The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 24, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 24, 1948
Page 9
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THURSDAY, JUNE 24, 1548 (ARK.) COUR1KR NEWS PAGU THIRTEEN Canned Meats Extend Menus Over 30 Standard Varieties Available For New Food Idea Pointers Offered For Safe Use of Porcelain Ware porcelain enameled utensils are made by fusing high quality proee- lain enamel onto a strong .sleet b^se. The steel base Rives the utensils strength and durability. The glass-like coating provides a smooth, glassy finish which Is sanitary and attractive, Given Ihc reasonably good care water Enameled ulrnslls may be allowed to drain dry if desired. When food sticks to porcelain enameled ware, loosen it by bo.U.iR water in the utensils. The use of ' harsh abrasives Ls not, necessary. To ' loosen burnt food, arid I wo or three tablespoons ot baking soda lo eac.h quail of water and boil until the food Is loosened Better Food Preservation Need Variety The old saying of "Don't put nil your CRRS In one basket" could kj..i B-~. A I>UT Of COO llkf the fresh product. In [\ (Icvvor, texture and fowl viilue. Smnclliiips the metlwil ol food | p I lirrsci\-nlion inny lie determined by DQIOnCeS (lie wny the (oort win be served.j, . ft* "Si; L > ™^^! 01 t 1 ^:i Luncheon Salads slciwl of freezing ii, she explained. I Often we acquire R tnste for • vollaWc will not only enlarge her . utensils will give many years of MJIII possibilKics but will IK scrv- satisfactory service. Here are a few nig her family higli-qualily. body- pointers on Die cure ot enameled building protein foods at economi- i wa rc. ctil urices p ', Top-of-llie-Slove Cookinr he most frequently used canned! Since |X>rcelain enameled ware .ts are luncheon loaf, corned conduct heat efflclenlly /id. ' hash, chile, Vienna sausage, quickly, only a low heal is required I _«d deviled or potted meats. But to assure constant cooklnn. Turn I there are over 30 standard varie- the lient down us soon as the con- ties available for menu ideas. Your tents of the utensil reach the boil- rnRrket list for camicd meats might ing point, include sliced dried beef, corned Bally Ore beef, liver and liver products, • F'orcetain enameled utensils are tongue, frankfurters, hamburgers, ! extremely easy to keep clean- Re- haeon, beef and gravy, pigs feel member to wash and handle then; or sausage. There are also the meat : generally just as you do your china, and cereal or meat and vegetable , Dishwashing will be easier 11 combinations . . . such as stews, chile con curne, spaghetti and meal sauce or meat balls, and tamales. Since all preparation has been done at the packing plants, every ounce of canned meat is edible. There is no waste to discard or pay lor. The volume packing at central food preserved by one method, although niiollirr method m»y give a bellcr product. Most fruits give good preserved An extension to the Fresh meal counter at your food store are the v,,,i.. e „- *^u JHUIU ait, UIL \_TIVL-U lite icitsuiiiiuiy guuo c;uu SJker who ^ 0 ^?he vaS; : whlch " ll houaehold ^™^ ^ I ?**** .cci^ulaUou 'of limeade- CoiuHie. ho.ncnu.kors; kno*s ihe vanelles scr ves. your porcelain enameled; poalts . A ,, Rht llme rieposa may be One of Ihc seems of having good by ' " A whole wheat mil bread made with mo lasses mil baking powder Is ft balancing Rccompanlmcnt to > spring luncheon sulad. It is simple enough to make nnd H Is "ull- tcr«nt" and nutritious as well. removed by boiling a solution of water and clriegar in the -uteiisil. Horses were domes Lieu ted in Ba- producls whether canned or lro«n. | Mo | aMM whul , Wh r»t'NU| itr»d Exceptions are .strawberries, wlilcli ... . are belter frozen, and pears, which j are better canned, according to product. Mrs. Hollman. I Storage is Hie preferred metnnri | Cnn or fiee'M peas. corn, spinach ', for preserving root ctoiis such »« ] squash, lieets nnd green beans. Most turnip*. Irish and s»'fel preserved food Is to use the best method for preserving each purlieu*, Jar food. Some foods may be be Her i people like, to use both methods. canned, otlicLS may be better fro- j However, If you want cam-on-tlie- zen or stored. The right method ; cob, freeze it. Corn canned on lh« KiKUting Is the best and common method used for preserving *»vi .-v ^ n -.• ~ ..-n ~ ,v«. ••! ---- 7.111 cji atuicti. liie ii^ili. niclIlCKt i i-ttij, 11 cc/ bylonia about 3500 B. C., according j wm glve yoil a preserved product I cob does lo archeologists not give a high quality (or said. early cabbage, and- storage ir, best cabbage, Mrs. Hollmtn Two tal)l(s|woii« browu sugar, 1 cups whole wheat flour, i cup sifted • 11-piirpoM flour, \ teaspoon taking soda. 2(4 teaspoon baking powder, in teaspoons salt. -V, cup wnUr, »i cup molasses, 1 cup chopped »»!nut meats. Mix together sugar, Hour, bull- Ing sodn, baking powder and salt. Combine milk, wiUer and molasses; »dd lo dry Ingredient*. Mix smooth. [Add nut meals. 1'our Into 911 x- 6V. x 2'i In. greased lout pan, Let , stand no minutes. Bake in miulcr- |»te oven (3SO degrees P.) i'i Hours. Cool 5 minutes. Ueinove from pan. Cool. Bread will slice In uniformly thin slices If stored overnight. I Gingerbread goes well with spring | berries or stewed dried trulls. «ut too often recipes are so large thoy .become impractical for the. small- |er family. However, this recipe was I created especially for the small I family, KS it yields 6 portions, (I xrttaw) ! One-quarter cup thortaninc, % cup sugar, 1 <*», Hi cup. atft*4 all-purpose Hour, \ Uupooa ktk. soda,. !<4 teaspoon **nnfTt*a, %; teaspoon ginger, K cloves, ',4 teupoon wit, tt molasses, 'A cup hot wtUr. Cream together shortening tat .sugar. Add egg; but will. Sift \ together Hour, baking cod*, dnnA- j nion, ginger, cloves and wit. Combine molasses and water; fedtf alternately with flour miztun to ! creamed mixture. Line »V4i IV 'x 2'i in. greased lo«f p*D wit* I greased waxed paper; pour In'bat- I ter. Bake In moderate own <1M I degrees JO 45 minute*. Cod I • minutes. Remove from pan. Head Courier New« Want , utensils are rinsed immediately after using. Those which do not rinse clean should be put to soak. Empty soaking water before wash- ins and remove remaining food panicles with a rubber scraper. Wash the utensils in hot, soapy plants also make* for economy of production. A 12-ounce can' of luncheon meal provides a low cost main dish for four persons. These meats are economical of time too. The homcmaker. lias only to open the handy tin and serve the meats chilled or heated. Canned meats team up well with vegetables, cereals or egi*s. Protected by their metal containers, canned meats stand ready JAcall at any meal. Try the limch- V^ meats and sausage or scrapple fried at breakfast. Vienna sausage • is R good accompaniment with ] scrambled egcrs or omelets. At noon, j luncheon meat can be -slivered or diced and added to tossed salad, ! used as a sandwich filling, or sliced : and heated to go along with vegetables. For the main dish at dinner, have canned beef and gravy with homemade dinnplinc;s or perhaps sliced tongue with raisin sauce ... or sliced dried beef added to stuffed baked potatoes. Here's a recipe usin<? tui grwtin po- 9m tatoes with corned beef: r » w Corned Beef anil PoLilneB ' • Au Gratin i »* 1 can corned beef ! » 2 tablespoons butter or margarine *^ 3 tablespoons flour • I 1-2 teaspoons salt - ( • 1 cups milk j B * A cups diced cooked potatoes ! •* ^ tablespoons chopped parsley ! »* int<r"shallow baking dish. Sprinkle cheese over lop. then bread crumbs and paprika. Arrange sliced corned beef on top of crumbs. Hake in moderately hot oven MOO degrees F.) about 20 minutes. Yield 1 . 6 servings 1-2 cup soft buttered bread crumbs 1-4 teaspoon paprika Cut corned beef in half cross-wise. Cut one-half. Into cubes, the other half in 8 slices. Melt butter in saucepan; blend in flour and salt. Add milk, stirring constantly until mixture thickens and comes to a boil. Remove from heat; add potatoes, parsley and euhrr) corned beef. Turn Slant rhe day off wiVh crisp golden goodness for breakfast—wJth $1o- cured, flavor-rich Ever- Good Bacon. Serve ii for light lunchei or suppers too. It tempi* ap- petitei, makes meals taste better. •' Serve Ever-Good *^ Bacon. Ask for it by *• name At your dealers. *• •• I MEMPHIS PACKING CO Memphis, Tenn. j Mayrose READY-SERVE HAM c irom MAYROSE TEST KITCHEN i J) i'((«, \\i HAM Sl.ICF, 1 li lh. slite Mayrose Hani cm i.i" thick <> oranj-c slices I rahlcspoon prepared musiard H teaspoon pepper 1 teaspoon MjgAr 3 tablespoon's vinegar y, cup water Pan-fry him slice. Place on warm placrcr and keep hot. Brown orange scciions I in tlrippings. Arrange on plater \\n\\ h;im. Stir into drippings (he niuMard, pepper, 5tJg3r, vine,pAr > and water, l.ct sfmmcr 5 minutes and pour over the slice of turn. ^REMINDER: TJ»»ram» MAYROSC itJtflliRti Kigh*tf Qvat- Loml>" MayiOM Brand Perk Sovtag*. AtV For i by nan* . , A CHOOSE OUR \ EVERYDAY LOW PRICES Florida Gold, 46 oz. can ORANGE JUICE All brands, by the carton CIGARETTES $1.99 CAN-D-LITE, No. 2|/ 2 Can PRUNE PLUMS 15* Assorted 3 for JELLO 25c Per Ctn. The Pause That Refreshes, per case COCA-COLA 89* Hcil Brand, Sliced BACON , h 68 c S(reak-o-I,ean SALT MEAT ,,,25* Shoulder PORK ROAST ,H 49 Home-Dressed Fryers & Hens Cudahv's SAUSAGE Mcatv PORK RIBS Velveeta 2 1,h. B«x CHEESE All Meat Franks or . .. tb. roll *l«l Ih 42 c $105 Ib. 45c Wieners Prince Albert-$1.20 Canova 1 Ib. jar COFFEE - - - 49c Hand Packed 2 No. 2 cam TOMATOES - - 25c CRACKERJACKS pkg. 5c 80 Count- NAPKINS Pkg. - - 15e Donald Duck Grapefruit Juice No. 2 Can 6Vic All Brands BABY FOODS 6 for 45' Silver Cow MILK 3 tall cans 43c Cider Vinegar Gallon 32c English PEAS Florida ORANGES ,„ ,,, 43' Sliced 7 ox. can PINEAPPLE - - - - 20c Scoco 3 No. ! Cans PORK & BEANS 22 Sav-A-Uav BLEACH „, 10 Oregon Harvest 2 No. 2 cans *•• Your Fnvorife v MARSHMALLOWS 5 J)ime Hrand MILK Northern TISSUE ............. 10 SHORTENING 4lb.dn.$1.39 Lux Toiltr SOAP 2 Bars 19c Vine Ripened CANTALOUPE „, 10* LEMONS Fresh CARROTS „ WATERMELONS ,„ Snowball CAULIFLOWER Seedless GRAPEFRUIT 4 for 19* Liberty Cash Grocery Low Prices Everyday Chill mill; until icy cold. Mil togtttl.f liigar, flour and J.ilt. Stir in pineapple juice. Boil And slit 2 min. Rrmov* from he,u; idd pme»pptt and lirnon CKill Whip cnilled milk »ilK cold rolAry tciur or tlcttric b««t«c M hign >pfd, unlil Jtiff. FoU into chilled pinc.npple minur?. Freeze, without (tirring, in tTAy of automatic refrigerator. *t coldest temperaturt. M«w I'/i pinM. }•„„ fill |V«WJ Pet Milk, can 15c Sliced Pineapple, can 20c Lemons, doz . 25c

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