Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 21, 1928 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 21, 1928
Page 4
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PAGE FOUk lOLA DAILY, REGISTER CHAS ;3 F. SCOTT Entered nt the tola t'ostofflce Second Clais Matter. T«l«phan« W (Private Branch Ex rhange Connecting All Dcparlmunts); SUBSCRIPTION RATES . ;By Carrier In lola. Gas City, Lallarpe ' ! and Bassclt. One Week ' 16 Cents One Month 70 Gents One'Year itT.SO BY MAIL Outside Allen County ' One Tear • IS.OO Six Months , i»2 .7r rtfcet Months Jl-SC In Allen County - / One Year , i.U.nn Six Mopths *2-2P Three Moiiths JlZS One Monfh .60c Member of— , National Editorial Association. Kansas Press Association. The Kansas Dally League. Audit Bureau of Ch^ulatlon. Press Congfess of the World. Official PapM- City of lolal Official Paper City of Bascett. Official Paper Allenl County. , MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS. The KfSlstcr carrln? the A.scwlatcd IVesd report by Hjxxjlal loused wire Tlie .\Bsoclated.Prfss .l !i oxcliinlvoly en- tlllcd <o th« use for •reinibllrntlon of ajll nt'WH dlKpatchos credited to it or not othern -lse cro<llted in thlH paper, and also lh<» local newi< ptiblishcd herein. All HRIII.I or repulilli-atltm of special dispatches hc-rdn are also rc- Kerv 'cd. : A I).\>GEItOrS I>KKIE1)K>T. Dy the practically iinanlniotiK vole of ihe Doniocralic nieniljers to which wuH added h^lf the -Itepiib- lit;in voto. the Senate of;the UnileU Slates haw rpfiispd to perhilf Frank L. Snrilh. cerlifii'd hy the authorities of Illinois as the duly elected Senator from that State, to take the oath of office an,d has.ilcdavcU his seat vacant. " Sucli action has lici^n foreshadowed for more than a year. ; and therefore noliody was surprised when it was taken. [ f The fact that it was anticipated, does not. however, change the judB- mont of those who have believed as. the Register haij, that it was unwarranted by the Constitnlion and that it establislu's a dangerous precedent. , GrantinK'overythixifi the opponents of Smith have-claimed as to the corruption that (jompanied his primary nomination, conceding WHY I»ID KVOLl'TIOX STOP I ^ George Marble, of the rt. Scoti Tribune, on his way to Florida fell ID with a St. Lenin ^lawyer ana thej; got to talking evqlntioh. Tbe St, Louis man said something like this: . "The theory of evolution is a denial oC the miraculous creation of man. |is the Bible at least im> plies; II lit doesn't assert-it. Evt>- lutiiun's; premise la that jhumao life canie into being by purely natural processes; that through: the opera- tioh of fixed natural laws - man evolved from a tadpole;^hat effect followed cause, according to Immutable^ laws of natures If (hat theory be correct, tiiea by, * acle. and .only ° byuilraclc' as Kweepinfi in lis effect could that process of nature have been inter'- rupted, and it has-been Interrupted or evolutionists wouldn't be looking for the missing link. The world yrduld Iw full of, beings'In all .stages-of the process of devel- opniehtt.frdm tadpoles to men. There would be no doubt about the accuracy of the theory. If the cvoliitionint catinot accept the miracle of the creation of man as recorded in the Bible, how can he accept the miracle of the Interruption of the process of evolutlonT' Does that soiind logical to you? If not. why not' If all the bird.w. beasts and creeiiing things, including man. canio Into bcltig by chemical reactions of one sorC or another, in fulfilment of fixed and ininiulable law, why don't WG see them, or other things, coming into existence now through the operation of the same law? }fas something got the-matter with the mud? TtlE lOLA DAILY RESIST::R. SAjTURDAY EV^NII^, JANUARY 21,1928. 1 Mrs. GuUett's Itfim Many thanks to •Mrm . Lottie MADK B.U) WOR .SK. The .Oklahomnn tOkla. Cityi: Donblless; the .slnR of the popular prima -y Ifavo, been legion. - But there were, demagogs on the ticket apd mot'al misfits In public office lotig before (iie primarj- system peeped,from the crevices of its po- lilical Shell, Few of, the evils that now plague government and corrupt politics arc as young the nominating primary. Practically all of them antedate the day of the popular primary's birth while a few of them-have been rendered he should not be permitted permanently to occupy a seat in' the Senate, the contention y^t holds that hp sliould first have-. been given the oath in order tliat his State might have the reprcBetitation to which it is entitled, and afterwards . his claims to remain a-Senator considered. That would have been fair play to Smith, for it would have given him a for«m iii which he could have defcii'iied himself .upon an equal footing with those who were attacking hipi. And it would have been fair play to the State; of Illinois which is entitled to two seats in the Senate chain! her.. It i.s. unfortunate-indeed that I under tlie Constitution; there i.s no tribunal to which the u-ase might , he appealed and the question do-' ,. terinJned whether the Senate has a : right to bar at its threshold a man •named in due form by a Stat<> as its anihasHBdor and wlfo presents himself armed with its credenllalfi. Th.' amazing lIiinK i.s that the IJemncrjiXif incnihcrs of the Senate -.with two exceptions, nii-inbcrs of a party traditionally jealous of lh<- VIKIUS of the Stales.. sht>iild havo votPd put up tlU- baj><s,against Smilli wht-n by so doln^ Ihcy es- ' tabllslicd a precedent which migli he quoted against every Senator from a southern State. ;t'nd declared the Federal Senate's preroga- ; the. superior to a State's constltu- llooal right. .' Hine of the many coniplicHtionB jjruwii^ out of the Senate's wrong .way of doing whal may be conced- • rd to b,' the-right thing is the .rai.sing Of the riuestionwhctlier Smith remains a "Senator-elect" or .whether he is now a private citizen. If he had been pi'rmltled tt) •tako the-oath of office ;in(l ihen had Ifeep^ formally voted out of .office this question would not lave arisen.- There co'uld have been no doubt in that case that he was sut 'of office and the office Itself i-a. :cant. But how can a mart he oiiit- ied from aii office ''e never las lield? By what possibl,- .stretch of 'i |s authdrity .can the Senate ;Ie• -Clare that a Senator-elet.*. is noi a f>enator-elect? , And a.-< Itjiig as t Smith-remains Senator-ehicl hi>w . j,an the State of lllin<iis qual fy . iiny ;other nmn as Senali.r-eledi? ;..Jf .Mr. Smith refuses to resign, as it is stated lie will, but cor.'inui'!^ to hold his credentials, with tk e ; inlenllon of presenting them il . each new session of the Sena e durlns the six years foi: w':i<-;i i (; was elected, who can force him to liny oihc-r line of action and whit }}ORiilbility will Illinois have of ol- laiijing the fcprcsenfation in ths 'Senate to which it Is entitled? • ' By violating the precedents of a ;hundre(! years and assuming to ..discipline a man over whom it had riot :m yet obtained jurisdiction;! the Senate certainly has hccoine Involved In some curious eniangle- fiicnts. . , ,lcss fearsome' by the mobilization that by reason of this corruption j^^ p^^^.^^ j,^^ nominating polls. On the disquieting other hatid, however, the popular primary has Intensified soule of the worst evils that politics ever knew. It has; made it far easier for. the demagog to win a party, nomination.' It has made mammoth campaign expenditures alnio^- a matter of course. It has neirly eliminated from' all political ocnDi'deratlon the honest candidate of limited means. It has nominated for governdr or senator •men who could not have extracted a constable's cohimission from n nominating convention oi the old faith "and order. It has proved to be the triumph of r»e;Ilocrltv. whe- t.hci it has profited democracy' or otherwise. , The announcement that Hays B. White, of the Sixth district, will not seek re-election to Congress bill will retire on account of ill health, will be noted with regret by all his friends. However. Air. White is 73 ->ears of age and perhaps it is time he were taking his ease for he has been a very busy man all his life. He .^h^s had an honorable career and the history of Kansas cannot be written without including his name. IN THK DAY'S XEW.S. Claude U. Tbrter, w^iitr has been named by President Coolldge to be a member of the U. S.; Inierstate Commerce ('ommission, IK a native and resident of Iowa and has tohg ln>en numbin-eil among the leaders of the Democratic parly in that .Stale. Born in the town of Monl- lon In 1)(T2. lie attended Parsons College and suhsc(|uently studied law In St. Louis; In IS!*.'! he was admitted to the liar and began the: practice of his profession in'CVn- tervllle. During the war with Spain he served as sergeant-major of the .50th Iowa Infantry. From ISni; to 19U4 he .sat in the lowu legislature. .Mr. Porter Avas the cholf:e of his party for secretary of state of Iowa in 18!>S, for governor in IHOS and l!»lu; and four times" for I'nited States senator. Paul Jones, of tiie JLyons News, tells the best short|grass story that has come out of Iho West since Tom Mc.N'eal moved East. The tale is of two men. one of whom bouglit a ranch and hired" the other to work for him. giving him a mortgage on the farm to secure l)is wages. At the end of two yealrs the hired man foreclosed the mortgage, took over the farm and hired the former owner to work for him on tlie sanie terms. The same thing happened. ' And so for forty years the ranch has changed hands every two years and licUher of the two tnen, both old noW, has ever drawn a cent in wages. W. GLENDALE (.Mrs. V. W. Heath.) .Ian. IS.-WMr. and Mrs. V. Heath, called at tbe Tucker home Friday afternoon. Rose Hosiey visited school Friday. j Mr. and Mrs. Fred Pierce and »illy Jean, siient Sunday at the jareirtal Tucker liome. Charlie Cooper and family .of near Kincaid were afternoon visitors. Mr. and Afrs. W. P. Van Pelt and Elizabeth visited in lola Sunday -with Mr. Van Pell's parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. Van Pelt. ! Wesley Tucker received word .Monday of the death of his brother-in-law, Mr. Ed; Green of Kincaid. .The funeral will be held today fWednesday) at Kincaid and burial •will be Ii^ Falrview cemetery. Mr. and .Mrs. V. W. Heath entertained a few of their neighbors Tuesday night with an oyster supper. Those present were: W. P. VanPelt and family. Ed Hosiey and family. Jess Ross antl family an<'. Wesley Tucker and Alary Cooper. .Mr. Henderson Is-hauling corn U>\ \V. P. Van Pelfs this week. .Marguerite Hoslpy Kitcnt, week-end with homefolks. • • • ••••••• • •> •> •;• •> I • • • • THE -H.V.V WITH THK HOE •> • •:• • • •> •> •> •> • •> • •:• •:• • Start a compost heap this spring with the spring rakings. It Is the cheapest and best fertilizer possible Order'seed Uberally. it js the cheapest' commodity on the market. It is better to have too much lhau not enough.' manure on the garden any time you can get it. The spring rains will fill the soil with I'ertll- iicer. V Set barrels over the rhiil)arb and bank them up to start it at the earliest possible moment. This can be done any time Juring the winter. Look over dahlia tubers in the storage 'basement and if they are shriveling sprinkle lightly. PLEASANT VALLEY fC. E. BeTkilfiser)' Jan. is;—TljresUing kafir and gathering up the v lo6se 'ends of farmer Iwork to take price is bum. In stock or of In this Willi Mrs. their Tom Berkihiser visited Sun- Store seeds in a cool place If yo"t order them early Tliey are kept in -better coiidition than iu a warhi room. Look over the hoes occasionally and grease the blades If they are growing rusty. .A rusty hoe is a poor tool. * Begiii collecting stakes for the garden. There will never be enough of them when you want them. EAST UNION ((iladys Bolcr.i Air. and Afrs«. Tom <!eurge. Air. the i and .Mrs. Slin Boier and .Mr. ;iiid - - - _ Alrx. AlarkParrott spent Sunday Uanner^club met last Thursday ] with Otto Boler. Floyd ami Cladys. with MrsT Hazle Davis. Fifteen j ytj.. and .Mrs. Ira Ha.-on and fam- wcr6 present. Most of-the time sun<iav With Mr. and was spent in election of officers. ^,{J.^ U,,;, BeainJu. Airs. Clcnia Brooks, president;;' Mr.«-. Nan Waddle vUe-pre.^ident; ; •^''' •"'^*' and -.Mrs. Cora Van Pelt, treasur- | er: were re-elected for another ' year. .Mr.s. Belle Davis was elect- • ed to take the offloc of secreUry.' 'JIadys Bolcr .'^poni • on- night vacated by .Mrs. Bond who expects i las'' »'efk with Leon .-i Deeie to leave soon and 'Airs. I^aicle Da- i TIio little diiiighter of .Mr. and .vis, rciwjrter. Several qiiJU hloc-ks ' Airs. Lee Deere has been had sick, were j>ie<-ed and candy and nuts j but is much better, .seived by thn ho.siess. ' Buck Bcaman threshed Saturday. .Mr. and .Mr .-J. Ceorge lieainaii and laintly spf-ut Tuesday with .Mr. and .Mrs. Boh Beanian. farm work Kcieps Xhe Soon will be,spring fare of. Stotk iA wintering fine. Several bunches ol hogs ready for the market, but the There is no disease poultry that we htar district. ; Ed Mabie apd niqiljer who have been here fori a visit sister and dauglUer, Sherwood, and Mr. Sherwood have returned to their Konn at Geneva. Mr. and Mrs. C' E and daughter Charlene day at the Howard Abbe home In lola. Charles Bem^b'erg tllreshed for Thonhoff. Berljflhlser'. Butler, Led^ ford, Eyler arid La'ntz. I Believe me, that boy -sure puts 4he grain In the wagon right now. hnd.fdoea a fine clean job of. It. Before coming here he had a nice, rui of threshing near Carlyle. .i AVIll ThonhoH hauled kafir to Christ Ermel's at Lallarpe Wednesday. ' John Lantz pf Diamond came ovjsr with his \ruc^ and hauled ka^lr to Colony for se\|eral of the neighbors here. Arthur Robb delivered kafir corn to LaHa,rpe partiils Tuesday. Mr. ahd Mrs. Chaft Rdblnson and son Lei) attended flie |play, "Are Vou A Mason?" given by the lola schools, ; . Eyler Brolher.s liiw-c been grinding corn for Zaii Bftllaid the past week. • ; j .Mr. and .Mrs. Glen Snyder and son Hussell were Sjunday visitors at the Charles Robliison home. Mr. and Mrs. Will Griev)^ atd children were afternoon caljeirs. .Mrs. H. C. C^unnlngljam is in Madi.soii. Kan., for a^vis^ with her sister and husband, 'Mr. and Airs. Lucas. I Relatives - here lijcjei r-ed word from, Frank Vickers Vh< has been ieachiifg iu the Augusta schools, that be has acceptedra i ositlon as teacher in iht; Tojieka s» hools and will move to Topcka tnis week. / BAYARD (Mrs. FIoyd;McComack) ('(mgratulations. Fraiikl doing just what all of UJ you to do. ^ , According- to an lola citizen who .saw her at Kansas City when she appeared In vaudeville there, earning part of her $100,000, Ruth Elder, who flow Into^ the Atlantic ocean has a pretty face, homely arms, and carries herself badly. She tells her story well, so far as the matter of it goes, but she lapks voice to put It over a big audience. So that's that. The, lltckm'an person says he ' -Will ask a change of venue All- matter with the tar' salesmen at right, let him pick out bis SUte. ^e will i^be given a fair trial any-; ^e>r^'in, Uie UtiJon.^andtlieu dulyj Tom Thompson, of the Howard Courant, makes the astonishing confession that he doesn't know how to run a feotor car.' Doesn't know how to start it or run It or stop It, Whal in the worid is the Hbward? Has Tom got them lall Imrfalped so ihcy .daaMiit even try 16 ikbedln^ bita i^luTYho •"drlyo- SEE -THAr? WORK'S RIGHT NEXT "T* ME AM* PAS'bt'S RiC5i-^T 8V MY HOuet, AM' VNOULDKJ' PJCK^ A FELLER Op. HOME. OKIE: MlGrHrT WOO EXPECT 'fOO Mucm. BARMt-^. IKl CAR AM' PICKIM* UP |-tf4EM -t5oK Aw^ O' -TAIS \FAM»LV T CHURCH GAwcr WOULD ME^T MORMIMV BE LIKE « ALL OR&SSEO IM PlCKiM* UP N/^Hv-TE —WMllfe. A OREASEO ^KEM IftEY CjoT .You arc expected oP OKJE MAD Jones. Mr Arnold sipoke of the reporters bamiuet the last' time we saw bim. There has been many sad changes since then acc the silver threads of life are fast being run and we realize we are no youiiger young. . 1 Many thanke to- Billy McCf.e for bringing us a dressed irabbli as be was on his way to school, he all so gave 'Sir. cipanglers one. 'When tbe bliizard was coming Lucy Jury got her bro Robert to come over aud carrie som coal for me as the gass w -Ci- poor, which he did and then when the storm was over we tould Mr Otto .Old- fash we wer mow bound, her husband was just going and she called to Mm to com; over and shoveled me' a path and carried In enough coal to laEt ,a week. Say that is charity. I asked -the bill, they said not anything, just a neighborly act. .Many thanks. A printer dying* at the county farm. That didn't .surprise me. Tho editor, reporter and correspondents may all land thear, but how about, the printers Devil. AVe heard one of the Inmates safd It aint a bad place to be especially in coald weather. Pat Williams went out to the county home. and when spring open.'f up win com back and go at his junking. W^e hear R. DooIIttle will care for bis donky, that is a cinde act In him. Airs Allller on South .Main is'i home after earring for Airs Will Wood. She Is a good nurcei so is her companion. Air. Burchett says this weather is too much like Idaho to. suit hitu, he is yet quite lame, from a mine axldent; We only liope iAlr Shaffer will gain his eye sight and be aibel to tell it to em straight; Hear is;hopping for a jenulne clear-up. We wer surprised a Friday be for New Years when Mr and Airs Jim Davis, dear friends of our late companion and I, came in and brought us a treat of a jenuine slice of fruit, cake sent from. Alabama and som appels. , Say that cake was great and we hope they may Hve to spend many tiays an 'd eat Alabama cake together on the farm. We sure have been treated fine by our friends. Many thanks to all. \ . , i Mrs. Gar \ey entertained the Alis- slonarie society a Tbirs'day afternoon. 16 wer present ami a- very interesting meeting was held, the queen of the crowd .was Rev. Andrews llttet neice, littel tot; a win- som Miss of two sununera. • Mrs. Hunt has ibeen real poorly |.with the flue, has had to stay In bed, her daughter Nannie: is with bet. airs Ira .Morrison of Golden Valley was in and sp«at the afternoon with her mother, Mrs. Parker. Airs Hunt had a boy* cut down the old trees in her yard, and will ad to the apperiance. < A number came to town in a waggon with a board seat. Olden times. •\ littel lad was around selling artificial flowers, a small form but 16, he said his Ma was dead and he and his father wer ordered to com North trom southern Mo. I tould hJm •wl ^at ever he don to be honest and hoiterbel. He said that Is why I make these flowers. I am ready for high school but am under and weight, unle.-w I build up I cannot go. O how I long to take the littel motherless cbildc and shelter hini, nsf one took him to be over 9. he was very Intellgeut and so polite, had good teaching in his life. It tells. '.Mrs Jim Davis got a. letter from ^ohu Jackson^ whp are spending the .vear In- New Alexico, and the hail has taken thear crop. John Jackson and J W Ouliett usto chaise wolves and r^bbitts to gather on N. H. Roseboughs farm in b .V'gon days. .Mr and Airs Davis brought us a sample, of Alabama Truit cake and som ;appells'for a Christmas treat, the candid cherries wer like w-o had-lat home'in our fruit cake anti' the citron. The man farming Airs Holders plaice in Prairie llall vaciirity drew a car in the contest som wher. .Mrs. Joe iSteaphson is helping care for her aunt Mrs Hackney who was hurt ire the anto axident. Saying your prayers at the closing of life we think is poor pbll- esey after a life of sin, the poor man that was killed had no chance to say his prayers. .Mrs >Vill Waggner. Airs Holder. Airs J. W. Baker and lAIrs Alarshell .was our callers a Satturday and Sunda>;. Air and Airs Robert Stewart and family wer iii town a Satturday. -Mrs Stewart Is suffering with quinsey. Loyed W'aggner called on bis bro Will a Sunday; Will and Charley Waggner wer dragging South Washlngtoa street a Satturday. The-captain of the Salvation Armey was out to Jim Davis. Mrs Davis -wanted to know -t^hat was the reason the world was so vjle. Cap said the world at large la Hell bound ia spite of all you can^j do. We remember the day when debts wer hardly knowo. now thcT go in deht, dont caro how tjie other parties suffer and doal try to meet itbear obtigations. Just so they cas dress ayd go. Remem- her.towe no than and this, it p^r- Jan. 17.—Little Delia-Ann -N^itt of Aflldred «pejit Wodaesdsy-witb Mrs. Burnett. Mrs. Chas. McCoy and little ifon spent Saturday and Sunday with her parents In Brpi^gdn. Mrs. Chaujice Trind>le and sou, Merlyn, are about in I their usual health now following i siege of flu and its after effeAs. • Center yilley pupiU made .quite satisfactory bi-monthly examination grades which is a credit to their teacher. Miss Mcpherson, and gratifying-to their parents^ ', John Shetlar and family spent Saturday at the home of his sister Mrs. John Furneaus ;and family near Moran. John Shetlar Jr. and Alariin. Decker have piircha.sed calves to |>c fed In the 4 -H baby beef club this year. A. D. -Andre and famliy of Girard. for many years residents of .Mildred, were Friday afternoon callers at Burnett's. Osage Township board met Saturday at the Bayard hall to trans- _ _ ^ act the township buslitess lor the 1 iij.",;™^,'! jJi near Colony, Kans. month. - , • I Piincral senlcei? were held at tbe. Mrs. Cunningham anil daughter ; home. December 26, conducted by J,iMES C. MeKpNET. " James €.=.McKiaiiey, son of John aod.'Susanah McKiBn«y, -was ]K>ni In'Albnroe county, ^jll., August 21, lSa9, and passed away at his home near Colony. Kans.. liecember^jj^f. ag^ 68 years. ,4 months. 3 da^j**' February 22, 1884,. lie wai united in marriage to iMissrBknehO X«key of near MaosBeld. -Mo. To this, union were horn slx-chfidcen. two SOBS dying in infancy. .Th|Ose left to mourn hls> going at© his; wife. Mrs. McKlBOey; two .s^nsi; BUey. of Kansaa-dty.Leoisi or tlie .home address: Air. and Mrs. i -plvon Nickles of Oarnett; Mr. ahd Mrs. Dick Culler of Colony: tw/i-srand cWldreji. AVendell. Arthur and Byron AIcKinney. and a host of relatives and friends. In eavly life he was a member of the BaptIM church. His parents dying when he was a sinall boy, he made his home with aa uncle near Guthrie Center. Iowa. The last 32 years he with his <am- Ruth, of -Mildred spent? Saturday afternoon with Airs. Burnett. .Mr.s. Alont Miller anil son. Eugene, and Air. and Airs.- Alillard Heath, were Saturday afternoon callers at Trimbles. ; Dewey Spillman apd fainily drove to Fradonia Saturday and visited untK Sunday at the home of Airs. Splllman's aunt. Mrs. Fred Freeman and family. . Floyd McCormack and fatuily visited at John, Sbetlar's Sunday afternoon. : i J. W. Dickenson is serving on the jury this term of court He reported at lola Monday for duty. Airs. Ernest Baker. Howard and Harold vislt|d Mrs. Dennis Isaac and Melvln "Thursday. Aliss MyrtlJB Listen, and. Mrs. Lee Hunsaker of Alildred' were Sunday afternoon callers at Trimble's aiiid Burnett's. { . Frank Cooaifield and fapiily whc have been staying at the; parental Art Hutton home tbe pist few month? have moved back to Mildred. .Mrs. Coonfield has made good recovery from an operation which she underwent at St. Johh's hospital sevel-al weeks ago. Chas. Spillman and family spent Sunday at the parental SpillmaD home. They^spent Sunday evening at Chas. McCJoyls. Airs. Logaa Frame anil baby, son were Sunday visitors at the. parental McCoy home Don Ray ahd family ofiiMUdrcd were Sunday afternoon .visitors with their aunt and uncle. Alias Ellen and J. W. Dickenson. I. Decker is shipping stock to day, Chas. McCoy and family ate dinner at Chas. Sjpillman's Monday. Mrs. Clarence Branch's parents Air. and Mrs. Phillips visited at the- Branch home Friday. Merlyn'Trimble re-entered Alil­ dred high school Jlonday after be: Ing compelled-by sickness to miss over a week. ^ The Mildred W. C. T. U. will meet Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock with Afrs Russell Reynolds All the women of this community are Invited^ and urged to join this organisation of women whose motto is. "The standards of a .nation are set in its homes." This Is general election y.ear and as citizen.'' and voters it- is most important that \C'e be interested aitd informed as to .political; questions and the records of men who aspire to office We can never fully enjoy the blessings. (If prohibition until the responsible citizens make it .plain to officers and tlaw evaders alike that right'is -might Alr.«. C^ldw<MI. Alr.s. Burnett Flojd AlcCormack and wife attended the congregational meeting of the Alildred chiirch .Monday evening. A board of seven trustees ^as elected and also delegates the Rev. ATisbach of Lone Elm -Methodisi church. Interment was made in Colony cemetery. LIBERTY (Cora B. Harris.) Air. and Airs. W. G. Hlttbraut attended chun-h at Liberty Sund.iy morning and then spent the restpT the day with the Harris folks. Mr. and Airs. W. V. AVllson and Air. and .Mrs. Ray ed 'Mrs. Faye Ballah at Humboldt Sunday. Wr. apd Airs. Ray Wilson ahd children spent Sunday with Air. and Airs. A. L. Townsend, parent.^ of Airs. Wilson, vMary Bauman is a very sick Tittle girl this week with bronchial pneumonia- Julia .McDaniels hasAad to miss several days of school, also on account of sickness, also Ivan Thrall, Loyd Conger. Lewis Jensen. Alfreda Harrison. Thelma Harris, Virgil Roush all have had various y forms of colds, and have had to mlsg school. ; " • VAIrS. Round is at the home of her daughter,. Airs. B lughihan, helping to care for her little grand daughter. Miss Alary. ^ Will Dawsan has been rery sick with an attack of.lagripie or influenza which seema to |;b© very hard on him as his coHstitut ^n was very -badly broken hy a severe attack last year. Tbey^ weije ir- ranging to move back! to iValies Center this week. I P. S. Heath's are enjolyiig |ra4lo programs these days. 'i-Mr. aud Mrs. Heath Castator were going In to 'the L'. B. church to for helping church wo ^ikers Thursday. We hear Ira Townaendl's Ing to move hack to Itoiirn, yoar being enough to them they have Uost the; in living on the farm. . There will be several bhangea made on the farms in this vicinity- Four at least have alreaiiy been! rented. The Alurphy farm, where' Henry Baeten'a live, tho Horylllej farm, where Mr. Freepian ;«ndj Daugherty. now live; the Stewart! anti Funk; place, -where Mr. O. BJ Foley reside.s* with the "Townsend.: and it Is only Januarj-. There may be other "hanges. Then? was a riir sized crowd at .Mr. Rp.vnolds'." sale in County Line Thursday and stock brought » fair price. V.'e nnclerstand they have rented their farm and expect to move to AVlchittt. Mr. arid Mrs. Reynolds's liealth has not -heeo so good the last year and they are_ going to reverse the general order." going to th<- city to recuj)erate. We did not learn who was going .on the farm. ' •. Airs. Aladaline KidtL president of Libert.v Christian Endeavor so-^ ciety is arranging a program in ahd to Mrs. lojU ito tliiis are «p- oonTlni^ interest state conference which will meet I connection with a box supper to be at Manhattan early In .March. ! ''eld at the sclioolhouse Friday Airs. McCormick called on Airs. Alta Ounlap in-lola Monday morning. Airs. Dunlap is still bedfast recovering froirt hip and spinal dislocation. Bayard Grain . Co, bought over thirty loads of corn Monday. Alucb kafir will be threshed as soon as the weather ^ets more settled Over 40.000 bushels of corn'has been shipped, from Bayard. ties -Went In debt It was not for dress', Satoii long ears were attuned to l|sten when He heard th"e whisper of Old Romance: : ; I O the w^lers that; bind you if you only listen And give Satoa a half a chaitce. Well It is over. .6atoa don his work and for yfetiks and -weeks public had wonOereii how ft woifA turt^ out. Som dv lit t^ loov they iwer iooceot bahf s, sow thj^V have goa down, ia history, or^ftl- sels.. When a yotinz man icu hBDg- is our hoin«! ww^cJoajA doom • • • " tttUll' PRAIRIE UNION (Airs. O. D. Strickleri jGeorge Ross, of Bourbon', county spent Sunday with his uncle. G. W. McGulre an«J family. Snnday dinner gue.sts at Ora Strkkler's were; Mr! and Mrs.-\V. T. Alatthews add Harry Kingsley. .Mr. and Mrs.-;.Iohn Heinlein and Eva were here from Ortawij visit-1 ing relatives over Sunday. AVilliam Nichols and family ate Sunday dinner with Mr. and Airs; O. W. Ramey. 1 Mrs. John "Martin and baby visited • with Airs. C. HBlnleln'Friday afternoon. £arn Wilmoth dehorned cattle for O. W. McGuiire and Ota Strickler Fridav. Miss .Vola Strltkler; Harry Kingsley and Willlaai Swagerty spent Sunday evening at Ora Strickler's. Miss Hazel Clwmhtrs of Carlyle visited with Nola Strlckler AVed- nesday and Thursday. Air. and -Airs. N. T. Strickler. Nola and grandma spent Sunday at. Elmer Strickler's. Clifford JamtfS; fiUed sllo Ora Strlckler last week. cvonicg to gather tlv© money ifor * .some pledges' taken at a recent coikvention. Here Is hoping It -will be a i»l*a.':nnt fvening and a larg| crowd will attend. . DoYouGnig^i Omaha, Kebr.—'''Lairt winter I con- brabtcd a severe cold which affect mc terribly anii'lit seemed that I cotdd not get rid of it- Finally .1 decided to take Dr. PicrceiV Golden Medical Discovery. I had an idea it would relieve me Jf any- ' thing would; tord so, it did. Itooktiiree bottles aad WM lieved of •tffdsts of my very bad cold, the 'Discovery' is a wonderftd anybody in a debilitated coil health."^Wrs. M. E. .St-'"' Dodec .St. All dealers. Tablets or Write Dr. Pierce. Presidoit Hotel in.Buffalo. X. Y., for fidential jncdical advice. for -MllU -i,' I* Rooms

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