The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on August 17, 1894 · Page 7
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 17, 1894
Page 7
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Ir ""S DAttt AMP WEEKLt. ALL HOME PRINT. f Bfc 8»ntiHBL Is tbe onlr newsbaprtln Ca roll county that f« printed all at home Mid it eon elni more Ideal and cdUntr new* tiun abt otbe two papers to this count?. POWKBS A CoLotxj, Prop*, FIUDAY, ArjorosT 17, 1894. MUSIC HALL ONE NIGHT ONLY THURSDAY, AUG. 23 •• ,•.*..••, I.) •••-.• • C A LOYAL SUBJECt TO THE QUitBN OfLAUdHTKN, "THATGIRL" The comedy .that la creating a laughing ep demlc In tbe amusement world. Not n dull ma meat In tbe play. Foil of life and action. Oo huge laugh from start to finish. A SPARKLING COMEDY. Clever comedians, pleasing specialties und ex cellent music. Watch tor TBE GRAND STREET PARADE at noon by the famous Mexican uniformed ban Reserved Seats now on Sale. Price, 50 Cents. PEOPLE AND EVENTS. Good bouse to rent on the south side '•Inquire of Q. W. Bowen.' W. Hi Munson and Lester were in th city yesterday visiting friends. Inquire prices on screen doors ani windows and Hocking Valley cottl a Joyce's. . Babv carriages for sale at cost a Woodrlng's furniture store for a few days only. H. 8. Creighton, Des Moines. is acting as express agent during the absence o F. M. Robbins. Mrs. Kemp and Dannie returned from Sioux City last evening. They bad been there for a few days visiting. Sensible.—An old sea-captain writes to J.O. Ayer & Go. that he never goes to sea without a supply of Ayer's pills. Tbe people quickly recognize merit, and this la tbe reason tbe sales of Hood's larsaparllla • are continually Increasing. Hood's Is "on top.' Hammocks for sale cheap at Hattoii's; 14 loot sea gras« 75 cents, colored $1.OO. " I have for sale at a bargain severa articles of household furniture. At residence of C. D, Boynton. 1 F. M. HAUVBV. Like a ship without a rudder is a man or a woman without health and the necos sary strength to perform the ordinary duties of life, iriiou the appetite falls, when debility, and a disordered condition of stomach, liver, kidney, and bowels assail you, take Ayer's Sarsaparilla. Aug. Bourne informs us that notwithstanding nil tbp talk about hard times 'that he is selling considerably more city property this year than last. He just sold several lots and only has a few more unsold iu the locality of tbe new depot .grounds. A week from Monday will be tbe first •day of the August term of court. Today Was the last day of tiling. Tbe docket will be a large one. Quite a number of new cases have arisen during the summer •vacation. Judge Goldsmith will occupy tbe bench, J. L. Powers left this afternoon for Ohio to be absent a week or more visiting witb bis mother who is going to move to Massachusetts. We truit be •will have a pleasant time and .enjoy bis •bort vacation, which he has Jaitlf earned by bard work and close attention to 4>uiines«. To cleanse the system effectually yet liently, wher costive or bilious, or when the blood is impure or sluggish, to permanently cure habitual constipation, to •waken the kidneys and liver, to a healthy -activity, without irritating or weakening them, to dispel headache, colds or fevers nsettyrupof Pigs. •''Henry Nicholson, of Carroll township, left for Cedar Rapid* J alt evening for • week's visit. He said be bad 900 acres of land rooted at |8.00 cash rent but let hie renters off for a little more than enough to pay bis taxes. We understand thai Auditor Uombach has settled iu about the same wsy with b,ii renters. ; I( toqk the,Uf raid three ; weekf to own up that It ^(represented, JtohVpjder but it finally caneitb lite point and made • fair statement we will sty la its favor, K it bad made this in the first place no O.M would »w« ( object; qul tfewj U would nol bare, been, ajjUufl na,}uraj Jf^ bed given (he new* as Ibe facts warranted. , It If rumored that Jno. Hobuma«ber is again KO.IUK to engage in hiuiioaj« tbe •ret of next month, Mr. Bobuin>cbjr is loo young end energetic a man to retire f row active work and we are pleased to know that be is to be counted among our, Vuiiufl«i4tt)n,, W<| dp no) kn»«I wbat buiu^be wlll;eugiyiflu |)ui;ar« confident be will wake a, sitqqeif of afly- tbing Ue undertakes. "J know an old soldier wbo had chronic diarrhoea of loug »Uuiltu« to have been permanently cured by taking Chamber- Iain's oolio, cholera and diarrhoea rente. druggist of kjnneftfrolis*, Affair, "i have Bold the remedy In this city for over seven years and consider it superior loan? other- medicine bow on the market for bowel complaints." 26 aad 60 cent bottles of this remedy for sale by J. W. ttattuh. druggist. F. M. Bobbins and family left this morning for a few weeks' visit with Mr. Hobblos' parents at Denver. Mr. Robins has not seen his parents for several years and no doubt will enjoy the visit very much, the express company supplied a man to take charge of the city office during his absence, Kenneth Ba/.emore had the good fortune to receive a small bottle of Chamberlains colic, cholera and diarrhoea remedy When three members of his family were sick with dysentrey. This one small bottle cured them all and he had some left-which he gave to Ueo, W. Baker, a prominent merchant of the place, Lewlston, N. 0., and Itcured him of the same complaint. IPhen troubled with dysentery, diarrhoea, colic or cholera inorbns, give this remedy a trial and you will be more than pleased With the result. The praise that naturally follows its introduction and use has made It very popular. 25 and 60 cent bottles for sale by J. IT. if at ton, druggist. We were sboWn a line of goods a few days ago, that are now being manufactured by O. M. Moore, the old reliable shoe dealer f Carrol/ It Is a Hue of ladies' high cut overgaiters. This line is something long needed by ladies that are out a great deal during the fall and winter. To teachers, sale ladies, those who rido or drive a great deal and for bicycle riding they will be found of untold value to the wearer. Mr. Moore IB prepared'to make these goods to measure thereby giving a better fit than can be had in buying from stock, also being made of better quality of goods. He showed us quite a list of orders that; has been taken and extends an invitation to tbe teachers now attending normal to kindly call and see them. OUR OOBBBSPONDBNTS. Barnnm & Bailey's greatest show on earth will be in par city the eighth of September and we want all of tbe correspondents to this paper to call at our office oo that day at 1 o'clock and w» will see that you are provided with two tickets, one for your wife, or husband, or beet girl, and one for yourself. Be sure and be on band at that time if you are in the city and THB SENTINEL will take yon all to see tbe elephant.. Show day ie almost eqnul to a national holiday with us and we want all the members of THIS NTiNBii'e family to be in tbe push. This offer ie only good to our regular correspondents, as oar supply of tickets s entirely exhausted. Do not ask as 'or camps, for we are entirely put. I. D. Glare, Clans, Santa, Jim and Paoey, too, who will be given a specie! seat by the aide of Big Four, for we are sore they, will prove pleasant and oongeu- a! companions. You will get your tickets by calling in tenon, for THB SHNTINBJJ always re- leenu its pledgee. How's This I We oiler one hundred dollars reward for any sase of catarrh that uaunot be cured by Hall's atarrh cure. V. J. CHUNKY * oo., Toledo, 0. We.the undersigned, have known F. J. Cheney or the p&st 15 years, and believe him perfectly honorable la all business transactions and uanolallj able to carry out any obligations uiuUt) by their firm. WestdcTruax, wholesale drugglau, Toledo, O. W aiding, Klnnau & Marvin, wholesale druggists, Toledo, O. Bali's catarrh cure Is takon Internally, acting Ireoily upon the blood and muoouu surfaces of the system. Testimonials «eot froe. Price 78o. per bottle. Sold by all druggists, TYLER'S NEW RECORDS. Harry C. Tyler ha;' made two new bicycle records on the Waltham track. From a standing (tart he rode a mile in 1 minute, 57 3-5 seconds, Not satisfied, he also broke the flying start record by going a mile in 1 minute, 53 4-5 seconds. other game, add for that reason desire to have you state in your next issue that tbe understanding between tbe two teams was that we were to play two games in Carroll and Carroll two in Olidden. We have played two in Oar- roll as agreed, and the Stan will not keep their part of the agreement and play their second game in Olidden. The laat game, which was played on August 4, was the only Carroll baa played in Olidden einoe 1884, ten years ago.' Now, it any of tbe Stare' admirers desire to wager from 825 to 8100 that they can defeat as, both teams to play same men aa on August 4, we are open to make each wager, game to be played, on any ground outside of Carroll or Olid den, or will make series of three games, one in Carroll, one in Olidden; then, il eaob team wine a game, third to be played, in l/eoison. GLIUDSH, Aug. 16. L. E. OKBIB, Manager. OABBOLL UNION BAND. Tuesday evening a camber of musi, iaus of tbie city met and began the or : ;anicatioo of a band which is to be Known as the "Oarrojl Union Band. 1 ' O*o. McAllister was selected leader ; and no. Meyere as assistant leader ; B, F, Oiovis, secretary, and John Haas, Mat* r. The band will ba orgenite4 ep fee) I* will begin practicing in a few, lys. It is tbe intention of tbe DOTS to [et up a first class band and ba prepared a furnish, music for all occasions wbso desired. The members are all old p)ay. are, having bad considerable experience band work and will experience no dif f o«Uy in ft-eHiog in snaps to, Aral class music. Tba new organisation, haa aeonrinf tbe inslrumsnte formerly wned by the oolleffe band. ™ li an are ae follows: Ja«a Wlebiaer,, AMUSEMENTS. "THAI GIBIi," THB QUBEN OF LAUOHTEB, ooinNo. NEXT IBCBSDAT. "That Qirl" will inaugurate a laughing epidemic' at Moaio hall Thursday evening, August 23. Ibis is without a of the funniest plays of tbe d«y» appealing to one'* aeuse of bamor in an irreaidtible way and without of- fendiug even tbe most fastidious in the slightest degree. A good company in an up to date comedy, interspersed with songs, dances, medleys, and assisted by a fine operatic orchestra making tbe musical program a feature attraction. with this strong TUB GREAT SHOW COMINQ. OAItNUM AllAILEY'8 CIRCUS TO EXIJIUIT HKRB SOON. Tbe a«p. McilM*|M, a. A. M*ien, Artbur Paine, K. V. Olovis, Ww. Kuril. II, P.< OruidSNV er, Win. Wlaulke, J. A. HooDer, 0. 0. Jtottorait 9. W, Brunsr A Kay Found. .&t.&v«mft fltt* ins!,, «Wly yo» stated ^Monday, Ins 18tb tbat oar ball would play the Carroll toau at Carrol), fcduesdey, the loth (net, and many of the Cat roll people «w mtkinf WMttifks bat we were afreid to pU; t|» Blare an- OST of the wonders to ie exhibited in Barnuui & Bailey, show which comes here on SKturUay, September 8th, will be new and the same as shown In Madison Square Garden, New York, this spring, comprised In circus, menageries, hippodrome, and the great Ethnological congress of savage tribes, and it Is a safe prediction to make that nothing like It has ever been witnessed here. The whole organization ID conducted with a view to presenting the best and most 'Inn money and energy can bring to«et)iiT The horses are sleek, finely kept und strong, the ladles are nearly all yomiu and pretty, the animals are splendid snt-oi inttus of their respective classes, mid full arrangements are made for tbe aeojimno- datlou and comfort of visitors. : Among the more notable specimens of anlma's In tbe menagerie are a jbuge rhinoceros, a gigantic hippopotamus or bo- heraoth, aeage of splendid tigers, containing one which wes captured only eight months ago, and whtoh Is the largest la captivity, several African and two Asiatic lions. One of thess |»M> e origin*! for the famous painting by Pope, recently in full-bloodMiebraia'Auerlea^the rjngs." **•*!» boo,**;, a. well kept e, the only one^ trmjiqg. a bis a ipVeiidia epsclnWn pt the In/al poJar bW reoeutly brtuf hi before exhibited, aAyfcbau, and droves of elephanU,awngHieui/"' ' J little IrlokanJatal;'two Ohlko and Johanna-tha" fame of which ' ip.jxtej&edjtll; m*mp world, su4 itt^dis^^tb*Weate)it"llvln« altrao- SlW^S^i the only two specimens now or/aby oilier and two stages, track;, and steel- barred trained animal arena and the uiiut- beraf.uMtauMsl* JWsJclyAu tbo»e ever J eeeu l befai o( tl|e.t tralped aul- W»ry«lou» one. One herd contains a half dozen huge beastfi, one of which, only a few Inches less in height than Jumbo. While wild beasts and domestic animals perform in the arena. Kvcrytlifng in Mid about theBarnum & Bailey show is on a scale of magnitude which implies a wonderful amount of ex eculive ability and thorough discipline to manage successfully. The million dollar street parade will take place in the morn ing.- ' • ; "' '- ; ; A SAD DEATH. Mrs. W. L. Onlbertson received word yesterday tiom her brother, Clarence Johnson, of Auburn, Gal., tbat his oldest daughter, Oors, was drown*d last Saturday with two other girls, A party had gone out for a picnic and a oonole of the girls went in wading in,the stream and got beyond their depth. M.isa Cora went to their assistance apd in attempting to save their, lives sacrl floed her own. She wsb 18 years old and was born in this city. The news'will be, sad to those, who knew her and her .parents, for she was a sweet, little child. Though she has been away from this city a number, of years there are several here wbo still remember her. NontiAL EXERCISES. Last evening the students of the normal gave a very pleasant program at the court house. Tbe work of the of ass room had been completed *hat day and as the examinations were to begin, this morniug so the ptudents bad spittle dead time.on bands, which was very profitably spent at arranging a sort of an impromptu program. Tbe program was begun witb a quartette by J. £. Smith, Ben Hess, Bertha Bangs and Miss Lulu. Long, with Mips Ada Thompson as organist. Tbie was followed with book impersonations by Miss Grace Kail and Mrs. J. E. Smith. Essay—Miss Long. Vooal solo—Miss Blakealey. Celebrities.— ^opt. MoMahon, Mm Haqelton, Prof, Atkinson, .Miss Garret, Prof. Darning, Mrs. Sohollenberg, Miss Fargason. r .... , Eaaav—Mise Roderick. Shadows—By Instructors. At last tbe merry -go-round has vanish- ei and we are glad of it, too, for it wss loaated just across the street from us. A' we have tried, daring tha peat two .. eu, to evolv* an original idea, which, t the way, we seldom undertake, or iiothe our thoughts in poatio words, tbe eudless) toot of she merry •go-roond'diwe « to distraf tloa. Tb«, organ wended o a concert pitch and ae,lbe wheels went rouud tbe .never varying notes bvrnsd deep into tbe gray matter of our troyb- 4ed brain..'.'.. -•/'., '•. ,. ..'. J,','.i ; M«Q.y, a Mm* nava *e eat wrapped to tttssealulonof oar own thoughts ud wondered why, it wae "Tbe girl I left behind" did not grow weary of floating aloof (l in; Jke nurkr bniawe. of the •»^ne« Bivef"»<4 Ml in Una with obear. mg uiosio and keep step, with the boys as thar ware "MarobiDg Through CH«r. (is," or jo4ntlia noteial atadeote at they went aancryinfla ovar NUnwea'a nark After tbe Ball" until tboBtan wwt out /«ii^^|^»lf»lT,«»na f wu« by s Mora «f 14Ua 91> W* beliwe «Ubc* ,a* will tn^ »jk« whole matter ovet t» 1'a now engaged,,in studying tbe wonderful mechanism o£ a douM U i« a position ta uaka some valuable sof- WOUI.O YOU UK W»A1,TJ1V. Tl|«»dajte >> buiiltli,ls woalib," |» cue which needs no proving- The man who enjoys liusltli In lliu fullest sonso of the word, MM w»ny Kdvautages In the »lru«- ilti Pf Ufa and (hu pursuit of happlnesi. Tliu yuuu|| ut».u whoau only vapltil U a, advantages over one who has some disease or weakness. The history of the world In all ages shiwa that the men who have maln 9mne tlme ftnd « attained distinction In the higher Walks of lite, those who have become great, those who have become Wealthy and hoiiotedthave been In possession of the faculties nature gave them without the blight of disease. The youth of the country should be taught the laws of health j and avoid anything that causes disease. Parents should guard their boys against habits of vice, the result of which render so many men unfit for the duties of life's businesss, society and happiness. If suffering from ill health do not wait Until It is too late, but turn now and be restored. Health is wealth, happiness and success. To restore men suffering from disease has for yeats been the study of Dr. Downing, the eminent Chicago special 1st,and his experience has enabled him to build up many men who have suffered for years, even after other physicians have failed. In the treatment of diseases 'of chronic and nervous character, Dr. Downing has attained the most marked success, lie Is the leading specialist. Skill, honesty and experience count, and any case that he undertakes may be assuied that a cure will be effected in the shortest possible time. Dr. Downing will bejit Burke's hotel, Carroll, Saturday, August 25th. Call and see him. Consultation free. _„.„„ VBUIVS MJ.IU jjnrc L-JjniMU UI CUB building of a large grist mill and elevator. CORRESPONDENCE. .J Correspondents, to Insure the publication of toe'r letters In the weeklr, must mall th«m so 'her will reach our office Wednesday.] TKMPLETON. Our hotel has again changed hands and will be hereafter conducted by A. Spoo. J. J. Overuieler, of Anita, has been spending several days here visiting his brother G. S. 1 little child of R. E. Dargin is very sick. G. MY Campbell was down from Pocahontas county the other day visiting old acquaintances among the boys. A couple of tramps walked Into Peter Neu's store the other morning and while one engaged the attention of the clerk In IIP back of tbe store the other helped himself to about $10 worth of shoes. They were promptly caught and taken before Justice OVermeier. Thos. Davis came up from Viola Center and spent one day last week with bis riends here. By the way, Thomas Istun- «ing for office over in Audubon county ind from the way he was seen button- holiug numerous parties in tuis town it would seem to a man up a stump that he md been getting a few pointers in the art of electioneering from Carroll county lolltlcians or some of Jake Garrett's ideas it chicken raising. IFhich is It, Tom ? T1MPLBTON ITEMS. Ife are now having rain In abundance. Not very much corn In this locality. Barney Klostermans has erected a new windmill which forces the water to bis ouse. Edward Vollraor and family have again pturned toDanbury where they left last winter. Last Sunday we drove to Carroll in tbe orenoon and iu the aftcrgoon we went everal miles east of that city, discovered lat the drouth had done more damage in iat locality than It has here. Oats are lelding from« to 58 bushels per acre alley 8 to 16, wheats to 25. There will Isobe some good corn and potatoes. The Indians who were begging around ere were a tough set. They came near etting shot at Mr. Dodzer's by a thirteen ear old boy who was at home alone, lie red three times when tbe Indians took right and ran away. Mr. Sienieraml family met with quite serious runaway as they were returning rom church last Sunday. The horses beanie frightened and ran away and threw ht> occupants of the carriage on a barbed wire fence. Jlr, S. was badly cut about be he,»,d and face. A doctor was called who s'jjwed up the wounds. Mrs. 8, and leanest daughter were more or less cut bout the head and body. One of the arses,fyatt also, damaged by the wire, fcbuggy was literally broken to pieces. John lleithoff threshed 7 bushels and 81 lounds. of clov«r seed from two and one- ajf aof AS. This Is a good yield. i;|ieo,Aud Ann*£chpppner were visiting (.lego's, au4 relatives iu and near tbe aplta.1 of this county recently. A, married mau took a young lad; buggv ding last Sunday. It would have looked MtftT If, he had taken bis wife and family. A heavy fog this morning. August It. BRIT. •iat Luunm AND tiuox RUN. sir. - Halobener, who purchased the fouerberg place last spring, Is building a ewbarn. Mr, and Mrs. Jiunga are tbe proud parents of a now girl baby. Mrs. Fred Qrlever, of Des Moines, Is Isltlng her ptrunta.Ur. and Mrs. Smock. A welcome rain on the night of the 1Mb ud a glorious downpour ou the 18th, 8uv«r«l of the farmers In this vlol«l»y ava lost swine la(ejy, and It U (ear^d hat en euUlunlo of cholera will prevail, Souie time since tho Illinois agricultural MM^^neui out* paper regarding a ward ew to this couutry, called prickly lettuea We lind It Is becoming plentiful here. Let ie war begin. ' Hllifc. tfeddereulltug U In order. * guutle showor last week refreshed up ud the pastures. Oarrolllou U Iu need of water, as the wttlU have about all gone dry. Uugb Oouuur, of orange township uthrle county, had business last week at arrolltoii. A. Davis and wife, have gone to Kasbiugtou. Ills wife will rvturu in a ooupleuf mouths, while U. A. will re- R. Smith has taken charge of the creamery wagon recently driven by H. H« Lester. J. Connor aiid wife, of Union townsain, were visiting last week near the Hill. T, M. Gable and family sttebded the church dedication last Sunday at Carroll. Goose Lake is being fenced since it is dry, for pasture Is still very limited with the cattle men. H. 11. Lester ar.d family "started last Mohday oh their pleasant trip and will winter on the south side of the Ozarfc. mountain range in Missouri. Mrs. Nelson, a sister of Mr. Newport, la quite feeble with neuralgia of the stom ach. She has been attended by Dr. Carnitbers, of Des Moines. There was found recently in the dry bed of Morris Lake a shot gun that was lost thereby John Rhoads, thirty-two years ago; also a petrified buffalo skull. Charley Sterner and wife, of Brunswick, Nub. .arrivedlast week. They will visit In this county three or four weeks. "Yes, dear Jim;" it seems as though We 1 were as tenacious of life ns that household feline add are among the survival of the fittest and will be when B. & B.'g big show is here, If we get complimentary tickets. UNION TOWNSHIP. News scarce. We have had a little rain. C. Anderson is cutting up his corn witb a binder. Walter Ruthrauff is now at home to stay. jMlss Dora Parker visited with Mrs. Arblngast Tuesday. Miss Lefflugwell gave a party last week in honor of her niece from Omaha. The second nine played a game of ball with the Dedham nine which resulted in favor of the Dedham boys last Saturday. SPECIAL. Your choice of twenty-five patterns of trouserings made to order, |6.50 to f 7.60; regular prices, |8 60 to f 12.00. We must close these goods, and y.ou will reap the benefit. MOSES SIMON of the Famous. JOB. Ice season has now begun and the wagon-is now out. Leave your tbe office of A. U. Quint or M. Simon's store. Knights of Pythias Conclave at Washington. For the aoove occasion the Northwestern line will sell excursion tickets to Washington, D. C., and return at the exceedingly low. rate of one fare for the round trip; good for return until Sept. 15, 1894. For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern Railway. • The Best Route to the Pacific Coast Is the Chicago, Union Pacific <& Northwestern line. Fast vestibuled trains of palace sleeping oarg, free reclining chair cars and superb dining cars are run daily from points in Illinois and Iowa through to Portland, Oregon, with steeping cars to Denver, Col., San Francisco, Cal., and other important western cities. For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern Il'y. ltt-4 Carroll Market Report CORN-50 ~~ OATS-SOe HOGS—S*.60-4.70 POTATOES BUTTEK—10 to 18 EGGS—lOc CATTLE-S2.00 i Twenty-three Stories High. An architect says there is no reason, except limit of elevator power, why bouses should not bo built 1,000 feat high. As it is, no elevator at.present devised can travel higher than 400 feet almost So if wo went up 1,000 feet we would have to change cars, so to speak, two or thuoo times. There is under construction a£ New York city a building 93 stories in height It is » source of satisfaction to New Yorkers that this will be taller than tbe famous Masonic temple at Chicago. Four other, structures of equal height are now going up In various parts of New York ty. and one of 80 stories has been planned for n plot of ground near the foot of Broadway. . The mail wbo discovered tbat an iron frame was better thau a stone or brick wall to give strength to a house was tho man that made tbe modem skyaoran- ij»g structure possibla Thai was only 10 years .ago, yot later builders hayo already improved, ou tho, original idQa> of iron, rouaorjjig,itifttongor si ; , that tboy haye begun there is uq, where tho tower houaos will stop. The lower floor* of; each houses will, however, bo dark as Egypt if they are near to any other building^ The bill Mr. Barter of Ohio introduced intp the national bouso while U , self. p«qv(do», that i\\ oxisOng tai^ MOS aMsJl b» : ro4Hoe4 owo-UaW by ^ept. 1, 1804, v»\m a»ob. rtxluQtiott bring* them below 80 per o*n« ad valocenv In which case Barter nxos.spooialLdBties. Bis idea is to place a SO per cent ad'va- lortm tax on arttelea now paying a bigbor rate than *hft After Sept. 1, 1894, h,g would* have, a nuirofw dnfjr of a pound lovted W .Mi «Vgf" w»d IQ9 ori»t4>lw to full strength, Uu would put a mi- form duty af ,4 oeuta a pound ou opffe* oud S oouts a pound on tea. Too infer* uo) wveuuo tax ou beer and all tyujnm ho would uioko $9 n barrel After $enl I, 1800, his bill would roduoo aU QUS> tcuus duUos to 1 a per oou^ {IoiMy« this is n oouinrouUitt WU, whidh is whjU U wautpd, and if adopted U will give ns nsurikluii rtwouuo avery yaajr from (bo bogiunlinf, Mr. Barter's bill hat ouu morlt, ut any rat* ' ... «

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