Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on June 16, 1965 · Page 11
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 11

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 16, 1965
Page 11
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I RON WOOD DAILY GLOBE SECTION TWO IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 16,1965. Norden, Inventor Of Bombsight, Dies Tuesday By ELTON C. FAY WASHINGTON (AP) — You've probably seen it in old war movies — the thing the bombardier toted out to the B17 in a little black satchel. It was a legend in World War II, and even in Korea. It was the Norden bombsight. Its inventor, Carl L. Norden, died Tuesday at 85 at his home in Zurich, Switzerland. His little black box — crude, perhaps by present-day standards —was far and away the best thing of its kind in World War II. Its secrets were among the most carefully guarded of the war. Before Norden came up with his design cruder sighting instruments — essentially cross- hair devices with hasty mathematical computations by the bombardier — were used for high-altitude bombing. Misses were plentiful. When the United States entered World War II, it had the vehicles for high-level strategic attack — the B17 which was followed midway through the war by the B24. But accurate devices for bomb sighting were lacking. ' Norden began work for the U.S. government in the early months of the war, concentrating on an improved sight. What • he developed was a compact package, small enough to be carried in a black bag — for purposes of secrecy — but with a sighting acuracy beyond anything then possessed by this country or probably any other. It was a stabilized, automatic bombsight, with gyroscopes controlling the pitch and roll of the instrument. As the bomber headed in toward the target, the bombardier took aim. He cranked into the bomb sight, by various cranks and buttons, data on wind, drift, speed of the aircraft and altitude, with corrections as the HOUSES COLLAPSE—A cluster of houses and apartment buildings on a bluff in the Pacific Palisades area of Los Angeles is breaking up in accelerated fashion because of land slippage. A deluxe 36-unit motel below, valued in excess of half a million dolllars is threatened and has been evacuated. (AP Wirephoto) KG Council Got Started in 1909 In April, 1909, several members of the Hurley Coun c i 1, Knights of Columbus, living in Ironwcod, decided it was time for a council to be formed here. One of those leaders, John Bush, became the first grand knight of this group of Catholic gentlemen to forward Columbian- ism on the Gogebic Range. He was the first of 34 Knights of Columbus who have led the way during the last 56 years, according to the present Grand Knight John Kostac. Fifteen of those past grand knight.-; are deceased, two have dropped out, and two have moved to transfer to other councils. Of the 14 past grand knights still members of Council 1396, 13 are expected to attend the past grand knight's meeting this Thursday at the clubrooms, starting with a steak dinner served nt 6:30 and followed by a sho"t meeting at which each of the honored guests will speak The Norden- sight, while the briefly, best in the business, had some Past grand knights attending asked to get their tickets at once. bomb release point reached. was disadvantages. Among other things, it was a purely optical device. The target had to be located by eye will be Leonard McManman, Joseph Lesce, Eugene Z i n n, Robert Maag, Clyde Simmonds, Henry Anderson, Adolph Rigot- while the aircraft was miles i ti, William Wagner, Eugene Za- away. Any cloud cover or dark- dra, Paul Martilla, Louis Paoli, ness rendered it useless. Charles Pachmayer and Fred Its gyroscopes were sensitive I Tezak. to buffeting and shock — which often occurred when flak from the ground or fire from Interceptor planes came close or there was a natural turbulence in the air. Use of the sight required the bomber to hold a perfectly Also Kostac will present the annual scholarship bonds to David Duma of St. Ambrose High School, and Tomas Tezak of Luther L. Wright High School. Tickets are still available for the dinner from Al Wilcheck, Michael Petroski, Bernard straight course and constant i Krause, Anton Bonato, Paul altitude as he headed in on the \ Martilla, and Kostac. Members target. This simplified the work j and candidates preparing for the of the antiaircraft batteries and | exemplification of the first de! gree at Hurley next Sunday are enemy interceptors. Thousands of the Norden! Register With Service Board BESSEMER — The following persons registered with the Gogebic County Selective Service Board during the month of May: Teuvo J. Rajala, John R. Maki, Thomas J. D'Innocenzo, Forrest O. Maki, George Sabol Jr., Richard J. Williams, Donald C. Carlson, Francis J. Gorshe, William .C. Joswiak, Mark A. Martini, Rudolph E. Ryskey James J. Zegoski, Adrian M. Hakari Robert L. Piasecki, Gary E. Prey, George M. Longhini, Dale G. Pryor, John P Stano, Wayne J. Behrendt, Robert Miklesh, Paul J. Belmas, Nicholas ,E. Jarvela, Irwin R. Mattson. Victor Lepisto. chairman o the Gogebic County Selective Service System, emphasizes that all registrants are required to register for the draft within five days after reaching their 18th birthday anniversary. Registration may v be accomplished a the office of Local Board 28, 200 S. Sophie St., Bessemer, or with any of the following superintendents of Schools: R. Ernest Dear, Luther L. Wright High School, Ironwood; Walter Newman, A. D. Johnston High School, Bessemer; Car E. Kleimola, Wakefield T o w n- ship School, Wakefield; Hugh N. Webster, Marenisco T o w n- ship School, Marenisco. or Wallace Faltlnowski. Watersmeet School, Watersmeet. Mayor's Wife Gives Birth to 8th Child DETROIT (AP)—Mary Helen Cavanagh gave birth Tuesday to the eighth child of Detroit Mayor Jerome P. Cavanagh. The baby, a seven-pound, seven- ounce girl, and Mrs. Cavanagh were reported doing well. Elimination of Tariffs Favored WASHINGTON (AP) — The House Ways and Means Committee Tuesday approved legislation to carry out the U.S.- Canadian agreement to eliminate tariffs on new automobiles and parts. The committee left intact the core of the legislation, allowing the president to proclaim an end to the tariffs effective immediately or retroactive to Jan. 17, when Canada dropped its duties on imports of the same goods from the United States. Two changes were made in subsidiary portions of the bill. As proposed by the administration, the legislation would have authorized carrying out similar agreements with other countries if they were negotiated. The committee wrote in a provision that any such agreements must be submitted to Congress, which could block implementation by a concurrent resolution adopted by botn houses. If Congress did not so act with 60 days, the agreement would go into effect. The other change had to do with provisions in the .legislation for special assistance to firms or workers who could show they underwent special hardship because of the agreement. The bill originally provided for a presidential determination of need. The committee added a provision for the Tariff Commission to make the investigation on which the president wouia base fas deien.miiiuua. The agreement has been advocated on the ground the U.S. Canadian auto market is essentially one, with most Canadian manufacturing being done by U.S. - owned branches. Eliminating the tariff frontier, advocates said, would permit more efficient operation. Former Resident / Is Making Study Of Blood Flow Dr. Paul C. Johnson, formerly of Ironwood, Is studying the blood flow in body organs at Indiana University, Indianapolis, under a research grant from the American Heart Association. With the aid of a specially developed microscope for" measuring the diameter of tiny blood vessels as blood flows through them, Dr. Johnson, who is the son of Mr. and Mrs. George Johnson, 322 Douglas Blvd., is engaged in some crucial experiments that may help unravel the nature of a body flow-control mechanism called "autoregula- tion." Auto regulation means that there is an effort on the part of the vital organs, such as the brain, kidney, liver and intestines, or the local blood vessels which would tend to disrupt normal blood flow. For example, autoregulation is thought to have a major role in preventing blood from rushing away from the brain when a person stands up. It is not known how autoregu lation is accomplished. A better understanding of this phenomen says Dr. Johnson could lead to significant advances in know ledge of disorders like essentia hypertension. Several theories exist to ex plain autoregulation, but D r Johnson says the mechanism really cannot be nailed down without direct study of how tiny arteries change in size as blood flows through them under vary ing conditions. For this reason he and his as soclate, Dr. William Greatbatch an engineer, have developed th so-called "flying spot" micro scope which makes it possibK to investigate—for the first time according to Dr. Johnson—blooc vessel dimensions under liv i n g conditions. Tractor Kills Driver CADILLAC (AP) — Edga Johnson, 61, of Cadillac wa killed Tuesday when his tracto overturned and crushed him. RECEIVES DEGREE — Edward F. Gullan, son of Mrs. Edward and the late Edward Gullan, 865 Sunset Road, received the bachelor of science degree at commencement ceremonies held at Wisconsin State University, Superior, June 4. He was one of some 237 students receiving graduate or undergraduate degrees as SSU. Speaker for the commencement exercises was Robert j. Doyle, public relations director for Wisconsin State Universities. Edward was graduated with honor In mathematics, the honor being awarded at the Honor Day program May 11 in the University Auditorium. Edward will teach in the Milwaukee public schools in September. Mrs. Gullan attended the commencement. Knox Will Not Run For House in 1966 WASHINGTON (AP) For mer Rep. Victor A. Knox, R Mich., said Tuesday he Will no be a candidate for the House next year from Michigan's llth district, a post he held for l years. Knox, who was defeated in hi try for re-election last fall b. Rep. Raymond F. Clevenger D-Mich., said personal reason involving family and business prompted the decision. His statement was issued Knox said, in response to re quests from numerous source, that he seek to regain his seat USE DAILY GLOBE WANT-ADS C-C Gets Set for Auction Saturday The Ironwood Chamber of Commerce and its H i a watha Committee are busy securing items for the auct i o n sale which will be held at the Gogeblc County Fairg r o u nds lere on Saturday, June 19, start- ng at 12:30 p.m. Arnold Bennett and his crew will be in charge of the c a n - een and it will be in operation starting at 10 a.m. on auction day. P. J. Nickel Jr. is in the process of building forms for sidewalks and a concrete apron at che Hiawatha Statue base. The 'ity of Ironwood has filled and leveled the statue site with sand removed from the Norrie Park swimming area and top soil has been delivered for the lawn so all of these projects are moving ahead as scheduled. With the payment due on the statue as of June 25 and the added costs of the sidewalks and other concrete work, the auction sale is one of the important fund raising projects of the Chamber of Commerce this year. Russell Glynn, manager o f the chamber, announces that a large number of items are o n display at the Fairgrounds exhibition building. Plans are to have the building open Friday evening for anyone desiring t o Inspect the Items available and those who wish to bring articles for the sale. Paul Hull, singing auctioneer from Austin, Minn., will a r rive early Saturday morning and he and his crew will be on hand to conduct the sale Anyone desiring to assist a the auction should call the Chamber office, 932-1122, or con tact any member of the H i a watha Committee. A number o persons are needed In the hand ling of the items and the as sistance of everyone would be appreciated, said Glynn. "The Hiawatha Statue has al ready become a major touris attraction in our area and with the new developments at the site, it can be of tremendou importance to the tourist poten tlal of our area This is a com munlty project where everyon is invited to participate. Let' make this second auction -•• utstanding success," Glyna tated. •tote's Expenditures Exceed Weekly Income LANSING (AP)—Income into he state treasury during the past week was $22.1 million and outgo was $33.9 million. The reasury balance at the end of ast week was $332 8 million. Truck Driver Killed COLON (AP) — Benjamin Bracker, 31, of Elkhart, Ind., was killed Tuesday in the crash of his panel truck and a car on M78 west of Colon. Why'Good-Time' Charlie Suffers Uneasy Bladder Unwise eating or drinking may be a source of mild but annoying bladder irritations—making you feel rest* less,tense and uncomfortable. Doan't Pills often help to bring prompt relief in two ways: 1) their soothing effect to ease bladder irritation; and 2) a mild diuretic action through the kidneys tending to increase output of the 15 miles of kidney tubes. And if restless nights, with n*g* ging backache, headache or muscular aches and pains due to over-exertion, strain or emotional upset, arc adding to your misery — don't wait— try Doan's Pills. With their speedy pain-relieving action, Doan's Pills work promptly to ease torment of nagging backache, headaches, muscular aches and pains. So get the same happy relief that millions have enjoyed for over 60 years. For convenience, use Doan's Pills large size. Get Doan't Pills today! Doan's Mvt sights were produced for the Army and Navy air forces in World War II. They continued to be important equipment for bomber aircraft into the Korean war. Then technology caught up with the old standby. The radar-computer system arrived. It could see through clouds or darkness. With its electronic brain, it could compute in split seconds. But it could not be toted in a small black bag by the bombardier walking to his waiting plane. Radar-computer sighting equipment in present-day bombers weighs hundreds or thousands of pounds. For several years, Norden bombsights have been on the surplus sales market. Anyone who wants the equipment built Into them, or anyone who just has a sentimental yen for a Norden bombsight can buy one. Pilot, Son Die In Plane Crash ANN ARBOR (AP) — Com mercial pilot R.W. Gilbert, 43, of Saline and his son Gary, 16, were killed Tuesday when their single - engine, World War II navy fighter plane crashed near the Ann Arbor Airport, state police reported. The F-4 Corsair, piloted by Gilbert, crashed and burned on Impact in a wooded area some two miles south of the airport. Ypsilanti state police said the plane apparently attempted to land, hit the runway hard, broke off its landing gear, regained power and flew for a short distance before crashing. Witnesses said Gilbert, an employe of Zantop Air Transport Inc., was buzzing the airport at low altitudes for approximately a,half hour before the crash. The boy's name "John" and the girl'-A' name "Joan" both are Hebrew words mean i n g "God is gracious." with blades • • -B9 C 150 939 to 15°° 5 Blades 79° AUTOMATIC Cigarette Lighters GILETTE Adjustable RAZORS POLAROID SUN GLASSES MEN'S Genuine Leather Billfolds 2 49 WILKINSON Genuine Sword Blades . . 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