The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 24, 1948 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 24, 1948
Page 8
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'f fKMI TWH,T» Care in Buying Aids Food Budget H«MS«wiv*f Urged T* Consider Nutrition A* Well as Pric«« W» end-of-the-week food ads In tfe« d*ily newspapers Ate golden j •ourceit of Information when troa- •ure-hunting for money-making) Way* to feed the family well. Th*r* U a magic way of reducing food bills »nd slill serving inviting meals, say government homomak- ing specialists. It's all achieved with good planning, they say—based on a thorough study of your local grocery ads, M*ny grocers reduce prices for weekend buying—and you don't wmnt to mias the bargains. But it's not end-of-the-week bargains alone you'll want to brush up on, If you know prices, you can select foods your family likes and .still fctay within your food budget. And thls.U pretty difficult to achieve with the hii-or-mlss-selecting nfter you get to the store. While you're pin n n i ng a ton n<l good food buys, there'll be time to check against the iwlritton rules that mean hearty, healthful meiUs for your family, Base your planning on the basic ttven food groups. And serve the family foods from each of the .seven groups each day. For your food dollar will buy more food value if you keep the "basic seven"- in mind while you're menu planning wiht the food ads. Meat ads come first. And this Moist or weekend you may find that smoked on bed ham is one ot your economical buys —not the most costly center cuts but • smoked picnic ham. Economical meat planning might call for the purchase of a four- pound "picnic." You'll have enough meat for three meals If you use meat-extending dishes. Tb« first meal could be .savory hoi ham with fruity raisin sonce. Then" you CRU serve cold slices of bam' for another meal with seal- Joped potatoes and ehjeese. And heie'j a delightful suggestion for * -third, ham dish— creamed ham and eggs with asparagus: CKEAMKD HAM SUPREME 2 tablespoons fat 3 tablespoons flour I , cup milk Bait;-pepper and paprika _ iViictip minced liam 1 '^hard-cooked eggs 16 Apearfi of asparagus Make whlto sauce; meJt fat, allr Fish, Seafood Idea! for Summer ahrlmp »alad in Jcducc tup». Hy NKA Slaff Writer Fish and sea food provide fir.sJ- class protein. Use them in Milad.s I and sanriwii'Ue.s frequently in summer tiuiL' in place of meat. Shrimp Suliid co<l, -I tablespoons pfu.stey, thopf salt, pepper. Combine Ingredients In a bowl atirl mix with French dressing, problem of using this Abundance 1* difficult Tlio surplus catinoL be usrd in school lum-hes. a.s would b< 1 possible at other seasons, bc- I'iinse most .schools are closed, rt oannol Ix; used for sloniKc or export because early potatoes do not kc-ep long. Lower-grade iiotntoea may be diverted to the manufacture of meal, flour, .ilarcl), livestock feed and nkohul, but this still leaves a hnne t|uantity of fine jx>- i a tot's for thrifty housewives to tuku ndvnnl&xc of for fnmkly meals tliis month Two cnt)S trouki'd or cnmird shrimp, 3 inbiespnons French rira.s.s- infj. 1 cup .sliced ci-lery, 2 tablespoons riipiTK, J tablespoun choppr-d gtt'cn pepper, Maritiiite shrimp in French dressing for 'JO minutes. Combine wltli celery, capers and green \iepper. with und heap of loltncc. Oivrnl^h with strips nf KJCCII p<:ppcr or sweet parsley. To Cook Shrimp One labk'.spoon salt aiul 1- table- .spoon liMLum juice to 1 rniail of water. :i smlks ci'lciy wllh lops. cli thyme, parsley, ls leaspomi pepper, t 1 - jiuiituls shrimp. Combine nil Ingredients exrejit slirimi) itiid .simmer Ifj minutes. Add .shrimp mill simmer 8 minutes longer. Set aside to coot jiiulinlly In ] [„„' ti^o cooking water. Drain, remove " shells nnd intestinal veins. I'Kh :u.d J'iikli- KfllsEi (I'illliiK for 5 sumlu it-lifs) One cup naked cooked or funned, ^ tablespoons pickle rrlish, Combine InKrcdieulK with mny- oimlse. Shriniji (Killing fur 1 Onc-hjilf i.-np 'jiSiuonlo cipatn cliowp, !t tcaN])D(jti cliili snucc. l.n cu]» finely cliopped .shrijnp, Vi teaspoon Innon Juice, Mix all inijj-L'dieiili thoroughly. Agri Department Advises Use o/ Early Potatoes CANNED FOOD SALE In the great Diismnl Swamp of Virginia, a fire started in 1923 and was not cxlinKuishPtl lor thn-c yeurs. H burned In the ponL beds the surface. SPINACH Flavor?, w green leave*. ASPARAGUS AI!-Gree*>. Tender whole spears, 431 Large, sweet. Packed at flavor pe.k. lowest energy' food 1 [Serves 4 gcnrrously) Kight sardines, finked. 2 cups boiled polntoes, diced, 1 onion, mm- in the flour, add the milk uJ'adually, senson, and cook until lhic(?m:d. Aiid Die minced limn find sliced, rooked eggs HeaL nnd serve on as- parnRiis tijis. Serves 4. mrly polnlop.s now on niiuk- Ki'L'iu al>ljncijtii{ - c a]-e sojne Iji'sl food buys tills nioiuii in fx>lh <|Uiili[y niul price. I In- u,.s. Ocparl incut »f AKrciiltiu e reminds liiiK Itonsowlvc.s. '['he limo to t lie most of tills nomi.shmt, j mill liH'xi>c'nslv« loud i.s now br- j pinnloi'.s do tun .suite vsell atlti lie nsuti [>rc»ni)ll> So lurse Is this cnrly cmp tllat (ho Ue]):ii-lincnt cstliniUc.s ihul r2 | iiillllon bustic'l.s will lie In surplus «|> i In the first, of July. This is Hits j ctnalitity mvr aiul . IIIKJVC \vbl\t | innrkrsl iiornmlly run nnrulto The i ncpartniwil. i.s iniikiii^ every effort 1 to see Unit only top urnrir potatoes roach retnil market, F:\-en 50. the Arkin ts Itice Grower* Co op Stiittcart Arkin^s For Finer Foods from Far that Special Occasion, i«« our CHOICE CUTS. , h 79 RoMnd or STEAK Chuck or Thick Rib BEEFROAST lh 55 Grade "A" Sliced BACOM ,,,68 l.ean. Delicious PORK CHOPS lt 58 PORK RIBS ,,,45 BEEFLIVER „ 49 ....... ,55' Fresh, Country EGGS .:. Armour Star, Half or Whole HAMS , 64 Fresh Home-Killed POULTRY Select From Our SEA FOODS to More Housewives Come JoSeeJ.D. Fruits and Vegetab/es Home-Grown TOMATOES lh 18 C CUCiilBERS lh 10 Hnnie-(;ro\vii OKRA Ih 28 c 'I'lirnip GREENS Ih 7^ H o in e- (i row n C vo u d er PEAS lh U< POTATOES \ cllo\v SQUASH CABBAGE , h $ , h 6^ m 3 C From Our Delicatessen crisp, fresh SALADS J. D.'S MEAT SHOP J. D. Lunsford 417 W«t Main PKon. 831 KROGER-CUT BEEF Excess hone and wasti removed before yw Kroger-Cut gives you more, meat, less bone, waste — cut before it's weighed and priced. It's top U.S. Grades of finest beef. Sirloin Steak ib 89c U.S. Graded good or choice. BRISKET 0' BEEF lb 45 C U. S. Graded (Jood or Choice BOSTON BUTTS PORK & BEANS Shtiicjiird Itrand TOMATOSE iljy! Standard Hrand SCHOOL DAY PEAS No. 1 Sieve Sweet ENGLISH PEAS Standard Hrand KROGER PEARS Fancy Bartlett GRAPEFRUIT JUICE yiandard Hrand TOMATO JUICE Kroner. Full of Vitamins 1-lb cans No. 2 No. 2 cans 29 C IT 29 e No. 2 cans No. 2'/ can 4(i-oz can •Ifi-oz can 35 C 1? 25 C Practically Rnneless. lh. Smoked. Whole or Half. 3 to 5 Pounds 53 BLENDED JUICE Kroner. Orange and Grapefruit 49 FRUIT COCKTAIL 2 Whole < lr Rutt Half—12 to 14. 1U. AYR. 11). 55c Kroger. Five Diced Fruits In Heavy Ryrnp MORRELL'SHAM H Ti Haf 22 c 45' No. 2 4 Ce cans FRYERS ,: 1948 Eresh Dressed SLICED BACON Cudah.v's Wicklaw lh 73 PIMENTOES Slandard Brand 59° SALAD DRESSING Kroger Embassy >\-m can 32-oJ! jar 13 e 45 C Kroger 18-oz. Pkg. Corn Flakes 23c SWIFT'NING $1.19 Swift'* Bland Lard 3-lb. Can 19c COOKIE SALE Fill your cookie jar with these tempting baked treats. 7-oz. Pkg. 41/2-OZ. Pkg. Macaroon Snaps Marshmallow Sprinkles Fig Mello 19c Pkg. 9-oz. Cigarettes Popular Brands CIn.SI.9 9 Get Kroger Special Blend IN HIBRIGHT TEA TUMBLER 390 Bi£. 16-07.. tumbler Saves refills. Colorful, floral df sign. PRICED BY THE POUND FOR BETTER VALUE! Seed citviifics in cantaloupes vary—luil a pound's a pound— 1 (i full ounces every lime you fonv! Choose R large or a small ciinlnlnnpc al Kroger Pound Price Cantaloupes Guaranteed Sweet—vine-ripe. WATERMELONS RED PLUMS BANANAS CARROTS LETTUCE ib. 12k Guaranteed Red Ripe Ripe and Sweet Kroger Golden Ripe ». Finest Quality Smooth 4f\*t Crisp Golden Roots Bc/i. \\jC fresh Crisp Firm Iceberg " 12k Palmolive Soap 10* Reg. Bar. Ivory Soap AW. Bar ...,,,„ Lux Soap 2 Bath Bars DUZ Lge. Pkg. <-,Y

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