The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on April 27, 1933 · Page 5
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 5

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 27, 1933
Page 5
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Tilt Mmrf&y *** tnt* «*• *** * 57 ami* «* «*« ******* illton, f c*ft fl«c*«f, f. W. Qtd- iy-, «. t*. Attot, f*rid :far<rttfcaf, 8. S. taerett, afcd S. 3. Aftdef- and . HOt**, Mr. If* !>««*»« i , tr**t !***« Si«« SMrBafir, itf. and Mrs. ttdwlfi QeU, M*< afid Mrs Sett Colwell and daughter, Caroiyn Mart*, ftftd Ml** Mtml Moses. ttrt. I. Bflttftann entertwaed two t*- **«**, **« «««*» *»'** the close of tbe afternoon. Saturday Mr*. Btrtttttaftn iad & Iftftcfceen fcftd bridge party. Two fcnterttlft f ot jeMie CttfinMgham Mr*. F>8d *. fnttm&Btt Mr* Fred 8. Mnlholland honored Mr* lean* Cunningham Mason with a shower at the Butttoann home last Wednesday, flame* and contest* were enjoyed by tbe guests and Mrs. Mason received beautiful and n*efnl gift*. Re* freshment* were served late in the afternoon by tbe hostesses assisted by Margaret Ann Butt mann and Roth Louise McCord. The guests were Mesdame Robert Boehnef, Verne McCord W. Q. Alrtfope, Leoftafd f"" son, P, A, Robbing, tlwd holland, 0, A, Btrahan, Ira Frit«, Clifford Mackey, M, A, Ouanlaf- ham, Ardath Wlngett, Margaret Cunningham, D. O. Cunningham, and Misses Dorothy Boehner, Dorothy Miller, Mlnnta Hall, M*' rle Rlggins, Edna Lee, Evelyn Paulson, and Elizabeth Seattle. Give Party for Sunday School Classes Mrs. Marion Wl*e and Mr*. B. C, Collins, teachers in the young people's department of the Baptist Sunday school gave a party for their classes at the Wise home Monday evening, The fore part of the evening was devoted to organizing for a contest which is to last two months. The names chosen tor tbe sides were the Gold and Grey and Mary Elizabeth and Jamie Summers were chosen captains. Tbe losing side will entertain the winners at the close. A spelling contest in which the words were to be spelled backwards, and; Jig-saw puzzles were teatures ot tbe evening followed by refreshments of punch and wafers. Entertain at c. Family Dinner jm.ftjid Mr*. M,.,L, Allely and ^pm«.r»nd^Pitrrel, Ptjjfcjrt asloft aftd tfc« tablet W6t» *ety frrtty 1ft «ptlfti cotdtlti*. TSe Attests were Mesdames i. 1st. Suffl- tne«, W. it. Mlett, pth* Myde, Cfcas. Sofnffiets, W. D. MeCaai* laftd, I. N. 8*alft, F. B. Mateol* land, Watd Robert*, and Misses fieil Katskett, Oafsy Schalkle, Amy ttamrners, OUdys McQueen, attd Kathryn Walket, of tftft cftttenry aw*m1>1*d at ffc* atiA jfcmliri $4f¥t f^t IHc Brat wit ol & fcfttftt S.^4ii, A A-% a*^t *'J> A'J>'Jt a vrOrB TOIOCvBu snu otfeet tttofmtffy tt tfc* «rtt Wtto. Much lite tiiefett, klttenbatl «.*** t «*f» UB0B H Owifc _— -, - - -m - eqnfljme*t except ball and bat instead of Mite players, ten at* «»«* on e*<& fcids and fnle* a« *.» ti.i *^.2.j.»kB *«.* •UtA'Miv* vo DSiSe mnuinK anQ JUICHJOB slightly. PBW ATTO® ^ 4 fof Beacon City Mi? Wilt tbe **nfof cla** play, a coined? drain* entitled "ilattft*. by tft* Day," » to b* presented in Mat. Heading tbe c**t **t*cted by th« ft Hre tt*W«r* i«d«r titil * ttMtrr* fn iSalHftg tfte *ost 1 a*»e*fi«tt**t wftft «t»rd to tfce World's Fair rtnce tfce «6mA twrwwtellrt of tfre Be*cott City Plan f or tee- «*t«try rt P>e«resi. fnto«*l fts «*«Wd«»t, Mr. John Halen. ftOfWAttatfon »a*»»t>Mfc tfttt *ert ««e tddfUon o< tosmw to Its atfetdy e*c«i>tlot»««y tee World s Fair addfttofcs «r* ftade *ftlreirt a*y ttctease in tfce price *««*«** Honored Birthday Honoring i*attt Seeger's birth* day a front! of friends took their ers and Journeyed to his house last Sunday. As is the usual custom in bis neighborhood they showered him with tea tow* els and sol. After tbe dinner the afternoon wa* spent in game*. Those attending were Messrs, and Mesdames D. 0. Cunningham, M. ft, Cunningham, C. M. Wilson, Louis Bas*. W. A. Sower, Qlen Seeger, Floyd Rboades, Leo* nard Buval, Miss Marie Seeger, Bverett Knon and Cbarles Wilson of Malvern, Mr. and Mr*. Bv- erett Buckingham, Mr. and Mrs. John Btovall, Mrs. La Veda Andrews, and Elaine Andrews of Auburn, Nebr, Honor ftosenfeld* with Dinner Tuesday Mr, and Mrs. I. L. Donner, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Salyers, and Mr. and Mrs. W. D. McCausland entertained a group ot friends Tuesday evening at a dinner in the Donner home honoring Mr. and Mrs. 0. A. Rosenfeld who will soon move to Harlan. Table and bouse decorations were narcissus and violets and the delicious dinner was served 'in three courses. After dinner they played bridge, high score go- Ing to Mrs. 0. D. Aistrope ot Omaha. Mrs, Rosenteld received the guest prize. Those enjoying ibis delightful evening were Mr. and Mrs. V. A. Helfensteln of Council Bluffs, Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Aistrope ot Omaha, the honor guests, and tbe hosts. Much Irritated Thursday evening were President ft. W. Saiyer* ot tbe Malvertt Community club and four otber members wben tbey assembled in the COmmnnlty bnildlftt basement fof the regular monthly meeting Ot the organ- isation, and found tbat no other members were Joining them. Useless without the support and cooperation of members, tbe Community club function* regularly a* a clearing bouse for community business promotion work and every activity of ] community benefit. Chief ene- j my of tbe group is not some sinister influence, but merely tbe voluntary inertia ot most ot tbe citltenry, often too prone to leave such work for the next man to do. The April meeting of tbe group will be eliminated and the next meeting will be at the regular time in May. News of the Churches Presbyterian Church Henry Dale White, Minister Sunday school at 10, Morning worship at 11. Theme, "Joys of Remembrance," The Communion of the Lord's Supper will be celebrated at this service. Those presenting themselves for membership will meet with the Session at the close of the Sunday school. Special music furnished by the choir. plan. A Ptitfct* „ 640 acres (almost a square mile) ot wooded land and grassy lawn* — tbe pfofftHy of a private club — I* tb« *e*n« of Beacon City. An eifbtMA hole golf Cltfb tmttted to B«eon City wfco bave not previously enrolled with an nthorlzed representative, such is The Leader. Baptist Church Pastor, Lee Roy Bobbltt What plans have you laid to Sunday. Did they include the Bi tie school, church services, an< young people's meetings? W lave six days and evenings for »r? * 9fT* •» **-rw :JJ,T^ T — " — r ^ >pw . w — 'Shtts were', dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. H. 0. Allely, . OUR MONTH END SPECIAL for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Benton Wednesday afternoon, May 10. instead of with Mrs. S. J. Anderson May 3, Birthday Party jfor Homer Fnael A birthday party was held Tuesday evening at the borne of Carol Wynia by Wa brother, Clifford, in honor of Homer Fazels twenty-fourth birthday. The evening was spent playing cards after which refreshments were served. B«&cori City We *aftt all ott readers to understand tbat since Beacon City is a private place, and transients are not accepted, it is absolutely necessary to enroll in advance it you wish to stay there. In other words, it wilt be impossible for yon to drive to Beacon City and obtain accommodations without having previously enrolled with an authorised representa* live. Beacon City cottages ate definitely assigned and reserved in advance. !f you wish to be sure of Beacon City aecom' modatiotis for the particular week rou want to go to the Pair, your enrollment must be made at onfce at The Leader office. Enrollment consists of making a $6.00 payment Res- «rvatlon may then be made later for the time you wish. faetrftfr members «* the »Cfcoo1 at* Miss Cbarlott* Dye and to* PAGEttVt tfte retfna. Coiw«qtt*wtly. drivers at »tt*t »e* only tb«* ofejMt* tMt are wftfctn relatively »fi«rt distances—and those Imperfectly. tft« puptl* ot tfe* eye* reo.nir* about a* many mlnntea to open to a ttaiimnm diameter as second* to *10*« to a mttrtmttm dfa- meter. It a second f* required for Tiro locale for this play 1* In the poorer section o! one ot o«* latter ettlis. A vety poot wotnan Martfca. Hrteftds to ttaks *e friends and relative* believe tbat she Is • Bteftogfapbef. while all the time she Is only a scrab woman. She make* many comical errors when she tries to ape •ome of tbe wealthy women fof whom she works. Pupils of Eyet Shut, Open When Autos Pats at Night *«.A»« n Mi B accident* durlnit Because of inadequate lighting dar\n«TafdVth7t'flight pe-'at nlght, the pupils of the eyes . the ptipfl* to contract tot Srtnt to tie fcrlfcbtn*** ot Ing fceadliglit*. a minute ii required tot the pupils to open to a ttattmnffi diameter gWMnratly »eee**ftfy for fttfcbt drivlftf. Thn* there is a brief period dnrln* which operators can barely see. It this condition Should last only three or four seconds, a car at 40 mile* an hettr wonld coter from 177 to S86 feet ot roadway, and at the rather moderate speed of 26 miles, from 111 to 148 feet. Any object or person within these distances In the path of the cur very likely would be struck, and further, any object or person within the additional ordinary stopping distances of, say. 128 feet at 40 miles and 68 feet at 25 inlies very likely would be struck. _ more course, as well as a spacious outdoor swimming pool, volley-ball courts, ball-diamonds, and acres of playground space are at hand, [n this exclusive atmosphere, Beacon City consists of frame constructed, permanent, modern two-room summer cottages. Bed linen, towels and maid service is furnished; light is by electricity; and plumbing is modern, adequate and convenient. A Vacation in Itself No hotel or apartment In Chicago can vie with the living conditions of Beacon City in their appeal to families and fresh air loving Individuals, Away from the dust and noise and bad air of the city, Beacon City In Its coun try club setting, is now a vaca ion in Itself- Qravelftd drfr «>< Hod Just after sunset are likely to result In serious and death than accidents during daylight. Why? First, because during dask and darkness the field of vision of operators is reduced by inadequate illumination, and secondly, because headlight glare from approaching cars mo* mentarily "blinds" drivers. touring the four-hour period of 6 to 9 p. m. last year, 29.37 f»er cent of all the automobile accidents occurred, but tbese tnlsbaps resulted in »,OtO deaths, or 31.2« oer cent ot all fatalities, figures compiled by The Travelers Insurance Company show. During the four-hour period of 1 to 6 p. m., however, 23.86 per cent ot the accidents occurred. The deaths .from these accidents numbered 6,980. or 20.64 per cent of all atalttles. In the hours from 6 a. m. to 6 p. m. there were 409,100 accidents in which 13,600 persons were killed, or 32 killed for every 1,000 accidents. The night hours 'rom 8 p. tn. to 6 a. m. produced 138,200 accidents and 16,600 deaths, or 4« deaths per 1,000 accidents. Thus, the death rate per accident was 43.7 per cent worse during the hours ot darkness than during the hours of daylight. Night driving, even when glare Is absent, is exceedingly dangerous because too many operators drive beyond their lights. Many are the night accidents briefly described, "Failed to see pedestrian until too late." _ . are enlarged considerably, In order to admit more light to tbe retina (the senstlve membrane ot the eye wblch receives the image and is connected with tbe brain by the optic herve). With Illuml nation inadequate, however* not enough light is admitted to the eyes to make a clear image upon DRS. KLINE & KLINE Of. D, M. Kiln* Dr. J. A. Kiln* Otteopathle Phyileltn* Office houri: 1 to 5 p. m. *nd ? to • p. m. on Wedne«d«y« *nd B-tuttUyi. Othtr Hour* by Appointment Ottl«« ever lews ftttt* Btvlngt Btnk X-fUy DUflnotlt Phantil Offle* 1J2. Hou§« 1M Permanent $O50 Waves .'.<•* I Dr. John ivupv.**?**»:•"• , from Hospital Wedne»d»y Dr, John Kline was able to b' brought home yesterday from the I Mercy hospital in Council Bluff here he went two weeks ago for n operation for appendicitis. He a getting along fine although he ad a pretty severe operation and will soon be able to resume bis iractlce. I Combination or all Oroqull nole. Try our wonderful Nw M6dc treatment for the hair and scalp, \TERY SPECIAL in V »B1§J SHQ? |Y 0 a e ^ Ti yram Milady Beauty Dress Shop Oriole KittenbaUers Defeat Henderson [alvern btgb, school kittenball*, were victorious in another game Friday when they played he Henderson blgb ten. Fasel, ;be local twlrler, held bis oppo* nents to very few nits as tne Q will indicate. Tbe score at tB* end ot tbe fray was in Mai* vern's favor by a good margin, 8 Vh°e § game witb. pacific June* scheduled for last week, win ;ure? Sermon theme Sunday morning, "Jesus and Taxes, Government and Politics.'. 1 Evening community service at the M, E. church and the pastor ot that church gives the message, B. V, P. U, at 7. Shall we make It a real success or a weak affair? Methodist Episcopal Church Roy E. Gugeler, Pastor Services next Sunday will be as follows: Sunday school at 10 and worship at 11 a. m., Epworth League at 7 p. m., and the union service at the Methodist church at 8 p, m, There will be special music by a mixed quartet at the union service. The sermon subject will be, "Why So Burdened?' At tbe 11 a. ». service Sunday the Woman's Foreign Missionary Society will take ' their annual thank ottering. Miss Katberine Boeye, a missionary on furlough from her work in CWna, will be the speaker, She comes to us highly recommended- We hope there will be a large group out to bear Miss Boeye and give an Following tbe Sunday morning service we want to bave a short meeting of the official board. The Drunkard 1 * J»t*rpr«- totion of the 23rd be Repeaters wo»der -_-. toweling boys, wbo walked er tbe Orioles in basketball will to wftea It somes to g»»& (By T, R. Potts) King Alwbol is wy si - r . 1 shall always want; He m&fceth me to lie down in tbe gutters; He leaflet!) »e bs&Ule troubled waters; Be destroyed my soul; He leftdeth me in PfttbB °t wick» edness for effect's sskej V«t though { walk through tbe of delirium treraens I will ?ltb we; fby Wt* &a ^ * tio * ttoy me; Tbpu preparest an ile before m« la tbe of »y twftUyj Tba» ijjy bead with HelUsb' ueas; My °UP ruaoetb over; destructlQB *n4 take advantage of tbe facilities for sports. Children will be supervised by a trained staff oi leaders who will take care o them while their parents are a the fair, or conduct them through the fair in groups, If the parent desire It. Pleasant Dining Service Excellent meals will be served In the large, attractive dining hall of the country club, and for those who remain at the Fair an evening meal will be served at one ot tbe many cafes on the Exposition grounds. Tbe food will be uniformly good, and there will be plenty of it. Dining periods are arranged so that members may eat leisurely and take full advantage of the comfortable and pleasant surroundings, Xo Additional Charge For all these additional vaca tion features which are added to tbe Beacon City plan, there is absolutely no increase In the cost pf membership. * 8 *- 96 cove * 8 the full period for Sunday to Saturday. Quick, pleasant transports' tion to tbe Fair, admission to the grounds, protected automobile parking) lecture an4 guide serv» of children «*= all these gre provided. 08 accommodations of PB *V«» City are strictly limited, Tbe Leader strongly urges tbat loc*i people desiring to stay at Beacon City enroll at once so tbat reservations sun be made f pr Enrollment consists of pay !THEATER MALVERN Friday & Saturday April 88, 39 Kent Taylor and Lona Andre in a hard rldln', fast action play by Zane Grey— THE MYSTERIOUS RIDER And selected shorts, Admission. 10c. 25c. Sunday & Monday You've waited long for this — the outstanding war play from the story by Ernest Hemingway r~ A FAREWELL TO ARMS Q with HELEN HAYES, GABY COOPER, APOLPHE MENJOU. Never so intense a drama as this; M»y8 Merchants Bargain The most rollicking film the season! Lee Tracy and Evelyn Knapp & ,^_ HICHT MAYOR , t Fun! And you can see tbe snow 'for IQc. Merchants p good for 6c at boat As* tor NO Profit Sale! Thursday! Saturday ! I Just think how GREAT your savings will be ... what a really GOOD coat or dress you can buy now . . . at a drastically reduced price 1 Dresses Coats -- Values to *7.95 Now on Sale at • Real "bargains" i n both coats and dresses fow'on Sale at - A sacrifice group of coats of such obvious quality and fineness, you'll find them irresistible at K A V I C H ' 5 LEADER DEP'T STORE Malvern Attend the World's Fair In Group anoe\of the membership Is paid . Beacon City. None will be » i» iaw©i* o»»»* Organiw a group ww i»4 ««»«« ft attend tbe gmt 3ft»W'8 to "33* At Bsaooa City gwsps s* sad , Comfortable i , car Peking facilities!! tfceee go with Beaeea (Sty mm> The Malvern Leader Bf ^^dMgJI Mjf MB Ml JtraS^'iBb * &A noUmut ftMh and MH •IW fBW^PT^^™ «E-=ra— ^m'^TJ^g

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