The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on April 27, 1933 · Page 7
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 7

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 27, 1933
Page 7
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••••^•^•^••••^••••^^•••^•••••••^^^H^M^^^^^^^WilMttMMw ^^^= '' ^^^^^^SgSBBBggggggl HASTINGS A **tf*p; Wayrtte €Tetn»» were: tin* tte iat£- tierce", "Lorraine Ksihtfn The Isdies of the Hastings church will present « minstrel _.__. May 8. It 14 entitled "A Dusky Flower Garden," and will eome time ago with "The Sweet Shop." Admission will be only 10 cents and you are assured more than yonf money's worth in good wholesome fun and entertainment. Curtain rises at B o'clock. K you enjoyed the "Sweet Shop" you be sure to see this. New* of Hastings Public Schools Entertain* School Board at the Hastings faculty entertain* ed the members of the school board and their wives at A 6:30 o'clock dinner Wednesday, April 9, The following was the menu*. Fruit cup, breaded pork pats, sweet t potatoes, creamed peas on rosettes, Harvard beets, rolls, lime grapefruit salad, jam, lemon ice box pudding, coffee, mints. Sport* Last Wednesday the Hastings klttenball team journeyed to 811* ver City to win a game from the Silver City team. The score was 14 to 0. On Friday Pacific Junction came to Hastings to be defeated by our nine with a score of 7 to 6. Wednesday, April 26, Hastings boys play Emerson at Emerson. Edith V.: "I'm gonna sneeze.' Tom C.: "At who?" Edith: "Atchool" Pie Supper, The junior claw are planning Seniors Entertained Friday Evening The members of the senior class and their guests were entertained by Supt, and Mrs. D, D. Fellows at a party Friday evening. The evening was spent Play- Ing cards, working jig saw puzzles, and participating in written contests. After entertainment refreshments of ice cream, angel food cake, and coffee were served. All present had an enjoyable time. Those present beside the seniors were: Ruth DsUelJ, Miss Young, Mjaa Harman, Miss Varley, Clyde Blttner, and Blanche Woods, The next Cemetery 'association meeting wlU.b^ jjeW Wednesday, May 8, at the bpnw»«f Mrs, Grace Hathaway at J o'clock sharp, Mrs. Vic Cromwell is enjoying a visit from her- mother, Mrs, Yarrington, of VJlUeca who came over last week, • Ira Turner and family were called to Oakla»4 Sujflay to at" tend the funersl sf » cousin, g, C. Cleveland, .wbQ 4Jed suddenly a. couple of days ceding, Ray Kelly and family visited In tbe Q. T, Qartwn, bowe gun,* . . t Mrs. will Trimmer end 'daughter. Mary, and Mrs. Smith autojg to » Betty sad i|y». Sei»U wttwm 'ffrunM Mo* from a. trip Ja ftftd WJUiftw and Carl MeUerup et Mr Omaha, PAGE S1V£H to ttse ttte metfe&a for several doing this we have **d bflftg yottr friends. 8ert!ee A party of four met with an anto accident about a mile east *a was , as it , was — • ^"»«»*«w»*t TJCH3 pretty badly cut on the head. went on. Mrs. Hiram Smith of Omaha eatee Friday and vigtted until Sunday with her brother, W, F. Crawford. Harold Mitchell of Omaha spent the week end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mitch* ell* Mr. and Mrs. Raibh Hanscom and son, Robert, were Red Oak visitors Thursday. Mr B . Perry Sayes, Glen, Aleta, And Robert, of Strahan visited Friday In the Lawrence Reed home, Miss Carrie Luther spent the week end in her home at VlllUca. Howard Crawford and son, Harvey, of Ozwkle, Kan. came Friday and visited until Monday with his brother, W. F. Crawford, and other relatives. Miss Pauline Shepard and Kathaleen Polndexter of Lenox were Sunday guests of Miss Lorraine Clark. Raymond Shepard of Sidney spent the week end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Shepard. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Viner of Randolph visited relatives in town Sunday. Dale Hillyer of Imogene visited Sunday In the home of Kenneth and Loren Nebblt. ft. £1. Wtwrtt tefca *&otn*r tt- tftc* of fcfs eld trffotte Thursday «*d «** fcwft *n * s«- rfoiw cttftdftfen since th*n fort *t Ivtwt MifRSrlrt WftS ftfcNI^ ftftfeftf?^ Int. The Ladles' Cemetery association clewed $13.89 from tn« ***** ttfcy n*6 Friday ttettBg *tw*e Dee Wffson's g*f*te. fft* fedfe* also sold doughnuts and coffee. * Mr. and Mrs. Fred Priest and O. B. Hatchings drove out to Bassett, Nebr. Saturday and tls- tied over Sunday with the Bert Gennng family. MAS Qnlmby looked after the drag store In their absence. CHAMPION HILL Richard Listen was a Sunday dinner guest of Dean McLain. Joe and Dean McLain and Frank Kochersperger had cattle on the South Omaha market last week. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Reed of Council Bluffs and Mrs. 8. A. Beed of Oakland, Mrs. P. X. Liddell and son, Ralph, and Elolse Liddell were guests Sunday evening in the Kochersperger home where they enjoyed supper. Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Allen and Joe and Virgil Liddell called In the evening. Several from Champion Hill attended the prohibition convention in Malvern Sunday afternoon. The Deer Creek delegation voted to divide the township through the middle north and south, the east half going In with the Emerson organisation and the west half joining forces with the Strahan or White Cloud delegates. Watch the papers for announcements and help save the 18th Amendment and not lose what little we have gained in the way of prohibition. We were glad to have the Hal- detnans back in Sunday school this week after their enforced absence on account of measles. Mrs. Berta Griffin and daughter, Edna, called on Mrs. Hetty Eastwood and Marilyn Jean Saturday afternoon. *r. StrktgM wet« guests toj «*p**f ft tfcft Alfred Cooper homej We«a«t£*y irtgat helping Ward e*f«)T»te htt Mrtfcd*?. Rnby re- WESLEY CHAP6L the C. B. eft** were gfed to have Wayne tteftt enter the class this week **« fco*p* it will be possible for hfa% to come reguttrly. We were also ft*6 to have Archable Frailer present again after several weeks absence. the yonng people met at the Sherman Allen home Friday night to practice singing. They plan on meeting there again this week on Friday night. Ella and Harold KetlenbArger and Laurence Hatfleld favored as with a special music*.] number Snnday that was enjoyed. We are glad to see the yonnf people take hold and help out In this work. Mrs. Clarence Bishop and sons. Marlin and George, visited Lon Hatfields Friday afternoon. Alfred Coopers were Olenwood visitors Saturday In the home of his brother, Wilt- Mrs. Mable Campbell was an overnight guest in the home of her cousin, Mrs. Carrie McLain, in Emerson Saturday. Mrs. Haldemah and daughters, Marjorle and Helen, went to Red Oak Friday afternoon after Ar-j lene. Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Allen and Joe and Joe's guest, Francis tJngry, were guests to dinner Sunday in the home of Mrs. P. N. Liddell. Blanche McPherson was a week end guest of fill* Kellenbarger. John James and children and Lon Hatflelds were among the Red Oak visitors Saturday. Several of the young people are planning on attending the C. B. convention in Red Oak Saturday and Sunday. If you are interested call the president, Wilma Cooper, for particulars and join the crowd for a pleasant and helpful outing. Ralph Liddell accompanied Stanley Reeds to Council Bluffs Sunday evening. He expected to entrain from Omaha some time Monday for San Francisco, Calif, where he will enter tbe nary. Lstdtes AW «« with Mrs. Waldo* Sowers test we**. Ten were present. The next meeting will be M*y 3 *t the home of Mrs. John Cftrk. Tola meeting win be a May Rally for Ladles AM and all members and former members are ttrged to attend. There will b* a seed, hnlb and plant sate at this time. Anyone hairing anything to offer please bring them or tall Mrs. 1. B. Flcket about then. Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Plumb of Red Oak were Snnday guests in the Clinton Parker home. Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Parker and sons and Mrs. Jay Wlnstow and Jean visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. Wlnstow at Tabor Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Sowers visited their daughter, Mrs. Orris Bently and family near Red Oak Snnday. The little Bently children Who have been visiting their grandparents for a couple of weeks returned home. Mrs. Etta Robbing Who has been spending the winter with her daughter, Mrs. Harvey Lisle and family, returned to her home in Malvern this week. ASBURY Mis* Jtftjrfete McGinnls *»s a j Shenandoah Tteftor Thnrsdty. i Or* fcottgla* and family «p«nt Sowdwy evening to the A. I. lic- Ginnls horn*. Miss Mfldred Sederhnrg spent the *«* *»d wftR rifeftftttes at Red Oak. MlM Gertrude Baker spent the past «-«ek In Council Blaffs risking her brother Sen Baker and family. Mr. and Mrs. Opal Bayes were callers at the Harvle Don gins home Snnday evening. Lttcite Smith has been absent from school several days the past ireek. She fell from a teeter-totter board, hurting her back quite badly. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Morrison and ton Howard were Sunday dinner guests in the Opal Bayes home. Charlie Bookman was an Omaha visitor Saturday. Wayne Nltos of Strahan spent the week end at the home of his sister, Mrs. Opal Bayes. Mrs. Harold Smith and Mrs. Qertrude Lang were Red Oak visitors Friday. jtr, mm OAKS Myrsel Thomas find family spent Sunday at the Ansel Vaughn home at Red Oak. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Douglas and Mr, and Mrs. Paul Vestal spent Sunday In the Ora Douglas home. Mr. and Mrs. Scott Arterburn, Mrs. A. J. Mctlinnis and daughter Betty Ann, Mrs. Myrsel Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kims and daughter Julia Dean, and Mrs. Emma Liston were Red Oak visitors Saturday afternoon. Mrs, Will Archer who has been at the Immanuel hospital in Omaha was able to be brought home Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Alton of Hastings spent several days the past week in the Will Archer home. Oak* Sunday School Note* Oaks had an attendance of 68 last Sunday, Memory verses were recited by the little folk. Plans were made to give a Mother's Day program. Mrs. Earl Ha'rmon was elected program director. The te*et»ef and pupils of Mt. Vernon school held a wiener roast and picnic supper In tho Johnson timber last Friday evt- fllng. Mrs. Lloyd Landla and baby and Misses Lorena Wills and Gertrude Hoey called on Mr. Md Mrs. o. F. Wills last Monday & • ernoon. Most of the Mt. Vernon farmers are now busy plowing and preparing the fields for corn planting. Ye Scribe recently received a letter from a young woman who in behalf of her folks Is looking for a farm to rent next year It not now near a good town with an accredited high school such as she sees in Malvern. She said our farm is of a size that can be handled "just dandy" nnd the town and high school are right handy. Onr reply to this Interest- Ing letter was that we will certainly keep the estimable young woman and her folks In mind should we desire to rent the farm next year. Ralph Wederqulst who teaches school besides raising poultry as a side line is said to hare over a thousand little chicks in his yards. P. T. A. Meeting Held P. T. A. meeting was held at Oaks last Friday night. A large crowd was present and a fine program was given by the Oaks pupils. Also a duet from Sandt- land and play from Plckerell schools. At the business meeting it was decided to hold the last day picnic at Oaks. There will be a basket dinner at noon and program and track meet afternoon. After this meeting refreshments of pie and coffee were served, Ey«t examined by tn Eye Olaii Specialist Commit tin about your vytn. R«- ntnlnntlon made by the latrut approved method*. L. 8. Roblnion, Optometrlit Pnrlora In Hoblnnon Store, Ol»n wood ACID STOMACH iiief FACtOri IN CACHING ULCKRfl Don't let too much acid ruin your stomach. Take Dr. Bmil's Adla Tablets nnd quickly overcome acid conditions, heartburn, sour stomach, Indigestion. Collins Drug Co. adv. Mills County Business Leaders GEO. D. KEFFER The Hardware with the Stock tWhetheFthe' Wakitcfien range or a pound of nails, they are wanted at once and this pro- duces'a demand on the hardware man. He must have a complete stock and be able in every way to keep pace with the demands of his customers. Prompt service to all who come, whether they want a tack hammer or a stove, has always been one of the business policies of this, store. progressive hardware . Only tbe best nationally known brands of every article on the shelves of this store are those assurances of satisfaction. The record of the store itself as well as of the prominent manufacturers of standard lines sold here are js>i i-r-w- . timefn- , .- •«.£ .«•"•*• well and "favorably known. With the farmers of this section, this store is always a favorite place. So many items of hardware are needed on the farm and most farmers want nothing but the most dependable brands, Another special feature of interest to both farm and town people is their large assortment ol high grade shelf hardware. All small articles can be secured here most satisfactorily. . The Hardware Co, has succeeded by making service to their customers their chief concern. This policy has been followed not only in their business dealings, but also in their private life as they are known as public spirited citizens of the community. N. W. COLLING "Quality Merchandise at Rock Bottom Price*'' Phone 2 HASTINGS Mr. ft&4 Mw, George. tfshUtt ^'imb^iji& «t»? JtojNMWBw* &t» *»* «f Another one of tbe stores of this county that is meeting the ^eeds of the community by always having on band tbe best in dry goods, shoes, groceries, fruits and vegetables. It is bardly possible for us to give a concrete idea of the excel* lent stock carried here for the accommodation of tbe public, or tbe bigb quality offered at reasonable prices, A visit to this store is Hast' jngs, however, will readily prove to you that it is tbe proper and moat advantageous place to buy. This gstafeUabmeBt and Mr. Co> ling, wbo directs its affair?, are SOBtribUtiSK la no little measure to the progress and development of this section of the county, and especially to that portion within a radius of several miles around. This community is more progressive and more attractive by reason of their activities, and in tbe review of our onward progress we wish not only to compliment them but to urge all of our readers tbat tbey can do no. better than, to visit tbe store in Bast* ings when in need of anything in tbeir line. Tbeir business policy Is exemplary of tbe old axiom, "Nothing succeeds like ?uc*aga,*« Here you are always assured of tbe highest prices for your poultry and egg?. C, P» HAMILTON Mem Clothing and Sbo«i, "The Start f or Ud w»d Phone 1Q.W Tbere are always »o»e fc out promineatly because of tbeir of _ ifftttoi wwJt be I® tbift popular taw wjid at this popular GLENWOOD are ready and wiUtni to eBytbiBK purchased la This IB &&9 9 ^*V *& W*t f of tbe tbe otber ability a&d Tbe wall dreased mm sS today bis apjptarel &Yeft ffiti lBbl» furaiibiat» A. H. CRAWFORD Selected Quality Grocerie* and Meats for Lea* Phone 1- 'A. H. cuU the Price with C vcry .lice' - Ha.ting. At the A. H, Crawford Store you are always assured of the best, and at a price you are glad to pay. Here you can be served quickly and to your satisfaction. This store is well known to the community for a complete line of groceries, meats, fresh fruits, vegetables, and is exclusive headquarters for many people of tbe Hastings territory as their food center. This firm has a complete stock of food .products selected from the country's best markets. Crawfords are well equipped to care for the spendld business which they enjoy in the Hastings com* munlty and you will find that they feature quality merchandise at all times. In meats, groceries, fruits and vegetables they offer selection and you will find just what you want In this line at this popular store. Bat more fruits and vegetables for your health's sake. Come In and see what a dollar will buy at this popular store. Crawfords are always on the alert for quality merchandise at right prices and their experience has enabled them to offer wonderful quality at reasonable prices. They believe a "Home Owned" store can render you services not to be found In chain stores, and are willing to prove it, They feel business goes where it is invited and stays where well treated. H. F, KRUSE, ELEVATOR Your Beit Market for GRAIN and LIVESTOCK MINEOLA Satisfactory Service for nearly 40 year* to the MINEOLA Community H, F,-Kruse has woo an enviable reputation for honesty and fair dealing among his many customers, Many farmers come to Mjneola to deal who are located nearer larger towns, and when asked why. reply, "Because u S»p, and we always get a square deal." They are wtensive buyers of all kinds of grain and live stock and pay tbe top market prices at all few, if any, companies have attained the p^winence that ia awarded Krusw Elevator, Tbey sj&in,taia an upHo-date es- t»bUflb.m,ent for tbe accommodation ot tbe public, and bare a reputation {or fair prices end 8994 Tbte elevator baa a large capacity and you win find that tfcey areju tee market at aU u«we for unlimited quantities of grain. The citizens can boast and be justly proud that they have io their midst a concern that has be* come so popular with the public. Call them at any time for market quotations, and they will be more than glad to give you tbe highest market prices for your grain. The owner of this concern will be more than glad to help you on any of your farm or seeding problems, as hie years of experience la the grain business quail* fles him to know bow to adjust egch individual problem, We take pleasure to mention In a review of the onward prPK* of our county ,tbe R. P, Kruse Elevator, aid we know that any dealing with thla firm will prove more tban satisfactory. SCHOENING GARAGE Where You Securs That Little Special Service and PhUliju 09 Petroleum Product* Wbat be to &6d ii ft like wb«e eel MINEOLA ry. For tbat reason tbey have specialised in this work a»4 tbey are equipped to t%k.e cave 9! youv needs in this line. You win also find tbat tbey have used Rood judgment in tbe sslectlou of merchandise tbey have to sell, and carry a complete ef tiro* and tubes. TUeir it modern ym espvt It i* a fi4M*ur« for (be writs* ft ttto WlMr ift rwomweud Clites Service Station Where You Secure that Little Extra Service "If you oil not, neither do you spin." Did you ever stop to think the wheels of industry and transportation could not possibly turn a wheel without "lubrication?" This is one of the world's greatest industries. This popular firm maintains a modern and complete service station for the convenience of their many friends and customers. Their place Is modernly equipped, enabling them to render the best of service. They feature quality products, recognized for their high qualities and lubricating value. They are leaders In their line and their products always satisfy, as is evidenced by the increasing number of customers who are turning to them tor service. You will reduce your motor troubles by depending on this company for gasoline, lubricating oil and grease. The proprietor is a hustling business man and it is generally conceded that he "knows his oil." Talk over your lubricating problems with him. His experience qualifies him to render expert advice and lubrication. Farmers Cooperative Creamery Assn. There is No Substitute for Butter "Cooperate with U»" Phone 168 Glenwood is to be congratulated upon possessing this model plant for the manufacture of fine butter. This creamery is operated under the inspection of the pure food department. It has always had a high rating for cleanliness and sanitary conditions as well as in quality of the famous butter manufactured, This is a home-owned institution and one worthy of your support! whether you are a pur» chaser of butter or a seller of cream- They are Interested in the citizens and the surrounding territory nad provide a first class market for pure cream- The Cooperative Creamery wil) consider It a special favor if you will specify their butter in «ak- Glenwood ing a purchase and you will also be assured of the highest quality product at a reasonable price. Why buy the so-called butter substitute when the Cooperative creamery butter can be secured at such a reasonable price? Remember that butter is the best spread for bread, and your health is your most valuable asset. Take no chance but ask for their creamery butter. One pound ot Cooperative creamery butter produces aa much energy as nearly 4 dozen eggs; 14 times as much as a pound of peas; 11 times as much as a pound of fish; 4 V4 times as much as chicken aud Sty times as much as one pound of porterhouse steak. FULLERTON LUMBER CO, Lumber, Groceries and Dry Good* Jno, Sewingt MfT* This pouplar lumber firm baa been transacting business at Mineola. for masy years, and they have gained a wide reputation for dependable products and fair and square treatment. Tbeir buying powers are such tbat they are always able to take advantage of tbe beat buya tbe market afford*, which they in turn paw o« to their customer*, a* it has alway* been tbe policy of tbe FuHertpn Lumber company to handle a larye volume of bu&l- u«88 at a very reasonable profit. They ar« always glad to render tbeir ai»ut«u«tt la tbe selection of pli«« of tb* t&obaUmi arrang* !»*&( of yswr bejftt, b»rn or any term ot IIUUKMT »ftu»tru«iou aud tbtir «Mt «»»ft*lf»«* itt tbU Utw i Htm to b* of ntftt a*. la UMta w*ttjf OMto H MM til nueb »» tut *»w would wot be MINEOLA plete without properly recording the activities of tbe Fullerton Lumber Company, who have always been tbe leader in their line. Tbe Fullertou Lumber Company spares no pains in assisting In every way. their many friends and customers whom they have served ao well and faithfully for ao many years with tbe beat tbat money can buy iu lumber, groceries, dry goods and buiidtuv materials. WUat Mail ordwr Lumber company ever assisted any local eatwpirlse. scbool or churob or paid a*? local taxes in our oowwuttlty? Tbe PuUsrtou Luw- bw Owmpftuy'i uriew are (to lo\vv«i consistent with qu»Uty «u4 )'ou *«» tbe blub qualUjr you *r* *«ttUiMf. W* are 19 rticowuumd tbe Ful- Mftbw Cowpauy to tb* of tbto r»«t»w. &itf««*4«.

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