Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 21, 1928 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 21, 1928
Page 5
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THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER. SATURDAY EVENJNG, JANUARY 21. 1928. PAGEiFIVB ' MONbAVr JAN. Xnif The Ahociated P I-CM] ^ , Prosramf In Central Standard tlintu All lima iB P. M. unlcw otherwlae ln> t icntcd. Wavr leni;ili» on left ot call iLucr*. kilocycle* on rlsht. 272.6—WPO Atlantic Clty~1100 7:00—Auto Show 1 • " 7:3(1—Sludlo I'rosrum \ 9.-15— Novt 'lty tTouram Z85.5—WBAL Baltimore—1050 r,:SO_r{oxynnd Ills dUDB Sriin—ItiViTHldo Hour ' «:SU—Joint RcclUI 508.2—WEEI Boiton—590 C:."!0-lrl?i. Mlniitrel5 r:.T»— A. & F. CvpHlcs S:3u—Uoncral Motors Part* 461.3—WNAC 8oitonr-6S0 5:30—Elks' Hotel Orchestra 7:30—Sliipard Six 8:00—Musical Albuin 9: SO—Capllvalors 302.8—WCR Buffalo—990 . 7:00—Jenny Wren Hour S:30—General Motors farty 9:30—Tanke Time 545.1—W/MAK Buffalo—550 C;30—Musical Program S:00—Musical Album 9:00—Capiivatora S35.4—WTIC Hartford—560 7:00—Nfcw Departure Band 7:30—A.,& P. Gypsies S:3U—General Motjors Party 422.3—WOR Newark—710 5:1.-—Old Klnc Cole • 6:0u—Commodore £:nsehible B;55—Sessions Chimes 7:35—Krueeer's Licttcrs 8:00—Musical Album" 9 ;D0—Captlvators 10:05—Orthesira 491.5—WEAF New,York—610 5:00—Waldorf-Astoria Orchestra. 6:00—Fifteen Minute Fcafurcs 7:00—Great Composers 7:30—A. & P. Gypsies S:30—General Motcrs Party 9:30—Moon MnRic 40:00—Lopez Orchestra 454.3r-WJZ New York—660 5:00—Hotel Manser Orchestra 6:00—KeliiB"a Serenadors 0:30—Koxy and Hi? Gnns 7:00—Montsomery .Ward Proeram 8:00—Riverside Hour 9:00—String Quartet 9:30—Shope and Grosvcnor 10:00—Slumber Music 405.2—WFI-WLit Philadelphia—740 ri :30—Orchestra 7:00—Great Composers 7:30—A. & P. Oyp.-iles 8:30—General Motors Party 348.6—WOO Philadelphia—860 6:30—Dinner Music 7:&0—Or((Bn Heclial 8:23—M-u.sical Program 9:00—Male Quactet 315.6—KOKA Pittsburgh—950 5:15—Little Symphony Orchestra C:30—Roxy and His Gaite 8:00—Some as WJZ 9:00—Prosrafn from WJZ 483.6—WJAR Providence— eao 6;3S—Musical' Projjram 7:30—A. & T. Gypsies 8:30—General Motors »'arty 277.6—WHAM Rochester—1080 C:nO—Roxy and His Gang 7:30—American Composer's Concert 8:30—Same as WJZ . 379.5— WQY " Schenectady—790 5:30—Dinner Music 0:30—Musical I'rogram 7:30—/V &. P. Gypsies S:30-=G.cncral Motors Party , . • 333.1—WBZ Sprinpneld—300 - C:00—Statlcr Orchestra G:30—Roxy and His- Gang 8:00—Montgomery Ward ,Prosram 9:33—Andrews' Troubadours ; 305.9—WHAZ Troy—980 7:00—Musiral PrioRram (2V.: hrs.) 9:30—Dance ..lusic i 468.5—WHO Waililnoton—640 5:00—Waldorf-Astoria Orchestra 6:30—Roxy and His Gang 7:30— JC & P. Gypsies 8:30—Geieral Motors Party 516.9-iWTAG Worcester—580 6:00—Studio Program 8.00—Costellos S:D0—General Motors Party SOUTHERN 2««.ft—WdbA Pentieola t:30—Piano: Vocal 9:00—Novelty Solos 10:00—Fiddler and Oud* 254.1—WRVA Rlehmond—118Q 6:15—Orchestra •> 7: (10—Violin Knscmblo 9:15—Four Deuces , CENTRAL 626—KYW Chicago—570 0:30—Koxy and Ills Gang 8:00—Montgomery; Ward Program 9:00—Russian Quartet 9:35—Congress Cnrn.val | 365.6—WEBH.WJjJD Chicago—820 7:00..-nrcat Composers 7:.".0—Orchestra: Trio I .8:00—Moosejieart-Hour •' 344.6—WLS Chicago—870 6:00—Supperbell ProKram 7:')0—TonVs Scran F ?ook- 8:00—Harford Production - 9:00—Musical • Production ^77.5—WMAQ-WQJ Chicago—«70 6:00—Organ Recital 7:30—Musical Calendar 8 00—Same as WOR (2 hrs.) " 10 00—Bismarck Sei-enridors (3 hrs.) 428.3—WLW Cincinnati—TOO: 6:b0—Thcls Orchestra 7:5.'!—Min.strels 8 :30— Studio Feature 9:30—Vocal Solos : 361.2—WSAi Cincinnati—830 7:00—Studio Program 7:30—A. & P. Gypsies 8:30—General Motors Party 10:00—Lopez Orchestra 399.8—WTAM Cleveland—750 B:30—Studio Program; 7:00—WTA.M Masqueraders 7:50—.4. & P. Gypsies 8:30->-Gencral Motors Party 545.1—WFAA Dallas—550 7:00—Varied Program (1% hrs.) • 8:30—General Motors Party 374i8—woe Davenport—800 6:30—Okl Tlme»Program 8:30—General Motors Party , 9:30—Lecture on China • .635.«—WHO Des Moines—560 6:30—R6xy and His Gang 7:30—A .I A P. Gypsies 8:30—Gdneral Motors Tarty 440.9—WCX-WJR Detroit—680 6:30—Roxy and His Gang 8:00—Variety Hour 9:00—Monday Night Muslcale 852.7—WWJ Detrolt-r4t}0 • 7:00— Studio Program 7:30—A. & P. Gypsies 8:30—.General Motors Party 9:30—Moon .Magic 499.7^WBAP Fort Worth—600 6:00—SevenAces 8:00-.^Hunflower Girl 8:30—Danc4S Orchestra 11:16—Theater Entertainers 370.2—WDAF Kansas City—810 6:00-^School of the Air 7:30—A. & P. Gypsies 8:30-^cneral Motors Party 9 :"30—poncert Orchestra . 293.9—WTMJ Milwaukee—1020 7:30—.Milwaukee A. C Orchestra 8:00—Journal Trio 8:30—General Motors Party 405.2-WCCO Minneapolis-St. Paul—740 6:00—Boy Scouts 7:30—Vagabonds 1 8:30—General Motors Party 0:30—American Legion ' I 508.2—WOW Omaha—590 6:30—ftoxy and His Gang 8:30—General Motors Party 9:30—Moon Magic I ,499.7—WOAI San Antonio—600 7:00—Gunter Hotel Orchestra 545.1—KSD St. Louis—550 ;7:00—Great Composers .7:30—A. & P. Gypsies 8:30—'J">ncral .Motors Parly 9:30—Moon Magic 348.6—KVOO Tulsa—860 6:30—Roxy nrtd His Gang g :On— Rivors/ile Prosram 8:30—General Motors Party WESTERN ' 296.9—WWNC Ashcviltc—1010 " I.'.—Dinner Mu.sic. 13—Agricultural I'erio*! 475.9—WSB Atlant.i—6:0 r30—Roxy and Hi:* <;:iti^- mn —Montgomery \V:iicl ITiis 'air. • ;30—General Motor.- 1' J:;V 243.8—WOOD Chattanooga- '.C^Q 00—Hawaiian Tno 30—Studio Progl-ujii 384.4—KTHS Hot Springs—780 :00—Plai.tatlon i :00—Spanish Str-iiaiio :45'—Dance Krili' 340.7—WJAX Jacksonville—880 :SO— Old Tim- 00—Recital ITograni :30—General .Motors Party 322.4—WHAS Louisville-930 :30—Studio Concert . :00—MohtgoiiKTv Ward Program :30—General Motors Program 516.9—WMC Memphis-580 :30—General .Motors Party :30—Concert :00—Ixjpez On lifstra 336.9—WSM Nashville—890 :30—rtoxy anil 11:^ •i^n.x 30—firiieral M ..:i. - I 'aiiy :30—Frolic 296.9—WSMB Nev> Orleans—lOtO :aO—OrchitJ.r .11- : WBMB Special; Dance Music tl hrs.) 11 12 9 11 12 10 II K 10 11 10 II 9 10 10 11 IS 9: 11 12 10 II 352.9—KOA Denver—920 :3o—Dinner Concert :00—Appreciation Program :I .'i —Stein way Club : 00—Boulder. Colo., ArUsts :468.5—KFI Los . Angeles—640 :P0—Shell Program :eO —Spotlight Hour ; 416.4—KHJ Los Angeles—720 ;00—Opcrcta . :00—Beverly Dcarcats 336.9—KNX Los Angeles—890 :30—One Act play :00—Feature Program :00—Dance Orchestras 384.4—KCO Oakland—780 :OP—Shell Program | :00—The Pilgrims i' :00—Spotlight Hour 508.2—KLX Oakland—590 :00—IJaivallans :00—Lake Mcriitt Ducks : 491.5—KGW Portland—610 i :ob—Shell Program :00—Maxwell Hour 454.3—KFRC San Francisco—600 :01M-Hawail.n'ns :00—Blue Monday Jamboree 422.3—KPO San Francisco—710 :60— NBC Program :00—Uitcrnutloonl Music :00—Variety Program (2 hrs.) 348.6—KJR Seattle—860 ;30—Varied Program :30—Carlstonlans :30a—Goofy Bird Frolic 870.2—KHQ Spokan*—StO :00—Shell Symphonlsta :00—Maxwell Hour STAR VALLEY (.Mrs. S. K. HosBl .1:111. IT.—The i-X'-intivi' anil pni- «nini comniitloes' mei with Mrs. Dealty Kay Tuesday. January 10, to ili.scii.s.s plans and. to make out u lirosiam for the year's work. The li-adcr.s thcsou were."Foods and Nutrition." Mrs.. Frank Barth with -Mrs. A. C. Speoslc. assistant: Home Management. Mrs. R. E; Sullivan :intl Mrs. M. B. Landis: "Rer.rea- tion," Mrs. B. A. Rajr. Mrs. Florence Syverud was present.. The young folks of the first team f|f the Star Valley Grange put on and second decree; work at llarnipny Friday night, to a full hiuso and ilid themseilves credit' Kd',vard and -l^ua Bell Stickle spent Sunday evening at the Nichols home. Harold Baker has ihet-:i under the doctor's care but is ' *ltcr. , Junior Van Buren. Halp i Isbell. Frank and Harold 3Vl-3rayer spent Sunday ahernuon wii; Cbas. Bremer. i Mr. aild Mrs. E.: R. Van "iurcn and Lila May were Sunday < ;iUera at the homelof i.Mr. and Mrs. 'A. H. Brown. ! Mr. and M^a. R. B. McHenrv and liaby spent Tuesday with Mr. and Mrs. RusselUMcHenry. J. H. Cooper Is on the. sick list with the flu. . ' Miss Alva Stickle spent Sunday with ' Miss Evelyn Van Buren. . Mrs. Clint' Baker, has been sick with the flu 'but is better now. The first regular meHlng of the new year for the Star VaJlcy Fariii MOM'N POP BV QOLLY. ALU I. HAVE ViTTH Me A T IP S A MlCVieL, — •TriAriXiLOOVJ PRETTY CHe <^P 1M A SVJELU PUCE UKE THlS; BtST WE 'LL LEAMe IT _J •s*ieAx: OCT ) x'M eRo<e ,T<xP AFTSR OliRDEALl <SoeS THRO06K VJlTH 8lLL>Me CANEATATaflCeSl LIKE T HIS AUTHE TJME ^ fiooDGfjirp /He ^e > A GLCA /e -SET IT » OURNrrl ^HATEf BACK APTER LEAv ;w6 T HAT Micxet. \T TWO-CENT FEELING. My COAT- HEAH TlS.SAH- ) AH -F015MD J KlCI^EL/ ' BY TAYLOR n^" CHAPTER XLVI 1|Vhen lie dropppd into hjs ftivor- iu-: haunt that ; evening for a tiulel jraii'.c of puker. Tony Harrison foUU'l the vcar-faced For'jes it:>ndinf; licslJ.' the bar. Oiico more he was assailed with the feeling that somewhere he had encountered that face before, but to save the life of him he could not rrsurrect the image of a man with slick black hair and a short mus- tiichc and goatee. .Most men, if they affected mustaches, favored the long, flowing ones with drooping oi upturned ends. "And." he told himself, "it can't he the scar. I'd remeti:ber that anywhere." He lingered nearby, that he iiiighl study the other's face unob- :iervrd: and presently Forbes as if lie fe:t unseen eyes upon him, turned unnind. He smiled. "Have a drink'/" he asked. For a moment Harrison experienced llie uncomfortable feeling of having been ..caught in an net of ludencss. "1 don't drink" he an- .swered as pleasantly as he could. Some time ago 1 decided to gel aiouK without it." i ".Most of would be better off if w; felt the same way .'^bout it." the man aureed pleasantly. "How about something soft—gliiger ale?" Tony Iiesitated. The man was couiteouK enon:;h ;'nd yet. . . . (Jenerally." he said. "1 don't permit a .strnnger to st^ind treat for •5 ^EENEST LYNN saying to himself, "I knew it—I knew I wasn't wrong. .Vow, if he's only at the hotel—if lie:<Hdn't get scared at what I said and llglit out—" The way to the hotel led past his own store, v.-hich stood just two (liors awtiy from the bank. He proceeded at a run. stuir.bling now and then over a rut for ^here weri! no street lights in Uuthrle yet and the sky was overcast ahd black. The far-off rumble of thunder ac- ccmpanied him down the street and once he tripped and sprawled his length on the ground, io pick himself up. cursing and hasten on. Far off a light shone through the blat-kness. From the bank, be told himself. It would be Morrison, thn cashier, who religiously devoted one night a week to "checking things up." Morrisr<n—what .was it Morrison had said about the scarfaced man—that he hadn't inspired him with i-onfidcnce? ".Morrison's own words." he whispered, and ran on. His eyes, accustomed better to t'lic darkness now. could <li8cern (alrly clearly the gaunt outlines of the hardware store and the framework of the addition under construction. Perkins and Harrison. a"goinR" business -t -aiid nine years ago. ... A lagged flash of lighiing rent the sky, limnin? the piakeshift buildings in iill their siaikness anil giving him a brief glimpse ,of me; but 111 break the rule if you | something, He stopped with let me buy the ne-*i oiii." , ] such abruptness that his hands Foibes lifted an arm to signal j gouRht the ground tor biilance. • U the h;'.rtendei. .Vlter he had glv^n ,• could not havo been his imagina- his r.ider ho .said. "I'm figuring i tion. he told himself. Under that GOES UP AGAIN Heavy Wavp Interrupts Temporarily of Selling Trend .\ew York, Jan. 21. lAP)—Re­ sumption of tho upward price movemen't In today's stock market waa temporarily interrupted *y a heavy wavtj of prpfit-takinK. - but KI)ei;uIator.s for thf- advance quickly regained controKj Extreme gains in many of the acii^'e issues ranged from 2 to 6 po1i[ts. with public iiirlitles, motors, 4nd merchandising issues giving the best exhibitions of group streilgth. The closing was firm. Totjol sales approximated 1,000,000 shares. I oni .tiarliet Donii. •^'Chicago, .Jan. in (AP)—Liberal purchases of corn to arrive here totaling 1,000,000 it the last 4S liours, carried tl'iif com market downward today. » The effect alto wa» to weaken w.hi?at' at the last. Be-sides, exjioft demand today for wheat from .VortU America, was slow. Corn closed he*vy, '-i to 'liffJlc net lower, wheat to %c off,, oats unchanged to W- down, and provisions unchanged to a setback of lU(fil2c. on locating here. "Coins in business?" "Drug store. I've been looking over the jflound to sec if it would pay. - ; i them. "You know: we've got one. of| jji^ amazement save way to couiso?" i rupiil calculation and he stepped brief lightninp flush he had seen horses moving outside the little bank, and Morrison, he knew perfectly well hiid not ridden any of Forties noddi'd. "Koom for aii- olh'.'r one a ;?ooil, one. Thought fluickly toward the datk shadow o: ^ , the store. It w;as a!! very clear I 'll >i<c lu 'W ihiiips I were Roins iii; now - the scur-faced stranger nklvhoma City, thiiugh. before 1 1 strolling into the bank from lime make up my, mind.'f ' 'to tinif and asking numerous (|ue.s- ' Vou know-;" Harriscn said bold- 1 (ions under the pretense of an in­ ly. ••l'\o been botht-ieu ity the no-; teres! in Gutbries' business out- lioh that I've seen ylou before some; look. . . place. Is thiit pos^^ibleT [ He slipped swiftly and silently "llfeii in Chica^o^" from the hardware store to tlie Tony no Idid. , building next door. Hugging it "Wfll. that's whijre.|^lm from."; ,.i„soly be cpt around to the rear F<irbes laughiMl ; "Foll.s are mit likel nice" and he intiici "Bullet wound." I'lowcd up my chei tJidn'I it?" il..' shifted iinjialieiitly i;lalicocl about hini. ' Dorsett Produce Co. \ laes £iw«! 3 (it!«t, lou Phone 7lt« Bureau ivlll bo Tuofidd}'. jJauuary 24, at 1:30 o'clock, with .Mrs. M. B. Landis. .Tlie work wilt consist,of a-short talk on the year's Work in nutrition and recreation ami music. Roll call will be "My Go^l in Nutrition" for the year ' Fr?nk Ross has been having the flu but Is better. 1 , Mrs. R. Van Buren helped Mrs. E. H. Brown cook for threshers Friday. ' Mr. and Mrs.' C. \\'. .McHenry spent Wednesday with Mr, and Mrs. Russell McHenry. Tommy Cooper spent -Friday at elides Mooses. Mr. and Mrs Beatty Ray spent Sunday in town with Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Kester, and Mrs. D. A. Ray. -Mr .i and .Mrs. Russell McHenry and Mrs. M. S. jMcHenry were callers Thursday in the Tommy Coop-! er home. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jloss spent Saturday and Sunday at the parental Ross lionie. Mr. and Mrs. Russell McHenry spent. Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Reynolds in lola. MiiSs May Ross, who has been quite ill for several iweeks, i^ improving slowly. Callers at • the Ross home were: Mrs. Carl Overman, Mrs. C. .-v. Clark. Mrs. O. Kal- burg, Mrs. Beatty Ray. Mrs. Lilian Walters. .Mrs. Harry Shelton, Mrs; Tl W'. Wake, .Mrs. Paul Bustard. (Mrs. Rufis Runner, Mr. and' Mr?. C. C. Mc-Carty, and Mr. ^n.l .\ir.-<. E. H. Weber and children. Etlward and Alva Stickle spent vKiiday with lx>nc-Elm. The .Pomona .Grange w'ill meet Saturday, January at l :;iO p. |n. in (he Cbam1 >er of Commerce rooms. JSveryono is requested to be iMr ^sent as thbre .'Will be Election t^'offlfctori,',-; .•-] j, I- •^antf iMrB ,.:]<]iy .1 (3q<!lde' and illtle drily, and th^n tiptoed toward tlic sul • to forget this ^ fa<ing the hank. He could make t<(i - the scar. ,„ut three bulky shapes in the dtirk- he explained.less and could heatf the sfjinpini; k cii !is!;ierably. I of luusos' fi -ct. Besiue tliciu wa^;! jllu! faint glow of a eiuar or a ci;{:i' and I ret. I KausuK Cltr Groin. Kansas City. Jail. 21. (APIWheat: Receipts 112 cars: unchannid: .Vo. 2 dark hard, %\AWz Cu \.:,Vi^: .\o. :!. $l>'2l-jff/-..".G'-j; .\o. 2 hard. $1.:{G'.4 T/l-H«: No. ?,. $1.2S»-i riil.lS: .\o. 2 r«,l.jnom:nally. $1.44 rnXAS; No. :t. nominally, $1.36tr 1.4.1. Close: May $1.^6: July $1.21'^. C.;rn: Ucct ipt^ •2ft!> cars: '/jlfil cent lo-wer; .Vo. 2 *-.I:ite. SO'ic: No. ?,. TSViifi.SO: No. 2 V<'now. 83»i: No. .SiiliSl',^:: .\o. 2 hii-xed. .SOif/SOVjc. .\'<) :;. 77%i5/7!»',-icr| Close: .(lay'.S4':4: July SliTsc. Oat.--: ruiliaiiKed: .\o. jJ white, itjiniinail.v, ."lOfJ/.">,S;' No. :'. iaminal- ly. .-,r.».-.:c. Y -Milo'maize: 4l.4fi«/l.+s. AUTOMOTIVE Automobiles For Sale tl O. K. USED CARS—2 1925 Chevrolet tourings: 1324 Chevrolet touring; 1927 Chevrolet truck and cab: 1924 Chevrolet truck, cab, grain bo<lj': 2 1924 Ford coupes: 1924 Ford touring. Matty other • bargains in cheaper cars. Shelly Motor Co., lis West Jackson. Phone tiO. 1926 CHEVROLET COUPE—Chrysler "60" coach: Chevrolet sedan: Chrysler "5.S" coupe: Dodge tourinlg: Ford sedans, roadsters and coupes: 1927 Ford touring, good as new. All are in good shape. We trade. Ross Arbuckle's Garage. Chrysler dealers. ^Phone 56. BUI). WHITE MOTOR CO. HUDSON-ESSEX DEALER— BUICK. 1924 TOURING. BUICK, 192:; TOURi.NG. CHRYSLER. 1926 Touring, fini' shape. DODGE. 1926 COUPE. like new. ESSEX. 1927 COACH. ESSEX. 1026 COACH. FORD, 1926 TOURING. FORD, 1.924 TOURI.NG. FORD. 1924 ROADSTER. FORD, 192:! ROADSTER. IIUDSO.V. 1927 Brougliam. - HUDSO.N. 1926 Brougham. " HUDSO.V. 1927 Standahl Sedan. .HU|DSON, 1926 CO.VCII. OVERLAND. 1324 Touring. WlLLYS-KNlGHT.. 1924 Sedan. • ; Cash, Terms or Trade. 219 S. Wash. , Phone ISO LlVE STOCK •- Horses; Cattle, tehlclw 48 FOR SALE OR- TRADE -r Cows, horses and mules: 3 red cows, freshen Fefi. 1. will give 6 Igallons per day w'hen fresh, weigjit 1300 lbs.,: 2 Jersey cows, giving milk: 1 4-year-old roan Durham, calf by side, a Kooil one; 4 red cows, will freshen in .Alarch; 1 span niules. 6 yeai-s old, [ sound and Kentle. wt. 2700; 6 head horses and mares; 4 good colts;,'3 sets breeching harness; 2 gang plows: 4 \valking plows; 2 niowers; 3 discs;^ planters; 3 harrows; 4 wagons;^' Will sell, on time or exchaiige for other cattle, houses or mules. • Boyer Stock Farin, 4 miles south of La- Harpe. Phiine 726, LaHarpe, flr 23, 212 S. JeffiBrson. lola. ' Poultry and .SuppIloH 49 A.VCONA" COCKERELS—Pure bred siuRle comb; one O. 1. C^ male hog; afeo timothy hay,; baled. Charles Bell. Phone 961-4. BABY CHICKS—Eleven leading; breeds, $J1 and up per hundred; 'I'r discount on orders place<l 30 ilays in advance. Sunflower Hatchery, Bron^n, Kans. BABY CHlCKS-l:-.0 ^. Q. R. 1. Reds for tomorrow. Custom hatching 4c per egg. Come in and look over our-line of broodcrs.tSturdy Chick Hatchcr.v, 220 West, street. COCKERELS—High bred Buff Or- pingtoiis.; G. I). Trenary,:.^ miles on North J Kentucky road. - . TURKEY - HENS —Two. bronzo. Mrs. J. K Hunter. Phone: 948-22. Wanted—Lire Stock 50 WA.N'TED TO BUY'—All kinds of'e and hogs. J. C. Butcher. MERCHANDISE Articles For Sale 61 Kans: Hay mil Kansas Cll.v Hay \ s:is (*ity .\lri.i Jan. 21. (AP) iiiihaiiged: leeelpts '77 cars. K:inMi« Citrl Produce K.'iisas Cil.v. Jail. 21. \ (API- Firsts'. Hie: seconti.s. :!4c: Poultry: h»:ny liens.' I'fic; .-liglit htjns 16c rooster.s. 11 •!> 1.5c.Other j produce unchantred. Rot ,a poker Hi.s mind revolved on various ;;aine on" h;' explajined apologeti-1 plans of actiiui. Should be lie in cally and withdrew - j wait until the bank rol>bers ••merg- ilarrlson watcheiij him uk he satj^tl and then open lire on them down at a nearby table, andjf.!,,, i,i>: place ot concealment? .\ frowned. He heardj his o\Vn name |.safe course but not to be conslder- ealled a moment later and a bit reluctantly walked iicross the room ed because of the uni'ertainty of hitting a ii>an in the .\o ami dropped into the seal that' -he would have to get to the bank was reserveil for him by his';,i),| surprise them, friends. ' j He fingered the houster at his He idayeil mev-hanically. with i hip, drew out the 6lcnder-ltj.rrelled oi;Iy a half-hearted interest in thelrovolver and. dropping to his haud< ciirtiB: and from time to titnc he|;.nd knees, began a slow and silt iit progress tioward the shapes in the darkness beside tho biink. .\ hotso whinnied nervousl.v and Harrison flaltenetl himself against the ground like a «nake. But ho was reassured by'the .sound of a man's voice;- '(Julet, you fool!" and presently ho began to inch forward asaiiir From where he now lay he coubl ! see- the horses (|Uite clearlj-, There K ]iiiMi> l'il.vVLheSt»<'k Kansas City, Ja-j. 21. ^^ S Dept. of ABrTculturel :',."i.O: weak t»> 10c than yesterday's :;\erage; . top il.30' on choice 22.i-lb. averages: bulk de- .skahle 20ii-lb.Si upjS.lSffiS. bogs scarce: padiing sow| 7.1 i}. C:ittle: f.OO: . lalyes. PI—fU. Hogs: 5; light s 6.75® .=)0; for found hlms(>Jf starinK absentl.V to- wiird till- t.ilde where sat Forbe-<. Tlie man's liacf was to him, tbouth, and Forbes presented noth- inc niore than a sleek l)lack head it;id :i pair of broad shourder**. "There's somethin.? . on your mind, Tony," Fred Perkins laughed (:;s he salhered in a sizeable "pot." "I raised the ante, drew two cards, .-ind vou called me with two little pair. -That ain't natural for .vou." j would be no daiiger of running in^ j ; Hariison shrugged and smiletl.ljo ihem. And the faint glow of Too much business. Fred." To Jenkins, the restaurant owner* he said,j "That partner of mine thinks up more things for me to do than I can attend to in working hours and criticizes me when I carr.v them in my mind at night. AW rlg[\i; deal me a hand—and look out for mo. I'm nut for blood." ^ He picked up his cards, .saw two I kings and announced: "She's off." and threw in a chip. Others clinked beside it. "Ever.vbody stays," said Jenkins, who was dealing. "How many cards, Harrison?'.' "Three." When they fell in front of hi.-ij he slipped them, nnlooked at, between his pa|r of kings and shuffled the flvq cards, face down. ".\"ow let me peel down. Fred," lie began—and slopped short. There were four; kings in his the clgaret told him wbich wa^' his man was facing. Just a few feet more now and— Then he was on his feet, wraith- lik<> In the darkness. Before the man who held the reins could turn or utter a sotind, HarriSoii bad swung the butt of his igun against his skull and grabbed him to ease his fall. ' , He spoke softly '• to the horses, then grabbed off the man's hat. peered at hi« face, felt with his fingers a swelling Ittmp behind the other's car, and let him lie. Tlierc would be, Harrison was satisfied, no signs of life from him for some^ tim-. He felt a fierce exultation within him. Part of his task was accomplished; thaj for which he bad) waited and prayed many ia day lay ! Just ahead. He s>pokc : once more week: fed steer.* little changed; week's early advance on pe better frrades lost; ijhe stock steady to 2 .'>c higher: bulls 10(i ?2r )C lower: vealers auji calve.'! steadyc stockers and feeders fully 2.")cl higher, with spots ;50c higgler: week's t<ip: heavy steers lS .2Sl medium weight 16 .7.'i; yearling.s. .I 'r.'iO; bulk prices fed sters 11.7r .(gl.=i.50; fid heifers. a .OO 'g 11.6 .5; butcher cows, 7 .00(§) 9.2.'); good to rhblcc vealers 10.00 (Sll.iiO; stoiki'i's fnd feeders 10.00 'WI2 ..'.n. .> Sheep: none: week: lantbs and ycarlinKn .I'.i-i?; 50c .higher; sheep ir)'«p2."ic up; top wooled lambs.. i:{.2.S: bulK 12.25<&12.S.5; « few 9'4 ?i :97 -lb. arerages. ll.iJOiH' 11.2.5: clipi'iers, 10J50 (K ^1L1 .5; shorn yearlings. ^..50{iD.85: wooled-skin- ned. 10 .00/^ 10..50; Mop ewes. 7 ..50: feeding and shearing lambs, 12.00 (?12 .t0. .son wondered the^ how he possibly tould have failed to recogpize him at first glimpse. (To Re (ontluued) Benton jil lasil I« the next «'h:i|tfer Tony Harrison Hirae.s to irriiis with the! man who killed "his Jatber. ' ANNOUNCEMENTS .Strayed, Lost, Found 10 hand and an Illuminating flash of in; a reassurinK whisper to the memory darting through his brain, (three hors«>s and then turned tn- He turned quickly in quest ofiwairJ the front of the bank. Two Forbes but the man had left—at least he was not .at the table where Tony had last seen him. His eyes roved the crowded rdom.Not there. Very well—tlie hotel. FRIENDSHIP cqtCLE. Kold, lost Tuesday, keepsake. Leave at Register. Reward. . Auto Accessories. "Tires. Parts 13 WE ARE WRECKI.NG—A WillysKnight: good 34x4 lir tires, lola Auto Wrecking Co. Phone 782. BUSINESS SERVICE Moving, Truckluir. Storage £3 CALL DE.\N TRANSFER —Phon^ 885, will niove you by hour or contract, with experienced men. WHEN YOU MOVE—Or atore yoar goods call Corr's Transfer. Offl.» 140, residence 140. EMPLOYMENT Help Wantea—3Iale EXPERIE.NCBD CARDE.VER and trull grower: share basis; stale fully your qualifications. .Address Box 2S7, lola. WANTED AT O.NCE—Porter, white or colored, at Kelley Hotel. Apply in person. ^ • Hel|>—.Mule and Female Xi MEN AN'D WO.MEN—Work jocally, guaratitec ?3 day, $91 .00 and expenses- month traveling, welfare effort.s.. Give pjtone and address. "L,": «'are Register. WE HAVE OPENLNG In this district for man or w-oman writing health and accident insurance for one of the largest companies in America.1 full or part time. Will Klve personal instruction and help you get started. Address Room 427. Board Trade BIdg.. K. C. Mo. FINANCIAL Money to Loan—Mortgages 40 FARM LOANS—Quick service and reasona'ble rates. A., D. Hawthorne. 151^ West jVIadison. FARM AND CITY LOANS—The Allen County Investment Co., Kelley Hotel BIdg.. lola, kans. FARM AND CITY LOANS—Bas° rate on farms, 5^.". city 6%. Long or short time. R. M. Cunningham. .MONEY— To loan on farm and city property. Jackson Realty Co., over Brown's Drug Store. CREAM SEi-ARATORS V- ^lightly used Mc'Cormick - Deerin^ ball- Jiearing. .?6.5: slightly used'Anker- Holth No: 5 separator. $65. guaranteed as-new. Allen Couflty Implement Co. . •• ^ FOR SALE AT BARGAlN-^On account of ^leaviuK lola: One Underwood typewriter. 12-int-h carriage, alnfost new. Pho. 120 soon. GOOD O-AK WOOD—For'sate. $3.00 rank deliVered. A. O. H^lbrant. Phone S75f. : HEUGK PiclSTS—For sale,: cheap. Phone U49F21. RKSTAUR.^.NT FIXTURES; complete;, also Hudson sedan:,or will trade for stock. Inquire 615 -"^'orth Wa(>hingttfn. MERCHANDISE Household Goods usetL GAS RANGES—.New and exc'hange. Easy iW'menis] Hver.v service. Curtis Co.. LaHarpe, Kans. 5» We Furbitnre ROOMS AND B04RP _ Rooms Without Board «8 ROOM—In modern home,^ sttidenf preferred. Inquire 401 S. "vValnuf. ROOMS —Two sleeping. Inquire 12 N. Sycamore, between 1 and 6 o'flock. - -- Rooms For Housekeeping •<» j FURNISHED ROO.MS—For light housekeeping, modern. IfiqtxIre • 206 South Chestnut street; TWO ROOMS—Furnished for light housekeepinK, cheap rent. .Call atll 624 North street. '• • ' REAL ESTATE FOR RENT Apartments and Flaji 7<: APARTME.VT —4 room, dowuBtaira. with garage. Inquire 504 North Jefferson. ^ • Business Places For Kent 7S BUSINESS BUILDLVG—For' rent, Phone 146 or 441.. I Farms and Land For Bent 78 35 ACRES — 9 room house, city water, south of Bassett dn- Hiimboldt road. Dr. John; V^ilson. IlumboUU. Phone Humboldlj 199. SO ACRE F.\R.M — Improvjed, for rent. Inquire National Bank, La­ Harpe. Houses For Bent 77 GOOD HOUSF>-Of four rooms for rent. $4.00 per month. -Chimney Sweep. !* .MODERN HOUSE—For rent, furnished or unfurnished. Also gar-, a.uc. Plioue 813. 507 S. Jefferson. 5 ROO .\r COTTAGE—iModelrn. close in. garage. Phono 31. _J_ REAL ESTATE F 0 R| SALE Brokers In Real Estajte R FOR SALE OR TRADE—llaHarpe: ten acres well Improved, close In;;, store building, well located. lola: four room house in city: ^6 acres three miles out. Hiimibollt: Two improved city properties: W. H.; Wood. LaHarpe. ' Farms and Land For Sale 89 «.M.\LL DAIRY FAR.M—Til'o miles- from lola on hard stfrfacBd roiad. Phone 475. ; (. WOOD—$2i50 rank at farnj: $:!.Ui) rank delivered. Clyde Thompson. Office Pliijnc 467. 300 PA1R---Ladies' new sho|s, 2.",c: all kinds' ladies', men's ai|d children's clothing cheap. 'Second Hand Clothing Store, llfrj South Kentucky. ? THE BEST lURGAIN. id Allen .County; nearly 100 acres hlgbljr imiSroved. adjoiniuK lola. Great kiierifice if sold before Mai^ih 1. O'herwise off the market. Liberal l.^rms. Call at once. The Allen County Investment Co.. Kelley Ht»- tel BldR., lola, Kans. Barter and Exchange! ; 51 A iSO ACRES—On main county hlgh- ; way. Rood soil. 6 room house, good barn, .shade, unlimited water, • close to school and church. $55 per acre. 5'/ money, possession^ J. H; Hamilton. FOR SALE OR TRADEr-F6r cow. Koiid second hand piano. • Phone 975-24. . >. Houses For Sale 84 iTWO GOOD llO.MES-^Foi^ 8 ^e, iiritii Well loiaied. both bargains. WILL TiLXDE—1 Del-aval. 1 Milotte. 1 liono cream separijtor for stock. Allen County Cream Co- Business iind Office Eanlpment M TYPEWRITERS-For Fale, srent or trade. Williams Typewriter Co; ll :t West Madison. j 69 . Hbnsehold Goods. CO.NGOLI-JU.M RUG?i -$r. up; 6x9's; linoleum: specials. Henninger Furniture Store. i Inquire AValaut r. C. Ausliermar street. . 621. N. 3 ROO.M HOi;SK—Has gt 0(1 . roof. JjiHarpe. 4 ROOM H (>USE-W ''or sal«, $125. to be moveei. Inquire 19 S. Ohio. 5 ROO.M MODERN HOUSE—Good garage, on paved street, ^ blocks from the Square, for sale at; a bargain; -5500.00 cash, - balance like rent. lola Laud Company. AUCTIONS men insitle with -Morrliion. and one ! of thetjj . . ! .\ sudden blu/e of pass-ion swept I him a.^ he crept toward the lDi|i^ ed winilow --a savage longing . Auctions lOA PUBLIC AWCTlbS—Publlc audtlon every Saturday at 1:00 o'clocSt at BlBhop's S .ales Ravi Hon Leaving a winning hand and an]get that other aione somewhere, t'l uncashed stack of chips on lhe|t.wist his finseis in hi-s ihroa* and AUTOMOTIVE table, he pushed hack his chair and darted for the door, his companions too overcome wfth astotiish- ment for speech. When he had vanished tfirouph Hie door. Fred Perkins leaned over the table and picked uj> .Tony's cards, "fl'our kin^!"- he announcea In feeblei amazement and' slid back in bis Icbalr. 'Vfow. wha^. die hell—" bi &.l >,t >lM!.*fL to^tirejt— hear him plead fjii- his life like ,i l>eggar. - The door beside the jishled win-; dow. he noted, was dtiscd. Renniv- ing his 4iat, he cautirtfisly • raised jlifmself ereei ami looked rtvcr the sill. Morripon iiat in a chair be^ side ihe'safi, and lii front' .of' bim. With levejei gpna. ttgyd t.. Antbmoblles for Sale 11 OAKLAND — Dealers — PONTLVC 27 Pontiac IW L^ixc landau sedan, like'new; '26 Ookland coupe; '2,V Buick light'six touring; fine condition; '29 -Naslj: advaiTved' roadster. Al shape; ^'6 Ford roadster; *27 Ford-'coupe^ '25 inor^ iodor. MONEY TO LOA.V—On farms or city property. Lowest rate. Stewart ^ Funk. MONEY TO LOAN—On real e8tp.te. repayable in small monthly payments. These loans never come due - better because cheaper and more convenient Security-Building & Loan Assn.. 1st Natl. Bank" BIdg. PRIV.\TE MONEY—To loan on farms or city property. W. R: Brister, over Howard's Candy Shop. • "• LIVESTOCK Horses, Cattle. Tehlcle? 48 DUROC MALE HOrj—A good one. $25. Phone 1362W. ; HOLSTBINi CX)W -r-! Extra good, t • yeafti. oldi fresh; .tialw iSa; SPECIAL SAL& Dependable Used C^rs A Used Car Is as De pendable as the Dealer Who SeUs It! 1327 lUIDGE ( 01 Pi;i like new. ^927 WUUV SPORT- Kt^AIJSTER. 1925 D0D(;E TOIRIX;, a real Talue. 1922 DODGE TOUKLNC;, exceptional .Taluc. 19i26 I'llRYSLEK SE^AX, a real raluc. ykvr ( HEVROLET itOUPE. . 192S BUICK TOURLNO. 1925 FORD TKl'CK. like new. 1927 CHEVROLET TtKrCK. stock and rack. . • *• ? . • . f • Bi^conditloned IH-Ton Graham Brothers Truck, guaranteed. Vtfi don't have so many used cars. There's a reason. I Some good, serviceable used cars cheap. trade or sell on easy terms. • f_ Dodge Brothers Cars—Orabam Brothers Trucks f EkLIS MOTOR COMP ^m 7'" (Open t>T«n^iSt and Snndayt) lll»mTiilIiriiito». 31

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