The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on August 17, 1894 · Page 9
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 17, 1894
Page 9
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Oilf the Scars Rantta, "Among the many testimonial* which t MS Id regard to certain medicine* perform. Ing cures, cleansing the blood, etc.," write* HUDSON, of the James Smith Woolen Machinery Co., Philadelphia, Pa., "none Impress me more than my owucaie. twenty years ago, at the age ol u years, 3 had Dwelling* come on my legs, which broke and became running enrUt Our family physician uould do me no good, and It was feared that the bones would be affected. At last, my good old mother urged me to try Ajrer'i Sarsap'nrllla. I took three bottles, the sores healed, and t have not been troubled since. Only the sears remain, and the memory of the past, to remind me of the good .Ayer's Sarsajmrllla hn« done me. I now •weigh two hundred and twenty pounds, nnd *m In the best of health. I have been on the toad lor the past twolvu years, Iwvn noticed Ayer's Sarsaparllla advertised In all parts of the United States, and always take pleasure In telling what pood It did for me." For the cure of all diseases originating In Impure blood, the best remedy Is . AVER'S Sarsaparilla Prepared by Dr. J. 0. Ay«r ft Co., Lowell, Man, Cures others, will cure you CALIFORNIA • And all Paoiflo Coast and Paget Bound points an reached comfortably and qniokly via Palam Drawing Boom Sleeping Oars and Tourist Sleepers leave ObioHge daily and ran throngh to San Pranoisoo without change. Personally Concerted Excursions In Tourist Sleeping Oare leave Chicago every Thursday . Bate' for a completely equipped berth from Ouioago to San Francisco, Los Angntea or Portland only 84.00. Paaeengera from points west and northwest of Chicago can join these excursions en route. Variable route excursion tickets at greatly reduced rates. • DETAILED INFORMATION APPLY TO AGENTS) CHICAGO & NORTH-WERTERN R'Y OR ADDRCaa, W. A.'THBAF,, Gen. Pass, an-1 Ticket Agent CHICAGO. 1st Day. ' 18th Day. THE GREAT 30th REVIVO RESTORES VITALITY. Made a Well Man of Me. ' produons the almve results lu'3O days. It acts ; powerfully and quickly, euros when sll others tell Young men will rcKuln their lost manhood, snd old . men will recover their youthful vigor by using 1 BEV1VO. It quickly and surely restates Nervousness, Lout Vitality, Impotoncy, Nightly ErolBSlons Lost Power, Falling Memory, Waatlut Diseases, »nc sll ettotta ot self-abuse or excess sud indiscretion • which unfits ono for study, business or marriage, I< not only euros by starting at the seat ot disease, bui Us great norvotonlo and blood builder, bring Ing back the pink glow to pale cheeks snd restoring the (Ire of youth. It ward» off Insanity •and Consumption. Insist t>n having BRVIVU, no other, 'It can be carried in vest pocket. By mall '•l.OO per package, or sll for •O.OO, with a posl **lv« written guarantee to cure or.refund She money. Circular free. Address •OVAL MEDICINE CO., 63 RUsr St., CHIC400. IU For Sale nt Carroll, Iowa, by J. V W. Hattun. TIC EW mi tfi mm w W«ltw|«MN,ll,l,, ross»«s* LUDWIO BROS., CwrroU, ANTO'S HEAD FELL OFF Prance Avenged the Death of Her Beloved President. DIED SHOUTING FOR A3AROHY, Be Declined to flee • Priest—He Could Hardly Stand HU Limb* Were Ho Stiff •nd Cold Prom Fright—Shed Dean When Spoken to About Hit Mother—Other Foreign Ifnwi. LYONS, Aug. !«.—The republic of France avenged the death of her belored president at 4:55 Thursday morning, at Which hour Santo was guillotine on the public square. With the cry of "vive 1' inarchie" on his lips, the head of the tretnbling assassin was severed from the body by the keen blade, and another anarchist had died for a mistaken cause. There were no unusual demonstrations attending the execution. The news of the decision to execute Santo in the early morning spread rapidly notwithstanding the efforts of the officials to keep it secret, The wineshops and restaurants in the vicinity were crowded all the evening with people, who proposed to witness the execution. Tested the Guillotine Twice. At midnight, however, these people were compelled to leave their places of shelter as the tavern keepers had strict orders to close at that hour and the streets leading to the prison were occupied by troops. This precaution was taken to prevent any attempts at violence on the part of the anarchist*. •Airro. THE AssAssnr. Santo would have to walk 611 yards from his cell to the scaffold which was erected in the square facing the prison. When the preparations of Deibler had been completed, he twice tested the guillotine and pronounced it satisfactory. It was then 4:!!5 and the crowds closed in around the guillotine. When daylight arrived the square and the streets nearby were thronged by people. Declined Food or Drink. Escorted by a squad of gens d'armes, M. Ranx, the governor of the prison, wakened Santo, saying to him: "Courage, Santo, the hour has or rived." The condemned man with a great effort raised himself, his face turned livid and his hands and limbs trembled convulsively, despite his great effort to appear careless to his fate. This trembling continued until the last moment. He could hardly stand and his limbs were so stiff from cold one! fright that his clothes were put on him with utmost difficulty. In reply to the governor whether he would have breakfast, Santo declined either food or drink. He also refused religious consolation from the priest. At 4:50 Santo was led out of his cell by the guards, He trembled as he emerged from the prison and had to be assisted to the scaffold. His face was deadly pale. As he was being fastened down he cried, "Vive el an* archie." Teeth Chattered With Fright. Asked whether he desired to speak to the judge, be answered in the negative. Ho also declined to see a priest. Have yon any last wishes to communicate? he was asked. "No," he answered, "only send iny letters to mother," When Governor Rans spoke to Santo of his mother the condemned man's eyes filled with tears and be nearly choked with emotion. He soon regained his habitual Indifference, although, still pallid am! trembling. From this moment he saU nothing ino/e. When he was assisted to the wagon he was in a moat pitiable con ditiou. His knew* shook together and his teeth chattered. The command to fix bayonets no* sounded from squadron to squadron ol troops, while murmurs arose from the evergrowing crowd, Diebler and his assistants aud the officials issued fkora the prison at 4:90 o'clock. At the command to "present arms" and "draw swords" the wagon issued from the building and took up a place on the left side of the guillotine. The assistants fixed the gangway. When Baato appeared, walking w*M» extreme dittoulty bis open ablrt displayed his breast, frail M4 bony, Us eyes were nrst fixed on tU* guillotine and (ken wandered to the troops and the crowds. He uttered the cries: "Ooarage mes oosjurade." "Vir l'anarchie,"butlhesoand Issued feebly from bU doted teeth and was aoai •ndibie beyond th* tow. The word* were hardly uMend when Banto was sebud and pushed towards the bascule. Be made a weble struggle aid fell. His wsight was much too light and bis eieouttoaers ware oomaelled to raise Win and thrust bin forward. He made a»»Mwr fraatio woyeweot obliging Deibier to oowe to the assU tauoeoriits assistants and place Santo under the/ luutette. Much time wa« thus taken up. At l«st De'Uer pr«ftwJ the bundle and released the knife. A short, sharp sound announoad the wvw auou of vurtobrae, a spurt of blooJ •p4uU«d tbu wagou, tuo bead fell into the basket of sawjliut aud the body wan rolled into suotber. Bravos souwdut from the crowd wbiobswuiedlesjaiaovod tha» at arOJuitrjr swwuHww. •< 5 <6 BETWEEN TWO FIRES. -Philadelphia Record. She Couldn't Walt. t«d»—"1 wsnt to alt for a picture," Artist-"! shall be very glad to paint you, It you will watt a week, utilHl flnl»h the one I am it work on now," Lady—"Oh I my. 1 couldn't wait that long. Why, I promised to be home to dinner at five •'clockr "hat's the trouble with tome people. they have no time to wait lor results. Some women will take a dose 01 so of Dr. Pterce's Favorite Prescription and expect to feel well Immediately. True, some nnd marvelous speed? effects from a Ingle dose, but chronic diseases, which bave lad possession of the system for jests, cannot be cured In a day. Persevere with It and It will cure you, ladles, of all the Ills you suffer from, nunranteed to cure In all cases of nervousness, spasms, chorea, Irregularities, painful periods and kindred ailments. KoberV L tttirt'irrls, tAriiterl'y a prominent politician of Kansas, was murdered mul thrown from n boarding house win".'i to. the <treot i-,t.Perry, Q. T. • Buoklen's Arnica Salve The best salve in the world for Cute, Braise*, tores, Ulcers, SaitRhenm, Fever Bores,Tetter, Chapped Bands, Chilblains, Corns and si* Skin Krnptlons, and positively cures Piles or BO pay required. It Is gnaranted to give perfect sallsfaetloa or money refunded. Price Herat* perboz. For sale b J. W. Bitton. MAY SEND EZETA BACK. Bennington Awaiting Orders From Washington Officials. BEYOND THE THBEE MILE LIMIT. Believed the Refugees From Salvador Will Be Transferred to an Outgoing Vessel on the Hlf h Seas and Will Not B* Allowed to Set Foot on American Soil — Bute's Attorneys Active In His Bshstlf. SAN PIUWCISOO, Aug. ifl.— It became known Wednesday that the United States gunboat Bennington, having on board ex-President Antonio Ezeta and three other fugitives from Ban Salvador, was sighted about 80 miles from the Golden Grate. The Bennington was overhauled by the tugboat Sea King, flying a special navy signal and bearing Lieutenant Stcmey, aide to the commandant at Mare Island navy yard. Stoney delivered the dispatches from Washington, ordering the Bennington to remain outside until further instructions should be received from Washington. Lieutenant Stoney found the Bennington so short of provisions that all on board bad been curtailed in their allowance. The Sea King at once returned to port and soon put to sea again with a big supply of fruit, vegetables, bread, fresh meat and other supplies for the Bonnmgton^ .At the United States district attorney's office it is stated that no charges have been filed and no communication bos been received from Washington in regard to the matter. Assistant District Attorney Knight stated that be supposed the question would be dealt with by the department of state and that Ezeta and his companions have probably been extradited, as the charges againt thorn include murder, arson and embezzlement, all of which are mentioned in the treaty with San Salvador. The steamer City of Sydney sails for Central American ports next Saturday and ic is the opinion of Mr. Knight that if the warrants arrive in time the refugees will be transferred from the Beaningtou to her decks and will never set foot on San Francisco soil. The attorneys that have been employed for Ezeta are very active, however, and it is believed here that they will at least attempt to institute habeas corpus proceedings, To guard absolutely against any appeal to the courts by the attorneys for the refugees, it is hinted that the government authorities may keep the Bennington beyond the 8-mile limit un til the sailing of the City of Sydney and when the latter vessel has sailed beyond the jurisdiction of the United States courts, the four refugees will be trans ferred to her decks on the high seas and given into the custody of officers from Ban Salvador. JASON COLE ASSASSINATED. •hot by M Unknown Kuciuy Wiillo Worfc- iBf In Ills Field. HYANNIB, Nab., Aug. Itt.-Jasoa Cole, who resides HO miles north from Hyannis, was murdered by being shot through tuo head. Cole was cutting hay when ho received the fatal shot, and was found sitting on the mower, the team baviug stopped. The assassin is unknown. Cole leaves a wife nnd two children trad was the sou at the Cole who was kllltxl ut Hastings some two years ago. His romuiiu wero shipped (rout Hyanuis to Hustings. Mur<lvr lu lit* Vint U««r«e. PIMTTMIOUTII, Neb,, Aug. 10,— The ooronor'tt jury in the Bobbins case re. turuod a vordlot holding Lindsay (or murder in the first degree and Uriswold at ait accessory. The names of the seconds, Rothery and O'Neill, were uot mentioued iu the verdict, is on , O., Aug. l».-Frauk H. Stanwood, Uw Chicago bicyclist, who loft that city Saturday afternoon for New York City, arrived here on time. Be septets to make New York in eight days, breaking the record, lie is averaging IDA pilot a day. _ Twenty-Si* Movloot Hviwlvad. DM MOINKS, Aug. 16.— Twenty-six novices w«re received into the Bisters of Charity and 19 young ladies into the noviate. Tue order now numbers (40, audits uiiuloni extended from Chicago to Ban Francisco. _ taw|||sw In UelUlb County, SPBiNQPiicu), Ills., Aug. 10,— A case of virulent siuullpoxUHa Ueeu reported to the stste hoard of health from near e- noa. PeJUIb county. PwrUes «t | Edgar county, report smallpox near that place. _ Iowa Tonns; People In Session. MASON CITY, la., Aug. 16.— The eighth annual meeting of the Northern Iowa Union Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor opened a three days' session at Decorah with a big attendance. _ Crazed by Bnslnera Reverses. CLAY CENTER, Neb., Aug. 16. — Will lam Foy was declared insane and Sheriff Davis conveyed him to the asylum at Lincoln. Business reverses and loss of property seem to havebeqi) the cause. Want Him Removed. SiocxCiTY, la,, Aug. IB.— The citizens committee filed a petition for re moval of A. E. Epps of the board of supervisors from office on grounds of dishonesty and corruption. Dennis Morton Drops Dead. BURLINGTON, la., Aug. 16. — Dennis Norton, a pioneer commissiou merchant, dropped dead today on the street of bear) disease.' He was 70 years old aud came to Burlington in Idaho Democratic Convention. BOISE, Aug. !<».— In the Democrat state convention, Joseph C. Rich ol Montpelier was elected temporary chairman and A. H. Alford of Lewiston secretary. Texan* Inrtorne Cleveland. DALLAS, Aug. 16.— The Democratic itate convention adopted a resolution ndors'mg Cleveland straight out ant against 1« to 1 silver. _ ANARCHISTS FOR REVENUE. •orned Down or Blew Up Chicago IIoosss For the Insursme*. CHICAOO, Aug. 16.— Carl Herlitz and wife were held over to the grand jury under bonds of |?>,060 and |M,000 respectively on charges of arson. Herlitz plead guilty to the charge, but bis wife denied her guilt. The couple have been living at Washington Heights and it was declared by Fire Inspector Conway in court that they are at the head of a gang of anarchists who have been guilty ol committing anarchistic offenses, not only for sentiment, but for revenue to be derived therefrom. They bad been carrying out their anarchist theories by burning down or blowing op houses to secure insurance. After the proceedings in court Herlitz made a full confession. He said he cami here from Now Orleans five years ago and met it man named Scharf, who in structed hint in anarchistic doctrines Later Scharf suggested that the mos rational way to secure reprisals for oapl talistic robbery was to get after the in surunce companies. Bombs and othw anarchistic paraphernalia were adopted for use and operations were commenced, ( ''.-..'hart did the preliminary work, but 1 -it the actual firing to Horlitc and was 1 1 receive A per cent of the money recovered from the insurance company Herlitz said that Scharf had many other pupils and derived a good revenue on the o per cent. It is claimed that the compensation of Herlits for each ore for which he was responsible U $100, Invsstliatlnf Printers' lloto*. PvKBix), Colo., Aug. Itt.— The visiting committee of the Chllds-Drexol Printers Home at Colorado Springs is waking a thorough investigation of the management of the home. The matter was brought to a fuous by Joseph Couway 01 Kansas City an ininate, who filed notice with the Bupeiinteudunt W. C. Suhu man, that he would bring charges through New York Typographical Union No. 0 against him, Mrs. Bohuuian, the matron, Nina Campbell, a nurse, and A. p. Bhutton and A. D. Martin, Inmates alleging oonspirauy with threat* aiw ill treatment, _ IsMUf**4 Krarr flank Aug. W.— The National Democratic N plank of the Obi that — " po league indorsed every leago platform and stated with the Democrat!* party wouM bring about a better under. standing between tue races of theaouth and would inally secure for tue negro political recognition, for which be to ooo- leading, , Htirtod lu Iks Ruin*. BUPA PKSTII, Aug. Itt.— The new Handel's bank building at Sxuthmu Ntuunth QollupBtHl. burying Itt workmen in the rains. Five of them woru extricatix! severely injured. It is feared tlio othora are dead, A.* a, ramtt'StW iR,:,;;te»iritttlon of President Carnot, 'European Kovernments will probably take untied action against the A Household Treasure. D. W. Fuller, of Ctisnajohrle, N.Y., Barn that ]o always keeps Dr. King's Mew Discovery In the loase and bis family has always found the very best results follow Us use; tbat he would not be without It, If procurbale. (T. A. Dykeman, drag- gist, Oatsklll, N. Y., sars that Dr. King's New Discovery Is undoubtedly the best cough remedy; that he has used In his family for elgbt years, and It has never failed to do all that Is claimed [or It. W by not try a remedy so long tried and tested. Trial bottles free at J. W. Hatton's drug sture. Regular size 50o and 11.00. Frank G. Stephens was awarded $3,500 damages at Valparaiso. Ind., for injurie. received by aa. «ngiu« ™ *»» MonOB «>"*« Uoriloaui. BORDEAUX, Aug. 10.— A passunger on board u stoaiushii) which recoutly arrived bore froiu Murfloillui, died of Specimen Oases. S. H. Clifford, Now Caasel, Wls.,vras troubled with neuralgia and rheumatism, his stomach was disordered, bis liver was effected to an alarming degree, appetite (ell away, and ho was terribly reduced In flesh and strength, Three bottles of tilectrlo Bitters cured him, Edward Shepard, Harrleburg, 111., hud S rnnnlng sore on bis log of elghtyears' standing. Used three bottles of Electric Bitters and seven boxes of Bncklen's arnica salve, and his leg is sound and well. John Speaker, Oatawba, O., had five large (over sores on his leg, doctors said he was Incurable. One bottle Electric Bit tors and one box Buckleu's arnica salve cured him entirely. Sold at J. W. Hatton's drug store. • _ 8 Ciio 'jUasslllon (Ohio) district will be consolidated so as to enable tin owners to operate them more cheaply. Illinois druKgixtg are holding their an nua' convention at Pcoriu. C. S. Argo, a Sioux City lawyer, swnri at the investigation of county official.*that be paid three supervisors toO each, tc allow a bill for liis (Inn. JCra, Judy* Jtok Dyspepsia Mr*. Judge t»eok Tells How •h* WM Cured Sufferer* from Uyauopala should read the following letter from Mm. H. M. Peck, wife ol Judge Peek, a Justice at Tracy, Cat., aud a writer connected with tbe Associated Presit "By a deep sense ol gratitude for tbe great benefit I have received from the use of Hood's Sartaparltla, I have been led to write lie following statement for the benefit of sufferers who may be slmllarh afllioted. For IB years I have b*eu a groat suflurer from dyspepsia and Hoart Trouble. Almost everything I ala would distress as. tried different treatments and medicines, bu failed to realize relief. Two years ago a frlenc prevailed upon me t*) try Hood's Barr The first bottle I noticed helped me, Uausd Uklug IU It did me so much a my friends spoke ol Uie Improvement. 1 have received such great benefit from It that Gladly Ms>oomms>nd It. I now have an eicelleut appetite and nothing I It also keeps up nsj sal ever distresses uw. Hood's^Cures flesh and strength. I cannot pralsa Hood's garuparllla too inuoh." MMS. O. M. Faca, fraojf, California. OelUOOD'H. Mood's) Fills «r« hand mads, sad p*rtMl la proportion and apixsmtoe. Ho. a bos. $1000 In luouuy; also olhor valuable llWIUlUIUIl tOgOOllKUriMM. l)«se Lull «iithu«lasu, this Is youi' o uorluulljr. 8«e odor UUUK AND CUL'NT M.1UA/.1NK. 1'tlcoaio. «ll nowsdcaler*; or B3 ou- RY K«st lOlli »troet, Now York, 8-11 A. CUP OK BHU!*' TEA (tho flieaixiH, uur- tuil and best) SHU be prv|isred Instantly trout Uibli COMfilT'S btnei il Hit. There's only one genuine kind aud Ibal you can stiow bjr the sliualura lu blue ou every j»r THINACURA For Thin People AHK VUU TIIIN? »'l«»h made with Thluitours lablvts by s »ol«u tltto uieoMs. They vrunw iwrteut a*«liul>alluu ol evetj (utw ut fowl, Mwailiui (b« vitluabl* lisru mid UUo«rdlUK Ui i «orUtl«is. Tb«y Ukks ihlti faoes |iluuiv aud round out Ui» ayure. Tun ttlo (tio STAM>AIU> ItKAIIfiDV for Ivaiiiuwt, ooutululini tio utsoulo, tud »U»o- I'rlw, iiwimtd, |1 yor Uoi, tt for <0- I'tiiuvUlxt. "UOW TO «BT VAT." «roe TU« TUIN40Ua« CO., Hit) Utotdwiy, OR, DOWNING This well known And successful sneelsllttIB Chronic and Nervous diseases and diseases el he Kye and Ear, by request of many friend* Mid parents, will visit CARROLL, IOWA Saturday, August 25 Burke'a Hotel One day only every month. Consultation ffM. DR. DOWNING author of -Nervous Debility," "Generatt Kzanstlon, Us Cause and Cure," etc. This Skillful and Reliable SPECIALIST Well and favorably known throughout Ike northwest for the many wonderful cures of ail forms of CHRONIC^ NERVOUS DISEASES blob he has effected that had baffled the skOr of ether physicians and specialists. He Cures When Others Fail. Diseases of Eyes and Bars, Grannlated Lids. Oataract. Cross Eyes straightened without pain or danger, Discharging Ears, Deafness etc.. Diseases of Nose and throat, Catarrh; Bronchitis, Asthma, etc. Diseases of Stomach and Liver, Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn, Bllllonsness, Jaundice, etc. Kidney and Blad* J«r Troubles, Blood and Skin Diseases, Scrof • ola, Pimples, Blotches, Eczema, Ulcers, eta, Nervous Diseases, Headache, Hysteria, Insota* nla, Lack of Vitality, Langor, Nervousness. Rheumatism, Neuralgia, etc. Dlsesses of Women, Deformities. Surgical operations of all kinds successfully performed. Vomit; aud Middle Aged Men Suffering from Lost Manhood, Nervous or Physical Debility, Seminal Weakness, Lost Vigor. Decline of Manly Powers, Drains, Discharges) or Losses, Varlcocele, and all the train of evils resulting from Excesses, Errors In Youth, et«. producing some of the following effects, a* Nervousness, Emissions, Pimples, Blotches. Debility, Dizziness. Defective Memory, Absence of Will Power, Oodtnslon of Ideas, Aversion to incloty. Sexual Exhaustion. Pain In the Back, uto., blighting the most radiant hopes, rendsr- derlng marriage unhappy and business a fall , lire; sweeping thousands to an untimely grave .Vo matter who has failed, consult the Doctor. Ha has cured thousands who have given up u despair. A perfect restoration. Consultations sacredly confidential. Deiayrstc dangerous. MARRIAGE. Those contemplating marriage who are aware of physical defects o* weakness which would render marriage a dls- appointment would do well to call on us. FREE examination of the Urine, chomleal and microscopical In all oases of Kidney Disease, Brlght's Disease, Dlulwtes, and Bparma- torihoaa. Bring specimen. REMARKABLE Cures perfected in old eases which h»ve been neglected or unskilfully treated. No experiments or failure. Parlies treated by mall or express: buj where possible personal consultation preferred. Oases and correspondence strictly confidential and medicine sent to anj part of the United States. List of questions free. A4- ress wltbnostage, DR. DOWNING. 1 West Madison Street, Chicago, Ills. nai In 20 to •s by a .. . — jrlo Remedy, under I guarnutoo. backed by fWO.OOO capital. 1'osl-1 tlvo proofs nud 100 page book, Illustrated] from llfu from people cured, free by mall I When Hot Springs and mercury fall, our I Mua-lo llomedy will cure. ' COOK REMEDY CO., CHICaOO. IU.J LOST MANHOOD RESTORED. UISJ Tlio VISV Korvlnu knuwa. Suit! with * wrilMai uuanuttra to euro alt n*rvou» i tlon, I.niu of Bnln HOWIT, . ( hotnl. Nltrlttly LOWM. us, Lack ofCunilUcm'c.lJuuiiuiliiauil »ll' DnUa* '" tif ll.i* ^)-ioruitvourv»n« luv"* w^. VAUMH! by wrt > ri*x"rtluu,yuutltfulcrron».tb0oac«s* •'vcuwot toUacca, o|tlum op ptliuulant*, which nooai <c*d 10 Inuulijrur uuni>uiii|)ll»ii. 1'ut up to carry "> tho TM| pocket. Hutu hy mull In |il»l» packaoo M 4iiy vMruafurSI, or >l . fur M. XV.'glvo »\>rliu« n-arantiw f> euro or r> luuit il»< uiuiiuv. Circular* irssk - • NATIONAL MKDlOlNH CO.. 110 aiaUlsou h".., Cliluagu, U* ror Issis In Carroll or J. W. nation. BOOOE, PRAZBB *CO. 315 MIALTO. CHICAGO. Msmbsn of Ins Bbiei|oBoirdo( PHOVISIONi •ad STOCKS DORM ixoHANaa BANK! Marktt L«tt«r Fresu NEW HARNESS SHOP THBO. O8TEN, Prop. aa sntiNjnswfsnd oonpliu stock ot «.N«rnfM, Siddlet, Fly Nell Aad sntitnlo« ususllf oonuined tu s Hr*l Vhlt lilad, Allwwk warrautwl tu us Orsl cl»ss lu evurjr particular. Neatly aud t'kesolr — UIVK UK A THUL. — Opposlle llurke'B hotel. _ CaffOll. PARTIES lutereated iu Grain, Provieioub ttud Stociw WATCH 1), O..GO,, Chicttgc

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