Interstate News-Record from Ironwood, Michigan on January 17, 1891 · Page 8
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Interstate News-Record from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 8

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 17, 1891
Page 8
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s"j A* •V "> ifp;At:K6 HISTORY. jsfet;' " p£.-v:v_, S^V:-.!'! :•,- - . "^^if'itliji'BiiW ttendcul Man ri''TI(flro Hlmsrir. . About Koro'rt »:W. Nyc.] ._-,—.,—_, winter one of tis}n||$riigedies that her i**?j c fX;£i:.:v •-•-,• , T a, ever recorded, ^fraught with gore 5 was full apr, anil I for one YPossibly it mny j|fing. I hope so, .'it p'," and consisted of a ; the life <'V^ li&'-Sr-^' *^<&> ^ *P- ^jHJSiony. 16w, course monarch. Lili of live tamo lions actresses, who j.'tiajlyj.l'to see the lions and iu "lift* Juliet, is I was then lfli'#aper*egiuding the history \ tb'be ? iead at A meeting of •— ^'- of Advanced V fiqtU the Gieek word fidlfeteicbasincoipoi'nted the boll and ballad, it ts^histpry to ,i time cone heydaj and youth 111 tiio ballet of f qourse, that iv ballot rji|iflitiou ot a story, ae- ?>rica] winters, and that is same in or some readily distm- "(fti and ,i ry"tomako that need ever bother d'action is ^le to reudily fol- nttention to f& divertissement is |iviU where every- f feeling first rate, and pper little ngmcs aiv ain'jig to lenpfnis and ft ion was mtrodiici.'il about tho Hixtwiitli for the i-ch-brii- nts, Mich as cMiunent |uiftrriugu of jirinciM. i been iiitrodiu'ijd, an [Id and very -little in- jpld K-lt on tin 1 ptirt ) are told by Hie Iii«Oler the air the higli- JIP." Thp first hiilli.t gnition occurred in i*, at/the timn of tlie c de Joyeuse with (ho bijter uf the Italian ballet called Hoynr, bTuiiso the |t One ladv of the a gtliera sang a in the chorus, •lied a bade somer- firy does nut go on raw better now if jconld tulai part nder' that it has hiberSiOf tho oabi- [iu (he balltt, and eyatum .Utind tu gy. \vonlil uttcnd ereat in it. and the sharp nnebflritnblpjifiis class of middle Ken who arcs un•.they ai'K more fly, Bitting utar " i on thpiiioseii- This.ib maiii- |;.men who have iid to cry out k 1 a pmitouiiiuiu Hd bald beaded pd fcloijiient an tu those who ;'elderly ballet s eloquent orv ^ leeled ;g» befuitf !iis the window to open the shade. It escapes from his clutches and scoots to the top.of Hie house, with a lonil snort. Nero jumps on tlio window sill to reach it, cursinsc foftly to the low wail of the clarionet and forgetting that he cannot reach the shade, also that ho has not yet domieil his toga. Still purple with rngo the young emperor hangs up a comforter at the window, and taking a hurried bath begins to dress for the day by wrapping hiin- pelf its tlus folds of a purple Turkish towel of cunning workmanship to the suft music of the bass drum and the "dance corners" and "chasse all" of the ballet. Even though we cannot see Nero we read his homo life in the pantomime of a ballet. Any one- can do it who will iiinko a study of it and go every evening. Now Nero has morning prayers to a large sycamore god which has been carved out with !i jackknifc by .a man condemned to deathby Tiberius. Next to tbu lascivious pleasings of the xylophone we read from the ballet that Nero lias gone to his mother to obtain funds for the day and a largess or two for the voters of the Ninth ward. And now the music becomes more fortissimo, and the elderly ballet, girl on the extreme right begins to brace up and dance with morn vigor, seeking to earn her palnry as conscientiously as though filio ri.-filly expected to receive it. Tln'.s means that Agrippina, the mother of Nero, is putting some more thickening in tha plot, and that in a little while Nero's stepfather will be ready for the cmbalmer. One can almost hear the protest of Octa-vins as he.murmurs and kicks at the idea of taking poison just as he is feeling comfortable on the throne. And now we follow the strange story as the front row of yellow headed dancers in Dr. Jaeger costumes and with putty in the crevices of their countenances begin to circle to the right, and we gather from the Terpsichorean remarks in a do by the premiere with the brawny hock that Oclavius has croaked to the low sad wail of the ophiclcide and the ahrill wail of the piccolo. . Thus Nero becomes emperor of Rome, with a chance nt tlte surplus and an invitation out to dinner almost every day. All now-forward and back: the premiere danseuao turns eight cartwheels across the stage and picks a torch out of the hand of a, vestal virgin from Hunter's Point. This means that flush times have again returned to Rome, and on the line do Seneca there is a strong bull movement in stocks. Nero now gets married to a plain but well connected girl whose father owns the leading paper there. He does not really love her, and so the alto horn gives an air of pain and tha bass liddlc is seen to shudder as the walk-around on the stage indicates that Nero has fallen in love \\lt\i Acte, a. freed woman who Iressei plainly but looks first rate. It is plain .now from tho d'ticliaii do ballet thdt -d'Nero is leading a double life at least, and that he is out nights a good deal, d'carrying on at a great rate. Oh, why will men, especially em- perora, do that way? They must know that some, day tho populuco will drop on it, ami shame cover their otherwise luminous careers. Acte of course knows Hint h:T parents would not approve of this style of cuttings up on her part; but theVe is a sort of romance- about living in a pleasant flat overlooking tho Campagua without paying rent for it, and no she goes on, knowing that Nero's wife is at home alipnti sewing carpet rags or up- holstoring the throne while Ado is at routs and balls almost continually. Finally wo discover by tho antics of tho ballet that Nerolms shaken Acte, and now lookff 'with aninrons glanco* upon Poppiva Sabhia. :\ very able woman, who gets tho entire control of the administration. Nero does not oven dare commission a notary public w&hout asking l j opp<c:i or i'u]> Sabina, as she in called. And HO it goes on from bad to worse, until Nero's mother is driven out of house and home. She is allowed to Bleep in a barn awhile, and wash off carriages for her board for a time, and then asked to take ;v little ocean voyage for her health. The whip is so made that it will fall to pieces about the second day out. But she is a resulutu woman, with broad fet't, cuftlie iivails water (ill she can re- uei\e has be) can htand it a pleased mny be revived, and that tho lions also may be in the cast. They did well from nu artistic standpoint, though I understand that they were poorly paid, and often went, to bed hungry at night rather than eat a ballet girl. Military Ball. The oMirers and mevnbersofflie Curry liidcs will give ii military ball at the opera house, on Friday evening. ,lan- iiiiry 'Id, that promises to be the leading social event of the year. At a meding held Monday evening, committees were appointed mid other arrangements U'erc consuiii'iiiili'il. A picked company will givoiiii exhibition drill dimngtheevpn- ing thiit. will lie a feature of Hie event, dipt. .McLeoilaml memliorsof the company hope to make the llrsthall n grand success, and the N'ew.s-lxecuni believes they will succeed beyond their expectations. Lake Shore Dividends. At, Ki>\v York tin- Milwaukee, bake Sluice & Western directors Tuesday do- elnrod the ivgulnr semi-annual dividend of lii per cent, on the preferred slock Mini an Miimiiil ilivitiiMid of 7 per cent, on the common stoek. The statement for the. year ending December :!1, 1S1MI, shows gross earnings $:!.()SlUMl(>: operating expenses and (axes $J,-I IS.dllll: net earnings $I,-l-l^,(l(l(li interest ami rentals *7-ll,0(HI: surplus for the. year $701,000. Glances About Town. House iind lot for sale on the Aurora location. Apply (u. Charles J^inil, .1'. O. I'jox l:!6, Ironwood. Suspense—won't say—bliss —"yes"— A. W. Kearney &. Co.—l''iirmlure. lleadv mixed paint at IVeneott's, Heavy sleighs for lugging ami other work, For sale by K. B. Williams. A local newspaper is a paper tha prints the local news, ami that's what's the matter will', the Xevs-IJecfml. The best is the cheapest. Kearney & f'n.'s furniture is the cheapest. See? For general hardware ill satisfactory prices call on Fred M. I'rc'KcoU. Sitting ami drasvin;;' room novelties. A. W. Kearney <S; Co., Aurora street. Two trooil delivery horses for silo, Apply to King & Miller, attorneys, Ayer street. At LVeseotl's you will always find thnt pertains to the hardware, business. Furniture—stylish?—should say t'was —where:?—Kearney & Co.'s—of course. Don't furniture, anywhere until yon Imve .seen Mullen Kros.' stock and learned their prices. I 'luinbiiur 111111 water piping is done at prices Unit are right ami in a proper manner by K. 1.5. Williams. Call on him for ligures on this work. A. W. Kearney & Co., Aurora street, j have the handsomest lino of I'nrnituiv i eye! 1 shown on the (Jogebic range. The Acorn rook stoves are the best | in the market, and I'rexcutt sellts them. An elegjint Hue of lamps can now be seen at K. I). Williams'and prices aiv low owing to HID JlcKinley bill. ONE Advertisement placed in the Interstate News-Record will through that PAPER Cover not only the cities of Ironwood, Bessemer, Ashland and Hurley, but also the entire Gogebic iron range. It DOES IT Thoroughly. Those who wish to know the "how" and "why 1 ' ! * it is able to accomplish so much, should read the following facts and thev will understand it ALL! The -Record Is the;oklest as well as the largest paper published on the Gogebic range. The combined circulations ot the Gogebic Mining Record snd the Interstate News are at the disposal of advertisers, and several hundred new names have been added to the lists of Ironwood, Bessemer, Ashland, Hurley, Upson, Montreal, Mellen, Wakefielcl, Ramsey, Watersmeet and other adjacent towns, within the past ten months. getting that non AValk- ath, seek- iis au open Ho , J4iid ever as 1h" (leep uotB-3 to tell. jet, though tha '• OICTi'I-NU KEJUNISCEh'CES. } move hur heavier wraps and useless j clothing; then she rides a hen coop for : thirteen days, over and anon eating a i hen whmi she gets buntfry enough, until at last, "Laud ho!" she exclaiiu.s, and : soon her feet grate, on thesmooth sand cif the bench. ; The bullet may not bo the, most direct ! means of teaching history, but to » mid- illu aged man who wislit-;; to brush nu on i ancient history, with a chuucu to secure aKa uuiinisctnti'S fiom bomo of tho bal- J let t£ils who are utill able to lecall mauy (if the iiic'idtuta to mind, and who, I KIM I'uiiiii'iitioii .Ian. ir, is'.n.l O'I'A'I'I'i UK MU'IlKiAN. -• Twcll'tli .llRlic-i;il 0 cii-ruit -IN t'liAsnaiv. I'm.i,IN \Vn.i,JAMS, i-iiiiiiilaiuant. v.s. SAIMII WII.I.IAMN. iU>r<Miil. i tnr. Suit, i>i>mllni; ill tin- l.'li'fult Court rnrthn ('ollulynf IJo^fhif tn t,'h;illi'^ry. ;it tin' clly i>f HeKxi'innr, mi I!IH Tenth day i>r" Jiniiiurr, A! D. IKUI. In ii]i]ii>:u'hiK fnnii iiilhhivlt im Illi- tliiil lln> ili-r ( .,i,iiiiit Hiirah Williams lias ili'iwli't! rniui Intr lust plac'.ii or riwlili-iin'.! that II r:iimot ho ascortatni'il in what state or rmmtJ' tin 1 satd (li^'undilllt rt.'std(;K; niiiin*tt(in or .liUiu-sS. .Moni'di', r(m)pl:ilimnt'xMi'illiut.i>r. it Isordfivd IlKil tho itniwiu-aiici) or Hiild il(<fi>iii|. tint lui I'lili-rrd lu'ivlii willitn live nuiilllis fnnn MID dati- i>r Ihis (irdt'i', and In oasu of her ap lu'iirniii'rKliiM'iiiiw ln<r nnsivor ui tho hill or riiiHplnliiMn In; Illoil. and :•. oony thorunr to In, sorvod on tin.- I'ltiuiilaiiiant's Holii'ltofwlttiin tAVt'lity days afti-r sorvii-i; on lier or a copy of said hill and liolii f this ordiT. and tn'do Tanlt iiicti-iir said hill will he taken as mures.*, oil hy said ijeivndaul. And ii is inrthor r.rdoivd that within twenty days Mil- I'oiiiiilaiiiant i:aliHe a notieo or tld's iirdor lolio published In the Intorstate News lieeonl. a lii-wsimiiol 1 lil-llltod. pnlillHhfil and eiirnlatiiitf in f-:ald eonnty, and that said pnbll out lull ho eolltalllfil tllereln om-e in eaeh Wei'l; Tor jjix weeicri in snecesMion. or that iiu oattse a i-i>py of tiiis oniorto bo iiersouuliy served on said defendant at least twenty days before the time prosi-rilied for hei-amieai-anco. F. r. f'itA^nucRr.AiN, C'lroiill Uoiirt Coiainissionei- Gogelilc Co., Midi. .1. S. MUNIIOK. Coniviainant.'s Solicitor. Clean, Handsome Printing F leases the eye and reaches the Public. "Wood of all kind de- liveiVd promptly to any part of the city. LEAVE ORDERS WITH Dave MeRae llhough getting along in year*, are. yet .-? jibje j» read fine print or thread » needle, E. j. MGMINDES Sanitary Plilniliino, Steam and Hot Water Heating, Gas Pitting, THE NEWS-RECORD Job Printing-Department Has all the facilities for doing FIRST CLASS PRINTING -A specialty is made of MiniriQ Blanks. SUBSCRIBE FOR The $2.00 per year in advance. PEAS ( LEE & DOUGLAS, l • •' • . * PRINTERS AND PUBLISHERS. WHAT You feel tired—Do y6n° •what it means?. You toe vous—Why? You cough in tl morning—Do you realize the cat . Your appetite is poor—What • •• A it so? You seem likeacl: AI LJj P 618011 to y our friends—Do yoti* - know what is the matter, or hritf the change- been so gradual it haV escaped your notice?.' I' vnno I UU • Y ° ahave We do not say this to ~frighteri,.i you, but it is true. These are the sure symptoms of this terrible disease. There " is one thing which will check it and that is j , DR. ACKER'S ENGLISH REMEDY. H la recommended by tho best physicians in Europe and America. ' ' * 35 i-cntM, GO fcnlft omt JI.OO per Bottle. W. H. HOOKER & CO.. 46 West Broadway. New York. For sale by Thomas & McCabe. "'• Ironwood Pharmaeyl NEXT TO TilE I'OSTOFFICE. PURE mm, CHEMICAL DYE STUFFS. -y*w. • ' — -.'; ( :/| Stationery, BlsirLk. JBooksili'^ n* * f \ Oi-dovs for Blank Books not in stock' filled in Shortest possible time at i' ^ *^V»i r '^ *...* MANUFACTURERS' PRICES. WALL PAPER, DECORATIONS^ *» i ".plwrM AND WINDOW SHADES. OUR PRICES ARE ALWAYS THE LOWEST. WHITESIDES & HOLMOS OrGtie-Qtra Composed of twelve first class musicians can furnish any combination for parlor entertainments or ball room music. TERMS ALWAYS REASONABLE.' C. E. Houk&Co.^";, .V* DRUGGISTS AND ; .'.' STATIONERS ~j "" ~"~ ~ ------- & Prescriptions .'. Oarefudly .'. and .'. Promptly „ , ^ Compounded. * ; "^^i School Books & Supplies a Specialty, The finest line of Fancy Stationery in the City. Lieberthal Building,. Ironwood, Mich. DAVIS & FEHR AVIS & FEUK'S New Store is our subject to-day EUA\' ED with new goods for the great Holiday. ISKJNS of beauty and splendor combine, all Novelties art can design, S, biatins, I'lushes, Henriettas an4 Tlaids, i r p iS to match in all tlSlfow fads, I UBS; Cloaks, Jackets, Capes and Fine Shawls, LEVANT Plnsh Goods, Handkerchiefs, Baskets and Dolls. irJ&Ji A VINO everything ready we invite you to call. EMEMBEli our greeting, "MeiCT-'Cnrislmi .-ti ' 4 ': ^rtSx

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