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Auction Sale. Amusements. VJtr JAMES HOOPna of N. Dtrmsr, No. 107 High fit.

Opposite Black Horse Tavern. Terms moderate. je24 SOT SLATES and SLATING, by S. J. WILBUR, West Fayette street, between Green ami Pearl.

oH BY II. W. Jr. No. GO Baltimore street.

V3r JB-iSE ARDEV, Patent Balance Manufacturer, 69 Pratt at. between Commerce and Patterson ats. sStf irr MRS. NORTHUOP'S BOARDING HOUSE, Cam-den street, second west of Sharp fit. n7 tf BRANDRETH'S is an un-natural state of the bowels, caused by whatever is injurious to the digestive organs.

Its immediate consequences are nausea, headache, loss cj oppttiie, tec. but its ultimate consequences are pregnant with every that flesh is heir to." The decomposed parts of the body, which are thrown by the blood into the bowels, are there detained, instead of being passed off by daily cva cuations. In the majority of cases, these impurities form a coating all along the mucous membrane of tbe bowels, which not only closes theexcrttories4 andtbers-by prevents the blood from purifying iteif, but also pre Til Ifl AT -Fl I STREET. LAST NIGHT BUT TWO OF MR. RICE.

THIS EVENING, November I3ih, will be performed BONE SQUASH D1ABLE. Bone Squash Mr, Rice. Sam Switch' 11 Mr. Lewellen. Spruce Pink Mr.

Knight. Otcsar Mr. J. H. Hall.

Pompey Ducklegs Mr. J. Herbert. Janietta Ducklegs Mrs. Slater.

Previous to which the interesting Drama cf THE DREAM AT SEA. Launce Mr. Lewellen. 41 4 ON THURSDAY MORNING NEXT, Snle In Pennsylvania Avenue. OF GROCERIES and LIQUORS, FRESH GOODS.

AT proprietor being about to discontinue his business will sell a Auction, at 0 o'clock on Thursday morning, Nov. iG, 1837, at the S'ore on Pennsylvania avenne, opposite the IMrk Horse Tavern, near B1DDLE STREET, trie whole Stock of Groceries, Liquors, and Store Fixtures consisting of Sugar, Tea. Coffee, Sugar House and New Orleans Molasses, Mould and Dipt Candles, Soap, Tobacco, JAMES McNBAL, DRAPER AND TAILOR, would respectfully inform Ins friends and the public generally, tliat he has taken the st ire No. 1 Ilollidny street, where ha intends caryina on the above busi Kice, fctarca Spices, Succory, Nails, Oil, Vinegar, vvnis- ness. He would particularly those who wish to use ECONOMY to give him a call, as it is hia intention to have his work done in a superior manner, and on as moderate terms as it can be in the city, "for cash." nl3-eod4t key, Rum, VViae, Brandy, thirty to forty bushels Mercer l'otatoes, Earthen and rtorie Ware, Bro nns.

Blacking, a Set of Drawers. Sugar Stands, two Murdoch's fuller Augurs new. Molasses Cans, Oil Cans, Cheese Covers, Stand Casks, handsome Tea Canisters, Scales. Weights r. i Richard Pendurel! Mr.

J. H.Hall Black Ralph Mr. Rodney. Alley Croaker Mr. Knight.

TomTenkle Mr. J. Herbert. Anne Tievanion Mrs. J.

Herbert. Biddy Nutts Mrs. Knight. 50 cents Pit. 25 cents Gallery for Colored Persons, 25 cents.

Doors open at half six.Perfoimance to com and Measures, Stoves, two Chimney Smoke Patent sugar Mill, one Silver Smith's Wire Drawing Bench, with a great variety of smaller aiticlea in the Grocery line, the whole to be positively sold without reserve. Tei ms, CASH good bankable money, none other will vents the lacteals from extracting a sufficiency of chyle from the foo for the nourishment of the body. In son cases ihe impurity putrififcs, and generates septic aciJ, which corrodes the bowels, and induces that horrid malady, eo common in the Lot season, called dyztAicry. To prevent those dreadful results, a good vegetable purgative is as necessary as the air we breathe; such a medicine as Dr. Brandreth's Vegetable Universal Pills, a medicine which is lecommended by thousands, aad is universally approved.

NOTICE. As this medicine is in great cftrnard, Jike every other good article it is extensively cottnferfti ted; therefore those wanting the genuine should be carcriil to get them of the appointed Agents, or at Dr. Braa-dreth's Offices, which are No. SO SOUTH CHARLES street, 3d door souihof Pratt and 72 SARATOGA Mreet, between Howard and Eutaw streets, OBSERVE- No Druggist or Apothecary has the genuine Pills for sale. 019-tf mence at seven clock, precisely.

o-iQ ALTTmORB MUSEUM AND GALLERY OF THE FINE ARTS, corner of Balti-nore and Calvert streets. be received. 4tl H. W. BOOL, Jtt Auc't.

OTOCK MAKERS WANTED. A nutafcer of compe-O tent STOCK MAKERS are wanted immediately at TOWSON'S STOCK MANUFACTORY. No. 7 St. Paul's strce, (Opposite the Gazette Office.) nl31t IIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD.

RAN A-. WAY froiii the Monday evening last, Nov. 6th, 1837, a MULATTO GIRL, about twenty years of age, five feet, eight or nine incites high, stout made when spoken to sh wa her teeth, pleasant countenance, long and straight hair. The said girl, named MARGARET or MATILDA, was raised in the family of Mr. Henry Pratt, in Centcrville, Eastern Shore, was drought to Baltimore in May or June, and sold.

She absconded from me a few days after I had possession, and hired herself with a Mr. Burton, keeper of a tavern and wagon yard, High street, Old Town, where she lived for nine FIjAIN f'AUTS At the NEW HAT STORE. Maryland. Arcade, leading from Marsh Mar The Proprietor begs leave to inform the public, that ket to iederick street. The subscribers are woik- he has received and added to his Museum, an extraer- ing Hat Manufacturers, who are, in consequence of the dinary curiosity, in a beautiful state of preservation, pressure of the times, lmluced to sell on the lowest possible scale of profits, and at unprecedented low prices, called THE ROMAN TWINS, nearly similar in for- with the hope of constant employment, and quick re mation to the well known Siamese Twins." This turns.

MEN'S superior SILK, beautiful and durable SATIN BEAVER, and splendid short nap MOLE SKIN montns Alter leaving ivir Burton, she hired herself extraordinary phenomena of nature, was born at Vele with the Rev. Mr. John, in Front street. Old Town, at DAIS, all oj the very best quality, both a3 to materi als and workmanshio. and of the latest fashion, at the thi, twenty miles from Rome, and lived for eight weeks.

In the various cities in Europe, where it was exhibited it was visited by upwards of two hundred thousand low price of TWO DOLLARS and FIFTY CENTS each. PEPSI A AND HYPOCHOXDRIAISM Come and see, and judge lor yourselves, at ins Case Mr. Win. Salmon, Green street, above UEEV1L New Hat store, Maryland Arcade Man-h Market The proprietor has the pleasure to announce, tbatever anxious (or the gratification of bis patrons, he has. at N.

B. The subscribers being their own manufacturers, great expense, prevailed upon those eminent arti3ts, and at a low rent, their Hats cost them a dollar and a half Ins, etch, than thev do the trade generally. o23 MRS. WATSON and oIGNOR GAMuATI. To delay their departure for the South for a few days, and a FKW LOXUisiiTS in mesaioon orthe Mu rjn A 1 OA fS, AT )ST.

A RTIG (JEN AVE UJ WEST, No. 110 BALTIMORE ST. The Sub-scribera having determined to close their business. seum, in order to afford to the public an opportunity of olfrr their entire stock of HATS, CAPS, AT COST. hearing and cstmiting tneir splendid talent and to render these Concerts Mill more attractive and complete, The following prices will convince the public, that it he has also induced that eminent popular Vocalist, Mr.

is to their interest to call and purchase: which p'ace she was living at' the time I apprehended her. Allowing hr to go about the house, she ab-cond-ed; a few days afterwards was caught on the Harford road, 19 miles out, where Air. Burton, kept the tavern, hid removed to. Through some of her triends, she filed a petition for her freedom. My recognizance was taken fur $2000 to bring her to court.

In June term, her counsel not being prepared, the case va9 postponed until the next court. The counsel employed by her friends withdrew the case, finding it impossible to prove her freedom. As she has a great resemblance to the cob)r and features of an Indian, she has told a number of persons that she was born in Hagerstown or Frede ri and that her parents were Indians, consequently born free. She Ins told those persons that she proved her freedom in this CJiirt. I believe she can read.

If said slave is taken in city or county, I will give fifty dollars; if out of the state, one hundred; if nut of the United States and in some foreign country, I will pive the above reward, if delivered to nie. Boatmen and Wagoners are forbidden taking the paid slave out of the city, as the law will bee nfurced against them All persons are forewarned of hiring or Jmborincr the said slave. D. WHITE. N.

B. Manacers of steam cars will confer a favnr by not letting any passenger who answers the above description, take passage. Fifty dollars extra will be given for the conviction of any person who has assisted or is assisting the said slave co make her escape. Twelve DEMPSTER, to delay his departure from Baltimore, to Third, Philadelphia, afflicted for several years with te allowing distressing symptoms Sickness at stomach, headiche, dizziness, palpitation of the Lean, appetite, sometimes acid and putrescent less and weakness of the extremities', emaciation and general debility, disturbed rest, a scnc cf pressure and weight at the stomach after eating, rirghf, mare, great mental despondency, severe flying pains in the chest, back and des, costiveness, a dislike for society or conversation, involuntary sighing and weeping, iangor and lassitude upon the least exercise. Mr.

Salmon had applied to the most eminent physicians, who cossidered it beyond the power of medicine to restore him to health; however, as his afiictions had reduced him to a very deplorable condition, and having been recommended by a relative of his to make trial of DR. WM. EVANS' medicine, he with difficuUy repaired to the ofiiee and procured a package, to which, add his valuable services during this engagement. THIS EVENING will be given A SOIREE MUSI- Splendid Silk 'ats at $3 00 44 Short Nap Beaver, at 4 25 44 Long and Medium Beaver, at 4 25 Very best Plain Castor Hats, at 4 Youth's Boys' Silk Hats at 2 00 Also, a superior assortment of Otter, Seal, asd Cloth CALE, and contiuued for a few evenings during the week. MR.

WATSON will preside at the Tiano Forte. Caps, equally cheap. for the amuEement of the younger portion of Visiters JOTCouiitry Merchants are particularly invited to call PlIANTAS WAGORICAL ILLUSIONS an examine me anove ijoons, as uiey win ue soiu will be given in the Saloon, evening during the cheaner ihn at any other establishment. c5 week, commencing at a quarter before eight 'clock. ERE vi PTOR ir SA -E.

The subsci iiierhaving tin ish-ed his work on the Baltimore and Susquehanna The DOORS OF THE SALOON will be opened at Rail Road, will on that account s. 11 bv Auction to the half nast Seven ociock. hi ghest bidder for cash, at the THREE TUN AVER Iff" The PERFORMANCE will commence at a quar corner ef Pratt and Para on MONDAY, the ter before Eight ciock. rf Admittance to the Museum and Saloon, 50 3ih inst. at 11 o'clock, A.M.

precisely.tbe following de scribed property, viz: Season bubscrine-rs. uait I'rice. no SECOND STREET MUSEUM is located in SECOND Eighteen ijuki-j uak, i n. nearly new. Several Sets of CART GEARS.

Two excellent OX TRUCKS, fit for one or two yoke sTREETattheCORNEil of FREDERICK STREET. he says, he is indebted for his restoration to health, and friends. He is now enjoying all its blessings. Persons desirous of further information will cathfied with every particular of his astonishing cure Dr. Win.

Evans General Agents, No. ISO Baltimore street, near Charles, and No. 110 Baltimore st. next dour to 'Jc-hens' Bank. Sold by MORTIMER MOWBRAY, No.

180 BA LTI-MORE ST. near Charles, and I1G same street, next door to Cohens' Bank, BALTIMORE. Sold at WASHINGTON CITY by JOHNSON, Ji'obaccoiiist and Fancy Store. r.9-if NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC. It contains upwards of ONE THOUSAND CURIOSI- of Oxen.

TIES. Natural and Artificial. There is a performance ROCK UTENalLa, euthcient to set one hundred men every night. Good music in attendance. Boxes reserv- to work.

hundred dollars was reused tor tlnsgirl when she eloped in whieh goe- against the grain, these hard times, to dispense with so easily. On examining her wrist3, you will find inaiks where she has been handcuffed. 13 4t Olti Etaolished Lottery ami Exchange Office. PO BALTIMORE st. CAPITAL, 50,000 DOLLARS.

BRILLIANT SCHEME for SATURDAY (this week.) Every person in Baltimore should secure a chance in this great Lottery. All prisons througlioutthe United states disposed to try their fortune in this magnificent Lottery are respectfully requested to forwatd their orders to the subscriber without a moment's delay. An independence for life mriv bn secured. GRAND CONSOLIDATED LOTTERY-Class B. To be drawn at Wilmington, Del.

on Saturday, Nov. 18. pd for ladies. Two sf ts of SMITH I OOLh complete nearly new, Persona viriting is the day will be admitted at night. bein" in use only since the late Inundation.

cimn i TIT ntTTTIMA nov .1 Admittance 12i cents. wneneWliA-rv 4 Two larsre Boxes of coarse BED CLOTHES, together There is a spacious Stage, with new Scenery, suitable for dramatic periormmces, wtucti win be let for exhibi tions on the most reasonable terms. a 15 tf with a variety of COOKING and other Articles too numerous for advertising. jf The above property can be seen any day previous to the sale at Mr. P.

McKENNA'S YARD adjoin sri A DAILY LINE OF RAIT. A DAI 'A LdJx ROAD BALTIMt CARS am! STAG F8 frora LV TI ANUAL LABOR BANK. PHILADELPHIA. A 1V1 REWARD OF 500 DOLLARS will be paid by the rr to any one who will detect and bring to con TIMORE to BELL AIR, via ing the above Tavern. Positively nothing will be sold ABINGDON, leave Baiting re at before the day of sale.

iriiMfj juu.m MOST SPLENDID PRIZFB viction th malicious authorof the infamous rumor that of 50,000 Dollars. the Minunl Lihar Bark had stopped payments the said penny saved is a penny earned "Franklin. A DIES' CUSTOMER SHOES MADE AT A RE- rumor having led to a run upon him, which ha3 proved "o'clock, A. M. arrive at Deli Air at 10 o'clock.

A. returning, leave Bell Air at II o'clock, and arrive in Baltimore at 2 P. M- Fare through to Bell Air, SI 25. For seats, apply at the GENERAL STAGE OFFICE, next door to Xt-Kzhoover's Hotel, LIGHT STREET, ard 1 Prizs 1 44 1 44 1 44 1 44 DIJOTION OF 33 PER VuT. WM.

11. BANGS 2 000 1.500 1,250 44 44 500 44 300 44 3 Prize of 5 44 10 44 20 44 30 44 (iO 44 23 000 0.000 6.040 9. san hrn leave to return his grateful thanks to an enlighten hiuhly injurious to nis nit rest, anu caused an unne cecsary excitement in the public mind. 3 T. W.

DYOTT. PropiUtorof the Manual Labor Bank. 2 at the Depot, Pratt street, Baltimore. 024-Jm ed public for the liberal patronage bestowed on him du ring the two past years. Believing that in his exertions to furnish them with work at fairand reasonable prices, (although at a reduction of 30 per cent below the prices Besides many of -50 200 1 5.

1 Ac. TO THE PUBLIC. A combination of interest ini mical to individunl enterprise, having caused a run upon the propritor of th Manual Lahor Bank, and shaken nnblic confidence to some dezree in its solvency, he fphtJMAS LUFF, FROM and NhVv VOKK POCKET BOOK, MOROCCO CASE. 'RGKON'S INSTRUMENT and JEWEL MAM'FACTUE-ER, 46 FRONT STREET The Trade supplied whole-pale and retail. Repairing and Jclhing ueatly and sromptly executed.

l'Z tf Usually cnargeu ny me itaur; ns enau continue to re.uun theirconfidence, he again solicits their attention to the following low rate of Prices, for which lie proposes to accommodate the public with SHOES of his own manu deems it an act of is; ice to the community as well as tn himself to disabu a them of that false impression: facture, warranted ol the Best materials and wakman- accompanied with the assurance of his ability to meet any demand mat institution wunoui any unne Ladies Lasting, anu pern cuppers ur cessary delay, anu wuu as mutii promptness as me ex citemeiit now jerviding the public mind will permit- Tickets, 10 dollars Halves 5-Q. iarters, 2 50. Certificate of Packages of 25 whole Tickets, $110 44 4 4 25 half 70 44 4 4 25 quarter 44 35 trIJ-Orders for Tickets and shares or Certificates of Packages in the above scheme, will receive the most prompt attention, and the official drawing sent immediately after it is over, to alt who request V. All orders strictly confidential. Address E.

)V. ROBINSON, BaUimore, Md. ILLIAM W. KEY WORTH, WATCH AND CLOCK MAKER, continues to carry on the abovejmsiness. in all its brnnclics, at the old established stand, OPP03ITE BROWN'S and GADSBY'S HOTELS, Washington City, D.

where he has con-stantly on hand, an assortment of first rate Gold Le-vara t.iidipa find Gentlemen's Horizontal. on thi the Proprietor is explicit, and eclares his fo 25 2 50 37i ahilit to liauidate obligations wit hout being com 31 1 1 1 1 j(hVrson3 44 Morocco Walking Shoes 44 Fine Weather, or Seal do. 4 Gaiter Boots (a handsome article) 14 Fine Seal or Morocco Boots 41 Leather Boots, suitable for servants ptlled to call for one dollar upon his real estate. Should anv doubt be entertained of this fact, by any of his fel low citizen-, they are at libeity to call upon Jacob Thi work will be made to measure, with punctuality, The subscriber would call the ESPECIAL at Ridgew.iy, Eiq. the Trustee of thn Bank who will sa tisfv them of the truth of i lie same.

Preparatory to re the regular course of his Banking business. tention of the Ladies to a SLIPPER which hep oposps to make, suitable for either house or street wear, at the MECHANICS ARE respectfully informed thit I have in store Spear's Cast and Bprrnu Steel Saws, Rules. Guages. Squares, Chisels, FiUs. Trowels, Hatchets.

Augers, and other TCOLS; Wrought and Cut Nails. Lorks, Hinses, And othei BUILDING MATERIALS; Cart Boxes, Iron Wiie, Rivets. Glue Pets, Fpertaeles, Knives Forks, Pots, Ovens, rerelers, And other HOUSE KEEPING ARTICLES Brass Wares, for Cabinet Makers, with other materials in the HARDWARE Jine. Purchasers arc invited to call. JOHN P.

BALDERSTON. N. Howard street. A fmall TWO STORY BRICK HOUSE in MADI SON STREET, for sale at less than cost. 10n.c2j 2m A CARD.

The subscriber havniL' re his DYING and SCOURING business in that laree and extensive establishment. No. 20 SOUTH CALVIRT STREET, is prepared to DYE and SCOUR all kinds of garments in the very best manner, and at the shortest there will, to mo row or next nay, De suDmiited to the noatinff. and Vertical. Jewelled GOLD WATCHES, REMARKABLE low price oi cents.

a fikii iifii i nil uir iil i i iin.i likiuio. vi i iw uvv-i ncuiri.i i anoe acuuer, and Exeter sts. O. T. Winnnr Rinira.

lor nnfl HatCU Ware. MUSlCai liOXBS, ui'iuim Hru of JEWELRY. prevent all inconvenience to tnofe wno may desire to llHf.ATRB HOUSE, HOLE IDAY STREET. The wAVTP.n-An APPRENTICE, about 11 or 15 years realize their value in goods. Alter tins explanation, it I having taken Ihe above loiig establish II 1111 A I 1 I 1.

r. A AS.A 1 i hnidlv necessary to Fay to the holders of his bills that Apply as ed stand and fitted it up in a style of elegance utisiir- A country lad would b9 preferred. thv will be finally redeemed at their full value, under of age. above. 20 2m any estaunsnmeni id me cny, retpectiuiiy in-toirn their frie'dsand the public that they are nrepared to serve them with every article in their line in tVmoft the belief that confidence and forbearance on their part will co onerate to enablo him to resume the regular WANTED 20 good KNITTERS, to whom constant omnlnvmpnt will be civen.

course of his business he same assuiance will equal ly annlv to the Drposttors in Ins having una. superior luiuiiici. xutu the best LIQ.UORS the market affords and their ar- rnnaompnts are su-h that they will at all times be sup Previous persecutions of a similar character, from notice, niose wno wisn to rave uieir wors one in a superior manner, ornd do well to pive thetntehes rome extra trouble in seeking his establishment. which the propr etor has emerged with success on his plied with the most superior OYSTERS, which will be prepared lot those who favor them with a call in the Metino Shawls e'eansed and bleached, and Inrres part, and satislacunn to me puonc, win ne estimated as Home puarantee of his rectitude of purpose and fixed de curled in extra superior style, by termination to repel at any sacrifice these malicious and nninst assaults upon his redit and business. -3m WARM MLiAKf.

2m L. H.WIGG I VS. 135 Baltimore ftreet. MRS. DAUGHADAY offers her service as SICK NURSE- Best references enn be given.

Apply at tha corner of SchroadlerjuiKaU I more sts. HOPS. A small IlFRFSIl HOPS, of fust quality, for sale at a bargain, nmnrof 1U Light street. RlTVVINGATE respectfully announce! to Iter friends and the public, that she can accommodate TEN BOARDERS at No 11 Market st. She has TWO ROOMS, on the second floor, that she will let to furnish them.

IlG-lf Holders of his notes who may with to fund them for anv neriod of time at legal interest, can depofite thm BRYSON GILL SON. SURGEON DENTISTS, N- "VV. corner cf Ilano-ver and Lcsnborel best manner at the old price or TWELVE AND A HALF CENTS PER PLATE. In addition they are at all times ready to seive every other delicacy of the season at the shortest notice. Sup-nets for parties prepared with limited notice, nd individuals visiting the THEATRE are informed that they can be furnished with refreshments when the pieces are over in time to return before the commencement of the in the Saving Fund, and thus avoid all I ss even on the intere-t of their money, any brief or long reriod.

sts Respectfully inrorm tnir uicnes aim tne punnc in general, that in addition to BLEEDING CUPPING and In he present state of the public mind, the proprietor is unable to designate with certainty any fixed period for the resumption of his regular business but cherishes next piece. Attached to their establishment are several large room3 suitable for tbe meeting of 9 cieties, or other public meetings, which they will be happy to fuinUh to ZlfnTixn hMtnnchar'es wiil'bc given tlw hope that the forbearance and returning confidence tMX CENTS RLVARW, ''1t 1 I of hia fallow citizens will enable him to speedily an- XXl Jiscr hcTto bm nounce a day when his business will return fully into apprehending nn nppren a daVwln his business will return ffi its usual channel, from which it has been partially the cranite cutting. I furnished him wilh money, and w. i mnliriona calumnv and an unrpnRnnnM0 rave him leave ta go to see hinnomer, iwo or wire-e Excitement is tbe parent of confusion. Afaminemav misc.

I therefore wiM give the above 1 a nnd of plenty wanton waste. A r. 'Vnnnua in Ihnritvof Bill J. 8. R.

HAYMAN. o10 t( Under the firm of P. I'OTTEE. CO. II HE BALTIMORE KALEIDOSCOPE, a new Taper, I nublished by James Young and Woodward Abrahams corner of GAY and BALTIMORE street; hw T.

A. Wilmer. The attention of the Baltimore i .1 sf iiir i.nnrnrn liiiiiiinn in i in Litr kui- i in i un rpii ii in. iiciiiirn 11 iiii'i'i" LEFCH I i Ii, I (iPV con 11 ii ue iu priiuiiu on p-i a i in jib in DENTAL SURGERY, viz. Extraction of Teeth and Slumps, Fi'mg.

Cleasing, and Plugging, and the INSERTION of Human, Animal, and Porcelain TEETH, either singly or in an entire eet. Ir hits lor been the practice, when the Tetth have been lost, by accident or disease, to replace them with artificial ones, and thereby restore personal beauty and render mastication and the articulation of words easy and natural. On the principle that prevention is better thanctre it is doubtless of more consequence that the Surgeon Dentist should be able to cure disease and preserve the natural teeth, than to substitute artificial encs for them when lost. et a thorough acquaintance with the latter art is of the hiithesl importance and is indis-pen? able to his being perfect in his profession ai.d useful to tbe public. Tbe art has arrived at suchgic-at rer-feet ion, that we tan insert teeth so closely resembling the as to elude detection by Ihe strieest scrutiny, and highly useful to the patient by restoring lest beauty, facilitating mastication, and re'ricving the faculty of distinct utterarce three very important items in the thousand men rustling to a uutcner stall, would furnish timore.

I forewarn all persons from harboring or em with dinner, and the sa re maybe said of a bs ploying said apprentice nl0eod4t HENRY TIM ANUS. ker's batch, few would get loaf if a thousand rushed tn aoixn them. In this predicament ha been th nro TxiTTuvVVLRY'S OFFICE, for the sale of HUN I r-rietor and the public for the last week, and he only so-lirits the calmcurrent of regular business, without rush public is invited to this newspaper, which has already heenfavoted wi'h an evidence of public approbation, in a rapid increase of subscribers It is printed on a larae sheet, and contains a great variety of original and selected matter, comprising the useful and agreeable, in booed will give general satisfaction. or excitement loanable him to discharge all bis nbliga-tions and nccMnmodate the public as usual. In the TirRMs Two dollars per annum, or one dollar for ix MEDICINES, No.

3 PUt Street, between Front street and the Bazaar Bridge, Baltimore. o20-Im -r rXN Td EMpTo Si A YOUNG MAN wishes for nn OUT DOOR EMPLOYMENT, as STORE PORTER in a Merchant's or Grocer's Stores, having a perfect knowledge rf the business, wntes a cood expeditious hand, and can keep accounts if required 'Will make himself tencrally useful in that busi-ness or any other wln-re bis services might be required. t' mean time he will announce to the public, through the ores, any variations that may occur in the state of his concerns. T. W.

DYOTT. rhiladelphi i.Nov. f. nil tf months in advance. Subscriptions respectfully solicited.

o311aw4t OTICE ALL PERSONS having IMPERFECT sum of human happiness. We that seven years successful practice will bu our sufficient recommeiulation. N. B. Constantly on liaiul.flst rate TOOTH ACHE WEIGHING APPARATUS, enn have them PUT ulllivj at (iivci i vt-'t miii iiivu Mr in rlJI nrnVFS-All those who are in want of COOKING STOVES, are invited tolook at MOORE'S PA'l ENT, hp fin tbev purchase aTot HAY WARD FRIEND, 13 Li2ht street.

Ol mnn.ivuuuuM.vv.v.. rt (id I'llATl' SlKtiLUl JLaau WAUIJLM. RS.t or attended t..

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