Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on May 3, 1965 · Page 14
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 14

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Monday, May 3, 1965
Page 14
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. CASEY ''^ "'1^1 ^ VDU'VE MADE >OUR PITCH, CA9Ey, BUT NOSALE.l'/A eOlNS BACK TO 7WE HOSPITAL. MAM.'I WANT TO BELIEVE) THE MOST, BUT.. [» 1 »S br NEA, I .e. T.M. n.,.'0!s rut. SHOKT RffiS By NEAL ADAMS DEPRESSED,CONSCIENCH-STRICKEM,ELAINECOOK DRIVES THROUSH THE NIGHT... By FRANK O'NEAL X WAS RE^D1NS LA9r NISHT IHATlNTHE UNITED STATES -STAK BASEBALL PLAVERS KCaVE LAR6E1? SS^LARIKTMAN SUPREME COURT JUDSK. 14 -Mon(lay, May 3, 1965 Red/andsDaify Facts DAN FLAGG By DON SHEEWCOD MOETY MEEIvLE By DICK CAVALLI ALLEY OOF By V. T. HAftlLIN PKISCnXA'S POP By AL VERMEEK X PIND THE NUCLEAR RACE MOST PRIQHTEMING ( ?-3 CAPTAIN EASY By LESLIE TURNER MUST B£ ( IS THAT A SUBTLE IMFLICATIOjJ , THIRTY YBAR& I THAT I LOOK PECREPIT HENTAllYi J rV£ SEEK^^ ^ LOOK FIN &...THAr 15, PHv^icmxy: MOT WBCesf ARILY. NOW ROLL YOUR EYeS gACKiJ.R.„HMMl TCK.TCK; ARE YOU SUBJECT TO BLKKOUTS-PROLONSgO FITS OF OEPRESS" ICW. OR— SORRY.OLP CHAP...IFO?SOT MYfpLF, Wj'f J^^J,^ LOOKEP INTO YOUR WATERY, LIFELESS EYE5J, BUT LET'S FORSET OUR INFIRMITIES' FOR NOW; AND ENJOY YOUR VISIT TO THc- HILT OUR BOARDING HOUSE with SIAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY RIGHT MclSHBDRLY DP YOJ TO 4H0VV ME AK0L)NO,MA30R.' V«'H£MI LEFT THE FARM X WAS A AMTE LEERV OF CITY TOUSHS, BOT EVSRYOIJE'^ BEEM AS FKIEMDLY AS A CAT IN A MILK^MOLISS.' "1 ClTyi^AiVvDDELOP TEANi^UIL- J rv/ WKV TBS POLice CHIEP- D££M^ IT.AV5R1TABLE CRIM= WAV£ WHSN AM ARREST MADE FOR 3AVWALKIN60R UTTERBUS- GIN ;s /-.-H.AK-i<AFF/— SUT ^URCLV A LAD WITK YCUR —^ PHVeiQUt CAM -*-Ef ?.AH •DEFEND HIM4ELP' NOTICT^ OF PUBLIC HEARING ON ANNEXATION, AND RESOLUTION OF THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS OF THE COUNTY OF SAN BERNARDINO. STATE OF CALIFORNIA On Monday. April 19. 1965, on motion of Supervisor Smith, duly seconded by Supervisor Young, and carried unanimously, the following resolution was passed: The Board of Supervisors of the County of San Bernardino licreby resolves as follows: SECTION 1. The Board of Supervisors of the County of San Bernardino hereby finds; lai That a petition was duly filed with this Board on April 7. 1965. requesting annexation of the following described territory to LOMA LINDA SANITATION DISTRICT, pursuant to the provisions of Article 7 of Chapter 3 of Part 'J of Division 5 icommenc- ing at Section 48y0i of the Health and Safety Code of the State of California; ibi That this Board intends to annex such territory to said district: ici That it appears that the territory described in said petition is in need of, and will be benefited by. granting the request made in said petition: idi That the territory described tn said petition is all that land enclosed ^vithin boundaries described as follows: Being that portion of Lot 1. Block 3 and Lot 2. Block 4 of the Mayberry and 'Whitlier Subdivision, as per map recorded in Book 8. Page 55 of Maps, in the office of the Recorder, County of San Bernardino. Stale of California, describett as follows: Beginning at the Southeast corner of Tract No. 6541, as per map recorded in Book 85. Pages 78 and 79 of Maps, records of said County, said Southeast corner also being on the East line of the West half of said Lot I. Block 3. of the Mayberry and Whittier Subdivision; Thence South 0' 07' 16" West along said East line, to an inter- ;;ection with (he South line of said Lot 1. said South line being also the Easi and We.->t quarter section line of Section 36. T. l S.. R. 4 W.. S.B.M.. of said County of San Bernardino; Thence South 89' 50' 50" West aJone said South line of Lot 1. to a point, said point being distant 87.46 feet West of the East line of said Lot 2, of the Mayberry and Whittier Subdivision, said point being also on the existing Loma Linda Sanitation District boundary; Thence North 10' 26' East, being also along said District boundary, a distance of 197.11 feet; Thence North 58° 49' East, being albo alons said District boundary, a distance of 61.18 feet, to an intersection with ^aid East line of said Lot 2: Thence North 08' 42' East, being also along said District boundary, along said East line and its Northerly prolongation to an intersection with the North line of Placid Lane, as said Lane is shown on map recorded in Book 91. Pages 99 to 101. inclusive, of Maps, records of said County: Thence Easterly along said North line, being also along ^aid District boundary, a distance of 64.49 feet; Thence South 18= 47' 57" East, being also along said District boundary, a distance of 60 feet, to an intersection with the South line of said Placid Lane, said South line being the South line of aforesaid Tract No. 6541. Thence Easterly along the South line of said Lane following its various courses, being also along said District boundary, to the point of beginning. SECTION 2. The Board of Supervisors hereby orders as follows: lai That a public hearing be held on Monday. May 24, 1965. at the hour of 2:15 o'clock p.m.. at the Chambers of the Board of Supervisors at the County Court House, San Bernardino. California, to consider said request; ibi That written protests against such requested action, and requests for exclusion therefrom, will be received at any time prior to said hear- •ng. and at said hearing; ICI That at said hearing, all such protests and requests for exclusion will be heard, including objections to the sufficiency of the petition; td' That thereafter the Board shall take such action as is or shall be required by law, and may take such action as is permitted by law, and •fhall comply with Sections 4831. 4714.5. and 4715 of the Health and Safety Code of the State of California: and 'c> That the Clerk of the Board shall certify to the pa-^sage of this resolution and cause the same to he published in 2 consecutive issues. the Redlands Daily Facts, - Leaf trimmer CINCINNATI, Ohio (UPI) — Police said they found William James Jackson, 20, up in a tree clipping leaves in the early morning hours Friday. The tree happened to be a money tree, erected in downtown Fountain Square to promote "Invest in America" bonds. The "leaves" Jackson was charged with trimming were SIO and $5 bills. OUE ANCESTORS Dj Quincy HAT-BUYING TIPS NEW YORK (UPI) - During hat try-ons remember that horizontal or curving lines round a face and figure; verticals lengthen and slenderize; diagonals diminish those aspect of appearance that you would wish out of existence. The tips from Jan Leslie Hats Inc., of Dallas, were coupled with this advice: if your face is long, add hat width in the area of your temples; for a round face, try hats with crisp, angular lines: trimmings at the back of a hat draw attention away from a receding chin. ^ 1«S br N". T-c. TM. S.?. VS. rat. Off. "I warned you, Sampson, if you don't tip the barbers they get kinda madl" ine Ticuinwuo . -- newspaper of general circulation in the district and territory in said County State of California. ' County of San Bernardino ) ss. L V. DENNIS WARDLE. Counli Clerk and ex-officio Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of San Bernardino County. California, hereby certify the foregoing to be a full, true and correct copy of the record of the action taken by said Board of Supervisors, by vote of the members present, as the jame appear in the official Minute of aid Board at it meeting of April 19, 1965. Dated: April 19. 1965. V. DENNIS WARDLE, County Clerk and ex- Clerk of the Board of Supervisors. By Leona Rapoport, Deputy. NOTICK OF SALE OF REAL PROPEKTV .'\T PRtVATE S.\LE No. .' H :.68 In the Superior Court of the State of California, in and for the County of San Bernardino. In the Matter of the Estate of FRANCES C. HOOVER. Deceased. Notice is hereby given that on or after May 20. 1965, the undersigned. Venice LeRoy Hoover, as the Executor of the will of Frances C. Hoover, deceased, will sell at private sale to the highest bidder, subject to confirmation by the above-entitled Superior Court, all the right, title, interest and estate of the decedent at the time of her death and all the right, title, and interest the estate has, by operation of law or otherwise, acquired, other than, or in addition VD , that of the decedent al the time of her death, in and to those certain parcels of property described as follows; Parcel I 6 shares of the capital stock of Western Heights Water Company. Pared 2 Lot 119 of Subdivision No. 3 of a Part, of Dunlap Ranch. San Bernardino County. California, excepting therefrom the southerly 523-6 feet and excepting also that portion in the county road and excepting also that portion commencing at a point on the center line of l~th Street. 1 foot north from its intersection with the center line of Avenue "D"; thence west 180 feet: thence north 70 feet; thence east 180 feet to a point on said center line of 17\h Street; thence south along said center line 70 feet to the point of beginning and containing 2.22 acres more or less. Subject to tases. covenants, conditions, restrictions, reservations, rights, rights of way and easements of record. Bids or offers are invited for the property and must be in writing and may be delivered to the said Executor or to the office of his attorney. Russell Goodwin. 306 East State Street. Redlands. California, or may be filed in the office of the Clerk of said Superior Court at any time after the publication of this notice and before the making of the sale. Terms and conditions of sale: Cash lawful money cf the United States. * partUv in cash and partly on credit, the terms of such credit to be acceptable to the said executor and the above-named Court, the buyer to take the property subject to rights, rights of way and easements of record; ten per cent of the amount of the bid to accompany the offer and the balance to be paid upon confirmatioxi of sale by said Superior Court. Taxes and maintenance expenses to be pro-rated as of the date of the close of an escrow looking toward the sale of said property, the seller to furnish a policy of title insurance in respect of the property sold. The Executor reserves the right to refuse any and ail bids. Dated: Mav 3. 1965. VENICE LcKOY HOOVER. Executor of the Will of Frances C. Hoover, Deceased. RUSSELL GOODWIN. Attornc.v at Law. 306 East State Street. Redlands. California. Telephone: 79,i-4710. SHOW BEAT Dream film . . . Liz and Elvis By Dick Kleiner Hollywood Correspondent Newspaper Enterprise Assn. NOTICE OF DISSOLVTION OF P.ARTNERSHIP .IND CONTINUANCE OF BUSINES.S UNDER FIRM .N.\ME PURSUANT to the provisions of Section 15035.5 of the Corporations Code and Section 2469.1 of the Civil Code of the State of California, notice is hereby given that the partnership composed by GUY W. PHILIP B. tUKEl. ARN- NOTICE OF TRUSTEES SALE No. TS 4970 HOLLYWOOD (NEA)— IF IT WERE MY STUDIO— —I'd tlirnw caution to the winds and stick Julie .Andrews in a sexpot role. Sure, she's sure-fire al the box office in her Little Miss JMuffet parts, but the gal is versatile and sooner or later the public will grow tired of her so prim and proper. .A change of pace would be a good investment for her and the studio. -I'd have all my musical directors go see "In Harm's Way" as an example of bad scoring for a film. The music in this one is so loud and obtrusive that you come out wondering whether you've attended a movie or a concert by the junior high marching band. —I'd tell my television department to study the success of The Fugitive and Branded and get with it. Obviously, the public likes losers. I think we ought to quit this shilly-shallying and come out with a series called Yellow-Belly. —I'd make a movie about a candy maker who gets involved in a murder. It would be a marshnielodrania. —I'd put David McCallum in a historical story about Napoleon. He was born for tlie part. —I'd build up Petyon Place's Chris Connelly as a new James Dean. I think he has the same quality, and our industry could use an exciting young leading man. —I'd make a mo\ie about a funny barber. It would be a combedy. —I'd mortgage the studio, if : necessary, but somehow I'd Ucam Elizabeth Taylor and Elvis Presley. Sounds unlikely, but I bet those tivo would make sparks. And the box office would sizzle. mer resident who is tootling around the country to promote his latest movie, "Mr. Mo.scs." an adventure yarn he made in .Africa. It seems strange to think of Mitchum as a Maryland resident, but he is. And he say.s he is "as happy as a henpecked man can be'." He likes the lazy life he leads in the beautiful eastern shore country of Maryland. "It could do nothing forever." he says. "What I'd really like to do is gel in a boat and sail est. Just keep going west." He tells this story to illustrate his current lack of ambilion. "I was driving from Trappe to Easton. Md.," he says, "and I picked up an old man along the road. We passed a shack where another old man was raking leaves. And I said to my passenger, 'Old man, that's what you should be doing, instead of going off to town in a little red sports car.' "Well, he said to me, 'Yes, but maybe you ought to be working yourself, instead of driving around in a little red sports car.' 'I've got it made," I said. 'Well, that's different,' he said. 'If I had it made, I'd just sit on the warm side of the house.' And that's pretty much what I'm doing these days—just sitting on the warm side of the house." —I'd make a star of Alex On Friday. May 21. 1965. at 10:00|(^ „ youngster whO gets I 'clock a.m. at the front entrance tor-. , , , °. " ,, - • - 'his first break in "Synanon. ' He has all the ingredients. —I'd make a movie about a medium and her love affairs. It would be seance fiction. the Security Title Insurance Company at 480 West Court Street in the City of San Bernardino. State of California. SECURITY TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY, as trustee under the Deed of Trust executed bv CECIL B. HARRIS and JACQUELINE V. HARRIS, husband and wife as joint tenants, recorded October 25, 10e3. in Book 6016. page 187. of Official Records in the office of the Recorder of San Bernardino County. California, by reason of default in the payment or performance of obligations secured thereby including the breach or default, notice of which was recorded Januar.v 18. 1965. in Book 6312. page 776 of said Records, will sell at public auction for cash, without warranty as to title, possession, or incumbrances. OLD HARDER and JAMES E. CAR-lOle mterest conveyed to sad Trus- TER. M.D.. heretofore engaged in tec by sa.d Deed of Trust m prop- business under the firm name of]erty situate m the County of San LIDO PALMS DEVELOPERS, at P. O. Box 265. Redlands. California, was dissolved a.s of midnight on the 28th dav of February. 196S: that thereafter the said ARNOLD G. HARDER had no authority to incur obligations for said former firm. That GUY W. PIERCE. PHILIP B. LUKEI and JAMES E. CARTER. M.D.. from the Bernardino. State of California, described as Lot 13. Tract No. 5193 IGIen Martin Subdivision No. 4'. as per plat recorded in book 69 of Maps, pages R and 9. records of said County, for the purpose of paying obligations secured by .said Deed of Trust, including fees, charges, and expenses BOB, or TALK ALONG WITH MITCHUM Robert Mitchum. of Trappe. Md.. is visiting Hollywood briefly. Mitchum is an actor, a for- aforesaid time and date, have con- of the Trustee, suns expended under linued, and arc continuing, saidilhe terms thereof, mterest thereon business as a co-partnership using,and 51:1.056.53 m unpaid prmcipal of the name of LIDO PALMS DEVEL- •'- OPERS. and have assumed all oh- ligations and liabilities of the former partnership, known as LIDO PALMS DEVELOPERS. LIDO PALMS DEVELOPERS Bv: Guy W. Pierce. Partner. the nole .secured thereby. THERAPEUTIC NEW YORK (VFi) - Controlled exercise for the patient with asthma may be better than prolonged rest as a way of helping him back to a useful and productive life, report Dr. Irving U. Ilkin and Martin Nac- man, of the National Newish Hospital in Denver. In a study of 39 patients, aged 15 to o5. two out of every three improved in athletic ability and "^'S^ECURITYTI^'IE INSURANCE; work-load capacity after a three- coMPAN -Y month period of physical exer- By Lois Krueger. i . ' •' AsMStant Secretary. 1 eise. 1234T 'Corporate Scali NOTICE OF TRUSTEES SALE No. LCH 65-101 On May 18th. 1965. at 11:00 o'clock a.m., at the North entrance to the County Courthouse. City of San Bernardino. California. FAIRFIELD SERVICE COMPANT. as Trustee under the deed of trust made b.v Bernardino Taffolla and Francies Taffol- la. husband and wife as joint tenants and recorded February 2.9. I960, in Book 5067. Page 197. of Official Records of San Bernardino County. California, given to secure an indebtedness in favor of Palomar Mortgage Company, a California Corporation, now owned and held by FEDERAL NATIONAL MORTGAGE ASSOCIATION by reason of Ihc breach of certain obligations secured thereby, notice of which was recorded January 13. 1965. in Book 6310. Page 157. of said Official Records. FAIRFIELD SERVICE COMPAW will .sell ' at public auction to the highest bidder for cash, pa.vable in lawful money of the United States at the time of -sale, without warranty as to • title, possession or encumbrances, the interest conveyed to and now held by said Trustee under said Deed of Trust, in and to the following described property, to-wit; Lot 5. Block 4. ENTERPRISE TRACT No. 1. in the city of Redlands, county of San Bernardino, state of Cahfornia. as per map thereof recorded in Book 14 of Maps, page 24. in the office of the county recorder of said county, for the of paying obligation.s secured b.v said Deed including fees, charges and expenses of the Trustee, advances, if any. under the terms of said Deed, interest thereon and S8.162.77 in unpaid principal of the note secured by said Deed, with interest thereon trom July 1. 1964, »s in said note and by law provided. Dated: April 13. 1635. FAIRFIELD SERVICE COMPANY. Trustee W^ILLIAM G. HAGEN. President. WILLIAM G, HAGEN. Attornc.v for Trustee. Suite 401. 1411 w. Olympic Blvd.. Los Angeles. California. Publish April 19. 36. May 3. 1965 J. R. WILLIAMS Tennyson Answer to Previous Puiile ACROSS 1-' d'Artlitu:'' 6 "Enoch • It Extrinsic 32 Fishing gadget 13 .\uction offer maker 14 "Lady " 16 Entire 17 Staff of authority 19 Oriental coin '20 Hawaiiaa wreath 21 Ttrirls 23 Cover 24 Feminine appellatioa 26 Neatness 28 Sprite 30 Sainte(ab.) 31 Epoch 33 Sorrowful 35 " and Elaine" 40 laureate 43Unciose (poet.) 44 Arab bigwigs 46 Distigtire 47 Sesame 48Vee^lcoll.^ 49 Equal (comb, formi 50 Moslem salutation 53 Hummed 55 Range of hills 56 "Holy •• 57 Long for 58 Judges in circuits DOWN 1 Posted 2 Conservative (comp. word> 3 Disencumber 4 Abounds 5 Transported 6 Rises 7 Unit of reluctance 8 Through (comb, form) 9 Place apart 10 Marine worm 13 Bundle of cotton 15 Finishes 18 102 (Roman) 22 Perches 25 Fish sauce 27 Certain tide 29 Independent 32 Receivers of charity 34 Schoolmaster (Scot.) 35 Land parcels AlClEIT s c H E A M c o A S E E s T A T E 1- 1 D m E E M S T I P 1 e E A s s E T A TIE M 1 S A T e 36 Beehive 42 Trampled 37Feminine name 45Close ranks 38 Lubricant 51 City in 39 Walk wearily Oklahoma 41 Painters' 52 Farming (ab.) sUnda 54 Paddle 1 2 3 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 5 16 n B 19 20 21 22 • 23 24 25 26 27 28- 29 30 31 3 ^H 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 • 45 46 47 I 49 60 51 52 53 56 57 58 3 "We never worry about Mr. Anderson, He always brings his checkerboard!"

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