The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 25, 1933 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 25, 1933
Page 6
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THE BAKERSFIELD CAWFORNIAN, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 25,1933 Amusement 1 mem is THEME OF DRAMA "LiIV Begins" Heads Double Program nl ('aliforniu Tlienler Tuda}' For the I' first time In movie history, i'iL invades the snored con- fliU'M of u hospital maternity ward. Thin first puMU 1 exposition of the rolo of motherhood forms I ho background for the First N'ntlnniil film drama "Life. ncBltis," which Is showing today and tomorrow at the California theater. Intimate glimpses Into hospitals are. nothing new to motion pictures. "Night. Nurse-" and "Alia." the Doc- lor." to mention only two reeent pictures. have done, this thoroughly. But In "Life Tirplns." (he entire picture. Is eonfineil to the maternity ward, depleting HIP lives and the great drama of eight expectant mothers confined there, nnd the romance of the work of the doctors and nurses. A largp cast of notable players Is headed by Loretta Young and tfrlc Iiinden. Others are Aline AfarBlHlion. Preston Foster, Glenda Farvell. Frank Mi-Hugh, Gloria .Shea, Walter AVnIUcr, Dorothy Peterson. Vlvlennc Owborne, Clara Blandick, Kllzabeth Patterson. Gilbert Roland, Hale Hamilton and others. Speed In action, speed In revelation of the plot and suspense In developing the climax art- the outstanding highlights of "Officer 13." which also is playing today and tomorrow at the California. AT CALIFORNIA LORETTA YOUNQ Beverly Fireman Is Robber; Confesses (Vnitrd I'retf Leaned Wire) LOS ANOT3T..T3S, Jan. 25.— Leo F. Kelly, 34, Beverly Hills fireman, was booked on suspicion of robbery today when police accused him of robbing a meat market collector of $1400, Do- tcctlves said he confessed, declaring he turned bandit to aid his parents who were In financial dlfflcultleB. S.C. TELEPHONE CO. IS 10 BE INVESTIGATED SAX PTIAXC1SCO, .Tan. 25.—Acting on Its own motion, the railroad commission todas' ordered an Investigation Into the service, of the Southern California Telephone Company rendered directly or Indirectly to Its subscribers. The Investigation will cover the practices, rules, regulations, contracts, exchange areas, base rate arons, zones and service arrangements of tho company. Commissioner Leon O. Whitsell will preside at the opening hearing February 7 at tho state building In TJOS Angeles. The order of Investigation followed two complaints filed with tho railroad commission by tho cities of Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. These cases Involved certain extensions of exchange and base rate areas. NOTED STARS AT "Nifllil Aflcr Night" Conies to Local Screen With Double Program Vicks Makes Special Offer To Every Antiseptic User Makes Possible, At Small Cost, Test of the New Vicks Mouthwash and Gargle—For Halitosis, Oral Hygiene and Other Antiseptic Uses. Local Druggists Hare Limited Supply of a Special Trial Size—A 25c Value for Only lOc. Users of mouth-washes, gargles, and antiseptic lotions can now save more than half the costs of this modern dally necessity. This tremendous saving comes with the introduction of the new Vicks Voratone Antiseptic— by the makers of Vicks VupoRub. That all antiseptic users may tent for themselves Its quality—and Ha economy—the makers have supplied druggists with five million bottles of a special trial sizo at less than cost. This is a 25c value, but Is priced at only lOc, while the supply lasts. Born in a depression year, Vicks Antiseptic is priced accordingly. The regular size IB a largo 10-ounce bottle—a usual 75c value—priced at only 3Dc. This new low price level Is made possible by record low prices of ra,w materials—combined wllh Tick's mass produclion nnd world-wide distribution of quality products. Mild Enough, Strong Enough Vlcks Voratone Is a balanced antiseptic. Aflld enough to use dally without risk to delicate membranes. Strong enough to do everything an oral antiseptic can and should do. Vleks Chemists could produce nothing better . . . and they were aided by the chemists, pharmacologists, and bacteriologists of their 16 allied organizations, here and abroad. Vlcks Antiseptic Is designed, of course, for all the customary uses of an oral antiseptic. The most convincing evidence of Its quality and savings Is to get a trial size 6f Vlcks Voratone, and use this generous quantity In the usual way. Your druggist has it. Get a bottle today for each member of your family who uses an antiseptic mouth-wash, gargle or lotion.—Adv. A hif double feature program 1a scheduled at tho Tlex theater today, with Pat O'Tlrlen and Parole txmibard starring In "Vlrtim," and George Raft and Constance Cnminlnifs appearing In "Night After Night." That honest realism which movie audiences today seem to favor so highly Is very much In evidence In Columbia's film, "Virtue." Directed by Kddlo Kuxzcll, the erstwhile musical comedy star of Itroiidway shows, "Virtue" contains a number of extraordinary acting portrayals by Carole t.ombiml, as the girl whose footsteps had faltered. Pat, O'Brlnn, tin a wise guy New Vork laxicab driver. Khlrloy Orey and Mayo Methot as two girls of cosy virtue, and Jack T/aTtue. (Jeorgo Haft, young movie player who, In minor roles In three films, developed popularity rivalling that of any star-ranking actor In Hollywood, has his first Important rolo In "Night After Night." screen adaptation of tho Louis Uromfleld story. "Single Night." Raft heads a cast which Includes Constance Ctimmlngs, Wynno Gibson, Mae West and Alison Sklpworth. ASSERT HEAVYJOAP Americans use moro soap than any other nation — they are more critical of the soap they buy — they want good soap regardless of the price. The American standard for soap Is one which cleans quickly and without Injury to Ihc most delicate fabric — must suds freely In cold or hot, linrd or soft water — must be capable of dissolving grease and grime with practically no physical effort and In tho shortest time — still It must rinse out freely and quickly. That's some standard, a standard j which the. White King Soap Company constantly keep before them In malt- Ing their White King Granulated soap. Starting soon, the White King Soap Company will have advertising In this paper telling you why White King Is now tho leader. If you would like to know Tiow White King Soap is made, write the White King Soap Company asking for their booklet "The Romance of Soap." - *-»-• Peach Orchardists Get Final Payment IN PRISON DRAMA AT NILE Spencer Tracy and Bette Davis, Who Have Lead Roles In "20,000 Years in Sing Sing." T HE story of "Twenty Thousand Years In Sing Sing," which opens tonight at the Nile, was hailed by critics as a sensational human document when It appeared In book form. And according to advance reviews It is said to have gained In sheer thrilling Intensity In Us dramatization for tho screen, as It presents tho amazing story of 1000 men without women land the 1000 women without, who ! cannot get along without their men. The. story )s by Warden Lewis E. Lawcs of Sing Sing, who has more 285.5 M.—KNX—1050 K. Sheet Music 25 C Most Numbers Buy Here—at Publisher's Prices PHILLIPS MUSIC COMPANY "The Musical Bargain Center of Bakenfleld" Corner Twentieth and "Eye" Streets ( Associated Press Leaned MODKSTO, Calif., Jan. 25.— Postage stamps constituted tho final payment to orchardlsts on their 1S31 peach crop, distributed today by tho statewide control committee under which It operated. The final payment totalled 3.1 cents per ton. Amounts under £0 cents were paid In stamps, those over 20 cunts In checks. This brought tho total payment for the 1931 crop to ?8531 per ton. Accused of Murder in San Diego Duel ( Associated Press Leased Wire) SAN DIEGO, Jan. 25.— Ward Otto Nelson, 39, was arrested today and charged with murder and dueling In connection with tho death of Wade Davis, 40, .a negro who was shot and killed last Friday. The dueling complaint was the first ever issued here under an old statute which made pro- arranged combats a crime. Tho men had quarreled in a cafe, Nelson admitted before a coroner's Jury and then hud agreed to go out- Hide and fight It out. Advice to Daughters Y OUNG women who suffer from monthly pains, or headaches, side aches, . and women of middle agcwhosuf- fer from heat flashes and nervousness should take Dr. Piercc's Favorite Prescription. This Is the advice of Miss Frances Jones, 147 \V. Franklin Ave., Fresno, Calif.—"When I was growing Into womanhood I became sickly and frail, was terribly nervous and suffered much with the pains so common to girls of that age. July weight was down, I had a poor appetite and felt rundown generally. My mother gave me Dr. Pierr.e's Favorite prescription and T soon gained In energy and picked up rapidly in health." Write 10 Dr. Pler<V§ Clinic, Buffalo, IS*. Y., for fr«e medical idvlce. GALLAHER'S Thursday, Friday and Saturday SALMON, RED, Medium Can Doyle's Dog J Food.... "ft cans Sauerkraut, Q 9 CM No. 21/2s. V cansMV Beef Roast Ib. 8c Baby Uccf Loin fjl. Steak Ib. IIC LuckcIV Borax Machine Soap — (Joes Twice JIH Far (With China) only Tomatoes cans & vv Pork and Beans, Van Camp's JP vv Boiling g Meat ........... Ib. VV Potatoes 25ibs.29c It's a Wonderful Way to Relieve Ugly Eczema Kor -0 yours now, .soothing, cooling //onto hub seldom failed to relieve j itching hi live seconds, and clear up I stubborn cases of ICczenia. This won- dor/nl remedy gi'tst such amuzlne re- .sults because of Its ruro ingredients not used In other remedies. (Jet /eino today—If yon want lu cluar up Hashes, I'lmplow, Illngworm, nnd If'czvmu. It's worth the price because you Ki-t relief. All DruKKinl.-.', !!5c, UOc, $1.—Adv. CUTS AND BRUISES. Mentholatutn quickly soothes the pain away and promoted healing. MENTHOLATUM G—News. 6:15—Bill, Mac and Jimmy. 6:30—SI and Elmer. 6:15—Currier's Serenadcrs. 7—Frank Watanabe and Archie. 7:15—"Pieces of Eight." 7:43—Reveries, tenor and contralto anr) novelty orchestra. 8—KNX Knscmble and Joseph Dlskay. 8:30—Rosleruclans. 8:45—Singing Strings and Marlon Mansfield. 0—News. 9:15—Cello Recital by Philip Musgrave. 9:30—"Patches." 10—KNX Ensemble. 10:30—Organ and Marion Mansfield. It to 12 midnight—New Paris Inn broadcast. 333.1 M—KHJ—900 K. 6—Blng Crosby; Leonard Hay ton's orchestra. 6:15—The Romantic Bachelor. 6:30—Jimmy Blttlck's orchestra. 7—The Boswell Sisters. 7:1 F,—The Buccaneers. 7:30—Chandu, the Magician. 7:45—Myrt and Marge. S—Globe Headlines. 8:15—Tho Islanders and Three Shades of Blue. S:30—Robert Burns, the Poet. 8:45—Isham Jones' orchestra. 9—"Atrocities of 1933." 10—News Items and Blsqulk Band. 10:15—Eb and Zeb. 10:30—Ted 1'Morito's orchestra. 11—Hal Gray son's orchestra. KERN—1200 K. 6—Chesterfield, Blng Crosby, Leonard Hayton's orchestra. 0:15—"Romantic Bachelor." 6:30—Jimmy Blttlclc's orchestra. 7—Gertrude Nlesen. 7:15—Tarzan of the Apes. 7:30—Columbia Revue. 7:45—Myrt and Marge. 8—Globe Headlines. 8:15—Robert Burns' Birthday Anniversary. 8:45—Tho Atrocities of 1933. 9:30—Isle of Golden Dreams. 10—j*'Cros8 Cuts." 10:05—All Request Hour. 10:40—Ted Florlto's orchestra. 11—Dancing With the Stars. knowledge of criminal character and understands It better than any living man. Paradoxical as it may seem there are touches of humor, glowing romance and undying love In this dramatic story which deals wllh the grim tragedy of life. Spencer Tracy, who portrays the leading role, has a strong supporting cast which Includes Bette Davis, Arthur Bryon, Sheila Terry, Warren I-ly- mer, Louis Calhern, Lylo Talbot and many r/thers. AT (Associated Press Leaned Wiro) WASHINGTON, Jan. 25.—A two- hour inaugural parade, limited to about 10,000 marchers, was decided upon today by tho Inaugural committee. Tentative plans call for four divisions to be led by General John J, Pershlng as grand marshal. The first will bo composed of units of the army, navy, coast guard and marine. Tho second will embrace governors of the states. Then will come the national guard, organized reserves, officers' reserves and representatives of the citizens' military training camps. The final division will consist, of patriotic, fraternal, civic and political marching units. Tho committee said ft might bo necessary to reduce participating groups below full strength to keep the procession within tho fixed limits. Farmer Unwittingly Helps Two Robbers (Associated Press Leaned Wire) HILLSBORO, Ore., Jan. 25.—Two youths rapped at tho door of K. T. Murphy, fanner, and asked help in extricating their truck from mud in front of his house. Murphy aided. Later, when the youths were arrested In Portland, Murphy was Informed they borrowed the truck to haul away the chickens they had stolen from Murphy's coop, and the chickens were aboard when he gave them the boost. GIRL TAKES POISON LOS A-NGELKS. Jan. 25. cu. p.)— Motile Springer, 16, was reported near death In a hospital today after drinking poison because her mother scolded her for being lax In her studies and homework, according to police. 468.5 M.—KFI—640 K. G — Charles '\Vellman and orchestra. 6:30 — NBC-KGO programs to 7:30. 7:30 — Orchestra. 7:45 — Hour of Golden Memories. 8 — Amos 'n' Andy. 8:15 — Transcription program. 8:80— "Ono Man's Family," drama. 9 — Arzen Melody Time. 9:15 — Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. 9:45 — "Buddies," male quartet. 10 — Richfield Reporter of the Air. 10:15— Phil Harris' orchestra. 11:30 to 12 midnight— Jay Whidden's orchestra. MYSTERY SOLVED ST. PAUL, Jan. 85. (A. P.)— Those "screaming shells" going over tho Peters' farm must hav« been geese going south for tho winter. That was the answer today of Captain Willis S. Bryant, artillery chief at Kort Snelllng, to u complaint lodged with the tituto Legislature by H. C. Peters, farmer living near the fort, that shells and machine gun bullets have boon whistling over his laud. QUICK RELIEF FROM CONSTIPATION This is tho joyful cry of thousands since Dr. Edwards produced Olive Tablets, the substitute for calomel. Dr. Edwards, a practicing physician for 20 years, and calomel's old-time enemy, discovered the formula for | Olive Tablets while treating patients j for chronic constipation and torpid livers. ' Olive Tablets dp not contain calomel, Just u healing, soothing vegetable laxative safe and pleasant. | No griping is the "keynote" of j these little sugar-coated, olive-colored tablets. They help cause the bowels and liver to act normally. They never force them to unnatural action. If you have a "dark brown mouth" —bad breath—a dull, tired feeling— sick headache—torpid liver—constipation, you should find quick, sure and pleasant results from one or two of Dr. Kdwards Olive Tablets. Thousands take them every night to keep right. Try them. 15c, 30c, 60c. —Adv. CAMPBELL LEAVES HOni,t3Y, Surrey, England, Jan. 25. (A. P.) — Determined not to delay his attempt to break the world land speed record, Sir Malcolm Campbell, tho automobile racor, left homo early today suffering from influenza, with a temperature of 103, anil motored to Southampton to Mill for New York on thu Aquitania. NEW MAT HOLD LOS ANGliLES, Jan. 25. (U. P.) — Ray Steele, California heavyweight, will attempt a new wrestling hold tonight when he meets "Gentleman" George Zuharlas nt the Olympic. Stuele has designed a "corkscrew" grip which he hopes will be suitable oouiiter-nttnolt to Zaharlaw' famed body slams, perhaps the most roughshod In the game. AVIATION "RACQUET-NEW YORK, Jan. 25. I U. P.)—After 'traveling 3000 miles by airplane, tho eight-man squash racquet team from March Field, Riverside,' Calif., was scheduled to nrrlvo In Washington today for a game with the Mitohol 1'Mnld racquoteers. Tomorrow tho March Kleld eight will meet tho Now Vork Athletic Club. R 0 U T E COAST TO COAST HOUKS 2 1/3 San Francisco ........ $ 14.46 1 Los Angeles ......... 6.85 1 Fresno .............. 5.95 New York ........... 160.00 10% Off on Round Trips Cell: Travel Bureiui, Hotel Parteri, PMUl, Western Union, Pemi. R. R. or TRANSCONTINENTAL AND WKSTEMN AIM. Inc. Phone Kern County Municipal Airport, 3488, or Any Hotel or Travel Bureau BABY 8 MONTHS OLD IS YOUNGEST ACTOR (United I'rctsJicaand Wire} HOLtjYWOOU, .run. f>. .--Klghl- moiHliU-olcl JjiM'uy AVclnbrcncr's occasional outbursts today could bo taken fpr Icmpornmeiil. because lio was u regular motion picture actor, Tifjroy, whose niothor, » widow, t.s poor, was .si'icetcd over 111 youthful rivals for a role with Maurice. Chcviil- Icr til the latter'* next picture. Tho youngster achieved hl.s screen spurs by puckering a lliipsburgh lip and flashing a Chevalier crooked smile, tlio only rules of the content. I.oroy won !i trust fund which will yield ?:!000 by the 1,1 mir lin IN old enough to go to high school and u regular salary which will BO to Ills mother, • TELLS TRUTH! Rpbert Armstrong In "Billion Do), far Scandal" at Fox theater A "new deal" In tiro merchandising is presented to the Pakersfleld motoring public at the. Tire Warehouse System, located In the Oal- bralth Storage Company, 2711! Chester avenue. Low prices on tires, batteries and tubes, made possible by carload buy- Ing and overhead slashing, Is a feature of this novel organization, which has established branches throughout southern California. The lire buyer is guaranteed that ho will find no fancy fixtures, elaborate bookkeeping systems, and other red tape in the setup of this organization. Guaranteed merchandise is tho stock In trade of this concern, the buyer being protected on a new basis of "months of service" on his purchases. Standard advertised brands of tires, etc., will he found at reductions made (liro'.'rli balancing tho budget at the expense rather than tho profit end of the Merchandising plan. SAFEWAY STORES 10 Repeal of Federal Reserve Act Asked (A turn-laird frext Leased Wire) WASHINGTON, Jan. 2B.— Representative McKadden, Republican, Pennsylvania has Introduced a resolution for the repeal of the. federal reserve act and the abolishment of the federal reserve board. A campaign stimulating the sale of raisins, one of California's most Important product,s. Is being launched by the Safeway Stores, western firm, according to an announcement made by H. W. Doe, vlco-prcsldent of that organization. Officials of tho Sufowny concern expressed tho greatest optimism as to the outcome of this effort and Us direct benefit to tho raisin farmer. During the past 14 months, Safeway has sponsored nine major campaigns to assist the stabilization of western Industries. Facts and figures show gratifying results. Consumption has been Increased through tho stores from two to nlnu times, according to Doe. The raisin campaign is organization- wide and features dried fruit with emphasis on raisins in all of the leading western newspapers. Julia tjoe Wright, director of the Safeway Stores home-makers' bureau, will run in the same editions, some new ideas In using raisins in modern cookery. In 1932, Safeway purchased 3,200,000 pounds of the San Joainln valley product. Through the means of the "Buy More Haisins" campaign. It Is hoped to greatly increase this volume during the current season. CAN YOU SPARE A-SPIDER? LINCOLN, Neb., Jan. 25. (A. P.)— Do you have any spiders to spare? If you do, Professor C. C. Collins can put them to work for the University of Nebraska astronomy department. He says the webs arc used Inside telescopes to facilitate measurement of distances between stars. OUGHT TO BE A LAW OKLAHOMA CITV, Jan. 25. (A. P.) Noble Whitlock was lying in his jail bunk peaceful like, last August, when the upper bunk fell and mashed his nose, causing him "great mental worry and permanent disfigurement," he sets forth In a $20,100 damage suit against the city. Hotel El Tejon A DELIGHTFUL PLACE IN WHICH TO EAT Hot Toasted Sandwiches Fifteen Cents Baked Ham Tuna Fish Roast Pork- Swiss or American Cheese Deviled Egg Bacon and Lettuce Ham and Kgg Served With Dill Pickle, Olives, Tomatoes SPECIAL Hot-Roast Hcef Sandwich, Mashed 1'utntoes and Brown Gravy, 2. r ,c Hoi Roast Turkey Sandwich, Manh»d Potatoes, Glbh'l (Jravy, 45o 101 Tejon Made flea a la Mode, Ijc Club Breakfasts 25c to 50c • RIALTO 5 TO 6 P. M., loo: AFTER U. I5e, 25c Today and Thursday GEORGE BRENT RUTH CHATTERTON In a Dramatic Thunderbolt "The Crash" Comedy, News, Cartoon, Snapshots China Night Thursday IS STARRED AT FOX Intrigues of Swindlers Are Exposed in "Billion Dollar Scandal" La Granada, 55e Dance Tonight LUCKY SPOT NIGHT LA GRANADA BALLROOM ORCHESTRA Dancing Starts 6:30, Wednesday and Saturday Ladles Free to 9; After 9, 15c 1 SHEET MUSIC « All Popular Hits PHILLIPS MUSIC COMPANY G RANAD 618 Kentucky Street TnlUnn Pkturei Every Dny A ANY SEAT. ANY TIME, 15c Children Always 10c TODAY ONLY ADOLPHE MENJOU In "Night Club Lady" News. Comedy and Cartoon FRIDAY AND SATURDAY "Trouble In Paradise" SATURDAY NIGHT Amateur Vaudeville DANCE Canaday's Pavilion TONIGHT Old Time and Modern Florence Bayless' Orchestra Admission, Gents 40c, Ladles 25c Tho current, attraction ut tho I'^o* theater la "Tho Billion Collar Scandal." • Tho film Is a molodrnmu, dcullna with a sonsutloniil expose of a gigantic swindle, conceived und perpetrated by u ifroti)) of men high In the financial und executive councils of tho government. Baaed on a play called "Tho Truth Kackel," It tells how tha whole crooked stniolure, carefully built up by this group, crumble* when ono apparently unimportant man—a masseur and gym teacher—dares to toll tho truth. . ' Tho rolo of this man, Fingers Partos, Is played by Ttounrt Armstrong, who heads ft stellar cast composed of Constance Cutnmlngs, OlgB. Bacla- novii, Frank Morgan, James Oloason, Irving Plchel, Warren Hymer, 1'Vanlc Albertson, Hale Hamilton, Dorothy Peterson, Half ITaroldo, Bortott Churchill and Sidney Tolor. Harry Joo Brown directed. »-»-* Favorites of Radio Booked Here Friday Hnndrpds of thousands have patronized tho theaters of tho country-to see and hear Glen Rice nnd Ills famous Beverly Tllll Blllle.«, They will, appear on the stngo at tho Vox theater here Friday and Saturday. These rustic mountaineer entertainer*, with their many songs, danccM and funny capers, have proved to bo more than passingly popular over tho radio and on tho stage. Now they arc making a personal tour to greet all their many friends. The Beverly Hill Billies are going to furnish 45 minutes of the best entertainment seen or heard In a lom? time, at every performance during their engagement In Bakersfleld Friday and Saturday. IOX THKATIM CONTINUOUS 2:30 TO 11:00 TODAY AND TOMORROW rtHHHK _-_ JMINGS. «assar. WHAT HE HAD TO SAY MIGHT COST HIM MORE THAN MOST MEN WOULD DARE RISK IN A LIFETIME! COMING FRIDAY ON THE STAGE GLEN RICE and his Famous BEVERLY HILL BILLIES CONTINUOUS 1:30 TO 11 P. M. TODAY and TOMORROW TWO BIG FEATURES I "LIFE BEGINS" LORETTA YOUNG ERIC LINDEN > 1 MONTE BLUE "OFFICER 13" With LILA LEE 1 ••Mta ( FRIDAY NIGHT IS PAY 1 NIGHT— PAY ROLL AT 1 7 O'CLOCK | OPEN 12-11 P. M. Mitlntti to 3 ». n. 15c Today and Tomorrow TWO BIG FEATURES N/CHT AfTtf) N\GHT Also CAROLE LOMBARD In "VIRTUE" VIRGINIA Continuous 12 m. to 11 p. m. 300 Seats. Any Time.. .15c Last Times Today WARNER BAXTER In "MAN ABOUT TOWN" With Karen Morley and Conway Tearla Comedy — Act — Novelty Tomorrow— ERIC LINDEN In "ROADHOUSE MURDER"

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