The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 10, 1997 · Page 22
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 22

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 10, 1997
Page 22
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SATURDAY, MAY 1O, 1997 SPORTS THE SALINA JOURNAL AREA TRACK AMD FIELD HONOR ROLL Boys 100-METER DASH Green, Salina Central (5A) Newman, Salina Central (5A) Spies, Trego (3A) Esslinger, Concordia (4A) Felver, Goodland (4A) Nevins, Concordia MA) Moore, Hays (5A) Pfeiter, Colby (4 A) Wright, Triplains (1A) Burk, Goodland (4A) Haworth, Hays (5A) 200-METER DASH Newman, Salina Central (5A) Green, Salina Central (5A) Moore, Hays (5A) Esslinger, Concordia (4A) Felver, Goodland (4A) McPheeters, Colby (4A) Wright, Triplains (1A) Burk, Goodland (4A) Nevins, Concordia (4A) Haworth. Hays (5A) Grace, Beloit (4A) Spies, Trego (3A) 400-METER DASH Larson, Salina Central (5A) Wright, Triplains (1 A) Felver, Goodland (4A) Grace, Beloit (4A) Chance, Bennlngton (1A) Schaffer, TMP-Marian (4A) McReynolds, Stockton (2A) Schwab, Salina Central (5A) Broeckelman, Oakley (3A) Brown, St. John's-Beloit (1A) 000-METER RUN Bishop, Smoky Valley (4A) Blochlinger, Minneapolis (3A) Kemper, Logan (1A) Scheetz, Colby (4A) Egan, Salina Central (5A) Bossert, Colby (4A) Rush, Brewsler(IA) Foltz, Abilene (4A) Ca.Smith, Ellsworth (4A) Augustine, Hays (5A) 1,600-METER RUN Bishop, Smoky Valley (4A) Blochlinger, Minneapolis (3A) Foltz, Abilene (4A) T WINSTON 500 10.49 10.56 10.72 10.87 10.87 10.90 10.91 10.91 10.98 11.00 11.00 21.70 22.30 22.34 22.40 22.40 22.47 22.58 22.63 22.75 22.90 22.90 22.90 50.02 50.73 51.10 51.11 51.38 51.87 52.07 52.10 52.13 52.13 1:58.54 1:59.88 2:00.31 2:01.26 2:02.40 2:02.60 2:03.84 2:04.10 2:04.30 2:04.34 4:29.35 4:30.12 4:38.00 Janke, Chapman (4A) 4:38.60 Wahlgren, Salina South (5.A) 4:41.20 Deeds, Hays (5A) 4:41.52 Martin, Ell-Saline (2A) 4:44.13 Moos, Salina Central (5A) 4:44.81 Douglas, Abilene (4A) 4:45.20 Young, Salina Central (5A) 4:45.22 3,200-METER HUN Blochlinger, Minneapolis (3A) 10:09.74 Orozco, Ellsworth (4A) 10:13.30 Douglas, Abilene (4A) 10:16.70 Janke, Chapman (4A) 10:21.90 Craig, Southeast of Saline (3A) 10:22.70 Weber, Hoxie (3A) 10:23.05 Engelbert, Beloit (4A) 10:25.10 Chattield, Belleville (3A) 10:25.30 Porter, Quinter (2A) 10:26.86 Bossert, Colby (4A) 10:27.65 110-METER HURDLES Penn, McPherson (5A) 14.67 Braun, Russell (4A) 14.87 Strnad, Belleville (3A) 15.02 Cullens, Sharon Springs (1A) 15.03 Carlson, Atwood (2A) 15.08 Getting, Tescott(1 A) 15.16 Claycamp, Hillcrest (1A) 15.22 Unger, Obertin (3A) 15.22 Lewis, Concordia (4A) 15.68 Paul, Chapman (4A) 15.70 Carter, Oakley (3A) 15.70 300-METER HURDLES Riley, Hill City (2A) 39.90 Cox, Norton (3A) 40.60 Carlson, Atwood (2A) 40.88 Paul, Chapman (4A) 40.90 Cullens, Sharon Springs (1 A) 41.16 Ross, Plainville (2A) 41.20 Braun, Russell (4A) 41.28 Lohr, Goodland (4A) 41.35 Lewis, Concordia (4A) 41.38 Stiles, McPherson (5A) 41.43 400-METER RELAY Salina Central (5A) 42.66 Concordia (4A) 43.69 Hays (5A) 44.10 Salina South (5A) 44.11 Goodland (4 A) 44.15 Trego (3A) 44.16 Beloit (4A) 44.59 Clay Center (4A) 44.60 Colby (4A) 44.61 Norton (3A) 44.75 1,600-METER RELAY Salina Central (5A) 3:24.10 Salina South (5A) 3:28.79 Hays (5A) 3:28.80 Thomas More Prep-Marian (4A) 3:30.08 Colby (4A) 3:31.00 Goodland (4A) 3:33.10 Hill City (2A) 3:33.37 Concordia (4A) 3:34.21 Oakley (3A) 3:34.60 SI. Francis (2A) 3:34.91 3,200-METER RELAY Salina Central (5A) 8:08.00 Thomas More Prep-Marian (4A) 8:11.30 Chapman (4A) 8:27.50 Smith Center (3A) 8:33.10 Ellis (2A) 8:36.00 Beloit (4A) 8:36.10 Colby (4A) 8:37.32 Bennington (1A) 8:43.79 St. Francis (2A) 8:44.03 Hays (5A) 8:48.65 DISCUS Thompson, Beloit (4A) 186-3 Jones, Logan (1A) 169-7 Hake, SI. John's-Beloit (1A) 168-0 Condray, Minneapolis (3A) 160-9 Seyfert, Beloit (4A) 159-11 R.Philpot, Norton (3A) 151-10 Vopat, Russell (4A) 151-5 N.Philpot, Norton (3A) 144-3 Taylor, Colby (4 A) 143-2 Fell, Lucas-Luray (2A) 142-7 HIGH JUMP Wurtz, Clifton-Clyde (2A) 6-5 Kanitz, McPherson (5A) 6-5 Dolton, Lucas-Luray (1 A) 6-5 Anderson, Plainville (2A) 6-4 Faylor, St. Francis (2A) 6-4 Hale, McPherson (5A) 6-4 Lange, Beloit (4A) 6-4 Mauck, Hoxie (3A) 6-4 Zotti, Herington (3A) 6-4 Sears, Colby (4A) 6-4 JAVELIN Klndler, While Rock (1A) 212-2 Joy, Hillcrest (1A) 201-6 Rohr, Hanover (1A) 191-8 File, Beloil (4A) 189-9 Garman, Jewell (1 A) 187-3 Rice, Sacred Heart (2A) 185-8 Heri, Victoria (2A) 185-0 Stewart, Smith Center (3A) 181-6 Allen, Salina South (5A) Longoria, Chapman (4A) LONG JUMP Spies, Trego (3A) Brown, SI. John's-Beloit (1A) Barta, Smith Center (3A) Newman, Salina Central (5A) Moore, Hays (5A) Ziegler, Trego (3A) Green, Salina Central (5A) Williams, Norton (3A) Gray, Beloit (4A) Kemper, Logan (1 A) Wilson, Oakley (3A) POLE VAULT Burgess, Concordia (4A) Klima, Belleville (3A) Je.Hett, Marion (3A) Moss, Hoxie (3A) Young, St. Francis (2A) Werth, Quinter (2A) J.KIndel, Concordia (4A) Q.Kindel, Concordia (4A) Knox, Clifton-Clyde (2A) Baker, Washington (2A) SHOT PUT Seyfert, Beloit (4A) Thompson, Beloit (4A) Hake, St. John's-Beloit (1 A) Slavik, Kensington (1A) Boyle, Norton (3A) Burns, Clay Center (4A) Jones, Chapman (4A) Shaver, Hays (5A) Schneider, Trego (3A) Wann, Russell (4A) TRIPLE JUMP Brown, St. John's-Beloit (1 A) Gray, Beloit (4A) Riley, Hill City (2A) Huntsinger, Mankato (2A) Burgess, Concordia (4A) Kemper, Logan (1A) Reves, Washington (2A) Barta, Smith Center (3A) Wurtz, Clifton-Clyde (2A) Ziegler, Trego (3A) Girls 100-METER DASH Eck, St. John's-Beloit (1 A) Chartier, McPherson (5A) 181-1 178-3 23-1 1 % 23-4% 22-1 21-8!4 21-8% 21-6 V. 21-5 21-3% 21-3% 20-11% 20-11% 13-2 13-1 13-0 13-0 13-0 13-0 12-8 12-8 12-8 12-7V4 63-2 60-4% 55-4 52-1 51-8 50-6% 50-4 V: 50-3% 49-9 49-6 '.'2 45-10 44-2 43-11 43-9% 43-8 <A 42-10% 42-8% 42-8 '/< 42-7 42-5 % 12.52 12.61 Talladega among circuit's most dangerous tracks Majority of races over last five years has been marred by accidents By EDDIE PELLS The Associated Press TALLADEGA, Ala. — One wedding was rescheduled, one surgery postponed. One driver lost a shot at $23,000 while another gained a new perspective on what had been a disappointing 1997. The circumstances surrounding the rescheduled Winston 500 have changed since the racers left April 28, after sitting through two straight days of rain. They returned Friday and were greeted by — what else — rain. A good-sized thunderstorm came through in the morning, followed by cloudy skies early in the afternoon. But the skies cleared and the track was dry for practice. The raceday forecast today calls fpr highs in the 70s, unseasonably cool for this time of year, but no rain. If the weather holds, the racers would be able to travel home for Mother's Day, a traditional day off on the Winston Cup circuit. Regardless of the date, the race is considered among the circuit's most important, and the track, among its most dangerous. The majority of races at Talladega Su- perspeedway over the last five years has been marred by at least one bad accident. At the 1993 Winston 500, Rusty Wallace's car was bumped from behind by Dale Earnhardt during a scramble for the finish. Wallace's car flipped 10 times and was airborne when it crossed the finish line in sixth place. Wallace has come no closer to a win since at Talladega, and says the track makes him and just about everybody else nervous. "Everybody comes here thinking, 'Man, we're going to keep it straight. We're not going to have any problems,' " Wallace said. "But when you take 42 cars and put them within three and four inches of each other and they stay stuck that way, that's something. That's when you start having problems." All starting positions from the original qualifying date will remain the same. That means John Andretti still has the pole in his Ford even though a win wouldn't be worth as much to him. He would have received a ,7 Talladega ///////, Superspeedway Built to be the biggest, fastest and most competitive motorsports facility in the world, the track opened as Alabama International Motor Speedway in September 1969. Records for both speed ^^^H^^^ -r n and competition have been —^e^^^e^ rum 2 established at Talladega. Turn 3 BankingTrioval: 18° Comers: 33° Talladega Montgomery I Superspeedway WINSTON 500 TRACK LENGTH: 2.66 miles RACE LENGTH: 188 laps, 500 miles DEFENDING CHAMP: Sterling Marlin RACE RECORD: Bill Elliott, 186.288 mph, set May 5,1985 QUALIFYING RECORD: Bill Elliott, 212.809 mph, set April 30, 1987 $30,600 bonus in addition to the $93,000 winner's purse had he won the race when it was originally scheduled. But because Mark Martin won last week's Sears Point race from the pole, the bonus, which increases by $7,600 each time the polesitter fails to win, resets to its $7,600 starting point. The postponement provided some other interesting twists: • Anticipating two weeks off, Alabama native Steve Grissom scheduled surgery for his broken right foot for last Monday. He postponed it so he would be ready to go today. Doctors said this week that the foot, broken in a crash April 13 at Bristol, Tenn., is healing so well that it might not require the surgery. As he planned to in April, Grissom will race with an air cast on the foot. He said the cast hasn't hampered his ability to drive. • Joe Nemechek, who failed to qualify, will take Robby Gordon's place in the starting lineup. Gordon skipped out on the race so he could be participate in qualifying at the Indianapolis 500. Gordon qualified in the 32nd spot, but Nemechek will have to start at the back of the field be- AP cause of the driver change. •Finally, Talladega native Wendy Mullinax was set to be married at a church right across from the raceway Friday, a day before the wedding was originally scheduled. When the Mullinax family heard the race had been rescheduled to her wedding day, they saw no way their wedding party could compete with race traffic. Track President Grant Lynch said he couldn't change the race date, but the track helped print new invitations and paid to reschedule the photographer for a day earlier. The wedding was set some 3'A hours after the drivers were through with practice across the street. The Screen Factory SCREENS 1-800-825.9202 Across From Farmers Coop BILLS BILLS BILLS CONSOLIDATE r$10,000- $110/mo. to S&O.OOO - $55O/mo. NO EQUITY REQUIRED 1 .•00-819.7010 HOME OWNERS ONLY NATIONWIDE LENDING CORP. Hours: 8:00 am-8:00 pm Loans Shown Based on 11.99% 20 Year Term at 12.39% APR. ORE LIC #0101969 (AD016) FAIRCHILD PROMOTIONS I Sofcwft presents This Saturday Night Unocal Night at the races Gains Open 5:30 pm - Races Start 7:30 pm FUN for the WHOLE FAMILY! IMCA Modified, Pro Stock A/ftv lower PtUe§: Strictly Stock, Mini Stock Adults: $6 Dwarf Cars Kids 6-14: $2, Under 5: Free, West on Crawford St., South on Burma Rd. For info: (913) 829-0077 Williams, Salina Central (5A) 12.65 Kuhn, Smith Center (3A) 12.68 Mitum, Minneapolis (3A) 12.82 Anderson, Concordia (4A) 12.83 Hain, Hillsboro (3A) 12.84 Wilcox, Marion (3A) 12.87 Terry, McPherson (5A) 12.90 Stams, TMP-Marian (4A) 12.92 200-METER DASH Eck, SI. John's-Beloit (1A) 26.42 Terry, McPherson (5A) 26.60 Milum, Minneapolis (3A) 26.65 Kahrs, Clay Center (4A) 26.67 Anderson, Concordia (4A) 26.77 Roe, Ellsworth (4A) 26.91 Brockman, Clay Center (4A) 26.93 Vanek, TMP-Marian (4A) 26.94 Balluch, Beloit (4A) 26.97 McDonald, Stockton (2A) 27.07 400-METER DASH Terry, McPherson (5A) 58.98 Huncovsky, Oakley (3A) 1:00.33 Grace, Beloit (4A) 1:00.37 Roe, Ellsworth (4A) i.00.39 Teeter, Grlnnell (1A) 1:00.58 Vanek, TMP-Marian (4A) 1:01.09 Rock, Chapman (4A) 1:01.70 Brockman, Clay Center (4A) 1:01.84 Scoville, Salina South (5A) 1:02.10 Frost, Salina Central (5A) 1:02.25 800-METER RUN Kahrs, Clay Center (4A) 2:21.27 Roe, -Ellsworth (4A) 2:23.88 Williams, Salina Central (5A) 2:25.80 Block, Clay Center (4A) 2:27.89 Grace, Beloit (4A) 2:28.73 Barnes, Smilh Center (3A) 2:29.31 Ferguson, Clay Center (4A) 2:29.49 Slrecker, Hays (5A) 2:30.50 Huncovsky, Oakley (3A) 2:31.12 Shields, Goodland (4A) 2:31.31 1,600-METER RUN Barnes, Smith Center (3A) 5:24.50 Ferguson, Clay Center (4A) 5:26.46 Williams, Salina Central (5A) 5:26.60 Cott, Clay Center (4A) 5:31.18 Block, Clay Center (4A) 5:33.14 Nelson, Solomon (1 A) 5:33.80 Smith, McPherson (5A) 5:34.56 Christians, Beloit (4A) 5:35.10 Fiene, Smith Center (3A) 5:38.40 Cole, Washington (2A) 5:38.80 3,200-METER RUN Cott, Clay Center (4A) 11:49.70 Barnes, Smilh Center (3A) 11:50.90 Brady, Southeast Saline (3A) 12:13.80 Smith, McPherson (5A) 12:19.30 Ferrell, McPherson (5A) 12:22.60 Rush, Smith Center (3A) 12:28.70 Taylor, Marion (3A) 12:31.48 Fiene. Smith Center (3A) 12:37.37 Isaacson, Ell-Saline (2A) 12:38.50 Hanson, Marion (3A) 12:40.34 100-METER HURDLES Eck, St. John's-Beloit (1A) 14.78 Macnova, Hillsboro (3A) 15.20 Baldwin, McPherson (5A) 15.80 Davis, Southeast of Saline (3A) 16.06 Johnson, Abilene (4A) 16.10 Lewallen, Atwood (2A) 16.12 Rugglero, Smoky Valley (4A) 16.20 Chaffee, Clay Center (4A) 16.23 Chronister, Salina South (5A) 16.40 Jensen, Hays (5A) 16.49 300-METER HURDLES Eck, St. John's-Beloit (1A) 46.19 Wiley, TMP-Marian (4A) 47.96 Knox, Clifton-Clyde (2A) 48.10 Lindsten, St. Francis (2A) 48.25 Davis, Southeast ol Saline (3A) 48.34 Machova, Hillsboro (3A) 48.45 Ruggiero, Smoky Valley (4A) 48.48 Trout, Minneapolis (3A) 48.78 Sowers, St. Francis (2A) 48.83 James, McPherson (5A) 49.00 400-METER RELAY McPherson (5A) 50.90 Thomas More Prep-Marian (4A) 51.48 Clay Center (4A) 51.78 Concordia (4A) 51.92 Clifton-Clyde (2A) 51.99 Beloit (4A) 52.06 Marion (3A) 52.16 Abilene (4A) 52.20 Salina Central (5A) 52.30 Chapman (4A) 52.30 800-METER RELAY St. Francis (2A) 1:49.95 Plainville (2A) 1:50.60 Clifton-Clyde (2A) 1:50.62 Clay Center (4A) 1:51.25 Thomas More Prep-Marian (4A) 1:52.13 Marion (3A) 1:52.20 Hillsboro (3A) 1:53.04 Washington (2A) 1:53.07 Stockton (2A) 1:53.60 Hanover (1 A) 1:53.65 1,600-METER RELAY Clay Center (4A) 4:09.58 St. Francis (2A) 4:13.14 McPherson (5A) 4:13.64 Hilisboro (3A) 4:14.27 Beloit (4A) 4:15.44 Hays (5A) 4:15.88 Thomas More Prep-Marian (4A) 4:15.96 Salina Central (5A) 4:17.67 Plainville (2A) 4:19.20 Salina South (5A) 4:19.20 3,200-METER RELAY Clay Center (4A) 9:47.47 Smith Center (3A) 10:13.10 Beloit (4A) 10:29.22 McPherson (5A) 10:34.52 Salina Central (5A) 10:40.60 Marion (3A) 10:48.96 Salina South (5A) 10:49.64 Southeast of Saline (3A) 11:04.00 Thomas More Prep-Marian (4A)11:09.03 Smoky Valley (4A) 11:10.17 DISCUS Brosius, Concordia (4A) 134-4 Powell, Salina Central (5A) 130-1 Holloway, Russell (4A) 128-1 Riffel, Southeast of Saline (3A) 126-4 Reed, Concordia (4A) 124-0 Patterson, Smoky Valley (4A) 122-1 Ade, Southeast of Saline (3A) 120-1 Reusink, Norton (3A) 116-8 Triplet!, Logan (1 A) 116-4 Wedel, McPherson (5A) 115-11 HIGH JUMP Robinson, Hays (5A) 5-6 Abrams, Tescott (1A) 5-6 Albers, Chapman (4A) 5-5 Manning, White Rock (1A) 5-5 Trout, Minneapolis (3A) 5-5 Maggard, Marion (3A) 5-4 Schmidt, Beloit (4A) 5-4 Barrett, Jewell (1 A) 5-4 Herman, Pike Valley (1 A) 5-2 Higley, Atwood (2A) 5-2 Kolman, Hillcrest (1A) 5-2 Ohlde, Clay Center (4A) 5-2 Robinson, Weskan (1A) 5-2 Zachgo, Tiplon (1A) 5-2 JAVELIN Griffin, Ell-Saline (2A) 135-1 Hunter, Eastern Heights (1 A) 132-1 Corwin, Osbome (2A) 123-2 James, McPherson (5A) 123-8 St.Clair, Ellsworth (4A) f2S-3 Triplet!, Logan (1 A) 123-2 Kruse, Hanover (1 A) 122-5 Hagedom, Hanover (1A) 122-0 Oetinger, Clay Center (4A) 121-6 Huncovsky, Belleville (3A) 121-5 LONG JUMP ,,; Eck, SI. John's-Beloit (1 A) 18-2 Vi Baker, Washington (2A) 17-1Q 3 ,* Chartier, McPherson (5A) 17-7 Teeter, Grinnell(IA) 17-2^4 Roe, Ellsworth (4A) 17-2V4 Hein, Hillsboro (3A) 17-6 VanScoyoc, Clay Center (4A) 16-10 % Jensen, Ell-Saline (2A) 16-9'/« Biesel, Marion (3A) 16-8'/a Frost, Salina Central (5A) 16-7 !4 SHOT PUT Holloway, Russell (4A) 44-8 % Triplet!, Logan (1 A) 43-3% Huncovsky, Belleville (3A) 39-6 'A Stadel, Salina South (5A) 39-1 Albers, Chapman (4A) 38-7,Vz Aggson, Concordia (4A) 38-3% Riffel, Abilene (4A) 3&11 Bergstrom, Clifton-Clyde (2A) 36-9 Barrow, McPherson (5A) 36-7 3 / 4 Chisholm, Hillsboro (3A) 36-314 TRIPLE JUMP Baker, Washington (2A) 37-11V5 Jones, Salina Central (5A) 36-3% Teeter, Grinnell (1 A) 35-8% Harman, Hays (5A) 35-4'A Bennett, Marion (3A) 35-0 Welsh, Sharon Springs (1 A) 34-11 Herrman, Salina Central (5A) 34-7 Jensen, Ell-Saline (2A) 34-4 Thiele, Norton (3A) 34-3% VanScoyoc, Clay Center (4A) 34-3 • All times and distances a*.of Thursday. • Honor roll marks can be called In from 4-9 p.m. to The Journal office (1600427-6363). Area track meeta with six or more teams will be published. Either mall (333 S. 4th, Salina, Kan. 67401) or fax (913-827-6363) the r* suits to The Journal. T INDY 500 Teams searching for engines League's switch to all new chassis and engines creates worry By MIKE HARRIS The Associated Press INDIANAPOLIS — Everybody should be searching for speed the day before qualifying begins for the Indianapolis 500. But many of the teams at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway spent Friday looking for engines. This most unusual month of May at Indy has come about because the Indy Racing League, in only its second season, has switched to all-new chassis and engines. The chassis makers involved so far, G-Force of England and Dallara of Italy, have managed to supply enough cars to seemingly assure a starting field of 33 for the 81st Indy 500 on May 25. But, despite the best efforts of engine-makers Oldsmobile Aurora and Nissan Infiniti — designing and building 4-liter, non- turbocharged racing engines in fewer than 18 months — the IRL teams have found themselves short of powerplants. Representatives of Aurora, which is supplying engines for the majority of the teams, say more than 100 kits have been delivered to engine builders. Nissan officials say they have supplied 30 engines for the six or seven teams that will be using the Infiniti powerplant. Apparently, though, some of the teams have stockpiled the engines, leaving others to search and worry. Eddie Cheever, who gave Aurora its first IRL victory in January at Orlando, Fla., had not turned a wheel on the 2%-mile oval until Friday because he had no engines available for his G-Force. Cheever, part-owner of his own team, thought he had four engines available for himself and rookie teammate Jeff Ward. But after Ward experienced some on-track engine problems during the Rookie Orientation program early in the week, the team sent the engines back to be reworked at Brayton Engineering in Coldwater, Mich. Other teams have had to limit their practice time to conserve engines, while several others could find nothing to buy. With time running out before the first of four days of time trials, things did pick up Friday, with 27 cars making it onto the track by mid-afternoon. Arie Luyendyk, the fastest driver on each of the first three days of practice, was certainly , the favorite to add this pole to,, the one he won at Indy in 1993. "Last year, we lost two engines • the morning of (pole) qualifying, and then had the speed in our backup car taken away because , the car was underweight,", Luyendyk said. "We don't want that to happen again." . That's understandable, because despite setting one- and four-lap qualifying records of 237.498 mph and 236.986 the penalty relegated Luyendyk to 20th on the grid. Luyendyk's fast lap of 220.297 Wednesday has been the fastest ever run by one of the new car- engine combinations. Nobody had come closer than Scott Sharp's 217.402, which he ran on Wednesday just before crashing. Sharp escaped that crash with a bruised knee, but he wasn't as fortunate on Friday, getting knocked unconscious when his Dallara-Aurora hit the fourth- turn wall. Sharp regained con^ sciousness as he was being taken from the car and was taken to Methodist Hospital where he, was reported in good condition. John Paul Jr. also wound up in Methodist Hospital Friday, fracturing his lower right leg and left heel in a crash earlier in the day. TIME FOR A TUKUMO TWO* AMD SAVE, Trade in anything that cuts grass anything - and save up to $50. Exclusive Recycler* technology chews up clippings faster, handles more grass without slowing. 6.0 hp Toro GTS* Engine Guaranteed to start on 1st or 2nd pull for 2 years or we Fix it free.f •2-Year Total Coverage Warranty.** TORO When you want it done right® J * Savings subject to local dealer option. Sec dealer for details. <u ** See dealer for details on Toro's 2 Year Total Coverage Warranty. P tSee dealer for details on this limited warranty. ~ ~ Our 46 BestBuy rating just got even better. Save $20°° Easy Mulch® Silver Series* 21" push mower 4.75HP 2-cycle commercial-grade engine, 14-gauge steel deck. 2-year full warranty. Staggered wheel deck for closer trimming and easier handling. Model 10227/10202 Now $ 249 95 o o Spring Savings Sale Our Lawn-Boy* Easy Mulch push mower was recently named a Best Buy by a leading consumer testing magazine. As if that wasn't reason enough to celebrate, we're now offering these mowers with a savings that makes them an even better buy. 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