. Floor and seats are boilrinrthe chassis. The wide Virtory chassis frame replaces the customary body sill—and eliminates dbe cas< tomary body overhang. The body itself has'only iL major parts! - * i The result is 175 less pounds, 330 less P»ns;| standard iroad and head clearance, vet a car thi>t is extremely low, steady and safe—witn a ppwer plas^ stripped for insunt and brilliant action! ; And the smartest car at the price ever creatrdl ' a SuccessfulSix now bids for Even Greater SucccM —HAR.AION HOBART. - New Fisher Bodies Sew Fenders New GMR Cylinder Head New Fuel Pump New Crankcase Ventilation New Carburetor New 4-Wheel Brakes New Manifolis and Muffler New and Greater Power ' New Crbss-fld^ Radiator J New Thermostat New Water Pump ' New Instrument Panel New Coincidental Lock New Dash Gasoline Gauf New Stop Light hfew Steering Gear New Clutch New Frame 'New Axles New Wheels 1095 4-DOOa StoAN. Tune In for Dodge BrothersJJ^to Program every. Thnrkday ftl Tirae)—XBC Bfd X«twirk. night, 7 to 7:30 (Central Sta gTUDY the new features offered in . ble this added value. These features theNewSeriesPontiacSix! Seldom-; assure smoother, snappier, more pow- has a more impressive Ii$t been offered ' erful six-^iylinder performance—gi'eat' in a single announcement on any car er safety and con»f<>rt—greater luxury whose past record proved it to be of / and owner satisfaction. They give add- sound design. And they have been add- ed vahie—theigreatest ever offered in ed without increasing the price—be- a low-priced six! Come in today—and cause Pontiac'spastsuccessmakespossi-i; see forfyourself. ELLIS MOTOR COMEANY 214 North M'ushlngton Phitne ,*VlGTOKY PODGE -p,Ka'^^ 2 .DCX)R SEDAN (MFmaarji Cou^ - - - $745 iSport Cabriolet -$795 Spori Roadster $745 .t-boor Sedan - $825 Six>rt Landau Sedan $875 All Pieces ap factory, DcU %-eTed prices include minimum "ling charges. Easyjo pay on the General Molor, Tim« KijniCTit Plan. Hobart Motor Co. 210-212 N. WASHINGTON

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