The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 20, 1958 · Page 3
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 3

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 20, 1958
Page 3
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IKE MESSAGE A START Snags in Worldwide Relay Network May Be Broken WASHINGTON <AP)-fh6 flew space communications system tested with President Eisenhower's Christmas message is 'designed .ultimately to provide a new aid to the military services in worldwide communications. ' David Young, space, technology coodinator for the Pentagon's advanced Research Projects Agency, gave this account today in telling of plans to break current bottlenecks in long-distance communications. ARPA directed the launching of the Atlas which is now orbiting high above the earth with tiriy radios and • a tape recorder aboard. • ' Young told a reporter that satellites would be used as space relay stations to transmit messages on high radio frequencies which can not be used in ordinary transoceanic long range radio transmission. He indicated the system would also add vastly to the message capacity now offered on crowded oceanic cables. the radio system consists o two device* each a llttls larger than an ordinary portable radio Each can receive voice or telegraphic-type radio, store it on tape recorder, then transmit it to a ground receiving station upon proper command. , Different Two devices arc carried in case one should,fail. Each was tuned to a slightly different wavelength Atlas will' pick up only mes sages which are in a proper code thus cutting out unwanted signals Likewise special ground receiv ers are set to catch only such messages '' as are addressed to them in their particular codes. Young said that at present the receiving stations are not placec ideally for a worldwide relay system. It would be ideal—and plans envision this—to have them all located near the equator. Because the four army stations tracking Atlas in the southern United States are well north o the equator while Atlas' path travels to and fro across the equa Air Force Denies Jet Plane With Nuclear Arms Crashed ODESSA, Tex. (AP) - The Air Force wrote off as false today the reported crash in West Texas Friday night of a nuclear-armed jet plane. "It was a false &larm," said Col. James A. Johnson, acting commander of Webb Air Force Base at Big Spring. Two witnesses told the Ector County sheriff's office here they saw an engine fall off a jet plane ns it streaked over the oil fields northwest of Odessa later Friday. They said dense black smoke arose just after the craft passed over the horizon, Another informant, unidentified got word to the sheriff at An drews, 30 miles north, that three jets apparently collided in forma tion. One disappeared and the oth er two sped out of sight, accord ing to this version. ."It is assumed," Col. Johnson said, "that after sunset, high-alti tude (vapor) condensation trails from three aircraft apparently on a training exercise caused the ex citement." AT "AXE" JOHNSON'S It's no secret! KING SIZE Samsonite is the handiest, handsomest card tabh CHRISTMAS SPECIAL ON ... SAMSONITE TABLES * ALL METAL IN BROWN OR GREY * 32" SQUARE-28" HIGH * STAIN AND SPILL PROOF * WON'T MAR OR SCRATCH Reg. $14.95 NOW $995 Austin's Host Outstanding Basement Toy Shop Announces Help Us Clean Out These Wonderful Toys and Games Today AXE" JOHNSON HDWE. 111 E. MILL HE 3-3250 tor, this WM a 20-hour delay aft. launching before the satellite's racks happened to come close enough to trigger the Elsenhower broadcast, G<ltat«f<lias«4 System Young laid the defense department envlsloni an equator-based system for large volume* of non- priority messages ranging from ordering - supplle« to putting hrough transfers of men. Each ground sta'ion, he said, would be connected by ordinary and lines such as telephone or elegraph with all military instal* atlons in Its area. Messages from these installations could be relayed to the 'bird" for delivery elsewhere In he world. , Antique Dealers Jubilant Over ,' Boom in Sales LONDON (AP) — Someone paid (4,410 for an empty inkstand here the other day. A wool tapestry went for $46,200. A writing table brought almost $100,000. Antique dealers are among the happiest people in England these days. In one auction after another buyers have been rushing in to bid for their stock in trade. The demand in the last 10 weeks has been unprecedented. Buyers and sellers from all over the world lave been flocking to London for .he daily auctions at antique houses. Four pages from one of Bee- ihoven's sketch books went for $10,360. A Flemish prayer book sold for $89,600. The opportunity to cash in on family treasures has sent the great old name of England—many of them impoverished by 20th Cen- ;ury inheritance taxes — combing through their accumulated possessions for salable items. But many of the collections on sale came from America. "The dealers' commission here is is an official at York," explained Sotheby'«, a leading auction house. "That fact alone would help to explain why London has become the center of the international art trade." Note on Yule Tree Brings Gift Response Life Insurance Could Be Big Factor in St. Louis Murder ST. LOUIS (AP^olfce investigating flie mystery slaying of a $400-a-month clerk are trying to figure out Where $87,000 Worth of ife insurance fits into the picture - if it does. James Bullock, 27, was found dying of bullet wounds in front of the City Art Museum Wednesday night. He worked Electric Co. by SKI choir tils HIGHWAY BOAT — Boat that isn't a boat but a truck arrived in Detroit from Boston for a boat show, but not withbut incident. Skipper Milt Hopwood (waving) encountered jsnow, red tape, and highway patrolmen who were dubious about permitting boats on their EVEN REINDEER COMPLAIN highways. Motorists didn't know what to think and neither did a turnpike snowplow who "mistook it for a snowdrift." "It was worse inside," shuddered Hopwood, who drove. He plans to return the craft by rail. (NEA Telephoto) Saddened Santa Says This Age of Space Rockets Is for the Birds WASHINGTON (AP) "There I was on my back at 30,000 feet," wheezed Santa Claus, "and — Whoosh —! this thing whizzed past me and just after I stopped shaking — Whoosh — this other thing came whooshing past me—" "Tlhere, there, dear," soothed his wife, "drink this nice cup- of tranquilizer and relax. After all, IOWA NEWS POLLUTION COMPLAINTS DBS MOINES UP)— A hearing on complaints of pollution of Spring Creek in Clayton County was being held before State Health Department officials here Friday. HUMANE DRIVING STRESSED DES MOINES W) — Here's the Christmas greeting to Iowa motorists from State Safety Commissioner Russell Brown. "Bring a little humanity and thoughtfulness into your driving during the Christmas holiday. Considering the sea- TAMPA, Fla. (AP) - Note to son, that shouldn't be too diffi- you. you've got a big job ahead of his time of year about peace and ood will. . . . "Hand me my .boots, old girl 11 give 'em one more chance.' "I do, do I?" said Santa, rising up on one elbow. "Maybe I won't do it this year. Maybe I'll let hose sweet little kiddies get their Viola S. McGraw of Tracadie, New Brunswick, Canada: A Christmas package containing a doll, pajamas, socks, pencils, crayons and coloring books is on its way from Tampa. Mrs. Ida Hernandez fixed up the package after finding a note tied to the Christmas tree she purchased. Viola wrote: "I am a very poor little girl 6 years old. Will you please send me some pencils for Christmas." Legal Ngtice ORDER FOR HKAR1NU ON FINAL ACCOUNT AND PETITION TOR DISTRIBUTION iTATK OF MINNESOTA. Count; OJ Mower—u. . In Probate Court In Be Estate ot Herbert Out Sonnenberg. Decedent. The representative of the above cult.' 1 INSURANCE MERGER CEDAR RAPIDS \K\ — Two Iowa casualty insurance companies are being merged into a firm which will have capital and surplus in excess of million named estate having filed her final account and petition for settlement and allowance thereof and for distribution to the persons thereunto entitled; IT IS ORDERED, That the hearing thereof be had on the 6th day of January, 19S9, at 10 o'clock A. M., before thU Court In the probate court room In the court house In Austin, Minnesota, and that notice hereof be given by publication of this order In the Austin Dally Herald and by mailed notice as provided by law. Dated December llth, 1958. PAUL KIMBALL. JR. Probate Judge. (PROBATE COURT SEAL) ' FOLEY it FOLEY Attorney* for Petitioner. 446 First National Bank Building Rochester. Minnesota File No. 11592 Dec. 13, 30, 37 dollars. They are the United Fire and Casualty Co. of Cedar Rapids and the Central States Mutual Insurance Assn. of Mount Pleasant. They will be operated under the United Fire and Casualty charter. POLICY CHAIRMAN DES MOINES W) — Sen. Jack Schroeder of Davenport was elect' ed chairman of a special six-man Republican Policy Committee which held its initial meeting Friday. The committee was named at a joint Senate - House caucus here last Saturday. DIRECT REORGANIZATION DES MOINES UP) — Gov. Herschel Loveless said Friday he will ask the Legislature to set up a office of state planning to direct sweeping reorganizations of t h e state government along lines rec ommended by the Governor's Commission on Economic and Social Trends. this year. This de- gettiug too danger- own presents ivery job is ous. Wow! Like a Turnpike 'I was making this test run, see, just checking, and these satellite things came whooshing past me from all directions. Golly gee, it was like Labor Day night on a turnpike. "Mom, I'm getting too old for this job." 'Nonsense," interrupted Mrs. Claus briskly. "Think of all the disappointed children there would be. Think of all the brownies that would be out of jobs in your workshop." Blltzen Was Blitzed "It's time I thought about my own social security," Santa grumped. "Besides, the reindeer are. complaining. Blitzen says he was blitzed, Dasher says he's dashed if he'll stand for this satel- .iting, Donder has his dander up-" "Oh, shush," shushed Mrs. Santa. "I'll bet the people who make those satellites would be right nice folks if you really knew them." Santa groaned. Beep at Each Other "All they do is snarl at each other," he said. "All their satellites do is beep at each other. Although," Santa went on thoughtfully, "there is that new one, the one that dented the fender of my sled. "There may be something to be said for a race that still talks at Sick Boy, 3, Has Christmas Early ALBION, N.Y. (AP) - Little Paul Reiferson, suffering from a kidney ailment doctors fear incurable, had his Christmas a week early. Santa Claus paid the 3-year-old a visit at the hospital Thursday and filled his bed with toys. Charles Howard, who runs a school here for department store Santas from all over the country, put on his best red and white Christmas suit to do the job. Paul, the youngest of five children of Mr. and Mrs. Hal Heifer- son of Albion, has been in and out of hospitals for many months. Samsonite stool . $11.95 $9.95 ChroM ptoMrf t«p«r*tf Mbwtor «tt*l toflt- vphol»l«rtd not— •diutlobU podurt bodt r«»t. Choice of color*. 'AXE" JOHNSON "Our Own" 111 E. Mill HE3-3350 Soturdery, Dee. 20, 1958 AUSTIN (Minn.) H!RAID- | for the Union day, attended (..i fcu wife classes at the University of St. three nights a week and ", and sang in a church nJsy. of six months, Edna Ruth, 23, added $250 a month to the couple's Income as a kindergarten teacher. In addition, they received $130 a month rent oh the other half of a recently-purchased duplex In which they lived. $780 A Month That gave them a total of $780 a month — before taxes and deductions. Police, who provided the figures, said that out of this modest income the couple was paying $255 a month on the duplex, $55 on a car, and $35 on furniture. They also were making payments on a $2,000 credit union loan used to make part of the down payment on the duplex, and paying premiums on the $87,000 worth of life insurance. An insurance policy for $45,000 came to light Friday when a quarterly payment of $85.85 was due. Police said Mrs. Bullock had told them she knew of only $42,000 worth of life insurance on her husband: a $9,000 policy with his employer, two $5,000 policies, and a $23,000 policy covering the mortgage on the duplex. The Investigation turned up other baffling angles. For example: Mrs. Bullock was' married for about two years to a dentist, Dr. Glennon E. Engleman, 31. They were divorced more than two years ago. Refused to testify Engleman refused to testify at an inquest Friday on the ground that he might incriminate himself. He also refused to take a He .detector test, police said. A lie detector test also was refused, police said, by Thomas Johnson, a high school teacher who testified he met Engleman at the dentist's office at 7:15 p.m Wednesday and they didn't part until 8:55 p.m. after visiting drugstore below the office. It was about 7:30 p.m. Wednesday that Bullock was found dying In front of the museum. Tried to Arouse The druggist at the downstairs store, Oliver C. Funsch, testified that he and an office hoy tried to aroUse someone hi Engleman's office shortly after 7 p.m. but go no response. He said that was after he received a telephone call from an anonymous woman who ex pressed concern for the dentist's safety. Funsch said the caller tolc him she was phoning for a woman friend who had been in Engle man's office earlier. The druggist said Engleman and a friend walked Into the drug start [bout 7:40 p.itt, The inquest wM ttottttd tinlfl Tuesday after Engleman bilked at testifying. Mrs Bullock WM tit* used from testifying after twr at* orney said she was suffering from shock. Turncoat Says China More Democratic HONG KONG (AP) - Richard, G. Corden, ringleader of the 21 American turncoats .of the Korean War, emerged from Red China today spouting the Communist line full blast. Corden, 31, from East Providence, R.I., told a news confer* ence: "I firmly believe there is- more democracy to Communist China than In the United States; I've got nothing to be ashamed The Ideal GIFT FOR CHRISTMAS Bring Hearing by Christmas to your "Hard of Hearing" Loved One! Mow! Hear better with BOTH Enjoy "iinoural" Hearing S»und« art m«ra full and natural ...cltartr, tatier t» understand I You can |wdg« thtir distant* and direction. Now...let Zenith bring you the brilliance, enjoyment and safety of hearing better with both ears! Come in for a thrilling free demonstration. You'll find that Zenith gives you all the benefits of this "/H-o-car" method at less cost than many "tingle-ear" hearing aids! 10-Day Money-Back Gnaranitt, One-Year Warranty, five-Year Senict Plan. Austin Hearing Center 404Vi A. North Main HE 3-7195 Above The Bootery PENN ALWAY S t I R $ T Q U A I Rubber Footwear CLEAN-UP of. 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