Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 21, 1928 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 21, 1928
Page 3
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. SATURDAY EV^NTN|GI JANUARY 21, 1928 Rkhard ToT)e^, a linotype operator at the Register, is ill -at his borne, 616 ^utb Sycantpre street. He ei^xects to te able to return to work Monday. i —Bennett's Almond Special Ice Cream, Saturday and Sunday. At Cook's Drug Store. H«ward Cobb; of Denver, Colo., who was called here by the ItlnesB of his father. TJ. O . Cobb, of 603 Bouth Sycambre-street, left on the Flyer "piursday afternoon for his hoine. ' —Worth seeing. lUntll February 10. A moTing sign, showing bow the eye sees. In show window of Frantz Optical Co., 108 R Madison. Henry Frischenmeyer.iof PIqua, who baa been ill for a lon^ time, fell yesterday and broke his shoulder. He Is a brother of Mrs. Frank MarkB. of 224 West Bruner street. WOMEVJ COATS With or without fur collars, look, better iaod last longer when frequently cleaned and pressed. Phone 105. .4BLES0N CIEANEILS Death of Alonio Hardhpn. Albnzo Hardison passed away Thnrfi^y morning at thejiome of hl9 sister in Loogbotee. Indiana, where he had beefn on a visit. The body wUl arrive Sunday morning on the Sunflower Spectel.- The funeral service will be held at the Sleeper Service Room at 9:45 a. m., Sunday, with jLhe Rev. E. X. Montgomery, pastor of the U. B. church, officiating. Burial will take- place la Highland (%metery. —Dr. Montgomery,; Chiropractor, lola Laundry Bidg. Phone 138. Word ha<f been received from Kaiy. Texas, of the death of WU- liam'B. May, a former resident of Wesley Chapel neighborhood. —Bennett's ^Almond Special Ice Cream, Saturday and Sunday. At Cook's Drug Store. . Mrs. v. F. Walker and baby son, Edward, of Detroit, Mich, who have been visiting their sister-in-law and aunt. Mrs. Clare Smith and family, started for home' this uft- ••rnoon. —For Real Estate Loans see the Serorlty BIdg.- Sc Loan Ansorlation, lola, Ks. Of flee in First Natl. Bank. • I Mrf. J. A. McCarty rotiimfd to •_ • . Lawrenip .tbis afternoon after a Mrs. king Matney and Mrs. J. A. jvi.sit with her daughter. Mrs. O. C. Fi-sher h.ive rp<pivpd word of theiEpley and' family. She has been d^'ath of their ra.thpr. HPDr>- Kline- i line, who pa.sjwt aw.ay Friday eVP- ' ning af Ava. Mo', " —Milt Simpson. Hor.sp.'*hoer. has moved to 21.'> .Soiith Jefferson. : L..O., Cobb. m<";s-nKer postoffi(e, who has been pn»-umonia for wafvabl«| to sit . li>dtiv. '• for iU the of and' here helping care for her srand- daughter. Wllma Epley. who, has been ill of pneumonia. —Ilpmecookiiig is a .specialty at Ix'wman's Cafe; Chic-ken every Thursday and Sunday. Mr«. M. M.-Daigh^ went to Ot- Death of Mrs. JTonfoit. Mrs. Monfort died this morning at S:30 at the home of her son, HZarl Monfort. 3»i miles nortbwiest of lola' The funeral atraogementn will be announced as soon as word from a son in Colorado is received. —Dr. Lucy E. Poison. Chiropractor. Nortbrup Bldg. Phone 32C. t _ —"Van's Breadl" good as ever. .Miss Ruth ThoTmanU'. has taken charge of the kiddergarten classes of M^s Katherine Goss who left yesterday for Emporia- to enter the Kansas State Teachers College for the second semester. Thormann has had training in this work and will ^conduct the classes in the Goss home. 604 South Sycamore street. —0. L. Cox, M. D. Specialist Bye, Ear, Nose dhd Throat. —Dr. A. B. Twadell. Osteopath. .Vew Globe Bldg. Phone 191. Number 2 (Continued from F^^e One) Ntimber 1 (Cfinllnned from Page One) .Miller. llnmlioUlt.jbrec<|er Barred Plymouth Koik.-i Aid W^andottcs— open to .\l!en iWnty l)rewlersi on'ly: Best Barred Rock f'eniale. won by Heatiy Kay, lola; b»-st pen of PAGE THREE 1 : liarr.-d Rocks, wejn by J. A. Stel- nicirce nffers prizes of $100.00 mel. lola: b*-st jn-n Wfille Wyan- each lo winners in upland and bot-idottes. won by K. J lyle. antes. Car- toai entries. ; Holtom fjindiCunu l.*f. Evler Bros., ilarlyle: I'nd.: Mrs. Bnu-e Arciacosi|, Delmar Brown, lolii;; 3rd. .Vorman! Ird. rock: 2nd. :!itd. 4tli Kettle. Carlvle: 4th. Tbeo. {-urtis i2nd. .trd. hen; lsi,-2nd. White W.vaudo^e. lola. 1st. e(«'kerel; pullet; 2nd Geneva. on old pen. I 'lt-lnnd lorn. Fred B--lne. Vates « , 1st. J;is. .\. Wynn, lola; 2nd. J. J.;cotk: Cth. hen; • Keefe, lola; .Ird. C; X. Anders-on • Sylvan .MHled lljmilw lola: 4lh. John Wil.^ou. Geneva. cockerel; 4th. iiiijtci: ." Open ClaiKH 10 Kars Yellow. ; Roy A. AUis. Ch-anuti 1st. Albert Zeigler Corkill. .\'or-i 4th. hen; .",th. '6lli; pul tonville. Kans.; 2nd. T. Corkill jold pen. r Hortonville. Kans.: 3rd. John Shei-; C E. Ja ^es.'c.i^lyle. lar. Hayard, Kan.; 4tb. John Wil- pen. son. Geneva, KJtn. i E. V. Kelley. Vi. .Si 10 Kant White. eockorPl. I'ax. E. R. Trites. .Sloran. Kan.; Adett^as. 2n<I. Roy .\. .Vorthway, Moran A. .1 Rosers. l.offe EI Kan.; 3rd. Verle E. .Vel.son. Savon- •"'rrt. Jfb. .itb. fitji on liPij burg. Kun.; 4th. Jas. .\. Wynn. lola ; 4th an«I 6fh on pullet. Kan. .Seidell Ropers, 'l^iiie "(I Kar» Yellow Com- ,;.^tli. imllet. T. A. Corkill. .Nortonville 2nd. I Jojin Shetlar. Hayard 3rd. |c .;Il. Thompson. lola enter. 2nd. Idt:. 1st on fh. hen. 1st. ben; et: on 1st. young: • I >tt. .=>th on i !i. 1st. 2n.l.; Kim. Ist.i the conference adopt conventions making compulsory arbitration in casck of international dispute, such I arbitration to be conducted withj the world court at the Hague as O; inedihm. t Only'two r(fniinittee3 were called j to meet today. They were the ones dealing.; with eoininunicatinns and | economic problems. | The secretariat general is hope-1 ful that A pUmary session of the conference will be possible .Monday l.sf. Kan.; Kan.; Kan.; ran. orthe'pa.<=ttwo weeks.l'awa this afternocn to vi.sit over .it npfor the, first time 'he week-eiid with her son. l^o ' \ jDaigh and family. '--Special Chicken Dinner Sunday at Kranse's Cafe.; 50c. Lorenzo Arbuckle. of Welda. is at the home of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. L.^ T. Wolfe. 414 'South. First street, taking treatments; for infla minatory rheuma- tfsm. ; • ' —If you want,to T>uy or build, city, or suburban property. The lola Building & Loan . Association will make you a loan, low interest rate, no commission. JBee G. E. Pees Secretary, at old Register building southwest corner of square. Weather Ob.serwr. M. Wright, who went to the hospital last week 4or .slirgical treatropnt. was brought home ycstfrday. fiiavlng made ex* cellent progre.'i.s OH the road iojtt- cdvery. It will still be se«tral 'days, iiowever. before he. recovers his strength suffic-renily Jo resume ' his duties, whioh jji the meautimo are being performed by .Mr. B. Ri Liiskowski of thf "Topeka weathe|r bureau. —Special Snnda;" dinner, nnon and evening, iOc, TSc. Kelley Uutel. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Williams, of Chanute. will be guests tomorrow of their niece..Mrs. H. C. Fielder and Mr. Fielder. i ' ELSMORE (Dora Beaman) Jan. le.^Jdhn Ludlum and R. .M. Beaman left Monday nrorning for. Excelsior Springs. .Mo., to enter the McCleary sanitarium for treatments. 4th.j JRoy .\. .\orthway. .Mo- Kan. J! "0 liars While Com.' C. 0. : Works. Humboldt Kan.; 2nil. Theo. Curtis, GeneVa Kau.; 3r(l. E. fl. Trites, .Moran Kan.; 4lli. Roy \. Northway. .Moran. Kan. U Acre Ci>nle<>t. 10 ear clUAA open to all coniost- aiils. all varieties .showiuK toijctb- er. . John Wilson. Geneva. Kan.; 2nd. Verle E. .N'elson. Savonburg Kan.; 3rd. Fred Baker, lola. Kan.; 4tb. Allan Curtis, Geneva. Kan.; 5tli. John Zimmerman, lola. Kan. Single Ear Cl.*us8 open to all ton- • l.lirbt Brahniii A. J. Ropers, l.ope El 2nd. eockerei: IM- 2u(ll. .Mh. 'Uh. hen:. .Isf^* pul f - Buff-Corliln- A. E lockerel: 1st.' 2nd.{:!ri|. IiurkUotnUh. V. Kell.-y. kt.;s.-(i» 2nd. 3rd. hen. (). WarfoTd.vFi |m. 1st 3rd. t. E. Orel; W. i hen. 4er<iey Black (•hikil E. V. Kelley. Ft. .Sci] cock: 2nil. loek'er-l; I-^t pullet. (Jsiar I!rown. Mirt-aii. 2nil. :!nl. heii: l.-^t. .'.tli. A. .M. I lean el. ('.^iliinil eoekerel; 2 MI 1. Cth. piille! W. I.. Turner. Li^Har le. all varieties showing to-uoekerel: 4ih. pullet. Buif Leghorn Perrenoud. Hun John Mrs. Martha Gay returned home t H . I'orter. lola. Kan. testants. gether. 1st. Jas. A. Wynn. lola, Kan.; 2nil. E. it. Trites. Moran. Kan.; 3rd |2nd. eockorel. John .McCabe. Carlyle. Kan.; 4th, i E. J. l.aqua. Anii:l. Istj Delmar Brower. lola. Kan.; Gth. J I pullet. Sunday after spending the last week with her daughter, and family. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence .Marrs. (•'rand .4wards In 5-Acre Contest, f Yield, and quality considered. 1st. Delmar Brower. lola. Kan.;, .Mrs. John Munson was to under- 2nd. John Wilson. Geneva. Kan.; [3rd. Eyler Bros.. Carlyle Kan.; 4th S. i. White .Mrs. W. H. Guy.'lola. H-n llixon. lola. 2nil. Waco (;realhou«e.;iolii Theodore Curtis. F. t. B. LEATELL, M. D. Special attention given Dls- eimes of Colon and Rectum. EUeciro-Physiotberapy Office lola SUte Bank Bldg. Phones— 147 and TO.'* • Mr. and Mrs. L. O. Northrup will leave on the flyer this evening for Kansas City where they will remain over night. In the morning they will be joined, by Mr. and Mrs. Fred L Denton and together they will go to Key West where •hey will take the boat for Cuba for several weeks stay. —Rtthy chicks hatch every Tues!day at the Sturdy Chick "Hatchery. V COOK'S CA>UY;SPECIALS Saturday and Sunday Choc. Covered Cherries. 49c lb. Old Fash. Horehound. 29c lb. Jumbo Salted Peanuts. 39c lb. J-'..ib. Milk Choc. Bar. 29c each 'Phone 67 We Deljver —We,pay 6''^ on f*ull Paid ahd Installment Stock. The beit invest, jment, the best method to save. I, ] Security Bide. & Loan As^iorlatlon, , lola, K>in>ia<(. - Mrs. >Iary Chatman. of Chanute, came this afternoon for a visit with her daughter. Mrs. H. C. Flerder and Mr. ' Fieldof:. of ,'.10 North Third street. go a surgical Operation' at the Ft., Scott hospital Monday At thi.s time w..- have heard no word from her. Elmer Price shipped 5; stock to Kansas i<'lty .Monday. • The l>adies' Aid held election of officers at the .Methodist Church Thursday. January .Mrs, Hill was elected president: Mrs. Hicco- bqtlem. vice-prGsldeni;: .Mrs. Long-1 Jas. .\. Wynn. lola. Kan. nt^cker. secretary; .Mrs: R. Ludlum. 1 Sweepstake Trophy, treasurer; .Mrs. Horiies. pianist: j Given by Dr. J. L. Parkhurst Humboldt., Kan., for best bushel of S. C. Black JflnoiTCii* 5th. A. E. Nicholas, LaHarpe, Kan.; Gih. Jas. A. Wynn, lola, Kan.; 7th. Russell Hill. Carlyle, Kan.; Sih .-\llan Curtis, Geneva. Kan.; 9th. O A. Anderson, lola. Kan.; 10th. .N'or- nian Kettle. Carlyle. Kan. Open Class. Rest ear in show, any variety— J. K. Hutchin.son. Geneva.' Kan.; ion young, pen. lohi Mrs. Freeburg. chorlstl-'r. . Mrs. Curley Beaman and .Mrs. Ross Matthews Sittendiid The Farm Bureau recreation meeting held in Memorial hall' at lola Tuesday. .Mr. and -Mrs. Orval Holeman; are moving on the John Ard farm jthis week.. _i The L L. club e.xpocts to give a home talent play in the near future. Those who spent Sunday at the Lawrence Marrs home were: .Mr. and .Mrs. Andy Ludlum. Mr. and .Mrs. Clyde .N'ewkirk and family and | Mrs. Gay. Afternoon callers were! .S. C. White Mlnoi^cii*. LAHARPEAND ITS CITIZENS J. Willis Brown and Miss Enuna Chnuibers Weds Sunday. Farm Bnreain Club Has Part/. pounds of Irioftr. some ten pounds |of Jioney tak arantomobiie gas* tanks, reported drained and so stealing repi>rted in the roundabout.} The regular yearly re LaHarpe Fairmf Bureau 1927 is a.s ifoJlflws: N regular and si>eclal me six of them all-day meeti day meetings count as t ings. making' a total of parties for rpda I goort tl! and I -it.n.! m. 2nd on; [Uh. hen. I 1st. cock- I .Sroll. I St.; .Tan. I.';.—Th«j second niijjber the lyceum c<*urse was 1st on n. en.; 2nil. h<-n: 2nil. L. A. West, l"nio?»io \0 cock; 1st., pullet; 2i^d. 1 R. C. .McKinney. iola cocker"!; 1st. 3rrt. 4th. :'.rd; pullet. Buff Orplnjtonl Mrs. John Perrenoud. Hunilxjiilt. 1st. 2nd. cock; 1st. Snl.I cockerel: 1st. hen: 1st. pullet, .Mr.-!. Wm. Erickson. Chanute; 3rd, cock: 2nd. lockeYel; Ist. pen. S/ B. Agee. Cas City. |»th. <oik: 2n<l. pullet. J. A. Steiniel. lola. 2n i R. C. Rhode kliind C. E. Brown. Altodna;] cockerel: 1st. 2nd. 3fol. S. (. RiifHie Miind L. E. Mace, (Jarnett. iMrs. Opal .Mitchell. 1 ' r^\IL\RPE. Kans., ijan. 2^.—The marriage of Miss Enima Chambers and J. Willis BrownJof Iowa, took place Sunday in the home of the bride with the Rev. Ira Hammer officiating. Mr.s. Brown is the daughter of .Mrs. Willmine Chambers. She Is a graduate of the LaHarpe high school and also a garduate from the Bible fc-hoo lat Tabor, la. Mr. Brown 1 ist a graduate of the Tabor high seh(x)l and Bible .school. .Mr. and .Mrs. Brown!left Monday for Iowa •>'nd -irA ' ^^b 'Te they will make their home. " • i Those present at the wedding cere- biony were: Rev. and Mr.s. Ira Hammer. Byron Chambers and family. .Mr. Enimeti Haninicr.Miss K!da Hammer. Eula' and Delia Epperson. .Mr. .Marion Smith. .Mrs. Keniieth Wight. Mrs.; Will .'^iiau^hncssy. .Miss Viola C^per and .Mr.s. Willlnine Chambers. The many iriendH of ilr, and -Mrs. • tended anil we-'enjoy(jti Ii.ivjn Hrowu wish them a fimg aijd u .-e- I Hilkov with u.* again. j ' !'ul. life. ' • --fj'-v. ra! sets of use,! Iiarness; al .so some new one.i for sale at a i-.-al'price.—FCoach i.- Elliott. Tile LaHarpe Farm Hureau club .iiid tli«;r ftnnilie.s wen', t<» the iR-au'ifiil coij^iitry hcni»' of their i jV^ynp pre.siiieiit. .Mrs. .N'llsoii Wallace, ' ThursJa.v evening wherf they spent a very i.leasant evening witli paiii 'vs .ir.i! iiiusic. Refreshinejits of sali(^•.v;(•h.•.-•. \iif- anil < offee wns eu- joyei!. Tiiosy pr.-.^ont were: M.' and Mrs. William .\i-wman. Mr. and i .Mrs. .1. A. Reev.-s. .Mr. anil .Mrs. U<-(>ri ;e Roe. Florence. Irene ami Billie Mr. ami Mrs. Guy Tredw !„.„. i<i ! .'\Ir. and .Mrs. W. H. Wood a • • I Marcflla. Mr. ami .Mrs. W. C. Crow- eil and Ruth. .Mr. and .Mr .s. J. F. Spra.ll.ii aitd Kiiiia. .Mrs. Clvde l»iub and .Margaret. Mr. and Mr.=. HeJid'^rsoiil .Miicliell. Jack aiid Fred. .Mrs Flora .McCambly. Musses Alice and Ruby MfCanibly. Doris Brass- ri'-lil. Marjorie I'eck and .Mr. and .Mrs. .Vf-i.son Wallace. ! .Mrs. s.iin Coleman ami baby i hav i-iii--*. .Mr. uitil .Mrs. Robb in NEWS EVENTS OF HUMBOLDT rt of the • tub for College of Emporia WomenV Glee ibcr of. cini, (Jhe.s Excellent Pro- ings 21. cram Here. gs. .All-I J ij» meet- [ HlMBOLDT, Jan. 20—The Wom-'\ r; three ,;, P,. of the College of es— one , „ . ^ aiipeared at the Presby- hurch this evening in an ^ The club' is weli- birthday. New; Years arid; Hallo- | Emiwr'a we'en; one-ice cream social amiiterian cl a picnic. The .club actemJed' three e.xcellent program, meetings at lol'a; had cohpty mu-i composed of twenty-four trola two tlines; had recreation , , ^ . . and at five social functions. The!The personnel of the club Is also county agent attended ei^Iit meet-| very attractive. The members on Ings. four alUdny metingj, raak-|the program w^ere welL chosen and ing a total of .12: had ejiiollment; ^.^^e quite pleasing. The gleeclub of nineteen.mem^be..^^T|.^-^have^ quartet numbers iwere excel- among owns sixteen song (k)lden book of Favorite Sings and ! Records.'^ Th^ club paidj |2 25 on county records^ i ; twelve pianos, one organ and five.""' 1"""" t o« 1 „i.,v. lent, showing'good modulation and \ ictrolas among them^aniUhe club , perfect unity. Solos by Miss Pearl E. Pickens, soprano, director of the Klee club, and by Miss Olga Hiehert. pianist, were^outstanding sinsile niimbers. I. 1-t on Inn; :iiil. SOUTH LONE ^LM ~ (Dessife carrier)! CHERRY GROVE of (.Mr.s. Lewis Hartman) well at- Jan. IT.—Mi-, land Mrs. Bcil g -Mr. -vvre-Her and .Mrs. Virgil ^<•restle4 .'-pent Tuosilay at Everett 'Wrest- Herbert Payee has beeh'havinir lers. a serious time.with an on ,„„j -^i^s. Fowler of Tola .and his face. | • : ^^^^ j, Thomason via- Mi.s..-i Wilnia'Lewis ain! Miss it,.,! at J. I.. Blacks M'eiinesday. Claudine Hunt jipent tho we: k-eml .Mr. and .Mrs. Hubert Markley at the home of'.Mr. and .MJ-.-^. Floyd ' |2nil. i -ork; pullet us. :!nl on 11 ii I'm Ist. j Mrs. R. P. Sp.ragtif rallii'f to see Grandma Wolfe Sunday :tfteniooii and founil her feeling as! ivell as usual. J • Mrs. Cora Referie and son, James Ollin. have been but are better at thi Mr. and Mrs. 'Ralph ;Sprague .ijiil baby and Mr. and Mrs. Glenn .•Vilarrs Wi-re Siinilay' visitors at J. W. A'ianis. .Mr. ami Mrs. Bert Baher land Virhiyrns. lit. pen. ;liil. pen.' 1st. ll'.lll. .Mrs. C;int Baher and .son vijited at Chas. Bairs Sumlay. .Mr. and Mrs. Lathrom and dhil- J. U Black ng -Mr. an.l .Mrs. jLJIenn-Adamsl at- family 'reunion at Wfllla lay afternoon. The community .saloai ikiiie Kim ; Mr. and .Mr.s. Fred Muntzert Jand .'^atiirday drew'a large vrowii. ; fami'.y of Elsmore spent Sui^ay .Mr and Mr;4 Frf-il W-edeman ovith yir. and Mrs. .\rihur Myers and son. L-.sIiii. uMvea' in Clius. "and famil.v. In the afternoon titey having! the flu : dren visited at the li.s; writi;ig. -home Friday evening Ralph .Sprague: .Mr. an.l t:ier, ••'y'iand .Air. and Mr.s. .VeLsonj Carrier ' tendo <r a fa ; 1 were in lola Weilnesdav • Pettits Friil Dragoo's farm rformerly «» lupied by Mr. Oscar Mills. ' | Mr. an.l .Mrs. I..aure!l Sjoiit and son of Chanute. were Puiflay vis:- itors at Henry Reeves. \ ,Mr. and .Mr^. Harold [Hewlett, been at the home of her par- ' ••t'iUlren. and Mrs. CaiiA -nfi-r ^!)eI^t .Mr. ami Mrs. Robb in the t '^un*'-'-^' Osa^atomu- wltii Mr.- Shears ,to see Tile baby has corn in show, won by C. O. Work.s Humboldt. Kan. Swep^take Ribbon. For best 10 ears in show, won by !.\II)en 'Zeigler Corkill. .Vortonville Kan. POULTRY AWARDS. Barred Rocks Dark. W. L. Turner, iJiHarpe. 6th, cock. ist. cockerel: 1st. pullet. .Mrs. J. M. Collins. Garnett. 2nd. .Mrs. Gordon, lola. ^Znf^. 3r<i on pullet: 2nd. cock; 3rd. 4th. cock- jiullet. ' I ; ert'l. Kov Hardin, lola.»-" Ralph A. Stovi-r. lola. Cth. pul-! £5^.^ HI>fon. Iola. .4ih. p-n. let; 3rd. cock. Harrv Grealhotise. lolaj nth. pen. Svlvan Miller. Humboldt. 1st.: "White Rhwie'inland. west parr of town, been quire ili.. .Mrs. Fre.l Priddy has heen on . !h.- silk list and coufined to be.l. i-^'onday. James .'^tainV.r'>"k went to Kansas City lasr Ssiturday where he will work with his iinele. I.ogan Zen:z. in a restaurant. Hewletf.s ihother. • . Mr. and .Mrs; Ualph '.^Prague were business callerS^ rn itJarnett. 1. hen. Re.1. 1st. 2nd. pullet. Red. St. cork: LELAMI T. RETRY -I'iano Tuner und Repairer Phone l:;:!l - Broj.son. Kan. Graduate Hetliany Tiinlnv; Si-hool. Mr. and Mrs. L. V. Piout and family attended'the hirtlii|ay <iin- ner Sunday in honor of Mrs. M'. P. Warren's birthday.. Thijre -n-ere ,::;;» relatives pre.'jent 'to iijelp her ,'telebrate the dav-l, , i Miss Elya and E.lwin 1 Slitkle ,' were Sunday ^visitors -a: riie ,! Herynk-home. , , j The new Btllview school loijse is , i to be dedicated Sunday, j There all called at Wil; the new baby pirl. .Mr. arid .Mrs. Ira Burns of lola ;tai!e.I on .Mi-, and Mrs. J. W. Adams Friday afternoon. . .Mrs. .1. M. Cooper is stayijg at 'Chas. Bairs helping care for Mrs. Bair. who is quite sif.jc. -Mr. and Mrs. Grant Rav of Seminole. Okla. spent Tupsday niaht with Mr. and .Mrs. Glenn Ad-^ , a-ns. , .Mr. an.l Mrs. A. D. Brewlsr of Chan'.ite visited at I.e'wis Hartman's fhursilay afternoon. | Id Eva Oron .Mr. and Mrs. Jim Black an Mrs. Reeves and children and .Mrs jiock: .ith. cockerel: 1st. 3rd. hen:' Mrs. B.'MiCab*-. CaVlyle. 1st on Dora Beaman The Jenny Wren Girl gave away flviVone dollar billi last night to loia housewives who read the advertisements in lart nighf.<» Register carefully and who had a little faltb in the Goddess of Luck. Ttie dollar bills were to go to tho.^e, who should meet th>- Jenny Wren: Girl, when she knoi ked at. the do^ir, I with a-package of: Jenny Wren j flour in her hand. Five did tJus | although a great' niau.v others Just missed the prize through lack ,of having Ujo package actually in their hands at jhe time the door was opened. Those who received the dollar bills also received an order for a. four pound package of Jenny Wren flour. The Jenny Wren girl called oh about luO lola home.9 night and will call on a similar numbei' next week. —Bennett's Almond Special Ice Cream. Saturday aiid Sunday. At Cook'.s Drue Stonv I'am- Sun- Mrs. K .iT 'sas it her familv. C. H. .lolili-'oiw went to Cil.\ this afterii.iou to vis- sun. Thi-ron .lohnsnn and COUNTY LINE (Dora L Og|e> Jan. lT.~Jeffie A'eteto and ily visit.-d relatives in Colony day. Herman McUown and family, of Chanute. and Mr. ianl; Mrs.-Wessie.- Byfleld and Paul Visited at the parental Byfleld home-Sunday. Homer Stout threshed for several in this neighborhood last, week. Clem Kivett is helping his brother VirKil shuck corn this week. .Mis.s Opal Reiter was operated upon Sunday at St. Johns hospital for the removal of the appendix. Mr. and .Mrs, Gay Hendrix and Billie Max spent Sunday at the Lockart home. Milton Byfleld returned Sunday after spending several weeks working near Chanute. John Call and Miss Lola Lockart ate supper at Gay Hehdrlx's Siinday evening. 1st. voung pen: 3rd. 4th. pullet. ;cock: Isti and 2nd on pullet. H." Johnson.: Chanute. 2nd. hen: I, j Buff RockC. | Ith. cock. ' ; E. H. Brown. Iola. Lit. co'k: •c. J. Malone. Iola. Sth. cock. ; pullet: 1st. pen. I E. R. Mace. Garnett. 1st, .cock'I.' White Rocljs. | E. J. Laqua. Arma. 2nd, cock'I. ! Mrs. Flora Larson. Vhanute. J. A. Steimel. Iola, 2nd. y'g pen. Ion pen. Carl Williams. Chanute. 1st. pul-; let; 4th. hen. Barred Rocks. Light. Carl Williams. Chanute hen: 1st. 4th. 6th. pullet . 1st. 2nd. cockerel. H. C. Wright. .Moran.! 1st. Svlvan Miller. Humboldt. 3rd..and 3rd. 1st. Charles Pennington shipped ! threi- i-ar loads of hog.s the first; of the week instead of two which ! was erron'-oiisiy reported. The Phi'atli. a Sunday .s<-hool ilas.-i pian to Iiav>.> a bakul food s.-iie iiixt Saturday, .lanuary 2'*. -Received new shipment ' of' dat.-s. pitieil date.s". blacR and white! figs and maple .-upar at Ci'y Bak-' •;-ry. ' .Mrs. n. .Miller iia.'< been ill with '-. an attack of the flu. .Mr. and .Mr.s. fed Laub of Osa- niie vis-'ttd here the middle of , I will be^a i^oon. I > Sniith visited Mr. .TTid Mrs. .\d:irTis Hattirday evening. .Mr. and .Mrs, James Re^ of Kau'as City. Mo. called at iBairs .'^iindav morning. Mr. .-ind .Mrs. Everett Wristler and chililren were Sunday visitors at Ben Wrestlers. lu. y K pen. (on pen. •' I te, 1st. pul- i Parfrids-e Wyandottes. watginie vis-t.d here the riinMle of Selden Rogers..Lone Eim. 1st on th-lveek with ill- f.-nn-rs moth- tebt. cockerel; 1st. 2nd. .1*rd. !hen; er. :^lrs. Clyde an.l sis.ers.. te. 3rd. r,th.!2nd. 3rd. pulL't, \- v -•^'"^fV .'•..d -Margaret. .MiS5 ; ; 1st. cock; i Mn-coiy Bnt*^- \\ !l:;i' acr,vm;.an!e.I th.m home f'lr H. C. ivriirht. Moran. 1st. 2nd ' a few .lays visit. . „ , pullet. Roy A. Allis. Chanute. 1st. 2nd, j 4th. hen: 2nd. pullet; Ist. old pen. \ E. J. I^oqua. Arma, Sth, p>illet. ! H. Johnson. Chanute. 6th. hen. ' Special Prizes on Barred Rocks, offered bv Am-: White Eniden «!eef<e. H C. AVright. .Moratf.- Ipt. Toulouse Ge«>se.. H. C. WriKht. .Moran. 'ind. Sweepstake*;. Grand champion birjl qf th. tire .show, won by .Mrs. -Special Sunduy dinner at Portland Hotel, 6.">c, Ho'ors ViiVt to i. .fohn Fox. Who i.s working, at .\da. Oklaliomji. came today to' visit over the week-end with home- folks. ' ' • —iO chicks an7a brooder. JS.^.'.! —E-'ctra large bundles of clean at the Sturdy Oiick Hatchery. 220 i'"'''«P«P^"- a' R-sister office.! West street. erican Barred Plymouth Rock club! renoiid. Humboldt, wilii A short in •wiring at the home of S. W. Dllle. r,n7 North Jefferson street, at 10 o'clock this morning created smoke. Firemen found the trouble before a fire started. • We solicit your Magazine • ' Subscriptions and can dupli- ' • cate or better any price of- • • fered von. Give us a trial. • COOJi'S DRIG STORE . Dr. ira B. Frantz returned this inoming from Kansas City where be has been taking Intensive training for three days and nights In the recent ad,vancement in the pro- fes«lon tof optometry. ^Dr. R. M. Pfckham. of Waierbur>-. Conn., has {been investigating methods used in (England. Germany : and Prance during the p:.sf r< w years and co- brdlnatin^ them with tlie results of the resean ii l.iboratories in this coiintrj'. Tbis work he gave to the Clas^ of optometrists wiiich l»r Frantz attended this week. Dr. J. C. Copeland. of Chicago, gave an able demonstration of some of the new scientific equipment, pan of which he is the inventor. While there always have been and always will be those cases where proper glasses, gotten at just the right time, need not be worn very long: others with a moderate degree, of near-sightedness who needed glasses in youth but not in later life; others with low. vitality who needed temporary relief from nerve drain or eye strain to help nature restore proper equflibrium. and many othefr so-called border line cases, we are able i^y our new methods and freatment.s to prevent even more glass wearing now than in former years, and are successful In straightening a larger percent of crossed eyes. 'Wblle in Kansas City. Dr. Frantz saiF the famous ^ Rtiih Elder at the J^oew Mldlt^pd tieater. ' .5 —Dr. J. T. Reld, ,^Surgery .K-ray. Phone 357. and W.M. F. CREW . PhyMrlan and.Surgeon Eye Edr. Nose and Throat Glasses Fitted 2ti S. Washington,. Iola Office phone 829: Re.s. 11.19 homo '° members only: For best colored i^ale bird, won by Sylvan Miller, Humboldt. •.For best shaped female bird, won by Sylvan Miller. Humboldt. For best.shaped male bird, won by Mrs. J. -M. qoUins, Garnett. For best colored female bird, won by Roy A. j Allis. Chanute. Special prizes^ offered by Sylvan Orpington pullet. ohn her en- P.'r- Ruff a few .lays visit. .Mr. and .Mr.s .Arnt'^r ..^fe.^hens ni.'ide a business trip to Buffalo. .Mo., the of iiie w.-ek. They e.xpect to move near there in the .•i»-^r future. Numerous reports of petty steal- ins, is being rcporle.l. .Mr. Tom .Sliisser arrived home Thur.=day from and found his house had been ent^reil and forty-five Opal Reiter. who underwent an operation at St. John.s ho«pHal a week ago. is reported ns getting along nlcelf. We know Bakery Products are good. But • Have Y'ou 1 Tried ' • Ours? VAN HOOZERS. —Dr. G. E. Pendarvls. Dentist. ntt. over Globe. Pho. 3S4: Res. 1123. [ The most enjoyable entertain- ; ment Iola i.<; likely to have this' winter will be offered at the Pre.s- i b\-terian Church this eveiiing when ! the Girls Glee Club of the CoUese of Emporia puts on rt.s' concert.! Twentyrflve or thirty , prettily | dressed -pretty girls would make a good entertainni nt if they only walked on the plarfmn and walked oft again. But tliese girls s'ng. They bave been c.\i.«erily- trained and the program they will give will be-the very latest, and up-t<^datest thing in the way of. music, TOcal and insFtrumental. There will be no'cbarse for admissioa and every- bodr IB loTlted. E.I. Toni.cht—-\dmission 10c and 20c A tornado of act ion bundled; into a thirteen-year-old Kid! The harde.'Jt ridin' Son-of-a-Gun of Cheyenne! BUZZ BARTON —in— "THE BOY RIDER*' How he ride.s! How he fight.«?! Thi.s kid bring.s .something new into Western picture.s. He has more pep. jpiinc'h and sheer ability than anyone in picture.s and he'.s a freckle'faced thirteen-year-old kid. Comedy, "What, No Spinach"—Sth episode of 'The rCrimson Flash"—Krazy Kat Kartoon Komedy .Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Janet Gaynor and Charles F^rrell in .WILLIAM fOXi^Mxcr Aiimfssinn-.ITattdee lOr.e^r: .Mght I0c-9ir One of the greatest love stories of the year. The romance of a little Paris waif and her lover who Ipaped from the depths of degradation to the 7Ih Heaven of hiippiHess and then the war broke <^ut. If a picture caii be perfect'then this picture is. Story, pho- '.ographyi directihg. acting—none .of these have been surpassed jind never found in such rmarvelous blending in any other film. Cemeif, -XJif Low Aecker^-Aewj^i EMH luid T«ples •/ tke Day Covered wagotis-r-w erous white reneg:ide4—mysterious dj.ggers prairie fire—thrilling battles-escape.*— Greatest Epic PictiM-i thousands' .Vdd r-mai! Indians—dashiuK cavalry—treach- e<.cues'-romance- they're all here in this •rvi-r Proiiuceil—with a tremendous cast of d—Third Chapter of , The my.stiq montebank and the man they called THE TIGER—all in thi.s amazing chapter play in ten epi-sodes eadh epi.sode mor? thrilling than the la3t. .4dd^d- -Comedy and News Reel . .MCtni ay And All oINext Week : DlBLNSjKY BROTHERS STOCK CO. Featuring Grace Biefl 1 and her orchestra. Five reels of pictures ^d stage play chanfei^ daily! No matinees other than Saturday. KELLEY THEATRE O.^E \VEE3v .ST.\RTiNG .MONDAY JAPJUARY 23rd DtJBINSKY THE SHOW YOU ALL KNOW BIEHL FAMILY Orchestra STOCK COMPANY 0RIGI3^^AL NO. 1 SHOW Three Bigi Vaudeville Specialties Between Acts Singing and Dancing i Comedians Toby Shelton The Boy W;ho Makes You Laugh WIXME I.ORAI.NE Leading Woman Opening Play—\ Three-.Act Comedy;Drama of Married Life. ^ "Whit Ana Brought Home" ".VTeal old fushioned ho'me filled with laughs, love potions an^ a goadly num^eiv of tense moments." •o- Friday 's Play^Feature of the Week SEVENTH HEAVEN YOl"VE HEARD: OF THE PICTURE—NOW . SEE THE PLAY "Seventh Heaven" broke all theatrical record.s when it ran for niord than 700 consecutive nights at the Booth Theatr.e. New Tork. TJie play tells a wonderful story of youthful lov^ sacrifice and devotion. It is so cleverly constructed ^hat laughter wipes away the occasional tears that creep into ti\e eye. There never was A play like 'Seventh Heaven*^ Doors open at 6'30; 5 reels of comedies at 7; Curtain 8i • • Admissfon 20c and 50c Guaranteed !Attraction Every Night

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