Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 14, 1955 · Page 7
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 7

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, November 14, 1955
Page 7
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Dial PA-2-4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES. CUMBERLAND. MD. MONDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 1955 SEVEN, - Food and Drink Antwtr to Previous Puzzle ~. ACROSS ;«1 Lamb .vrS Prime ribs i.;: of—- j..9 Corn on •'.' the-— " 12 beans 13 Thomas "•'• Edison's "• middle name '-14 Mineral rock ••15 Musical - • j/ compositions ( >J 7 Tangle ,-jl 8 Danger . 19 Trivial matters 21 Egyptian jr- river 23 Wrongdoing ...24 Exclamation ^27 Extensive ; 29 Halt ', 32 Wipes out ' 34 Assert ! 36 Good food ; •.;. and drink • • 37 Food fish ^ 38 Glimpse 39 Poses I 41 Profit "'• 42 Devotee ,'• j 41 Cape -. :•••' • 46 Spanish 2 Rent 3 Persian poet 4 Communion plate 5 Drink is served here 6 Runs together 7 Cry of bacchanals 8 Goes without food 9 Communist ' organization "10 Spoken 11 Wagers 16 Appetizers 20 Corridor 22 Endures 24 Present 25 War god of Greece Thre&Day Hobby Show Will .-•.... • ,-..•/ , t ' : •. v , ;•'••'• ' '' Open Tomorrow At Library the Cumberland Free Public Li- antique candlesticks, leathercraft 26 Satisfaction 28 Sample food or drink 30 Monster 31 Irish fuel 33 Unsupported • assertion 35 Willowy 40 Put in 43 Sodium carbonate : 45 Shuts noisily 46 Auction 47 Dash ' 48 Stratford on the 50 Famous English school 51 Eight (prefix) 52 Dogs name 55 Feminine ' appellation -j II ", 49 Vegetable fats .;*> ' 53 Malt drink 54 Surpass. : 56^—i-Vegas," Nevada . 57 Girl's name '• -58 Particle -'; 59 Abstract being ' 60 poker stake 61 Crack : " ./DOWN - - •• '. 1 Horse's hoof < beat y\. V 55 ZD ach evening at 8 o'clock. Puppets displayed in the exhibit! v'Yi be used for a puppet show by: ic pupils of the First and Second grades of.-Carver School,, with: Irs.' Lelia Mclntyre, ^eacher.. ^ On Wednesday a ceramics dem- nstratiqn is to be. .given, and hursday "Mrs; G. William Bibby -ill 'demonstrate the making of masks. . l . Mrs. Karl Perry, chairman, has equested .that all exhib'its be tak- n to the Library .today between. Mail Goes Through ' 'and'5 p,.m. There is'no charge • -• 50 52 5SL Paul's Bazaar I To Be The- Ladies : Aid Society of St. 'Paul's Lutheran Church will meet . Wednesday at 7:30 p. m. in the Sunday School room. All committees for the bazaar, to be held Friday, will report. Mrs. Edward Wilson and Mrs. ,Duke Burger are co-chairmen for the social; session. The business meeting will .be in charge of Mrs. Ray- mo'nd Hewitt president. The bazaar will open Friday at 11 a. m. with a luncheon. Mrs. Cromwell Zembower • will be kitchen ' chairman and Mrs. • Walter Zais dining room chair : man. Following "the luncheon; fancy work, ; candy, baked goods •- and gift packages will be available. ! - At 8. p. m. a musical program I will be presented. Mrs. .Twila \ Brbtemarkle is program chairman: Oft 1*6 Atio itrht J.!. \ " > i /jj^itw^ for PEOPLE Who WORK A Specialiitd Loan Smrviet $25, $100, $200 up to $1200 Get money to pay all your bills at once. Spread repayment over a „ number of months. If needed, the 7 money will be ready in one day. C*l» hi <r< '• '«»• ffm*, phont tnl 61 North Cantrt St. Corner Frtdcrick Cumberland PA 2-4900 PUBLIC LOAN CORPORATION Coal Men Talk Of 50 Million Ton Gain In Production rary will be the scene of the bird annual hobby show sponsored y the Business and Professional 1 Vomen's Club tomorrow, Wednes- ay and Thursday. jovelties, photography, oil paintings, rare books and model airplanes. • Mrs. Kathleen Burke, Miss Margaret . Walsh, Miss Mary Walsh Entertainment will be presented Miss Nan Livingstone, Miss_Anna ngress, Mrs. Marian Heiskell Mrs. Mary Burke, Mrs. Margaret Bittinger, Mrs. Effie Parsons, Miss Anna Durst, Miss Frances Nisbit, Miss Alpha-Bonita Pritchard, Miss Maude.Bean, Miss Mary Jo.Log- sdon. Miss Kathleen Cumbee, Miss Eudora Jochum, wrs. Dorothy Ringler. Mrs. .'Elizabeth Hollis, Mrs. Dessie Williams, Miss Edna Seifert and Mrs. Gerardine Pritchard will serve as hostesses. or. exhibiting or registration. A ilver offering is taken; however, o help .defray expenses. "Mrs.'.Perry. said ribbons will be presented to. the prize •'. exhibits vith selection made by .popular vote. .'.. ';:.;.- :.,.- ."-. . .;,-* • The. .exhibits';, 'already ^.scheduled nclude .earrings, ming -trees, winter bouquets, needlework, Vugs"; African ;vi6lets; old dishes, "daisy and -/.button" glassware, •: teapp's, carved woodwork, chair caning, Right Address Or Not ALLEGAN, Mich, ffl — A letter addressed only to "Tony's Sister AUegan,' r Mich.," was delivered to Judy Nichols. It won a bet for her brother Roger (Tony). Nichols, a. sailor aboard a "Navy destroyer escort Nichols had ,bet. .a;, shipmate i would get through without delay Allegari, in western Michigan, ha a population of 4.801...'. PITTSBURGH W-Coal men 'are alkirig about a production gain of »0 million tons of coal this year—j .he first advance since 1950. The rapidly increasing demand or electricity is the biggest single ontribut^on to the brighter busi- ess outlook for, coal producers, l provides power to operate a arge percentage of utility firms' enerators. Increased steel production also is elping coal. • The increase—predicted on the asis of continued advances in veekly production reports — will ush total output to some 445 mil- ion tons, compared to 394 million ons last year—the lowest since Vorld AVar II. ' • ' Coal producers, however, say the 45 million tons predicted this year 5 still-55 million-tons short of the minimum needed to keep the in- Pulaski Club Still Meeting WtLLIAMSBURG, Va. iff) — th irst Pulaski Club, established her about 1779, has no Polish members According to local tradition, th :lub was founded 'soon after. fisii by General Casimif Pulaski Deputed to be the oldest socia club in America, its members sti meet at the'-.Cole Shop on Duk >f Gloucester' Street Now a -book hop, the Taliaferro-Cole Shop was built prioi to 1782 and bought in 804 by Jesse Cole.who operated t as ah apothecary, post office and general store. The inner saric- um of the back room was given over to menibers'of the Pulaski Club.: . ."'.. : ., . Membership was not lightly won. Men of leisure with a thorough inowledge of local affairs and talent as •.conversationalists might sit on the" fringes in the outer shop ;or months — even, years cccora- ing to legend — waiting patiently until their presence was recognized. Once their talents were recognized they were awarded a chair near the iron stove in the smoke filled room to enjoy the companionship of good conversation. • • • ' • . : Every fine afternoon the. club still meets., on the benches in front of the shop. ...for refrigerator color panels you can change as quickly as you change your mind? ENJOY THE DATES for sirli who quicken h«Iinr . of «tern»lly e»u»«l plmplwliy «lievin» itchy IrritatioB with Rwinol Ointment. IU medic*. __ tion In lanolin rtnlly workil Simplt I'tt. Vrilt Rciinol 11, Bsltimatt J. Hd. COMING FROM FRIGIDAIRE NOV. 16 FREE! $100,000IN PRIZES! Comeloyour Frigiddire Deal«r'« Gigantic "Free-for-all." You can win a complete "New Lift To living Kitchen - Laundry,* or a new Cadillac convertible or .any of 150 other prizes. You can win simply by telling us which new Frigidaire Appliance you like best and why. Prize content begins November 16, Wednesday — osk your dealer for details! dustry in a state of readiness for national emergency. , The top producers say as long as coal production remains below 500 million tons the industry would find it next to impossible to start quickly to turn out huge supplies such as it did at the start of World strike. ^ rent shortage in railroad freighters > Var "•• I The following year—1951—there ir roc ^ ncih , e fnr snm(l nf th <. r,vt. During that long drop there were only two breaks—one in 1950 when production rose 78 million tons from an abnormal 1949 low of 438 million to 534 'million. The small 1949 total resulted from a long and costly higher wages and using more and improved machinery. •-:'•• Mine producers figure production by ah individual in a day has increased from about 6.42 tons in 1947 to very close to 10 tons per man a day this year. . -' * . Some producers .feel that a cur- Utilities used 115 million'tons of coal last year. They are expected to jump the demand 21 million tons this year. Steel industry consumption is up about 20 million tons. Coalmen say they have very little hope of reaching the 500-million-ton mark in the'next few years. Of course, most coal men expect to be well-above that figure by 1965. But any increase is an encouraging sign to the coal industry at. this time. Production has tumbled from a peak of 631 million tons in 1947 to the low tons last year. of 394 million was an 18 million ton upturn but from there on production figures kept'declining steadily. Profits followed a similar pattern. : This year many of the big cpm-; panies have reported healthy earnings for the first nine months.. The trend is expected to continue the remainder of the year. • One of th'e big things favoring the coal business profits is the "increase- in production per man. In 1947 there were 419,000 miners employed to turn out 631 million tons o"f coal. This year there are about 200,000 miners, working at is responsible for some of the pickup in business. They believe that customers are ordering more than they need to insure a supply >in event the car shortage holds up-ja future order. .' Others, however, are convinced that the coal business hit rock, bottom last year and is starting back up the success ladder which wall carry to new records both in production and profits by 1975. ,-. • Hailstorms in the United States may cause several times as much damage as tornadoes during the year. 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Thn. opportunirr i« *>r •V o< I" «odicm§ ; "you ><> oor.iquility drj clwnini xrvice ind ; Sti«N« ^nith- ing. -St»«Nu i» tht'lffOCWhM re- pltcit textile Anishing iicnn to yoor iwrnena. brinjiiij bacV ihe,l.ikf.nt» l<*k' iBd f«l ... . 'he color-briiihi. C«hn)cr»-»oft, wrinilf -resisnnr Awl Srt?N» «>KI r*> •othi«i «*"•• DIAL PA 4-1400 for better, brighter s whiskies 24-PAGE BOOKLET Favorite Christmas Carols COMPLETE WITH WORDS AND MUSIC .. . THE CAROLS MOST REQUESTED ON THE VOICI? OF FIRESTONE Cries-Drfnks-Wefs BABY DOLL SET HMO BLOCKS DOUBLE HOLSTER STAGG Rock her, tend her, ft t change -Ser, - IOT» / J Two realistic pistols nod colorful holsters and b«lt. 24 blocks. OrooTed * edgM «n»We blocks 1 to be cUcked liiglter 11 tombllng:. RIDING FIRE TKUCK Q«t oo and rite! HM IM! r«d »ad iJrei "MERRY UTES" j - ' Christmas Tra* Lighls Regular $1.19 Value Comes complete ,with 8 assorted colored bulbs. MOM and DAD use the fimfone LA YAW AY PLAN a small deposit holds any item! 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