Interstate News-Record from Ironwood, Michigan on January 17, 1891 · Page 7
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Interstate News-Record from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 7

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 17, 1891
Page 7
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.WISCONSIN STATE NEWS. WISCONSIN ROADS. Annual Keport of the- Railway Oimxnta* sloncvn of the State. The annual report of the Railroad Commissioners of the State makes the following showing for 1890: Passengers carried 7,838,113 Milen ridden S43.0UH.101 Totnl capital stock 51 lii..|.')l,VJ 1 Fundedrtebt 140.8.VJ.HX) Unfunded debt T.flt!4,s!II Totaidebt * HS.2IO.HU Catli and available assets on hand... fi.uw. 100 Average debt per mile :... <17.rjC3 Cost or roaCa and equipment up to June SO.. -.351,052,218 Averazo cost ppr mile .IU.KW Total passenger earnings 7,030,193 Average passenger oar::ings per mile.. , 1,87(1 Total freight onrnlnJ$M n 23,200,879 Averaso per mile 4,WS Earnings other than passenger and .freight, including revenue for carrying mail and express 1(10.887 Toiul gross earnings 20,431.r>>)4 Average per mile 4.793 Expenses per mile 3,017 Net enrnll'E'P^r mils i.raa Operating expenses 10,737,7^5 Charged with Arson. John II. Thillips, the wealthy farmer who in the past four years has suffered losses aggregating $17,000 by incendiary fires, is under arrest, charged with arson. It is alleged that he has started no loss than ten fires, and is the famous "New Uerlin fire bug," who has been such a terror to the rural districts. The fires became so frequent that insurance companies refused to write the risks and the farmers' property has since been unprotected. Through the Ico. Two little brothers, Joseph and Willie Barren, aged 10 and 12 years respectively, were drowned jn the Mississippi at Cassville. They had just returned from school and went out on the ice to play. They had been gone only a few minutes when their mother heard their screams for help. Running to their assistance she also broke in, and but for the timely presence of a man who lives near by, she, too, would have been drowned. Ancient Curiosities. Among the fifty-nine curiosities sent to Lawrence University by Minister Hicks from Peru are the withered hand and arm of a woman, in whose grasp was found a bunch of cotton and a spindle, Spanish coins of the fifteenth century, ornaments, household utcii- sils, fabrics and other interesting things. The specimens are supposed be ...from 500 to 1,000 years old. Academy of Sciences. The Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters at its annual session in Madison elected officers as follows: President. Prof. G. W. Peckhtira, of Milwaukee; First Viee-President, Prof. B. Q. Salisbury, of Uoloit; Second Vice-President, Prof. H. D. Maxon. ofMenomlnee: Third Vice-President, Prof. P. D. Fowler,of Madison; Secretary, Prof. Charles E. Bennett, of Madison; Treasurer, S. D. Hastings, of Madison; Librarian and Curator, Prof. W. H. HobUs, of Madison. Deserted Her Child. An unknown woman bought a ticket to Ifall Creek at the Omaha depot in Eau Claire for a 4-year-old boy and put the child on the train with a label attached to his clothes on which was written "Frank Hartman." When the boy reached Fall Creek there was no one to claim him. The woman had disappeared. Governor's Appointments. Governor Peck has announced the following appointments: Superintendent of Public Property, E. V. Uriesen, Columbus; Adjutant-General, J. 1J. Doe, Janesville; Quartermaster General, Otto II. Falk, Milwaukee; Surgeon-General, Dr. Nicholas Senn, Milwaukee; Captain Vance, Superintendent Public Property, Racine. Found in a Hale of Hugs. The body of an infant 1 month old was found in a bale of rags at the Fox Eiver Paper Company's mill in Appleton. The bundle was received January 1 from E. Pelsenthal & Jiros., of Chicago. The body was dried and shriveled, and had evidently being dead six months. Killed by a Train. A passenger train from Prairie du Chien to Milwaukee struck and killed John Pierkel at the west end of Woodman bridge, near Boscpbel. Pierkel was a German about 40 years old. f[e had a small valise in which was a discharge from the Prussian army. Indians Under Contract. Indian Agent Kelsey has so far contracted with about eighty of the Menominee Indians to log the present year under the new bill. The prices to be paid run all the way from §2.50 to S3.75 per thousand feet. The Now* Coiideiixefl. Johnny Prince, aged 10 years, was fatally kicked by a horse at Kice Lake. Milwaukee manufactured last year $11,700,000 worth of beer and §11,000,000 of provisions. John Richardson, a farmer of Center, Was chased by a wildcat at the entrance to a swamp on his farm. The timely arrival of a neighbor frightened the animal away. Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Patchen celebrated their golden wedding anniversary at , ' Clinton. They hud resided there for forty years. The total less by flre in Beloit in 1830 was 538,740. The total insurance paid was 834,331. Nicholas McGlaughlin, aged 83 years, v a resident of Beloit for thirty-five years, is dead. * i Thomas Kennedy, of Dodgeville, was ij" appointed State Treasury Agent by Governor Peck. v 'i Judge Bundy at Eau Claire decided f, - the case of E. K. Boyd vs. that city in «- Iwprof the city. The point at issue ' was the validity of 3100,000 city bonds, which Boyd attacked. - , ,'' JJouis Lawrence, aged 39 years, a ji ' stout, Txnrly fellow, administered a ter- ^J'EJfcle beuting to his father, Linas Law-* "" aged 83 years, at Manitowoc, e ejects of which the old man fSchmitzdiedinthe hospital in wife and children re-'-— WISCONSIN LEGISLATURE. SENATE. MATOTSON, Wis., Jan. 15.—JLiouteimnt-Gover- nor Jonas called the Senate to order yesterday. After signing the oath Senator John P. Hume (Dem.) wns elected clerk, receiving 18 votes to 15 for Charles E. Brass, the Republican candidate. Senator F. W. Horn was elected president pro torn, and Captain Barney sergeant-alarms. AssEMnr.y: MADISON. Wis., Jan. 15.—Chiot Clerk Cook of the last Assembly called the Assembly to order yesterday and read the roll. Justice H. S. Orton administered the oath to the members. J. J. Ilognn (Dem.) and L. H. Mead (Rep.) were nominated for speaker. Mr. Hogan was elected, receiving 07 votes and Mr. Mead 83. Oeorge W. Forth was elected chief clerk and Patrick "Whalen scrgoant-ot-arms. BIG ROW IN COLORADO. Two t-owor HOUB<>« Formed—The Speaker In Deposed but Ilefuso to Vncato and Bloodshed Is Threatened. DENVKK, Col., Jan. 15.—Excitement in the lower House of the General Assembly of Colorado was at white heat Wednesday. In the afternoon an appeal wus demanded from a decision of the speaker and when he refused to entertain it a row began. A motion was made that the chair he declared vacant, which was carried by a vote of 29 to 19. The speaker declared the House adjourned without putting it to a vote. The majority elected Judge White speaker to succeed Speaker llanna, deposed, but the latter refused to vucatc and his chair was surrounded by a swarm of toughs, said to have been hired for the occasion. A new sergeant-atrarms was sworn in and the rump House proceeded to do business on the floor of the Assembly, while the deposed speaker, backed by his defenders, kept possession of the chair. Each House has adjourned to meet this morning, one at 0 and the other at 10 o'clock. It is feared that there will be bloodshed before the trouble is over. A LONG NAP. Tho Wife of ll Wisconsin Farmer Has lieen Asleep for Three \Veeks—Medical Men Puzzled. EAU CI.AIHK, Wis., ,Tan. 15.—Mrs. Melvin A. White, wife of <a farmer of the town of Wheaton, Chippewa County, has been asleep for three weeks and all efforts to awaken her have been vain. She had been suffering from nervous prostration for some time. Several physicians from this city have been called from time to time, but the case has puzzled them all. Wednesday an electric battery was used, but without avail. The sleeping woman has received scarcely any nourishment during the period of somnolence, being forced occasionally to swallow a. little, milk. It is believed she can not long survive, but her h baud has not yet given up hope. KOCH'S SECRET. Tlie Celebrated German 1'rol'eRHor to Atuke 1'ulilie tlio Ingredients Composing HlH Lymph. liEHi.iN, Jan. 15.—It is announced that Prof. Koch will publish the ingredients which enter into the composition of his famous lymph. It is ascertained from authentic sources that it is the product of chemical processes . in the body. It probably belongs to the group of albuminous compounds. The reaction which frequently • follows its use, it is claimed, shows that it is not tox-albumen. In a certain degree of concentration it kills living protoplas ma, thus making- it necrotic, and by removing- the conditions under which the bacillus can develop it kills bacteria. WRAPPED IN FLAMES. Tlio FumouH French Palace of Justice a Victim to the FIro King's Wrntlu PAI'.IS, Jan. 15.—The Palace of Justice at Rouen is on fire. At last accounts a portion of the roof of the building forty yards in circumference was in a blaze. Tho flames were then entering downward and gaining despite the efforts of the firemen to subdue them. The lobbies of that part of the building occupied by the civil court are full oi water from the firemen's lines of hose. It seems probable that the building, which was widely noted for its architectural beauty, will be totally destroyed. FEARFUL RIDE TO DEATH. Two Brakcmen Killed In a AVruck of Runaway Tfiiln. PORTLAND, Me., Jan. 13.—A freighl train on the Maine Central railroad started Monday with twentj'-one cars. After leaving Crawford the caboose broke loose and the brakes hel it. The rest of the train began to slip on the icy rails, and the brakes did not hold. It soon was going at lightning speed, and when near Bemis Station the whole train, except the engine and the forward car, lefl the track and went down an embankment 500 feet. Two brakemen, Muir and Jarvis, went down with the train and were instantly killed. Great Dlstrettg In Ireland. CORK, Jan. 15.—The Government officials, in order to relieve as much as possible the indescribable distress in this section of the country, have opened works al Misenhead. Thousands of men and women of all ages are already employed there and steps are being taken to give work to many more. It is said in this connection that unless the Government takes prompt action at Achill island the fearful scenes of 1840 and 1847 are likely to be reproduced. FOR FEMININE READERS. BILLIARD cloth makes the dryest case for a banjo. To OBVIATE the shiny appearance oi silk, sponge with unsweetened gin. isr pretty women would remain pretty they must not permit their tempers to become ruffled. A rage leaves creases and wrio&lGS* and wo all Icnow thcsf give, an impress of age. ' A HZW bed-sprea4 is made of coarse DOMESTIC CONCERNS. —For cleaning brasses belonging to mahogmny, use either pow- lered whiting 1 or scraped rottcnstonc mixed with sweet oil, and rub on with n chamois skin. —Aunt Kutc's Wheat thorns: One cup sweet milk, one t:iblcspo:irifnl Ktiprar. ono tablespoon melted butter, one «!?,'•, wo teaspoons baking 1 powder, flov.r to iiakc a still: dongh.—Housekeeper. —Indian Crumpets: Ono quart of rcea!, half pint of iictir, ono quart of milk, salt, three eggs, two tablespoon- uls of strong yeast. Add yeast lust. Stir well and let it rise, liake on n hoi •riddle, like any batter cake. —Corn lireml: Two cups Hour, sifted: one cup eornmeal, one egg, onc-hiilf cup sugar, one large tablespoon lard or bnt- ,er. ono tenspooiiful salt, one pint sov.r nilk, one rounded teaspoon saloratus. ialce in very hot oven. —Detroit Free. Press. —Using soap and water in washing e kitchen oilcloth dues not clean and jrighten it as well a& lining milk. If ihis is too expensive ad;l milk to tho water and omit the soap. It may also greatly improved by rubbing it with i mixture of beeswax dissolved in turpentine and applied with a flannel cloth, then polished off with a dry Him nel.—X. Y. World. -The neat housekeeper will not only see that her sitting-room and piirlov are *ept clean and tidy, but will also seo :hat her kitchen presents a cleanly appearance. Indeed, a clean Iritchen and .i neat and tiistef nlly-kopt back -yaril arc a much better criterion to good housekeeping than a neatly-kept parlor. Take good care of your kitchens and backyards and the front of the house will take care of itself. —A tasteful drapery for a square waste-paper basket consists of two festoons of plush or satin; peacock blue is a good choice, alternating with two deep-crocheted points of beige color, or pale-blue mnerame cords in wheels, or any other pretty designs, and finished with heavy tassels of the cord. Koscttut and cords, both crocheted, finish the top and sides, and pompons of gathered plush may also be introduced if desired. —N. Y. Ledger. —The commonest kind of ink-bottles are transformable into harlequin perfume-casks. After the ink has been withdrawn from their depths the bottles are cleaned nnd painted in stripes running from the neck of the bottle to the lower edge. The stripes arc silver, gilt, bronze, scarlet and blue. A coal of varnish is added to the scene ant then perfumery is poured in, and there is your harlequin scent-bottle. —Grilled Fowl: Cut tho remains of cold fowls into pieces and season them with salt and pepper, and squeeze ovoi all the juice of half a lemon, and lei them t stand for three-quarters of an hour; then wipe them dry, dip them into melted butter and bread or cracker crumbs with grated lemon peel mixec in them, and put them on n gridiron over a clear fire, 1'lacc on a hot disJ and serve at once. Pieces of cold fowl prepared in this way are very nice fried, orJy substitute the yelk of an egg, we! beaten, for the melted butter.—Boston Herald. AMONG CANNIBALS. Owing to the world-wide interest now ,aken in the fertile provinces of West- rn Canada, many of our readers are anxious to know more about tho lands, limate, resources and chances open to ntcnding settlors in the Canadian Coun- ry. The reputation of these prnirie amis has been fairly earned by their enormous yields and natural adaptabil- ty to mixed nnd dairy farming, for they ore unrivaled in productiveness. GaotoniH of the Natives of tlio Now Hebrides Islands. On the Island of Tanna, where I am stationed, says Rev William Watt, a missionary of the Jv'cw Zealand Pre:; byterian church, there are eighteen missionaries and 140 native teachers The population of the island is nbon' (10,000. The natives are of a brownisl color nnd are almost entirely uncivil ized, although they ui'e rapidly taking to the teachings of Christianity and are gradually adopting the customs o civilized beings. In their savage state they go entirely naked and are fierce cannibals. They cat only those killec or captured in war. In 183!) they killct and ate two missionaries named Harris and Williams. In 1802 Gordon and his wife perished by the same means, am in 1878 Gordon's brother suffered a liki horrible fate. You see'they have no' gotten me yet, and I presume the; think I am too lean to be palatabl and toothsome. These islanders have no settled form of government, but are divided into in numerable small tribes or clans, witl no one chief of any importance. These tribes are continually making war on each other, and no longer use the bar baric implements of warfare, as the; have become accustomed to at least om product of c'lVilized genius—the Win Chester rifle—and use it with deiull; effect. The only government in thi island is that wielded by a joint com mission of tho French and Uritish gov ernments. The islanders are a thriftless set o people, living solely off the natura products of the soil, such as the yam banana, bread fruit, cocoanut, etc. which grow in great profusion in tha semi-tropical climate. The bread frui is supposed by most people to be an ar tide of food that can be plucked from the tree and eaten without any prepa ration, but, on the contrary, it has to be prepared by cooking it. The natives possess almost no property, and seem to have no idea of its accumulation and use. The native worship is idolatry and a worship of their ancestors. Some of the islanders have wooden Gods, and sacrifice to these deities. They also practice polygamy and intermarry closely. IBut while they hold it legal for sisters' children or brothers' and sisters' children to marry, they do not allow the children of brothers to marry each other. Indeed, it is considered the thing for a brother's sou to marry a sister's daughter, and these daughters are all called wives by the son, although he may claim but one of them in marriage. The country is a much warmer one than this, the temperature running from--ecenty to ninety, degrees in (Ihe house. As you may imagine, it is very lonely on the island lor us, as we see nojofher, wliifo T^PT 1 bjife ourselves, ex* cept twice a year ; .when, the steamer NFORMATION ABOUT WESTERN CANADA. THERE is more Catarrh in this section of the country than all other diseases put together, and until tho last few years was supposed to be incurable. For a great many years doctors pronounced it a local disease, and prescribed local remedies, and by constantly failing to cure with local treatment, pronounced it incurable. Science has proven catarrh to bo a constitutional disease, nnd therefore requires constitutional treatment.. Hall's Catari'h Cure, manufactured by F. J. honey te Co.,Toleilo, Ohio, is the only con- titutionnl cure on the market. It is taken nternally in doses from 10 drops to a tea- poonful. It acts directly upon tho blood nd mucous surl'ai'OR of the system. They ffer ono hundred dollars fnr any case It nils to cure. Send for circulars and tcsti- nonials. F. ,T. CHENEY & Co., Toledo, O. Said by Druggists, 75c. WIIKN a man linds a button in his salad owill hardly take tho excuse that it IB art ol' tho dressing. At the close of 1800 a handsomely illustrated and neatly printed set of pamphlets was issued, fully describing the country from the Eastern portion of Manitoba to the Pacific Ocean. These have been carefully compiled by competent men, from the most reliable sources, and besides containing a vast amount of useful information put in most readable shape, they contain a [Trent number of letters from actual residents in the country, telling plainly what has been done. Furnished with maps and nicely illustrated they arc well worth securing as books of reference. Copies of one, or all of them, will bo mailed free of charge to an}' address, if application is made to L. A. Hamilton, Winnipeg, Manitoba; or to J. F. Lee, 232 South Clark St., Chicago, 111.; or to C. S. Shechy, 11 Fort St. West, Detroit, Michigan. Office of Halm, Hoopos & Co., MusuAiiNii, IOWA, Aug. Bid, 1SS9. )r. A. T. SiiALi.UNnEnaEii, Rochester, l j a. Dear Sir;—Thirty ears ago I was n great sufferer from Mulu- io, until I found your Antidote and was mmodiutoly cured. 1 went south to live, nd recommended tho medicine to every uffcrer I met, always guaranteeing a euro, nd without a failure. Sometime ago I re- urnod to Muscatino and havo been chock nil of Mulariiv over since. The doctors fed no on quinine until I was nearly deaf and ilind. I tonic tma /miHfirii nnd strtv grat'is vithout breaking the chills, when, remem- loring tho Antidote, I sent tothodrugBtoro ind got u bottle. One- ilouc did Iho business, ind 1 will npver be without the medicine.— fo more quinine I'or mo. Respectfully yours, J. C. SHIPLEY. NAVAL AFFAIRS. WHEN the vessels provided fur have been finished the United States navy will have twenty-nine new steel un- armorcd and armored cruising vessels. SKCBETABY TKAOV has decided upon the names for five new ships of the navy now building. They will be called Cincinnati, Raleigh, Indiana, Massachusetts and Oregon. THE Stationary Engineer remarks: The steam plant on some of the war vessels assumes astonishing proportions and is the prineipid element nf their composition. The new British war-ship Victoria has in her equipment eighty- eight steam engines, not counting; those in her torpedo boats and launches. TirR uniforms of the German marines will be altered shortly, so that the neck and chest, which have heretofore re mained bare, will be covered, us is the case in other navies. The object of the change is to prevent illness among the recruits whose lungs arc not strong enough to endure the customary ex posure. A 1'ECUMAH phase of the use "f powerful projectors in naval warfare 1ms b<;er brought out. In misty weather the reflection and glare of the light from the projectors served only to blind the ship and the torpedo boats were iible to ap proaoh within, easy distance and dis charge their torpedoes without beiuj discovered. THE MARKETS. NEW YOIIIC. Jan. 15. LIVE STOCK-Cnttlo ?•_' no l» r, Ml SHcup -100 (ft n 0:2V4 lions .180 (fi 4 Sli PLO1IK—Fulr lo Fancy u uo 495011 RII nnesirta Patents I ISO (ft 5 GO 3 * WHEAT— No. S Kcil I US (ft 1 05^ No. H Keel 110)4® 1 00 COKN-No.S Mil® fill'/ Ungnnled Mixed Ti8i:(fA (JO OATS-Mixwl VVesturn 4IP fi> Kl RYE—Wustl'l-n 7? (To K) POliK— Mess, New II L'5 f/, IS 00 LARD—Western Stuum (i SO • <gi 0 fly BU'n'KI{--WiwtcrnCr«iimnry. 19 (ffi SS CHICAGO. BEEVES—Shipping Stuei-s J.'l 00 <it, 5 40 Cows i 21 foj'J "ft Stackers :» U) ©250 Feeders a .V.I 56300 Uutehcr.s' Stcura s 40 IB .') 75 Hulls 150 54 3 UO HOGS—Live a MS (jI) 3 80 SHEEP SHI iH)5BO llUTTEK-Crenmerv 18 fu 27 Oond to Choice Dairy is & 00 EOCJS—Fresh !il (& 2J BROOM COHN- Ilurl ,2-Siia 5 Seir-workintf 3 (i'fi 4 Crooked 1U(S> POTATOES (per Im.).... " ' fu W 08 . L AKD— St (film .................. FL.OUU— Sprlrw Patents ...... Winter Patents ............. Halters ...................... GRAIN— Wheat, Mo. U ......... Corn. No. 2 .................. Oats, No. 2 .................. Kye, No.2 ................... Barley. No. 2 Cash ......... LUMTIEH— SWins.' Flooring Common Boards Fencing Lath. Dry Shingles ST. LOUIS. CATTLE— Steer.s Stoelcerft and Feeders ..... HOGS— Fair to Choice Heavy. Mixed Grades ............... 310 SHEEP. ......................... 4 25 OMAHA. CATTLE-Prime ............... t3 80 Fancy ........................ 411 Fair lo Good ............... 270 HOGS ........................... 300 10 !i."> SilO :»J 5 iiO © 5 fii 4 50 © 4 15 4 00 ft 5 l» a 25 ff/J 3 50 say© no •te 4d 43 lif. 75 fa 50 43!< 71 SO 1000 ©2300 aj 00 {£84 no 1300 ©1350 1150 (&I5 50 250 it li W 2 00 @ S 80 *3 70 200 3 40 § 4 go 3 10 345 ® 840 Q,bW § 4 45 5 35 &3&Q Cold Wet Weather Drives the blood from tho surface of tlio body and causes congeatton of the liver and kidneys which ore thus unable to fully perform tholrdut of elimlnatii.ff impurttiea. Hence lactic acid I acconmittted in the blood and deposltod la th Joints and tissuea, resulting in the pafna and acuo wocallrhenmatlBai. Hood's Sarsaparilla has hat great success in curing this disease, both ebronl and Inflammatory. It parlllea the blood, neutra Izes the lactlo acid, and re&tores tUa Uvor an kidneys to natural action. '. Hood y s Sarsaparilla las) is no rose without a thorn, but here ixro many thorns without roses.— nUiununoUs Journal. Mnrcll OniH nt Now* Orleans. For tho Miu-di Onis at New Orleans, February HI, 1SU1, tho Burlington, Cedar Hapids f Northern R'y will inuko a very low rate 'or the round trip from stations on its line, rickets on sulo February 8 to 8, good to return until February 28,18111. Iii order to u'commodnto parties desiring to take this .rip, u through sleeping cur will bo started pom Cedar jtnpids and run to New Orleans, caving Cedur Rupids Fobr\mry •!. For 'urther information, regarding time or .nuns, rates of fare, etc., apply to any ticket, agent of this company, or, J. E. HANNEOAN, Gen'l. Tkt & Pass. Agt., Cedar Rapids, Iowa. WOMAN over made n bit by striking ler liusband lor money before breakfast.— itclnaon (jlobu. Fon Cooons ASD TnnoAT DisonOEns uso BIIOWK'S BnoNcmiAjj TIIOCHES. — "Have icver changed my mind respecting them, except 1 think better of that which I began thinking well of."—Ken. Hciifv WardEceclier. Sold only in boxes. MOHNINQ wraps were tho invention of iho man who wakes up hotel guests for the early train. IP von havo ever used Dobbins' Electric during tho 24 years it has been sold, you oidto that it is tlio nest and pnrnat family soap made. If you haven't tried it. ask your jiwer for it mitu. Don't take imitation. There are lots of them. persons leaving horses in my charge will bo well cured for,' advertises u livery stubleuian. Do NOT suffer from sick headache a moment .ongor. It is not necessary. Carter's Little Liver Pills will cure you. Dose, one little pill. Small price. Bmull doao. Small pill. TDK man who lives beyond his means does not uicun well.—Pittsburgh Disjiaicli. PEOPLE Arc Killed by Couplis thnt Halo's Honey of Ilorchound mid Tur would cure. 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Bent oaporfi- p.NAMB THIS PAPER«>«FJ lli»>mi«1Uk PAINLESS. f^lBJLS EFFECTUAL" Bar- WORTH A GUINEA A BOX.- For BILIOUS & NERVOUS DISORDERS : Sick Headache, Weak Stomach, Impaired Digestion, Constipation, Disordered Liver, etc,, ACTING LIKE MAGIC on tho vital organs, strengthening the muscular system, and arousing with the rosebud of health The Whole Physical Energy of the Human Frame. Beecfiam's Pills, taken as directed, will quickly RESTORE ' FEMALES to complete health. SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS. Price, 25 cents per Box. Prepared only by THOS. BEEOHAM, St. Helens, Lancashire, England. H. F. ALI.Ky CO., Silt,'Aaoiitu for iriilttilStiitfS., r)fi,5c(S S«7 Cnnnl SI.,Jfetl> York, tr/to (Ifjtottf f?rH(/(/faf flora not Jccrp f/irmj irttl ttlnll Hrec/mm'fl J»W/« an rtrcljtt. nf price— but inquire jlrKt. (Jtfcntlo-n thiapnper.) ORStMlRACLE Try il- in your'nexh houses' cleaning and see. -afe- A STRUGGLE WITH DIRT Goes on in civilized society from the cradle to tho grave. Dirt is degra- • dation—and degradation IB dastruction. "Women, especially, are judged "by their habits of household cleanliness, and no stronger condemnation can be expresoad than "she keeps a dirty house and a filthy kitchen." But the struggle with dirt is often unequal. The woman's weakness or tha/' \rorthlosBness of the soaps she uaeii make it impossible to overcome th* demon of dirt. By the use of SAPOLIO sh« wins easily. SVERS Don't say you cannot know how we will turnis Ask by postal card and'Ve' you FREE, A CATALOGUE, our prices, explain our plan _ ,, PAYMENTS, and generally posf* on the PIANO QUESTION. BSTYou may save $5O.OO .,.,. writing us a POSTAL CARD. PH A MO |5Q 183TREMONTSTREJiiV y U J*»Qu ^tar ^Jt^^ff • q *•.•—•——.-. __ * __ * Boat Cough Medicine, Recommended by Physicians, Cures whore all else fails. Pleasant and agreeable tplthj taste. Children take it without objection. By B-EUY'S CREAM BAI-IVI-«l«m8c» tlio Na»al • PaBBUKeti* Allays 1-o.ln niul Inflammation. HoaM • cbe Sores, Itcptorea Ta«to nnd Small, ana Quran uivca jvcuex tiij uiico lor c>oici in jieuti* ~ Apply into the Koitrilt. It it (juicklH 46«oriwd. Oc. DiDggints or by mall. ELY BKOB., Co Warren St., $t. T, ULf A I rff* GOODYEAR WALES RUBBERS I The best Ruhlivr ItOOTH and NHOES In the worlilnri! brnmlud WALES «1IOE CO. Wlieu you wiun ralilicra cull for WALES Goodyear, anddonotbcftecairedtjybiirinfrotharrubbcrflwfth thu word "Gomlyciir" on thorn, UHthutnumolHusuil by other compnnlen on inlurlur Koatls locutoh tlto trade that tlio WulenGoodyeur Shoo Co, bun ostub- Itslitid by alvrafH making wood irooda, \vhloli fuot iniikcB It ('foniimy to buy thu ~WAL.EH GOOJ)- VKAlt KUUIiKHH. Tlioy rauko all uonorul stylus, ttnil rumurltublu Specialties, and the bent Itubber ISoota In thu wurlit. BOILING WATER OR MILK. EPPS'S GRATEFUL-COMFORTING. COCOA LABELLED 1-2 LB. TINS ONLY. ELECTROTYPES OR STEREOTYPES Horses, Cattle, Jwine, Poultry, MISCELLANEOUS CUTS. L H. Ke% newspaper Ca, 368-70 Deaikrn St, Chicago. I DOES . ITIBCBEDb/OniL. [DltEVB OI11LI>U£N. ThouuaiU of yDUOS men aid women ID the U. 8. A. ow« tbclrllvei and their be%IU) Uielrblpiitncuto lUdgo'ar ihrlr 4»lu dkt In Infum-r EMORY BOSTON, MASS. Illustraled Publloationt, with NORTHER estAKricultttral DestA ing aiul T.mbtir -^ now open to auttJurs, Mailed FREE. K. LAHllOKN, L*nd Oon. M. I'. II. R,, Bu Full, — — -w __••• • f, •••••••V • Oor Well Machlnei are' tho most .. They Mo MOKE TKH I 8II We albe oU.O UK A The, FJI.I alberti VAILI Any , to u lactaoa uloinotcr. LOOMIS & HYMAN, TIFFIN, - OHIO. -iuMf ma firm PROSECUTE er IT, B, PAHH3 roll OAIB 03 1 J. II. i:t[.M)«H. 1,1 II I.E ItUCK, . •B-XA1U TUlJi PAVJUl tnrnj i^> r0u OUM. m DH. TAVDB ABX8VA •• •-.»••• A—f'll ~ »e will mull trial bt J«T B80S.H. CO.,a licitcd from 1 95 woWiii'iiwlr hqjom.'. j. a3AuJ|tf

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