Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 14, 1955 · Page 8
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 8

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, November 14, 1955
Page 8
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.EiGHT ••^••••wwviwKMM Central Bazaar To Open Today 'The Woman's Society of Christ- •h Service of Central Methodist Church will open its annual bazaar yith a turkey dinner today from i to 7 p.m. in the recreational hal) tf the church. A' ham luncheon will be\ served tuesday from 11 a. m. 'til 2 p. m. There will be .booths for fancy »ork, candy, canned and.baked 'foods, aprons, novelties and toys, ihd a white elephant table. Mrs. R. J. Reuschlein and Mrs. fhirley Stafford have charge of kf tickets for the dinner and lunch>on. There will be no admission »harge to the bazaar. Mrs. Harry Dixon is dinner chair- ban; Mrs. Mabel Dickenson, lunch- ton chairman; Mrs. Frank Per- Uew,- baked goods: Mrs. W. H. Kight, aprons; Mrs. Lambert Blume, white elephant table; Mrs. Virgil Eackles and Mrs. M. W- Worford, novelties and toys; Miss Olive Leasure, canned goods; Mrs. William Wesley, fancy work; Mrs. Jack Shriver, candy, and Mrs. Wallace Petrea, publicity. EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, Ml)* MONDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 1955 Dial PA-2.4600 for a WANT AD Ttktr : America American Girls Get Disillusioned About Romance In Ancient Rome ((•B. u. s. rot. OHJ , By PHYLLIS BATTELLE ROME—(INS)—There is a flock of sweet young American things who are now living (or trying to) in Rome as the result of. seeing the film called "Three Coins in a Fountain." To a girl, they are cynical about the cinema. Rome has got ruins, like Hollywood said, and there's the fountain :o throw money in, if one can afford to toss money around. But secretaries do not lounge around piazzas in Orry-Kelly gowns, as indicated. And eligible, handsome, amorous, English - speaking boy friends are hard to come. by. 'it's duck soup to find an amorous one," points out Miss Peggy Nelson, late of the states, "but the universal language will ...for a range ^ that roasts or broils without . smoke or fumes? ENJOY THE COMING FROM FRIGIDAIRE NOV. 16 FRS! $100,000M PtriES! Com toyoor Frigkktir* Dealer's Gigantic * Free-for-aJL* YOB eon win a complete "New Uff To Living KrfchM»- Lawtdrjr,* or a nwr Cadillac convertible or 'any of 150 other priM. Yo« eon win iiaiply by tolling n which new Frigtdoir*} Appliance you like best and why. Prize contest begins ^November 16; Wedneidory-aik your deafer for details! never replace good old English," The first words she made it a point to learn in Rome, she says, were "vada via." Which means "go away!" Peggy, a ship-shape blonde who was born in Cambridge, Mass., and took a turn ("sort of an about- face, actually") on the Broadway stage, says she is one of a large set of U. S. lassies who became dewey - eyed at seeing "Three Coins in the Fountain," and immediately set off for beautiful, bountiful Rome. What they can't understand now is why. "You'd think with that wide angle screen, they could have given us just a hint of the plumbing problems! 'Tor instance," says Peggy, "most .of the water systems here are operated oh a hot water heater basis, so, that you have to plan five hours in advance of the time you want to'take a bath;'" Ontjthe other hand, the local Lotharios plan a date about 10 minutes in advance of their arrival time. "This is,, very inconsistent and I'm getting tired of going out to dinner looking grimy." If anyone should respond "Well, why go out then, if the men and bathing are so difficult?" .Peggy iias the answer. "Jobs are pretty tough. In the movie, Dorothy Mc'Guire 'had a swell position — secretary to writer, living with gardens and terraces and all that. The girls [ know, are lucky to be clerks in airlines offices. As for me, I catch iobs where I can get them." Thus far, in the eight months Peggy's been living in a three- room walk-up here, she has had ess than a handful of temporary obs. An actress by trade, she is not the Italian version of glamor— oo tall and spindly and blonde— so she has succeeded only in being 'a dubber." That is, she lends her voice to ocal movie companies to be used 'or the conversion of Italian- speaking films into English-speak- ng films, for distribution abroad. Always a dub-maid, never a star, s Peggy's fate. This sort of job does not pay well. - : ...••. . ''You can make enough money to survive in Rome, especially if enough gentlemen will take you to October 1 and November 1. Correspondingly, the Democrats went down from 42.9' to 42.7. The other small fraction includes independents; Socialists. and members of other minor parties. " ' "' ', As pL November 1. there -were 37477 white persons registered and 394 Negroes. "•'.". : .' ' . . The 2U20 : Republicans on the books • include 10,860 men and 10,460 women. Among the 16,100 Dem- Peggy says her mother had no ocrats are 8,238 men and 7,862 objection to her taking off for|women. The 231 who declined, to tome last Winter. "She saw the state political preference include dinner, career.' Don't Neglect Slipping FALSE TEETH Do false teeth drop, slip or wobble when you talk, eat, laugh or sneeze? Don't be annoyed »nd embarrassed by such handicaps. FASTEETH. »n alkaline (non-acid) powder to sprinkle on your plates, keeps false teeth more firmly set. Gives confident feeling of security and added comfort. No gummv, gooey; pasty tuste or feeling. Gei;"FASTEETH -today »t «ny drug counter. • • • . : Advertisemenl jicture too/and, if she'd been 24 ob; we'd have : gone together." 3ut last Summer .Mother Nelson visited Peggy in her cold water iideaway with the window-sill refrigerating, system, and since :hen she is not so pleased. As a matter of fact, she visited :he famous fountain into which you :hrow coins. If the coins sink into :he. foam, it is a symbol you will someday return to Rome. Mrs. kelson's coin arched high, caught a fateful wind, and tinkled : to the lavement, missing the goal. Nodding her head sagely, Peggy's mother remarked, "It's, just as well"—and departed. Beware Coughs flu After the flu isoverand gone, the cough that follows may develop into chronic bronchitis if neglected. Creomulsion relieves promptly because it goes into the bronchial system to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw ; tender, inflamed bronchial inemb'ranesV Get a large bottle of Creomulsion at your drug store. For children, get milder, faster Creomulsion for Children in the pink and blue package. Adv. CREOMULSION ttlicvtn CMgtu, Ckttt (Xds, Aert* IraicMHi Here they arc—smart new telephones — in beautiful new CQLORS! .• Now,you can give your home complete telephone service. Give'your house new glamour and extra convenience, by Adding needed extension telephones in colors—in kitchen, master bedroom,, teeivager's -room, game room or den, . '•;•'• ...•.";•'•".'•'••"' ''. : "• •; : '. i .;.,.'',. , Cv'v' '\'v. ;'•' \\ •.'.'••• Color extensions make exciting gifls, loo. An extension telephone .costs only 3$ a day each — with a small one-limo charge, for installation and colour Call your service representative at the Business Office today. She'll be glad to give you complete information, and take your order, .. Th« C & P T«l«phpn« Company of •altimor* Clfy County Vote Registration Dips To Total Of 37,671 Music Club Will Registered voters in Alleganyichange of name- only and County dropped from 40,547 to 37.- change of^address^ only. 671 as of .November l, William A.j Wilson, chairman of the Board of Election Supervisors, announced. The drop .of 2,876 was caused primarily by the elimination, fromj the voting records of the names of all persons who had failed .to vote in a county-wide election since November 1950. Although more Republicans were one publicans during October. Last Monday was the final date for changing political affiliation before the May 7 primary* , Although no more changing of political affiliation will be permitted until after the May 7 primary election, registration of new voters|Maryland. and changes of name and address will be allowed until April 7, 30 days before the primary election. Names of seven voters were removed at their own request so that they might register elsewhere in Mrs. Albert C. Eskin will be hostess to members of the Music j 1 and Arts Club this evening at, hen home, 1S05 Bedford Road. As- stricken from the poll, books thanisisling hostesses will be Mrs. .M. C. Democrats, the percentage of reg-jVanMeter, Mrs. Samuel T. Weath- istered Republicans on the records erhplt, and^Mrs.^Robert Williams went up from 56.4 to 56:e between ' But you cannot build a Mrs. Williab L. Keller will be chairman' of the program which will feature "Poetry and'Music" theme. The opening hymn will be directed by 'Mrs. William B. Lud : man who -will also preside, at the business session. Mrs.: Duke W. Burger will be accompanist. Mrs. Witwer Richards, pianist, and Mrs. Robert Biddle, vocalist, will be soloists. Mrs. Robert Mann ,vill give'a talk on Poetry and Mrs. | Anthony Bollino and Mrs. Herbert Loa'r/wilL play a piano duet. . 171 men and 60 women. The 18 Socialists include 11 alien and seven women. One man and' one woman belong to other parties.. During October there '."were only 12 new registrants while' 20 others were stricken off because of death. The new voters include eight Republicans (six men and two women), three Democrats (two men and one woman) and one man who declined to state political preference. Stricken off were 11 Democrats' and nine Republicans who have died. Other October activity • included 14 transfers from one election ^district or precinct; to- another, ';bne NewVicks Wonder-Drug Spray Clears Worst Head-Cold Distress! • L«l« Yo» BfMth* Far Hour* — Almost At •If"Your Cold Mod Con*! • Hclpt Fight Germ-Infection. • N«w Clirm-Styl. Pockbs. Work. Lik. Doctor's Afomiier To Spread Medication. Relieve head-cold distress of .blocked aose, stuffy head — with Vicks'new nasal spray, Medi-Mist. Use the Clinic-Style. Atomizer as directed. Feel swollen membranes start to shrink. Breathe again;for hours— almost a* if your cold had gone! Helps fight germ-infection with exclusive wonder- drug.combination, Cetamium and gramicidin, plus antihistamine. Medi-Mist won't sting—children like it. By makers ot famous Vicks VaooRub. N«w Clinic- Style Atomizer, . LATENT PENDING VICKS Medi-Mist NASAL SPRAY PRESCRIPTIONS Delivered .•Four Registered Pharmacists • All Prescriptions i Triple (X jx* |X Checked Walsh & McCagh PHARMACY 101 N. Centre St. Maryland'* Leading Prescription Store I No Down Payment with*An "LB" Charge Account 8 i S s FOR YOUR OLD WASHER . . . ON THIS fXCLUSfVf & s I I WASHER REGULAR . $189.95 Less Trade-in ... 40.00 s NOW ONLY • Hi-Wing Aluminum Agitator ' for fast, gentle washing • Lovely pastel blue porcelain tub holds19 gallons > Convenient Bell Timer Signals when wash done • . .. ••*'.'' .'/.''/' .' > Hever before at this low low price >' Lovell Pressure Cleanser Wringer \ ; SlirtYoir OhrislMas Layaway at \ s C I i ii 9-IIN.CCNTRC 1 IN BOH P. S. MARKETS TUESDAY DOLLAR DAY Sour .Pitted Cherries ... t'/. .5 cons Pills. Pie Crust Mix ;;..'». 8 pkgs. Crushed Pineapple ...... 5 cans Pill*. Coke Mix ; ........ 4 bxs. Grapefruit Juice .... 4 46-oz cans tomato Paste; ...... 12,cans Softee Tissues ... .16 rolls BUY IN DOLLAR LOTS AND SAVE ... Dill Pickles ........ •••••- 5 '«*•>•*. 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Roasting Chickens ...... •>.' 29c Round Steak , ... .......... 2 i^Chuck Roast ^ 29c Armour's Sliced Bacon ... 3 <«». Pork Steaks ^ • • • • •••';'• ; 2%-;«*, Lean Pork Roast •/. •.-'• • • ."2%"»«• LOOK! Juicy Flo. ORANGES 29c doi. U. S. No. 1 POTATOES tifc OOD MARKETS 1ft N GfOBCF STREET AMD CRfSAPTOWN

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